Anime Dimension Tier List [2023]

We Will Be Ranking Some Of The Best Characters In The Roblox Game Anime Dimensions.

We have designed an Anime Dimension Tier List to give players an insight into the characters they are to use in the game Anime Dimensions. This is a fighting game that enables the players to fulfill their dream of becoming super heroes. Every hero has his own codes that strengthen the superheroes against any enemy attack or invasion. 

The game allows the players to choose their favorite anime character and to freely travel through the lengths of their favorite anime series lands. On the way, they face a number of battles to collect many characters and other insignia that are significant in the gameplay. 

Key Points

  • There are a total of 17 entries on our list.
  • The ranking is based on the current meta of the Anime Dimensions game.
  • Among the highest tiers, you will find Alturia, Ramura, etc.
  • Lower ranks contain characters like Nardo, Cherry, etc.


Let’s take a look at a short table will all the rankings.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank

Keep on reading to learn about each entry in much more detail.

S Tier

Anime Dimension Tier List
S Tier.

The S rank of the Anime Dimension Tier List 2023 simply includes the unbeatable and the most technically abled players of the game who have a variety of special moves and tricks to undo their opponent. They are simply the best out of a whole lot of Anime Dimension characters. Their unparallel damage and destroying their enemy make them unique and a top pick for the players to fight with.


Kodotoki is without a doubt one of Anime Dimensions’ finest characters. Kodotoki’s abilities do damage in a wide area. The opponents are hit 5 times in a row by his Ice Wall. His Fire Fist and FireWall may be chained together to deliver massive damage to all-around opponents. Both of these abilities can be used in tandem to fight foes who have gathered to attack you. With these new attacks, you can eliminate all of them.

His Freezing Heatwave causes an Ice Wall to appear initially, followed by a high-damage Fire Ball. When all of these attacks are combined, you get a powerful opponent who is extremely difficult to deal with if you aren’t careful. His all-together special abilities include Firewall, Fire fist, Ice wall, and freezing heatwave.

Due to his large AoE range and incredible damage over time, Kodotoki is a good character to use and probably the best of the best. His abilities also have a wide range of applications. He does, however, have long cooldowns and most of his moves have a lot of end lag, making you vulnerable to foes. Kodtoki charges 1600 gems to be bought in the game. He has a relatively large cooldown time and also has end lag in his moves, which is something your enemy can benefit from.

Cost 1,600 Gems
Ranking 6/10


Alturia is a fearsome boss killer who puts out a lot of damage throughout the game. She is decent in PvE, but not remarkable. Overall, she’s a fantastic character to have if you want to defeat bosses quickly. Her specialized character of killing bosses all around makes her very special as she takes the leading pride of the enemy away with a blow.

Her special moves like Mana Burst, Flying Slice, Cross Slash, and Excalibur define her winning moments and make her stand out against the odds. Alturia can undo her enemy within the air by a long jump, and on her way down she’ll simply cut her enemy, mostly a boss, into half. The Mana Burst is a load of energy she releases from her fist and gives a massive blow to the enemy. Excaliber is a sword sort of an attacking mechanism used by her.

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The website rates Alturia at 9 out of 10 which is way better than the ordinaries. Although the character has some bugs, they sometimes result in the mana bursting to pull the enemy close to themselves rather than pushing them apart. Buying this character charges a relatively high cost of 1600 gems.

Cost 1,600 Gems
Ranking 9/10

A Tier

Anime Dimension Tier List
A Tier.

The A rank of our Anime Dimensions Tier List characters contains some of the most applauded and appreciated entries that are a part of the gameplay. Unfortunately due to certain reasons such as range, damage, cool-down period, etc, these characters were not able to make it to the elite most and best-regarded tier, which is the S tier of the game. 


Ramura is a former Kirika Empire slave and a Thunder Dragonewt. She is currently a Parabellum member. The history behind Ramuras’s character is somewhat like she chose to revolt with Suputo and others of her kind after being released from slavery and realizing that Parabellum was solely headed by an Ogre (Ogarou). They were, however, readily defeated.

Rou decided to conduct some tests using her Dragon Orb. She was a member of the First Expedition’s Fourth Group, the leaderless group. Ramura is based on the famous anime series known as Tensura.  She is well known for her high damage. According to the storyline, Ramura is an ex-slave of the Kirika Empire and she herself is a thunder dragonewt.

Ramura has a special appearance as she’s a well-endowed beauty with fair skin, golden-colored hair that falls just below her waist, and golden eyes.
Her forehead was adorned with two horns that bent backward. A long and thin tail hung from her hips, and she wore a yellow Dragon Orb in the center of her forehead. She uses much special equipment as she holds a Naginata-style Living Spear, which consists of a wooden or metal pole with a single-edged curved blade at the end. It cost as high as 1600 gems.

Cost 1,600 Gems
Ranking 6/10

10/10 (if awake)


Zetsu is a character from the anime series Demon Slayer and is a hero based on the character of Zenitsu. He is a very famous character in the article because of his ability to deal with damage real quick. The character has very less cool down but in contrast, very high damage that makes him unique, as he does not spend a lot of time reviving his power before going for the next attack.

Most players use him because of his very good time challenges, and because of the mobility, he’s blessed with in his first move. Although he’s a great and quality-packed character but usually not preferred because of his hard way of control and use.

His special mover includes the Flash, Six Folds, Kiwami and Thunder God. All of these moves have different damages and cooldown times, and most of them are useful when a whole lot of enemies attack you. Just like all of the above characters so far, he is also priced at 1600 gems.

Cost 1,600 Gems
Ranking 5.5/10


This Character belongs to the anime series KonoSuba and the hero is based on Megumi. Meguretsu is more known as a good assist character while playing the game in groups. As she has a special ability to attract the enemies to a dead end where the other teammate can easily kill them, which makes her very special. She attracts them pretending to be a gem source or a bonus point and later becomes a reason for their death.

She is not very equipped and able when it comes to single-player games. He also has multiple special moves which can undo the enemy in a few blows. These include flame burst, flame beam, flame tornado, and at last the highest damage-causing move, the explosion.

The explosion move makes him unique as it is the first move in the game that makes sure that all caps are to their name. In addition to that Merguretsu is the first and probably the only character with a limited-time character variant, in the face of Witch Meguretsu. The Flame Burst has a slight bit of bug in it as it ends up damaging the enemy twice, although it only deals with damage once.

The worst part is that the character can no more be acquired, in order to get it, one has to exhaust 2800 raid tokens or the second way is by getting it as an airdrop by participating in the Halloween raid, but the chance is as low as 0.05%.

Cost 1,600 Gems
Ranking 7/10

B Tier

Tier List of Anime Dimension
B Tier.

B tier is the third supreme tier of the characters on the Anime Dimension Tier List. They include those characters who couldn’t make it to the A tier for some reasons that include their damage, range, skill moves, etc. All the characters from the game have their plus point and with them came some flaws.


Nojo is a superhero belonging to the anime series Jujutsu Kaisen and his actual character name from the series is Gojo. He has quite a distinct gameplay, and he’s classified into the hit-and-run sort of gameplay. He’s thought to be a great choice for the late players since most of the Nojos skills show their damage over time. He has most of the skills that have a great AoE range. Another good point about him is that he has a very quick and rapid cool-down time.

Every certain thing has its limitation, in the case of Nojo he lacks in damaging the enemy and AoE range. Because the rest of the characters in his price range offer more damage and similar AoE range. He has an informal title of ‘Best Boss Killer’. According to the rankings, he’s rated 9.5 out of 10. His main skills moves are red, blue, curtain, and hollow purple.

Cost 1,600 Gems
Ranking 7/10


Fluffy actually belongs to the anime series One Piece, and he is a hero based on the character of Luffy. Unlike all of the above, he can be purchased cheaply for 50 gems only. He is one of the starting heroes of the game which every player has to acquire at the starting phase of the game. That is why he is known as the starter hero. He deals in a good amount of damage and when we talk about his AoE range, it is decent too.

Since just a hero for beginners and newbies to the game, there are very much better options as compared to him. Such as Reku and Nardo etc. His skill moves include Pistol, Bazooka, Rocket, and Gatling. Rocket and Bazooka are high-range projectile attack options that reached up to 3.5 tiles.

Cost 50 Gems
Ranking 3/10


Pasta is a character in the anime series Black Clover, and his actual name in the series is Asta. He is available in the shop for a low cost of 300 gems. An alternative way to get him in your infantry is by defeating Demon Dimension on easy mode with a chance of only 8%. Pasta has a high range when we talk about his skills and a good amount of damage, and that is why he is included in the B Tier.

The game experts think that having pasta is highly recommended before you can afford any of a character from the 1600 gems range. Because he offers a lot for a low cost of 300 gems only. The only reason is his good damage and AoE.

The fact that makes pasta not end up in a very high tier is its large cool-down time which makes Tonjuru a better alternative compared to Pasta. His skill moves are known as Black Slash, Black Meteorite, Black Hurrican, and Black Divider. The black divider has a very large cooldown time period which makes the user of pasta think twice before using it.

Cost 300 Gems
Ranking 7/10


Tonjuro also belongs to the anime series Demon Slayer, and his actual name from the series is Tanjiro. The game shop prices him at 500 gems, which is sort of moderate for a character of his quality. Just like some other characters, he can also be obtained as a result of the mission completion reward of logging into the game for continuous 7 days.

This is the reason he’s very commonly found in the inventory of many players pretty commonly. He has a validly short range and another problem associated with him is his inability to move. Ie in case of using his attacking moves and abilities, he does not function movement which can cause great problems for the players who haven’t had a long time playing with him. So one uses it to study the enemy’s attack pattern.

On the other hand, his moves are quite simple to get used to pretty easily. The character is of great interest to the players who learn to attack by properly timing their enemy. Thanks to his fast animations which make him very suitable for the cause as well as his agility in the water slash short cooldown period, which helps him to increase his damage potential. He has 4 skill moves including Water Splash, Water Wheel, Whirlpool, and Flowing Dance.

Cost 500 Gems
Ranking 7/10

C Tier

list of characters
C Tier.

The C tier is the second last tier that breaks downs the characters of the Anime Dimension Tier List 2023. Moving to the end of the tier obviously means that C Tier classifies the below-average and pretty ordinary characters of the game.


Itabori is a character from the series Jujutsu Kaisen. His character’s actual name is Itadori. He costs around 300 gems or alternatively he can be availed by clearing the Demon Dimension Hard mode and only with a 10% drop rate. Which makes him somehow a commonly found character with a number of players. He is considered to be a close-range hero. And he is pretty handy when it comes to dashing carefully. In addition to that, one of his famous skills ‘Cursed Awakening’ has the ability to boost the damaging ability of all other skills.

He has a total of five unique attacking skills that include Rapid Fist, Divergent Fist, Black Flash, Black Flash with Cursed Awakening, and the last one simply Cursed Awakening. Black Flash’s skill enables him to attack three times instead of once. His additional skill abilities make him finish high in the C tierIn short, itabori is a close-range hero which can cause problems if one isn’t a player playing the dashing game.

Cost 300 Gems
Ranking 6.5/10


Roku is a game character of a very famous character named Goku. From the very renounced and commonly watched anime series Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Super. Dragon Ball Z was probably one the all-time best, most-watched, and is one of the oldest anime series of all time. Every kid has watched the series to some extent particularly if you belong to the 2000s era. Although for his hype and caliber he shouldn’t have been a very easily getable hero.

But instead should have been someone to have worked hard to attain. Just like Reku, Nardo, Fluffy, etc, he’s a starting hero for many beginners. In order to get him, he can be purchased for 50 gems or could be unlocked just by leveling your profile up and obviously thirdly as a starting character of your game, which comes with luck.

Roku, very unparallel from expectations, lacks AoE stills. He’s a good pick for the starters because of him high damage that he causes and is less sophisticated. He is loaded with moves with a good amount of AoE range.

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As a childhood fan of Goku, I believe that the game should have made him a more capable and high-level and more capable hero, So he could have ended up high up in the list. His signature skill moves include Rapid Punch, Ki Blast, Ki Beam, and Spirit Bomb.

Cost 50 Gems
Ranking 4/10


The actual character name of Yazaka is Akaza and belongs to the anime series Kemetsu no Yaiba, which is a Japanese origin word for Demon Slayer. Yazaka can be purchased for 300 gems in the store. Another way to get him into your army is by defeating Demon Dimension on Nightmare Mode. The chance of such attainment is 8 times out of every 100 tries. He is also given the title of the final boss of the demon dimension. Yazaka counts in as a mediocre character, he has ordinary short-range damage and attack range.

His main objective of attacks is to make slow yet heavy and proper attacks. Yazaka has a pretty lengthy cast time and for that reason, the animation in his recovery can cause a disturbance in his attack motion, and make his game feel sluggish.

Particularly due to the cool-down periods of his short-range and long-range attacks. Before using him the player has to assure that he is in a safe and sound location before bringing his abilities into play. His famous skill moves are named Air Explosion, Annihilation, Crush, and compass. However, it is considered wise to use the compass skill move after exhausting all the other skills and abilities he has in order to undo the enemy. This also increases his DPS. His gameplay includes the annihilation turning into red while using the compass skill move, and in normal situations it is blue.

Compass transformation lasts 16 seconds and we can use the crush only once within that time. Annihilation and compass actually use the same animation effects, although Crush uses a shorter range without it.

Cost 300 Gems
Ranking 6/10


Belonging to the renounced anime series Fairy Tale, the Hatsus series name is actually Natsu. His pricing is the same as his tier mate, Kirua. The alternative method to get him is different. By passing successfully the titan dimension on a hard level with a scarce probability of 10% only. Hatsu deals in a great amount of damage and just not that. He also has a great AoE range and a very less cool-down period too. He is considered to be the best pick in a gem range of 200 gems. His skill moves include the Dragon Fist, Dragon roar, Wing attack, and finally Blaze.

Cost 200 Gems
Ranking 6/10

D Tier

Character list
D Tier.

D is the bottom end of all the characters of the game. It won’t be wrong calling them the worst characters of the game. Most of them include those characters who are unlocked at the time when the game is just started by new players. These characters are just meant to understand the controls of the game. And also to get a know-how of what sort of gameplay the title has


Kirua is the character of the D rank of the Anime Dimensions Tier List characters. His actual name is Killua taken from the anime series named Hunter X Hunter. He costs 200 gems from the shop or else wise by clearing the Titan Dimension Nightmare challenge. The chance of that occurrence is only 10%. He is considered to be a good and decent character and his main fame is his spammable moves and skills.

In addition to that, he deals with good damage. His skills come with no cool-down period but it obviously comes with compromised damage. But it has become a great source of fame for him.

The main reason we found him in the lowermost tier is his pricing category of him. As he can have a decent fight with a beginning hero of 50 gems. His skill moves include Thunder Palm, Lightning Rain, Whirlwind, and Godspeed.

Cost 200 Gems
Ranking 6/10


The actual character of the game player Reku is ‘Deku’ from the anime season Boku no Hiro Akademia. His worth in terms of gems is only and only 50 gems. He can also be obtained by leveling up to another level or secondly just like Roku. He can also be the first character of your game to start off with. Reku has a limitation that he can only prove to be a good choice for new players. Who wants to learn the game from the start or the first brick. The main reason behind that is the good reasonable damage and also his appreciable AoE range.

This works in a way that the cooldown period resets, which lets him use his attacking skills immediately again. Many think he’s a great source of support and for that reason, people wish to have him as their starter. His skill moves include Finger smash, hand smash, flying smash, and Lightning smash.

Cost 50 Gems
Ranking 6.5/10


Cheery is a pretty stylish character in the she uses pretty styling animation in the gameplay. She uses the very attractive Ninja animation package. She has a unique ability to self-heal herself while all of the other characters remain decreasing. As they get hit and have no chance of reviving the lost health.

The character of cherry is based on Sakura from the famous anime series naruto. She is priced at 200 gems. Alternatively, she can be obtained by clearing Titan Dimension on easy mode. The chance of such an occurrence is only 10%. Her damage level is quite mediocre, without being focused on DPS. Her main game is rather playing very safe and healing at regular intervals. The healing characteristic can affect other players a lot.

In the game, it is recommended for at least one team member to use her in hardcore mode. In short, she’s a very good support character. Who clearly lacks in damaging the enemy. Just like all the other characters, she also has her specialized skill moves. Throw Kunai, Heal, Blossom Crush, and Blossom Strike are her skill moves. Cherry is uniquely distinct, to be the only healable character in the game.

Cost 200 Gems
Ranking 2/10


Nardo is probably the lowest-rated hero you can encounter in the game. His series character name is Naruto and is the title hero of the series Naruto. He cost only 50 gems from the shop or by leveling up the game. He’s often awarded as a random starter hero in the game just like Reku, Roku, etc. Although some people consider him one of the best characters out of the other 4 starter characters.

His skill move includes three air-to-earth attacks and one projectile attack., varying in strength. He can be called the best starter unit in terms of Time challenge. His skill moves include Throw Kanai, Shadow Clone, Energy Ball, and Energy Shuriken. Throw Kunai is the only projectile mode of attack out of all 4.

Cost 50 Gems
Ranking 5/10

Comparison Table

KodtokiS1,600 Gems6/10
AlturiaS1,600 Gems9/10
RamuraA1,600 Gems6/10 or 10/10 (if awake)
ZetsuA1,600 Gems5.5/10
MeguretsuA1,600 Gems7/10
NojoB1,600 Gems7/10
FluffyB50 Gems3/10
PastaB300 Gems7/10
TonjuroB500 Gems7/10
ItaboriC300 Gems6.5/10
RokuC50 Gems4/10
YazakaC300 Gems6/10
HatsuC200 Gems6/10
KiruaD200 Gems6/10
RekuD50 Gems6.5/10
CherryD200 Gems2/10
NardoD50 Gems5/10

Pirate Dimension Update Wano Patch Notes

The following changes were made with the Pirate Dimension Update.

  • New code “Wano” is available.
  • New Characters: Beast King, Onihime
  • New Costumes: Vio (Shinobi), Roku (Shinobi), Your (Shinobi)


In the end, we would end up with these words, the Anime Dimension game is widely played by players. Those who are indulged in different anime series and in love with their respective characters. The marketing trick attracted a great audience in the widely growing Anime Industry. The Key to the game is actually understanding and having good know-how of when and where to use a particular skill set. This was you can end up being a good player. We hope our Anime Dimension Tier List will help you in that regard. Thanks.