Animal Crossing New Horizons Villager Tier List [V.2.0.5]

Ranking Our Favorite Animal Crossing Villagers in this Tier List.

This Animal Crossing New Horizons Villager Tier List 2023, is divided into 5 different tiers, and will attempt to rank all of the Villagers that exist within the game in descending order from best to worst.

So please be advised that this list, might take certain characters that may adore or be emotionally connected to, and either rank it in Top Tier or may drag it through the mud, therefore please don’t go berserk if something like this happens, as this article is totally subjective. With all said let’s get started.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 399 villagers ranked in this article
  • Each has been ranked based on popularity, personality traits, and overall role in our journey.
  • You will find Bob, Chadder, Hambo, Celia, Marty, Gretta, etc., among the top ranks.
  • In the bottom ranks, you will find Bruce, Simon, Blaire, Sproket, Toby, Rory, etc.


S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
CeliaGenjiWolf LinkGretaWade
PennyIggyKevinDizzyPom Pom
ShepIoneAnkhaBaroldWart .Jr
RaymondGonzoJoeAuroraBig Top

S Tier

The best characters in all of Animal Crossing New Horizons
S Tier.

The S Tier of this Animal Crossing New Horizons Villager Tier List with names is comprised of villagers of the highest standards. All Villagers that are a part of S Tier have a really big impression and are generally very well-liked in the Animal Crossing community. In categorizing these Villagers appearances have played a big role, and without a doubt, each and every Villager added to S Tier, has an attractive appeal to it.

Villagers Gender Animal Personality Traits
Bob Male CatLazy
Chadder Male MouseSmug
Hambo Male PigJock
Celia Female EagleJock
Marty Male CubLazy
Gretta Female MouseSnooty
Cesar Male Gorilla Cranky
Meow Female Cat Peppy
Boris Male PigCranky
OlafMale Anteater Smug
Rex Male LionLazy
Apollo Male EagleCranky
Jane Female GorillaSnooty
Olivia Female Cat Snooty
Leopold Male Lion Jock
LuluFemale Hippo Peppy
Nindori Male Ostrich Lazy
Nate Male Bear Lazy
Penny Female Mouse Peppy
LizFemale Alligator Normal
Angus Male Bull Cranky
Phil Male Ostrich Smug
Petri Female Mouse Snooty
Pheobe Female Ostrich Sisterly
Shep Male Dog Smug
Raymond Male CatSmug
Raymond Male Tiger Jock
Shino Female Goat Peppy
T-Bone Male Bull Cranky
TexMale Penguin Smug
Ace Male Bird Jock
Ankha Female Cat Snooty
CobbMale Horse Jock
Egbert MaleChickenLazy
Annalise Female Horse Snooty
CocoFemale Rabbit Normal
Avery MaleEagle Cranky
KyleMale WolfSmug
Apple Female HamsterPeppy
Drake Male DuckLazy
Klaus Male Bear Smug
Marina Female Octopus Normal
Marcel Male Dog Lazy
ZellMale Deer Lazy
Wolfgang Male Wolf Cranky
Yodel Male Gorilla Jock
Victoria Female Horse Snooty
Mitzi Female Cat Snooty
Walt Male Kangaroo Cranky
Teddy Male Bear Jock
Hazel Female Squirrel Cranky
Gigi Female FrogSnooty
ClayMale HamsterLazy
Marina Female Duck Snooty
Boots Male Alligator Jock
Gladys Female Ostrich Normal
BooneMale Gorilla Jock
Hamlet Male Hamster Jock
Epona Female Horse Peppy
GalaFemale PigNormal
Melba Female Koala Lazy
FruityMale Duck Jock
Goldie Female Dog Normal
Hank Male Chicken Jock
Frita Female Sheep Sisterly
Iggy MaleGoat Jock
Mint Male Squirrel Peppy
Jeremiah Male Frog Lazy
Clyde Male HorseLazy
Layman Male Koala Jock

A Tier

Second Best Villagers present in Animal Crossing New Horizons
A Tier.

Animal Crossing New Horizons feature over 400 villagers that can spawn randomly to be a part of the town animal community. Although there are only eight possible Personality Traits, from different species and completely unique appearances, there is still a huge variety to make up a player’s township.  And while A Tier might be a step down from S Tier, however, under no conditions are these villagers bad, in contrast, these villagers are perceived to be very good and have a strong cherishing fanbase backing them up. 

Villagers Gender Animal Personality Traits
Admiral Male Bird Cranky
Deena Female Duck Normal
Cally Female Squirrel
Genji Male Rabbit Jock
Katt Female Cat Sisterly
Daisy Female Dog Normal
Liz Female Alligator Normal
Madam Rosa Female Bird Sisterly
Barbara Female Sheep Snooty
Nan Female Goat Normal
MarcyFemale kangaroo Peppy
Elina Female Elephant Snooty
Bam Male Deer Jock
Del Male Alligator Cranky
Agnes Female Pig Sisterly
Gabi Female Rabbit Peppy
Lionel Male Lion Smug
Iggy Male Goat Jock
Felyne Male CatLazy
Ike Male Bear Cranky
Gloria Female Duck Snooty
Bangle Female Tiger Peppy
Jacques Male Bird Smug
Keaton Male Eagle Smug
Ione Female Squirrel Normal
Inkwell Male Octopus Jock
Gonzo Male Koala Cranky
Agent S Female Squirrel Peppy
Filbert Male Squirrel Lazy
Ganon Male Pig Cranky
Elise Female MonkeySnooty
Ken Male Chicken Smug
Jambette Female Frog Normal
Camofrog Male Frog Cranky
Goose Male Chicken Jock
Maddie Female Dog Peppy
Jackob Male Bird Lazy
Ozzie Female Koala Lazy
Eloise FemaleElephant Snooty
PapiMale Horse Lazy
Maelle Female DuckSisterly
Jitters Male Bird Jock
Filly Female Horse Normal
Barlod Male Cub Lazy
Aisle Male Cub Lazy
Ellie Female Elephant Snooty
Emerald Female Female Normal
Beardo Male Bear Smug
Faith Male Koala Lazy
Ketchup Female Duck Smug
Gaston Male Rabbit Cranky
NanaFemale Monkey Normal
Candi Male Mouse Peppy
Hambo Male Pig Jock
Kabuki Male Cat Cranky
Gayle Female Alligator Normal
Pancetti Female Pig Snooty
Bea Female Dog Normal
Papi Male GoatJock
Rasher Male PigCranky
Maggie Female Pig Snooty
Renee Female Rhino Sisterly
Hamphrey Male HamsterCranky
AlMale Gorilla Lazy
Carmen Female Rabbit Peppy
Alfonso Male Alligator Lazy
Deli Male Monkey Lazy
Elmer Male Horse Lazy
Naomi Female Cow Snooty
Pashmina Female GoatSisterly
Mallary Female Duck Snooty
Canberra Female Koala Sisterly
Quetzal Male Eagle Jock
Hans MaleGorillaSmug
Quilson Male Duck Lazy
Otis Male Cow Jock
Alice Female Koala Lazy
Pango Female Anteater Sisterly
Nosegay Female Anteater Normal
Kevin Male PigJock
O'Hare Male Rabbit Cranky
Paolo Male Elephant Lazy
Carmen Female Mouse Snooty
Oxford Male Bull Cranky
Quinn Female Eagle Sisterly
Nate Male Bear Jock
Otis Male Bird Lazy
Kid Cat Male Cat Jock
Beau Male Deer Lazy
Deirdre Female Deer Sisterly
Octavian Male Octopus Cranky
EdMale Horse Smug
GenMale Sheep Jock
Olive Female Cub Normal
Samson Male Mouse Jock
Sandy Female Ostrich Peppy
Marcel Male Dog Lazy
Tabby Female Cat Jock
Alli Female Alligator Snooty
KiddMale Goat Lazy
Fauna Female Deer Normal
Sasha Male Rabbit Lazy
Raddle Male Frog Lazy
Leigh Female Chicken Peppy
Opal Female Elephant Snooty
Norma Female Cow Normal
Etolie Female Sheep Normal
Holden MaleHamsterLazy
Nibbles Female Squirrel Sisterly
Marcie Female Kangaroo Normal
LilyFemale Frog Normal
Amelia Female Eagle Sisterly
Analogue Male Penguin Jock
Limberg Male Mouse Cranky
Flash Male Bird Cranky
Caroline Female Squirrel Normal
Felicity Female Cat Peppy
Erik Male Deer Lazy
Anchovy MaleBird Jock

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B Tier

Mediocre Villagers from Animal Crossing Franchise
B Tier.

With such a huge selection, there are bound to be some villagers that are very well-received, and form an emotional connection with players, and there are those that are complete trash. Having said that apart from these two niches of villagers there is another group that has an average presence and barely gets the job done. These villagers are our primary focus for the B Tier of our Animal Crossing New Horizons Villager Tier List 2023.

Villagers Gender Animal Personality Traits
Willow Female Sheep Snooty
Ursala Female Bear Snooty
VicMale Bull Cranky
Wolf Link Male Wolf Jock
Tad Male Frog Jock
Scoot Male Duck Jock
Sheldon Male Squirrel Jock
Rhonda Female Rhino Sisterly
Pate Male Duck Peppy
Rhoda Female Chicken Snooty
AnicottiFemale Mouse Peppy
Ozzie Male Koala Lazy
Marshal Male Squirrel Smug
Lobo Male Wolf Cranky
Yuka Female Koala Snooty
Margie Female Elephant Normal
Viche Female Squirrel Normal
Rex Male Lion Lazy
Kevin Male Pig Jock
Annalisa Female Anteater Normal
Velma Female Goat Snooty
Shari Female MonkeySisterly
Patricia Female Rhino Peppy
WoolioMale Sheep Lazy
Kiki Female Cat Normal
Ankha Female Cat Snooty
Violet Female Gorilla Snooty
Joe Male Bird Cranky
Tammi Male Monkey Normal
Valise Female Kangaroo Snooty
Jubei Male Lion Jock
Patty Female Cow Peppy
Zoe Female Anteater Normal
Savannah Female Horse Normal
Hopper Male Penguin Cranky
Joey Male Duck Lazy
Huck Male Frog Lazy
Annalise Female Horse Snooty
Flip Male Monkey Jock
Deli Male Monkey Lazy
Paula Female Bear Sisterly
Ribbot Male Frog Cranky
Huggy Female Koala Peppy
Flo Female Penguin Sisterly
Astrid Female Kangaroo Snooty
Graham Male Hamster Smug
Hugh Male Pig Lazy
Marlo Male Mouse Cranky
Hornsbay Male Rhino Lazy
Vesta Female Sheep Normal

C Tier

Poor Performing Characters In All of Animal Crossing New Horizons 2022
C Tier.

The second last Tier of this Animal Crossing New Horizons Normal Villager Tier List is the C Tier, and is generally reserved for poor-performing characters of a game. Each and every villager that is a part of C Tier in my experience has had a poor significance and left me wondering about game developers’ intentions behind adding these specific villagers to Animal Crossing.  With all said let us proceed with the C Tier of this Tier List.

Villagers Gender Animal Personality Traits
Benjamin Male Dog Lazy
Diva Female Frog Sisterly
Caphalobot Male Octopus Jock
Greta Female Mouse Snooty
EugeneMale Koala Smug
Axel Male Elephant Jock
Judy Female Cub Snooty
Cece Female Squirrel Peppy
Knox Male Chicken Cranky
FlossieFemale Mouse Peppy
AudieFemale WolfPeppy
Frank Male Eagle Cranky
Charlise Female Bear Sisterly
Eunice Female Sheep Normal
Chabwick Male PenguinLazy
Grizzly Male Bear Cranky
Freckles Female DuckSisterly
Belle Female Cow Peppy
Dizzy MaleElephant Lazy
Derwin Male Duck Lazy
CarrotFemale Cow Normal
Cheri Female Cub Peppy
Kody Male Cub Jock
Flurry Female Hamster Normal
Julia Female Ostrich Snooty
BaroldMale Cub Lazy
Lucky Male Dog Lazy
AuroraFemalePenguin Normal
MasaMaleDog Cranky
Dobie Male Wolf Lazy
Mathilda Female Kangaroo Snooty
Koharu Male Kangaroo Normal
Bettina Female Mouse Normal
Julain Male Horse Smug
Groucho Male Bear Cranky
Cherry Female Dog Sisterly
Beardo Male Kangaroo Peppy
Francine Female Rabbit Snooty
Lucy Female Pig Normal
Bertha Female Hippo Normal
Megumi Male Dog Peppy
June Female Cub Normal
Chai Female Elephant Normal
Medli FemaleBird Snooty
Ava Female Chicken Normal
Champ Male Monkey Jock
Megan Female Bear Normal
Kit Male Squirrel Jock
Melba Female Koala Sisterly
Benedict Male Chicken Lazy
Gwen Female Penguin Snooty
Peck Male Bird Jock
Becky Female Chicken Snooty
Ricky Male Squirrel Smug
Peanut Male Squirrel Cranky
Cashmere Female Sheep Snooty
Lulu Female Anteater Sisterly
KittFemaleKangaroo Normal
LuluFemale Hippo Peppy
Chelsea Female Deer Normal
Bessie Female Cow Normal
LollyFemale Cat Normal
LopezMale Deer Smug
Diana FemaleDeerSnooty
Kitty FemaleCat Normal
MacMale Dog Jock
AveryMale Eagle Cranky
Klaus Male Bear Smug
Lucha Male Bird Smug
DocMale Rabbit Lazy
Pecan Female Squirrel Snooty
Rilla Female Gorilla Peppy
Louie Male Gorilla Jock
Bella FemaleMouse Peppy
Carrie Female KangarooNormal

D Tier

Trash Villagers in all Animal Crossing
D Tier.

All Villagers in D Tier have very questionable appearances and are unpleasant to the human eye. With poor character design and an unorthodox color scheme, these villagers are deemed to be removed from this game as soon as possible.

Villagers Gender Animal Personality Traits
Rio Female Ostrich Peppy
Spork Male Pig Lazy
Soleil Female Hamster Snooty
Wade Male Penguin Lazy
Tiffany Female Rabbit Snooty
Piper Female Eagle Cranky
Rodeo Male Bull Lazy
Tiara Female Rhino Snooty
Azalea Female Rhino Snooty
Roscoe Female Horse Cranky
Poco Male Lion Jock
AzizMale Lion Jock
Sprinkle Female Penguin Peppy
Weber Male Duck Lazy
Roald Male Penguin Jock
WalkerMale DogLazy
Shinaberu Male Duck Normal
Rowan Male Tiger Jock
Pom Pom Female Duck Sisterly
Tia Female Elephant Normal
Rizzo Male Mouse Cranky
BiffMale Hippo Lazy
Chester Male Cub Lazy
Snake Male Rabbit Jock
RosieFemale Cat Peppy
Wart .Jr Male Frog Cranky
Ruby Female Rabbit Peppy
Big Top MaleElephant Lazy
Rooney Male Kangaroo Cranky
Billy Male Goat Normal
Sparro Male Bird Cranky
Chevre Female Goat Normal
Roswell Male Alligator Lazy
Chico Male Mouse Lazy
Sherb Male Goat Lazy
Weldon Male Bull Cranky
Rod Male Mouse Jock
Chief Male Wolf Cranky
Shino Male Goat Peppy
Zucker Male Octopus Lazy
Claire Female Pig Smug
Rodney Male Hamster Smug
Chops Male Pig Lazy
Marly Male Brid Cranky
Rudy Male Cat Jock
Cole Male Rabbit Lazy
SkyeMale Wolf Normal
Timbra Female SheepSnooty
Pinky Female Bear Peppy
RoccoMale Rhino Cranky
Harold Male Horse Lazy
Wendy Female Sheep Peppy
Shoukichi Male Bird Jock
Cotton Male Horse Smug
Rollo Male Hippo Lazy
Tipper Female Cow Snooty
Boomer Female Bird Cranky
Skye Female Wolf Normal
Twiggy Male BirdCranky
Bluebear Male Bear Normal
Tutu Female Bear Sisterly
Rolf Male Tiger Cranky
Bones Male Dog Lazy
PiglegMale PigCranky
Sly Male Alligator Jock
Blanche Female Ostrich Snooty
SnootyFemale Anteater Snooty
Bud Male Lion Jock
RocketFemale Gorilla Sisterly
Bruce Male Deer Cranky
Simon MaleMonkey Lazy
Blaire Female Squirrel Snooty
Sproket Male Ostrich Jock
Toby Male Rabbit Lazy
Rory Female Lion Jock

Best Villagers In Animal Crossing New Horizons 

The game has plenty of villagers to choose from. Finding the best ones to keep in your Village might be a tough choice. Therefore, the following are some of the best villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Sherbet The Goat 

Sherbet is probably a fan favorite due to his extreme cuteness and affectionate personality. Even though, the goat is extremely lazy he loves to share his snacks with you and dogs a lot about his cute little bug friends that live on the floor of his cozy house.

He will tell you that he has been thinking about you ever since they last spoke. Now, who would not love him? He can instantly lift up your mood and he loves to investigate flowers and skipping ropes. You will also find him singing songs for you. 

Ione The Squirrel 

It’s safe to say that everyone loves this beautiful celestial blue squirrel with a cute star-speckled tail. She is very neighborly and always cares about others. You will see her up early in the morning add around 6:00 AM to go on about her daily activities.

She was released in the version 2.0 update however, she is still one of the best characters in our Animal Crossing New Horizons Villager Tier List 2023. 

Raymond The Cat 

The discerning look of Raymond the cat is what makes him so special in Animal Crossing. The stoic expression he gives and the professional attire he always has on make him the cutest addition to a player’s paradise.

His cute maid outfit makes him even more adorable and his smug personality makes him all the more lovable. The cat lives in an office-style house and it’s popular for his dignified behavior. 

Cherry The Dog 

The famous goth icon, Cherry is a beloved villager who has a dark spot around one eye which she rocks pretty well. The ear markings she has look kind of like piercings and she is very sisterly. 

With Cherry coming on you can develop relationships quite quickly and she will give you a lot of tips for combat and fighting. Furthermore, cherry gives very soothing life advice and will also offer you medicine if she notices a wasp sting. 

In case any of the villagers mentioned above come to your village, consider it a blessing and ask them to stay as they will definitely liven up your village. 

Comparison Table

VillagersTierGenderAnimalPersonality Traits
Bob SMale CatLazy
Chadder SMale MouseSmug
Hambo SMale PigJock
Celia SFemale EagleJock
Marty SMale CubLazy
Gretta SFemale MouseSnooty
Cesar SMale Gorilla Cranky
Meow SFemale Cat Peppy
Boris SMale PigCranky
OlafSMale Anteater Smug
Rex SMale LionLazy
Apollo SMale EagleCranky
Jane SFemale GorillaSnooty
Olivia SFemale Cat Snooty
Leopold SMale Lion Jock
LuluSFemale Hippo Peppy
Nindori SMale Ostrich Lazy
Nate SMale Bear Lazy
Penny SFemale Mouse Peppy
LizSFemale Alligator Normal
Angus SMale Bull Cranky
Phil SMale Ostrich Smug
Petri SFemale Mouse Snooty
Pheobe SFemale Ostrich Sisterly
Shep SMale Dog Smug
Raymond SMale CatSmug
Raymond SMale Tiger Jock
Shino SFemale Goat Peppy
T-Bone SMale Bull Cranky
TexSMale Penguin Smug
Ace SMale Bird Jock
Ankha SFemale Cat Snooty
CobbSMale Horse Jock
Egbert SMaleChickenLazy
Annalise SFemale Horse Snooty
CocoSFemale Rabbit Normal
Avery SMaleEagle Cranky
KyleSMale WolfSmug
Apple SFemale HamsterPeppy
Drake SMale DuckLazy
Klaus SMale Bear Smug
Marina SFemale Octopus Normal
Marcel SMale Dog Lazy
ZellSMale Deer Lazy
Wolfgang SMale Wolf Cranky
Yodel SMale Gorilla Jock
Victoria SFemale Horse Snooty
Mitzi SFemale Cat Snooty
Walt SMale Kangaroo Cranky
Teddy SMale Bear Jock
Hazel SFemale Squirrel Cranky
Gigi SFemale FrogSnooty
ClaySMale HamsterLazy
Marina SFemale Duck Snooty
Boots SMale Alligator Jock
Gladys SFemale Ostrich Normal
BooneSMale Gorilla Jock
Hamlet SMale Hamster Jock
Epona SFemale Horse Peppy
GalaSFemale PigNormal
Melba SFemale Koala Lazy
FruitySMale Duck Jock
Goldie SFemale Dog Normal
Hank SMale Chicken Jock
Frita SFemale Sheep Sisterly
Iggy SMaleGoat Jock
Mint SMale Squirrel Peppy
Jeremiah SMale Frog Lazy
Clyde SMale HorseLazy
Layman SMale Koala Jock
Admiral AMale Bird Cranky
Deena AFemale Duck Normal
Cally AFemale Squirrel
Genji AMale Rabbit Jock
Katt AFemale Cat Sisterly
Daisy AFemale Dog Normal
Liz AFemale Alligator Normal
Madam Rosa AFemale Bird Sisterly
Barbara AFemale Sheep Snooty
Nan AFemale Goat Normal
MarcyAFemale kangaroo Peppy
Elina AFemale Elephant Snooty
Bam AMale Deer Jock
Del AMale Alligator Cranky
Agnes AFemale Pig Sisterly
Gabi AFemale Rabbit Peppy
Lionel AMale Lion Smug
Iggy AMale Goat Jock
Felyne AMale CatLazy
Ike AMale Bear Cranky
Gloria AFemale Duck Snooty
Bangle AFemale Tiger Peppy
Jacques AMale Bird Smug
Keaton AMale Eagle Smug
Ione AFemale Squirrel Normal
Inkwell AMale Octopus Jock
Gonzo AMale Koala Cranky
Agent S AFemale Squirrel Peppy
Filbert AMale Squirrel Lazy
Ganon AMale Pig Cranky
Elise AFemale MonkeySnooty
Ken AMale Chicken Smug
Jambette AFemale Frog Normal
Camofrog AMale Frog Cranky
Goose AMale Chicken Jock
Maddie AFemale Dog Peppy
Jackob AMale Bird Lazy
Ozzie AFemale Koala Lazy
Eloise AFemaleElephant Snooty
PapiAMale Horse Lazy
Maelle AFemale DuckSisterly
Jitters AMale Bird Jock
Filly AFemale Horse Normal
Barlod AMale Cub Lazy
Aisle AMale Cub Lazy
Ellie AFemale Elephant Snooty
Emerald AFemale Female Normal
Beardo AMale Bear Smug
Faith AMale Koala Lazy
Ketchup AFemale Duck Smug
Gaston AMale Rabbit Cranky
NanaAFemale Monkey Normal
Candi AMale Mouse Peppy
Hambo AMale Pig Jock
Kabuki AMale Cat Cranky
Gayle AFemale Alligator Normal
Pancetti AFemale Pig Snooty
Bea AFemale Dog Normal
Papi AMale GoatJock
Rasher AMale PigCranky
Maggie AFemale Pig Snooty
Renee AFemale Rhino Sisterly
Hamphrey AMale HamsterCranky
AlAMale Gorilla Lazy
Carmen AFemale Rabbit Peppy
Alfonso AMale Alligator Lazy
Deli AMale Monkey Lazy
Elmer AMale Horse Lazy
Naomi AFemale Cow Snooty
Pashmina AFemale GoatSisterly
Mallary AFemale Duck Snooty
Canberra AFemale Koala Sisterly
Quetzal AMale Eagle Jock
Hans AMaleGorillaSmug
Quilson AMale Duck Lazy
Otis AMale Cow Jock
Alice AFemale Koala Lazy
Pango AFemale Anteater Sisterly
Nosegay AFemale Anteater Normal
Kevin AMale PigJock
O'Hare AMale Rabbit Cranky
Paolo AMale Elephant Lazy
Carmen AFemale Mouse Snooty
Oxford AMale Bull Cranky
Quinn AFemale Eagle Sisterly
Nate AMale Bear Jock
Otis AMale Bird Lazy
Kid Cat AMale Cat Jock
Beau AMale Deer Lazy
Deirdre AFemale Deer Sisterly
Octavian AMale Octopus Cranky
EdAMale Horse Smug
GenAMale Sheep Jock
Olive AFemale Cub Normal
Samson AMale Mouse Jock
Sandy AFemale Ostrich Peppy
Marcel AMale Dog Lazy
Tabby AFemale Cat Jock
Alli AFemale Alligator Snooty
KiddAMale Goat Lazy
Fauna AFemale Deer Normal
Sasha AMale Rabbit Lazy
Raddle AMale Frog Lazy
Leigh AFemale Chicken Peppy
Opal AFemale Elephant Snooty
Norma AFemale Cow Normal
Etolie AFemale Sheep Normal
Holden AMaleHamsterLazy
Nibbles AFemale Squirrel Sisterly
Marcie AFemale Kangaroo Normal
LilyAFemale Frog Normal
Amelia AFemale Eagle Sisterly
Analogue AMale Penguin Jock
Limberg AMale Mouse Cranky
Flash AMale Bird Cranky
Caroline AFemale Squirrel Normal
Felicity AFemale Cat Peppy
Erik AMale Deer Lazy
Anchovy AMaleBird Jock
Willow BFemale Sheep Snooty
Ursala BFemale Bear Snooty
VicBMale Bull Cranky
Wolf Link BMale Wolf Jock
Tad BMale Frog Jock
Scoot BMale Duck Jock
Sheldon BMale Squirrel Jock
Rhonda BFemale Rhino Sisterly
Pate BMale Duck Peppy
Rhoda BFemale Chicken Snooty
AnicottiBFemale Mouse Peppy
Ozzie BMale Koala Lazy
Marshal BMale Squirrel Smug
Lobo BMale Wolf Cranky
Yuka BFemale Koala Snooty
Margie BFemale Elephant Normal
Viche BFemale Squirrel Normal
Rex BMale Lion Lazy
Kevin BMale Pig Jock
Annalisa BFemale Anteater Normal
Velma BFemale Goat Snooty
Shari BFemale MonkeySisterly
Patricia BFemale Rhino Peppy
WoolioBMale Sheep Lazy
Kiki BFemale Cat Normal
Ankha BFemale Cat Snooty
Violet BFemale Gorilla Snooty
Joe BMale Bird Cranky
Tammi BMale Monkey Normal
Valise BFemale Kangaroo Snooty
Jubei BMale Lion Jock
Patty BFemale Cow Peppy
Zoe BFemale Anteater Normal
Savannah BFemale Horse Normal
Hopper BMale Penguin Cranky
Joey BMale Duck Lazy
Huck BMale Frog Lazy
Annalise BFemale Horse Snooty
Flip BMale Monkey Jock
Deli BMale Monkey Lazy
Paula BFemale Bear Sisterly
Ribbot BMale Frog Cranky
Huggy BFemale Koala Peppy
Flo BFemale Penguin Sisterly
Astrid BFemale Kangaroo Snooty
Graham BMale Hamster Smug
Hugh B Male Pig Lazy
Marlo BMale Mouse Cranky
Hornsbay BMale Rhino Lazy
Vesta BFemale Sheep Normal
Benjamin CMale Dog Lazy
Diva CFemale Frog Sisterly
Caphalobot CMale Octopus Jock
Greta CFemale Mouse Snooty
EugeneCMale Koala Smug
Axel CMale Elephant Jock
Judy CFemale Cub Snooty
Cece CFemale Squirrel Peppy
Knox CMale Chicken Cranky
FlossieCFemale Mouse Peppy
AudieCFemale WolfPeppy
Frank CMale Eagle Cranky
Charlise CFemale Bear Sisterly
Eunice CFemale Sheep Normal
Chabwick CMale PenguinLazy
Grizzly CMale Bear Cranky
Freckles CFemale DuckSisterly
Belle CFemale Cow Peppy
Dizzy CMaleElephant Lazy
Derwin CMale Duck Lazy
CarrotCFemale Cow Normal
Cheri CFemale Cub Peppy
Kody CMale Cub Jock
Flurry CFemale Hamster Normal
Julia CFemale Ostrich Snooty
BaroldCMale Cub Lazy
Lucky CMale Dog Lazy
AuroraCFemalePenguin Normal
MasaCMaleDog Cranky
Dobie CMale Wolf Lazy
Mathilda CFemale Kangaroo Snooty
Koharu CMale Kangaroo Normal
Bettina CFemale Mouse Normal
Julain CMale Horse Smug
Groucho CMale Bear Cranky
Cherry CFemale Dog Sisterly
Beardo CMale Kangaroo Peppy
Francine CFemale Rabbit Snooty
Lucy CFemale Pig Normal
Bertha CFemale Hippo Normal
Megumi CMale Dog Peppy
June CFemale Cub Normal
Chai CFemale Elephant Normal
Medli CFemaleBird Snooty
Ava CFemale Chicken Normal
Champ CMale Monkey Jock
Megan CFemale Bear Normal
Kit CMale Squirrel Jock
Melba CFemale Koala Sisterly
Benedict CMale Chicken Lazy
Gwen CFemale Penguin Snooty
Peck CMale Bird Jock
Becky CFemale Chicken Snooty
Ricky CMale Squirrel Smug
Peanut CMale Squirrel Cranky
Cashmere CFemale Sheep Snooty
Lulu CFemale Anteater Sisterly
KittCFemaleKangaroo Normal
LuluCFemale Hippo Peppy
Chelsea CFemale Deer Normal
Bessie CFemale Cow Normal
LollyCFemale Cat Normal
LopezCMale Deer Smug
Diana C FemaleDeerSnooty
Kitty CFemaleCat Normal
MacCMale Dog Jock
AveryCMale Eagle Cranky
Klaus CMale Bear Smug
Lucha CMale Bird Smug
DocCMale Rabbit Lazy
Pecan CFemale Squirrel Snooty
Rilla CFemale Gorilla Peppy
Louie CMale Gorilla Jock
Bella CFemaleMouse Peppy
Carrie CFemale KangarooNormal
Rio DFemale Ostrich Peppy
Spork DMale Pig Lazy
Soleil DFemale Hamster Snooty
Wade DMale Penguin Lazy
Tiffany DFemale Rabbit Snooty
Piper DFemale Eagle Cranky
Rodeo DMale Bull Lazy
Tiara DFemale Rhino Snooty
Azalea DFemale Rhino Snooty
Roscoe DFemale Horse Cranky
Poco DMale Lion Jock
AzizDMale Lion Jock
Sprinkle DFemale Penguin Peppy
Weber DMale Duck Lazy
Roald DMale Penguin Jock
WalkerDMale DogLazy
Shinaberu DMale Duck Normal
Rowan DMale Tiger Jock
Pom Pom DFemale Duck Sisterly
Tia DFemale Elephant Normal
Rizzo DMale Mouse Cranky
BiffDMale Hippo Lazy
Chester DMale Cub Lazy
Snake DMale Rabbit Jock
RosieDFemale Cat Peppy
Wart .Jr DMale Frog Cranky
Ruby DFemale Rabbit Peppy
Big Top DMaleElephant Lazy
Rooney DMale Kangaroo Cranky
Billy DMale Goat Normal
Sparro DMale Bird Cranky
Chevre DFemale Goat Normal
Roswell DMale Alligator Lazy
Chico DMale Mouse Lazy
Sherb DMale Goat Lazy
Weldon DMale Bull Cranky
Rod DMale Mouse Jock
Chief DMale Wolf Cranky
Shino DMale Goat Peppy
Zucker DMale Octopus Lazy
Claire DFemale Pig Smug
Rodney DMale Hamster Smug
Chops DMale Pig Lazy
Marly DMale Brid Cranky
Rudy DMale Cat Jock
Cole DMale Rabbit Lazy
SkyeDMale Wolf Normal
Timbra DFemale SheepSnooty
Pinky DFemale Bear Peppy
RoccoDMale Rhino Cranky
Harold DMale Horse Lazy
Wendy DFemale Sheep Peppy
Shoukichi DMale Bird Jock
Cotton DMale Horse Smug
Rollo DMale Hippo Lazy
Tipper DFemale Cow Snooty
Boomer DFemale Bird Cranky
Skye DFemale Wolf Normal
Twiggy DMale BirdCranky
Bluebear DMale Bear Normal
Tutu DFemale Bear Sisterly
Rolf DMale Tiger Cranky
Bones DMale Dog Lazy
PiglegDMale PigCranky
Sly DMale Alligator Jock
Blanche DFemale Ostrich Snooty
SnootyDFemale Anteater Snooty
Bud DMale Lion Jock
RocketDFemale Gorilla Sisterly
Bruce DMale Deer Cranky
Simon DMaleMonkey Lazy
Blaire DFemale Squirrel Snooty
Sproket DMale Ostrich Jock
Toby DMale Rabbit Lazy
Rory DFemale Lion Jock

Patch Notes Version 2.0.5 

According to the latest patch notes that impact Villagers, the following changes were made to the game,

  • Fixed an issue where island residents would wear custom designs as a different pattern type than how the custom design was displayed in the tailor shop.
  • Fixed an issue where an island resident visiting a player’s home would remain in the player’s home after the player used the Room Sketch app, the Happy Home Network app, or the Custom Designs Portal during the visit.


Animal Crossing New Horizons has a total collection of over 400 villagers, each belonging to a different species and consisting of a unique personality trait, which completely defines how a villager may interreact with players, and their island lifestyle. our article is divided into a total of five tiers ranging from S Tier to D Tier in descending order of good to bad, categorizing all of the 400 villagers added to Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Also please beware, that ranking lists like these are completely subjecting, depending upon the opinions of a single individual. All individuals are unique and are entitled to hold their own unique ideas and opinions. With that, we come to the end of our Animal Crossing New Horizons Normal Villager Tier List.