Crusader Quest Tier List: A Definitive Guide

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Hello, gamers! Welcome back to the gaming category of our website. Do you want to know what’s new for you? So here we go. This article will discuss one of the best video games “Crusader Quest”. We know some of you are familiar with the game, hence if you are then you must be more curious to find out more about it. Right? Well, the main reason for the existence of our article is to make you aware of the best crusader quest characters through our Crusader Quest Tier List. However, before going deep down into it you must know all the facts regarding the game, and for that, we will first write about its background and more.

Like all the other lists present on our website, the current one too will be consisting of S, A, B, C, and D tiers. And, obviously, by now, you know the ranking criteria. But, if you are a newbie, we must discuss it again for you, as our readers are very valuable to us. We ensure to provide them with complete and validated information regarding everything. So, the article will move from the most preferable and best characters to the worst ones.

Key Points

  • Our article is based on the current Crusader Quest meta.
  • Each ranking will contain multiple classes of characters.
  • Among the highest tiers, you will find Penqueen Olga and Shogun Susanoo.
  • The lowest ranks contain the likes of Leona Heidern.


Now let’s list all characters in a table.

Tier RankCharacters
S Rank• Tteok Mama Malsook
• Penqueen Olga
• Ran the White Raven
• MoonShadow Altair
• Hong-Ran of Flame
• Fairy Knight Almael
• Shogun Susanoo
• Kaori the Undefeated
• Woomparoom Woopa
• Orfeo of Temptation
• Lucky Guy Ricky
• Lucy
• Kaede of the Scattering Leaves
• Irregular Cronette
• Food Hunter Chai
• Demon Destroyer Beatrice
• Cream
• Sword Maiden
• Rem
• Frost Hammer Wolfgang
• Yichui of Moonblossom
• Vesper, Witch of Water
• Urako of Love and War
• Rishia Ivyred
• Ram
• Osiris, Guide of the Lost
• Bihwa
• Dizzy
• Ana of the Golden Lily
A Rank• Wanderer Lorelei
• Rags to Riches Momotaro
• Lyudmilla, Lady of White
• Rishia Ivyred
• Frost Hunter Raven
• Fairy Queen Delrien
• Evil Spirit Crow
• Elegant Cindy
• Detective Sherlock Dox
• Cyborg Spiny
• AG02-Layla
• AG01-Neo
• Venomous Malkah
• Set, Reaper of Souls
• Principal Dancer Lee
• Moon Princess Kaguya
• Haerang, Oracle of Water
• Bone Dragon Gon
• Arcane Archer Genevie
• Soul Devouring Plaga
• Sol Badguy
• Short-Sighted Sim Hak-Gyu
• Moon Princess Kaguya
• Raphtalia
• Psychic Isabel
• Goblin Slayer
• Primitive Ranno
• Nightingale of Light
• Lizardman Priest
• Emergency Relief Nurspy
• Dara of Joy
• Athena Asamiya
• Ambassador Seiren
• Lady Schula of Steel
• Gao
• Fenrir of Choice
• Emperor Alexander
• Berserk – V
• Emilia
• Archon the Enlightened
• Anesidora
B Rank• Secret Agent Zahard
• Radiant Carol
• Devil Bullet No. 9
• Dark Slayer Wilhelm
• Cowgirl Maxi
• Commander Spyro
• Spider Queen Arachne
• Noble Magnus
• High Elf Archer
• Hanzo of Gale
• Giparang of Full Moon
• Commander Spyro
• Frozen Phantom Niven
• Chiron of Glory
• Chipp Zanuff
• Black Mamba
• Weiss Schnee
• Spearman
• Randgrid the Feared
• Ocean King Koxinga
• Monte Cristo
• Lion Captain Gwen
• Johnny
• Joan of Arc
• Izuna the Vigilante
• Ghost King Bihyeongrang
• Dana Icarusia
• Karsten
• Craving Nefer
• Adol Christin
• Savior Saintess Maria
• Sfera, Queen of Sheep
• Oracle Marpei
• Nine Tailed Fox Yeowoodong
• Neth Army Officer Yuria
• Guardian Gueronica
• Great Shaman Himiko
• Ferris
• Cat Master Mew
• Bari of White Flowers
• Sahad Nautilus
• Odin of the Storm
• Naofumi Iwatani
• May
• Succubus Queen Rachel
• Spade Queen Alice
• Soul Magician Necron
• Magical Girl Cano
• Loki the Trickster
• Guardian Gueronica
• Han Xiangzi the Pilgrim
• Glass
• Notorious Phantom Thief Lupeow
• Fitoria
C Rank• Ruby Rose
• Red Bullet Saiga
• Nora Valkyrie
• Loaded Jet
• Gourmand Athos
• Elphelt Valentine
• D’Artagnan of Iron Will
• Rahima, Daughter of Hawks
• Femme Fatale Arona
• Shasha, Witch of Fire
• Lednas
• Forest Witch Arita
• Devil Slayer Abel
• Dark Knight Lionel
• Captain B. Sworden
• Baiken
• Glass
• Onmyoji Seimei
• Nyorori
• Mad Scientist Stein
• I-No
• Faust of Desolation
• Artisan Basquiat
• Vane The Dark Knight
• Stanya the Annihilator
• Roland of Honor
• Hols
• Hector of Steel
• General Mundeok
• Filo
• Wolfram, Witch of Wind
• Nyanma
• Mondrian the Savant
• Grand Inquisitor Uriel
• Freezing Sasquatch
• Drago
• Creator Benjamin
• Beatrice
• Awakened Lakias
D Rank• Super Mandy
• Leona Heidern
• Leona Heidern
• Dragon Hunter Bellerophon
• Mai Shiranui
• Great Father Panpan
• Demona of Primal Flames
• Sien of Bloodlust
• Omega Rugal
• Kyo Kusanagi
• Ky Kiske
• Iori Yagami
• Priestess
• Divine Guardian Noel
• Black Sister Melissa
• Siegfried the Dragon Paladin
• True Devil Cain
• Terry Bogard
• Shuwen
• Caeneus of Valiance
• Billy Kane
• Magical Dollmaker Violet
• Chizuru Kagura

Learn more about each entry below.


The developers and publishers of the game are Origin Systems and Electronic Arts respectively. There are different classes and types of heroes in the game which you will get to know in the article. Like every other game, there are separate currencies that you must have to become an advanced player and buy some players or useful stuff within the game.

We will discuss these briefly.

  • Meat: In order to play the game, you are required to have energy, which can be gained through the meat.
  • Gold: Normal quests and NPC quests will normally help you in getting gold. It is the basic need of the crusader quest. 
  • Bread: The item is needed to earn training points. Normal quest, dungeon reward, and bakery help the player to get bread.
  • Honor: To become a crusader quest champion you must know that honor points will help you in promoting your crusader quest hero. 
  • Jewels: Jewels are one of the currencies that every player requires to make purchases.

Gold is basically the bread and butter of the game. You will need it to perform various activities and for several purposes. In other words, you should completely rely on it. For instance, if you want to upgrade your weapons to another level then you will need gold, even getting more skills and training the heroes ranked on the crusader quest hero tier will require gold. Now after knowing all that we are sure that you can realize the worth of gold. As a crusader quest champion, you must keep all the necessary things in your mind.

There will be a time when you will run out of gold and this can create many difficulties for you. So, you have to ensure the amount of gold and keep a good check and balance. By doing that you can avoid sticking to bad conditions. Save more and more honor points and gold as you will be needing the item at almost every step of the game. If you want to equip the S and A tier heroes, which you must then only honor points and gold can become a life saver for you.

Getting low on your meat? In that case, jewels can save you but there are some terms and conditions on it. Continuously focus on upgrading your heroes and weapons because you have to become a crusader quest champion. You are required to make a very wise decision while using the bread. Acquire and use the 3-4 star bread on the best heroes, it is a pro tip that can benefit you a lot.

S Tier

crusader quest tier list
The S Tier.

In this tier, you can find the legendary characters of Crusader Quest. The best of the best characters are ranked on the S tier of the Crusader Quest Tier List 2022. Are you curious to know who these are? If you want to become a crusader quest champion then you must opt for the S-tier characters and gather proper knowledge so you can benefit yourself by using them.

Now that you know the meaning of the symbols S, A, B, C, and D. We will rank the characters according to the classes present in the game. Warriors, Paladin, Hunters, Archers, Wizards, and Priest are ranked below.


Tteok Mama MalsookSB
Penqueen OlgaSB


Ran the White RavenSA
MoonShadow AltairSB
Hong-Ran of FlameSA
Fairy Knight AlmaelSS


Shogun SusanooSB
Kaori the UndefeatedSA


Woomparoom WoopaSB
Orfeo of TemptationSD
Lucky Guy RickySA
Kaede of the Scattering LeavesSA
Irregular CronetteSC
Food Hunter ChaiSB
Demon Destroyer BeatriceSA


Sword MaidenSB
Frost Hammer WolfgangSB


Yichui of MoonblossomSA
Vesper, Witch of WaterSB
Urako of Love and WarSA
Rishia IvyredSA
Osiris, Guide of the LostSA
Ana of the Golden LilySC

A Tier

best CQ characters
The A Tier.

In the A rank of the Crusader Quest Champion Tier List, you can meet those characters who are not perfect but yet the best. In contrast to the legendary characters, these are not the same as those but still are the ones that the players desire to obtain. Normally, in all of our previous articles, we rank according to the same criterion.

If you read our lists often then it is easier for you to understand but if you are a new reader then we hope that our instructions provided at the start made it easy for you. Let us look at which characters are included in the A tier of the Crusader quest hero tier.


Wanderer LoreleiAA
Rags to Riches MomotaroAD
Lyudmilla, Lady of WhiteAB
Rishia IvyredAA
Frost Hunter RavenAB
Fairy Queen DelrienAB
Evil Spirit CrowAB
Elegant CindyAS
Detective Sherlock DoxAB
Cyborg SpinyAC


Venomous MalkahAA
Set, Reaper of SoulsAB
Principal Dancer LeeAB
Moon Princess KaguyaAC
Haerang, Oracle of WaterAB
Bone Dragon GonAB
Arcane Archer GenevieAC


Soul Devouring PlagaAC
Sol BadguyAB
Short-Sighted Sim Hak-GyuAC
Moon Princess KaguyaAC
Psychic IsabelAC
Goblin SlayerAS


Primitive RannoAC
Nightingale of LightAD
Lizardman PriestAA
Emergency Relief NurspyAC
Dara of JoyAB
Athena AsamiyaAC
Ambassador SeirenAC


Lady Schula of SteelAD
Fenrir of ChoiceAB
Emperor AlexanderAA
Berserk – VAB


Archon the EnlightenedAB

B Tier

likable CQ characters
The B Tier.

As per the criterion of our website we rank the likable items, characters, movies, etc on the B tier. So, following this, we will rank the good characters of the crusader quest in this category of the Crusader Quest Tier List.


Secret Agent ZahardBD
Radiant CarolBA
Devil Bullet No. 9BS
Dark Slayer WilhelmBD
Cowgirl MaxiBD
Commander SpyroBD


Spider Queen ArachneBA
Noble MagnusBS
High Elf ArcherBA
Hanzo of GaleBA
Giparang of Full MoonBC
Commander SpyroBC
Frozen Phantom NivenBC
Chiron of GloryBS
Chipp ZanuffBA
Black MambaBC


Weiss SchneeBC
Randgrid the FearedBC
Ocean King KoxingaBS
Monte CristoBD
Lion Captain GwenBD
Joan of ArcBC
Izuna the VigilanteBA
Ghost King BihyeongrangBD
Dana IcarusiaBC
Craving NeferBA
Adol ChristinBA


Savior Saintess MariaBC
Sfera, Queen of SheepBC
Oracle MarpeiBS
Nine Tailed Fox YeowoodongBD
Neth Army Officer YuriaBD
Guardian GueronicaBS
Great Shaman HimikoBD
Cat Master MewBD
Bari of White FlowersBA


Sahad NautilusBD
Odin of the StormBS
Naofumi IwataniBA


Succubus Queen RachelBC
Spade Queen AliceBC
Soul Magician NecronBC
Magical Girl CanoBD
Loki the TricksterBB
Guardian GueronicaBD
Han Xiangzi the PilgrimBD
Notorious Phantom Thief LupeowBD

C Tier

average CQ characters
The C Tier.

After ranking legendary, best, and good characters in our Crusader Quest Tier List 2022, it is time to talk about the ones that fall in the category of average characters. They are neither so good nor too bad. Want to know who are they? Look at the tier below.


Ruby RoseCD
Red Bullet SaigaCD
Nora ValkyrieCD
Loaded JetCD
Gourmand AthosCB
Elphelt ValentineCD
D’Artagnan of Iron WillCD


Rahima, Daughter of HawksCD
Femme Fatale AronaCD


Shasha, Witch of FireCB
Forest Witch AritaCB
Devil Slayer AbelCD
Dark Knight LionelCD
Captain B. SwordenCC


Onmyoji SeimeiCD
Mad Scientist SteinCD
Faust of DesolationCD
Artisan BasquiatCD


Vane The Dark KnightCD
Stanya the AnnihilatorCD
Roland of HonorCD
Hector of SteelCD
General MundeokCD


Wolfram, Witch of WindCD
Mondrian the SavantCD
Grand Inquisitor UrielCC
Freezing SasquatchCD
Creator BenjaminCD
Awakened LakiasCC

D Tier

worst CQ characters
The D Tier.

No offense! There are two sides to anything present in the world i.e. Good and bad. Every person has their own opinion. If there are some exceptional characters then it is completely normal to discuss the worst ones too. And in the D rank of our Crusader Quest Champion Tier List, you will find the worst characters of the game.


Super MandyDC
Leona HeidernDD
Leona HeidernDD
Dragon Hunter BellerophonDD


Mai ShiranuiDC
Great Father PanpanDD
Demona of Primal FlamesDC


Sien of BloodlustDC
Omega RugalDD
Kyo KusanagiDC
Ky KiskeDD
Iori YagamiCD



Divine Guardian NoelDA
Black Sister MelissaDC


Siegfried the Dragon PaladinDD
True Devil CainDC
Terry BogardDC
Caeneus of ValianceDS
Billy KaneDD


Magical Dollmaker VioletDC
Chizuru KaguraDD

Secrets To Getting Pro In Crusader Quest

Despite the fact that it is the Crusader Quest Tier List and we have to recommend you the S tier (legendary) characters or the A tier (best ones) still it is a tip to start off with the character named “Leon”. He is not the best one but before coming into practice it is better to train the not-so-good characters. The trick will definitely help you out. Participate in as many quests as possible. Doing it will not go in vain obviously. You will be rewarded with jewels, gold (the most desired reward), heroes, and honor. Do not forget to save your rewards for later use as these are very important. You will be needing all of this either to train your heroes or to upgrade your weapons.

As far as a team is considered, then there should be a healer because healing is very important to be there till the end of the battle. If there is no healer joining you then it will be a catch-22 to last through the entire battle. Surprisingly, Leon can become the healer of your team. Try to make your team the strongest. And, it can be done by the perfect choice of heroes. Now you are not supposed to waste your time figuring out which hero will work best for you. Because you will know all about it through our crusader quest hero tier.

Crusader Quest Heroes Guide

There are different classes of heroes in the game and it is a must for crusader quest champions to know about these. The basic classes are named below.

  • Melee: The Warriors and Paladins are Melee classes. They are only capable to attack the front rows. While discussing tiers you can find out more about them. You will come to know which characters deserve to be ranked on which tier and the reason as well.
  • Ranged: The hunter and archer are ranged classes. They are appointed to attack the back rows.
  • Support: The last class is support in which Wizards and Priests are included. They have buff skills that help them to cater to the magical damage.

Ways/Tricks To Get More Heroes

There are some ways that will help you in getting more heroes ranked on the crusader quest hero tier. These are basically kinds of contracts. Continue reading to know about them.

  • Honor Contract: These will help you in getting good enough heroes. But for that, you must have at least 250 honor points.
  • Premium Contract: The Premium contract helps you in getting very good heroes ranked. Getting those heroes will cost you some jewels. And, if you choose to select a hero from a particular class then along with the decided jewels, the premium choice will cost you one more jewel.
  • Normal Quest: You can get more heroes by completing a normal quest and specifically of the same class.
  • NPC Quest: There are some rewards that you can receive from the end of the quest chains. You can receive the NPC quest from the screen’s right side and in return, you will be rewarded with a hero.
  • Dungeon Runs: You will be rewarded with the hero drops from the event dungeons which can be found on the Ancient Dungeon tab.
  • Promotion: Promotion will help you in obtaining high-rarity heroes. You can find out more about these heroes from our crusader quest hero tier.

Crusader Quest Hero Ranked: Best To Worst

Now you are well aware of the game and what is it about, how you can get heroes, and what are some special tips and tricks. Finally, it is high time to discuss which heroes are the best and worst. You can find different heroes ranked in the different categories in the crusader quest hero tier. Let us start with the S tier first.


Finally, after a brief description of the game and characters, you have enough knowledge to make a mature decision. We have discussed each and every tier in detail where you can easily find those characters that must be your first priority. They are extremely overpowered and are mostly included in the first priority of the crusader quest champions. So, to give you an honest opinion we will recommend all the readers to go for the S-tier characters.

On the other hand, A-tier characters are also a good option to choose from. In simple words, you must go for the best options first then if needed or to get a new experience you can select the C and D tier characters. If we talk about the good characters then these are good for you to practice. Once you know how to perform every task in the game and how to properly play it then things are sorted for you.

Hopefully, this article was helpful for you. We believe that our guide will do wonders for you. Just act according to our Crusader Quest Tier List 2022 and give your feedback in the comment box. Good luck!

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