Anime Journey Tier List: The Definitive Ranking

Anime Journey Tier List has discreetly characterized the classes keeping in view their skills, capabilities, and expertise at competence.

Anime Journey is a Roblox-based game introduced in early 2022 and best described as an online fighting game. The title’s appeal is that it is a platform where all the anime are present in a single game, and you get to train your favorite characters to be strong enough to fight others. So with our Anime Journey Tier List, we will rank all the classes in the game based on their potential and skills in general.

Like any other list, the entries will be classified into different categories, such as the S, A, B, C, and D tiers on their performance.

Key Points

  • This article has 7 classes categorized into various tiers, from the best to worst.
  • Each entry has been ranked based on damage stats, rarity, and special abilities.
  • In the highest tiers, you will see Magna and Vegeta Class.
  • Among the lowest ranks are Chad and Kuririn Classes.

Anime Journey Tier List

Let’s briefly list all the Anime Journey classes we’ve ranked in our article.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Magna ClassVegeta ClassLuck ClassChad ClassKuririn Class
Renji ClassJonathon or Jonathon Jester Class

Now let us dive into further detail about each class.

S Tier

anime journey tier list
S Tier.

S rank includes the best of the best Anime Journey Classes Tier List.

Magna Class

Magna Class comparatively has the most potency within the game, whose characters have access to such amazing and mind-blowing moves that can’t be seen in any other category; therefore, we placed them in the S tier to differentiate it from the rest of the tiers. In this game, the character has access to the exploring fireball ability to diminish unwanted objects placed in his path easily. Next comes his power of triple-explored fireball. Such capabilities give the character an upper hand, making him powerful enough to generate large, explosive stars.

However, the range is highly expanded. In addition, when the character reaches level 40, he can access a vanishing scattershot. However, it’s considered dangerous as it instantly kills the enemy but is a defense mechanism for the player himself. Moreover, multiple grand slams also provide the player 4 hits and a successful run away by removing those threatening him alongside fire reinforcement unlocks. When the character reaches level 120, it portrays a buff skill. The ability uses a series of magical mounts in context with one’s magic to contribute to the player’s power.

It makes the character feels like a burning tornado as he becomes so powerful owing to the fire band that instantly reduces the enemy’s energy level and poses serious threats to their lives since it provides action defense. We place the manga class in the S rank after portraying these amazing qualities.

Class Rare
Rarity 10%

A Tier

A Tier.

Each entry here is fantastic, but not the absolute best entries on the Anime Journey Tier List.

Vegeta Class

Vegeta is mainly known to have amazing moves, so we place it in the A Tier for being among the best. Having such actions makes the character play an amazing game. So this class enables the surface to be capable of the final impact that lets them focus their Ki into their fingers. Resultantly, a beam of light escapes. The shaft being highly compact, gets unlocked at reaching level 5. As per the surveys and research, it’s been recorded that the damage level is 1.28k/1.46k, which seems to be advantageous for the player.

Now talking about the second move, the Big Bang Attack, players create a huge ball using their Ki to release enemies. Players unlock the ability when they reach level 15, which results in impressive statistics like the damage rate of 1.44k/ 1.67k. The Fourth power ability is known as Galick Gun. Now, that helps concentrate all the Ki, which results in the formation of a ray of destruction; it is accessible when the player reaches level 80.

Now, here is a pink defensive ball around the player that makes use of it with rays coming out of it that drive the enemies out of the game. The other power is Super Paladin’s ability, which can be utilized at level 120. The skill lets the character become a legendary super Paladin, resulting in 112 damage according to the stats and 400 times block power.

Class Epic
Rarity 5%

Renji Class

The powers a character can attain in the class begin from level 5, and one of the beginning abilities acquired by nature is Shakkaho; which enables the surface to use its spiritual energy to cast a red wave and damage its ability to do is 416/510. Sword Bash is next, which unlocks when a player reaches level 15. It seems a little useless as idly only causes some injuries to the enemy. However, Sword Slash, which opens at level 40, is more useful for dealing with the enemy as it enables a big splash that deals with the damage.

Up next, we have Sword Barrage. It deals great damage by enabling strong slashes. However, the damage (544/681) does not exceed the limit. It unlocks at level 80, considered one of the unique defense mechanisms in any combat. Shikai, considerably one of the last, acts as a buff skill of a player that unlocks at level 120. It lets you unleash your sword. A red band displayed across your blade ensures your control for as long as your enemy doesn’t die; it can be moved multiple times to pose serious threats to your rival.

Class Common
Rarity 20%

B Tier

Anime journey tier list
B Tier.

Everything you’ll find here is average regarding the Anime Journey Classes Tier List.

Luck class

The Luck class fits into the B tier as we move down the list. The strength of the characters depletes. Therefore the moves portrayed in this class are inferior to both S and A tiers. Here the first move, electric Electric Biltz, has an offensive purpose. It lets the player use lightning magic to blitz their enemies at an incredible speed. Any player who reaches level 5 can get their hands on it.

Next comes Thunderclap Crumbling Orb, which opens up for players when they reach level 15. The ability uses one’s lightning magic to launch an electric sphere. It serves best in combat since only a single blow terminates an entire enemy. The third move, Sequence Of Lightning Arrows, has a defensive purpose, as it utilizes one’s lightning and creative magic to create a string of arrows. A player throws these arrows over the target. When a player reaches the 40th level, the ability activates.

Moreover, another amazing move of Luck class, “thunder fiend,” creates a zone of electricity gaining momentum to blitz enemies at very high speeds. In addition, it causes immense damage (587/731) and unlocks when at level 80. Let us close the class with its ability, “Lightning Reinforcement.” Now, it uses one’s creative magic to create the thunder God’s gloves and boots with the help of reinforcement magic for extra power. Now for this, the player should have reached level 120. It’s a very fast move and gets you rid of enemies in just a few moments, making its way into the list.

Class Uncommon
Rarity 15%

Jonathan or Jonathon Jestar Class:

The powers possessed by the characters are not much here. To explain the point, I’ll further discuss the moves the players showcased. We begin with Zoom Punch which unlocks on level 5; it uses a player’s breath to stretch their arm to hit the target; however, the overall damage caused is 314/389.

Furthermore, we will discuss Overdrive, as it decimated one’s enemies with its breath power. It is accessible to a player when he reaches level 15, causing damage 356/444. Moreover, Scarlet Overdrive concentrates one’s breath so that it can result in causing a scarlet stroke. Now a player can use Scarlet Overdrive when he reaches level 40. However, it seems really powerful if one has hand on it, causing immediate damage to the enemy. Next comes Sunlight Yellow Overdrive, which unlocks while reaching level 80; it is a mighty barrage of overdue punches. Now that you reach level 120, Hamon Overdrive is the ability to focus on breathing to call the state of overdrive.

Class Uncommon
Rarity 15%

C Tier

Anime journey tier list
C Tier.

These classes are all less than average.

Chad class

Chad’s class has special moves that make it unique and places it on our Anime Journey Tier List. To begin with, let’s discuss the energy punch that unlocks in level 5. It is a very strong energy punch to get rid of the enemy. It is causing overall damage of 300/375. Furthermore, heading on to our second move, named Brazilian Derecha True Form, it adds to a player’s defense. In other words, it’s a defensive shield across the player, protecting him from any imposed dangers. Simultaneously it does deal extra damage and comes under a buff skill. The ability unlocks upon reaching level 15.

Class Common
Rarity 20%

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Next comes El Directo, which enables the player to do a powerful punch with their right arm causing good damage to the opponent. Reaching level 80 also unlocks La Muerte, and it too makes use of all your powers that result in a powerful punch. It seems to be powerful, causing a lot of damage to the opponent. After reaching level 120, the player takes hold of Brazo Izquierda. This transforms the player’s left arm into the devil’s, which makes him more powerful by categorizing it as a buff skill.

D Tier

tier lisst
D Tier.

The absolute worst classes that no one wants.

Kuririn Class

Now let us consider the D tier. We place the Kuririn class here because it provides the players with enough strength and moves. But still, upon comparison with our top-ranked courses, it lacks a lot. Hence it stays in the D tier while entering our list. The class has moves generally considered below average because they have many flaws.

The first move allowed to a character upon reaching level 5 is Ki Explosion itself. It unleashes a large explosion on the ground, resulting in great damage to the opponent. Following the footsteps of this move, we have another ability called the Ki Barrage. Its role is to unleash a barrage of Ki blasts that can deal with massive damage, and a character of level 15 can easily unlock the ability. Kamehameha is another move that charges a very powerful wave of energy. In that way, we enable it to deal with great distractions. It causes damage of 474/594, according to recorded stats. These stats are recorded while a player is being unlocked.

Upon reaching level, 120 Ki Aura unlocks one’s aura and increases damage and defense.

Class Rare
Rarity 10%

Comparison Table

ClassesTierClass TypeRarity
Magna ClassSRare10%
Vegeta ClassSEpic5%
Renji ClassACommon20%
Luck ClassBUncommon15%
Jonathon or Jonathon Jester ClassBUncommon15%
Chad ClassCCommon20%
Kuririn ClassDRare10%


Our Anime Journey Classes Tier List has all the basic details about the classes and has ranked them according to their moves. Here we talked about what the game is about. In addition, how it’s been classified into different classes and further ranked according to its strengths. We determine which type is superior to the other. And that is so because every course gives players some authority over their opponent, which the other lacks.

We placed all these classes in the relevant rank based on their abilities and how powerful a character trains. Every course provides different moves to the players upon reaching certain levels. They’re supplied with the strength to deal damage to opponents and prove their abilities on the battlefield. Nevertheless, we placed that class in the D tier of our ranking upon such low performance.

Despite great efforts, please note that human mistakes may occur. Here is a guide for the players to easily select from and refer to before diving into the game. With all that said, we wind up our article.