DBD Killer Tier List: All Villains Ranked [2023]

A Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List Ranked by Power - Who Will be the Ultimate Villain?

Dead By Daylight is a survival game that was released in 2016, and has a very interesting gameplay premise where one player assumes the role of the killer, while four players are the survivors. The game has had a huge fan following ever since it was released, and today in our DBD Killer Tier List, I will rank all the killers in the game from best to worst.

The list is based on our experience with the game, so there might be a difference of opinion from all the viewers. We are always open to positive criticism. Let us get started.

Key Points

  • Our list is based on the current patch 6.5.0 (PTB).
  • Each Villain was ranked based on their abilities, lethality, and crowd control capabilities.
  • There are a total of 30 entries on our list.
  • Among the best killers are The Spirit, The Nurse, The Blight, The Hag, The Nightmare, and The Oni.
  • In the lowest tiers, you will find The Clown, The Onryo, The Pig, The Trapper, The Twins, and The Trickster.


We will list all entries in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
The SpiritThe ArtistThe KnightThe Dredge The Onryo
The NurseThe MastermindThe CenobiteThe Ghost FaceThe Pig
The Blight The ExecutionerThe CannibalThe LegionThe Trapper
The HagThe WraithThe PlagueThe NemesisThe Twins
The NightmareThe HiibillyThe DeathslingerThe ShapeThe Trickster
The OniThe HuntressThe DoctorThe Clown
The Demogorgon

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S Tier

DBD Killer Tier List S tier
S Tier.

The best killers in Dead By Daylight tier list are the S-rank ones. They have powerful skills, and no other killer can match them.

The Spirit

Spirit is at the top of our list of DBD killers. Spirit and Nurse are very close regarding the best killer in Dead by Daylight. That is because Yamaoka’s main ability, Haunting, allows her to phase walk, which no other killer can do. Also, some people think it’s hard to perform with Spirit, but I think the opposite. Her style of play isn’t hard to learn and get good at, so even new players won’t have a hard time playing with her.

The Spirit’s main power is that she can become invisible for a short time and she can see anyone who is still alive. But in that state, you would be able to move more quickly. Also, when you are phasing, you can still see minor scratches and hear sounds around you, like people breathing and the sounds survivors make when they are hurt. You’ll have to figure out how to find survivors while phasing. Because she leaves behind a husk when she phases, the survivors can’t tell if she is going to phase or where she is.

Power Yamaoka’s Haunting
Weapon Shattered Katana

The Nurse

I really like her power because it lets her move quickly from one place to another, which can be very useful in a game like Dead by Daylight. That is because your main function is to find survivors, and if you have somebody that can help you find them quickly, they are already at a big disadvantage. Her main ability is Spencer’s Last Breath, which lets her Blink for up to 20 meters. The best part is that she can use the ability to move through objects and even walls. But every time you Blink, you will be stunned or tired for about two to three seconds. 

So, you’ll have to be careful when you use the skill. You can, however, get add-ons that boost her blink range, shorten the time she needs to rest and make her blink recharge faster.

Power Spencer’s Last Breath
Weapon The Bonesaw

The Blight 

His main ability, “Blighted Corruption,” lets him move quickly forward, which can help him get to the survivor he’s after quickly. The main power of the Nurse does the same thing, but Blight’s power has an extra benefit. If you use Blight’s Blighted Corruption ability, you will first use Rush. As we’ve already said, that will let you move forward quickly. But if you run into something or hit a wall while running, you can do a Lethal Dash. But this time, you’ll be able to hit your target with an attack.

Also, if you run through pallets or walls that can be broken during the second rush, you will destroy them as well. As you can see, Blight is mostly for people who like to play in an aggressive way. You can also get different add-ons to speed up his movement while running.

Power Blighted Corruption


Weapon Bonebuster

The Hag

By using her power, she can trap an entire team of survivors. And once she does that, they cannot escape. Her main power is called “Blackened Catalyst,” and it lets her make muddy Phantasm Trap indications on the ground. She can set up up to 10 traps at once to catch a whole group of survivors. If she sets the eleventh trap, the first one she sets will go away.

It will go off if a survivor starts running through the trap or gets close to it. Once the trap is set off, it will block the survivor’s path and give the Hag sufficient time to use her special ability to move freely to her target. Even though it will take a long time to learn how to play her well, it will be worth the time and effort.

Power Blackened Catalyst
Weapon The Claw

The Nightmare

Even though he was weakened a lot by the developers, he is still going strong due to his ability to teleport from one generator to another, which makes him an even better choice. The Nightmare’s main power is  “Dream Demon,” which stops Survivors from seeing him when he is far from them. They can only notice his Terror Radius and see him if he is within 16 meters. He can also put a Dream Snare down on the ground. If a survivor goes through one, it slows their progress. That gives The Nightmare a good chance to hit the target easily.

He is also able to deploy fake pallets to mislead survivors into picking them up. Overall, The Nightmare is a strong killer, and unlike The Hag, you won’t need to spend a lot of time learning how to play with him.

Power Dream Demon
Weapon Clawed Glove

The Oni

The Oni has the ability to kill the survivors really quickly. In fact, if you understand how to interact with him right, he can kill the whole group of survivors in less than a minute. The Yamaoka’s Wrath is the Oni’s main power. It lets him drink the blood of the people he attacks. When his power gauge is full, he can start Blood Fury. This happens when he has taken in enough Blood Orbs, which are dropped when he hits a survivor.

Demon Dash and Demon Strike are his two abilities in the mode. The first one lets him move quickly forward and cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. As for his second ability, it lets him make a strong attack in the direction he is facing.

Power Yamaoka’s Wrath
Weapon Yamaoka Blade

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A Tier

DBD Killer Tier List A Tier
A Tier.

Next up are the A-Tier killers. Even though these ones aren’t the best, they are still very strong and can help you force the survivors into a corner.

The Artist

The Artist’s real name is Carmina Mora, one of the newest characters in Dead By Daylight. Her ability is very interesting, especially for players who have played for a long time. The ability is all about being able to control crows. Also, if the killer is wearing the “Spies From The Shadows” perk, they can get a message like the one they get when they fail a skill check. 

She has crows that she can send in any direction. When they hit a survivor, it gives away where they are. She can slow down progression by using her crows on a generator, and she can also give survivors crows if they use that generator.

Power Birds of Torment


Weapon Sharp Palette Blade

The Mastermind

Albert Wesker is so significant on our list because he can move around a lot. During a chase, he can really dash more than once, and that makes it easier for him to jump faster over boxes and windows. Also, the speed boost from vaulting isn’t as big a deal as it is with The Legion, but it’s still good and very beneficial, especially if you can trick the survivor while you’re chasing them. Also, once the survivors are infected with Uroboros, killing them is very easy.

Using Albert Wesker, you can quickly change the outcome of a match by grabbing a survivor and slamming them into another one, hurting both of them. This is hard to do and requires planning, but the rewards are huge if you can pull it off.

Power Virulent Bound
Weapon Combat Knife

The Executioner

The Executioner doesn’t give you much freedom of movement, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick him up since he has some of the best skills for controlling the map. Because of them, he can find his targets quickly and even attack them from far away. It makes up for the fact that he moves slowly.

Rites of Judgement are the Executioner’s main ability, which leaves a Torment Trail in the ground as he moves. If a survivor walks into it, it will hurt them and reveal their location because Killer Instinct will be set off. If the person who survived Torment goes into the Dying State, they will be sent to the Cage of Atonement. But the Torment effect will go away if someone saves them.

Power Rites of Judgement
Weapon Great Knife

The Wraith

Like The Spirit, Wraith is a killer whose main power is to make himself invisible. It lets him sneak up behind his enemies without being seen. Even though that sounds like a fun thing to do, you will need to put in some practice time to get the most out of it. The main power of the Wraith lets him hide by holding down the power button. To get out of the cloak, hold and press it again. While in a cloak, Wraith’s movement speed is greatly increased, making it easier for him to reach his target quickly.

Even though he can’t make any attacks when he’s invisible, he can still interact with things around him. The only bad thing about his power is that anyone within 24 meters can hear the sound it makes. That can let them know where he is. Also, Wraith’s slow animation when he takes off his cloak is another problem. Since it doesn’t happen immediately, it gives people time to realize he’s there and run away.

Power Wailing Bell
Weapon Azarov’s Skull

The Hilbilly

The Hillbilly used to be so strong, but then the developers decided to weaken him. Even so, he is still very strong, and if you use him right, he can help you kill the whole group of survivors at once. His main ability is a chainsaw that he carries with him and uses to kill his enemies. His main force is called “The Chainsaw,” and when he uses it, he can move twice as fast as he normally would.

It can also put any survivor into the dying state no matter how healthy they are. But don’t use the Chainsaw too much, or it will get too hot and break.  The Hillbilly belongs in the A rank of our DBD Killer Tier List 2023.

Power Chainsaw
Weapon The Hammer

The Huntress

The Huntress is another easy-to-use DBD killer on our list of killer tiers. Many players believe she’s the best at killing people from a distance in Dead by Daylight. That is enough to make you want to give her a shot.

The main power of the Huntress is called “Hunting Hatchets,” and it lets her throw hatchets at her target. Her whole way of playing is based on these Hatchets. And if you want to use the killer, you must learn how to throw it correctly. The killer starts the game with five Hunting Hatchets, which can be refilled at lockers. Overall, The Huntress is a strong killer who is easy to control. Once you know how to throw her Hatchets right, no one can stop you.

Power Hunting Hatchets
Weapon Broad Axe

B Tier

DBD Killer Tier List B Tier
B Tier.

On our list of DBD killer tiers, B-Tier killers are neither too strong nor too weak. They live somewhere between the two. They have some good skills, but they also have some weak spots.

The Knight

The Knight’s AI holds him back the most. His ability lets him call his guards, who he can use in different ways. You can send one to kick a power source or chase a survivor. Here is where the bugs can start to show up. Guards sometimes remain stationary or get locked in one place. There have been bugs in Dead By Daylight before, but we’re sure Actions will fix them soon. As of right now, he is undoubtedly one of the best in B-Tier and might even be in A-Tier.

Power Guardia Compagnia
Weapon Imposing Claymore

The Cenobite

The Cenobite is the first thing on our list of tiers in the B-Tier. He is another killer who would use his skills to slow down his targets and kill them. I like that his skills can force the survivors into a corner. Summons of Pain is Cenobite’s main power. As the name suggests, it lets him open a gateway anywhere he wants. Through this gate, he can send a chain toward his target. Anyone caught in the chain gets the Incapacitated Status Effect and can’t leave through the Exit Gate.

Lament Configuration is another skill that the killer has. It is a small box that the survivors can use to start a Chain Hunt. The Chain Hunt can only be stopped by trying to pick up the Boast Configuration. But once a survivor picks up the box, they get the Oblivious Status Effect and can’t put it down until they solve the Lament Configuration. The Cenobite is an overall decent killer, but succeeding with it takes practice.

Power Summons of Pain
Weapon Hook & Chain

The Cannibal

The Cannibal is one of our other killers who uses a chainsaw to kill his victims. If you’ve already played with Hillbilly, you won’t have any problems when you play with the Cannibal. His chainsaw is actually much easier to use than Hillbilly’s.

The Cannibal’s main power is Bubba’s Chainsaw, which lets him do a powerful Chainsaw Dash for 2 seconds. If the attack hits a survivor, they go straight into the Dying State, which shows how powerful it is. The attack can be very useful against a group of survivors, but keep in mind that you’ll need to learn how to control the Cannibal’s movements. If he hits an obstacle when using a chainsaw, you’ll have to wait a few seconds before he can start to run after his targets again.

Power Bubba’s Chainsaw
Weapon The Sledge

The Plague

The Plague is one of the DBD killers with a simple but powerful ability on our list of DBD killer tiers. She can give the survivors a very hard time and make them spread the virus to each other. The Plague’s main ability is called “Vile Purge,” It lets her hit her enemies with a stream of contagious vomit. If a survivor gets sick from the vomit, it’s because they were hit by it. Once the Vile Purge has hit them enough times, they are immediately put into the Injured State and get the Broken Status Effect.

Even worse, people who get sick from the Vile Purge sometimes throw up, spreading the disease to nearby objects and other survivors. They also make strange sounds when sick, making it easier for The Plague to find its targets. Also, the killer can use the Vile Purge to hit her targets directly, but she can also throw up on things in the environment. Anyone who comes in contact with them will get sick.

Power Vile Purge
Weapon Profane Censer

The Deathslinger

Like the Plague, Deathslinger has a simple ability that is easy to use. Since his main power is a gun, FPS players won’t have trouble playing with him. With the gun, he can aim for survivors who are a bit far away. The Deathslinger’s main ability is called “The Redeemer,” and it lets him shoot a spear at his target with his gun. If he hits a survivor, he can pull them toward himself. But the people still alive can use some ways to break the chain.

Even though the Deathslinger looks like an easy-to-use killer, remember that he can sometimes be slow. Also, after firing each spear, you’ll have to reload a gun.

Power The Redeemer
Weapon Death to Bayshore

The Doctor

Even though the Doctor isn’t among the most popular killers on our DBD killer tier list, he is still very powerful in the right hands. Not many people are as good as the Doctor when finding survivors. Carter’s Spark is the Doctor’s main power, improving his other two powers. The first power is called “Shock Therapy,” which lets the Doctor release a shockwave in front of him. If one of the survivors gets hit by it, they can’t do anything.

If they were doing something, that thing would be stopped. Static Blast is the name of the second skill, and it makes all the survivors in the Doctor’s radius scream, which lets the killer know exactly where they are.

Power Carter’s Spark
Weapon The Stick

The Demogorgon

The Demogorgon can quickly find survivors because of his skills, but it can be hard for people who are just starting out. But once you get used to him, you won’t be sorry for spending time with him. Of the Abyss is the name of Demogorgon’s main power. This power gives him a unique attack and a unique skill. The special attack is called “Shred,” It lets him jump forward and strike his target with a strong slash. Portals are the name of the special skill he has.

The Demogorgon can put up to six portals on the ground with the skill, and the best part is that the survivors can’t see the portals, so you don’t have to worry about them being closed. The Demogorgon is a good killer but can’t do well against a group of smart survivors.

Power Of the Abyss
Weapon Barbarous Claw

C Tier

DBD Killer Tier List C Tier
C Tier.

Some of the average killers to use in the game are those in the C-Tier. It would help if you didn’t choose them unless you have nothing else to do.

The Dredge 

The Dredge might be the least interesting thing we’ve added to the game in the last few years. His abilities are mostly simply because they only help in certain maps. A player with a lot of experience can still do a great job with him. Because of that, we put him in C-Tier. During a chase, he is good because he can lock down loops. If you have been playing for a while, you can already tell that this can easily change the game depending on where you place it. As a match goes on, it can be harder to find pallets. So, if you lock a survivor’s loops, they won’t have many ways to defend themselves.

His pressure game is the key thing that makes him dangerous, but most of his other traits are useless. We suggest you only use the Dredge if you like how he plays. If not, there are better choices in C-Tier.

Power Reign of Darkness
Weapon Knotted Appendage

The Ghost Face

Ghost Face is the stealthiest killer in DBD without a double. In fact, no other killer on our list of DBD killers can be as sneaky as him. But he is not very strong because he doesn’t have many tools. He would have been in the top tier without trouble if he had better and more powerful skills. Night Shroud is Ghost Face’s main ability. When the power is used, the Undetectable Status result is added to Ghost Face. But if a survivor looks in his direction for more than 1.5 seconds, his location is disclosed.

Ghost Face has two skills that are unique to him, the first of which is”Stalk,” which lets you follow survivors when Night Shroud is on. If he is able to follow his target for a long time, they will get the Exposed Status Effect, which lasts 45 seconds. As for his second capacity, it lets him crouch, which adds to his ability to stay out of sight. But remember that the killer will move twice as fast when stalking and half as fast when crouched.

Power Night Shroud
Weapon Tactical Knife

The Legion

Yes, the Legion is still a great killer for skilled players. But he’s a waste of time for new players. The Legion’s most important ability is called “Feral Frenzy,” which makes him move much faster. With it, he can quickly and easily get to where his targets are. He has an attack called “Feral Slash,” which lets him strike the survivor with a potent cut that immediately puts them in the “Injured” state.

Also, when the Legion starts hitting a survivor, Killer Instinct immediately lets him know where his other nearby targets are. Remember, though, that the Legion’s powers only work if the group of survivors isn’t smart and likes to hang out together. If they are spread out all over the map, it will be hard for Legion to find them all at once.

Power Feral Frenzy
Weapon Hunting Knife

The Nemesis

Some of Nemesis’s skills are the most unique in Dead by Daylight. His power grows as his mutation rate increases, which can happen when he attacks survivors. He can also get more help by calling zombies from the map. Nemesis’ main power is called T-Virus. As your Mutation Rate goes up, it helps you get stronger. Tentacle Strike is the killer’s main attack, which he uses to attack his targets. When the Tentacle Strike hits a survivor, they get the Conmatinaiton effect. During that time, they get a little louder, making it easier for the killer to find them.

If the survivor has already been affected by Conmatination, the attack will only hurt them. His unique attack is called “Zombies.” As the name implies, it lets the killer put two zombies on the map that will attack every survivor they see. The survivors are also hurt by their attacks. Nemesis is in a tough spot because his Tentacle Strike ability usually doesn’t hit the target correctly. Even worse, it can’t go through walls.

Power T-Virus
Weapon Raw Fists

The Shape

The Shape is another character on our DBD killer tier list whose resultant force on which tier he is in. He has three levels, and each level gives him a better set of skills. Evil Within is the Shape’s main power, letting him clearly see the survivors. His special skill is called “Stalking,” which lets him gain more power. The more you follow the survivors, the higher the levels you go. You get the Impossible to detect a Status effect at the first level, but your movement speed is slowed down. The Terror Radius is 16 meters, and your movement speed is normal.

And on the third and final level, your movement speed goes up, and your Terror Radius goes up to 32 meters. Overall, the Shape cannot be trusted to kill survivors quickly.

Power Evil Within
Weapon Kitchen Knife

The Clown

The Clown is one of Dead by Daylight’s most boring killers. This is because his abilities aren’t very special and don’t do much. The only things he can do are related to two of his bottles. His main ability is “Afterpiece Tonic,” and it lets him switch between two bottles: “Afterpiece Tonic” and “Afterpiece Antidote.” When the first one breaks, it lets out a purple gas cloud that can make the survivors feel drunk. Also, the Hundred Status Effect is given to anyone who walks through the Gas Cloud. The second bottle sends out a white cloud of gas that turns yellow after seconds.

For 5 seconds, the Gas Cloud can make it faster for the survivors and the clown to move. No matter what, you can’t do much with the Clown. His skills are basic, and good players can easily count them.

Power The Afterpiece Tonic
Weapon Madame Butterfly

D Tier

DBD Killer Tier List D Tier
D Tier.

In Dead by Daylight, these are the worst ways to kill someone. They are weak and don’t have any strong skills. Because of that, we put them in our Dead By Daylight Tier below D.

The Onryo

Sadly, she can’t do much against a group of even half-competent survivors. People in the community were pretty happy about this release, but the studio made a mistake by giving us a weak and boring killer and a survivor that no one wanted or expected. Onryo’s skill is the main factor preventing her from becoming a killer. She can walk through TVs and move to another one. 

Also, it’s always bad to teleport to one far from survivors just because the one near them was broken. You can’t do much to stop her, making it hard for her to move. She is a very slow killer otherwise, and the only attack she has is a normal short-range one. All of these things make her a very bad choice unless you really like the character.

Power Deluge of Fear
Weapon Ring of Furt

The Pig

The Pig is the kind of killer that players just starting out should not use. Her skills are mostly about catching enemies, but they are not as good as the skills of other killers. Jigsaw’s Baptism is the Pig’s main ability, letting her carry around 4 Reverse Bear Traps. The traps don’t work at first. She can set these snares on a survivor in a state called “Dying.” 

But when a generator is done, all of the traps that weren’t working before start working. After that, a 150-second death timer shows up on the icon for the survivor’s status, and when it runs out, the trap kills the last person alive.

Power Jigsaw’s Baptism
Weapon Hidden Blade

The Trapper

When the game started, the Trapper was a good choice, but only for the first few months. After that, the developers added a lot of better killers than him, which made players not want to use him. Also, the developers haven’t given him many buffs, which has made him weak. The main power of the Trapper Trapper is called “Bear Trap.” He can use these traps to make his enemies move more slowly. 

If a survivor is healthy and gets caught in a trap, they are sent to the Injured State. Overall, there isn’t anything about the Trapper that I like. Since the Bear Traps you use to catch him are all over the map and take time to find, he’s not worth picking.

Power Bear Trap
Weapon The Cleaver

The Twins

Victor and Charlotte, the twins, are among the least likely killers to be chosen from our list of DBD killers. The mechanic of switching between them can get very confusing, especially for new players. Charlotte is the slower of the two, but she gets to pick up the ones who have survived. On the other hand, Victor is much faster than the other twin and can do many more things. For example, Victor can charge up an attack called “Pounce” and then use it to attack his target. Victor can also search his surroundings quickly, which helps him find his targets quickly.

In general, it can be hard to control both twins. You will have to spend a lot of time learning how to use them both well. I don’t think you should choose them because there are better choices in the game.

Power Blood Bond
Weapon Blade of Marseille

The Trickster

The last card is the Trickster. He is definitely the worst killer you can use in Dead by Daylight. That is because he moves slowly and doesn’t have much strength. We all know that a killer who moves slowly is easy to trick.

Showstopper is the name of the Trickster’s main ability, which lets him throw blades at his targets. He starts the game with forty-four blades and can get more of them as the match goes on. Overall, there isn’t much to say about the Trickster, and you shouldn’t choose him since all the killers are better than him.

Power Showstopper
Weapon Polished Head-Smasher

Comparison Table

CharacterRankPower Weapon
The SpiritS TierYamaoka’s HauntingShattered Katana
The NurseS TierSpencer’s Last BreathThe Bonesaw
The BlightS TierBlighted CorruptionBonebuster
The HagS TierDream DemonClawed Glove
The NightmareS TierYamaoka’s WrathYamaoka Blade
The OniS TierBirds of TormentSharp Palette Blade
The ArtistA TierVirulent BoundCombat Knife
The MastermindA TierRites of JudgementGreat Knife
The ExecutionerA TierWailing BellAzarov’s Skull
The WraithA TierChainsawThe Hammer
The HiibillyA TierHunting HatchetsBroad Axe
The HuntressA TierGuardia CompagniaImposing Claymore
The KnightB TierSummons of PainHook & Chain
The CenobiteB TierBubba’s ChainsawThe Sledge
The CannibalB TierVile PurgeProfane Censer
The PlagueB TierThe RedeemerDeath to Bayshore
The DeathslingerB TierCarter’s SparkThe Stick
The DoctorB TierOf the AbyssBarbarous Claw
The DemogorgonB TierReign of DarknessKnotted Appendage
The DredgeC TierNight ShroudTactical Knife
The Ghost FaceC TierFeral FrenzyHunting Knife
The LegionC TierT-VirusRaw Fists
The NemesisC TierEvil WithinKitchen Knife
The ShapeC TierThe Afterpiece TonicMadame Butterfly
The ClownC TierDeluge of FearRing of Furt
The OnryoD TierJigsaw’s BaptismHidden Blade
The PigD TierJigsaw’s BaptismHidden Blade
The TrapperD TierBear TrapThe Cleaver
The TwinsD TierBlood BondBlade of Marseille
The TricksterD TierShowstopperPolished Head-Smasher

Patch Notes 6.6.1 Version

These patch notes were released on 22nd March 2023. This patch made the following changes to the latest killer, The Skull Merchant.

  • Base power changes:
    • The Skull Merchant gains a flat Haste Status Effect for each Survivor detected on the radar. This bonus is lost when no Survivor is detected on the Radar.
      • One Survivor : +3%
      • Two Survivors: +5%
      • Three Survivors: +6%
      • Four Survivors: +7%
      • Note: You do not need to be Inspecting the Radar in order to get this bonus.
  • Failing the Claw Trap hack no longer recharges its battery
  • Entering an Active Zone no longer recharges Claw Trap batteries
  • Drones only return to the Killer after their respective Claw Trap battery is empty
  • Survivors with a Claw Trap cause Drones to be Unhackable while they are nearby
  • Claw Trapped Survivors who fast vault pallets break the pallet and their Claw Trap at the same time
  • Claw traps are automatically removed when their battery is empty
  • Addon changes :
    • Ultrasonic Trap Speaker (NEW EFFECT): Decrease the time it takes for Undetectable to take effect by 50%
  • Increase the “Expired Batteries” addon rarity to Ultra Rare (was Very Rare)
  • Decrease the “Prototype Rotor” addon rarity to Very Rare (was Ultra Rare)
  • Increase Adaptive Lighting to 50% (was 20%)
  • Decrease Expired Batteries to 40% (was 150%)


The Dead By Daylight Killer tier list is based on the powers and skills the killers have in the game; these killers are ranked after extensive research and, most importantly, on the basis of our own experience. The lists we provide are first written by expert writers, after which they are edited by senior editors who have mastered their skills.

There is a chance that many of you will not agree with us, but there is always a difference in everyone’s likes and dislikes, but let us know about your valuable feedback in the comments section either way.