Warlock Exotic Tier List: All Equipment Ranked

We Will Be Ranking All Warlock Exotics In Destiny 2 With This Article.

Welcome to our Warlock Exotic Tier List 2023, where we will briefly look into all the equipment as well as rank them on a set of different criteria. The Warlock equipment set is quite popular among players because of how useful it can prove to be in most situations. This is why we will rank all the equipment included in that set based on attributes like usability, accessibility, and, most importantly, its perks.

Naturally, the content you will find here is quite subjective, so your opinions may differ from what you may find here. For that reason, I find it important to list that my ranking is based on the public opinion of most players I found on Reddit or other communities. In addition to that, my personal experience with the equipment in question also plays a part in the rankings made down below.

Key Points

  • There are approximately 34 items on our list.
  • Our rankings are mainly based on the PvE performance of these items.
  • Among the highest tiers, you can find items like the Lunafaction Boots, Ophidian Aspect, Phoenix Protocol,Starfire Protocol , and Transversive Steps.
  • In the lowest ranks, you can see gear like Winter’s Guile, Chromatic Fire, Promethium Spur, Vesper of Radius, and Wings of Sacred Dawn.


The table below gives a summarized ranking of every item listed in our rankings along with its respective rank. 

S TierA TierB TierC Tier
D Tier
• Boots of the Assembler
• Lunafaction Boots
• Ophidian Aspect
• Phoenix Protocol
• Starfire Protocol
• Transversive Steps
• Rain of Fire
• Osmiomancy Gloves
• Mantle of Battle Harmony
• Aeon Soul
• Felwinter’s Helm
• Crown of Tempests
• Contraverse Hold
• Karnstein Armlets
• Nezarec’s Sin
• Sunbracers
• The Stag
• Fallen Sunstar
• Dawn Chorus
• Necrotic Grip
• Nothing Manacles
• Astrocyte Verse
• Claws of Ahamkara
• Eye of Another World
• Getaway Artist
• Verity’s Brow
• Secant Filaments
• Sanguine Alchemy
• Stormdancer’s Brace
• Winter’s Guile
• Chromatic Fire
• Promethium Spur
• Vesper of Radius
• Wings of Sacred Dawn

These items will be discussed briefly in each tier found in the content that follows.

S Tier

Best Warlock Exotic items
S Tier.

The first tier of our D2 Warlock Exotic Tier List is the S rank. It is a well-known fact that the highest tier of any list is the one that caters to the best of the best entities in question, which is exactly what this tier is. It will contain the best Warlock equipment in the game based on its performance and usability in the game. They are the best in that they give you the best chance at winning at the lowest possible cost and difficulty relative to the equipment in the lower tiers. These items are listed as follows.

Boots of the Assembler

First up on the S tier, we have the Boots of the Assembler. It is an extremely powerful piece of footwear with deadly perks that can easily give you the upper hand in most fights. It is rated against PvE enemies, so there may be a performance gap when used in PvP situations. Its Exotic perk allows it to provide enough sustain for your team to fight effectively. Furthermore, it also gives a minor attack bonus allowing for better performance.

Lunafaction Boots

The second item in the S tier is also footwear with a neutral subtree. They are called the Lunafacation Boots and are so good that you’ll rarely ever come across a group that doesn’t have one of these. The Exotic perk of these boots helps increase reload speed. Furthermore, the Empowering Rift increases each weapon’s effectiveness over range, which will give you the upper hand in long-range fights.

Ophidian Aspect

The Ophidian Aspect are gauntlets from the Warlock Exotic set that do particularly well in PvP as well as PvE. They aren’t that popular in PvE but are extremely good, in my opinion. Their Exotic perks give you increased Ready and Reload Speed which is extremely helpful in almost every single fight. Additionally, these gauntlets also give you an increased Melee range, making them a great option for both PvP and PvE.

Phoenix Protocol

Pheonix Protocol is the next S-tier piece of equipment we will be discussing here. Unlike the other S-tier items we have discussed so far, Pheonix Protocol has a Solar Subtree allowing for more focused perks. Its perk is quite useful to have in prolonged PvE fights because for every kill you get while in your Well of Radiance, you get Super Energy. These buffs are almost too good to skip in the PvE scene because of how great the supers are with it.

Starfire Protocol 

Starfire Protocol is similar to the Pheonix Protocol because it, too, has a Solar subtree. However, the perks of these two could not be more different. It allows your Fusion Grenades to do significantly more damage, along with having an additional charge for you to use. Additionally, every kill you get with a Fusion Grenade gives you some Rift energy. It performs well with Touch of Flame and the Well of Radiance for maximized usability of its perk.

Transversive Steps

The Transversive Steps boots are the next S-tier piece of footwear we will look at. They have a neutral subtree making them generally good. For their Exotic Perk, the Transversive Steps increase the user’s sprint speed. However, the perk that makes it really broken is that after you have been sprinting for a little while, your weapon will automatically be reloaded. It is particularly because of its perk that Transversive Steps is so popular with players with a relatively aggressive and mobile playstyle.

Rain of Fire

The final S-tier footwear we will look at is the Rain of Fire boots. They have a Solar subtree, but that’s not nearly why these boots are among the S-tier items. The perk that comes with Rain of Fire is that an air dodge will automatically reload all your weapons while also adding power to the airborne effect offered by Fusion rifles. Lastly, if you manage to land the final blow with these weapons while empowered, you immediately become Radiant.

Osmiomancy Gloves

The final S-tier equipment we will look at is the Osmiomancy Gloves. It has the Stasis subtree that excels in both PvP and PvE fights. However, its excellence is rooted in its Exotic Perk. Similar to the Starfire Protocol, the Osmiomancy Gloves offer an additional charge for Coldsnap Grenades. Additionally, the seeker that spawns from these grenades travels farther. These boots are not that popular but definitely a nuisance to deal with if they are on the feet of a master.

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A Tier

Great Warlock Exotic Tier List Items
A Tier.

In the A tier of our Destiny 2 Warlock Exotic tier list, we will look at some of the tiers that aren’t necessarily the best but is still quite good. It has certain aspects that make it underperform slightly compared to the S-tier gear. However, these items are still extremely good in the game, even when going against S-tier equipment. There are factors like difficulty or usability that do limit them, but overall, they are close to perfection.

Mantle of Battle Harmony

The first item of our A tier is the Mantle of Battle Harmony. It is an armor item that is particularly popular in the PvE scene because of how good it has proven itself to be time and time again. Its Exotic Perk is that if you have a weapon that matches your subclass element, you get bonus Super energy. Furthermore, once that meter is full, you get additional damage added to your weapons for a short period of time of the same subclass.

Aeon Soul

Aeon Soul may be a confusing placement for a lot of you who are unaware of its excellence in the PvE scene. These gauntlets don’t directly give a buff to you, but what they offer has so much more potential if used correctly. The Exotic Perk of the Aeon Soul is that it gives an additional socket for a mod from the Aeon Cult Mods. Using one of those mods with the Shadebinder or Voidwalker gives you a lot of power if you opt for a subclass that has no subclass-specific exotic.

Felwinter’s Helm

The first helmet in our rankings is the Felwinter’s Helm. Not only is it one of the coolest-looking helmets in the game, but it is also among the strongest items one can use. It has a neutral subclass with heightened performance in PvE matches. Its perk is solely for the melee players because if you last hit with an empowered melee strike, it releases a burst of energy that weakens all enemies caught by it. The more powerful the target is, the more potent and farther the energy burst is.

Crown of Tempests

Like our previous item, the Crown of Tempests is also a helmet item that finds itself among the A-tier items. It has the Arc Subclass, which is quite lethal in the right hands. However, the Crown of Tempests will help you greatly in PvE fights because that is where it truly excels. As for its perk, The Crown of Tempests will increase the recharge rate of all of your Arc abilities on top of extending the duration of Stormtrance whenever you get a kill with said abilities. 

Contraverse Hold

Up next on the A tier are the Contraverse Hold gauntlets. It is a void subclass item that is particularly good in PvE fights. These gauntlets work extremely well with Void abilities because of their Exotic perk. While you are charging your Void Grenade using Choas Accelerant, Feed the Void, or the Handheld Supernova, you are resistant to damage for that time period. Additionally, if you pair these with Vortex Grenades or the Echo of Undermining, the energy return makes you an unstoppable killing machine.

Karnstein Armlets

Karnstein Amulets are one of the most popular and broken gauntlets in the game purely because of how much sustain they provide. These gauntlets are so good that you can see them being used quite often in both PvP and PvE matches. Their Exotic perk allows you to heal a large amount of damage every time you get a melee kill. Additionally, the healing effect continues to heal for a short duration even after the initial burst heals. So, it is best to use them with projectile melee weapons to maximize their usage. 

Nezarec’s Sin

Up next in the A ranks are the Nezarec’s Sin which is a helmet optimal for PvE matches. It is a neutral subclass, but the perk it offers can be used quite well with Void subclass items. The perk allows it to increase the ability energy recharge rate with every kill you get with Void damage. Consequently, they are best paired with the Void Walker to make sure your Void Damage is responsible for most of your damage dealt to enemies.


Sunbracers are gauntlets of the Solar Subclass that excel greatly in PvE matches. Their perk allows them to increase the Solar Grenades’ duration, making them quite deadly. However, that is not all. If you get a Solar Melee kill, you get unlimited Solar Grenade Energy for a short period making you a literal Grenade Launcher. So, naturally, it is best if you use these with Touch of Flame and Heat Rises for many grenades and increases ad clear.

The Stag

Nearing the end of the A tier, the next time that we will look at is The Stag. It is a helmet with an insanely creepy vibe masked around whoever wears it into battle. I haven’t seen it a lot in battle, but apparently, it is quite a deadly item in the right hands. Its perk allows allied guardians to take reduced damage whenever they are in your Rift. Furthermore, it grants Rift Energy if you are critically wounded and upon your death, creates a healing rift. It is purely a selfless and team-play item that may not do well if you solo queue.

Fallen Sunstar

The final A-tier item of the Warlock Exotic Armor tier list is the Fallen Sunstar. It is a helmet with the Arc subclass that statistically performs better in PvE matches. Its Exotic Perk is quite unique because it allows your Ionic Traces to move faster while also granting you additional ability energy. Furthermore, each time you collect an Ionic Trace, your allies gain ability energy alongside you, making it a great item for team-coordinated plays.

B Tier

Average Warlock Items
B Tier.

Up next is the B tier. Here we will look at more average items in the entire set. These items are not that bad, but they are not that good either. The only real reason you should ever opt for these over the items in the higher tiers is if you’re trying to make a build work or you have nothing better to run. All in all, they don’t limit you that much but don’t offer much, either. They are listed as follows.

Dawn Chorus

First up on the B tier is the Dawn Chorus armor item. It has a solar subtree that does better in PvE than in PvP. It is a fairly decent item but not really that good. Its perk allows the wearer to apply to burn onto enemies that get hit by their Daybreak Projectiles. Furthermore, burn damage recharges your melee energy while also dealing more damage than normal burn would. All in all, it’s a decent item that anyone can use, but nothing that special.

Necrotic Grip

Necrotic Grip is a gauntlet from the Exotic Warlock set that also falls among the B-ranked items. Like the Dawn Chorus applies burn, these gauntlets apply poison to enemies, which deals increased damage over time. Furthermore, if the poisoned target dies, the poison is then spread to enemies around them. Because of its spread, you would be wise to use these with Projectile Melees and Thorn for maximum damage. 

Nothing Manacles

The Nothing Manacles are also a part of the Exotic Warlock set as one of the B-tier gauntlets. They are seen in both PvE and PvP, making them quite useful. However, their perks fall short, which is why they are placed in the B-Tier. They have the Void subclass and have a perk that allows you to have an additional scatter grenade charge along with tracking for the scattered projectiles. They used to be very good, but they became quite useless after their nerf involving the Supernova. 

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Astrocyte Verse

The Astrocyte Verse is a helmet item from the Warlock Set. Similar to the Nothing Manacles, it also has the void subclass. As for its perk, it allows the wearer to blink for a larger distance as well as reduces the weapon ready time. In addition to that, it also keeps the radar up for maximum info. Despite being in the B tier, it is one of the most popular items in both PvP and PvE because it does not require a lot of synergies. 

Claws of Ahamkara

The Claws of Ahamkara is a gauntlet in the Exotic Warlock set. It excels in PvE and PvP but is not seen quite often because of how normal and basic its Exotic Perk is. It allows the wearer to have an additional melee charge which may be good if you love to play up close and personal. As for the ranged enthusiasts, it finds little to no value making it a perfect B-tier item. 

Eye of Another World

The Eye of Another World is a helmet item that is seen in both PvE and PvP matches. It does have a neutral subclass, so it doesn’t offer anything too special. As for its perk, it increases the regeneration speed of most charges like grenades, melee, and other Rift abilities. Furthermore, it also highlights priority targets which can be useful at times. Because it doesn’t bring much on its own, it is best paired with Shadebringer so that its perk can maximize Shadebringer’s efficiency. 

Getaway Artist

The Getaway Artist is a gauntlet item in the Warlock set that also excels in both PvE and PvP matches. It has the Arc subclass, so its perk is also associated with Arc abilities. Using Getaway Artist will convert your Arc Grenade into an improved Arc Soul, which works as an automated turret. The Getaway Artist is particularly good if you like to lock down areas and play defensively and wait for the enemies to come to you.

Verity’s Brow

Verity’s Bow is our second-last item for the B rank. It has a neutral subtree, so it does not offer specified buffs. However, it is seen a lot in PvE because of how easy it is to use its perk effectively. When you land the final blow on an enemy with a weapon of your subclass, you get Death Throes which increases your grenade damage as well as gives you grenade energy. Furthermore, when you throw a grenade with the active buff, nearby allies also gain grenade energy whenever you use a grenade. 

Secant Filaments

The final item in the B Tier is the Secant Filaments. They are boots with the Void subclass with better performance in PvE matches. Despite being in the B tier, these boots are quite common because of their easy-to-use perk. Whenever you cast an empowering rift, you get the Devour Buff. Under these effects, you and your allies’ attacks who are within the rift will disrupt enemy combatants with each attack.

C Tier

Below Average Warlock Exotic Items
C Tier.

Next up on the D2 Exotic Warlock Tier List 2023 is the C tier. Like most ranked lists, we will cater to the entities that fail to do as well as the average ones but still remain to be viable options. Of course, opting for these is never a good idea, but there is still a chance that you may pull off a win somehow. Their perks are not good enough to take up an item slot that could otherwise be occupied with something far more useful. These items are listed as follows.

Sanguine Alchemy

First up on the C tier is the Sanguine Alchemy item. It is a very weak armor item of the neutral subclass. Because of the current meta, its perk is not useful either in most PvE and PvP fights. Equipping Sanguine Alchemy will allow you to pause the rift’s cooldown with each kill. Ultimately, it extends the duration of the rift, but that just locks you into place. It will, more often than not, place you in danger rather than in an advantageous position.

Stormdancer’s Brace

Stormdancer’s Brace is a C-tier item from the Exotic Warlock set. It does stand out from the other items listed here because of its Arc subclass. However, even that is not enough to make it enough because of how bad its perk is. Each kill that you get with Stormtrance will increase its duration until it ends. After it does end, you are refunded a little bit of super energy. You may think that it is a good item, but it can be easily countered with defensive items like Fallen Sunstar that give constant uptime.

Winter’s Guile

The last C Tier item of this list is the Winter’s Guile. These are gauntlets from the Exotic Set with a neutral subclass. The main problem with the Winter’s Guile is that it is a scaling item and doesn’t have good base perks. Using it will increase the melee damage with each melee kill you get. Not only is it extremely hard to use in team fights, but it will also take far too much time for you to get any actual use out of it.

D Tier

Warlock Exotic Tier List Worst Items
D Tier

Well, we are down to the last tier of this Destiny 2 Warlock Exotic Tier List. In the D tier, we will look at the worst armor items that exist in the Warlock set. Using these items should never be an option if you plan on winning. Not only are these items challenging to use, but they are so bad that they actually give your opponent the upper hand. Of course, you can still use them, but winning is close to impossible if you choose to do so. They are listed as follows.

Chromatic Fire

First up in the D tier is the Chromatic Fire. It is one of the worst armor pieces in the game because of how terrible its active perk is. When you have these equipped, each kill you get with a Precision final blow with your Kinetic Weapon will create a small burst. It will deal the same type of damage as your active subclass. It used to be a decent item, but it has been so nerfed that it is only a valid option if you just want to have fun in easy games.

Promethium Spur

The Promethium Spur are boots in the Exotic Warlock set that also fall in the D-tier items. It is a Solar subclass item that has a very unique but useless perk. It basically allows you to create healing rifts every time you take down a Guardian or a combatant while Daybreak is active. Furthermore, every deathly blow while in the rift with a Solar weapon will give you Rift energy. That’s not all; when your Rift bar is full, it will create a healing and empowering rift at the target location. It does sound cool and all, but practically, has absolutely no use in the game itself.

Vesper of Radius

Our second last item of the D tier is the Vesper of Radius. The Vesper of Radius is a neutral subclass item but caters mostly to Arc abilities. Its perk allows the user to create an Arc Shockwave each time they activate their rifts. Furthermore, it slightly increases your Rift energy charge when you are surrounded by enemies. Because of that last perk, the only time you will make use of the Vesper of Radius is when you’re outmatched and in a very high-risk area, doomed to die.

Wings of Sacred Dawn

The last and final item of the list is the Wings of Sacred Dawn. While the name sounds glorious, it is quite possibly the worst item of the set. It has a Solar subclass with quite a pathetic perk. When Dawnblade is equipped, and you are airborne, you get increased accuracy, resistance, and reduced flinch. It also suspends you in the air for a little while. Now locking yourself in the air with a weak aim is not really something you want to do in the middle of the fight, which makes Wings of Sacred Dawn the worst item we have discussed today.


With those wings, we conclude our article. Again, keep in mind that these rankings are subjective so you may not completely agree with the placements I made. However, if there is something you wish to add to the list for our fellow gamers, feel free to leave it in the comments below. While the Exotic Set is not that popular, it does have quite a lot of devastating items. Stay tuned for future content, and take care.