One Piece Odyssey Tier List: All Character Rankings

Our One Piece Character Tier List Ranks the Most Powerful and Memorable Pirates to Sail the Seas.

Otakus and Weebs, rejoice, for we finally bring you this One Piece Odyssey Tier List. It is the latest title in the anime gaming world, with quite the hype built around it. It is a very new title, which is why the information listed in the list may be a little outdated by the time you read it. However, we will be ranking all the playable characters in the game.

They will be ranked based on popularity and overall performance observed in most gameplay videos. It is a turn-based RPG which is why unique moves will play a vital role in the rank placement along with a character’s overall synergy with other characters. I will assume that you know the basics of the game for simplicity’s sake. A key thing to remember is that not enough information is available on the characters, so some placements may be changed soon.

Key Points

  • The article contains a total of 9 entries.
  • Entries will be ranked based on performance, popularity, and compatibility with other characters in the game.
  • The higher tiers include entries like Monkey D. Luffy, Nico Robin, and Rorona Zero.
  • The lower tiers include characters like Sanji, Brook, and Tony Tony Chopper.


Before we dive any further into the article, the table below provides a summarized version of all the ranks with their respective characters. 

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Monkey D. LuffyRorona ZeroUsoppSanjiTony Tony Chopper
Nico RobinNamiFrankyBrook

These characters will be discussed in more detail below.

S Tier

Best One Piece Odyssey Characters
S Tier.

The first rank of our tier list is the S tier. Like most S tiers, it will cater to the best of the best characters that you can play in the game as of its release. These champions showcased pure dominance on the battlefield and proved that they couldn’t be countered that easily. Additionally, these champions go well with most characters in the game, making them perfect team players.

Monkey D. Luffy

The first S-tier character has to be Monkey D. Luffy. Not only is he our main protagonist, but he is also one of the strongest entities in the game. Thankfully, he is available as a playable character with whom we can dominate our way through the story and other side quests that we may come across. Keeping in sync with the atmosphere of the show, Luffy has very absurdly named moves that are way too overpowered.

One of the main reasons that Luffy is so strong is his resistance and type. He is a power-type character with strong resistance to the most commonly used status effects and Technique type characters. However, when it comes to sleeping or confusion, he does not perform as well as he would against lightning or poison. Lastly, he has a great number of field skills that prove quite useful when progressing in the game.

Base HP  544
Base TP 194
Base ATK 97

Nico Robin

The second and last S-tier character in One Piece Odyssey is Nico Robin. Nico is also a main protagonist in the One Piece universe, making her quite popular. You won’t have to do anything to unlock her because she is one of the starter characters. Because of this,  she is one of the best characters to build up in the game. As for her types, she is a Technique type character.

Nico doesn’t have as many resistances as Luffy, but she certainly has the ones that are most crucial to her kit. She is strong against Burn, Confuse, and Charm, making her a very useful pick in most team compositions. Her field skill is quite important for progression because it allows you to break obstacles and appraise appropriate items.

Base HP  262
Base TP 171
Base ATK 77

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A Tier

One Piece Odyssey Good Characters
A Tier.

The next tier of our Tier List is the A Tier. The tier doesn’t necessarily have the best characters, but it definitely has some of the greatest. They underperform just a little compared to the S-tier champions, but they are still very viable options. Furthermore, it is relatively easier to counter them, or they offer a higher skill level than the S tiers. These champions are listed as follows.

Rorona Zoro

First up on the A tier of our list is Rorona Zero. He is a fan favorite in the anime, but his popularity reaches nowhere near as high as the S-tier characters. As for One Piece Odyssey, he is one of the characters that require a little bit of work to obtain. When you save Nami in the series, this character is then unlocked as a playable character. He is a Technique-type pirate with a seriously high attack stat.

As for his weaknesses, he can struggle against Freeze and Confusion with -25 resistance to both. However, he is extremely strong against Faint or Lightning status moves, which gives him the edge in fights where his team may lack. Additionally, it may not be wise to use him against Speed-type enemies. However, against Power types, he is the perfect counter-pick. Lastly, his field skills are a combo of Nico and Luffy, allowing him to break obstacles and move large distances by extending his arm.

Base HP  480
Base TP 182
Base ATK 100


The final A-tier character in One Piece Odyssey is Nami. Nami is a character that needs no introduction at all because she is a very iconic character in the anime community. As for One Piece Odyssey, she is a Speed-type character and a very important part of the Straw Hat Pirates. Like Zoro, she is also a character you will be required to unlock if you play her. Additionally, she, too, is available as a playable character once you rescue her.

Nami is weak to Burn and Freeze effects which is quite a bummer considering they are quite common but nothing too worrisome. However, she is extremely good against Lightning and Charm, making her a perfect pick against most Power characters. Her special field skill is Treasure Sensor which simply allows her to spot treasure on the map.

Base HP  280
Base TP 230
Base ATK 75

B Tier

Average One Piece Odyssey characters
B Tier.

In the B tier of the One Piece Odyssey Tier List, we will look at the champions considered to be perfectly average in the game. These champions aren’t that bad, but they aren’t that good, either. They vary greatly in synergy, difficulty, and power, making them an overall average pick. You will definitely have a harder time winning with these characters than the characters listed in the tiers above. Let’s look at who these champions are.


Usopp is the first B-tier pirate that we will discuss. He is a little less popular than the previously mentioned Pirates in the anime community. However, he is still one of the stronger characters you can play in One Piece Odyssey. Usopp is a Speed-type character who apparently is a pretty average pirate in the game. Despite being weak to seven types of status moves, he still manages to stay in the average range.

Playing with him will not be easy at all, but winning is not impossible. He mainly does so well because of the field skill that allows him to create trick balls in battle. Furthermore, he has a lot of high-power long-range moves making him a huge threat to short-range characters. Lastly, he is available as a playable character as soon as you start the Prologue Chapter.

Base HP  304
Base TP 194
Base ATK 81


Franky is one of the strongest characters in One Piece Odyssey if you look at his resistance. He is a Speed-type character that excels in short-ranged combat. Like Usopp, he is not a popular member of the Straw Hat Pirates but is definitely a powerful one. As for his stats, not much is known right now. We know that he is quite a nuisance to play against because he is only weak to Freeze or Lightning moves.

One of his most useful skills is his field skills. The first skill allows him to build stairs in mid-air on the map. Similarly, his second skill is building a bridge in mid-air. These skills are extremely crucial for progressing in the game but are also quite helpful when exploring the map. He may not be the best in combat, but he is a God when it comes to exploration.

Base HP 196
Base TP 220
Base ATK 90

C Tier

Fair One Piece Characers
C Tier.

Moving on, in the C tier, we will discuss the champions with which it is possible to win but in the hardest way possible. They are nearly the worst playable characters in the game, so playing them may not be the best idea. Additionally, these champions are not the worst, so winning with them is definitely an option, just not as easy as you would hope. They are discussed as follows. 


The first pirate of our C Rankings is Sanji. Sanji is one of the lower-ranked pirates because of how poor his performance has been so far. Furthermore, unlike Franky, he offers no usability when it comes to combat or field exploration. He is a Power-type character that suffers against four types of moves: Freeze, Lightning, Charm, and Confuse. All of these are quite common moves making him quite useless in combat.

His only usability comes from being the team chef because his abilities allow him to find rare ingredients in the field and cook meals for his crew. This is a unique skill, but in terms of usability, it really doesn’t offer much compared to the higher-tier characters.

Base HP  464
Base TP 153
Base ATK 96

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Brook is sort of an honorable mention in the current rank. A lot about him is unknown at the moment other than some spoilers of the story parts of the game. He is rumored to be a Technique-type character that may be available as a playable character in the game. As for the placement, he fails to go any higher because of what we do know about him. In fact, Brook is the reason I decided to factor in popularity as well in the tier placements.

He is known to be available post-chapter 7, which is quite late in the game, so his usability is quite poor throughout the rest of the game. That, paired with other rumors about his base stats, makes him a C-tier pick at best.

Base HP  370
Base TP 145
Base ATK 70

D Tier

Worst One Piece Characters
D Tier.

Finally, the last rank in our article is the D tier. Here, we will only discuss one character because he is so far the worst in the game. Playing any character listed this low is more often a liability than a perk which is why you should never opt for them. Furthermore, the character is one of the hardest to make use of his because of how bad it is in terms of synergy. They are listed as follows. 

Tony Tony Chopper

The last character we will discuss in our list is Tony Tony Chopper. He is a power-type character that you can play who serves as the “Doctor” of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is also among the protagonists but, unfortunately, misses the mark when it comes to performance and usability throughout the game. One thing is for sure you definitely do not want to use him in combat because of how weak his stats are.

He is also pretty bad in field exploration as well, as he only has access to one field skill that allows him to destroy objects which half the characters can already do in the game. One good thing about him is that he is available to play as soon as you start the game, which is quite nice if you like the character. Although, winning with him is practically impossible unless you are a master of the game.

Base HP  328
Base TP 216
Base ATK 85

Comparison Table

CharactersTierBase HP Base TPBase ATK
Monkey D. LuffyS54419497
Nico RobinS26217177
Rorona ZeroA480182100
Tony Tony ChopperD32819485


Well, pirates, that does it for our One Piece Odyssey Tier List. As I already mentioned, some information may appear foreign depending on when you play the game, so do take the list with a pinch of salt solely because of how recent the game is. Still, we have tried our best to rank all playable characters in the game.

However, if you wish to add anything to the discussion, like some tips and tricks, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Lastly, do let me know what you think of the article as well, and stay tuned for future rankings.