AUT Tier List: All Stands Ranked [V.1.5]

A detailed ranking of all the stands from the Roblox based game AUT.

You will find this article interesting if you are an anime buff. Because here I am talking about A Universal Time (AUT). A Roblox game that is inspired by different prevalent anime series. In this game, your performance depends on your collection of stands. Hence, if you have better stands, it will affect your game positively. That is why we have come up with the AUT Tier List to rank the stands in the game.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 16 stands ranked in this tier list.
  • We will rank all the stands according to their performance, gameplay, and unique attributes.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find stands like 
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe stands like


We will rank all the stands in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
SansPlanet ShaperC-MoonHamenThe Knight
X-CharaCosmical DioCoffin BOISpin
ShinigamiShadow WeabooProject SamuraiULF Kars
GasterGold Experience RequiemTusk Act 2
All MightFight SabreTusk Act 1
H ReaperChariot Requiem
ReaperSuper Shadow
STW RequiemSnatcher
Purple Guy
Tusk Act 3

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

Moreover, Roblox is an excellent and engaging platform for individuals who are more into anime. Likewise, some of the other games in this application, A Universe Time, included characters from your favorite series like Dragon Ball Z, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Once Piece, Tokyo Ghoul, Sword Art Online, and My Hero Academia.

AUT Stands Ranking Criteria

ranking criteria
AUT stands for tier list ranking criteria.

With so many options, it is tough to decide what to choose. To do so, you must waste a lot of time on research. Not only surfing on different websites will help, but you have to play AUT as a beginner to find the best possible ways to become a professional player.

Yet, now you do not have to do so much hustle. To clarify, reading this article is the only and more straightforward way to clear all sorts of confusion from your mind. So, In the AUT tier list, you can find the best stands that will significantly help you throughout the game.

The AUT stand tier list consists of five categories; S, A, B, C, and D. Additionally, the lower the level gets, the lower the quality of all characters decreases. Hence, I will rank legendary characters with supreme strength on the S Tier, which will reduce this power with every tier.

Moreover, I will give an in-depth description of every category. So, all the readers will have a clear understanding of it, due to which it will be easier for you to connect with AUT stands tier list.

S Tier

AUT tier list
Superb stands in AUT ranked.

In this tier of the AUT stand tier list, I am going to rank the great characters. It is expected that be it any game, the creators always design every character uniquely. Some are the best while others are good. Not only this, but few are the worst of all. Hence, you will find the outperforming characters in this category who are better than the others.


Firstly, I will talk about the stand who can speak in hands. Yes, I know it is awe-inspiring. Players are amazed by his abilities and enjoy playing him. Coupled with other characters in this category, Gaster is an incredible character. Also, he has an amazing move set such as LMB Hand Combo, Soul Switch, and Hand summon.

These moves are very helpful as they cause significant damage to the opponents. Like one of his moves is to slap the rival not once but twice with both hands, and after that, he finally explodes him. Along with other characters on the S tier, Gaster is also the best stand in AUT.

Origin Undertale
Powers manipulate the gravity of a person, soul, or object, and move it around at will


X-Chara is equally helpful as the other stands ranked in this article. He has so many appreciable moves like slash, ground control, x blaster, double tap, knives valley, reverse, overwrite, knife barrage, glitch stab, glitch abomination, and glitch teleport. To put it another way, these moves allow him to conquer the enemies easily.

If an opponent has a red HP, then X-Chara can absorb his soul, which is an absolute advantage in my view. Not only this, but he can be teleported to dodge his enemy. These characteristics, along with the others, make him a superb character.

Origin XTale universe and Underverse
Powers Reality Warping, Soul Manipulation, Existence Erasure 

Planet Shaper

Now, moving towards another great stand on this ultimate AUT stand tier list who can occasionally speak to his users due to sensory awareness. But, this is possible only after you succeed in conquering a rival or refer to the name of any particular ability in the chat section.

Planet Shaper can swipe the enemy not only once but twice with damage up to 30. Isn’t it tremendous? So, how can one not go for this character? Additionally, with the help of one of his move sets, referred to as gem blast, he throws an explosive gem right in the direction of a user. Hence, This view is very overwhelming.

Origin obtained by completing the entirety of the DELTA Questline
Powers executes a sequence of swipes, with the last one knocking back


As this character is able to dodge an opening strike, for this reason, he can perform very well in front of the stands having an opening strike. Furthermore, some of his undoubtedly useful move sets include; switch, bone “sword” swing, bone guard, gaster blaster, heh, bad time, bait, end, bone launch, and teleport.

Powers summons bones from the floor


Reaper is an extraordinary stand in the AUT rarity tier list. Henceforth, you will never be disappointed while playing him. And you can also refer to Reaper as a Grim Reaper if you want to, as this is another name for him. Moreover, he has the ability to gather souls. Also, his powers are strengthened with time.

Furthermore, some of the Reaper’s move sets are slash, soul torment, wither, lost souls, consecutive slashes, soul consumption, frightened soul, soul embodiment, pose, and quote. Every move of his is almost better than the other. Due to this reason, I am ranking him on the S tier of AUT stands tier list.

Origin Under Night In-Birth series
Powers collect souls, and become more thunderous (powerful)

Star Platinum Requiem (SPR)

Star Platinum Requiem is genuinely the best stand in AUT. So, I got to know about his qualities when I tried his move sets by myself. Moreover, some of the best moves of SPR are LMB Combo, Cursed Punches, Requiem Arrows Uppercut, arrow throw, arrow prison, time stop, star breaker, ground slam, combo, teleport, and quote.

Because of his fantastic move set, I am ranking SPR tighter on the AUT stands tier list.

Origin obtained by using a Cursed Orb on Star Platinum.
Powers halt the flow of time for a brief moment, causing everything around him to appear frozen in place

A Tier

AUT tier list
Best stands in AUT ranked.

This is the next category of the AUT stand tier list, below the S tier. So, you will find the second best character of AUT here. I will justify adequately why I am placing each character by describing its skills, powers, and abilities. After reading the description of all the characters of AUT PvP tier list, 2022, compare them with each other, then you will easily understand the reason.

In contrast to the S-tier characters, these stands have few lackings, due to which I considered them to be not as good as them. However, the issues are not so big, so it is magnificent, in fact awesome, to choose them. Now, without further a do, let us dive into the rankings.

Gold Experience Requiem

Firstly, if we talk about the strength of this stand, then it is most potent compared to the characters ranked on tiers below. Secondly, it has an amazing capability of turning a non-living thing into a living thing. Similarly, Gold Experience Requiem is the creator of different body organs.

In the AUT game, Gold plays a part in creating a threatening Scorpio that attacks the opponents. He can also heal HP with the help of his healing move. In addition, some new features were added when he evolved from Gold Experiences, such as Lightspeed Scorpion Beam and Diavolo Beatdown.

The performance of this stand immensely inspires me. For this reason, I ranked him as the best stand AUT.

Origin obtained by using a Requiem Arrow on Gold Experience with a 1/10 Chance
Powers Dealing great knockback and damage

Tusk Act 3

This act was introduced after Tusk act 2. Despite coming after that stand, this character can make wormholes. On the other hand, TA 2 is used to fire strong Golden Rectangle Nails. In essence, this act is better than the previous one and therefore ranked on the A tier of AUT stands tier list.

You can get this stand by activating Dark Determination with Tusk Act 2. By doing so, Jesus will spawn behind you, then make sure to interact with him. LMB combo, nail shot. Wormhole nail shot, nail scratch, last resort, switch ACT, and quotes are some of his move set. And, due to these moves, he can be very helpful to you.

Origin obtained by having the Eye of the Saint with Tusk Act 2
Powers make wormholes


Undoubtedly, I can say that Dawn is the best stand in AUT. Overall, his performance is incredible, and I love his move sets. Let me tell you the names of this stand’s moves; Whirling inferno, LMB combo, flame strikes, Malphite Ult, grand descension, enchant, and true blaze. Hence, these moves are the main reason for placing him on the AUT stands tier list.

Origin Non-Canon, Game: Genshin Impact
Powers  immune to stun and knockback

B Tier

good stands
Likable stands in AUT ranked.

Comparatively, the characters placed on this tier are not the best stand in AUT. However, if you have some basic knowledge about them and know how to handle these likeable characters, then in this fashion, they can work pretty well for you. The B-tier characters have pretty ordinary stats, due to which I included them at this level.


C-moon has a tremendous power to transform Pucci into the centre of gravity. So this allows him to control gravity according to the way he wants. Moreover, beatdown, only one punch, quadruple gunfire, and legs crusher are some amazing moves of this B tier stand ranked in the AUT stands tier list.

Origin evolved form of Whitesnake after fusing with the Green Baby and the predecessor to Made in Heaven
Powers turn Pucci into the center of gravity


KCAU is a pretty good stand. You must try to explore the game as a beginner. Also, It is a likeable range of move sets that can assist you greatly. But, the thing is that you can not have the upper hand on the opponents with such ordinary moves. Because you need to have some extraordinary skills to give a tough competition.

Origin Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Jorge Joestar: Unknown Universe
Powers High damage output, Great mobility, Good combo potential

Project Samurai

Notably, in some cases, players underestimate this stand. But, in actuality, it is a very helpful one. So, once you play it, you will definitely agree with me. However, while playing this stand, you should have a clear understanding of its skills and abilities. Because, this is the only way with which you can make the most out of this character.

Origin League of Legends
Powers turns Anubis into Yasuo

C Tier

Below average stands
below average stands in AUT ranked

Now, in this category of the AUT stand tier list, I will rank the underperforming characters. Their performance is neither over the top nor too bad. But, the thing is that sometimes you can not even find them satisfactory because a player cannot predict the gameplay after choosing them. In this case, the game ultimately depends on your luck.

ULF Kars

At present, I do not think that majority will prefer this stand. Because in the latest update, we have many stands better than ULF Kars, and those best ones are also included in this AUT stand tier list. So, choose your stands with a clear mind. Even though, if you are still going for this character, then you have to use it very wisely.

Powers Regeneration, Brilliant Ultimate Bone Blade, Spinning Attack


In general, Hamon has so many limits attached to it. However, other stands do not have this drawback. For this reason, I consider it a below-average stand. If I ignore this disadvantage, then it is not that bad. So, you can use this stand when there is no option left. In these cases, it may also benefit you.

Origin obtained by completing the entirety of the DELTA Questline
Powers executes a sequence of swipes, with the last one knocking back

D Tier

weakest stands
Weakest stands in AUT ranked.

Finally, I have reached the last category of the AUT stand tier list. D tier is the last category of this list, including the weakest characters. The performance of these characters is very annoying as you will lose because of them. They are the worst stands, and I recommend expecting nothing from them.


Overall, the vampire is the worst stand on the AUT tier list. In particular, it has nothing that can be helpful for a player in any way. Due to this, I will not recommend you choose this. Try to play the game in a way that you do not need to opt for this pathetic stand, even in the hardest situations.

Origin Under Night In-Birth series
Powers collect souls, and become more thunderous (powerful)

The Knight

At last, I am ranking the stand with the lowest ratings. So, it will annoy you so much if you choose it. Hence, there is no need to opt for this D-tier stand when you have so many best ones. If a situation comes where you have no other options, then make sure to understand the rudimentary tactics of this character. Then there are some chances that it will do good in the battle.

Origin the Abyss
Powers Dealing great knockback and damage

Comparison Table

Stand NameTierOriginPower
GasterSUndertalemanipulate the gravity of a person, soul, or object, and move it around at will
X-CharaSXTale universe and UnderverseReality Warping, Soul Manipulation, Existence Erasure
Planet ShaperSobtained by completing the entirety of the DELTA Questlineexecutes a sequence of swipes, with the last one knocking back
SansSUndertalesummons bones from the floor
ReaperSUnder Night In-Birth seriescollect souls, and become more thunderous (powerful)
Star Platinum Requiem (SPR)Sobtained by using a Cursed Orb on Star Platinum.halt the flow of time for a brief moment, causing everything around him to appear frozen in place
Gold Experience RequiemAobtained by using a Requiem Arrow on Gold Experience with a 1/10 ChanceDealing great knockback and damage
Tusk Act 3Aobtained by having the Eye of the Saint with Tusk Act 2make wormholes
DawnANon-Canon, Game: Genshin Impact immune to stun and knockback
C-MoonBevolved form of Whitesnake after fusing with the Green Baby and the predecessor to Made in Heaventurn Pucci into the center of gravity
KCAUBJojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Jorge Joestar: Unknown UniverseHigh damage output, Great mobility, Good combo potential
Project SamuraiBLeague of Legendsturns Anubis into Yasuo
ULF KarsCUndertaleRegeneration, Brilliant Ultimate Bone Blade, Spinning Attack
HamonCobtained by completing the entirety of the DELTA Questlineexecutes a sequence of swipes, with the last one knocking back
VampireDUnder Night In-Birth seriescollect souls, and become more thunderous (powerful)
The KnightDthe AbyssDealing great knockback and damage

Patch Notes Version 1.5

In the latest update, the following changes were made to the game.

  • NEW MAP! We hope that this will be the major map in the main game for a long time, and we hope that you enjoy it.
  • NEW STAND REWORK “Whitesnake”
  • As announced before, all Whitesnakes that exist in the game prior to this update have been removed alongside pre-existing requiem arrows.
  • NEW STAND “Weather Report”
  • NEW STAND “D4C: Love Train”
  • NEW ABILITY “Anshen”
  • NEW ARROW STAND “Crazy Diamond”
  • NEW ABILITY “Brickbattle”
  • NEW BOSS DIAVOLO (King Crimson)


To summarize, I want to make it loud and clear that tier lists are a simple way to help the players guide their gameplay. I admit that every other individual has a different mindset and thinking style. Henceforth, it is very typical to have differences of opinion.

I tried to be as unbiased as possible to ensure that you are getting a reliable piece of information. Not only reliable, but my vision is to deliver complete data to you. I have prepared this AUT tier list after extensive research. Also, this is one of my favourite games, so I spend hours playing it. I analyzed each stand closely to give honest feedback.

The stands ranked higher are the best stands in AUT. So, using them is preferable. However, if you want to check on the other stands ranked lower, then this is your own choice. But, I warn you to choose them more often. In fact, what is the purpose of selecting the weak characters when you have some incredible ones?

I hope this AUT stands tier list will be very helpful as I have discussed every aspect of it in detail. I am wishing you a stroke of very good luck for your next gameplay! If you want more stuff related to anime, then do have a look at our Anime Rifts Race Tier List.