Anime Battlegrounds X Tier List: All Abilities Ranked

Do you want to know what ability is the best in the hit Roblox game, Anime Battleground X? Well, then you have come to the right place. The Anime Battlegrounds X Tier List is going to list all abilities and assign them to different tiers according to their strengths and weaknesses.

This tier list is divided into 5 sections: S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, C Tier, and D Tier. The S Tier contains the best abilities of all while the D Tier contains the worst ones.

Anime Battlegrounds X is a game in Roblox which has become a big hit recently. Every cool Roblox player has to play this game especially if you are a big fan of anime. The game was developed by Sub & Fatal and is updated on a regular basis.

At first, it only had 16 abilities and characters, but now there are up to 30 different characters and abilities. The game is definitely worth playing though it could be a tad bit difficult to choose an ability. Therefore, we present this list to you, ranking all the abilities in Anime Battleground X from best to worst.

Key Points

  • We will be ranking 33 abilities in our article.
  • The ranking will be ranked on strengths, weaknesses and uniqueness.
  • Among the top tiers include Susanoo, Sand Wave, Amaterasu, Whirlwind and Feather Slash along with others.
  • Among the lowest tier include abilities like Giant, Wood Dragon, FireBall, Clay Explosion and Dee Smash along with others. 


To summarize and provide you a quick view of our tier list, kindly find below table.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
SusanooFang SpinHard PunchTexas SmashGiant
Sand WavePower ImpactBang BeamDeath BallWood Dragon
AmaterasuKamehamehaDestructo DiskClay ExplosionFireBall
WhirlwindBug AttackDuplicateDee Smash
Feather SlashRaikiri
TornadoDetroit Smash
Planet BurstBlack Lightning
Electro PistolShadow Strangle
Thunder Shock
Fire Lance
Spirit Bomb
Galick Gun
Flame Wall

Before we start with our tier list, it is important to announce that all the rankings are completely based on our own experience of the game and the personal opinions of TopTierList team members. Therefore, the tier list is subjective to criticism but not hate comments.

It is obvious that every person is an owner of a different opinion and we totally respect that. Since there are above 30 abilities, it is obvious that our opinions are to differ in some places. So, we hope that we will be respecting each other’s opinions. With that said, let’s jump right into the guide.

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S Tier

Best ABX abilities
The S Tier contains the best of all abilities in Anime Battleground X.

First, we have the S Tier, which is also known as the Supreme Tier. This tier contains the best of all abilities in the Anime Battlegrounds X Tier List. These are the abilities of different anime characters in the games.

Moreover, all of the moves mentioned in the S Tier are super powerful and can change the tide of any battle in a matter of seconds. They are effective, dangerous, and strong. However, it is important to note that even the sharpest sword can not be used to harm someone if the wielder is not skilled enough.

Therefore, the effectiveness of the abilities also depends on how skilled a player is. If a person lacks skills, he might not be use these abilities to their full potential. Nevertheless, if a player is able to master these abilities and their respective characters, he will be able to win any fight.

The key to mastering an ability is to perfect the timings of your attacks. Some of these abilities can be used when the opponent’s HP bar is at low while some can be used while the enemy has a full hp bar.

Moreover, there are few S Tier moves that have a long cooldown time, so you have to be careful when using them. If you use the abilities with a long cooldown time early, you will not be able to use them when you really need to use them.

Once you learn how to play accurately using the S Tier skills, the game will become very easy and you will be able to climb the ranks quite easily without any struggle.


Susanoo is the undisputable king of all abilities. There is no better Anime Battleground X ability to have than a Susanoo in my opinion. There are many reasons why we have put this ability on the top of our list and I am sure a lot of you will be in accord with our decision of doing this. The Susanoo is a skill that can change the tides of any match in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, the Susanoo is deadly no matter what type of fight it is. For instance, even if you play against NPCs and enemies, Susanoo will destroy them completely. Also, they can ruin your opponent in a player vs player match as well.

Though it might be a little hard if your opponent also has an S Tier ability especially the Sand Wave because that skill is very powerful. To know what exactly a Susanoo is we must first understand its background a little. The Susanoo is a skill or ‘Jutsu’ in an anime known as Naruto.

Moreover, the anime has many sequels but the origins of this ability are the same in all seasons. Susanoo is an ability that only the people of a certain clan known as Uchihas can inherit due to their distinct eye, which is also called the Sharingan. It is one of the deadliest abilities in the anime too as Madara Uchiha used it to defeat the five powerful Kages and their entire armies. All in all, it would be best to make it your goal to achieve this ability.

Origin Ninja War Battlefield
Region Naruto

Sand Wave

Sand Wave is the second-best ability in the game. It would be the best if it was not for Susanoo’s incredible damage. With this power, you can cover your opponents in a massive wave of sand. Additionally, it considerably slows them down giving you a big advantage over time. Additionally, it provides you plenty of time to charge in and deliver the killer blow to take out your opponent.

Origin Shonin Exams
Region Naruto


This is ability is also one of the best abilities in the Roblox game, Anime Battlegrounds X. Amaterasu is the third ability of the S Tier of this tier list that belongs to the anime Naruto. Just like the other two abilities from Naruto mentioned above in the S Tier, Amaterasu is also an incredible move.

The attack power of Amaterasu is insane. Upon casting this skill, the opponents are engulfed in a black flame that deals immense damage. The fire only diminishes once the opponent either dies or is left with very few health points.

Origin Tree Villiage
Region Naruto


Whirlwind is another one of the best because of the large area it covers. Moreover, it also deals a very good amount of damage which makes it super effective. This ability also works well in player-versus-player battles as it does not leave much space for the opponent to run.

The whirlwind captures the target and drains its energy and health point. Additionally, it also slows the opponents down giving you extra time to deal the final blow and win the fight.

Origin Beginning Ability
Region Whilwind Ability Game


Ability Name Original Character Region Ability Description
Feather Slash Riku Matsuyama My Hero Academia Feather Slash is a skill that allows for distant combat against foes.
Planet Burst Kid Buu Dragon Ball Z A strong bright pink energy blast.
Tornado Kurama Naruto A deadly wind tornado.
Electro Pistol Blast Kugo My Hero Academia A pistol that shoots lasers. Very High Damage.

A Tier

Anime Battlegrounds X Tier List
Good anime battlegrounds x abilities are ranked below.

After the Supreme or S Tier, we have the A tier. This Tier also contains very good abilities that fall second to only those abilities in the S Tier. If used properly, these abilities have the potential to stand against the S Tier ability users.

In the Anime Battlegrounds X Tier List, these abilities have a good spot as they are in the A Tier. These abilities are very powerful. However, there might be a few flaws that make them weaker than the ones in the S Tier. Anyways, the A Tier abilities are still very strong and you should definitely try them out.

The abilities in the S Tier might be a little hard to get and master. However, the ones in the A Tier are relatively easier to get and master. This is one advantage these A Tier abilities have over S Tier. Since they are easier to get, you will have more time to practice these moves.

Other than that, these moves are much stronger than the abilities in the lower tiers. Therefore, you will have an upper hand in most fights unless your opponent is someone who has the ability from S Tier. Still, you can beat him if you are skilled enough because as I said before, skills matter a lot.

Fang Spin

Fang Spin is a pretty decent skill therefore we have placed it in the A Tier. Everything about this skill is good and does not really have any big flaws in it. However, when used against an S Tier ability user, you might not be able to win the battle effortlessly.

Nevertheless, Fang Spin is a very good skill and can easily help you win a battle against the B Tier ability users. Fang Spin deals excellent damage and will render your enemy helpless.  When the target is struck, the user rolls at furious speeds in the shape of a death machine and unleashes a barrage of fierce beast-like assaults.

The character for Fang Spin is Kiza and you can get the ability from the Naruto region of the arena by defeating the boss Dara. The ability deals 6 damage per second and has 650 health points. It is actually a very easy ability to get and costs only 1600 stars which are fairly easy to farm. There are no flaws in this ability and you should definitely try using this.

Origin Shonin Exams
Region Naruto

Power Impact

Power Impact is a great move originally from the Dragon Ball Z anime. The user backs away their hand and builds a crimson energy explosion upon casting the ability. The attacker then thrusts their hand forward and unleashes the lethal strike.

Additionally, the user can direct the attack to any location and object they designate as the target. The blast will move as far as its user wants it to go when it hits and captures the target before finally releasing a huge explosion. The move is extremely powerful, however, it might be a little too tricky for beginners. Therefore, we have placed it in the A Tier instead of the S Tier.

Origin Power Tournament
Region Dragon


Well, who does not know the legendary Kamehameha? It was the first energy move ever introduced in the Dragon Ball Z anime series. When using the Kamehameha Energy Explosion, the user creates a circle with his hands that gradually enlarges an energy blast. The blast grows in size as you focus more of your energy on it.

Once all the energy has been gathered, hands are thrown forward to release a tremendous, flowing beam of energy. Additionally, the user has the option to alter the blast’s direction of travel. It is an extremely useful offensive skill, especially when used against other players. When playing against foes or NPCs, this skill might not be as useful.

Origin Power Tournament
Region Dragon


Ability Name Original Character Region Ability Description
Bug Attack Chung Naruto Releases deadly bugs that deal AoT
Raikiri Kaash Naruto Lightning blade with immense damage
Detroit Smash Doremiya My Hero Academia Simple but powerful punch
Black Lightning Datu Naruto Sharp lightning dealing a powerful blow
Shadow Strangle Shiona Naruto Uses shadow jutsu technique to mobilize an enemy
Thunder Shock Totto Dragon Ball Z Shoots a lightning blast using both hands.
Fire Lance Endea Fire My Hero Academia A sharp spear made of strong deadly flames
Spirit Bomb Gozu Dragon Ball Z Borrows energy from plants and animals and deals a powerful energy blast.
Galick Gun Venna Dragon Ball Z A strong pink energy wave
Flame Wall Derby My Hero Academia generates a wall of flames that attacks nearby opponents with fire damage over time.
Decay Shimmeraki My Hero Academia By touching anything or someone, the user of decay can cause it to disintegrate into dust and powdered bone.

B Tier

Average ABX abilities
In the B Tier, there are Average ABX abilities.

The B Tier of the Anime Battlegrounds X Tier List contains the average abilities, which are good but not so good. They are good to have and can come in handy in fights. They are not bad and can actually help you fight really well. Moreover, B Tier abilities are the best ones to get when you first start playing as getting the abilities from the higher tiers is a bit difficult. The B Tier has pretty decent abilities and there is no reason for you to not try them out.

The flaws and strengths of the abilities in the B Tier are pretty balanced and do not really have a huge impact on the overall performance. Any ability belonging to the B Tier is not a bad choice.

Instead, it can actually help you farm really well when you are in the PVE mode as these abilities are great against NPC enemies. Finally, let’s see what we have in the B Tier.

Hard Punch

Hard punch is one of the basic moves in the game and also it is a very common move that is found in almost every fighting anime. The move allows the user to cast a strong hard punch that deals an average amount of damage. So basically, it is just a punch, however, it is stronger than a human’s punch.

There is nothing very special or unique about this movie. Moreover, the animation is not very jaw-dropping or cool like Susanoo either. At the start of the game, Hard Punch may become of good use as it does good damage compared to many other basic abilities.

Origin Beginning Ability
Region NA

Bang Beam

Vegeta’s go-to technique during the Namek Saga in the Dragon Ball Z anime series is the Bang Beam. A tiny but lethal crimson energy bolt is released from the finger. The player pretends to wield a firearm while holding out his hand, index finger pointing forth and thumb pointing up.

Then he utters the single word “Bang!” and a crimson, blazing-fast bullet emerges and damages the opponent. Bang Beam looks like a cool ability, however, it can not be compared to the abilities in the higher tier as it is just too weak when compared to them.

Origin Bell Games
Region Dragon

Destructo Disk

Destructo Disk is another B Tier ability from Dragon Ball Z anime series. If you want this ability, you can get it by defeating SSJ Goku in the Roblox game. The drop rate is not that high and you will be able to get it in at most 2 or 3 rounds. It is a round disk made up of Golden Ki and it is so sharp that it can cut through virtually anything. Because of its sharpness, it is a good move to use against enemies that are stronger than you.

Destructo Disk might not be able to defeat stronger enemies, but it will definitely help you escape them. Although, you have to be very careful as the opponents with extremely powerful aura has the capability to repel the disk. If your enemy succeeds in dodging this sharp blade of golden ki, you will surely die. The ability is good to slow down the enemies but it is not really good to start a fight if you do not have any other strong ability in the backup.

Origin Planet Niran
Region Dragon


Duplicate, as the name suggests, creates a double of your own character. This double helps you fight a selected opponent. You will not be able to control this duplicate version of yourself, instead, it will fight automatically.

Also, the double can not make use of your other abilities and will only attack using the very basic punch and kick moves. The damage Duplicate deals are average. However, Duplicate does an exceptional job of slowing down your enemies and getting you time to deal the final decisive blow.

The ability come from My Hero Academica in which a character named Jin Bubaigawara creates copies of others to offer assistance in numbers. He accomplishes this by forming the target individual out of a black, viscous fluid that emanates from his hands.

Jin needed to be aware of the exact measurements and physical characteristics of the person or thing he was copying in order to create a flawless clone. Since duplicates have the same personality and skills as the original, it might be difficult to tell them apart from the genuine person at first look.

Origin Kimoyo World
Region Hero Academy


C Tier

Below-average ABX abilities
The C Tier contains Below-average ABX abilities.

Now our next stop is the C Tier of the Anime Battlegrounds X Tier List. In this tier, we have below-average abilities that you should not really waste your time on. The abilities in the C Tier of this tier list are all very common and you will easily get these with little to no effort at all.

There are some good points about these skills but mostly they are useless. However, these are not the worst abilities in the Roblox game, Anime Battleground X. Instead, these are better than the worst character abilities. Moreover, you should definitely use these at the start of the game instead of using the ones in the D Tier.

Texas Smash

We are finally onto the C Tier list, which is also known as the below-average tier. Now, every ability will have more disadvantages than advantages. However, the C Tier abilities are still somewhat better and playable when compared to the D Tier ones.

Texas Smash is the ultimate move of All Might in the anime, My Hero Academy. In the Roblox game, you can get it by defeating All Might. The user packs a great amount of strength into his palm and delivers a right punch with such intensity that anything with a mass is sent flying by the wind force.

While the move is great in the anime, there is nothing really good about it in the game. The animations are average and the damage dealt is below average.

In Anime Battleground X, Texas Smash is often used as a pranking ability to annoy the opponents or distract them. If you have leveled it high enough, you will be able to defeat players of lower level easily with this skill but do not ever try to fight people your level with this ability.

Origin Dora City
Region Hero Academy

Death Ball

Death Ball is an ability from the Dragon Ball Z faction of the game. It is actually an offensive ability used by Frieza in the anime. A bolt of energy is ignited by the user on their index finger. This flash may enlarge to the length of a tiny moon and be flung towards the target if enough energy has been collected.

This strike is typically employed to annihilate planets and as a last attempt to destroy an enemy. However, the ability lacks stability, strength, and uniqueness, therefore, we have placed it in the C Tier of the Anime Battlegrounds X Tier List.

Origin Planet Niran
Region Dragon

Clay Explosion

Clay Explosion or Explosive Clay is an ability from the Naruto Anime used by a member of Akatsuki who is known as Deidara. The ability uses clay-type explosions to destroy the enemies. However, the explosions are too small and therefore, the damage caused by them is also very scarce.

It is not a good ability to use in a big fight. You can use it for distraction or escape. You can also provide backup to your friends when fighting a boss, however, make sure you do not become the main target of the boss as you will die in an instance.

Origin Ninja War Battlefield
Region Naruto

Dee Smash

Dee Smash is a move used by Deku in the anime, My Hero Academia. It is a smash attack in which the player directs all of their remaining strength into their fist. The user then strikes his victim hard, knocking him to the ground.

It is like the Hard Punch from the B Tier but relatively weaker. It deals below-average damage, which is why we have placed it in the C Tier of this tier list. However, the animation is pretty decent and will make your character look good. Besides that, there is nothing really good about this ability.

Origin Shonin Exams
Region Naruto

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D Tier

Anime Battlegrounds X Tier List
The worst Anime Battlegrounds X abilities are in the D Tier.

Finally, we have come to the last and final tier of our Anime Battlegrounds X Tier List. This tier contains the worst of all the abilities in the game. The abilities in the D Tier are extremely common and are the most basic ones. They do not deal heavy damage and are the least powerful in the game.

These abilities also do not have any attractive animation to make them look cool; they are just very useless. If you are using a character that has these abilities, it would be best for you to leave that character and farm for another good character. With that said, let’s take a look at all the abilities in the D Tier. We will explain with reasons why this ability is considered the worst and is placed in the D Tier by us.


The Giant ability is a quirk from the My Hero Academia faction of the game. In the anime, the quirk belonged to Yu Takeyama, also known as the Giant Villain. In the anime, this ability was very useful as it enlarges the size of the quirk-user by 100 times. Also, it also increases the amount of strength of an attack along with the size of the user.

However, in the game, this ability is nothing but a show-off. All this move does is make your user huge by increasing the size of the character. The damage you deal is the same as dealing damage without any ability. It is utterly useless in a fight and you should not waste your time trying to get it.

Origin Dora City
Region Hero Academy

Wood Dragon

You must have heard the saying “Not all glitter is gold” and the Wood Dragon’s ability proves this saying to be a fact. The ability, Wood Dragon, originates from the anime Naruto. It was one of the strongest and coolest abilities in the anime but in the game, it is the total opposite of that.

While the name of the ability sounds cool and the animation is good as well, the ability itself really sucks. Firstly, it takes a lot of time and effort to get this ability as the drop rate is very low. Secondly, the ability is so badly bugged that it can not even deal with attacks on time or attack the right target. It is slow, weak, and full of glitches. Easily one of the worst abilities in the entire game.

Origin Tree Villager
Region Naruto


Fireball is a very common ability from Naruto. It is used by any fire user and is the most basic move for them. Chakra is turned into fire by the user within their body. This fire is then released from their mouths. They create more flames the more chakra they spend.

The flames occasionally take the form of a spray with no discernible shape, but more frequently they adopt the shape of a huge sphere that holds its shape until striking a target. The reason this is in D Tier is that even though it sounds like a great technique, it is still extremely weak and will cause you great defeat in a fight.

Origin Tree Village
Region Naruto

Comparison Table

SusanooSNinja War BattlefieldNaruto
Sand WaveSShonin ExamsNaruto
AmaterasuSTree VilliageNaruto
WhirlwindSBeginning AbilityWhilwind Ability Game
Feather SlashSRiku MatsuyamaMy Hero Academia
Planet BurstSBlast KugoMy Hero Academia
Electro PistolSBlast KugoMy Hero Academia
Fang SpinAShonin ExamsNaruto
Power ImpactAPower TournamentDragon
KamehamehaAPower TournamentDragon
Bug AttackAChungNaruto
Detroit SmashADetroit SmashDoremiya
Black LightningADatuNaruto
Shadow StrangleAShionaNaruto
Thunder ShockATottoDragon Ball Z
Fire LanceAEndea FireMy Hero Academia
Spirit BombAGozuDragon Ball Z
Galick GunAVennaDragon Ball Z
Flame WallADerbyMy Hero Academia
DecayAShimmerakiMy Hero Academia
Hard PunchBBeginning AbilityNA
Bang BeamBBell GamesDragon
Destructo DiskBPlanet NiranDragon
DuplicateBKimoyo WorldHero Academy
Texas SmashCDora CityHero Academy
Death BallCPlanet NiranDragon
Clay ExplosionCNinja War BattlefieldNaruto
Dee SmashCShonin ExamsNaruto
GiantDDora CityHero Academy
Wood DragonDTree VillagerNaruto
FireBallDTree VillageNaruto

Summing It Up

There is no denying the fact that every ranking given to the abilities in this list is based on extensive research on the topic as well as the personal opinions of the team. We are aware that there might be variations in your own ranking of the abilities and our rankings. Nevertheless, We provide you a comprehensive analysis of all the skills in the game from the three separate factions—Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z—in our Anime Battlegrounds X Tier List.

With so many possibilities for choosing an ability, this tier list seeks to group all of the abilities from Anime Battlegrounds X into distinct tiers depending on various criteria. There are several factors that account for why anime games are far more popular now than they ever were.

Anime games are popular now because they are intelligent, have beautiful animation, and have well-written tales and narratives. With that said, we have finally come to the end of our tier list. Hopefully, this list helped you in any way.