Demon Slayer Tier List: The Definitive Ranking

Ranking the most powerful characters in Demon Slayer anime.

What’s up, my geek and nerds? This is Abdul Hannan bringing you another tier list. So, it will be a little different in today’s tier list. We will be making a Demon Slayer tier list where I will rank the top fan-favorite anime-only characters in a tier list depending on their popularity and how I think about them myself. I vividly recall the release of the first season of Demon Slayer. After episode 19, the whole community got excited, and it was awarded the greatest anime of the year at the Crunchyroll awards.

In light of the enormous success of the Demon Slayer anime, thanks to the insane animation of Ufotable studies and the direction of Haruo Sotozaki, which is regarded as one of the most prominent studios in the world, I decided to make a tier list of the best and most essential characters, which is a contentious issue among fans. Because it’s difficult to judge the quality of a character, every Demon Slayer arc is limited by the quality of its cast.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 15 entires in our article.
  • Each entry is ranked on the basis of their growth as individuals and significance to the show’s plot.
  • You will observe Tanjiro Kamado, Kyojuro Rengoku, Inosuke Hashibara in higher ranks.
  • Among the lowest are Sakonji Urokodaki, Rui, Daki.


Before we dive any further, the following table shows the rank of all Characters.

S RankA RankB RankC Rank
Tanjiro KamadoMuzan Kibutsuji Gyutaro Rui
Kyojuro RengokuTengen UzuiShinobu KochoDaki
Inosuke HashibaraAkazaGiyu Tomioka
Zenitsu AgatsumaEnmuSakonji Urokodaki
Nezuko Kamado

The article presents a tier list of 16 essential characters from the anime Demon Slayer, based on their performance in the plot rather than raw physical strength. The author, a massive fan of the show and manga, hopes to provide a quick overview of the anime and its unique characters for those who may not be familiar with it.

Demon Slayer Tier List Methodology

Demon Slayer Tier List Ranking Procedure
Demon Slayer Tier List Methodology

Demon Slayer’s characters are ranked according to their growth as individuals and their significance to the show’s plot in this tier ranking. Notably, a character’s strength is not considered while compiling this list.

This is my view regarding where each character in this hierarchy should be. Tier lists are arbitrary, and the character hierarchy may differ from what you expected.

This tier list and the overall character rankings are subject to dispute but not to criticism. S, A, B, and C tiers are where I’ve placed my favorite Demon Slayer characters. Based on how I feel about them as a character and how their tale has progressed. I’d want to get this out of the way first: Every character on this tier list, from top to bottom, has my undivided attention.

It’s simply that the characters in the upper tiers have a more significant impact on my life and narrative lines than those in the lower tiers. Not because I dislike the characters on the lower ranks, mind you. Even those who didn’t cut this list are favorites of mine from my time spent watching The Demon Slayer.

Let’s get down to business and examine who the best and most commendable characters are on this Demon Slayer tier list. It’s going to be a long journey, so bring some popcorn. When I disagree with someone’s perspective and believe I have substantial grounds to disagree with them, this is the tier list that I use. Although my viewpoint prevailed, this tier list was generally agreed upon.

Criteria of the Demon Slayer Tier List
Tier Maker of the Demon Slayer Tier List

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S Tier

Greatest Characters of the Demon Slayer Tier List
The Greatest Characters of the Demon Slayer Tier List

It’s exceptionally usual for people to use the term “superb” or “super” to refer to anything that is in the “S” category. It holds the top spot. This group of Demon Slayers has a cult following. It is a favorite among the fandom because of the impressive character arcs and the overwhelming effect they have had on anime and fans throughout the globe.

These characters have a significant influence on the main storyline of the anime and add to its intrigue. They also make you feel goosebumps, tied to the anime, and create a deserved position for themselves in your heart, making them the most enduringly loveable characters of Demon Slayer.

Tanjiro Kamado

Demon Slayer’s protagonist is Tanjiro Kamado. He joined the Corps to locate Nezuko Kamado’s cure and hunt down and kill demons. He subsequently promised to fight Muzan Kibutsuji, the King of Demons, to protect others from suffering the same fate as he had.

He was an ordinary coal burner until Muzan slews his whole family and his younger sister Nezuko into a demon by Muzan. Others have regarded Tanjiro as having lovely eyes and a sympathetic personality. He is a very nice guy by nature.

He has a strong work ethic and will not give up until he finds a cure for Nezuko, as shown by his unwavering pursuit of that objective. He is very protective of his close buddies, but his little sister receives an extra dose of his vigilance.

Although Tanjiro is generally a kind person, he limits his patience regarding Zenitsu Agatsuma’s whining and Inosuke Hashibira’s atrocious behavior. As a result, Tanjiro feels irritated and angry with both of them.

Tanjiro is straightforward and sincere, listening intently to what others say. That capacity to sympathize with anybody, even devils, makes Tanjiro a standout character in this series. Tanjiro, on the other hand, becomes more calculated and exact as his time in the military progresses.

To defend the helpless, he must confront his opponent with dignity and respect, whether decent humans or evil Demons he’s up against. As a result, I will place him at the top of the Demon Slayer tier list.

Demon Slayer Corps
Occupation Coal Burner
Combat style
Water, Sun Breathing

Kyojuro Rengoku

Demon Slayer’s Kyojuro Rengoku and the Mugen Train Arc’s Kyojuro Rengoku featured prominently. Kyojuro was a member of the Demon Slayer Corps’ elite squad of nine Demon Slayers known as the Hashira.

To be specific, Kyojuro used Flame Breathing as the Flame Hashira. Unlike many of the other members of the Corps, Kyojuro’s family has been producing Demon hunters for centuries despite his lack of firsthand experience with Demons.

Kyojuro, imbued with a feeling of responsibility by his sick mother as a youngster, decided to join the Corps to defend the innocent from Demons. The Demon Akaza, who held the status of Upper-Rank Three among the Twelve Kizuki, murdered Kyojuro on a mission.

Kyojuro’s enthusiasm for his Hashira responsibilities was infectious, and he was frequently amusingly quirky in the process. It wasn’t uncommon to see him with a smile plastered on his face. He was a master swordsman who had perfected his skills through years of practice and dedication.

One of the mother’s essential beliefs established in Kyojuro was that people born strong must protect and aid those less fortunate. Although his father, Shinjuro Rengoku, had become more hostile and uncaring toward Kyojuro over the years, he nevertheless showed enormous regard for and concern for his father.

Even if things don’t go according to plan for his younger brother, Senjuro Rengoku, he always has his back and wishes him the best. Thus, I will place him at the S tier of the Demon Slayer tier list.

Demon Slayer Corps
Occupation Flame Hashira
Combat style Flame Breathing

Inosuke Hashibara

Inosuke Hashibira and Zenitsu Agatsuma are Tanjiro Kamado’s and Nezuko Kamado’s traveling companions in the Demon Slayer series. Inosuke uses Beast Breathing. He is a member of the Demon Slayer Corps.

He also starred in the 2020 anime film Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train, based on the manga’s Mugen Train arc. Despite his quick temper, Inosuke is self-confident and arrogant, believing he is the greatest fighter in any given scenario.

He continually challenges anybody he encounters to a battle. For some reason, Inosuke seems to have a limited grasp of regular human interaction, at least as far back as his debut. He usually assumes that people who approach him want to harm him, and he doesn’t appear to comprehend the compassion others offer him.

However, he still retains his pride and constant need for praise. In addition, he learns from more experienced Demon Slayers and starts to use more strategic methods in battle rather than merely charging into encounters head-on.

But as the story progresses, Inosuke is influenced by the ways of Tanjiro and becomes more accustomed to affection and generosity, as well as learning to acknowledge the strength of people other than himself and develop feelings for him and Zenitsu Agatsuma.

In addition, he learns from more experienced Demon Slayers and starts to use more strategic methods in battle rather than merely charging into encounters head-on. So, I will place him in the S tier of the Demon Slayer tier list.

Demon Slayer Corps
Occupation Demon Slayer
Combat style
Beast Breathing

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Demon Slayer protagonist Zenitsu Agatsuma, along with Inosuke Hashibira, is one of the notable characters in the series. The Demon Slayer Corps includes formidable Demon Slayers like Zenitsu. Even though his tutor Jigoro Kuwajima first persuaded him to join the Corps, Zenitsu comes to appreciate the significance of the Demon Slayer Corps. Zenitsu is a coward who complains about how short his life expectancy is because of his risky work as a Demon Slayer.

Despite his power, he has a poor sense of self-worth and believes he is worthless. Fear and crying are Zenitsu’s constant companions, and he constantly claims he desires an everyday existence instead of being a Demon Slayer, which he believes he’s pointless at all times. Although Zenitsu has several flaws, he strives to meet people’s expectations and will do his best when called upon.

When he’s in a tight spot, his inner concentration and determination to avenge his late master, Jigoro Kuwajima, and his teammates help wash away his timidity and second thoughts.

It is also revealed that Zenitsu is somewhat of an unrepentant womanizer since he often asks attractive females to marry him, to their chagrin. When he sees his colleagues “flirting” with beautiful women, his womanizing tendencies take over, and he goes into extended, frenzied rants and complains. As a result, I will place him in the S tier of the Demon Slayer tier list.

Demon Slayer Corps
Occupation Demon Slayer
Combat style Thunder Breathing

Nezuko Kamado

In Demon Slayer, the deuteragonist is Nezuko Kamado. In addition to being the younger sister of Tanjiro Kamado, she is one of the Kamado family’s two surviving members.

Nezuko was born into a happy household, and she grew up to become a powerful demon. Nezuko, the youngest of the six Kamado children, had a close relationship with her mother and older siblings. Muzan Kibutsuji assaulted her and changed her into a monster.

Like her elder brother Tanjiro, Nezuko was a compassionate and kind human being who served as an example to her younger siblings by putting the needs of others ahead of her own. Nezuko, on the other hand, has no qualms about getting her hands dirty. Nezuko, as a Demon, seems to have lost most of her human memories except those about her family. As a result, she no longer has the same personality she had before her metamorphosis.

Sakonji Urokodaki’s impact on her during her two-year slumber has left her with a deep sense of empathy and concern for those she considers her family.

Aside from the fact that Nezuko looks more detached than her human companions, she shows signs of human emotions, such as crying when sad and smiling when joyful. It seems that Nezuko has become more fearless since becoming a Demon since she now passionately defends her sibling and friends.

Additionally, she has grown in the strength of character and will, as seen by her unwillingness to devour human flesh or blood, even after being severely injured or exposed to human blood. As a result, I will place her at the bottom of the A tier of the Demon Slayer tier list.

Demon Slayer Corps
Occupation Demon
Combat style Blood Demon Art

A Tier

Prominent Characters of the Demon Slayer Tier List
The Prominent Characters of the Demon Slayer Tier List

A tier is an above-average tier where I put my favorite Demon Slayer characters with the same amount of affection as the above character in the tier list. Many fans may consider the characters on this list to be on the S-tier. This list’s characters all have a special place in my heart.

They have been separated into numerous tiers for this tier list. This tier comprises four notable characters from Demon Slayer, who I believe are excellent but not slightly not deserving enough to be included in the S tier of the Demon Slayer tier list.

Muzan Kibutsuji

It’s Muzan Kibutsuji, the primary villain of Demon Slayer. The first of his kind, he is the Demon King and the source of all other demons. Muzan is also the head of the Twelve Kizuki, a group of the world’s 12 most powerful demons, all of whom serve him.

To increase the size of his abyssal race, Muzan may inject the blood of his victims with a virus that turns them into more Demons. This makes him responsible for all the atrocities committed by demons since he has created and programmed every one of them.

This sparked a conflict between demons and those who killed them, resulting in the deaths of many innocent people at the hands of the legions of demons.

Intimidating and brutal, Muzan is a formidable adversary. Humans are of no worth to him, and his subordinates are of no use to him. Even after committing the cold-blooded murders of his subordinates, he maintains his monotonous and distant demeanor.

While his facial expressions and tone of speech vary little throughout the anime, his monotonous disposition is accentuated by this. His brutality and intimidating presence enamor many demons. Delusions of grandeur and inflated ego make him averse to being criticized or ridiculed in any way, thinking that others exist to serve him. The implication is that he takes no one or anything seriously.

While declaring his perfection and superiority over them, he savagely murders two intoxicated guys for being impolite to him and their female friend for doing nothing while showing his pettiness by refusing to accept any mocking and doing whatever he pleases until the humiliation is repaired. Hence I will place him at the top of the A tier of the Demon Slayer tier list.

Affiliation Twelve Kizuki
Occupation Leader Twelve Kizuki
Combat style Blood Demon Art

Tengen Uzui

Demon Slayer’s Tengen Uzui is a pivotal supporting character. As a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, he was known as Sound Hashira until he was brutally injured.

In the Entertainment District arc and the season 2 anime adaption, he plays the role of deuteragonist. In addition to being a tall, broad-shouldered, and muscular guy, Tengen has a light-tan complexion and white hair.

Known as the “god of flamboyance” and “festivals,” Tengen exalts himself as the epitome of the wacky and flamboyant. He believes himself to be the epitome of all these things.

When the Demon Slayers couldn’t withstand his stamina training, Tengen insulted them and said they had no substance because of his energetic and flashy attitude. Furthermore, Hashira openly proclaims his dislike for plainness, as seen by the fact that he is opposed to anything that isn’t showy.

Aside from calling them garbage and saying that if he instructs them to become dogs, they must, he also boasts that he is “god” in front of Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke. As a result, Tengen insists that the three constantly show him the utmost respect, pleading with him for favors and trying their best to make him feel special.

Despite his flashy exterior, Tengen has a loving side that he only exposes to those closest to him, most notably his three wives, for whom Tengen is revealed to care deeply.

Although Tengen is a trained shinobi, he has decided to abandon that belief after witnessing how it impacted his family. To put it another way: Now, he feels that the lives of his subordinates, whether they are his wives or the Demon Slayers under his supervision, should be more critical than their missions or his own. Ultimately, I will place him at the A tier of the Demon Slayer tier list.

Demon Slayer Corps
Occupation Sound Hashira, Shinobi
Combat style
Sound Breathing


Among Demon Slayer’s supporting villains is Akaza. Muzan Kibutsuji’s right-hand man is a demon now serving as the 12th Kizuki’s Upper-Rank Three. Akaza is a hard-headed, short-tempered, blood-thirsty combatant who admires the strong and despises the weak.

He also harbors resentment against his coworkers and perceives them as threatening his role in the Twelve Kizuki. Battle-crazed and obstinate, Akaza is a Social Darwinist who loves taking on tough Demon Slayers.

When his opponents unleashed tremendous techniques or landed strikes on him, they said their tactics and swordsmanship were terrific and exciting. He purposely stretched out bouts to appreciate every second of it. Akaza had such contempt for those he saw as weak that the sight of them made him shiver.

His admiration for the strong in his eyes led him to want to know the names of the people he saw as such; he memorized their names in honor of their bravery.

Furthermore, Akaza offers the opportunity to those he considers worthy of becoming demons, believing that preserving their refined techniques and skill is the correct thing to do. If they reject his offer to become a demon, he goes so far as to kill them to preserve their superb skill. Akaza is a firm believer in the theory of social Darwinism, which holds that nature must purge the world of the weak. So, I will place it in the A tier of the Demon Slayer tier list.

Affiliation Twelve Kizuki
Occupation Demon
Combat style Blood Demon Art


Demon Slayer’s great foe Enmu appeared in Mugen Train Arc. One of Muzan Kibutsuji’s most loyal servants, Lower Rank One of the Twelve Kizuki, served as a demon. On his way to assault a train carrying two hundred people with many Demon Slayers, he was the last of the lower ranks to survive.

He was given the responsibility of killing the Hashira by Muzan Kibutsuji. To put people who face him to sleep, Enmu employs hypnotic skills to induce lovely dreams while silently attempting to murder them without making them suffer.

In Enmu’s mind, he feels privileged to be alive when other demons are dying in misery, and he likes seeing others go through the same ordeal. In particular, he enjoys the pained looks on their faces.

Despite Muzan’s seeming disregard for him and his near-fatal attempt on his life, he remains steadfast in his loyalty to Muzan and his gratitude to himself for having been able to murder so many people.

As a result of his arrogance, he regards humans as a vulnerable species, just like most demons. He frequently takes advantage of their difficulties and manipulates them into doing what he wants by promising to provide them with their most cherished goals if they obey him. It is proven that Enmu is also driven by ambition, as Tanjiro Kamado is killed for him to collect more of Muzan’s blood, which he hopes would help him climb the Twelve Kizuki’s ranks.

When it came to executing anything, Enmu was both clever and careful. He was aware of his power’s strengths and limitations and utilized or avoided them to ensure success. Enmu, on the other hand, seems to have grown overconfident, arrogant, and hungry after receiving more blood from Muzan. As a result, I will place him at the A tier of the Demon Slayer tier list.

Affiliation Twelve Kizuki
Occupation Demon
Combat style Dream Manipulation

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B Tier

Notable Characters
The Notable Characters of the Demon Slayer Tier List

Moving down to the B tier, this is not the complete tier below. While these characters are equally good at telling a tale as the A-tier ones, there’s something greater about them. The B-tier is a balanced tier of the Demon Slayer tier list where I put those characters with good character arcs and effects on the anime’s plot.

These are some of the most significant Demon Slayer characters ever. This tier features four characters from Demon Slayer, particularly those with well-written tales and appealing personality qualities.


Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District Arc included Gyutaro as a primary antagonist. He was a member of the Twelve Kizuki and had the rank of Upper-Rank Six, which he shared with his younger sister, Daki, in the group. However, he emerges from his sister’s body in the second half of the arc as a much more formidable foe than his sister was in the first half.

Gyutaro was a human youngster who worked as a debt collector in the Rashomon Riverbank of Yoshiwara, the lowest class in the Entertainment District, until Doma, Upper-Rank Six at the time, personally converted him and Daki into demons. Disturbing views of the world stem from Gyutaro’s upbringing, which has left him feeling nasty, spiteful, and petty against everyone who has an easier life.

Daki’s overprotective brother, Tanjiro Kamado, can understand Gyutaro’s genuine affection for his younger sister, although Gyutaro’s perverted worldview has turned Daki into a spoilt child psychopath. Gyutaro’s experience as a human led him to believe that taking from people who are fortunate enough to enjoy a better life than he had is okay.

He said he had no remorse about turning into a demon and promised to do it again if he were to reincarnate in the human realm. By being encouraged by Tanjiro, Gyutaro rediscovered his long-forgotten humanity, leading him to go to Hell with Daki/Ume hand-in-hand so that they may face their eternity together once again. So, I will place him at the top of the B tier of the Demon Slayer tier list.

Affiliation Twelve Kizuki
Occupation Demon
Combat style Blood Manipulation

Shinobu Kocho

Demon Slayer’s Shinobu Kocho is a pivotal accomplice. She is the current Insect Hashira and a Demon Slayer in the Demon Slayer Corps. Aside from her adoptive sister Kanao, Shinobu Kocho is Kanae’s younger sister.

Shinobu and her sister joined the Demon Slayer Corps after a demon slaughtered their parents. They wanted to save others from suffering the same fate. Shinobu aspired to make friends with humans and demons and even offered to befriend some of her foes.

After the death of her elder sister Kanae, her faith in humanity was severely shaken. Shinobu had been chasing down Demons, hoping one day she would meet Kanae’s murderer.

Kanae’s last desire was for Shinobu to quit the Demon Slayer Corps until she killed the Demon who kidnapped Kanae. Shinobu may only pardon demons if they agree to be subjected to her brand of unbearable suffering in exchange for their repentance.

Shinobu’s demeanor was always pleasant and laid-back, nearly to the point of becoming unnerving. “yoo-hoo” is a standard greeting she uses to welcome people, frequently scaring them. It is revealed that Shinobu’s final respect for Kanae’s personality was her grin, which reveals her violent and hot-headed disposition.

Although she has a cheery personality, Shinobu has a strong sense of justice and is not afraid to punish demons who hurt humankind in any way. Shinobu is a straight shooter who never wavers from her relaxed demeanor no matter what the circumstance calls for. Shinobu’s grin lingers even when demons refuse to be her friends since she loves tormenting them. As a result, I will place him in the A tier of the Demon Slayer tier list.

Demon Slayer Corps
Occupation Insect Hasira
Combat style Insect Breathing

Giyu Tomioka

In Demon Slayer, Giyu Tomioka is a critical supporting character. In addition to being a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, he is also the current Water Hashira of the group. Tanjiro was initially persuaded to become a Demon Slayer by him.

Every time you see Giyu, you’ll notice his serious demeanor. Despite his restrained behavior, he has a fierce sense of justice for individuals who do not see their limits and recklessly waste their lives.

When it comes to murdering other Demons, he shows no hesitation and no regard for them like other Demon Slayers. He only lets Nezuko Kamado survive because of Tanjiro Kamado’s insistence.

Even yet, Giyu violated the Code of Conduct of the Demon Slayer Corps to save Nezuko from Shinobu’s attack. This demonstrates that, unlike other Hashira, he deals with Demons pragmatically rather than out of hatred for them. To Giyu’s dismay, Shinobu Kocho tells him many people despise him. His speech is limited, and he has a hard time communicating.

Therefore he prefers to maintain a distance. Later, it is revealed that Giyu has acquired an inferiority complex due to his involvement in the Final Selection. The people Giyu deems close to him are shown to be protective and compassionate despite his reserved demeanor.

Furthermore, he still wears part of Sabito and his elder sister’s haori as a reminder, demonstrating this sentiment further. Despite this, Giyu seems to be quite selective in whom he displays his feelings, placing him in the A tier of the Demon Slayer tier list.

Demon Slayer Corps
Occupation Water Hasira
Combat style
Water Breathing

Sakonji Urokodaki

Sakonji Urokodaki is a retired member of the Demon Slayer Corps, having held the role of the previous Water Hashira. He is the principal developer of the Water Breathing, having taught Giyu Tomioka, Tanjiro Kamado, Sabito, and Makomo.

He is usually seen wearing a tengu mask that hides his entire face, while Tanjiro tells through a Taisho Secret that Sakonji’s face is incredibly soft and tranquil. At first glance, Sakonji looks like an elderly guy with a harsh demeanor.

However, he’s proven to be an extraordinarily compassionate and passionate guy who cares greatly about others. He pushes the pupils to their limits, much as Urokodaki did when he took Tanjiro under his wing, increasing the difficulty and risk of his training for the latter.

The primary reason he pushes them so hard is that they may grow as robust as possible. Because he didn’t want more children to die, he refused to send Tanjiro to the final selection.

He also broke down and held Tanjiro after he returned from the final selection, showing how much he values his pupils as family. He’s also one of the few persons linked with the Demon Slayer Corps who trust Nezuko and pledged to do seppuku if she ever murdered another human.

Tanjiro also heard him tell him that he has no doubts about his ability to bring Nezuko back to humanity. As a result, I will place him in the C tier of the Demon Slayer tier list.

Demon Slayer Corps
Occupation Cultivator of Swordsmen, Water Hasira
Combat style
Water Breathing

C Tier

Praiseworthy Characters
The Praiseworthy Characters of the Demon Slayer Tier List

The C-tier is a below-average tier. However, this tier ranking has nearly the same value as the other tiers. This tier comprises two characters who are relatively similar to one other. Notably, Both of them are villains in the story.

All of the characters on this tier list are detested by fans from all corners of the fandom. Even though they have more strength than the characters listed above, I am not impressed with their story arc. Therefore they are relegated to the bottom of the Demon Slayer tier list.


Rui is the principal adversary in the Mount Natagumo Arc of Demon Slayer. He was a member of the Twelve Kizuki’s Lower Rank Five, but his real strength was proven far higher.

On the other hand, Rui had little desire to go through the ranks, which he saw as nothing more than a game of numbers. Muzan Kibutsuji’s demon transformation into a frail kid, Rui, led to the murder of his parents, who had determined to end his life because of his actions against others.

Driven by remorse over the murders of his parents, Rui grew to be a twisted person and was later adopted by Muzan and became the head of the fake Spider Family, formed of Spider Demons that claimed to be a family, when he succeeded in making it into the ranks of the Twelve Kizuki.

A troubled and childlike person, Rui grew up expecting family members to fulfill their responsibilities due to his parent’s inability to protect him. Those he considers “family members” are as good as dead to him if they fail to live up to his expectations.

Although he yearns for a “family,” his concept of one is distorted. He only desired to force his fellow relatives to dread him, with the terror established via frequent torture on them, which he performs with unrepentant sadism. As a result, he has a low tolerance for failure and goes out of his way to terrorize and punish anybody who disappoints him.

This contrarian conduct further indicates Rui’s morbid delusions, mental craziness, and emotional instability. Deep down, Rui was a kid who hated loneliness and wished to be loved, but his standards for love were nothing but fear and respect for him himself as the center of his so-called “family.” As a result, he will be assigned to the Demon Slayer tier list’s C tier.

Affiliation Twelve Kizuki
Occupation Demon Slayer
Combat style Blood Demon Art


Daki was one of the critical baddies in the Entertainment District Arc of Demon Slayer. She was a demon linked with the Twelve Kizuki, being the second holder of the post of Upper-Rank Six, a position she shared with the lead holder, her elder brother, Gyutaro.

Before she and Gyutaro were transformed into demons by Upper-Rank Six Doma, Daki was a human infant named Ume who resided in Yoshiwara’s Rashomon Riverbank, the Entertainment District’s lowest social class.

It seems that Daki, like her master Muzan Kibutsuji, is intolerable to failure. Daki yelled at her brother as they lay dying, screaming that he didn’t deserve to be her brother since someone so despicable deserved to be her brother.

She also displays a childlike tendency, owing to being converted when she was only thirteen years old, to be prone to throw tantrums against everything that does not go for her purposes. Deep down, though, Daki loves her brother and is thankful for his protective attitude even after their tragedy and subsequent transition.

After her death, Daki reunited with Gyuutarou in the afterlife, possibly a consequence of being moved by Tanjiro’s encouragement and recalling her former experience. As a human, Daki was initially a lovely and honest girl but could quickly be swayed. Her brother’s experience and jaded perspective of the world became a crucial point of influence in creating her personality. Their demeanor and life reflect and compare to that of Tanjiro and Nezuko. Consequently, she will be included in the Demon Slayer tier list at the C tier.

Affiliation Twelve Kizuki
Occupation Oiran
Combat style
 Blood Demon Art

Comparison Table

CharactersTierAffiliationOccupationCombat style
Tanjiro KamadoSDemon Slayer CorpsCoal BurnerWater, Sun Breathing
Kyojuro RengokuSDemon Slayer CorpsFlame HashiraFlame Breathing
Inosuke HashibaraSDemon Slayer CorpsDemon SlayerBeast Breathing
Zenitsu AgatsumaSDemon Slayer CorpsDemon SlayerThunder Breathing
Nezuko KamadoSDemon Slayer CorpsDemonBlood Demon Art
Muzan KibutsujiATwelve KizukiLeader Twelve KizukiBlood Demon Art
Tengen UzuiADemon Slayer CorpsSound Hashira, ShinobiSound Breathing
AkazaATwelve KizukiDemonBlood Demon Art
EnmuATwelve KizukiDemonDream Manipulation
GyutaroBTwelve KizukiDemonDream Manipulation
Shinobu KochoBDemon Slayer CorpsInsect HasiraInsect Breathing
Giyu TomiokaBDemon Slayer CorpsWater HasiraWater Breathing
Sakonji UrokodakiBDemon Slayer CorpsCultivator of Swordsmen, Water HasiraWater Breathing
RuiCTwelve KizukiDemon SlayerBlood Demon Art
DakiCTwelve KizukiOiranBlood Demon Art

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To Clinch This Up

However, it is all 19 characters that I love and adore passionately, and I cannot stop myself from talking about it, as you can see in this tier list. I performed a slight rearranging, and I am sure we would all agree that is the correct order for the most significant Demon Slayer characters, and those of you who do not, you may tell me furiously in the comments. Well, it is time for this tier list to finish. One of my strengths is to spend a considerable amount of time examining characters on how certain outstanding characters are.

I have chosen to utilize this skill to produce what I feel may be the most comprehensive Demon Slayer tier list on the internet. To get to where I wanted to go in life, I made a ranking list of 19 characters from various classes that I loved.

I am very sorry for your favorite characters that did not make it onto this tier list. Even though I’ve written so much, I’m not happy with the group of characters I’ve assembled here since many of my favorites are still absent.

Every critical character from Demon Slayer made an appearance in this ranking. I took this tier list incredibly carefully, with every tier. Please share your thoughts in the space provided.

If you have gone through the entire tier list, you are the greatest Demon Slayer fan and probably enjoy crafting a tier list. I hope it was informative or intriguing, and you agree with my ranks of the characters in this Demon Slayer tier list. If you do not, it’s alright.

We are all members of the same fanbase, and all relate to the characters differently. In concluding this tier, I want to remind you that this tier ranking is wholly based on how I think about these characters, not their strength level. Thank you!

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