All Star Tower Defense Tier List [Mar. 2023]

All Rankings In Our Article Were Done According To The Current Meta.

If you have ever played the all-star tower defense, then you should know what the game is all about. However, if you are new to the game, hello there! You have landed on the right page, and a bunch of surprises are on their way. This guide will explain everything about the experience, including the best characters, facts, and the all star defense tier list.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 61 entities ranked in this article.
  • The are ranked based on our judgement and research on the characters power relative to other ones.
  • Among the best entities here are Zazashi, King od Heroes, Tokens, The Boys, Dark Wing, and Zaruto.
  • Joining us in the worst rank are characters like Falcon, Wish, Gash, Killer, Lex, and Pang.


Listed below is a quick summary of all the rankings we have made in this article.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
ZazashiJin MoriBlinding LightsSpadeHirito
King of HeroesDark WingBlonde EsperDimensional AlienKoku Black
Bellma (SMC)Boggi “The Clown”Koku Black PinkAirrenMikato
ZIO (ASCENDED)GateLucky GreenHumble SwordmanPang
Kosuke (Full Samurai)Tony StarkFlaming TigerXrxesTogi
TokensJoke Da FoolMountain CannonMaskiceWish
The BoysDungeon QueenMartial ArtistGenieXerxes
Ice X-MarineCrowPaper BeautyBoggi “The Clown”Yoshaga Kiryu
Death/RyukKakuzuSuper BooGinbeiZazashi (Ultimate)
Dark WingZyayaShaveHammer GiantZaruto (Beast Cloak)
Old WillEvil ShadeDuhariHumble SwordmanGash
Jin MoriKabutoRed Eye WarriorKiller (Lightspeed)Killer
HashiramaThe PathMinaMasked CaptainLex
Expert SorcererFuture TAlligatorPatternineUru
Orange HeadAirrenGrizslothShirtless MagicianYoshage Kiryu
Maid WaifuManiacYoshage KiryuStampede (100%)Hammer Giant
BombaIkkiTony Stark (Coyote Starrk)Supreme-Leader (Final Form)Ruffy
Legendary BorulMingFutureTony StarkKoro
Plant ManUltra KokuAnti Magician
Ruffy (4th Form)Veku (Infinite Power)Rodoroki
Wrathdioas RageMinaIkki
Lami (Wuno)AirrenFalcon
Gen (Grown)
Club Beast

Today the market is filled with games of all types. You name it, and the shopkeeper will probably have it. Gaming has become a hobby, lifestyle, and passion for many people, and is a significant source of earning money. Having said that, all-star tower defense is only one big name, and it is an exciting and incredibly unique experience with different features and modes that are as popular as they are fun.

All-Star Tower Defense consists of several heroes and features different locations. These are based on extremely famous properties such as Dragon ball, Naruto, and even One Piece. The title is inspired by multiple anime and the players are offered different units. These can be upgraded, and new features can be unlocked with the help of the Summon Gate. Each of the units in the game can equipped with specific special abilities needed to kill the hordes of enemies.

However, with so many choices in a match, it can be challenging to pick the best ones. The Internet can confuse you since every person has their own perception of the characters. Therefore, we have created a list to help you learn more about them and choose the best one for yourself. These roles are separated from S-tier to D-tier. The S-tier consists of all the best and most powerful personalities, while D-tier has all the useless and defective ones.

Proem of Astd

All-Star Tower Defense is a trendy title among the Robolox community, and it is designed using the same engine used in all of its other mini-games. In it, players must protect themselves from enemies by building towers as defensive structures.

These towers are available in a wide variety of types, and each carries special abilities and powers to help protect against the wave of enemies heading toward the players. They can be unlocked for more updated skills, features, and capabilities. You can also find various game modes, such as single-player campaign mode, multiplayer co-op mode (with up to 4 players), survival mode, and endless mode (with unlimited waves).

The title can be found on major gaming platforms such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Criteria of Ranking

Like every other list, the entries in the all star tower defense tier list were also ranked after establishing some basic criteria. These were established after we played through the contest for a while, and we have finally made a ranking article for our readers to enjoy.

The heroes are ranked based on their performance, abilities, and features in the title, along with their stats and special skills. The qualities reduce gradually from S-tier to D-tier. The S-tier heroes will have all the qualities, while the D-tier will be nothing more than a massive disappointment for you guys.

The tier list is based entirely on our judgments and what the general perception about the game is online. Chances are that what you personally like might be something that somebody out there hates. Hence, we can conclude that the list is highly subjective, and everyone might have a different opinion. Despite all the detailed information about the characters, your opinions can diverge from ours due to different human perceptions. But we highly welcome constructive criticism on our tier lists, and your suggestions will be valued at our table.

All Star Tower Defense Tier List

The all star tower defense tier list helps provide a comprehensive guide about the different heroes in the match. We have highlighted all the strengths and weaknesses these roles have.

Questions such as; Which character is good? What powers do they possess? What is so special about the S-tier or why do people hate the D-tiers? All will be answered in detail.

S Tier

Extremely Powerful Characters

Do you wish to be a winner? Well then, stick to the S-tier units. They are super roles and are the absolute best and extraordinary in every way. Be it any location, these characters will not disappoint you. They are extremely easy to play with, letting the players face little to no problems.

These champions have proven to be the best in infinite mode. They are ranked the best entries in the all-star tower defence tier list infinite. Get your hands on these, and play like a beast.

SKing of Heroes6Ground + Air
SBellma (SMC)5Ground
SKosuke (Full Samurai)6Ground + Air
STokens6Ground + Air
SThe Boys6Ground
SIce X-Marine6Ground + Air
SDark Wing6Ground
SOld Will6Ground + Air
SJin Mori5Ground
SHashirama5Ground + Air
SExpert Sorcerer6Ground
SOrange Head6Ground
SMaid Waifu6Ground
SLegendary Borul5Air

A Tier

All-Star Tower Defense Tier List
Good Characters Ranked

A-tier units are not as great as the S-tier, however, they are not weak either. These roles are known as the “Second-Best Characters” in ASTD. They can let you win, however, with slight hindrances at the worst.

These characters have the powers, abilities, and features to help them achieve the impossible. The A-tier units have the right skills and can work well in any location in contrast to the tiers below. In case the S-tier options are not available, you can undoubtedly trust these.

AJin Mori5Ground
ADark Wing6Ground
ABoggi “The Clown”6Ground
ATony Stark5Ground
AJoke Da Fool5Ground
ADungeon Queen6Ground
AEvil Shade5Ground
AKabuto6Ground + air
AThe Path6Ground + air
AFuture T4Ground
AManiac5Ground + air

B Tier

All-Star Tower Defense Tier List
Average Characters Ranked

The B-tier units are rated as “Average Options” in ASTD. They are still better than the tiers below, however not as good as the S or A-tier. These characters occupy the exact middle ground in this tier list.

And although they lack the abilities and power of higher ranks, they can work well in any location. The probability of winning the match is less, but still, these roles can help you succeed. You can win the game with these characters only with the right strategies and planning.

BBlinding Lights5Ground + air
BBlonde Esper5Ground
BKoku Black Pink5Air
BLucky Green5Air
BFlaming Tiger5Ground
BMountain Cannon5Ground
BMartial Artist5Ground
BPaper Beauty5Ground
BSuper Boo5Ground
BRed Eye Warrior5Ground
BYoshage Kiryu5Ground
BTony Stark (Coyote Starrk)5Ground
BPlant Man5Ground
BRuffy (4th Form)5Ground
BWrathdioas Rage5Ground
BLami (Wuno)5Ground
BGen (Grown)5Ground
BClub Beast5Ground

C Tier

Below-Average Characters Ranked

Saved by a tiny thread, the C-tier options lie just above the worst roles in ASTD. They are not close to being the best, but that does not mean that they are unplayable either The chances of achieving victory with these units are less, and you might get yourself in trouble, but it is possible

The characters do not have the abilities and features needed to play against a powerful opponent. A lot of balancing is required to make them work if no other choice is left to you. Playing with these will get you in the game, but with minimum chances of winning it.

CDimensional Alien5Ground
CHumble Swordman5Ground
CBoggi “The Clown”3Ground
CHammer Giant5Ground
CHumble Swordman5Ground
CKiller (Lightspeed)5Air
CMasked Captain4Air
CShirtless Magician4Ground
CStampede (100%)5Ground
CSupreme-Leader (Final Form)5Ground
CTony Stark5Ground
C Ultra Koku5Ground
CVeku (Infinite Power)5Ground

D Tier

All-Star Tower Defense Tier List
Worst Characters Ever

The D-tier roles are ranked as the “Worst” characters in the entire game. They are completely useless and need a lot of improvement. The developers have done a disastrous job in balancing these units.

In this tier category, you can find those units that are weak and troublesome. However, it is essential to know about them in the all star tower defense tier list as they will help to establish your base.

These characters can be unlocked very quickly and do not need much effort. Some roles were also removed from the title after the backlash they received. To keep it short, you should try for the above tier’s units instead of using the D-tier options for a long time.

DKoku Black4Ground
DYoshaga Kiryu5Ground
DZazashi (Ultimate)5Ground
DZaruto (Beast Cloak)5Ground
DYoshage Kiryu5Ground
DHammer Giant5Ground
DAnti Magician3Ground

All Star Tower Defense Must-Have Characters

ALL-Star Tower Defense Must-Have Characters
Must-Have Characters

Even though you might have all the units in ASTD, you might still lose the game sometimes. This happens when you don’t have the correct options for different modes. These must-have characters in ASTD will help you progress ahead and gain victory really quickly.

Below, we have listed the must-have roles in ASTD. These champions have high chances of winning due to their exceptional powers, abilities, and features. They can give a tough time to the opponents and help you win the game in one go.

  • Bellma (Money Corp)
  • Zorro
  • Kura
  • Onwin
  • Black Stache (Timeskip)

Bellma (Money Corp)

Bellma (Money Corp) is a must-have character in the all-star tower defence tier list. The character is based on a famous character from Dragon Ball Universe, Bulma. The top players worldwide have her on their list, and it’s easy to see why

Bellma is one of the many support units that the game has to offer, which means that she will not let you to take much damage. Do you know why Bella is called Money Corps? It is because of her ability to generate revenue in ASTD. With every passing wave, Bella is at your service in bringing in money. However, it all depends on her level in the match and the in-game levels of upgrade.

Getting your hands on some high-rated roles in ASTD can cause you to incur considerable expenses. In such situations, it is essential to have Bellma on the list. It almost becomes a necessity. Building up characters and updating them can be a hectic job to do every time.

  • Type: Ground
  • Star: 4


Zorro is yet another extraordinarily beneficial and powerful character in ASTD. He is an air character that can also be known as Hill. Contrary to his name, the character is actually designed based on Dracula Mihawk, a principal character in the One Piece Universe. Roles of air type can only be placed on hills located on the map. If you want to know why we have ranked him as one of the best characters in the game? The reason for this is his fantastic range paired with the massive AoE damage.

Zorro can cause massive damage to many enemies all at once, once he is upgraded. No matter how much the distance is, this character has sharp eyes to spot the opponents. He plays well on the maps and fully uses his spotting feature. Since everything comes with a cost, he is never out of this league. With all these fantastic features, he is quite expensive as well. 

Factors such as massive range and high cost due to the damage make it one of the top units in the all-star tower defence tier list infinite. In the endless mode, you can generate a lot of money with the help of this character as waves keep coming up, plus the maps are also significant in size.

  • Type: Air
  • Star: 5


Kura is another famous and influential character on the all-star defense tier list. And with so many extraordinary qualities, he had to be ranked as one of the must-have characters in the game. He is designed by taking inspiration from Light Yagami from Death Note.

The unique feature that sets Kura apart from every other character in the game is his manual ability. He can write names, and you cannot even wonder what damage he can cause to the opponents even when the distance is a lot. This feature can be used after every 8 minutes in a match. All you have to do is to click him and get him to work.

Kura is expensive in contrast with Zorro. Due to this, he is one of the top units in the all star tower defense tier list infinite. 

  • Type: Ground
  • Star: 5


Speaking of Onwin, ASTD is incomplete without this one. He has become one of the favorite roles of players from all over the world due to his unique abilities and features. This character deserved to be here. Onwin is inspired by Erwin, from the famous as Attack on Titan anime series.

What is so special about Onwin? Well his ability, known as Shinzou o Sasageyo, is essential in boosting the damage of towers that falls within the range of the character. The damage can reach as high as 89.5% at the highest upgrade levels. Onwin is a perfect character for all match modes, and this is because he is not that expensive when compared to some other characters.

  • Type: Ground
  • Star: 5

Black Stache (Timeskip)

What could be better than Blackstache in all-star tower defense? Well of course it’s none other than Black Stache (Time skip). He is the more potent and robust version of the previous character, and comes packaged with great features and abilities needed to take down waves of enemies.

The character is inspired by Blackbeard from the famous One Piece Universe. The Black Stache Blackbeard specializes in dealing a bunch of AoE damage. He is also a 6-star character.

Do you want to hear something else that’s surprising? The character has incredible damage and can even slow enemies through his liberation ability. With all these great features in the backpack, He is not that expensive either. He is pretty budget-friendly to upgrade. In short, Black Stache (Time skip) is a great and sensible pick for the different modes of ASTD.

  • Type: Ground
  • Star: 6

All Star Tower Defense Tier List Trading

Trading Tier List

All star tower defense has over 100 units within its pool of characters. Many of these Units are limited and not readily available for purchase. These characters are released during a specific season or have a limited banner time. So what are we left with then? The only way to get your hands on these roles is to trade them with other players. The value of a character can be determined by its rarity in the trading market.

So here will discuss each unit’s trade value and demand. The game uses anime characters instead of the usual weapons and turrets.

Ranking the Units

This all star tower defense tier list trading collection was assembled after careful research on all the units. Units with extraordinary powers, abilities, value, and demand are ranked in the S-tier. Those units that are useless and no one would want to get in a trade are listed in the D-tier. Additionally, the S-tier units are known to be rarer as compared to the tiers below.

Now let us begin with our tier list.

S Tier

S-tier consists of those characters that are most powerful and incredible. They are the rarest units and have a lot of value. Players from all over the world try their best to get hands-on with these units.

SOld Will (Genryusai Shigekuni)Hybrid6
SDeath (Ryuk)Ground6
SDark Wing (Ulquiorra Cifer)Ground6
SChallenger Flaming TigerGround6
SClub Beast (Kaido)Hybrid6
SFirst Wood Bender (Hashirama Senju)Hybrid5
SMartial Artist (Jin Mori)Ground5
SLegendary Borul (Alternative Broly)Air5
SZaruto (Naruto GRR III)Ground6
SZaruto (GRR II)Ground6
SExpert Sorcerer (Normal)Ground6
SWater Goddess (Aqua)Ground5
SSage HashiramaGround6

A Tier

These units are the second best option after the S-tier units. They are less rarer as compared to S-tier units, but players can get them quickly. However, they are still precious and have a lot of value in the game.

AZaruto (GRR I)Ground6
AGhost Girl (Perona)Hill6
AIce X-Marine (Admiral Aokiji)Ground6
AElemental (Ultimate)Ground6
ADavi (Dabi)Ground5
AIce Dragon (Toshiro)Ground5
AExpert Sorcerer (Sad)Ground6
ADungeon Queen (Spirit)Ground6
ALightning Bolt (Laxus Dreyar)Ground6
AShield Master (Naofumi)Ground6
AShirtless DevilGround6
ARimimaro (Insane)Ground5
AElemental (Wind) Ground5
AElemental (Water)Ground5
AKovegu (Gogeta)HIll5
AIce JawGround5
AMysterious X (Satoru Gojou)Ground5
AFire King (Sabo)Hill5
AMistman (Zabuza)Ground5
AHog Eyzen (Hōgyoku Sosuke) Ground5
ARed Head (Shanks)Ground5
ADungeon QueenGround6
AShield Master (Naofumi)Ground6
AThe Assistant (Kabuto)Ground5

B Tier

The B-tier units are ranked as average. They do not have that much power in contrast to the above tiers. They are less traded and they have less power. The rarity is less and has less value in the game as well.

BBOX (Ippo Makunouchi)Ground6
BDemonside (Ultimate)Hill6
BLegendary Leader (Uchiha Madara)Hybrid6
BMechanical (Franky)Ground6
BShave (Razor)Ground6
BRuffy (Zambe)Ground6
BIce Marine (Admiral Aokiji)Ground5
BChristmas Gift III--
BWater Bender (Tobirama Senju)Ground5
BZIO (DIO)Ground5
BRimimaro (Kimimaro)Ground5
BJoke Da Fool (Hisoka)Ground5
BThe Curse One (Yuji Itadori)Ground5
BGen (Grown)Ground5

C Tier

The C-tier units are of little value and less potent in contrast with the above tiers. They are not the rarest units on the list and are not traded that often. They do not have any demand and need a lot of improvement.

CZorro (Dracule Mihawk)Hill5
CAll Powerful (All Might)Ground5
CSummer Box I--
CEyezen (Aizen)Ground5
CSummer Box IIGround5
CGinbei (Jinbei)Ground5
CEyezen (Aizen)Ground5
CFalcon (Hawks)Ground5
CChristmas Box--
CKing RuffyGround4
CBorul (Broly)Hill4
CWood Master (Yamato)Ground4
CSnowman IVGround4
CDual Servant (Shirou Emiya)Ground4
CMaskice (Haku)Ground4
CPuppet (Gowther)Ground4
CEnvi (Lust)Ground4

D Tier

The D-tier units are useless. They do not have any value or demand in the game. They are rarely traded, and players try to avoid getting them.

DFalcon (Hawks)Ground5
DToad Clone (Kashin Koji)Ground5
DWild Animal (Inosuke Hashibira)Ground5
DElemental (Lightning)Ground5
D4-Eye Sorcerer (Kento Nanami)Ground5
DSnowman IIIGround4
DLava Moth (Mei Terumi)Ground4
DSnowman IVGround4
DVampire Vegu (Vegeta)Ground4
DShirtless Magician (Gray Fullbuster)Ground4
DSuper Koku (Jacket)Hill4
DTatsu (Natsu)Ground4
DVampire Vegu (Vegeta)Ground4
DSnake (Cloak)Ground4
DIkki (White II)Ground4
DThe Man (Von Hohenheim)Ground4
DNezichi (Sword Skin)Ground4
DGen (Gon)Ground4
DBlossom (Cherry)Ground4
DZomurai (Shimotshukhi Ryuma)Ground4
DIkki (Ichigo)Ground3
DSonku (Senku)Ground3
DRuwabara (Kuwabara)Ground3
DSnowman IIGround3

All-Star Defense Tier List Trello

ALL-Star Defense Tier List Trello
Trello Tier List

First, it is essential to have all the relevant codes before jumping into the game. These codes are known all over the internet, and you can quickly get them. The next step involves gathering all the most powerful characters, such as Kura, CEO, Onwin, etc. to gain more power, gems, and command.

In our all star tower defense tier list Trello, we will discuss the ASTD beginner guide. By this end, you will familiarise yourself with the terms and be prepared to enter the game. So let us begin!

Save Up

In ASTD, if you trying to get your hands on a5 star characters, it is better to have around 2700 gems in your  pocket. With 2700 gems, you can make 60x summons. This guarantees you to get a 5-star character with the help of the pity system.

Evolve Over Summon

If you wish to have a unit that had a previous form on your list, then go for more common forms. You can then evolve them to the rare tier. This exists because standard forms are more readily available than irregular forms.

Unit Placement

The units need to utilize their range as much as possible. When playing with a single target or Full AoE, units should be able to cover the full range of the path. For Cone-AoE, the teams work best when placed behind a straight line.

Level Up

If you are not laboring enough for a gold banner for transition, it is better to save the gold for a 35% EXP banner. EXP units are the most reasonable, as they give more levels than other units.

Comparison Table

Character NamesTierStarsType
ZazashiS Tier6Ground
King of HeroesS Tier6Ground + Air
Bellma (SMC)S Tier5Ground
Kosuke (Full Samurai)S Tier6Ground + Air
TokensS Tier6Ground + Air
The BoysS Tier6Ground
Ice X-MarineS Tier6Ground + Air
Death/RyukS Tier6Ground
Dark WingS Tier6Ground
Old WillS Tier6Ground + Air
Jin MoriS Tier5Ground
HashiramaS Tier5Ground + Air
ZarutoS TierLegendaryGround
Expert SorcererS Tier6Ground
Orange HeadS Tier6Ground
Maid WaifuS Tier6Ground
BombaS Tier5Ground
Legendary BorulS Tier5Air
Jin MoriA Tier5Ground
Dark WingA Tier6Ground
Boggi “The Clown”A Tier6Ground
GateA Tier5Ground
Tony StarkA Tier5Ground
Joke Da FoolA Tier5Ground
Dungeon QueenA Tier6Ground
CrowA Tier5Ground
KakuzuA Tier5Ground
ZyayaA Tier5Ground
Evil ShadeA Tier5Ground
KabutoA Tier6Ground + air
The PathA Tier6Ground + air
JackzonA Tier4Ground
Future TA Tier4Ground
AirrenA Tier5Ground
ManiacA Tier5Ground + air
IkkiA Tier5Air
MingA Tier5Ground
Blinding LightsB Tier5Ground + air
Blonde EsperB Tier5Ground
Koku Black PinkB Tier5Air
Lucky GreenB Tier5Air
Flaming TigerB Tier5Ground
Mountain CannonB Tier5Ground
Martial ArtistB Tier5Ground
Paper BeautyB Tier5Ground
Super BooB Tier5Ground
ShaveB Tier6Ground
DuhariB Tier5Ground
Red Eye WarriorB Tier5Ground
MinaB Tier5Ground
MaskiceB Tier4Ground
AlligatorB Tier4Ground
GrizslothB Tier4Hill
Yoshage KiryuB Tier5Ground
Tony Stark (Coyote Starrk)B Tier5Ground
FutureB Tier4Ground
Plant ManB Tier5Ground
Ruffy (4th Form)B Tier5Ground
UndertakerB Tier5Ground
Wrathdioas RageB Tier5Ground
Lami (Wuno)B Tier5Ground
NezichiB Tier4Ground
WhitestacheB Tier5Ground
CrazwindB Tier5Ground
Gen (Grown)B Tier5Ground
Club BeastB Tier5Ground
SpadeC Tier5Air
Dimensional AlienC Tier5Ground
AirrenC Tier5Ground
Humble SwordmanC Tier5Ground
XrxesC Tier4Ground
MaskiceC Tier4Ground
GenieC Tier5Ground
Boggi “The Clown”C Tier3Ground
GinbeiC Tier5Ground
Hammer GiantC Tier5Ground
Humble SwordmanC Tier5Ground
Killer (Lightspeed)C Tier5Air
Masked CaptainC Tier4Air
MingC Tier5Ground
PatternineC Tier5Ground
Shirtless MagicianC Tier4Ground
Stampede (100%)C Tier5Ground
Supreme-Leader (Final Form)C Tier5Ground
Tony StarkC Tier5Ground
Ultra KokuC Tier5Ground
Veku (Infinite Power)C Tier5Ground
ZukiaC Tier5Air
MinaC Tier4Ground
AirrenC Tier5Ground
FalconD Tier5Ground
HiritoD Tier5Ground
Koku BlackD Tier4Ground
MikatoD Tier5Ground
PangD Tier5Ground
TogiD Tier4Ground
WishD Tier5Ground
XerxesD Tier4Ground
Yoshaga KiryuD Tier5Ground
Zazashi (Ultimate)D Tier5Ground
Zaruto (Beast Cloak)D Tier5Ground
GashD Tier4Ground
KillerD Tier4Ground
LexD Tier4Ground
LamiD Tier3Ground
UruD Tier3Hill
Yoshage KiryuD Tier5Ground
Hammer GiantD Tier5Ground
RuffyD Tier3Ground
KoroD Tier3Ground
Anti MagicianD Tier3Ground
RodorokiD Tier4Ground
ZazashiD Tier4Single
IkkiD Tier3Single

Patch Notes 30.5

The following changes were made in patch 30.5:

  • New Banner Units:
    • Messi (The Egoist)
    • Sword (Alternative)
  • New Code Unit:
    • Dragon Maid
  • New Egg Units:
    • Kageni
    • Ombre


We want to make a few comments as we approach the end of the all star tower defence tier list. The has a variety of different characters, and each of them possesses unique powers and qualities. However, what seems good on paper might not be that extraordinary during actual gameplay.

Certain factors such as updates, grind, and orbs mark the destiny of these roles. Characters having all of these attributes are often ranked in the higher tiers in contrast to those who lack these qualities. However, every player holds a different opinion about every character in the title. Some would love to play with the higher tiers, while others might like to go with the levels below.

It is essential to have done proper research before spending your hard-earned money on the units. Looking at tier lists can be an excellent way to know more about different characters and get to know more people’s opinions. Tier lists on the TopTierList website are created for you after extensive research and practical experience with the games, hence saving you from wasting your time and the extra effort.

If you liked what you read about the All-Star Defense game, make sure to share it with your friends and family. Happy gaming!

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