Borderlands 3 Weapon Tier List [2023]

We Will Be Ranking Some Of The Most Renowned Borderlands 3 Legendaries In This List.

The topic for today’s article is the Borderlands 3 Weapon Tier List, where I will rank some of the best guns in the game. As many of you know, the core appeal of this franchise is the millions upon millions of randomly generated firearms that can be collected by the players. And when you have so many to choose from, finding the best ones becomes tricky.

So we are here to make that task easy for you, by highlighting some of the very best guns in the entire game. And for the purposes of our article, we will be restricting ourselves to the absolute top tier Borderlands 3 weapons.

Key Points

  • The weapons are ranked here based on their strikes and effectiveness.
  • There is a total of 69 entries on the list.
  • Among the best weapons are the Anarchy, Blood-Starved Beast, D.N.A, Gargoyle, Kickcharger, and Needle Gun.
  • In the lowest tiers, you will find guns like the Creeping Death, Long Musket, Polybius, Satisfaction, Sledge’s Shotgun, and T.K’s Wave.


We will list all weapons in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Anarchy
• Blood-Starved Beast
• D.N.A
• Gargoyle
• Kickcharger
• Needle Gun
• Reflux
• Torrent
• Atlas Replay
• Clairvoyance
• Face Puncher
• Hellwalker
• O.P.Q. System
• Sand Hawk
• Unkempt Harold
• BackBurner
• Complex root
• Flipper
• Ion Cannon
• Love Drill
• Plaguebearer
• Skullmasher
• Beacon
• Cocky Bastard
• Dark Army
• Grease Trap
• Krakatoa
• Little Yeeti
• Prompt Critical
• R.Y.N.A.H.
• Garcia
• Scourge
• Star Helix
• Tizzy
• Boogeyman
• Contained Blast
• Fearmonger,
• The Hellshock
• King’s Call,
• Lucky 7
• Queen’s Call
• Proprietary License
• Alchemist
• Bekah
• Prey Bird
• Crossbow
• Devils Foursum
• Faisor
• Good Juju
• Hyperfocus XZ41
• Juliet’s Dazzle
• Baby Maker
• Cheap Tips
• Crossroad
• 9-Volt
• Barrage
• Chandelier
• Flama Diddle
• Gunerang
• Hellfire
• Linc
• Nemesis
• Amazing Grace
• Creeping Death
• Long Musket
• Polybius
• Satisfaction
• Sledge’s Shotgun
• T.K’s Wave

Keep reading to learn more about each entry.

S Tier

Borderlands weapons tier list s tier
S Tier.

The best weapons from the game are placed in the S tier of the Borderlands 3 tier list. 


This Tediore Shotgun is a reference to Borderlands 2’s Gaige. In that game, her Anarchy ability enabled her to acquire stacks that enhanced her damage and decreased her accuracy. When ALL STACKS are obtained, the Anarchy inflicts a TON of damage!!!

Blood-Starved Beast

The Blood-Starved Beast is a unique weapon available in Borderlands 3. The SMG from Dahl is a beast. It has a rapid rate of fire and causes significant damage. The weapon consumes ammunition quickly, but it gets the job done. 


In Borderlands 3, the D.N.A. is a legendary weapon. The Maliwan SMG fires two projectiles of an arbitrary element. The two bullets are linked like the cutsman, but the beam connecting them is very brief and does not expand. 


In Borderlands 3, the Gargoyle is a Legendary Weapon. The COV Pistol fires corrosive darts that deliver damage upon hit and detonate to deal the same amount of destruction again. When the Gargoyle is fired, the blobs are typically sent in a narrow arc. It is where the true strength of the weapon resides since it does five times the basic damage. The Gargoyle may drain your ammunition quickly since it eats two rounds for every shot. It may come in an x2 form that requires 3 rounds for each shot.


Although the Kickcharger may penetrate numerous foes, you must first charge it before firing. However, at the expense of one bullet every shot, you get damage of the highest tier, since a four-second charge increases the damage by fourfold. Additionally, you may conduct a slide to completely charge the Kickcharger to its maximum capacity.

Needle Gun 

The SMG may inflict foes with a vulnerability debuff that stacks. At maximum stats, extra damage replenishes the Needle Gun’s magazine. There is a cooldown on the effect.  The debuff will reset if the target is not struck at least once every two seconds. If you manage to stack the debuff ten times on a single foe, you will get a magazine refill.


A Hyperion Shotgun that is equipped with a shield of exceptional capacity. If the weapon’s shield is damaged, your magazine will be refilled. The single element available for the weapon is Corrosive, and it produces a corrosive beam between foes when fired.


While the rate of fire is very rapid, projectile velocity is slower and the bullets themselves fly in a corkscrew pattern. If you manage to strike your target with the Torrent, it may deliver a lot of damage quickly. Every tenth round is always a shock bullet that does additional damage. The Torrent may be obtained in an x2 variant at the cost of 2 ammunition for each shot. 

Atlas Replay

The Atlas Replay is a legendary weapon available in Borderlands 3. Atlas Pistol is remarkable since it automatically tracks adversaries. So you will no longer need to fire a tracking arrow and hope it sticks. This one features a homing function, allowing you to make use of its manufacturer-specific feature. The Atlas Replay also fires explosive projectiles, allowing you to cause splash damage.


When scoring a critical strike with the Clairvoyance, projectiles will explode. These explosions unfortunately do not inflict splash damage. The sluggish shooting rate of the weapon is another disadvantage of its ability. Unless you have the Clairvoyance Gatlin gun variant, the basic damage of Gatlin’s Clairvoyance is significantly lower, but it transforms its single-shot rifle into an assault rifle. 

Face Puncher

The Face Puncher is rather interesting since its damage is dependent on the melee damage of the user. Which is very handy when specializing in Amara with a Brawl build. FacePuncher excels in conjunction with the ‘Unleash the Dragon’ artifact, which increases melee damage, and the Ward shield, which also increases melee damage.


The Hellwalker is a Jakobs shotgun and is also a killing machine. It is essentially the shotgun from Doom, and the game itself contributes to it. Simply aim and fire at anything in your path to see it explode. The Hellwalker always appears with the prefix ‘Speedloadn’.

O.P.Q. System

The O.P.Q. system is a renowned weapon found in Borderlands 3. The legendary Atlas Assault Rifle is a variant of the “Q System” seen in the main game. The OPQ System’s Alt-Fire mode enables you to duplicate the weapon as a drone. The drone will be operational for thirteen seconds and will attack with the same aim as you. If you change weapons, the Drone will despawn.

Even though the OPQ System is not an elemental weapon, its bullets may sometimes detonate and provide Shock splash damage. The impact of Shock projectiles may be damaging.

Sand Hawk

The Sand Hawk in Borderlands 3 is a legendary sniper that features a distinctive projectile pattern, as the Sand Hawk discharges a line of seven rounds that move in a manner like the flapping of a hawk’s wings. The firearm is available in Full-Auto, Semi-Auto, and Burst Fire shooting modes. While the pellet dispersion of the Full-Auto and Burst Fire is rather large, the pellet spread of the Semi-Auto is relatively narrow.

Unkempt Harold

The Unkempt Harold is a legendary weapon available in Borderlands 3. The renowned Unkempt Harold reappears in Borderlands 3, Torgue Pistol is a real and symbolic explosion. The weapon will unleash a horizontal dispersion of projectiles when fired. These will continue to separate from one another as they go deeper. You should thus use the Unkempt Harold at near to medium range.


The Backburner is a Vladof Cannon that fires orbs. On impact, these generate a singularity that attracts adversaries. It spews forth these mirv orbs that do harm to the target region for a few seconds. These MIRV Orbs will be launched in an upward arc and land near the first explosion.

Complex root

In Borderlands 3, the Complex Root is a Unique Weapon. This Maliwan Sniper fires two projectiles after a one-second charge. The missile will create thirteen more projectiles along its route. The projectiles of the Complex Root are not meant for long-range sniping, since they do not go that far.  Avoid utilizing the weapon at close range, since the extra missiles might incapacitate you with their splash damage. 


The Flipper is a Remarkable Weapon featured in Borderlands 3. Maliwan SMG raises the bar for recharging speed. Because when the gun is fired, it first fires one bullet, but the number of bullets increases while the trigger is held down. While bullets and thus damage continues to accumulate, the quantity of ammunition used remains constant throughout the process.

Ion Cannon

The Ion Cannon is an amazing beast, obliterating whatever you fire at. After a brief charge, you may fire missiles that travel quickly. If you are acquainted with the Spartan Laser from the Halo series, you are aware of the destructive potential of the weapon.

Love Drill

A Jakobs Pistol that has a chance to cause extra shock damage. The Love Drill awards you for landing critical strikes, however, with the diamond on the barrel’s tip, it might be a little difficult since it obscures your view. When you strike a critical hit, you cause significant damage and your ammunition is restored to your clip. Consequently, the Love Drill may fire quicker than the clip can reload.


The Plaguebearer is an Iconic weapon available in Borderlands 3. It is a Torgue Launcher that fires a big, slow-moving orb that spawns more orbs that, like the Scourge, home in on opponents. On impact, the primary bullet produces a singularity effect. 


In Borderlands 3, Skullmasher is an Epic Weapon. Jakobs Sniper Rifle shoots a cluster of five bullets, however, each shot only costs one round of ammunition. If all projectiles hit, the Skullmasher is able of doing far more damage than the majority of its contemporaries. The Skullmacher has weaker accuracy than other sniper rifles, hence it is most effective at medium range or against huge foes. The rate of firing of the Skullmasher is exceptional.

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A Tier

Borderlands weapons tier list a tier
A Tier.

The A tier of Borderlands 3 legendary weapons Tier List includes those weapons that are great but a bit less in performance compared to the ones in the S tier.


The Beacon is a Legendary Weapon featured in Borderlands 3. Maliwan Pistol inflicts significant damage to itself. The firing rate is adequate but not quite as rapid as a Hellshock. The distinctive ability of the Beacon is its reload. Every time you reload, a Nova Blast of the weapon’s current element is triggered. You should deplete the clip of the Beacon instead of reloading prematurely since Nova’s damage increases as the clip depletes. The Nova’s maximum damage is 500% of the weapon’s damage. Therefore, you should seek a Beacon with a small magazine capacity, as it will be simpler to rapidly unleash a large number of high-damage Novas.

Cocky Bastard

This Jakobs Sniper Rifle fires rapidly, and critical hits scored with the Cocky Basterd are rewarded twice as they provide extra shock damage to the victim. The extraordinary legendary effect effectively doubles the weapon’s damage.

Dark Army

Borderlands 3’s Dark Army is an Epic Weapon. Tediore SMG is entertaining since it resembles the OPQ system. Because when the weapon is equipped, it summons not one, but an army of drones. As they fly beside you, they will help you hit your objective. When you reload, the drones’ Damage increases, and they temporarily acquire the elemental damage type of your weapon. Very enjoyable to use. Yes, the clone of Zane will likewise raise its own army.

Grease Trap

In Borderlands 3, the Grease Trap is a Legendary-level weapon. Incendiary Maliwan Pistol features two shooting modes, and you intend to use both of them. You have ‘Hot Grease,’ a spread shot, and ‘Fire Starter,’ which launches fireballs.

You should spray ‘Hot Grease’ on your enemies and then use ‘Fire Starter’ to ignite them. The Grease functions as a 5-second debuff that, when struck by fireballs, causes a massive explosion that does splash damage.


The Krakatoa in Borderlands 3 is a Legendary Weapon. After its first charge, the Maliwan Sniper Weapon functions as a slow-firing automatic attack rifle. There is always a fire element in Krakatoa. When an opponent is killed with the weapon, a pool of lava will appear at the adversary’s position. The pool of lava will sometimes emit fireballs.

Little Yeeti

The Little Yeeti may be farmed far quicker and provides almost as much harm as the Maggie. The projectile’s speed is somewhat slower than typical Jakobs weapons, yet it may push back smaller foes. You may get a variant of the weapon with a masher, although it seems to inflict less damage. 

Prompt Critical

The weapon delivers a significant number of damage, and its legendary function has a very broad splash radius, making it a fantastic weapon for mobbing. The Prompt Critical is available in x3 and x4 variants.


The Torgue Rocket Launcher fires two sluggish spheres that explode upon impact. During their flight, however, they will damage nearby foes by connecting with an energy beam. When the orbs explode, these missiles will target enemies still connected to them via the energy beam. Energy beams do not deal splash damage, whereas explosions do.

The R.Y.N.A.H. consumes a considerable deal of ammunition, hence a cutpurse launchpad or another mechanism to regenerate ammunition would be advantageous.


In Borderlands 3, the Garcia is a legendary Jakobs Shotgun that has decent overall stats, and is a solid match for the Hellwalker. The Garcia’s accuracy is somewhat compromised, but it is a shotgun. In contrast to the Hellwalker, it is not tied to a single element and is consequently more effective against shielding and armor.

In contrast to the Hellwalker, it is not tied to a single element and is consequently more effective against shielding and armor.


The Scourge in Borderlands 3 is a Legendary Weapon. Torgue Rocket Launcher launches a slow-moving missile that continually generates tiny rockets that spin around it. These infantry rockets will eventually home in on opposing objectives. The Scourge is excellent against bosses and performs adequately against mobs.

Star Helix

Borderlands 3’s Legendary Weapon, the Star Helix. Dahl assault rifle releases two extra bullets in each shot that, at certain distances, meet the primary projectile. The Star Helix is similar to the assault rifle variant of the Interfacer shotgun from Borderlands 2.


COV pistol fires an abundance of rounds. The Tizzy is available in x2 and x3 variants. Due to its incredible shooting rate, it will also devour your ammunition. Other Vault Hunters may regenerate ammo with the Terror Anointment.


A Vladof Sniper has a high rate of fire and a chance to not expend ammunition. When you kill an adversary, it may generate a skull, also known as the Boogeyman. These will home in on a local enemy and chain to other foes. The Skull delivers grenade damage.  The Boogeyman is an excellent sniper for Moze since it does splash damage to other Vault Hunters. 

Contained Blast

Torgue Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle fires both Gyrojets and sticky explosives that detonate after a brief delay. It is an excellent weapon for Moze, but it is also useful for other Vault Hunters.


The Fearmonger does significant damage, but only after the elemental missiles burst. The first impact damage is moderate, but after a little wait, the bullets burst and do significant damage. The elemental missiles move in a square configuration that wobbles like the interfacer in Borderlands 2.

The Hellshock

Maliwan Pistol always includes explosive and incendiary elements. The legendary special effect enables projectiles to ricochet off surfaces and change elements. Therefore, if you are firing fire projectiles, your missed shots will deal shock damage and vice versa. Since Maliwan troops possessed both a shield and a health meter, the Hellshock was already an acceptable weapon for ambushing them.

By turning the Hellshock to incendiary mode, you may aim at the ground shortly before your foes, causing the missiles to bounce and pierce their protection. After the shield has been destroyed, you may fire straight at your opponent to complete the kill.

King’s Call,

It is an extremely potent Jakobs pistol, so long as you score critical hits, which is where the King’s call special abilities reside. The King’s Call has a fixed 6-round magazine, and each shot consumes 3 ammunition. It enables you to fire the weapon twice before reloading, barring a critical hit. On each critical strike, three more rounds will be added to your magazine, giving you an endless capacity as long as you continue to score critical hits.

Lucky 7 

Every time you reload the Lucky 7, you essentially play a slot machine and get benefits particular to that clip. Consequently, when lady luck is on your side, the Lucky 7 may be an extremely potent weapon. A nice aspect of Borderlands is that, if you specialize in the correct abilities or equipment, you may affect how things function and maximize these benefits.

Queen’s Call

It is an extremely potent Jakobs pistol, so long as you score critical hits, which is where the Queen’s call special abilities reside. The Queen’s Call has a fixed 6-round magazine and each shot consumes 3 ammunition. It enables you to fire the weapon twice before reloading, barring a critical hit. On each critical strike, three more rounds will be added to your magazine, giving you an endless capacity as long as you continue to score critical hits.

Proprietary License

Hyperion SMG fires in bursts, but if the trigger is pulled quickly enough, it essentially functions as a full-auto SMG. The impact of the Proprietary License’s two unique powers relies on where the missiles land. Shots that manage to hit enemies leave behind sticky bombs, while critical hits cause the projectiles to richness. 

B Tier

Average weapons
B Tier.

The B tier of the Borderlands 3 weapon tier list includes the weapons from the game that are average in quality.


If used appropriately, the Torgue Assault Rifle may be very effective. Alchemist’s disadvantage is that it also gives shock damage to the user. Since the Transformer shield is completely resistant to shock damage. In addition, it turns the shock harm into energy that is used to renew your shield. In addition, it turns the shock harm into energy that is used to renew your shield.


Jakobs Assault Rifle is very effective against adversaries at mid-range. After the first bullet has gone a short distance, three other projectiles will follow in a horizontal formation.  With each shot, at least two foes will be struck. When you’re at the proper distance, you’ll also be able to land the other two missiles, which go slightly off-center. This implies that you may effectively triple the damage listed on the item card.  Each critical hit with a Jakob’s weapon will bounce the missile to a neighboring foe.

Prey Bird

It is a sluggish yet powerful Jakobs Sniper. The Bird of Prey has the possibility to launch an extra, target-homing missile from above. The homing missile has a 33% spawn probability and does 600% damage. With the added projectile, Jakobs’ ricochet, and the Guardian Level Overkill perk, it may be a fantastic weapon for mobbing.


Hyperion Weapon has a very high damage output, however, the darts it fires have an arc. Therefore, you must account for it in your calculations before shooting the weapon. However, if you like the longbow in Borderlands 2, you will enjoy the sniper weapon.

Devils Foursum

Torgue Pistol fires three rounds that disperse and then converge into one large explosion. It’s a really good gun, but you must find the optimal distance from you to your target. You may aim toward the ground with these missiles since they cause significant splash damage. If your shield is impervious to the element of the Devil’s Foursum, you may wield the weapon at point-blank range without taking damage.


The assault rifle is essentially two guns in one. You have a decent full-auto rifle and an even more formidable shotgun. Because the missiles go somewhat more slowly, you must anticipate where your opponent will move. 

Good Juju

The Good Juju in Borderlands 3 is a Legendary Weapon. Dahl assault rifle boasts a four-round burst, a rapid firing rate, a quick reload, and good damage. You may stack the impact of critical hits when you deliver bodily damage. Be aware that when you manually reload, these damaged stacks will be lost. As a result, if you continue to eliminate your enemies, things will grow progressively simpler.

Hyperfocus XZ41

Hyperion SMG is indeed the Conference Call of SMGs since it fires two missiles perpendicular to the target whenever it hits an adversary. These extra rounds have the ability to bounce off objects, making the Hyperfocus XZ41 an effective mobbing weapon.

Juliet’s Dazzle

Torgue Assault Rifle does a great deal of damage. As bullets may travel through foes, attempt to align them so you can attack many targets simultaneously. Getting a kill using Juliet’s Dazzle is advantageous since it prevents you from having to reload slowly.

Baby Maker

When reloaded, the Tediore Pistol will eject four homing projectiles. Although it uses a great deal of ammunition, I found it beneficial during “fight for your life” situations. Previously, I usually carried a missile launcher to re-enter the fray; but, I’ve found that the Baby Maker’s homing bullets are just as useful for this purpose.

Cheap Tips

Hyperion SMG’s mechanism is intriguing. When you do damage to an enemy, they may drop casino chips. There is a possibility that picking them up may provide you with a 10% damage bonus. While the mechanism sounds nice, the damage it does at higher Mayhem Levels is not that amazing.


Hyperion SMG is the “Shotgun of SMGs” since it fires an incredible cone of elemental rounds that devastates adversaries. The dispersion of the Crossroad’s rounds is a little erratic; yet, they are enjoyable to fire. The Crossroad is ideal for close to medium-range fighting since you do not want the pellets to spread too much.

C Tier

C Tier
C Tier.

The C tier of the Borderlands 3 legendary weapons Tier List includes the guns that are below average.


Dahl SMG consistently spawns with a shock aspect. The gun’s pellets are placed in an inverted triangular formation, forming a V-shape. Combine it with the 9-round magazine capacity, and you get the 9-volt. The alternative firing mode merely modifies the scope, thus you are “stuck” in burst fire but may adjust the zoom level. 


Dahl assault rifle sticks out because of its very fast rate of fire, yet it is still a burst-shot weapon. The Barrage can cause decent damage in regular mode, but its effectiveness diminishes with greater mayhem levels. 


Maliwan Shotgun fires an array of elemental disks that bounce off the surroundings. The Chandelier is available in x4 and x8 variants that require 4 or 5 ammunition for each shot, respectively. This weapon has a brief charging time.

Flama Diddle

Due to its fixed bullet pattern, the Tediore cannon is exceptionally precise. It makes the Diddle an effective weapon at greater distances. However, you must consider the reduced projectile speed. The weapon will be thrown while reloading. It may either have a targeting effect or fire erratically.


Tediore Pistol from Borderlands 2 returns. You recognize it, it’s the boomerang rifle; as you toss it, it will return to you. There is a similar weapon known as Bangarang that fires in circles when thrown.


SMG is a true Dahl. Hellfire is consistently one of the game’s best incendiary weapons. It also has a very high rate of fire and deals significant elemental damage.


Atlas Pistol fires several rounds very, extremely quickly. Nonetheless, it may work well at lesser mayhem levels. The Linc is inadequate for the Mayhem 4 mission.


A Dahl Pistol that is a reliable weapon with decent overall characteristics. Due to the renowned special effect of the Nemesis, the weapon is suitable for mobbing. It happens because the Nemesis incorporates shock damage with your attacks. In this manner, you may remove the enemy’s shield and continue doing damage without switching weapons. For flesh adversaries, you desire a Nemesis also with a fire element, while for armored opponents, you want the corrosive element Nemesis.

D Tier

D Tier.
D Tier.

The weapons in the D tier of the Borderlands 3 weapon tier list are poor in quality.

Amazing Grace 

Jakobs Pistol is a sharpshooter disguised as a pistol; it has a large zoom scope and fires slowly but HARD! Similar to the Unforgiven, critical hits are not required to do damage. With Amazing Grace, you will get your bullet back if you score a critical hit.

Creeping Death

Tediore Shotgun is entertaining. You fire these explosive corrosive blobs. However, when a target is missed, the blob remains on the ground. When you load your weapon, you throw it as you would with any other Tediore firearm, and the leftover blobs will fly toward the point of contact with your thrown weapon.

Long Musket 

Tediore SMG is the only weapon in the game with a flamethrower. The weapon will transform into a fire turret when discarded before reloading.


Tediore Shotgun fires in a block pattern, making critical hits difficult to achieve. Physical harm is acceptable, but there are better solutions available. Due to the fact that it is a Tediore gun, it may spawn with a variety of powers when thrown.


Torgue Rocket Launcher fires four or five sticky rockets that detonate a few seconds later. The x5 variant uses two rounds for each shot.

Sledge’s Shotgun 

Jakobs shotgun causes huge damage at close range due to its high damage but poor accuracy. While the firing rate is slow, the magazine capacity is large, reducing the need for reloading. The Shotgun of Sledge is ideal for close combat. 

T.K’s Wave

Jakobs Shotgun is a famous weapon from Borderlands 2 that has returned. As before, it fires a horizontal row of eight balls that move slowly and oscillate in a wave-like manner. These missiles do bounce off objects, creating an amusing spectacle.

The weapon has the ability to be the most destructive Jakobs shotgun in the game, doing more raw harm than the Hellwalker if fired at point-blank range.


So here we come to the end of the Borderlands 3 weapon tier list. All the greatest and most famous weapons are ranked with very extensive research as there are really so so many weapons in the game. So making this article was not easy, and we sincerely hope that all our readers will benefit from the article.