King God Castle Tier List [V3.3.8]

Our Definitive Character Tier List Ranks the Best Fighters in the Game.

Hey, Folks, today I will be making a list of heroes that you should avoid investing in when you start. Remember that this list is tailored to beginners just starting, wondering who I should invest in and put my gold and resources into

Because many people wonder if a hero is good or not. Or if they should get one hero from the daily shop? So, this King God Castle Tier List is just for you if you are wondering about that. Alright, so let’s get into it.

Key Points

  • There are total of 30 entries in our article.
  • Each entry is ranked on the basis of main abilities, damage stats, tankiness, and movesets.
  • You will observe Chung Ah, Hela, Aramis, and Mel in higher ranks.
  • Among the lowest tiers are Ren, Draco, Daniel, and Rehawk.


Before we dive any further, the following table shows the rank of all Characters.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Chung Ah Mel LunaireAgatheDaniel
Zuo Yun

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S Tier

Greatest Heroes of the King God Castle Tier List
S Tier.

S ranking is the first tier and is usually interpreted as “superb” or “super,” It is the highest ranking. It  consists of great characters with excellent movesets, main abilities, damage, and tankiness and are also favorites among all fandom fans.

Chung Ah

I think she recently got buffed in the recent patches and has become overpowering. If you see Chung, you should pick her up. There should be zero doubts about her. She is terrific in solo builds, and she works well with the team as well more specifically in PVP and PVE as well for that matter. Chung Ah is of the Fighter class, and her main ability swings a spear around herself.

Ability Horizontal Dragon Edge
Class Fighter


She is a versatile unit owing to her mechanics. It is to be noted that Hela wasn’t that powerful when she first came out. Eventually, her abilities were buffed, allowing her to deal a massive amount of damage to her enemies.  

Furthermore, Hela is regarded as the best 100 percent skill-based damage dealer in our King God Castle Tier List. She is also a great DPS unit.  

Ability Summon Meteor
Class Ranged

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Aramis is a ranged DPS, and he is fantastic. So, I will place him in the S tier with Leonhardt because his range is excellent, along with his damage. There are some strong builds that you can make with this, like the Aramis gang, which is a trendy build that can be made and would probably carry you through most of the PVE content, and in PVP, it’s also solid.

Aramis the Hawk-Eye never misses a target, no matter how far away it is, owing to the sharpshooting method he learned as a child. Aramis is a ranged hero that appears early in the game. He is an excellent pick for single target DPS, can sit safely in the backlines and dole out consistent damage unaffected, and is also an excellent item carry. “Headshot: Deals ‘x’ damage to a single target,” is his Hero Skill.

Ability Headshot
Class Ranged


Leon is a tank hero. He is probably one of the most concrete tanks in the game even now. I said even now because he recently got a slight nerf, but he remains one of the most robust tanks in PVE and PVP. You might want to use him a lot throughout the game that you keep playing for however long. 

His shield does 30 + (current spell power) damage to adversaries and stuns them for 1.5 seconds if they are within one horizontal range in front of him. Tiers 3, 5, and 7 will enhance the range of his smite.

Ability Smite
Class Tank

A Tier

Prominent Heroes of the King God Castle Tier List
A Tier.

A-tier is an above-average tier where I placed my favorite heroes with the same amount of love as the heroes in the tier above. Some of the heroes in this list could be an S-tier for many fans as it is subjective. 


You should pick Mel up if you find Mel available as a new player. I am putting her in this tier because she does decent in PVE for the first levels and probably for training like getting damage ranking and numbers. She is one of the best of the best in that domain. So, in PVE, you can use her in many builds and clear chapters very well. Mel is of the fighter class, and her main ability is to damage the unit in 3 files and stun the enemy for 2-sec hitting by the shockwave.

Ability Holy Blade Garna
Class Fighter


Bombie is probably one of my favorite characters in the game. You should surely pick him up if you see him up available. He is a fantastic ranged DPS, especially in early PVE levels. There is an intense PVP built around him as well. He can carry your early levels in PVE, so you can pick him up.

He is a ranged DPS, more specifically an AOE ranged DPS. So, it helps out when you have a lot of multiple mobs to deal with. In this situation, he can get intense, and no other hero is better than him in this specific scenario. Bombie is of the Mage class, and his main ability is throwing a bomb at a random enemy. Afterward, the bomb which deals 3×3 damage.

Ability Rain of Bombs
Class Ranged


Hansi is another ranged DPS and directly goes to the A tier. She does excellent damage and has mad good attack speed with her bow. She also does good in PVP with a lot of robust builds in PVE as well. You can use her quite effectively. Many items work very well in her favor, like attack speed and general attack. You can carry the entire team with her. So, you should pick her up if you see her available. She is of the ranged class, and her main ability shots many arrows in seconds.

Ability Rapid Arrows
Class Ranged


Alberon is a healer. He is the support healer character of the game and is fantastic, no doubt. He is one of the best healers, moreover like an AOE healer. You could say he belongs in the S tier, but again he is not somebody you will use all the time once you have Yeon or some other characters. So, he is A tier for sure, and he would carry you through many levels. His prominent ability is to heal the unit.

Ability Radiance of life
Class Supporter


Yeon is an interesting character and a perfect one as well. She is a DPS along with sometimes acts as a healer. So, it is a combination of both traits, and I cannot forget that she is of the range type. I would put her in the A tier. She is terrific. Yeon has excellent damage and great healing. The other healers in your team can also replace her because she does excellent damage, perfect healing, and a few items. She can get one-shot players and heal from zero to a hundred in one watch. So, Yeon is A tier, and you can pick her up when you see her. Yeon is of the Mage class, and her main ability damages one enemy. 

Ability Calm and Stormy
Class Supporter

B Tier

Average Heroes of the King God Castle Tier List
B Tier.

Moving down to the B tier, this is not the whole tier below. These are just as strong as the A-tier heroes, but they have something slightly better. B Tier is the balanced tier. These are all heroes that have good qualities but also have a couple of significant flaws. 


Lunaire is an interesting character. She is a supporting character and buffs whoever she supports, limited to one hero. So, it is like a targeted buff. It is a little bit complex to understand for somebody new. It took me a while to understand how she works, but basically, she transfers all her stats to the hero she is buffing. The build that you are going to see everywhere is Lunaire buffing Mel. That is like the super most popular build because when she buffs Mel.

She transfers all her stat, and Mel goes rapid like insane damage. She is situational only if you have Mel pick her up instantly. I would not prioritize picking her up, but if you want to play any Mel build.  The thing is that eventually, you will get all heroes, but this is to give you an idea of what to pick first, which will carry you more quickly to the levels and what maybe you should invest your books and hero experience points. Lunaire is of the support class, and her main ability gives an ally 5 seconds of protection depending on her ATK and spells power. It also gives an ally all of his attack and magic damage.

Ability Blessing of the blue moon
Class Supporter


She has a great survivability rate due to her great mobility and speed. Tia is one of the most balanced characters in the article. However, she is quite weak in King God Castle as compared to other melee characters and some PvP heroes in our list. 

If you’re planning to use her as a sidekick or an extra damage dealer, she won’t be of much help. You can unlock her true potential only when she is properly used as a main and buffed. When ranked up and equipped with bows, her skills become extremely powerful. She deals six times her base damage for every second and her higher base damage than Hansi, making her a better PvE character.

Ability Gust
Class Ranged


Mara is a melee DPS. You could rank her as an assassin DPS. She has good stuns but is squishy, and her hp levels are deficient. She is very situational, so I would put her in the B tier. You could pick her up if you want to. Some players enjoy playing with her; I do not. Her main ability teleports her behind the enemies and stuns them.

Ability Backstab
Class Assassin

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Jol is another Melee DPS. He was outstanding, and there were a lot of builds for him in the Arena and things like that but after some buffs for the other heroes makes him irrelevant. He is also a situational type of hero. He is decent. I am not saying that his bad, but some other superheroes in this class completely overshadowed him in the recent patches.

Although he is good, you can use him well. Jol works very well in solo build. But still, there are some other heroes that you might want to pick before him. Jol is of the Fighter class, and his main ability reduces damage, negative immune effect, damage around yourself, and vampirism for 4 seconds.

Ability Avatar 
Class Fighter


Bardrey is a supporting character. It gives a mana buff to your surrounding players on her main ability in the 3×3 range. She is good but very situational. For instance, if you are building a team that does not rely on mana. It’s more of the attack type she would not fit there. She would serve any purpose in this type of build. So, again it is a significant build-specific but decent situational hero. You can pick her up if you are going for the mana type of build. 

Ability Lilting Melody
Class Ranged


Lyca is an excellent character. He is fantastic in PVP for taking down and stunning the back line. Lyca is very good in some builds, like the trio build. Moreover, in PVE. I have not played him much personally but his good. He could go in situational build depending on your playstyle and what team you are trying to build. Lyca is of the fighter class, and his main ability is to transform himself into a werewolf, teleport behind a distant enemy, and stun him. 

Ability Natural Instinct
Class Supporter


Rossette is a sub-tank along with DPS. She has a good HP number, so she acts like a sub-tank and has decent skill usage for bosses, which can help you with the boss kills. So, in PVE, she can be used. I would say it’s situational, but you can pick her up if you want. More like a tank with mediocre damage numbers. It is a good idea to take her if she is available to you. For all these reasons, I will place her in the B tier. Rossetti’s main ability deals damage to one unit “Damage” + 20% of the targets max HP which is damage limitation.

Ability Giant Smite
Class Tank

Zuo Yun

He is a melee DPS again. As I said, the game does not favor melee DPS as much as the ranged DPS, but he is excellent with the right amount of attack speed. He can shred Mobs and other players in the game. I have seen outstanding builds for PVE and PVP. So, you can use him in your early game teams and if you see him as a new player available. I would say he should be placed in the B tier. Zuo Yun is of the assassin class, and his main ability, While Rage, increases his attack speed for three seconds.

Ability Enrage
Class Fighter


Even again, I said the starter heroes are okay to start with. I would say Evan should be placed in the B tier. He is situational and would perform the same in many critical situations. Evan is good if you have him on your team early because you do not have other heroes. You can keep using him, but he is somebody you will probably replace sooner or later. He is good in particular situations like some events and some modes, but as a standard strong team that will carry you through, he is more than decent.

I would not say he is bad because he is more towards the situational type of character. That is the reason why I placed him in the B tier. I did not put him in the A tier because you already have him, so do not pick him up from the shop or a scroll. His Crescent Slash causes his blade to emit a piercing aura, causing 20+ (Current Spell power) damage to opponents within one horizontal range in front of him. The range and damage of this talent grow as his tier in-game improves.

Ability Crescent Slash
Class Fighter


Priya is a mage, more like a spell mage. She is decent and outstanding in early PVE. Moreover, she is vital in a specific PVP team called the trio gang. She is excellent there or even in other builds, for that matter. So, you can use her well in the starter as well. I would put her in the situational tier, which is the B tier because there are specific builds that you might change sooner or later from your PVE build. Her main ability froze enemies for a particular time.

Ability Blizzard
Class Ranged


Shelda was not as great before, but recent buffs made her pretty decent. She can be an excellent alternative to Leon if you want to play a different style or tank. It is challenging for me to judge where this hero should go because there many good tanks in the game. Shelda is of the tank class, and her main ability Iron Will generates a 30 + (Current Spell power) Protection upon herself with her willpower.

Ability Iron Will 
Class Tank


Zupitere is a ranged mage. Being a ranged mage, she gets an outstanding benefit and her attacks chain. So, it is like chain lightning if you know from other games—chain bolts of the lightning-like electrical build. Zupitere is good. I enjoyed playing with her. She has a lot of attack speed and spells with which she can spread through mobs. 

I wanted to put her in the A tier, but I am pulling back because I want to keep the A tier with the strongest heroes for someone who started the game to pick them up. But, if you find her available, for sure, pick her up. She is reliable in PVE. In PVP, there are some builds that some players use.

Ability Crackle 
Class Tank

C Tier

Below-Average Heroes
C Tier.

This tier consists of six heroes that are very identical to each other. These are the last priority heroes. I would say you do not pick them up unless you have the others already and have enough resources. 


She is a new character who came out in season ten. Players are still playtesting here. They are checking I have not played that much with this character. She might be a B-tier hero because other heroes are vital in her class that you can pick. 

Maybe, with time we can move it up. So, if you are a new player and you see her, I would recommend that there are better heroes in this class that you might want to pick up instead of her. If you already have the other heroes, you can try it out and see if she is a better fit for your build. Agathe is of the Tank class, and her main ability takes all the damage that allied heroes have taken.

Ability Protection of Radiance
Class Tank


Cain is one of those, again, really cool concept assassin-type heroes. He is a melee DPS, and unfortunately, the game does not favor melee DPS as much as it favors ranged. So, for me, he will go in the C tier. You will pick him up last after you picked up S, A, and B, and then you come there to try out these heroes.

Maybe he will get better with the future patches. We cannot be sure of that as of right now. Cain is of the Assasin class, and his main ability teleports him to an enemy with the lowest mana filling and deals magic damage.

Ability Circus of Death
Class Assassin


Behemus is, again very situational type of hero. He is decent, but there are many others better heroes than him, so he acts as a tank-like Leon, but he does the tank job better than him. So, that is why again, for a hero to pick up from the shop as a new player, I would maybe put him in the last priority tier, which is the C tier. Behemus is of the tank class, and his main ability makes him go up and down. When it comes down, it damages the enemies with a wave of blows, throws them back to 2 fields, and stuns them a bit.

Ability Reckless Protection
Class Tank


Lily is of the tank class. She recently got a significant buff, but she remains lower than most of the tanks in the list for PVE at least. Even in PVP, I rarely see her. So, if she is somebody that you see in the shop, I would recommend waiting and do not rush for her. Take your time, and you will probably get better tanks than her. Her main ability is to create a golem. So I will put her in the C tier.

Ability Summon Golem
Class Tank


She is again very situational. However, Asia is an outstanding character. The concept behind this character is fascinating. She will chain links and stuns. This character is very PVP focused. I feel like it is not very much usable in PVE. Mobs die too fast, or there are too many variables in PVE for her to be of full effect. In PVP, she is, for sure, for carrying stuns or sharing damage and reaching the back line.

I have seen players use her in PVE, but it is up to you. It is very situational, and it is a more PVP-focused character, so I will put her in the C tier. Unless you are looking to be a PVP and like that idea, you want to focus more on PVP. Go ahead. You can pick her up.

Ability Soul Link
Class Supported


Ren is a fascinating character. She is a melee DPS. For her to be effective, it is a little tricky. It might not be so straightforward to use. Some builds are great in PVE; On the contrary, she is not that popular in PVP at all for the matter. In PVE, yes, you can use her in some of the later chapters where you can build solar wind, and players are still experimenting with her. Ren is reasonably new as compared to the other characters.

Players are still getting a hangover from this character. I do not use her as much, but I would say you could pick her up. Maybe she needs a few numbers tweaking to become good. I should place her in the C tier. Some players might think otherwise, but I can only place her this high for now. Ren is of the fighter class, and her main ability cuts around her.

Ability Full Bloom
Class Fighter


Draco has a fascinating concept as the hero, but unfortunately, he is going to be placed in the C tier and would be the last priority. He can be good in certain situations a little squishy. There are some builds here and there, but again, as I said, the list is not for purely ranking the hero strength but for the priority of you buying the hero or picking it up in your build as a new player.

As a veteran player of this game, you probably would have all heroes, and I know players who use these, even C-tier or low-level heroes. Great for some fantastic builds. Draco is of the Mage class, and his main ability is to breathe out the flame in a cone shape.

Ability Flamebreath
Class Ranged

D Tier

Flawed Heroes
D Tier.

So, in the bottom tiers, the worst heroes in this game are the guys in the D Tier. A couple of things now that I am showing the bottom tier. Playing a bottom-tier hero does not mean you are trash or anything. 


Daniel, as much as I want him to be good, I will put him in the D tier. Compared to the other heroes, he is not that potent unless he gets an overpowered buff in the later patches. Meanwhile, he is going to remain there. Honestly, there is nothing much to say about this hero. You can use him because you have him n the beginning, but he is probably the first guy you would get rid of. Daniel is of the Fighter class, and his main ability stuns the enemy around him.

Ability  Judgement of Light
Class Ranged


Rahawk needs to go with Daniel in the D tier. I have to give marks to the concept behind this hero, but the damage numbers are not on a satisfactory level. He is somebody that you want to leave for the last. You would not even want to pick him up in the last unless he gets a buff. Rawhawk is of the Range class, and his main ability is to damage the farthest enemy and reduce its attack speed for five seconds.

Ability Hunt Command
Class Fighter

Comparison Table

Chung AhSHorizontal Dragon EdgeFighter
HelaSSummon Meteor Ranged
LeonhardtSSmite Tank
MelAHoly Blade Garna Fighter
BombieA Rain of Bombs Ranged
HansieA Rapid Arrows Ranged
AlberonARadiance of lifeSupporter
YeonA Calm and StormySupporter
LunaireB Blessing of the blue moonSupporter
TiaB Gust Ranged
MaraB Backstab Assassin
JolB Avatar Fighter
BardreyBLilting Melody Ranged
LycaBNatural InstinctSupporter
RossetteB Giant SmiteTank
Zuo YunB Enrage Fighter
EvanBCrescent Slash Fighter
PriyaB Blizzard Ranged
SheldaBIron Will Tank
ZupitereB Crackle Tank
AgatheC Protection of RadianceTank
CaneC Circus of Death Assassin
BehemusC Reckless ProtectionTank
LilyC Summon GolemTank
AsiaqC Soul Link Supported
RenC Soul Link Fighter
DracoC Flamebreath Ranged
DanielD Judgement of Light Ranged
RehawkD Hunt CommandFighter

Patch Notes Version V3.3.8

In the latest patch, the following changes were made to the game

  • New Hero! Esthea: Purifying Flame
  • 1 New Awakened Ability
  • 2 New Skins
  • New Summon of Blessing : Sacred Beats of the Sky
  • Skin UI Renewal for Frost Queen Priya and Overload Zuo Yun.
  • Numerous Bug Fixes


That is the King God Castle Tier List until there is another update or maybe when the players are getting the grasp of the new heroes. This is my opinion, and you are free to disagree. Suppose you play low-tier heroes and are doing good with them. I am super happy for you. That means that you are a good player with a bright future. I will love to hear from you if you disagree with my hero placements. Why do you think your hero is stronger or weaker than I believe? Let me know in the comments section below.