Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List [Feb. 2023]

There Are A Lot Of Weapons In Vampire Survivors, And We Have Ranked Them All.

Welcome to our website, which displays all sorts of different lists. Today, we will present a ranking of all the weapons in our Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List. In this, we will rank various armaments of this title based on their qualities. These attributes include base damage, rarity, max level, etc. Vampire Survivors is a fairly challenging game, and your choice of weapon radically alters your gameplay according to what is thrown at you. You’ll encounter many deathly creatures and paths in this game, and along the way, you will get a hold of a large arsenal of weapons to protect yourself.

Indie developer Luca Galante originally developed Vampire Survivors as a browser game, but it gained a lot of fame and was later made available on Steam for PC. This is an action roguelike that keeps players hooked to it by throwing them into increasingly difficult battles. This game can be absolutely lethal for unprepared players. Death is after you, and you need to evade it while collecting gold and completing quests.

Key Points

  • This game is an action roguelike game that throws thousands of enemies at you.
  • If you don’t create a strong build, death will come easily.
  • Innovative strategies can help a lower-tier weapon to be better than a higher one.
  • The rankings may not be subjective to your choices, but each weapon has been ranked on how they excel on the battlefield.
  • Weapons are ranked based on their DMG and ATK-reducing ability.
  • Version 0.11.3 of the game is used for the rankings of this list.


The following list contains the compilation of all the weapons and their rankings.

Tier RankWeapons
S Rank• Santa Water
• King Bible
• Laurel
• Phiera Der Tuphello
• Eight The Sparrow
A Rank• Cherry Bomb
• Lightning Ring
• Bone
• Rune tracer
B Rank• Song of Mana
• Pentagram
• Ebony Wings
• Shadow Pinion
• Carrello
• Magic Wand
C Rank• Fire Wand
• Clock Lancet
• Garlic
• Knife
• Vento Sacro
D Rank• Gatti Amari
• Celestial Dusting
• La Robba
• Bracelet

Now let’s learn about them in more detail.

S Tier

best weapons tier list
S Tier

An S tier or a superb level of our Tier List includes exceptional weapons with special moves and traits. They have great characteristics and powerups that can aid a player in battle. Before a match, a player has to decide what weapon he wants to equip. These make it easier for him to preform during combat.

S rank armaments have high base damage, area of effectiveness, duration, and speed. Their cooldown period is also low, allowing a player to use them after a short interval. If a player chooses these weapons and links them to his gameplay, he will remain hooked to his game.

Santa Water

Let’s start our article with the first weapon in line, called Santa water. To a player, it might seem like an average weapon that wouldn’t benefit him. But as he learns to use it and levels up, he attains traits that make him invincible. Santa water drizzles Holy water from the dark clouds that deal damage to its enemies. It is included in an S tier because as it levels up, it bestows great attributes on a player that he can’t comprehend.

In the start, the projectile is on the nearest foes, but as it is upgraded, its AOE increases. In this way, a player can easily take out a whole horde of attackers.  At its max level, Santa water’s AOE increases by 80%, and it lasts for 3 whole seconds. When a player has such a lethal weapon in his hand that allows him to cause base damage in a projectile manner. If a player gets their hands on limit break, which is done by unlocking gospel, he can further level up this weapon.

King Bible

King Bible is a weapon available for players from the start, and you can use it from the beginning. You don’t have to go to extreme measures to unlock it. It is a Holy book that can cast off evil forces. Its main form of strategy is that holy books surround the character in all directions. If an enemy comes in contact with it, they take damage and loses HP.

King Bible is a part of an S tier due to its outstanding capabilities. Combined with Twilight requiem arcana, it leaves with an explosion that decreases the ATK of enemies. When a player maxes out its level up to 8, he increases the amount up to 3, and it lasts for +1 second. As for its damaging capacities, it deals an additional 20% damage and possesses 50%.


Laurel is a unique defensive-oriented weapon. It is unlocked by default, and a player can access it easily. it is easy to use a firearm that doesn’t require much technical execution. The main strategy that laurel has is that it surrounds a player and protects him from damaging attacks of enemies. Laurel offers a variety of colors based on its charge. Blue indicates one; Two is for green, and yellow represents three.

It has a rank of an S tier due to its commendable traits that aid a player inside an arena. During his battle, a player encounters a variety of bosses, and this helps him reduce his DMG and HP. It has seven levels; when a player reaches a max level, he gains many power-ups. These include a decrease in the cooldown period by 2 seconds, an addition of 0.8% of invincibility, and added charges.

Phiera Der Tuphello

If you are an old player of this game, you must know that surviving 30 minutes is a big deal. If you stay 10 minutes with Pugnala, you receive a Phiera Der Tuphello weapon. It comprises shooting red bullets.These red bullets move towards the four corners. They strike an enemy and vaporize into thin air. But if a wall blocks them, they are wasted. It is included in an S tier because when it pairs with different arcanas, it leaves blasting effects.

Iron blue will and heart of fire benefit a player a lot. When a player reaches level 8 after upgrading, he is awarded by piercing power up to 7. That concludes that it can hit through colossal bosses. It also enhances its speed by 50% and DMG up to 10. It deals a great deal of damage and reduces the target’s HP.

Eight The Sparrow

Thus  is almost identical to the Phiera der Tuphello. Not only in its moves but also in fighting. A player gets it by spending 15 minutes in an arena with Pugnala, which is 5 minutes more than Phiera. Eight, the sparrow shoots blue energy bullets in radial directions. It has a wider AOE, although the shots are thrown diagonally. It is included in an S tier because it allows a player to defend himself while avenging.

He can shoot down several enemies with these bullets or cause damage. If a player maxes this weapon out, he gains 10 base damage, an additional 50% projectile speed, and increased AOE. Other than this, upgrading also awards him with an addition of 2 bullets and 6 piercing abilities.

A Tier

second best weapons ranked
A Tier

The A rank of our Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List has potentially great firearms and armaments. These items have commendable characteristics that are slightly lower than their S-tiered counterparts. These weapons have abilities that range from best to good, and an A-Tiered armament rarely disappoints players as they serve well in an arena without leaving any enemy behind.

These armements are leveled up and rewarded with a variety of powerups. A-Tiered weapons have high damage dealing ability, defensive ability, duration, speed, and piercing power. A player can use these to defeat various bosses easily. They reduce the HP and ATK of an opponent.

Cherry Bomb

Let’s begin our A Tier with a special weapon that can eradicate enemies from an arena. A cherry bomb works exactly like an ordinary Bomb, except it fends off enemies in a vertical direction. The bomb moves forward while it bounces off numerous enemies. Some bombs explode while others have great strength that fends off enemies. It is included in an A tier because it has commendable traits that aid a player’s gameplay during battle.

When a player chooses this weapon, he receives a chance to blow up his enemies and deal damage within a range of 10 to 20. It has a huge AOE, which allows the player to take down several enemies in a single hit. When a player Max is out of its levels, he receives an additional 10% base damage, 100% area, 60% speed, and an addition of another bomb in his list. They also gets a luck stat with a 60% chance that the bomb might explode. If a player acquires a limit break, he receives another set of stats that makes him invincible. Though without luck, it is also quite useful.

Lightning Ring

When you defeat 5000 opponents in an arena, you are rewarded by the lightning ring. It is a weapon that is evolved from the duplicator and extracts its energy from lightning strikes. The main strategy that it follows is summoning lightning and striking Enemies to deal damage. It deals 15% damage on an enemy by creating a hitbox of 75% area. When a player maxes it, it reaches up to 300% AOE.

It is included in the A rank because instead of the lightning bolts hitting directly, an enemy deals damage through the hitbox. A player has rewarded 50% base damage and an additional four lightning bolts by leveling up.


If you receive a bone during your weapon pool, do not lose it, as it is rare. Mortaccio is the owner of this bone, and after that character is unlocked, the bone rarely goes to another character. It is a lethal weapon to enemies and works by throwing a spinning bone in a random direction. The bone acts as a boomerang as it travels linearly and strays away various opponents.

It also bounces off of walls and edges to strike the enemies again. It lasts two seconds, during which it keeps striking enemies and disappears. Bone is included in the A tier of our article because it deals a lot of damage ranging from 5 to 60% base damage. Such huge value means it can eradicate an enemy with a single hit. Its speed is 100%, and the area of effect is 40%. Limit breaks grants into a duration of 6 seconds.

Rune tracer

Room tracer is similar to bone and is unlocked by playing 5 minutes as Pasqualino. This weapon is a diamond-shaped rune that wanders in all directions of an arena. It pierces an enemy and deals damage. Rune tracer is included in an A tier because it can Pierce an enemy in an AOE, and a single hit eradicates him from an arena. It may also bounce off of the walls inside the hitbox.

Jail of crystal arcana adds a 25% chance of stunning the enemies and leveling up this rune tracer, a player rewarded with a base damage of 20, projectile speed of 40, amount of two, and time duration of an additional one second.

B Tier

average weapons ranked
B Tier

Let’s move on to our mediocre tier, commonly known as a B tier of our Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List. This tier has mediocre or ordinary weapons that do not have unique skills and stats. These are good for beginners since they are easy to handle, and a player can learn how to master the basics with these.

You can train your characters with these weapons as they are unlocked by default, but they have average stats, including ordinary base damage, area-of-effective, duration, and piercing power. Some of these items take out only a single enemy at a time. Hitbox delay is also on some guns that restrict the firing ability.

Song of Mana

Song of mana is a heavy-duty weapon that protests a player while also offending him. It comprises a pulsing wave of sparkly substances moving out in an elliptical form. These particles bounce off of the edges around the arena.  The main purpose is to hit an enemy and deal damage. It is included in a B tier because it has a one-second hitbox delay. This delay refrains from hitting the same enemy again and again.

This characteristic gives an enemy a chance to hit the character and win the game. As a player is busy killing various enemies, he doesn’t see the attacker coming and loses the battle. It comprises eight levels, and when it is maxed out, a player receives an additional 30 base damage, 175% area of effectiveness, and an additional 1.5 seconds of duration.  There’s also a 2.25-second decrease in the cooling down. Hence a player can reuse it after a short span.


If you survived for 20 minutes with your character, you are awarded a pentagram. A pentagram is a purple glyph that has a golden boundary. The main purpose of this weapon is to eradicate anything in its area of effectiveness. The detailing that is erased increases as the pentagram is leveled up. It is included in the B tier of our Vampire Survivors Tier List Weapon because it eradicates enemies, drops, items, and anything present inside an arena.

This weapon has a complex and difficult Execution. Each level adds a golden aura purple ring that makes the hexagram bigger. As a symbol grows, so does its effectiveness. But there might be a chance of luck stat that only removes the enemies.  If a player Doesn’t like to remove the drops and items inside an arena, he needs to level up, increasing his chances of gaining luck stat, and a player would erase only his enemies. However, this weapon deals a lot of damage to the enemies and has a shorter cooldown time.

Ebony Wings

Ebony wings work in correspondence to Peachone. When the last weapon is moved up to level 7, Ebony wings are unlocked. It allows a bird to fly around A character and protect him by bombarding his enemies with projectile bombs. It is included in a B tier because the bombarding and the bird are rarely In Sync. A player is four steps ahead of the bird, which makes the bird slow. Ebony wings fires projectiles that flare up an arena and deal damage to an enemy.

It has eight levels and uses 20% damage in a 120% area with seven amounts. Its cooldown period Is also decreased By 0.5 seconds. Ebony wings fires projectile attacks on an enemy in its area effectiveness. It is powerful yet cannot take out the enemy in a single hit.

Shadow Pinion

Shadow pinion is a lethal weapon that eradicates enemies and forms dangerous zones inside an arena. It works uniquely and has special gameplay. When a character is moving, it has acceleration that damages the enemies. When it stops, a drill Spawn is fired in the direction the character is facing. It is included in a B tier because a player usually misses his target as this weapon is directed in the direction a character is facing.

If a player loses his sense of location, the shot is fired at the wrong angle. This drill requires a 2-second hitbox delay, meaning the pinion can only strike an enemy once in two seconds. Shadow opinion has eight levels which increase and enhance base damage by 15, duration by 0.75 seconds, and an amount by 1.


Carello is the weapon obtained by spending 1000 gold coins at the merchants. It is a projectile weapon that deals damage by the number of bounces. It works by shooting a cart that travels horizontally. Carello fends off the enemies and several other items off the screen that comes in contact with it. When a Cart bounces, they are determined by the amount Carella possesses. For example, if the amount is 2, the card can reflect only once.

It is included in the B tier because it does not supply our players with admirable traits. It has a total of eight levels, and when a player matches out, he receives base damage by 90, area by 40, speed by 100, and a decrease in cooldown by 0.9 seconds. A player should use this weapon with a waltz of pearls and iron blue well that increases the bouncing quantity of the cart.

Magic Wand

It is a default weapon that allows players to shoot blue magic-oriented rifled and missiles at enemies. A magic wand is a short-range weapon that shoots enemies closer to the player. You will become a spellcaster with this weapon and will be able to do magic. If you love to be a wizard, this is your weapon. It is included in a B tier because the player needs to get close to his enemy to shoot him down.

It grants the damaging ability of 10 by decreasing the ATK of an enemy. A player needs to use it with various arcanas to increase its effectiveness. The magic wand has a total of 8 levels until a player receives a Max level. At the highest upgrading, a player is awarded additional base damage of 20, an amount of three, and a pierce by 1. The cooldown is decreased by 0.2 seconds.

C Tier

vampire survivors weapon tier list
C Tier

A C-tiered weapon on our rankings is one that lacks skills that would aid a player during gameplay. These weapons are used to fill a slot or are chosen by when there is no other option available.

They have low statistics, including speed, duration, and projectile fires. Some of these weapons do not even have any speed or damage powerups.

Fire Wand

Fire wand is a weapon of Ladonna, and it is obtained by destroying 20 torches. A player can shoot fireballs in a projectile manner at an enemy. He needs a perfect aim and his eyes set on the target to make this weapon work. A player can fire many fireballs at a single attack, increasing his chances of hitting an enemy. But it is still easier for an enemy to dodge these fireballs, making them part of a C tier.

Fire wand luminaries have a slower projectile speed. A speed of 0.75 is not enough to take down a sturdy opponent. When a player reaches the weapon’s eighth level, he receives an addition of 70% base damage and 60% projectile speed. This Firearm’s duration remains the same, dragging it down to a lower tier. Its cooling down duration is 3 seconds, giving an opponent time to strike.

Clock Lancet

Clock Lancet is a supporting weapon in our vampire survivors game. If a player collects an Orologio For the first time, he is awarded by a clock Lancet. It can freeze an opponent. It fires out a beam of ice that freezes anything that comes in contact. Clock Lancet is included in the C tier of our Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List because this Lancet cannot deal damage to an enemy. An opponent does not lose HP or ATK. He is stunned for two seconds, after which he unfreezes and can strike a player again.

A player can only use this weapon to take a breath inside an arena. Even if its levels are increased, it only gains an additional 4 seconds duration and a decrease in one second of cooldown. Other than this, its qualities are not improved.


Everyone knows garlic is notorious for burning vampires; hence it is a must in the vampire survivors game. When a player consumes five-floor chicken, he receives garlic that can damage nearby enemies. It is a short-range weapon that strikes radially. Garlic surrounds a player with concentric, or that deals damage to an enemy when he comes in contact with it. It also has a hitbox delay that damages an enemy only once. After that, he becomes immune to it.

It resides under a C tier because it deals only 9% base damage on an enemy at its Max level. Even if it is maxed out, it only adds an area of effect to its traits by 100. The cooldown duration of garlic is reduced by 0.3 seconds. Other than this, it does not make an Aid to a player in winning a battle and surviving till the last minute. Although if it is paired up with freezing arcana, it can help, as an enemy becomes vulnerable to freezing.


A knife is a weapon that is unlocked by default and is the best weapon for a beginner. A beginner can learn his gameplay and control his execution with this easy-to-use weapon. This weapon does not have long-lasting effects and only shoots a knife. It is included in the C tier of our Vampire Survivors Tier List Weapon because the direction in which the knives are shot corresponds to the path where the player last moved.

If a player is not synchronized with his movements, the blades are shot at the wrong angle and miss the target. As a knife is leveled up, its firing interval is decreased, and it can only hit one enemy after disappearing. When it is leveled up, its damage increases by 10, and the amount increases by five. It does not offer a great range of attributes that could attract a player.

Vento Sacro

It is a dangerous weapon and is unlocked by staying 15 minutes in an arena with Zi’assunta. It allows a player to slash his enemy and create multiple cuts on him. Vento sacro deals damage to enemies. This weapon deals with critical hits and you twice the destruction. It is included in the C tier of our list because its traits depend on the luck stat. Without it deals a small amount of damage.

If a player is on a starting level, it’s not beneficial, but when he levels up his weapon, it starts receiving 40% base damage. This damage is calculated by multiplying the base damage by the weapon’s level. It has a total of 8 levels, and at the Max level, it has an additional four base damage and a 60% area of effectiveness. Its amount also increases by three. The limit break also benefits its traits.

D Tier

worst tier list
D Tier

With the D-tier reside abysmal weapons that are the worst in the game. This tier includes armaments with really low stats and powerups that do not aid in an arena. When a player uses them, these armaments are likely yo ruin their experience. These also have poor speed, and some don’t even keep up with the player. 

All these items have low stats, including base damage, speed, and pierce. They have a high cooldown time. A player should avoid these weapons as they would ruin his chances of winning the battle.

Gatti Amari

Let’s start the most damned tier of our article. It begins with Gatti Amari, who calls out to cats that appear on the screen in a Hexagonal manner. These cats move in a straight line and scratch any enemy that comes their way. Gatti Amari is our medium ranged weapon. It resides under a D tier because these cats always start fighting with each other and create a scuffle cloud inside an arena.

If a cat walks on a pickup, it is consumed and wasted. Collecting floor chickens also affects their performance inside a battleground and increases their bonus damage. The total damage that they can cause is 10. When a cat is leveled up, only its speed amount and duration are increased a little. Upgrading Gatti Amari does not increase its base damage, making a player Regret choosing this weapon.

Celestial Dusting

It is a flowery weapon that works in floral ways. It fires flowers that appear through enemies and deal damage. They deem only 5% damage on an enemy, and some flowers are wasted by just moving forward. It is included in a D tier because it is a useless weapon with only a small amount of damage and a small area of effectiveness. It also has a 0.3-second hitbox delay that does not allow a player to hit the same enemy repeatedly.

By leveling up, a player can increase its base damage by 5 and speed by 90. Its amount and duration are also increased by 1. Another useless trait is added that generates small hearts when an enemy is defeated. It might enhance the game’s graphics but does not aid a player.

La Robba

When you spend 1000 gold coins inside the in-game merchant, you unlock la robba, an egg-shaped weapon. It allows furniture to fall from the top of the screen and bounce on enemies. These articles of furniture keep falling till duration end. It is included in a D tier because it does not deal great damage to an opponent and a player usually misses the target.

It also has a 0.5-second hitbox delay, and an enemy can easily dodge these pieces of furniture. La Robba has a small AOE and can do an additional 30% base damage by leveling up. Four pieces of articles are added after leveling up, and one second is added.


We are going to end our list with this last detoured bracelet. Gyorunton unlocks it. This bracelet is a useless form of accessory that shoots cloudy sparkles at an enemy. It deals 10 damage and has a 0.9 AOE. It is included in a D tier because it does not benefit a player inside an arena, and the player has to make altered gameplay to work with this weapon. Still, even after leveling up, this bracelet only adds 20% of base damage.

Even if a player gains a limit break, one person might, and five-person speed is added. This bracelet introduces a player’s capacity to fight inside an arena.


Our Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List is a compilation of various different weapons or vampire survivors in the game. These are all ranked based on their damage, AOE, speed, duration, max level trait, and damage dealt to enemies.

This provides a basis for choosing characters, and it also helps players to learn to be better at the game. We hope it helped you out, because truth be told Vampire Survivors is a pretty challenging game. You will require all the help you can get.

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