Wotv Tier List: Ranking the Best Characters

Discover the Strongest Characters in Wotv with Our Tier List

War of the vision: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has a reign over the world after its release, as it was a mind-blowing experience for players. This game was a spinoff of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and was mainly inspired by the Final Fantasy series. WOTV tier list regards all those characters a player encounters and enlists them according to their ranking in respective tiers.

This tactful role-playing game is a production of Square Enix, and Gumi saw the light of Japan in 2019 and was featured worldwide in 2020. since the start, it has amazed its player with its versatility and diversity among players and tactics. A player rarely gets bored with this one-of-a-kind game and its innovation.

This tier list will ensure that you are entertained, informed, and not bored from our tier list. Remember to remember your opinions while you sift through our tier list.

Key Points

  • This article is comprised of 20 characters
  • They are ranked on the basis of their powers, stats, and skills, etc.
  • In the top tiers, we have Astrius Locke, Starlight Elena, and Ranan.
  • Among The abysmal tiers, we have ranked Thancred and Sosha.


The ranked characters are in this short table

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank



Starlight Elena

Read their details below:

S Tier

Best characters ranked
S Tier

Let’s start with a list with an exceptional tier, with the best characters in a game. These characters are ideal and also in every way.

They flabbergast a player and make him wonder how the game producers can create such warriors. These characters have admirably high stats and high potential abilities. These allow him to build effective gameplay that could aid him in winning a battle.

These characters are first chosen for a team and rarely get left behind because of their incredible potential. They rarely Lack any sort of powers and always live up to all expectations of a player.


He is a new and evolved story with an Antagonist off his storyline but with such potential that it stuns a player inside an arena. His fighting abilities run in his blood and circulate throughout him to create an exhilarating experience for himself and his player. He has a scornful look that accentuates his undeniably strong powers and motives.

He has a headdress on his head and a huge gilded sword that he uses to slither the throats of his opponents. His red Cape and shiny spiked armor make him look fierce and grim.

A blonde guy with Celestine-colored eyes is a star among many of his followers as his beauty commands his abilities and doesn’t let him swerve from his course.

He is included in an S tier of our WOTV tier list because he has undeniably high stat and invincible powers that make him rebel around his Kingdom.

His abilities involve releasing a void that decreases his target slash Attack and deals damage to them. Along with this, he also runs across them, which makes them defenseless and damaged; indomitability ability is a fatal move that kills his opponent in a single attack.

HP 3321
TP 137
AP 36
ATK 426


Locke is not an ordinary character; he has a vision that can foresee mild and mild with distance. He built his persona as the hunter of ancient treasures and lived up to his reputation in all the games in which he appeared.

Locke has a blue and black-colored attire around him with a Cape tied around his waist. He has the sun on his clothes, representing that he tracks his power from light.

A bandana on his head hides his forehead and creates a situation of intrigue and mystery. He is surrounded by an enigmatic aura that interests a player more in his personality. He has a sweet yet vicious way of killing his opponents.

His powers revolve around light elements and his night blades and daggers. His abilities include a rising sun, AP hunt, and boon of phoenix. All these abilities allow him to reduce his opponent’s ATK levels and damage them until they are no more inside an arena.

He is included in an S-tier WOTV tier 2022 because his moves are effective on their targets and don’t let them breathe his next breath. And they turn into Ashes as soon as these moves strike them.


HP 2230
ATK 338
MAG 65

Starlight Elena

Elena is not the ordinary character you use daily in a game. She is a CGI animated character with an English voice animation in a Japanese game. Her style of fighting and stats are different from others and make her unique. she has stylish attire with thigh-high boots and a corset around her body.

She has a Saber in her hand that bears a crystal’s powers. She is the crystal warrior, also known as Aurora’s precursor. She extracts her powers from this weapon and uses it to admit her courage and stupendous powers to her enemies. This lady has incredibly high HP, DEF, and SPR, including her in an S tier.

Her main powers are neo-vision, brave shift battle inside, and purifying slash. All these help her remain in an A tier, high above others. She aids a player’s gameplay and helps him defeat his enemies with powers that make her blossom in an arena.

HP 2247
ATK 81
MAG 333


He is a historical figure on our tier list as he was a protagonist in another one of the Final Fantasy series. He gained his reputation from His jobs and powers that make him invincible.

His strengths are extracted from Thunder, which makes him a warrior of reverberant Thunder. Once you get accustomed to this character, you can’t give him up. This character is majestic with his yellow armor and red Cape.

He has a scepter that has crow wings around them that signifies its mighty power, and a serpent spirals around its shaft, which represents the toxicity that it bears. He has half-like feet with two claws coming out of their ends. These claws allow him to use slashing abilities against her enemies.

He is included in an S tier because ball lightning, a domain of lightning, and sky-splitting thunder strike are not abilities that a person can accomplish easily.

These revolve only in the warriors of Thunder. The chaotic discharge allows him to inflict confusion on his enemy, making him lose track of his progress and giving the player an open window to strike and knock him out.

HP 2305
ATK 71
MAG 308

A Tier

second best tier list
A Tier

A tier resides potentially great characters. These characters are equally good for a player but lack just a little potential compared to tiered characters. Despite this lacking, they can still achieve high goals and ground up layers with achievements.

These characters have high stats and powerful abilities that could destroy an opponent and bury him under the ground. An opponent is usually afraid of these characters as well.


She is a replica of fire soaring through the air, which gave her the name of a high fire bolt. When she flies in the depth of the sky, it’s like a phoenix with its wings spread apart. Do you use the crystal warrior of fire and extract her ruthless magical powers from the anguishing red-yellow flames?

This character has her strawberry blonde mane up in a ponytail. She has red and black orange color closing around her which signifies fire. Red is usually a symbol of lament and pain. She will inflict pain on her enemies and make them regret their decision to plot a war against her.

She is included in an A tier because she is a character who has high starts and helps her allies in forming HP. Her fire attacks and DEF piercing rates are incredibly high, making her a good team decision. Her other powers include bright flame mantle, re-invigoration ability, and flight of the firebird.

HP 2411
ATK 288
MAG 73


Resnick, another savage beauty of our tier list, has black engulfing her petite figure. She has a lust for killing and brutality.

When Resnick plots revenge against someone, it will end with war and blood on hand. She has a grim and deadpan expression on her face that signifies her brutal nature. She has her hair in two pigtails and a scary sword in her hand, making her look even more frightening.

She is a general of the six fans and extracts her power from darkness or bats. Even her boots have bat wings, which hint at her ability to seek powers from an evening. Her abilities make her a part of an A tier because they are not common and make her prominent in an arena.

Her abilities include the reign of rallying, which allows her to remove the debuffs of her allies and increase their health. This statistical profile signifies that she is a supporter character whose abilities revolve around their amazing powers. Her brother’s abilities include curing love invigoration, self-preservation teachings, and the bolt’s teachings.

HP 2268
ATK 83
MAG 306


She is a red blade of vengeance and has her powers from the royal Thrones. He used to work with her childhood friend Elisa who plotted when genes against crystal sanctum. These abilities allowed her to be a character who was top-tiered.

She has a tight red dress that shows her skin, covers her finger, and a black and red Cape around her shoulders with feathers at an end, making her look like a phoenix bird.

Her boots are stockings that hurt her thighs, hide her legs from open view, and protect them from damage. He has a dagger in her hand that slashes their throats and bleeds them to death.

She’s a character who Has her powers from the darkness. These capabilities include heavenly wrath, shadow-less blade, dark moon shroud, and condemning blade. These inflict damage to her opponents, make them lose HP, and reside under an A tier due to these stats.

HP 2247
ATK 274
MAG 88


The veritisa of the frost is a major character in our tier list. He used to be a part of sworn 6 of palladia. But he was excluded from their membership. He has an aura of death that lingers where he goes. He can scare his open it by just opening his wings with daggers around them.

He doesn’t need to make an effort to scare his opponent off. His hidden face and black and blue-colored attire seem like a harbinger of death. He is also called frost Lord because his powers are extracted from his swords, daggers, great swords, and rods. All these combined to kill off his enemy.

He was a boss in other versions of the game but acted as a playable character in this version. This character possesses the power of slash Attack and flashes helm of sworn armor. Excalibur is his signing bonus, and Each opponent fears this and includes him in an A tier.

HP 1938
ATK 279
MAG 229


What do you expect from a man known as the swordsman who defies the spiral of death? An invincible and powerful creature through which no opponent can pass. His abilities may seem superficial and low quality, but when he uses them in an arena, an opponent is nothing but bits and pieces.

He has a red gown around his black jumpsuit. And turtleneck wrapped around his mouth. Black shades hide his cold, lifeless eyes from the face of the earth. He is an enigmatic character who doesn’t show off his emotions and always leaves his opponent wondering what his next move is.

His powers include legendary guardian, tornado, and high piercing ability. All of these aid a player in his gameplay and allow him to strive on the battlefield like many top-tiered characters of our WOTV tier list.

HP 2631
ATK 308
MAG 66

B Tier

average characters ranked
B Tier

A B tier is an ordinary and a mediocre level of our WOTV tier list that resides the characters who are normal and have zero extraordinary capabilities. They remain neutral inside again and don’t bend the lever towards an extreme. They try to achieve well in a game and aid a player’s gameplay spot; they can’t help him in having an easy win.

A beginner player usually resorts to these characters as they have basic abilities that are easy to execute and don’t require high commands.


When a player here’s the name of more, he is taken back to the lands of more that are peaceful and serene. But this character is certainly not that; she runs around the arena, spreading chaos and killing down her opponents to win a battle.

She has a purple hooded Cape around her that engulfs her. Her Goldilocks are open and flowing in the air. With her spiky scepter in hand, she is out to kill anyone ready to destroy her. she has another version of herself known as the merrier; in this version, she Has a red Chinese get-up and red lanterns around her.

She’s included in a B tier because her moves, including star burial pendant, starry veil, and auspicious armor, do not allow her to inflict damage on her opponent. She is left in the open when her moves are getting cooled down.

HP 2022
ATK 76
MAG 304


Lorenzo is a hearty and playful name for a warrior or a soldier. Lorenzo, a vice-captain of a soldier division and a proud dragoon, has a magenta and purple dress. This dressing enhances his burgundy hair, ensuring that he has an outlook that deceives his opponent.

He has a playful and Hearty personality, but his expressions take a huge turn when he enters an arena. He transforms into a grim-looking serious warrior who is out to kill anyone in his way.

His abilities allow him to debilitate his opponents and make them see dust. But these moves would have been better if they inflicted more damage and decreased their HP like many others in our tier list. But in turn, these abilities grant him an increase in his own HP and his allies. His most auspicious move is the dragonslayer, Lance.

HP 2125
ATK 236
MAG 62


She is a cute and sweet-looking character that allows her to deceive her opponents and make them think she is light and feathery. But when she brings out her spiral weapon, opponents hold their hearts and are ready to beg for their mercy.

She is attired in a pink dress that matches her long pink wavy locks. She has a pair of scanning goggles that allow her to gain HP and ATK.

She might seem a brilliant character, but when you get to use her, you find many defects in her gameplay. She might have an increase in her HP, but she cannot reduce her opponent’s ATK level, which includes her in a B tier.

HP 2924
ATK 334
MAG 88


He is naughty and unkempt, seeking his thrills through rebelliousness and mischief. He has red armor that is Buffy on his shoulders and arms. His slicked-back hair signifies his facial features, and he has bright brown eyes that sparkle under the sun. He has a huge sword in his hand to take down his enemies.

This character might seem quite innocent and shy at first glance, but when I play against to know him, he discovers that he is a nightmare dressed as a Daydream.

He might have a somber look, but on the battlefield, he does Mischiefs in ways an opponent can never imagine. He takes him by surprise and then knocks them out in seconds.

His famous moves include three hallowed state bolt of truth, which allows him to deal damage and stun his opponent for a short period. He’s included in a B-tier because his moves have more temporary and effective. And does not inflict much damage on his opponents.

HP 2466
ATK 298
MAG 207


The quiet miscreant is a young girl who admires her freedom and loves to adventure from one country to another. She might have some explicit clothing, but she covers herself with her blue gown.

She has dual personalities inside the game; her other parent is off winter attire in which she gets adorned in a red and green colored dress. That resembles a Christmas ornament.

She seems to be a man’s speed and strong character who loves to play with power and wealth. She doesn’t fear anything and would go to extreme lengths to get shots of exhilaration and adrenaline.

This character has fun adventures meandering through the field and its crystal tag dreams. She is included in a B tier because of her powers and stats.

Her main powers include speed break shot, Arcadia gun, and wind element, making her a trick Lancer. Oldies have low effective time and properties, making them common and less used in an arena. A player usually avoids them and settles for a top-tier character.

HP 1993
ATK 267
MAG 71

C Tier

WOTV tier list
C Tier

Let’s Move on to our lower tier, characterized as a C tier of the tier list with the bad characters with lower potential. Usually, their potential resides in ruining a pair’s gameplay rather than forming it.

A player constructs gameplay but old characters of a game paint it and adorn it with fashion. Without these characters, a player cannot achieve his hopes and dreams.

These characters have low stats and poor potential that ruin a player’s gameplay and make him wonder why he chose this character.


Miranda is a wonderful character who has powers that are unmatchable and splendid. She is a samurai who uses her powers to excel on a battlefield and leave her allies behind. She has a red black tired dress. Her Cape is black; he has short brown hair. Her samurai sword protects her from the attacks of her opponent.

A character requires moves that help her in defending and offend her. She is worthless if a player can defend herself but cannot attack her opponent. This description shows that this character has almost zero damaging characteristics. Even her Crimson storm and red jacket armor did not help her lower her opponent’s HP or ATK levels.

A character should have characteristics that could help a player in an arena and make him stay unbeatable throughout the game. But these characters cannot achieve that goal because she is located in a C tier.

He would have been a good part of B or at least A story if it weren’t for her weak defending moves. But you do her negligence in an arena she has been dragged down into a second to the last tier.

HP 2265
ATK 209
MAG 256


A character who was a third bond and prominent playable character in Final Fantasy Tactics make his appearance in our WOTV tier list with a ponytail. He has a blue coat, and blonde hair pulled in a ponytail. This ponytail helps his hair strands from interrupting his game. But still, such measures cannot help him win the battle.

A character requires a set of moves that are sophisticated and delete to be able to conquer all opponents in an arena. But this character has some non-elemental damaging characteristics that do not damage his opponent; they defend him to a lower degree.

Such features are unimportant in the arena as a player requires more offensive or deals rather than tactics that could protect him from an opponent’s attacks.

Such measures include him in a C tier where the characters cannot defend themselves or their player’s gameplay. A player is in seek of such characteristics that do not make him regret his decision, but these characters ensure that a player has every way to bang his head against his wall.

HP 2404
ATK 304
MAG 286


He was an apprentice, And grooming takes a Prentice who was an antagonist in the crystal warrior storyline is a character who has confidence and a despicable personality. A player has to think a million times before recruiting him to his team, as his abilities and stats make a player scratch his head during an arena.

This character is engulfed in red tide clothes from head to toe. He has a sword that can submerge up and open it on itself and bury his soul. He has luscious white hair that flows with the wind.

This character has a noble personality, but his lack of confidence does not aid him in the arena. A player requires a character with mischievous tactics and strategies that make a player more suitable in a theater.

This character is an enclosure in a C-tier due to his warrior of the kindling light and dawning of light moves that have low potential and do not affect his opponent. The impact of these moves is so low that an opponent doesn’t usually move even a hairbreadth away.

HP 2794
ATK 309
MAG 65


A rose-headed beauty with such a dress that depicts a Rose itself is This beautiful young woman has luscious blonde hair that signifies her beautiful aura. But this is where her pros stop, and her cons begin.

Such fragile and delicate women have no place in an arena. And arena demands that women who could leave their Feminine side behind and embrace their bravery and courage.

This woman has an innocent and arrogant look, implying that her only sense of fashion is intact rather than a battle. She is rarely seen with a weapon as she is a magician and uses her hands to intersect her magic spells. But her magic spells are also in vain as they have a low effect on her opponents. Usually, her attacks heal her allies and do not damage her opponent.

She is included in a C tier because her tactics and abilities are poorly drawn. These abilities, including the miracle of two moons and the roses’ elegant Archer ability, might raise her ATK to some extent but do not damage her opponents.

HP 2185
ATK 266
MAG 298

D Tier

worst characters ranked
D Tier

We end this tier list with the abysmal tier of our Tier list that resides in extremely worse and more frightening characters. They are not frightening in appearance but their potential as they have zero abilities and cannot turn their gain their way.

They might have a brave expression plastered on their face, but on a second glimpse, you’ll be able to see through their façade and see the reality. The reality relays in the soul that has zero potential and abilities.

A player usually awards these characters as they will probably kill his game and achievements.


We start our worst tier with Thancred waters which has abysmal repute and qualities. He is arrogant and proud of his grades but loses each spec in an arena and is left with nothing. He is an abysmal character who has the worst intentions. He doesn’t keep the gameplay in mind and strays away from every move.

He is engulfed in attired black clothes. He has bright blue eyes reflecting the ocean and the sky, but those eyes contain a hint of cold and ruthless behavior surrounding him. His huge great sword is of no use on a battlefield when he doesn’t know how to use it and strike his opponent.

He is included in a D tier because his moves, attacks, starts, and abilities are raw and poor. A player gets dumped after seeing him in an arena because he cannot comprehend his character’s goal.

HP 3143
ATK 275
MAG 75


Sosha is another bad character who was a part of the devilish red gang. She is a naughty, rebellious, and cunning character with no side in the arena. She might seem a good choice at first, but a player gets disappointed when you see her in a hall playing to his side and not performing her major moves. She can reign over men and then use them against her.

She has black and red attire clothing and a pointed scepter in her hand that helps her kill and stash her open throats. Her abilities include her piercing attacks that have zero quality and poor tactics. She is not a good character, which provides for her in detail of our WOTV tier list. A player should stray away from this character and not add her to his team.

HP 1793
ATK 222
MAG 54

Trusting Us

When a reader enters a new website, he wonders why he should trust us. This issue is not a new question, but we have encountered these inquiries many times; for this purpose, we have established a whole procedure for publishing an article.

An article goes through a series of experts, including gamers, writers, and editors. All of them divert their time for this purpose and then establish a whole routine in which they can form a true and desirable tier list.

These articles go through editing and compilation based on their facts and notices. An editor counterchecks each attribute, so no mistake is made in a report.


Tier List Illustration

Tier image

An illustration of a tier list is required to create imagery of our compilation in a reader’s mind. It helps him to imagine what we are trying to convey and which part of this WOTV tier list is enriched. Each character has its significance, as we have discussed earlier. And these characters are just unlisted in their tiers in this dear image.

Comparison Table

Starlight ElenaS224781333

Patch notes ver.1.2.1

The following updates were made in Ver 1.2.1 :

  • Bugs were fixed
  • Multi Quest and Match battle issue was adjusted

Final Verdict

Our WOTV tier list is the compilation of all the war characters of the visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. These characters are listed based on their stats, abilities, tactics, strategies, and potential.

Potentials are necessary for an arena as they help a player signify and salt different methods to win a game. All these characters are ruthless and savage in their way and help a player one way or another. Even the complex characters are useful in filling up an empty slot.

A tier list provides a basis for compiling characters. It helps players to open their inner eyes and evaluate their gaming sessions. This tier list comprises five tiers; S, A, B, C, and D. They all have unique traits and attributes those stun players. S tier has top warriors with high-quality characters and a storyline and gives a view of food for thought.

A tier has potentially great characters, but they sometimes lack quality or have a lower stat that puts them down. Next are lower and mediocre tiers. B-tier has mediocre guardians that are good for those who play with every character; C-tier resides those protagonists that may or may not be good for a player. Lastly, this tier list is concluded with a D tier with abysmal characters.

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