Genshin Impact Tier List [V3.5]

Conquering Teyvat: A Genshin Impact Tier List of Meta Characters in V3.5.

With the help of our Genshin Impact Tier list, which ranks the characters on their overall performance during gameplay, players can choose the best characters to play effortlessly and be competitive throughout the game

Because this is a role-playing explorable action game in which the player takes control of four interchangeable characters. When fighting, the player may quickly swap between characters to take advantage of different combinations of skills and attacks. 

Key Points

  • This article has ranked a total of 18 characters.
  • These characters have been ranked based on their pick rate, utility, and relevance in the current meta.
  • Ayaka, Kazuha, Ganyu, and Raiden are among the top-ranked characters.
  • The lowest-ranked characters are Heizou, Tighnari, and Cyno. 


The following table briefly overviews the numerous characters and their corresponding rankings.

S RankA RankB RankC Rank D Rank
AyakaVentiArataki IttoXiaoHeizou

The following discussion will go into further depth on each entry.

S Tier

S Tier.

Only the absolute best characters deserve to be included in the S tier of the Genshin Impact Character tier list. As a result, only the finest of the best succeed. These heroes have so many weapons and strategies that they can easily beat any foe. Characters of the current level often start a battle with a substantial armament and quickly develop themselves as the deciding force. According to the game’s current meta, these are the most potent and synergistic characters.


Ayaka is an Inazuma Cryo Sword user, released in version 2.0. Although she has been out for nearly a year, Ayaka is still widely regarded as among the game’s best, if not the greatest, Main DPS character. Ayaka is a compelling character, even without constellations. However, if you’re prepared to spend some time saving enough, you can get a significant boost in power from the constellations.

Ayaka’s team strategy and playstyle revolve around her explosive attacks. It’s about keeping her Burst off cooldown as long as possible and giving it maximum potency. Ayaka deals most of her damage in a single burst. Therefore, missing an opponent with it could be costly. When playing Ayaka, it’s crucial to think carefully about where you position yourself and who you aim at. If you’re into having a single, powerful attack do most of the damage, Ayaka could be a fun character for you to play. Ayaka’s best artifact set is going to be the Blizzard Strayer. Cryo DPS units generally default to the Blizzard Strayer artifact set. When you use this set, you will be able to get a significant level of Crit Rate. 

In most cases, Crit Rate Circlet or a Crit DMG is what a character needs. In Ayaka, when you have a high Crit Rate from Blizzard Strayer, you will probably wish to equip a Crit DMG Circlet. Depending on your other stats and weapon, an ATK Circlet can be quite effective. Crit DMG will often be suggested. However, ATK% may also be used. Ayaka’s hallmark weapon is the Mistsplitter Reforged, released at the same time as Ayaka and is specifically designed for her. 

Vision Cryo
Weapon Sword
Rarity 5-Star
Base Stats at Level 90 | HP/ATK/DEF 12,858/342/783
Ascension Stat  CRIT DMG


Inazuma’s first 5-star character, Kaedehara Kazuha, uses an Anemo Sword. Since his introduction, he has emerged as one of the game’s most sought-after protagonists, and for good purpose. Kazuha’s constellations are often unnecessary since he is mostly employed as a support.

Kazuha doesn’t particularly favor any specific playstyle since he mostly plays as a support or sub-DPS. His abilities are very flamboyant and entertaining, and he is adaptable to various teams. Because of his Anemo support role, however, his primary role will be to boost the elemental damage done by other characters. If you like doing physical damage, geo damage, or Anemo damage, Kazuha will not appeal to you.

Kazuha is excellent support for most of the characters. Kazuha’s greatest advantage comes from Freedom-Sworn, his hallmark weapon. Elemental Mastery is the sub-stat, which is ideal for Kazuha. Moreover, the weapon may increase your allies’ damage, making it ideal for a Support/Sub DPS like Kazuha.

Vision Anemo
Weapon Sword
Rarity 5-Star
Base HP/ATK/DEF 13,348/296/806
Ascension Stat Elemental Mastery


Ganyu has been one of the best Cryo Bow users since version 1.2. She’s among the game’s earliest few characters. For all that time has passed since her first release, Ganyu has maintained her position as among the game’s top Main DPS units. Ganyu and Ayaka are often pitted against one another as contenders for the title of finest Main Damage Dealing Class in the game. Simply choose the one you love playing the most.

Even without constellations, Ganyu is among the greatest DPS characters. Even so, you should consider Ganyu’s constellations if you are a devotee or would like to spend some extra bucks to gain extra perks. Her constellations as a whole tend to be highly potent and helpful. While Charged Attacks are important to Ganyu’s playstyle, her approach might shift somewhat based on the squad you’re employing. Till this day, Amos’ Bow is Ganyu’s most coveted weapon. The weapon is unrestricted and may be obtained from the Standard banner, which is a plus. One day, the weapon may randomly scare you. There are some scenarios in which another weapon is superior to it, but on the whole, Ganyu should choose always choose it since it is the best option.

Vision Cryo
Weapon Bow
Rarity 5-Star
Base HP/ATK/DEF 9,796/334/630
Ascension Stat CRIT DMG


The Raiden Shogun uses the Electro Polearm with powerful supporting capabilities, the ability to provide considerable DPS, and a kit with several layers. Raiden is a unique character that offers support (energy generation, damage buffs) and faux on-field DPS. Raiden is distinct from other supporting units that need more field time.

Even though her on-field duration is around 9-10 seconds, it does not often result in a significant decrease in DPS because her raw damage output is added to the inherent boosting she receives from Resolve. With most external boosts in the game not lasting very long, boosting Raiden during her DMG window somewhat aligns with spins to the extent that her stay on the field is justifiable.

Vision Electro
Weapon Spear
Rarity 5-Star
Base HP/ATK/DEF 12,907/337/789
Ascension Stat Energy Recharge

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Engulfing lightning is The hallmark weapon of Raiden, and for a good cause. Remember the 30% boost to Energy Recharge in a burst and the ATK% bonus above the standard 100 Energy Recharge that the passive provides when deciding which major stats and sub-stats to prioritize. Because of the passive’s increased raw stats, Engulfing Lightning is usually considered somewhat more advantageous than not having it.

A Tier

Prominent Meta Characters of the Genshin Impact
A Tier.

After identifying the top S-Tier characters, we’ll move on to the A-Tier of the Genshin Impact Tier List 2023. This tier’s characters are flexible and can work well with characters of both higher and lower levels, respectively. Because of the widespread use of these characters in the current meta, you will see many players utilizing them in their composition. Tier A characters excel in most respects but may fall short in a few key ones. These characters may have certain weaknesses, but their strengths more than make up for them and enable them to compete with anybody.


Venti, an Anemo bow user, was the first Genshin Impact exclusive banner character. Even if newer characters have the potential to power creep Venti, he is still one of the greatest in the game. As a support unit, Venti does not require constellations to work well. He will perform admirably if his builds focus on support elements. These constellations are pointless on Venti because an Elemental Mastery build is suggested. Because it is one of the few methods to lower Anemo res, Venti’s other constellation stands out a little.

Venti doesn’t have another playstyle since he’s not the Main DPS. Instead, emphasize his compatibility with other characters. The finest combinations include characters that can do damage to their foes even when caught in Venti’s twister. Ganyu, Ayaka, Ayato, and Albedo are a few instances among many more. However, the list is not exhaustive. Venti is among the most distinctive supports in the game. He may not be good at many things, but when he is, there’s nothing else like it.

Most weapons with a five-star rating are excellent due to their high basic ATK and other attributes. Venti scales with Elemental Mastery. Thus, you won’t need a high starting ATK. Venti’s hallmark weapon, Elegy for the End, is superb. It’s fantastic for a support build because of the bonus it gives to the team. Elemental Mastery and Energy Recharge are desirable for Venti and bonus stats. It is a great weapon, but you don’t need it to do well.

Vision Anemo
Weapon Bow
Rarity 5-Star
Base HP/ATK/DEF 10,531/263/668
Ascension Stat Energy Recharge


Eula is a user of the Cryo Claymore, released in version 1.5. Even though Eula has been a long time since her release, she is still a potent hyper carry at dealing physical damage. Eula is the most powerful unit when it comes to doing physical damage since the game only has a limited number of Main DPS characters who deal physical damage. As a user of a Physical Damage Claymore, Eula’s physical strikes are highly effective. It’s hardly game-changing, but it provides a good base for her DPS.

Eula’s ability is a straightforward Cryo damage swing with some useful secondary effects. The explosion caused by Eula’s Burst caused massive amounts of damage. You have a limited time after activation to produce as several stacks as you can using your attacks, abilities, and bursts. Eula is usable without constellations, like many 5-star characters. Some constellations are good. However, if you like the playstyle or want Eula to max out her stats, take your time deciding what to do, and always be sure to spend sensibly. While some of Eula’s constellations contribute some fair damage, others are ineffective. Eula’s Burst is crucial to her playstyle, as it is for many 5-star characters. Eula is a physical damage specialist with an exceptionally potent nuke ability.

Eula is a fantastic character to choose if you like doing significant damage with a large sword. Not everyone enjoys physical harm. The likes of elemental shields and foes with strong Physical RES will be a problem for it. Eula has a limited number of uses as well. You should make a wish for Eula if there is one specific area in which she specializes, and that area of expertise is one in which you are interested. If you’re looking for a weapon, go no further than the current one, as it has become Eula’s trademark.

Vision Cryo
Weapon Greatsword
Rarity 5-Star
Base HP/ATK/DEF 13,225/342/750
Ascension Stat CRIT DMG


Hydro Catalyst user Kokomi offers a powerful healing area of effect off-field Hydro application as a support utility. Since she is a Hydro, she may join various teams and change how other teams work. Kokomi’s normal attack shape of water performs three successive Hydro-damaging attacks. Kokomi’s usual attacks are only applicable if she is a DMG dealer or driver on the field. It’s important to remember that her charge attack has its ICD in addition to the one for her regular attack string while using her combinations.

Kokomi is a versatile character that may be used in various roles for response teams. In terms of builds and investment, there are hardly any distinctions between the two. Kokomi’s trademark weapon is Everlasting Moonglow. It’s beneficial for her. Thus, it’s usually not worth rolling in most cases. An additional 3-star weapon, Tales of Dragon Slayer, is available. Even yet, she recognizes the value of this weapon, particularly in the on-field context. Increases the healing bonus, the DMG, the HP stat, and the energy regeneration mechanism.

Hakushin Ring is one of Kokomi’s strongest alternatives, especially for electrocharged teams. That offers her the sought-after Energy Recharge stat and a nice passive that increases the Elemental DMG of elements participating in an Electro elemental reaction, which is especially useful for units in a team.

Vision Hydro
Weapon Catalyst
Rarity 5-Star
Base HP/ATK/DEF 13,470/234/657
Ascension Stat Hydro DMG Bonus


Zhongli may be a shield or burst bot. While playing him, there are pros and cons to both strategies. The only goal of the shield bot playing style is to keep shield effectiveness as much as possible. It’s also important to note that upgrading your combat gear is simple since all the shield requires is for you to stack your HP stats. You do far less damage in a burst. Therefore, the playstyle is not ideal and should be avoided if possible.

Contrarily, the Burst support playstyle uses Zhongli’s impressive Burst scaling to deal much damage while offering crowd control. Rain of Stone is a simple regular attack sequence with six hits and excellent animations. Multi-hit occurrences are handled quickly. While Zhongli uses the Vortex Vanquisher as his hallmark weapon, it is deceptive.

While it looks wonderful on him, it is lackluster and not important enough to roll on since there are many superior alternatives. It offers a little boost to attack power and improved defense. The staff of Homa is a weapon for in-slot personal damage options that synergize nicely with the passive. Excellent stat stick, too. Overall really impressive.

Vision Geo
Weapon Spear
Rarity 5-Star
Base HP/ATK/DEF 14,695/251/737
Ascension Stat Geo DMG Bonus


Ayato performs well in the Main DPS position for teams based on Freeze and Electrocharged. Unfortunately, he does not get along with Vaporize teams particularly well. Most significantly, playing Ayato is a lot of fun. His abilities are straightforward and pleasurable to employ. Because of that, many players will probably appreciate how he plays, making them more likely to utilize him.

Ayato’s hallmark weapon is the Haran Geppaku Futsu. It is custom-made for him. Primordial Jade Cutter, one of the greatest swords in the game, is another of Ayato’s preferred weapons. It’s a solid choice for any unit that wields a sword. If you already have the good fortune to own the sword, you may skip looking for other weapons and prefer to continue with it. Once you’ve made it to Inazuma, you can have a craftable weapon Amenoma Kageuchi. A fantastic weapon for fighting, and it even aids Ayato’s energy levels. If you use this, you may reduce the frequency you must refresh your energy supply. In general, the weapon is Ayato’s finest F2P choice. Subsequently, he will be placed at the bottom of the B tier.

Vision Hydro
Weapon Sword
Rarity 5-Star
Base HP/ATK/DEF 13,715/298/768
Ascension Stat CRIT DMG

B Tier

B Tier.

In the Genshin Impact Characters article, we have designated the B tier for those with average impact. These characters are average at best, with no standout qualities. These characters are usually far less significant than the ones we’ve already discussed. They are average but might be quite useful in the appropriate situation. No need to feel bad about looking to these characters as a backup plan or alternative.

Arataki Itto

Geo Claymore user Arataki Itto was first introduced in version 2.3. He’s a specialized unit. When paired with the appropriate teammates, he can be devastating. Normal attacks from Itto aren’t anything special. The most important thing to remember about them is that his dashes and E skill usage do not reset the combo as they do with other characters when used during a regular attack string. Nonetheless, his charged assaults are unlike any others. Itto employs “superlative superstrength stacks” as the primary component of his arsenal. These stacks enable him to execute Arataki Kesagiri slashes as his charged strike and one more strong slash at the finish of the combination. His elemental ability is also known as “Ushi.” This is Itto’s kit’s simplest component.

When he uses his ability, he will launch a bull named Ushi that does damage to anybody he strikes. You may either retain his elemental ability to target the bull or tap it to toss it forward. Ushi is a geo construct that draws the enemy’s attention for 6 seconds. The way Arataki Itto plays is one of a kind. Utilizing him properly involves maximizing the use of his Arataki Kesagiri slashes inside his Burst.

Unfortunately, Itto has few viable team compositions, so he may not be your best choice if you prefer to experiment with various characters and use diverse combinations. Itto is an excellent choice, on the other hand, if you need an on-field carrier who is capable of dishing up massive numbers when playing with the correct teammates. Redhorn Stonethresher is the hallmark weapon of Itto. The item’s passive is ideal for Itto’s kit and has a significant crit damage value. If you have it, use it on Itto without a doubt; it’s unquestionably his finest weapon.

Vision Geo
Weapon Greatsword
Rarity 5-Star
Base HP/ATK/DEF 12,858/227/959
Ascension Stat CRIT Rate


Albedo is a Geo damage character with a relatively basic off-field playstyle and passive damage that revolves around his Elemental Skill. He should function largely as an off-field unit. His minimal field time and passive damage make him a versatile unit with few requirements. Although he is not essential to most teams, he might be useful as a flex unit if you have no other options.

That being said, he is extremely useful in Itto and mono Geo teams, and his inclusion or exclusion may have a noticeable impact on the team’s overall damage output. It’s safe to say that Albedo’s finest sword, the Cinnabar Spindle, is his hallmark weapon. It surpasses even five-star alternatives because of its enormous DMG increase. One major drawback is that you can’t get your hands on the weapon after rolling for Albedo since it’s an event-exclusive item.

Vision Geo
Weapon Sword
Rarity 5-Star
Base HP/ATK/DEF 13,225/251/876
Ascension Stat Geo DMG Bonus


Hydro Sword character Nilou excels in Bloom teams, where her complete kit can be used to its fullest potential, and her unique abundant core function allows her to do substantial AoE damage. Her worth as a Hydro unit, in general, is minimal, but she excels at her specialized tasks. Dance of Samser uses a beautiful charge attack animation and up to three successive sword strikes. It doesn’t matter, considering you’re never using regular attacks, as her elemental Skill DMG is counted as elemental skill infusion.

Nilous may be used in either an on-field or off-field role by her Bloom teams, giving her two distinct play styles to choose from. Because her Normal Attacks are so weak, it’s usually better for her to be used off the field, where she can get more use out of her Hydro ability and spend less time in a field rotation. Long story short: she shouldn’t bother with teams outside of Bloom. She can operate in Vape comps, but she is far from being considered ideal, as there are better Hydro enablers.

The key of Khaj-Nisut is a weapon that has become Nilou’s trademark and is significantly superior to all others. This is one of the few HP% stat weapons, granting her 20% more HP. A very important passive ability for converting her HP into Elemental Mastery, improving the effectiveness of her Bloom DMG, which she possesses. The weapon provides her so many advantages over other options that the other alternatives function identically to one another and cannot even come close to competing with it.

Vision Hydro
Weapon Sword
Rarity 5-Star
Base HP/ATK/DEF 15,184/229/728
Ascension Stat HP


Nahida is the best Dendro unit available and is a special Dendro Catalyst. Using her Elemental Skill, she has formidable AoE, constant Dendro application, and natural boosting possibilities in her passives and Burst. She is a Dendro unit and is useful in various compositions because of her adaptable playstyles and exceptional value added by her supporting skills compared to similar alternatives. Akara is a four-hit strike combo that may be used on the field for further Dendro applications. Its effect is relatively small compared to the value/damage of your Elemental Skill in an off-field function. Normal and Charge Attacks, as usual, have individual ICDs that may be incorporated into a playstyle for greater utility.

Nahida has success in both her on-field and off-field playstyles, each of which possesses its advantages. As a Catalyst user, her Normal/Charge Attacks deliver Dendro DMG, which helps her ranged driving playstyle. Nahid’s off-field style of play is also not to be sneezed at; she only needs a little amount of on-field time to be effective, but she can apply Dendro, deal significant damage, and enhance allies through both bursts and passives. 

A Thousand Floating Dreams is her primary and most effective weapon for whatever part she plays. As Nahida has a range of weapon choices suited to her playstyle, the item is not significantly superior to other similar alternatives. Kagura’s Verity is equivalent to her trademark weapon and has a passive that can be stacked with relative ease. Maximum stacked, it’s on par with, and often better than, her signature in terms of personal DPS under certain conditions. If you own the weapon, it is often unnecessary to get her signature. Consequently, she will be placed at the bottom of the B tier.

Vision Dendro
Weapon Catalyst
Rarity 5-Star
Base HP/ATK/DEF 10,360/298/630
Ascension Stat Elemental Mastery

C Tier

Least Notable Meta Characters of the Genshin Impact
C Tier.

In the C tier of the Genshin Impact Tier List 2023. Though they aren’t very fast or strong, these characters make up for it with a wealth of sophisticated move inputs and combination options. Using these won’t help you much. Unless doing so would severely alter the overall balance of your composition, we recommend starting with a character from a higher rank. These characters aren’t very extraordinary, yet they may be valuable under the appropriate circumstances.


Xiao uses an Anemo Polearm and is mostly played as a hyper-carry. His plunge attacks and combos during his Burst do a lot of damage and cover a wide area. Since Xiao is hyper-carry, his playstyle is really straightforward. That implies that Xiao is responsible for the largest chunk of your team’s damage and that the rest of your players’ primary role is to ensure that Xiao can continually deal a large amount of damage via buffs and sustain.

Xiao’s finest weapons are the Staff of Homa and Primordial Jade Winged Spear. A weapon with a high basic ATK and a simple passive to stack, providing respectable increases to both attack power and damage. Technically his trademark weapon, and it looks really fantastic on him. The staff of Homa is an unbelievable stat stick that, if you’re below 50% HP, can even beat out Primordial Jade Winged Spear. Remember that it is usually not worth building a team composition around the passive since it is rather restrictive. That implies you won’t be able to use effective healing assistance. On Xiao, it’s still a highly powerful weapon if you have a chance to have it.

Vision Anemo
Weapon Spear
Rarity 5-Star
Base HP/ATK/DEF 12,735/349/799
Ascension Stat CRIT Rate


Yoimiya, a user of the Pyro Bow, was introduced in Version 2.0. When she was initially introduced, she sparked a lot of controversies. She is currently commonly considered to be among the finest DPS units. Flare-Up fireworks Yoimiya’s regular attack makes up a significant portion of her overall kit. Her basic strike is a 5-arrow combination, so it’s not too complicated. However, her charged strike adds a new dimension. Like most archers, she has a basic charged strike that does Pyro damage, but if the arrow is kept charged, it may spawn up to three Kindling arrows, which focus on specific targets.

Her elemental ability, the Niwabi Fire-Dance, is a significant component of her kit as well. When activated, her regular attacks will do greater damage and be transformed into pyro damage. It’s worth noting that even in this form, the damage done by her regular attacks grows based on her normal attack skill level, not the elemental ability level. The Skill level influences the boost her regular attacks will get. Therefore, both of them must be leveled up.

Yoimiya is a quick-witted character that likes to remain on the field for most of the fight. She can quickly adapt to any team’s needs because of her ease of usage. Just remember to utilize her Skill when you launch into any regular attacks and combine her with an electro or a hydro to create a devastating main DPS capable of tearing through practically any opponent. Thundering pulse Yoimiya’s trademark weapon is the greatest choice since it greatly increases her damage output and is the most associated with her. Along with that, Yoimiya benefits greatly from the Amos bow since it boosts the damage dealt by standard attacks. Henceforth, she will be placed at the bottom of the C tier.

Vision Pyro
Weapon Bow
Rarity 5-Star
Base HP/ATK/DEF 10,164/322/614
Ascension Stat CRIT Rate

D Tier

Flawed Meta Characters of the Genshin Impact
D Tier.

Characters here are completely outmatched and have no chance against a difficult foe, or the composition consists of upper characters. Some of its characters may still be useful in specific circumstances, but overall, they aren’t as powerful as those positioned higher up. You will be at a significant disadvantage if you use any of these heroes, even if you are a veteran player of the game.

Shikanoin Heizou

Released in version 2.8 is Heizou, an Anemo Catalyst user from Inazuma. Because they both employ Anemo Catalysts, Heizou and Sucrose are in a fierce rivalry with one another. It is unlikely that Heizou will surpass Sucrose on many teams. However, he has a unique playing style, which can be invigorating and is his strength.

Heizou will likely be duplicated throughout time. As characters grow, you may wish to pull banners with Heizou. Wishing on a banner for a four-star character is fatal. For 4-star characters, there are no certainties in place, and things may go extremely wrong. Simply attempt to make wishes on banners that include Heizou and the 5-star you want. Heizou’s constellations are often fairly attractive. They assist him in several ways, but not in a manner that would make him a top-tier character.

Heizou is a unique Anemo Catalyst user because his attacks feel like melee, and he puts most of his damage into his Skill instead of his Burst. Many have drawn comparisons between Heizou and Sucrose and formed the opinion that Sucrose is far superior. While that could be true, he provides a unique playstyle that certain players would find more enticing. While Heizou excels in situations with several powerful foes, Sucrose’s kit is ideal for grouping and dealing with continuous damage. That is because his Skill is best put to use while doing damage to a single target. Heizou is the ideal character to play if you want someone who can deliver significant damage while maintaining a steady cooldown against several targets or a single one.

Vision Anemo
Weapon Catalyst
Rarity 4-Star
Base HP/ATK/DEF 10,657/225/683
Ascension Stat Anemo DMG Bonus


Tighnari is a brand-new user of the Dendro Bow. As a brand-new addition to the game, everyone is curious to discover how powerful Dendro will be. Tighnari has shown himself to be a major DPS with style similar to Ganyu’s. While Tighnari’s Burst complements his on-field DPS ability, Ganyu’s off-field Burst gives her some more leeway.

Dendro also significantly favors builds with Elemental Mastery, doing damage from abilities like Spreading and  Aggravate incredibly potent. If you’re interested in trying out a new Element and appreciate the Charged Shot abilities, think about him. Tighnari will join the Standard Pool. Thus, future limited banners may include him. Tighnari’s strongest damage-dealing choice, for now, is his trademark weapon, Hunter’s Path. It is a perfect fit for Tighnari and will allow him to refine his Elemental Mastery further. This indicates that if you have Hunter’s Path, you should run EM Sands above ATK%.

Vision Dendro
Weapon Bow
Rarity 5-Star
Base HP/ATK/DEF 10,849/267/630
Ascension Stat Dendro DMG Bonus


Cyno is a user of the Electro Polearm who focuses on its Elemental Skill DMG and normal attack throughout the burst length to maximize his effectiveness. He is a very simple on-field carry that consumes a significant quantity of field carry. He operates mostly as an Aggravate carrier or on-fielder in Electrocharged competitions. Cyno pairs well with off-field supporters like Fischl, Beidou, Xingqiu, etc., and may also benefit from external sources of teammate boosts. His lively and engaging style of play may be entertaining to some.

The Staff of Scarlet Sands is the best-in-slot weapon, outperforming the competition in terms of damage. Literally, a weapon designed just for him that benefits greatly from the passive. The Primordial Jade Winged Spear has a strong base ATK and a respectable crit rate. He can easily consume stacks while providing you with ATK and DMG percentages. Even while it’s not as good as the Staff of Scarlet Sands, it’s still his second-best choice. 

Vision Electro
Weapon Spear
Rarity 5-Star
Base HP/ATK/DEF 12,490/318/859
Ascension Stat CRIT DMG

Comparison Table

NameTierVisionWeaponRarityBase Stats HP/ATK/DEFAscension Stat 
AyakaSCryoSword5-Star12,858/342/783CRIT DMG
KazuhaSAnemoSword5-Star13,348/296/806Elemental Mastery
GanyuSCryoBow5-Star9,796/334/630CRIT DMG
RaidenSElectroSpear5-Star12,907/337/789Energy Recharge
VentiAAnemoBow5-Star10,531/263/668Energy Recharge
EulaACryoGreatsword5-Star13,225/342/750CRIT DMG
KokomiAHydroCatalyst5-Star13,470/234/657Hydro DMG Bonus
ZhongliAGeoSpear5-Star14,695/251/737Geo DMG Bonus
AyatoAHydroSword5-Star13,715/298/768CRIT DMG
Arataki IttoBGeoGreatsword5-Star12,858/227/959CRIT Rate
AlbedoBGeoSword5-Star13,225/251/876Geo DMG Bonus
NahidaBDendroCatalyst5-Star10,360/298/630Elemental Mastery
XiaoCAnemoSpear5-Star12,735/349/799CRIT Rate
YoimiyaCPyroBow5-Star10,164/322/614CRIT Rate
HeizouDAnemoCatalyst4-Star10,657/225/683Anemo DMG Bonus
TighnariDDendroBow5-Star10,849/267/630Dendro DMG Bonus
CynoDElectroSpear5-Star12,490/318/859CRIT DMG

Patch Notes Version 3.5

The latest patch notes for Genshin Impact version 3.5 include the following fixes.

  • Fixed an issue whereby after either Xingqiu, Thoma, or Yelan uses an Elemental Burst, if the currently active character switches to the Traveler due to cutscenes or dialogue, the effects of said unleashed Elemental Burst would be triggered abnormally.
  • Fixed an issue whereby after disconnecting from the server, the elemental application frequency of Xingqiu’s Rain Swords would be abnormal.
  • Fixed an issue whereby there was an incorrect transition time to the sprinting movement, where Yaoyao could sprint immediately after launching a Plunging Attack.
  • Fixed an issue with Yaoyao whereby after casting her Elemental Skill, if you switch to another character while summoning Yuegui, the White Jade Radishes that Yuegui throws at the character would have a small probability of having an abnormal trajectory.
  • Fixed an issue whereby under certain circumstances, the size of the special effects of Cyno’s “Endseer” state was abnormally displayed.
  • Fixeds an issue with Eula whereby a bug resulting from performance optimizations after Version 3.3 would cause abnormalities in the timing for holding her Elemental Skill to deal damage after obtaining the Grimheart effect.
  • Fixed an issue whereby after either Xiangling, Yun Jin, Rosaria, Thoma, or Shenhe obtains an elemental infusion, when performing a Plunging Attack, they would abnormally apply elemental effects when descending.


Finally, we have reached the end of our Genshin Impact Tier List 2023, where we have given our best to give each character their due. We attempted to create a ranking that reflected the current meta and accommodated our favorite play styles. As was discussed previously, a character’s rating shouldn’t prevent you from having fun with them in the game. Although it could be more difficult, it is still possible for characters with low ratings to achieve great success.