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Welcome to a fantastic world of anime, where you can see your favorite characters from all available series. Today I will talk about some top-tier heroes of this tower defense game in the Anime Adventures Tier List. I am sure you landed here because you are curious about the best characters to build an undefeatable squad. Congratulations, because this article will fulfill your wish here.

If you have been playing Anime Adventures for so long or recently came across it and want to master your skills, then hey, reader, you have landed on the right page. Hence, you want to start playing this game after gathering pertinent information for a perfect beginning.

The Anime Adventures tier list will be helpful for both types of readers as initially, I will talk about the basics of this game, what it is about, and more. Afterward, I will rank all characters to guide you so you can pick the few best ones according to your playing style, knowledge, and expertise. Bear with me till the last; I promise it will not go in vain.

Anime Adventures Wiki

From the name of its game, anyone can guess that you will get to see a whole anime world in it, such as Tokyo Ghoul, Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia, One Piece, and a lot more. Also, if you are a true fan of anime, then you will also like our ABA tier list and One Piece Arc tier list.

Anime Adventures wants you to build a squad of your favorite characters from anime. Doing this will allow you to find yourself from your treacherous foes. Choosing your team members after a proper thought process would be best because the more substantial the team, the more chances there of winning.

To equip your favorite hero, you will require gems. All the players can collect gems by killing different villains from the anime world. The characters with exceptional abilities may need more gems to get them. Keep defeating the enemies and collecting more and more gems.

Another secret that can oblige a player to take over the battleground is anime adventures’ codes. I will provide you with a list of codes used in this game to help conquer your adversary. I am sure you cannot wait to know these codes, so let us look at them.

Anime Adventures Codes

All players can use the following anime adventure codes that will help them build a strong team and increase their chances of winning.

subtomaokumaYou can redeem this code for 1 summon ticket
TWOMILLIONBy using gems you can easily redeem this code
SORRYFORSHUTDOWNYou can redeem this code for free rewards
CHALLENGEFIXinYou can redeem this code for free rewards
GINYUFIXYou can redeem this code for free rewards
RELEASEYou can redeem this code for 50 gems
SubToKelvingtsYou can redeem this code for 1 summon ticket
SubToBlamspotYou can redeem this code for 1 summon ticket
TOADBOIGAMINGYou can redeem this code for 1 summon ticket
KingLuffyYou can redeem this code for 1 summon ticket
noclypsoYou can redeem this code for 1 summon ticket
subtosnowrbxYou can redeem this code for 1 summon ticket
CxrsedYou can redeem this code for 1 summon ticket
FictioNTheFirstYou can redeem this code for 1 summon ticket

It would help if you used these Anime Adventures codes when you want to.

Anime Adventures Characters Ranking Criteria

anime adventures tier list
Anime Adventures Characters Ranking Criteria

Since there are so many characters in this game, it can be challenging to identify which ones are best for you. I have prepared this Anime Adventures tier list to ease your uncertainties and questions because the more options there are, the more confusion there is.

I created this list after a lot of work. These efforts incorporate in-depth study and firsthand knowledge. To ensure that I am compiling a reasonable tier list for you, I also solicited the opinions of some Youtubers by viewing their videos.

There are five tiers in this Anime Adventures tier list: S, A, B, C, and D. As this list goes from best to worst, all perfect characters will be placed on the S tier, and at last, will include all worst characters on the D tier. To simplify your understanding of my rankings, I’ll provide a succinct description for each level.

Additionally, I’m providing a short synopsis of each tier so you can get a general concept of how this tier list will function and assist you. I’m confident you will comprehend the excerpt below if you have a look at it.

  • S Tier: Most powerful characters
  • A Tier: Best characters
  • B Tier: Good characters
  • C Tier: Average characters
  • D Tier: Worst characters


Every Toptierlist writer values the views of all readers, including myself. Different writers may modify this tier list due to various options and viewpoints. Let me know in the comment box if you believe that any of my rankings are unfair.

S Tier

anime adventures tier list
Overpowered characters

In every other category, the heroes are not as good as in this one. These are incredibly unique characters. The S tier answers all questions of which characters are most fantastic relatively.


Madara belongs to a mythical unit. This fantastic character has the abilities and skills that can aid in causing massive damage to the opponents. Any kind of impairment given by Madara is not ordinary as it is always impressive. He can even foist AoE damage, and the strike range is exceptional.


Dio is from the legendary unit and has an outstanding skill in upgrading turns from attack to time stop. This ability makes him stand out on the Anime Adventures tier list. Not only this, but he has a bit high spa paired with remarkable stats.

All Might

This top-tier character is a mythical unit with an extraordinary range and superior DMG. One of the facts that make this S-tier character thrifty is; that the strike of Bubble AOE renders extra DMG to mostly all the foes.


Everything about Broly the great is appreciable. He is a complete package. Madara’s and his duration of skills are very familiar with each other. This extraordinary Anime Adventure’s character belongs to the mythical unit that offers a fantastic range and DPS. Broly can also impose AOE.


It would not be wrong if I say that Erwin is one of the finest legendary supporter units ranked on the Anime Adventures tier list. He can give massive coverage. Want to know how? This remarkable character can give all close-range enemies a 25% more damage boost. Additionally, every 10 seconds, Erwin can invoke a 1000HP unit.

A Tier

best AA characters
The best Anime Adventures Characters Ranked

You can find the principal characters with unimportant flaws in this category of the Anime Adventures tier list 2022.


My favorite mighty Diavolo belonging to the mythical unit can compel damage on a single target. Also, the DPS of this character is incomparable to others. It would be best if you use him in infinite mode.


This A-tier character has decent damaging skills, a good range, and a fair enough spa. Rengoku’s burn damage is the cherry on top.


Bulma is the best money unit legendary. He can make up to approximately 8k per round. His performance can give you a significant advantage when using expensive units.


Pain can easily knock his foes. One of the abilities of this A-tier is very impressive and helpful in almost every game mode called “pushback.” These are pretty good if I talk about AOE and OP abilities, covering up for the lack in DPS’s stats.


An appreciable Anime Adventures character Speedwagon is the most satisfactory money maker before Bulma. He belongs to the epic unit and is reliable for the teams with a high upgrade cost.


Giorno is the last character ranked on the Anime Adventure tier list, which belongs to the legendary unit. He has overall balanced skills because DPS, spa, range, and cost are fair.

B Tier

Good AA characters
The B-tier Anime Adventure Characters Ranked

After discussing and ranking some of the best characters on the Anime Adventures tier list, it is time to introduce you to those who are not perfect but still can work very well for you. These are good ones.


He is a legendary unit with many similarities to Golu Black, which is not good. The reason for which I am ranking Itachi higher is his dark flames that cause burns.


An Overhaul is an epic unit with overall good stats, but he is expensive. For this reason, I am placing him on the B tier.


Sakura belongs to the rare unit. She is a perfect character. For this reason, I am placing Sakura ranked on the B tier of the Anime Adventures tier list. This amazing anime lady is well-known for being an excellent attack buffer before Erwin.

Sakura could not make it to the above tiers because her attacks are not long-ranged, which is a con for sure. I will recommend opting for Erwin over this lady.


One of the best characters belonging to a rare unit is none other than Sanji. I have noticed that his AOE, DPS, and range are good enough to assist a player in the game.


From my point of view, Kakyoin is a good Anime Adventure hero. He has no fine ability, and DPS is pathetic. But, a fair enough range and big AOE circle make up for this epic unit’s other flaws.

C Tier

average AA characters
The Average Anime Adventures Characters Ranked

Now, you have read about all those characters that can help you have the upper hand on your foes. The C tier will consist of those characters that have an average performance. By choosing them, you can not predict the situation of your game, and there is a 50% chance of winning or losing both.


The damage to this C-tier character is not so exciting, which convinced me to rank him on the below-average tier. Otherwise, the range and AOE are not so bad. However, I will not prioritize Kakashi over other characters on the Anime Adventures tier list. This not-so-perfect character comes from the epic unit.


Genos is a good character belonging to the epic unit. If you are a beginner, then opting for him will be okay. But, it will not help the professional players because Genos’s DPS and spa are below average. If I talk about the range, you can say it is fair enough, but other cons underpower this.


Zenitsu’s straight line AOE cone and range are tolerable but considering his DPS, I am ranking this hero on the C tier. Another reason for rating this mediocre character lower is his high costs. He also belongs to the epic unit.


Dabi is another Anime Adventure character from the epic unit after Zenitsu. His stats are mediocre. For this reason, I have placed him on the C tier of the Anime Adventures tier list.

Goku Black

I was confused about whether to rank Goku Black among the below-average or worst characters. However, a few things that convinced me to rank him in the mediocre category are good AOE cone, range, and spa. It is better if we do not discuss this legendary unit’s DPS.


Eren is completely underpowered because of Erwin. However, if we do not compare him with the best character, then, in this case, he is a below-average hero.

D Tier

worst AA characters
The Worst Anime Adventures Characters Ranked

Lastly, I rank all the weakest characters on the Anime Adventures tier list. It would be best if you did not choose these characters in higher levels of this game. However, on the other hand, it will be okay for beginners to select these heroes.


Piccolo is the worst epic unit with straight foul line AOE and poor DPS. His excellent range does not do any good because of the other flaws.


After putting a lot of effort and attention into curating the Anime Adventures tier list, I believe that all readers here found some help in this article. I wrote this article solely intending to assist beginners and regular players.

I have elaborated every tier individually to make it easier for you to make a good choice. Also, while opting for any character, The players must keep the playing style in mind as it plays a vital role in making you win. I wish you a piece of excellent luck with your next gameplay! Click here to download Anime Adventures.

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