Destiny 2 Class Tier List [V7.0.0.5]

Discover the Best Destiny 2 Class with Our Comprehensive Tier List.

Destiny 2 is an action game with many chief and essential classes and subclasses. Picking the best style and its subclasses will make things easier for you. So with our Best Destiny 2 Class Tier List, we will help you choose the best class and subclasses in the game.

The game permits you to play solo, but multiplayer is usually preferred. Initially, this game was paid for, but it became free later. You can collect and unlock powerful elemental capabilities to customize your Guardian’s look and playstyle. You can enjoy Destiny 2 as Player vs. Environment or as Player vs. Player.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 12 entries in the article.
  • We will rank all the game’s subclasses according to their strength, defense, element, and unique abilities.
  • You will observe Dawnblade Warlock, Behemoth Titan, and Revenant Hunter among the highest tiers.
  • Subclasses like the Arcstrider Hunter, Sunbreaker Titan, and Stormcaller Warlock can be found in the lowest ranks.


We will rank all the subclasses in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Downblade Warlock
Gunslinger Hunter
Sentinel Titan
Striker Titan
Stormcaller Warlock
Behemoth Titan
Nightstalker Hunter
Voidwalker Warlock
Shadebinder Warlock
Sunbreaker Titan
Revenant Hunter
Arcstrider Hunter

You can learn more about each entry by reading on.

S Tier

Best Destiny 2 Class
S Tier.

The S rank of our Best Destiny 2 Class PvE contains the absolute best subclasses in the game.

Dawnblade Warlock

By all means, Dawnblade is the best subclass of Destiny 2. The player can convert the Solar Light into blades by picking this subclass. The player can attack their opponents from above. The ability to convert Solar Light into edges makes it powerful. The player flips the Solar Light into blades with the help of Daybreak. In general, Dawnblade is suitable for PvP as well as PvE. Therefore, players can perform better by picking the subclass. They have Firebolt and Fusion Grenade. Healing and Empowering rifts are unique characteristics of Dawnblade.

The player can move quickly through battle by selecting the subclass. As a result, the player can easily dodge their opponents and save themselves in dangerous situations. The player can see the best movement by selecting Dawnblade. If you are a beginner in Destiny 2, you can perform well by choosing Dawnblade.

Damage Type Solar
Super Ability Daybreak

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Behemoth Titan

Delving into the Best Destiny 2 Class, Behemoth makes stasis crystals with several capabilities. It isn’t easy to learn, but you will become vital to a large extent by understanding all the elements of the subclass. In addition to all these things, Behemoth is an excellent subclass for players who use shotguns. Behemoth is best for both PvP and PvE.

Furthermore, Behemoth is unstoppable due to its increased mobility. Increased mobility and the ability to shatter crystals make the subclass great. In addition to all these things, Behemoth has Coldsnap, Duskfield, and Glacier grenades. Behemoth shows movement with the help of catapult lift and strafe lift.

Damage Type Void
Super Ability Ward of Dawn

Revenant Hunter

Revenant is the best Hunter subclass in Destiny 2. Players can create walls by picking the subclass. As a result, it helps to block damage and freeze the targets. Revenant provides another skill with Withering Blade’s help. You can damage your enemies with two charges that bounce off the walls.

Furthermore, you can freeze your enemies by firing blades at them. Revenant is great in both PvE and Pvp. Revenant has Glacier, Duskfield, and Coldsnap grenades that help create walls and freeze your opponents.

Damage Type Arc
Super Ability Arcblade

A Tier

Best Destiny 2 Class
A Tier.

The A rank of our Destiny 2 Witch Queen Class tier list contains those subclasses that are not perfect but still pretty good.

Gunslinger Hunter

Gunslinger is one of the hardest subclasses in the Best Destiny 2 Class. Mainly, the subclass is best for those players who are sharpshooters. This subclass is excellent for you if you know how to aim. There are two different ways to play the Gunslinger. Golden Gun will help you destroy your opponent quickly by exploding them with precise shots. Secondly, players can use Blade Barrage to explosive fire knives. As a result, these knives will destroy many of your enemies. Gunslinger has Incendiary, Swarm, and Tripmine grenades that release drones through which you can see your enemies.

Damage Type Solar
Super Ability Golden Gun

Nightstalker Hunter

Nightstalker is a great guardian for both PvP and PvE. The player can damage the enemy and slow down the opponent by using Corrosive smoke. Flawless Execution will help you in providing true sight. Nightstalker is one of the funniest subclasses, as it allows for invisibility. Markedly, the enemy will be unable to focus on the player. You and your teammates can survive in difficult situations by picking the subclass. In addition, Nightstalker has Spike, Voidwall, and Vortex grenades that assist in trapping the enemy by attaching to any surface or creating a wall of burning Light.

Damage Type Void
Super Ability Shadowshot

B Tier

Best Destiny 2 Class
B Tier.

B rank is where the average entries in our Best Destiny 2 Class Witch Queen make their home.

Sentinel Titan

Sentinel is the great subclass during raids and strikes. Notably, Sentinel protects the player by providing tackiness. Additional shielding is provided to the player in this subclass.

When you attack your enemy, you acquire an over-shield to protect you from your opponent. You will get no damage due to the over-shield, and you can make a dome with the help of Ward of Dawn. The crown will protect you from weapon damage. You will get zero damage due to the indestructible dome. Therefore, Sentinel is well recognized for its defense.

Damage Type Void
Super Ability Sentinel Shield

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Voidwalker Warlock

Delving into the Best Destiny 2 Class, Voidwalker is best for both PvE and PvP. Mainly, Voidwalker is good in PvE because of its destructive abilities for opponents around the boss. In addition, they can generate explosive power by using their victims’ life force. Voidwalker is tanky and well-recognized due to its healing ability.

Above all, the player can easily tackle opponents with void shields during strikes and raids. The player can regenerate his health during combat by picking Voidwalker. They have Vortex and Scatter grenades with Axion Bolt. They have glide movement. Arcane Wisdom, Arcane spirit, and Arcane Force are class modifiers, tiers, Annihilate Angry Magic, and The Hunger is the ability modifier.

Damage Type Void
Super Ability Nova Bomb

C Tier

Best Destiny 2 Class
C Tier.

This C rank is the first tier of the Destiny 2 Witch Queen Class list containing harmful entries.

Striker Titan

Striker is good in PvP but in PvE. The player can perform well despite bad attributes or characteristics. It is not good in raids and strikes. Furthermore, Strikers have a balanced approach towards offense and defense. On the other hand, they can supercharge their attack. They can use explosions on a large with the help of powerful strikes. So, they can destroy the environment with these solid and powerful strikes. They have Flashbang and Lightning grenades. Increased height control and catapult are the modifiers his this subclass.

Damage Type Arc
Super Ability Fist of Havoc

Shadebinder Warlock

Shadebinder is one of the toughest subclasses in Destiny 2. The subclass has a remarkable ability to control the crowd and freeze the enemies during combat. Moreover, Shadebinder has Glacier, Duskfield, and Coldsnap grenades. Empowering and healing rifts are unique attributes of Shadebinder. By freezing your enemy, the player will receive minor damage and can show their skills more efficiently.

Damage Type Glaciar grenade
Super Ability Healing Rift

D Tier

Best Destiny 2 Class
D Tier.

These are the worst entries in our Destiny 2 Witch Queen Class tier list.

Stormcaller Warlock

Stormcaller supper activates only the specific situation. In general, Stormcaller is good for PvP but not valuable for PvE. However, if another player is progressing aggressively, you can punish him with the abilities of Stormcaller. If your opponent needs more skill, you can destroy him heavily by picking Stormcaller. They can fire balls of lightning toward their enemies. As a result, enemies will be destroyed in chains due to lightning. They have Pulse, Storm, and Arcobolt grenades. Stormtrance is the unique attribute of Stormcaller. Thunderstrike is the melee ability of Stormcaller.

Damage Type Arc
Super Ability Stormtrance

Sunbreaker Titan

Sunbreakers are good in PvE. Despite this drawback, Sunbreaker is suitable for beginners still schooling about Destiny 2. Moreover, Sunbreakcany deals with the enemy with great courage. They can trigger earthquakes and damage the enemy and the environment. They can cause damage to their opponents by firing hammers toward them. The attribute modifiers are ancestral Order, Chaos O, order, and Divine Order. Perpetual charge, electrostatic, mind, and arc web is the ability modifiers.

Damage Type Solar
Super Ability Hammer of Sol

Arcstrider Hunter

Arcstrider has Skip, Arcbolt, and Flux Grenades. They have the ability of Marksman’s dodge and Gambler’s Dodge. They can dodge their opponents, reload their weapons, and regenerate their powers. Furthermore, they can attain higher heights by high jump and get proper direction control with Strafe Jump. They can increase your dodge ability by sprinting.

Damage Type Arc
Super Ability Arc Staff

Comparison Table

CharacterTierDamage Type Super Ability
Downblade WarlockS
Solar Daybreak
Behemoth TitanS Void Ward of Dawn
Revenant HunterS ArcArcblade
Gunslinger HunterA SolarGolden Gun
Nightstalker HunterA VoidShadowshot
Sentinel TitanB VoidSentinel Shield
Voidwalker WarlockBVoid Nova Bomb
Striker TitanC ArcFist of Havoc
Shadebinder WarlockCGlaciar grenade Healing Rift
Stormcaller WarlockDArc Stormtrance
Sunbreaker TitanDSolarHammer of Sol
Arcstrider HunterDArc Arc Staff

Patch Notes Version

In the latest update, the following changes were made to the subclasses.

  • Hunters: Fixed an issue where Volatile Rounds were not granted by equipping the Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk Exotic chest armor, blocking Void weapons from Anti-Barrier capabilities.
  • Titans: The bonus to Glaive melee damage granted by Exotic Synthoceps gauntlets has been reduced against both combatants and enemy Guardians.
  • Solar: Fixed an issue where the radiant effect was not increasing the damage of Strand weapons.
  • Strand: Increased the internal cooldown of the Thread of Ascent Fragment from two seconds to four seconds.
  • Strand: Fixed an issue where after a player grappled to a thrown Tangle, the Berserker’s Into the Fray Aspect would fail to activate on further Tangle detonations.
  • Strand: Fixed an issue where the suspending detonation from the Broodweaver’s Mindspun Invocation Aspect was not properly stunning Unstoppable Champions.
  • Strand: Fixed an issue where the Thread of Generation Fragment would stop functioning after a Silkstrike Super deactivation when either the Shackle or Threadling Grenade is equipped.


Well, that was our Best Destiny 2 Class PvE tier list. The article contains all the information you need to know when picking a subclass for yourself, and it should even help you decide what class you should choose when making a new character.

Many readers may disagree with our choices, and that’s okay. We still welcome constructive criticism and will update the article in the future with any new subclasses that may be added.