FGO Tier List: All Servants Ranked

Comprehensive FGO Tier List with All Servants Ranked for Effective Character Selection.

Today we are here with a brand new mobile role-playing game formed by TYPE-MOON. The game has a series of interesting scenarios, a plethora of character quests, and a million game features to intrigue players. The story has the narrative of a visual novel format, and each servant has a scenario a player can sift through, and it has a turned-based combat game mode that allows the player to become a master of his characters.

The characters are given the name of servants, and they follow a player’s command, and the gacha mechanics also help in obtaining the servants and playing with them. So in our FGO Tier List we will be ranking all of the servants of this game. 

Key Points

  • The article contains a total of 26 entries.
  • Characters are ranked based on their powerups, skills, and stats.
  • The top tiers include servants like Merlin, Sima Yi, and Space Ishtar.
  • Lower tiers include servants like Artoria Pendragon and Abigail Williams.


The following table contains all the ranking of characters.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Sherlock Holmes
Artoria Pendragon
Sima Yi (Reines)Van GoghCleopatraQueen MedbAbigail Williams
Space IshtarAchillesKarnaNightingale
Leonardo Da VinciSitonaiOdysseus
EnkiduDioscuriHassan of the Cursed Arm
Ozymandias Scathach
Nikola Tesla

You can read their details below.

S Tier

best characters ranked
S Rank.

The S rank of our FGO Tier List JP 2023 is where the absolute best entries are ranked. These characters are easy to handle and do not have difficult move execution, and players should opt for these servants to achieve easy victories due to their high survivability and statistics.


Merlin resides under the S tier due to his one-of-a-kind abilities, including Dreamlike charisma that enhances a player’s ATK up to 18% for 3 turns. His passive skills are just a little behind, though a player can gain 6% arts performance, Increase his debuffing abilities by 6% and charge the NP gauge by 5% for each turn. 

A player can improve their performance during the battle with few other skills accessed through servant coin. These include Extra Attack Finesse Improvement, Mana Loading, and Anti-Berserker Attack Damage Aptitude, which slows off the servant’s weak points and makes him invincible.

HP 2091
Attack 1629

Sima Yi (Reines)

Sima Yi’s major reason for staying in the S tier is an increase in her active skills after each succession. She has the advice of the strategist as her main skill, through which she enhances her DEF by 25%, reduces DMG by 400, and NP gauge charge by 10%. 

Her append skills and passive skills aid a player in ramping up their gameplay, and her stats are also abundantly high, which helps her remain in the arena for longer.

HP 1986
Attack 1766

Space Ishtar

Her powers can turn the tables at the last minute, or she can take down the opponent at the start of the game. She has sky-rocketing stats, which aids her in her active and passive skills and her ATK and DEF make her stronger. Devil’s sugar is her prominent feature, via which she can enhance her ATK by 20% and her teammate’s ATK by 30%. She is a supporting character who helps her allies while dealing damage to the opponent.

Her inclusion in the S tier is due to her substantial resistance and essence, and her passive skill allows her to gain resistance against debuffing attacks and enhance dealing damage capability

HP 1912
Attack 1949

Leonardo Da Vinci (Rider)

She has defending characteristics as well as damage-dealing ones. Through these moves, she can take down an enemy while defending herself. Her main active skill includes Golden Rule, through which she accesses Immunity against De-buffing by a 1000 and gains HP by 20%. She is a part of the S tier because her high stats and damage-dealing skills make her stronger and a better option. 

Her Passive skills include riding for an 8% enhancement of quick performance, Territory creation for a 6% increase in Arts performance, and overhaul. Her moves have a greater AoE, and she can take down many enemies in a single hit. 

HP 2091
Attack 1637


We conclude the S tier with this incredible character who persists inside an arena with her unique moves. She is a damage dealer who reduces an opponent’s DEF and ATK through her tactful approach. A player uses the character mainly for her Transfiguration power that induces Buster performance by 50% or enhances Quick or Art performance by 50%. Her only drawback is one passive skill, which is covered up by her active skills that debuff the enemies and reduce their CRIT. Hit. 

Her status effects are also effective in an arena, as they can stun the enemy for a single turn while dealing damage through her Anti-purge move. It is a type of move whose credibility increases after each hit. 

HP 2244
Attack 1666

A Tier

second best characters ranked
A Rank.

Next in our FGO tier list is the A rank, which has some potentially great characters. These servants have almost equal abilities as the S-tiered characters but they lack a few characteristics and features.


She is a capable character with the blessing of the Goddess as her superior skill, which allows her to increase her HP by 400 but reduces the HP of one teammate. Besides that, Ananga Ranga is another active skill that allows Gut status and enhances HP by 2000 by increasing ATK up to 30%.

A player should opt for Kama to save themselves from the enemies as she can induce great defenses through the Mara-Papiyas and affect the opponent’s abilities. Her major passive move is Independent manifestation that enhances multiple mental resistances, including charm and confusion, up to 6%.

HP 1890
Attack 1781

Van Gogh

She excels at her moves and strikes the opponent with her acting skills. An enemy is battered at her hand through Void space fine arts, Het Gele Huis, and Soul of Water channels. Her main move allows a player to Gain a gut status to revive HP up to 3000, but it comes with its demerits. They are that it also inflicts curse power on the user, reducing the HP by 100. 

Van Gogh can cover up her deficiencies through her plethora of passive skills that involve enhancing Buster’s performance by 6%, and DMG ability by 185. She also has a counter skill for the demerit that is the curse of sunflower that restrains the HP from falling down through curse damage. 

HP 2200
Attack 1734


A player can depend on the specs presented by this character to build up his defense and protect himself from others. But the character’s only drawback is that he has fewer offending skills. HE cannot deal damage on opponents and only act as a tank. Although he is a capable tank, a few offensive moves are required to win in the arena.

Hiss Drómos Komḗtēs: Comet Form is an eminent move set that induces Quick performance of up to 30%. It also increases CRIT and the Damage for only 3 turns by 30%. That covers up his offensive move skills. His passive skills include riding, which enhances quick performance by 11%.

HP 1938
Attack 1836


A player’s tactful gameplay and Sitonai’s destroying moves collectively clear the path of victory. Her active skill in Snow fairy allows her to gain Self invincibility by 500 and deals damage to the enemy. If a player uses Kamuy Yukar after the 3rd accession, then they have the ability to increase the capability of their attack by 20% and gain 10 CRIT Stars that increase the damaging ability by 800%. 

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She is a part of the A tier because her passive skill high servant has no visible effect. it doesn’t elicit any response in the resistance of negative statuses. So a player loses what they could’ve used on Goddess’s essence. Her append skills are also quite capable and grant her great skills.

HP 2048
Attack 1803


Their move set consists of both of them enhancing each other’s ATK, and HP. if a player encounters these characters, they should use them efficiently. The start of the chief god is their main skill that bestows on attack activate buffs for NP gauge by 10% and 10 crits. Stars. Their Mana burst of light is a damage-dealing move that deals damage and enhances quick and art performance by 20%.

They are under the A tier because one of their passive skill, avenger, reduces the teammates’ debuffing resistance but has no effect on the user himself. Other than that, their oblivion correction induces 6% CRIT. DMG and twin god’s essence enable their NP gauge by 5% and Increase their DMG by 225. Through their servant coins, a player can buy the Mana Loading skills to start off the battle with a 20% NP gauge.

HP 2174
Attack 1829


He is one of the few characters who have two first two active skills, Charisma B and Pharoah of the Hot sands. Both enable him to deal damage to his enemy and enhance ATK by 20%. Pharoah of the hot sands is gained after the strengthening is reached level 1. Although both of these moves are useful for a player. He can heal himself and his allies through the imperial privilege and enhance his ATK and DEF by 40%.

He is a part of the A tier due to his weak, passive skills that do not enable him to restore his negative status effects. Other than that, he is a good character. His best passive skill is the divinity which enhances his DMG by 175. His noble phantasm allots him with Anti-fortress that deals damage up to 1000% and decreases their DEF by 60%.

HP 1881
Attack 1850


His most basic and powerful move is charisma which increases the whole team’s ATK by 21%. He does not grant a player with a large variety of moves with his first active skill, which adds him in the A tier. But his other moves compensate for the drawback by enhancing his NP gen. rate by 50% and inducing Crit. star absorption powers by Golden rule and collector.

He is a character who has Independent action as his passive skill to inflict CRIT. DMG by 11% and have resistance against debuff by 10%. His append skills introduce finesse in his moves and make them more precise and damaging. His noble phantasm is anti-world that can shake the world of the enemies by dealing damage up to 500% and also dealing extra damage by 200%. But if a player is against Enuma Elish Nullification then this is useless.

HP 1920
Attack 1897

Nikola Tesla

He has Galvanism and Tesla Coil as his main first active skills. These allow him to enhance his and his allies’ NP gen. rate by 50% Nikola’s Pioneer of the Star is a powerful move that charges a player’s NP gauge and allows them to gain resistance against invincibility. A player also gains 10 CRIT. stars. 

He is a part of the A tier because, despite having a plethora of active skills, he falls a little short in passive skills. He only has two Magic resistance and independent action. Although his noble phantasm, anti-fortress, deals damage to all enemies while stunning them and deals additional DMG to earth and sky servants.

HP 2027
Attack 1820

B Tier

average tier list
B Rank.

Now we come to the B rank of the FGO tier list Jp 2023. All the entries here have moderate characteristics and low stats as compared to the topmost servants.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock has Natural insight as his main active skill. It allows him to seal his enemy’s NP and gain 20 stars. He can also reduce the Arts’ resistance to an enemy by 20%. Although 20% is a small amount, it would have been beneficial if it were higher. He grants himself debuff immunity through deductive reasoning. Sherlock is included in the B tier because his stats are not extraordinary but average. He gets some powerups for only a single turn; if used wrong, they are rendered useless. He also has only one passive skill, which is territory creation.

It grants him an amount of arts performance of only 12%. Some of his deficiencies are covered up by utilizing the noble phantasm that helps him ignore the opponent’s DEF but of it 50%.

HP 1960
Attack 1776


Through her peculiar skills, she can recover her HP and increase her ATK and DEF by 40%. This is her main move, but it has a small impact on the enemies. Her golden rule also grants her HP. As she is a healer, she doesn’t benefit her allies. That is her major drawback. Besides that, she has a small range of passive skills that only enhance her DMG by 25%. Her antiarmy is a damage dealer and Dez base damage to the opponent up to 500%. 

HP 1965
Attack 1713


To be outstanding in the arena, he requires a great team of allies and well-constructed gameplay. His active skill knowledge of the deprived debuffs an enemy for a single turn and seals their NP gauge. These are short-lasting impacts. He also has uncrowned arms mastery that charges his NP gauge and enhances CROT. DMG by 40%. The set of passive skills is also not alluring for a player as they grant 200 DMG through divinity and quick performance of 10% by riding.

HP 1888
Attack 1850


His main powerup is an insight into the cunning general, allowing him to enhance his teammates’ quick and hard performance. But the drawback is that it is increased by 20% only. Divine Body boundary field is another powerful attack, in which case, DEF, makes him invincible but only for a single turn. He is put in the B rank because his acting skills are not powerful, and his passive skills are very low. They need to enhance his performance and statistics.

They only increased quick performance by 9%, and steep off resistance by 17%. His noble phantasm debuffs his enemies while reducing their DEF and dealing damage. A player can use the servant according to their will as he has easy execution of moves.

HP 1948
Attack 1822

Hassan of the Cursed Arm

He is famous for his dagger-throwing capability, but it only gains critical stars. Protection from the wind is another functional skill that allows him to evade enemies for three attacks and gain critical star generation up to 30%. A player finds themself stranded in the arena with only one passive skill in his profile: presence concealment. This grants him 10.5% of critical star generation.

To add fineness to the character’s moves player requires using servant coins to buy append skills. The noble phantasm delusional heartbeat allows him to deal damage up to 2000%. Hassan’s average skills and powerups include him in mediocrity.

HP 1429
Attack 1114


Her main skill is the wisdom of don’t that damages the opponent and increases their CRIT. DMG up to 50%. Like other characters in the B tier, she also has only one passive skill: magic resistance that enhances the debuffing resistance up to 20%. If a player uses it, they will find some soaring spear of piercing death that can allot negative status on the enemies in the form of Stun. They also deal with 2000% of DMG. 

HP 2174
Attack 1758


Her main skill is an affection of Goddess, which enhances the DEF up to 50% but only for a single turn. It also improves the ATK by 20%. Players who use the character are granted an eye of the mind that increases the CRIT Damage by 34%. She is included in the B tier because she only has two parts of skills magic resistance and independent action. They allow her to gain resistance against deep enemies attacked by a 20.5% increase the CRIT. DMG by 11%, respectively.

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A noble phantasm is moon goddesses’ arrows of love and romance, which deals damage and reduce the enemy’s ATK by 20% for three turns. The damage caused is up to 1500%. There is a 100% chance of drainage with the power-up.

HP 2134
Attack 1716

C Tier

fgo tier list
C Rank.

The C rank is the first of our two lowest tiers, and the characters contained here are less than optimal in the game. Still, a skilled player can absolutely dominate with them.


His main skill is a career that increases the ATK of the allies for up to 20%. This is a small value and increases the chances of fighting for a player. Lightning Congress is another move that enhances Buster’s performance by 50%. He only has two passive skills, including magic resistance and divinity, which increases the ATK by 150% and quick performance by 11%.

His noble phantasm is an army of the king, which deals damage up to 500%. He’s included in the C tier because he does not bring a lot of baggage to the arena. A player must work hard with the character to excel on the battlefield and destroy all enemies.

HP 1938
Attack 1786

Queen Medb

The golden rule allows her to debuff her enemies and increase her HP for only one turn. Her powerups are very weak and do not include offensive moves. She cannot deal damage to an opponent. She cannot even harm the enemies with her specific move set but decreases the DEF and ATK. Siren song is another move that can only charm that enemy and for only one turn by 80%.

Her passive skills include magic resistance and Riding which increases her resistance in performances by a small amount. She gains little from her skill sets which adds her to the current rank of the FGO tier list. Her noble phantasm is of anti-army category that deals damage and does not do any other thing. Her stats are low including strength, endurance, and agility. She cannot take down the enemy with extremely low power.

HP 2048
Attack 1591


She has below-average stats of HP, DEF, and ATK. Her main move is a nurse of steel which recovers one teammate’s HP by four thousand. Nightingale’s other skills include angel cry, which can only increase and enhance her Buster performance by 50%. She is a supporter, but she does not have damaging and offensive capabilities. Her passive skill is a mad announcement which increases the burster performance by 12%.

The noble phantasm is an anti-army diverged move that removes allies’ debuffs and increases their HP by 5000. But the character starts incredibly poor their strength is low, and agility and NP gauge are incredibly low, which adds her to the C tier.

HP 2232
Attack 1573

D Tier

worst tier list
D Rank.

Now we finally arrive at the D rank, which contains the worst characters in the entire game. These are not worth investing in under any circumstances. 

Artoria Pendragon

She is an abysmal character who has no damaging capabilities, She has a small list of passive and active skills. The main attack is the royal Bunny that induces the royal Bunny to jump. It also increased the NP gauge. She also has a set of royal cards that deals five new command cards but at the drawback is that their ATK decreases after the first time. The passive skills include massive criticism and territory creation that increases the art performance up to a small percentage.

Anti-fortress attack shines brilliantly is a noble phantasm that induces damage and inflicts ATK-lowering capabilities to the enemy up to 500%. Still, this kind of character does not help a player fight. The statistics of the character could be higher, and when paired up with even the best gameplay cannot achieve a win.

HP 2222
Attack 1734

Abigail Williams

She does not have the DMG-enhancing moves. She uses the negative status moves to inflict damage on the enemies to a smaller extent. Abigail cannot impose a massive amount of damage. Although insanity, a passive skill, increases the positive performance by 9% and existing outside the domain increase the Arts performance, she is not a good character, and a player feels at a loss with the character.

HP 2019
Attack 1870

Comparison Table

Sima Yi (Reines)S19861766
Space IshtarS19121949
Leonardo Da VinciS20911637
Van GoghA22001734
Ozymandias A18811850
Nikola TeslaA20271820
Sherlock Holmes
Hassan of the Cursed ArmB14291114
Queen MedbC20481591
Artoria Pendragon
Abigail WilliamsD20191870

Patch Notes Version (03-12-2023)

Patch Notes for FGO (03-12-2023) are as follows.

  • Commencement of the “Class Specific Pickup Summon” in the [Saint Quartz Summon] [Limited Time].


So that was our FGO tier list, which contains multiple servants and ranks them all based on their HP, ATK, DEF, active and passive skills, append skills, and noble phantasm. We have tried our hardest to be as critical as possible with out placements, but we are fans of the game ourselves and our opinion is subjective as a result.

If you disagree with any of our choices, please go ahead and let us know in the comments below. We love to hear criticisms from our readers, and we strive to learn from them going forward.