Apex Legends Weapon Tier List: All Weapons Ranked

We Will Be Ranking All Weapons In The Game With This Tier List.

Today, under the spotlight, we have the Apex Legends Weapon Tier List. This is a game that came out back in 2019 after the collaboration between both Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts. It is the third entry in the Titanfall franchise and has adopted a lot of its core mechanics like gunplay and strategic movement and placement from its predecessor Titanfall 2. 

The world of Apex Legends is set in a near future timeline, after the events of Titanfall 2, where a blood-ridden sport has been revived by savages in the name of ultimate glory, calling 60 of the finest Legends to a game of death, by scavenging resources and weapons across the map. So our article focuses explicitly on ranking all available weapons from the game.

Key Points 

  • There are a total of 29 entries in our article.
  • The rankings are based on the current meta, as well as each weapon’s individual damage, stability, rate-of-fire, etc.
  • In the highest tiers, you can find the likes of the VK-47 Flatline, Volt SMG, R-301 Carbine, Wing Man, and the Bocek Compound Bow.
  • Among the lowest ranks, you can find entries like the Mastiff Shotgun, Frag Granade,  Re-45 Auto, and P2020.


The following table ranks all the thirty-two weapons from Apex Legends: 

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• VK-47 Flatline
• Volt SMG
• R-301 Carbine
• Wing Man
• Bocek Compound Bow
• C.A.R. SMG
• L-Star EMG
• Charge Rifle
• R-99 SMG
• Peacekeeper
• Alternator SMG
• HAVOC Rifle
• Triple Take
• Mozambique Shotgun
• Hemlok Burst AR
• Long Bow DMR
• Devolution LMG
• EVA-8 Auto
• M600 Spitfire
• 30-30 Repeater
• Rampage LMG
• Nemesis Burst AR
• Prowler Burst PDW
• Kraber .50-Cal Sniper
• G7 Scout
• Sentinel
• Mastiff Shotgun • Re-45 Auto
• P2020

A detailed overview of each weapon is given below:

S Tier     

The best weapons in the Apex Legends Weapon TIer List
S Tier.

The S Tier in the Apex Legends Weapon Tier List Season 16 reflects the cream of the crop. These weapons are more than capable of providing players with an almost overwhelming advantage while going into combat due to their exceptional stats and well-rounded gameplay. 

VK-47 Flatline   

Our first entry is the VK-47 Flatline a heavy rounds weapon that in an essence outperforms all the other weapons the game has to offer. Taking no more than 3 body shots to knock down enemies with a basic shield, the VK-47 Flatline deals total damage of 20 hit points on body shots and 40 hit points on headshots respectively. The Rate of Fire on the weapon averages a total of 6.5 shots per second, which might be a little low compared to other weapons on the roster but for certain is the best, as this moderate rate of fire comes paired with a low recoil trend, making the weapon an ideal choice for medium to long-range fights. The most ideal legends to be paired with the VK-47 Flatline would be the likes of Blood Hound, Gibraltar, or Wraith, containing crowd-control abilities. 

Volt SMG

The Volt SMg is one of the most reliable weapons a player can come across in a game of Apex Legends, with relatively good damage stats and precise accuracy stats the weapon has one of the highest pick rates in the current meta of the game. The weapon has a low horizontal recoil pattern which helps the payer excel at medium to short-range engagements. It’s low reload time is also a great playing factor to tilt the favor on the player’s side in a clutch situation.

The Volt can deal total damage of 15 hit points on body shots and  23 hit points on headshots against an enemy carrying the level 2 base shield. Due to its fast mechanics and great agility, Volt SMG is the ideal weapon choice for players who main Octane, Wraith, and Horizon, agents whose primary abilities focus on fast movements and quick rotations. The weapon’s fast rate of fire also provides players with a small window to execute surprise attacks. 

R-301 Carbine 

The R-301 Carbine Assault Rifle is a better version of the C. A. R. SMG in terms of recoil patterns. When compared side by side both weapons have almost identical stats with minor tweaks to the weapon’s combat mechanics. The R-301 Carbine uses Light bullet rounds and can deal a total damage of up to 36 and 18 hit points to enemies with a basic level 2 shield on headshots and body shots respectively. The R-301 Carbine fires around 8.25 bullet rounds per second, which is slightly low to C. A. R. SMG’s 9 bullets per second, but gives the weapon its superior recoil stats.

The weapon benefits greatly from an extended Light Mag attachment, due to its initial capacity limiting only to a total of 18 bullets, which is an extremely low count to initiate fights and knockdown enemies. Due to the low recoil stats and pinpoint accuracy stats, the R-301 Carbine is a good option to initiate fights at medium to long range, to further aid the weapon’s effectiveness the Havoc 2x-4x convertible sight is a good option. Legends with fast movement abilities, like Horizon and Wraith, are good calls to be paired up with the Assault Rifle.  

Wing Man 

The one-shot pistol utilizes Heavy ammunition rounds and has the initial capacity to hold a total of 6 bullet rounds. Unlike other weapons ranked up till now, Wing Man as a weapon is quite complete and needs little to no supporting attachments. Having said that, the 1x holo sight might be a good shout to nail targets over a far-apart distance.

The weapon has great popularity and is notoriously known for its high damage caps, leading it to inflict total damage of 45 hit points on body shots and 90 hits points on headshots. Legends like Path Finder and Blood Hound would be the ideal way to go, due to their ability to cut the distance between the player and the opponent to hit accurate one-shots.     

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Bocek Compound Bow

An extremely unique weapon with a high damage cap the Bocek Compound Bow was added to the game back in Season 9. The weapon has a high cap like the Wing Man, as it deals up to 70 hit points for each registered body hit and 123 hit points for headshots, unlike other weapons the Bocek Compound Bow, does not utilizes the conventional ammunition type. Arrows fired by the Bocek Bow can be retrieved after being fired, making the weapon an appealing choice for players playing with a conservative mindset.

The Bow, unlike any other weapon, is also subjected to drop-off. The weapon is a good choice for medium to long-range engagements, for which sight scopes like the 2x-4x convertible sight or the 3x HCOG scope might be a good option. The Bocek as a whole is a rather unorthodox weapon compared to the gritty game mechanics, and play tactics made with the weapon are also quite unconventional, like Valkyre’s ultimate to execute attacks from a high altitude or using Path Finder to take Nontraditional camping spots. 

A Tier

Second Best Weapons
A Tier.

Apex Legneds provide players with a wide variety of different weapons allowing players a shot at a pretty personalized gameplay, the A rank of the Apex Legends Weapon Tier List is the place where all the weapons that excel at both close or long-range engagements are ranked. 


Though the C. A. R. SMG, might not be the optimized high-damaging fully automated rifle like the VK-47 Flatline, with the right attachments can be a clutch weapon. The weapon utilizes the abundantly available Light bullet round, which can be considered a big positive, as it relieves players from the hassle of looting for long sessions, allowing them a window to focus more on other aspects like map movements, or weapon upgrades. The rate of fire for the weapons also averages a total of 9 shots per second accompanied by a vertical recoil pattern.

As emphasized earlier the C. A. R. SMG, is a weapon that relies heavily on supporting attachments, the attachments for the weapon would be the Extended Light Mag as the base variant of the weapon can only hold a total of 15 bullet rounds, a Precision Choke to neutralize the effects of vertical recoil pattern, and the select fire log, which is good to have as it allows players to choose between automatic and burst- fire modes. The damage stats on the weapon are also pretty plausible dealing around 22 hit points on body shots on a basic level 2 shield and 38 hit points on headshots. 

L-Star EMG

Of all the weapons ranked up till now, the L-Star EMG is the only Apex Legends automatic rifle that is not subjected to reloading other than the Bocek Bow. The weapon uses Energy bullet rounds and offers players a relatively high damage cap, averaging in around 17 hitpoints for body shots and 26 hit points for headshots with a moderate rate of fire of 6 rounds per second, and small recoil horizontal pattern. 

Though in its initial form, L-Star EMG is a good weapon to bombard enemies over a distance with continuous sprays, the weapon can also be optimized for short-range combat by employing a Turbo Charge, to increase the rate of fire to deal extensive amounts of damage in short intervals. Of all the different scope options 3x HCOG scope is a good consideration. 

Charge Rifle 

A single shot fired by the Charge Rifle consumes a total of 2 sniper ammo cartridges. When considering the damage stats for the weaponry, Charge Rifle deals total damage of 90 hit points on body shots and 116 hit points on headshots. As the name suggests Charge Rifle also has a charge mode that uses 2 shield charges to fire 5 charged rounds to inflict increased damage onto the opponents. The best attachments for the weapon include a 4x-8x HCOG sight scope and a level 4 stock to help with the accuracy of the rounds being fired.

In a team composition legends like Blood Hound, Seer, and Crypto would be the ideal choice to pick up on a sniping role due to scouting tactics while legends like Velkyre, Path Finder, or Loba could also be a good pick, due to their fast movement, to engage and evade fights when necessary. 

R-99 SMG

The R-99 SMG is a great choice to use during the initial period of the match to score some easy kills because of its high damage output, inflicting total damage of 11 hit points on body shots and 17 hitpoints on headshots, having said that the damage cap for the weapon could be further enhanced by equipping supporting attachments like a Hop Up Stabilizer or an Anvil Choke. At first glance, the damage stats for the weapon seems pretty ordinary but the real firepower for the R-99 SMG comes from its rapid rate of fire averaging around 11 bullets per second, but this high damage cap comes at a cost as the weapon is subjected to some high recoil stats, limiting the gun’s gameplay to close-range combat. 


The Peacekeeper is a Shotgun class weapon and packs a great damage cap, with a single registered shot dealing total damage of 110 hit points against an enemy with a basic level 2 shield, essentially making it a one-shot weapon, taking no more than one shotgun shell to down the enemy. Here it is important to note that, Peacekeeper has a low rate of fire and a small magazine capacity, meaning that in midst of an engagement, it all comes down to the player’s timing and precision to hit accurate flicks.

Though the weapon is designed specifically for close-range fights, supporting attachments like the Barrel Stabilizer and Precision Choke can tremendously help to neutralize the pellet spread and 1x Hollo sight scope to improve the accuracy. It is a weapon that excels in closed-out spaces, which would be playing to the strengths of both Gibraltar and Path Finder.

Alternator SMG

Overall a completely balanced-out weapon option, Alternator SMG has one of the highest spawn ratios in the game. The weapon is just like it the R-99 SMG or the R-301 Carbine  Assault Rifle uses light ammunition rounds and offers players a low recoil pattern and stable mid-range sprays at the expense of moderate damage output. It is a common practice among the more seasoned players of the game to grind the game with an R-99 and Alternator SMG combo, despite both weapons using the same ammunition type. Having said that, the combo has a great tactical advantage, as it covers all attack options for small to long-range engagements.

The Alternator SMG deals total damage of 16 hit points and  24 hit points for headshots and body shots respectively, which could also be further enhanced by equipping the Choke Hopup attachments. Due to the small recoil pattern, the 2x-4x convertible sight is a good option to execute medium to long-range sprays effectively. The extended Light Mag is also a crucial attachment, due to a low initial capacity of only 20 bullet rounds.

HAVOC Rifle 

The HAVOC Assault Rifle utilizes Energy bullet rounds and can deal total damage of 18 hit points for a single body shot registered and 36 hit points for every headshot, having said that, the weapon just like the Charge Rifle has a Charge mode which takes up a total of 2 shield charges, during the charge mode the weapon deals far more damage as compared to its auto firing mode. HAVOC Rifle has a moderate rate of fire, firing a total of 5 shots per second but the weapon’s effectiveness is greatly reduced by extremely high horizontal recoil sway, for which equipping the Stock attachment becomes a crucial feat to overcome.

Other than the Stock, equipping a sight cope like the 2x-4x convertible or the 3x HCOG should also be imperative, also an extended Energy Mag to increase the bullet capacity for the weapon. Legends Blood Hound is the most ideal Legend for the weapon because of his tactical All-Father ability to scout enemies across far-apart distances or Banglore due to her positioning tactics. 

Triple Take 

Out of all the weapons ranked in this Apex Legends Weapon Tier List Arena, this marksman class weapon provides players with the greatest utility, if players can get used to the quirky yet gritty mechanics associated with the weapon. Triple Take uses the Light bullet round and is a great versatile rifle whose gameplay can be adapted to both short-range and long-range engagements. The also has a pretty decent damage cap, dealing a total of 69 hit points for each registered body shot, and 138 hit points for each headshot.

Agents with great positioning abilities, like Gibraltar and Path Finder, get the most out of using the Tripple Take. When looking at the supporting attachments, a Precision Choke and a sight scope like 3x HCOG are the way to go. Though the Triple Take offers pretty diversified gameplay, players should be wary of their positioning and look to secure tactical landmarks that have good sight lines.  

Mozambique Shotgun

The Mozambique Shotgun is a triple barrel shotgun that offers players great movement speed as compared to its other counterparts. The fires three shotgun shells in a single shot and deals total damage of 45 hit points for every single body shot and 70 hit points for headshots against a basic Level 2 shield. The rate of fire for the weapon is also considerably good averaging around 5.7 shots per second.

The weapon is only suitable for close counters, and the only attachment that makes sense to equip is the Shotgun Bolt, to increase the rate of fire. 

Hemlok Burst AR

Though a low rate of fire, the Hemlok Burst AR is still a pretty viable option, due to its exceptionally high damage cap and low recoil sway. It is is a semi-automatic Assault Rifle that has the ability to fire three Heavy bullet rounds in a single burst fire, which deals total damage of 22 hit points per bullet round on body shots, and 38 hit points on headshots. Having said that, in view of the Apx Legends game mechanics the weapon is almost one-dimensional, suitable for long to medium-range engagements.

Also, the weapon is greatly reliant on supporting attachments like an Extended Havey Mag, due to the weapon’s initial capacity being limited to only 18 bullet rounds and a Barrel Choke which increases the rate of fire from a mere 5.3 shots per second to 6.4 shots per second, also a Stock Grip to help with the recoil sway in an attempt to fire rapid bursts and 1x-2x Variable Holo Sight. The tactics for the Hemlok Burst AR should be aimed at hitting precise headshots. 

Long Bow DMR 

Despite utilizing Sniper ammunition and being classified as a Sniper class weapon, the Long Bow DMR works more like a Marks Man rifle with a terrifyingly high damage cap and small clip size. The Long Bow DMR deals total damage of 55 hit points on body shots and  110 hit points on headshots, essentially making the weapon a one-shot killing machine, furthermore, the weapon also provides players with a versatile gameplay experience and can be a very deadly weapon option.

Having said that, there are certain legends that drive the most out of the weapon the likes of Blood Hound for their Allfather ability to reveal enemy locations, Gibraltar for his cover and position tactics, or Banglore for taking a supporting role to help teammates take long-range shots with the DMR. Supporting attachments like the Skullpiercer to increase the damage cap by 35%, or an optic sight like the 4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat, and a stock to improve accuracy play an important role in enhancing the effectiveness of the weapon. 

Devolution LMG 

The Devolution LMG in Apex Legends is a decent gun with respectable damage figures, although it is inferior to other weapons in the game. The automatic light machine gun utilizes Energy bullet rounds and has a unique RPM mechanic to increase the rate of fire with increasing continuous fire spray. It is a flexible weapon and is effective at both medium and long-range engagements. The weapon is best used in situations where players are positioned in a secure location with a formidable cover, allowing the weapon to reach its maximum rate of fire which clocks in around 9 shots per second.

Also, due to the large clip size and high damage, it is an effective option for halting foes and causing heavy damage over time, the Devolution LMG deals total damage of 17 hitpoints for body shots and 34 hit points for headshots against a basic level 2 shield. Devolution LMG is a versatile weapon that can be matched with many various Legends, like Rampant, Horzion, Bnaglore, or Wraith, whose abilities can aid in increasing the effectiveness of the weapon. Out of all the supporting attachments, Turbocharger should be an imperative objective, making the RPM mechanic even more effective. 

EVA-8 Auto 

Next in the A Tier we have the EVA-8 Auto Shotgun. Which is an extremely popular choice among players because of its high damage cap and the high rate of fire. The weapon deals total damage of 63 hit points for every body shot and 99 hit points for a single headshot and fires on average a total of 12.8 shots per second. Due to limited range, the EVA-8 Auto Shotgun is restricted to short-range combat, hence players should focus on implementing hip-fire and attempt to connect easy flicks to improve accuracy and achieve a greater movement speed.

Some of the finest attachments for the EVA-8 Auto are the Shotgun Bolt, which shortens the gap between rounds, and the Double Tap Trigger, which enables the weapon to fire two fast shots in succession. The Holosight can also help with close-range aim. Legends that excel in close-range combat, like Banglore, Octane, and Blood Hound are the most feasible option to be paired with the EVA-8 Auto. 

M600 Spitfire

A high-damaging Light Machine Gun that uses Light bullet rounds. The Spitfire is a flexible weapon that can be deployed across several conditions. It is a good weapon for suppressing fire and can be used to hold down choke points or cover teammates as they advance because of its large magazine capacity and relatively little recoil sway. However, because of how slowly it reloads, players may become exposed, therefore it’s crucial to have cover when reloading.

The Spitfire may be used as a weapon in any circumstance by using the appropriate attachments, like a Barrel Stableizer, Turbo Charger, and a 3x HCOG scope. Because of a high reload time, Spitfire and Ginbralter are a great pairing as his entire gameplay is focused on taking a supporting role in team combination and providing teammates with supporting cover. The damage stats for the weapon are also very impressive as it deals total damage of 18 hit points for body shots and 36 hit points for every registered headshot. 

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30-30 Repeater 

The 30-30 Repeater was added to the game back in Season 8 and has since been used as a pretty effective long-range weapon that uses Energy bullet rounds. The 30-30 is also another weapon in Apex Legends that has a charge mode, just like the Charge Rifle and the HAVOC Rifle, but instead of consuming shield charges, the weapon requires the players to hold ADS for extended intervals to fire charge shots, dealing total damage of 42 hit points on body shots and 74 hit points on headshots but can deal greater damage for charge shots.

The weapon is semi-automatic and should be aimed to hit accurate headshots from a far apart distance, for which supporting attachments like 2x-4x convertible sight should be crucial to equip, also and Extended Light Mag should also be emphasized as the weapon only as the ability to hold 6 bullet rounds, along with a Stock due to the vertical recoil sway of the weapon. 


B Tier

Mediocre weapons from the Apex Legends Weapon TIer List
B Tier.

All the weapons that are added to the B Tier of the Apex Legends Weapon Tier List 2023 are viable options that can perform well under certain situations, having said that, these weapons definitely lack the firepower and adaptability that comes with those ranked in the S and A Tier.    

Rampage LMG

The weapon Rampage LMG is subjected to rather some absurd combat mechanics, for instance, the rate of fire, which at the start is quite low but increases with the duration of the spray. Damage stats for the weapon averages around 28 hit points for body shots and 56 hit points for headshots, having said that the main emphasis for the weapon combat style focuses on long sprays but the big recoil sway pleads otherwise which is a big flaw.

Legends like Rampant because of his armed cover or Horizon’s black hole ability could be a good shout to be paired with the weapon. Tactics for the Rampage LMG should be focused on using the weapon in a supporting role for deploying suppressing fire and creating gaps between players and enemies. A wide variety of supporting attachments can be added to the weapon, out of which a Barrel Choke is the most crucial, keeping in view the recoil stats. other attachments may include a Quickdraw Holster and a 1x-2x Variable Holo Sight.  

Nemesis Burst AR 

The Nemesis Burst AR pretty much follows the same mechanics as the Hamlok Burst AR, the weapon carries a pretty low rate of fire, but unlike the Hamlok the weapon fires four bullet rounds in a single burst. The weapon uses Energy type ammunition and deals total damage of 17 hit points for every registered body shot and 32 hit points for every headshot against a basic level 2 shield which is a little less than the Hamlok upon comparison.

The Nemesis Burst AR is also subject to a higher vertical bullet sway, a flaw that lands it a spot on the B Tier. To use the Nemesis AR effectively Banglore’s smoke screen would be a key tactic to cut the distance between the enemies and the players, in an attempt to neutralize the high recoil sway of the weapon, having said that supporting attachments like a Stock and Barrel Choke could also play an important role in improving the weapon’s accuracy. 

Prowler Burst PDW

The Prowler Burst PDW may trail behind due to its low rate of fire and the high vertical recoil pattern, but when paired with the right attachments and legends the burst SMG can prove to be pretty effective. Burst PDW uses Heavy bullet rounds and fires a total of 5 bullet rounds in a single burst fire. The weapon deals total damage of 15 hit points on body shots and 22 hit points on headshots against a level 2 basic shield, which again might be a little low when compared to other weapons.

Furthermore, due to the small clip size of only 20 bullet rounds, finding an Extended Heavy Mag becomes an imperative objective for players, also to find a sight scope like the 1x-2x Variable Holo Sight, 1x Holo, or the 1x HCOG Classic is a must. The performance of the weapon is also highly dependent on the Legend’s abilities, like Blood Hound’s ultimate: The Hunt, which to an extent neutralizes the effect of small clip size, as the ability reduces the reload time, or Wattson whose fences can lead the pace of battles and lead foes to choke points where the Prowler will be most effective.

Kraber .50-Cal Sniper

The Kraber .50-Cal Sniper is a supply drop weapon that utilizes Mythic Sniper ammunition and also comes with a pre-equipped 6x-10x variable sight scope. The weapon has a high damage cap and can kill an enemy with essentially a single shot. Having said that, Kraber coming with a pre-equipped sight scope con not be further modified by the supporting attachments. Another big misfire for the weapon’s effectiveness is its ammo type which can be re-stocked, making it a rare commodity. Best Legend picks for the weapon include the likes of Gibraltar, Path Finder, and Crypto. 

G7 Scout 

The gun G7 scout is a Marks Man class weapon that is equipped with a semi-automatic firing mode and utilizes Energy type ammunition. The weapon offers a versatile gameplay experience but is most suitable for mid to long-range engagements due to the low vertical recoil pattern subjected to its combat mechanics and low rate of fire, which averages a total of 4.5 shots per second. Despite, having very well-rounded gameplay, the G7 Scout still is an underdog in this Apex Legends Weapon Tier List Arena, because of its low damage cap and extensive reliance on supporting attachments.

Dealing total damage of 14 hit points on body shots, and 24 hit points on headshots, in addition, the maximum clip size for the weapon only comes to a total of 10 bullet rounds which can be increased to a total of 60 sixty bullet rounds by equipping a level 4 Extended Energy Mag, also the G7 Scout being an ideal choice for medium to long-range combat, any Hollow Sights like the 3x HCOG scope or the Havoc 2x-4x convertible sight can be a crucial pairing. In a team combination the G7 Scout is most suitable for legends that take a more supporting role, like Gibraltar or Crypto as due to the low damage it is very difficult to score kills with the weapon. 


Sentinel is a bolt-action sniper rifle and is more of a mismatch when considering how a single match of Apex Legends actually plays out. For Apex Lengeds, Crouch Sliding is a key element of the combat mechanics and is pretty much abused in every match regardless of the expertise level of the players. The weapon packs a great punch, as it can simply kill a maxed-out enemy with a single shot, but the weapon becomes virtually useless due to the low accuracy and absurd movement patterns of players. Sentinel deals total damage of 70 hit points for body shots and a whopping 140 hit points for headshots, having said that it is still a very unpredictable weapon keeping in view the game mechanics, and also requires great skill to be effective in any sort.

Though most players opt for an Extended Sniper Mag, Sniper Scope, and a Heavy 10x scope as an ideal set of supporting attachments, the Dead Eye’s Tempo Hop up is fairly overlooked but on contrary can prove to be a great addition, as it decreases the reload time and virtually increases the rate of fire for the weapon. Legends like Gibraltar and Bnaglore could be great options for the weapon as they can use their abilities to find cover and control choke points. 

C Tier 

Weapons with weak stats from the Apex Legends Weapon TIer List
C Tier.

Nothing special, C Tier is a sight of weakness. It ranks all the weapons with relatively poor stats and performance. All these weapons are mere sight of negligence and are nothing but a complete flop.  

Mastiff Shotgun 

Our first weapon to be listed in the C Tier of the Apex Legends Weapon Tier List is the Mastiff Shotgun, a weapon that excels in tight spaces in indoor engagements. Though on paper, the Mastiff may be capable of dealing vast amounts of damage a glitch has haunted the weapon since season 7 that is yet to be fixed. According to the stats chart, Mastiff deals total damage of 99 hit points for every shotgun shell, but due to a certain glitch on many occasions, the weapon only dealt total damage of only 7 hit points, a flaw which significantly reduced the weapon’s popularity thorough out the community. Mastiff is a short-range weapon and is good for quick flicks and surprise attacks.

Another big flaw in the weapon design is its small clip size which can not be increased by using an Extended Mag. Mastiff only has a total capacity of 5 shotgun shells but as compensation also comes with a pre-equipped Shotgun Bolt, which enhances the weapon’s rate of fire by several notches. Other attachments may include a Digital Threat or Scope Sight.  

D Tier 

Wrost weapons from the game with the lowest stats
D Tier.

Our lowest possible tier is the D Tier which ranks the weakest weapons of all the thirty-two weapons  Apex Legends has to offer. One word that sums up the D Tier is impractical. 

RE-45 Auto

Just like the Kraber .50-Cal Sniper, the Re-45 Auto is also a supply drop weapon, that can only be scavenged for carate packages. The weapon utilizes Mythic Light ammunition. Re-45 is being added to the lowest bottom tier of the Apex Legends Weapon Tier List Arena because it provides players with zero to no utility, and is mostly ignored. The weapon deals total damage of 10 hit points for body shots and 18 hit points for headshots against a level 2 basic shield, which is nothing considering the risk it takes to acquire the gun in the first place. The RE-45 Auto is also subjected to the same ammo restock problem as the Kraber .50-Cal Sniper. For supporting attachments, the weapon can equip an Extended Light Mag and a Sight Scope. 


The P2020 is a semi-auto pistol that utilizes Light bullet rounds and deals total damage of 18 hit points for body shots and 27 hit points for headshots, which is pretty impressive for the weapon class. But the P2020 is only suitable for the early stages of the game until a player finds a proper gun. In terms of supporting attachments, the weapon can equip an Extended Light Mag, Sight Scope, and a Hop-up to increase its effectiveness.  


The Apex Legends Weapon Tier List lists all the different thirty-two weapons from the game in an order of best to worst on the basis of their utility against enemies. Having said that, there might be a number of different listings that may contradict the reader’s viewpoints, therefore please understand that the rankings here are only a matter of opinion and are not in any way definitive.