Stands Awakening Tier List [2023]

We Will Be Ranking All Of The Stands In The Game With This Article.

Today’s article is about the Stands Awakening tier list, where we will rank all the stands in the game. They will be ranked according to their efficiency throughout the game. Your character’s powers in the game usually come from the stand you use.

This a new game developed in the ROBLOX. The project has been ongoing for some time, but the game is still currently in the beta stage of testing. But regardless of that, there is still a lot to see and do here, and we’re gonna help you with exactly that in our article.

Key Points

  • Our list is made based on the current meta of the game.
  • There are 17 total entries in the article so far, and we have ranked them on their strength.
  • Some of the best stands are Anubis, Whitesnake, Whitesnake: Alternate Universe, and The World: Alternative Universe.
  • Among the worst stands are Gold Experience, Star Platinum Stone Ocean, Star Platinum: The World, and King Crimson Doppio.


You can find each entry ranked in the short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
AnubisWhitesnakeStar PlatinumHierophant GreenStar Platinum: The World
Whitesnake: Alternate UniverseDirt Deeds Done Dirt CheapCrazy DiamondKiller QueenKing Crimson Doppio
The World: Alternative UniverseSticky FingersThe WorldGold Experience
Soft And WetKing Crimson: Alternate UniverseStar Platinum Stone Ocean

S Tier

stands awakening tier list S tier
S Tier.

I will assign ranks to the many great stands in the S section of the Stands Awakening tier list updated. It is to be anticipated that the developers of each game will always create each character in a one-of-a-kind manner. While some are just decent, there are those that are exceptional. Not only that, but a small percentage is the very worst of all. As a result, you will discover the best characters in this category, which are the ones that consistently surpass the rest.


One of the minor bad guys in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders is named Anubis. Anubis is a near spec that is tied to his sword. Even though Anubis is tied to the sword, he is known as the riskiest spec in the JJBA Series. He has many abilities that help him and the person who uses his fight. Despite the sword being broken, the spec is very strong, so it keeps its full power. It can control the mind, become invisible in certain places, and get stronger or faster.

Anubis seems to look like a sword. It has a black grip and a silver blade that looks like metal. It also has a golden defender with golden decorations on it. A red jewel in the center of the guard looks like a ruby. Its humanoid shape is based on the mythical god Anubis, who is recognized as the God of Death and wears a Nemes in Egyptian mythology. But that isn’t shown in the game.

Here are some important points to be kept in mind about this stand:

  • It does a great deal of damage.
  • It is amazing for zoning because it has two projectiles.
  • Each knife does 25 damage, so together, they do 75.
  • It makes people wait for less time.
Destructive Power B
Speed B
Durability A
HP Unknown

Whitesnake: Alternate Universe

“WSAU,” which stands for “Whitesnake: Alternative Universe,” is a non-canon Stand for “Alternate Universe Pucci.” The Stand has a backstory in which Pucci was a sadist who would torture his victims. Whitesnake’s “Alternative Universe” is a close-ranged “Stand.” It has the same skills as Whitesnake from the main universe, but its attacks are faster and hit harder.

Here are some important points to be kept in mind about the stand:

  • You can not evolve WSAU into C-Moon or Made in Heaven.
  • WSAU is a lot stronger than regular Whitesnake.
  • Whitesnake’s Alternative Universe has only one voice line: “It’s Mine!”
  • The Discord server confirms that it will get a makeover.
  • Uzi was made impossible to block, making it a great way to deal with stands with high block strength. 
  • Whitesnake: Alternate Universe does 80 damage instead of 90, which is 10 less than Over Heavens.
  • WS: AU has a 1/3 chance of giving stands to users who don’t have any.
Destructive Power A
Speed A-
Durability A
HP 200 (Blocks 90%)

The World: Alternative Universe

The World: Alternative Universe is a powerful Stand with many great moves. It is a humanoid Stand with a build like Diego’s and a look like its counterpart from the alternate universe. Its hands have the shape of a clock on the back, with similar symbols on its shoulders and hips. It has hearts on its chin and around its waist, and its knees have D-shaped pads.

On its back are two diving tanks connected to the back of its mask by two short, ridged cables. The tanks may be held in place by thick, wrinkled, or puffed straps that go from the back of its midsection over both shoulders to the front of its body. On the other hand, it looks good; Neo The World: Alternative Universe looks a lot like the model for The World: Alternative Universe, but it is light blue instead of yellow.

Here are some important points to be kept in mind about the stand:

  • It deals a good amount of damage.
  • With the two projectiles, it’s good for zoning.
  • It has good strength.
  • It can block 75% of attacks.
  • Each knife does 25 damage, for a total of 75.
  • It has great combo potential and knows how to use Timestop.
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Durability A
HP 200 (Blocks 75%)

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A Tier

stands awakening tier list A tier
A Tier.

Below the S tier on the list of Stand Awakening tiers comes the following category, the A tier. Therefore, in the A tier you will locate the stands that are ranked second best in Stand Awakening. I shall provide a sufficient justification for why I am putting each stance by outlining its capabilities, talents, and skills.

These stands, in contrast to the characters in the S-tier, have a few deficiencies; as a result, I have always regarded them to be inferior to the S-tier characters. Having said that, the problems are not really significant, and as a result, it is fantastic, in fact amazing, to pick them. Let’s not waste any more time and get right into the rankings, shall we?


The Whitesnake is a long-ranged Stand with extraordinary strength and speed, comparable to that of close-ranged Stands. It is a Stand with a vast range, yet it acts more like a Stand designed for close-range combat. The talent possessed by Whitesnake is regarded as one of the most perilous of those shown in the series. It has the ability to remove discs from foes, taking with it their memories and Stands if they possess either.
Strong ability to inflict injury.

Here are some important points to be kept in mind about the stand:

  • It has good durability.
  • A very effective barrier (a decrease of 90%).
  • It has access to two missiles that do a significant amount of damage.
  • The victim takes 65 damage and is poisoned when Acid Spit (Y) is used.
  • You can temporarily block the powers of other players by using DISC Steal (F) for a period of 20 seconds.
  • It has one of the hardest heavy punches available.
Destructive Power  ? (A)
Speed D
Durability A
HP 200 (Blocks 90%)

Dirt Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap is a risky close-range Stand like Star Platinum or The World. In addition to its dangerous close-range powers, it can create dimensions, make clones, and use other-dimensional powers. It lets the user move between different dimensions. When clones from the main universe touch their clones from the main universe, they will crash and explode. That does not apply to the user, though.

Here are some important points to be kept in mind about the stand:

  • It’s great and does godly damage (Inside pocket dimension).
  • It has good strength.
  • This stand has a good block (reduces risk by 75%).
  • When you get hit, Love Train sends the damage to your opponents.
  • It can send offshoots to distract other players and attack them.
  • You can send a clone explosive to a player to hurt them.
  • It can trick opponents by swapping with clones. The user can also look like the other clones to trick their enemies.
  • When it sends clones, it has super armor.
  • Dimensional Warp gives you faster movement, better protection, and more damage.
  • Clones can move in Time Stop and get around any counter, even Time Erase.
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Durability A
HP 200 (Blocks 75%)

Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers is a close-ranged Stand with a lot of speed and strength. The main thing it can do is make zippers. Things can be cut with these zippers. Zippers can also make limbs fall off, among other things.

Here are some important points to be kept in mind about the stand:

  • It does a good amount of damage.
  • The moves are fast, and the hitbox is good.
  • It has an amazing combo potential.
  • It blocks well (75% less damage).
  • T has a long range and helps keep a safe distance.
  • F stuns your opponent.
  • Passive A gives your opponent a zipper, which makes them take more harm.
  • Hitboxes that move quickly and don’t stay in place for long can make it difficult to land hits.
  • Using V leaves you open to a lot of danger.
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Durability D – (Canon stat)

B- (In-game Stat)

HP 160 (Blocks 75%)

Soft and Wet

Soft and Wet is a close-ranged Stand that is stronger and faster than average. Its main ability is to make air pockets that take away things like eyesight and moisture from people. Soft & Wet is a human-looking Stand with a smooth, robotic shape. Its color is light and about the same height as Josuke’s.

Here are some important points to be kept in mind about it:

  • In PvP, Soft and Wet is a good stand. You can run away using Bubble Jump or trap them and strike them while they can’t move.
  • Soft and Wet is a very defensive stand because of all of these things.
  • The 8th Jojo Part, JoJolion, has the song “Soft and Wet.”
  • It’s Josuke Higashikata’s stand from Part 8 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Please don’t mix it up with Josuke Higashikata’s stand from Part 4.
  • When trap bubbles land on some NPCs, like Timmy, they don’t go away.
  • On the shiny, effects like the kick barrage trail stay the same blue color.
Destructive Power C
Speed B
Durability A
HP 200 (Blocks 95%)

B Tier

Decent stands
B Tier.

Characters who have been put on the B rank of the Stands Awakening tier list 2023 are not the greatest stands available in the game. On the other hand, provided that you have some fundamental information on them and that you are aware of how to manage these likable stands, then in that regard, they are capable of serving you rather admirably. Because the B-tier stands’ numbers aren’t very impressive, I decided to put them at the current level.

Star Platinum

Star Platinum, which players usually call “SP” for short, is Jotaro Kujo’s Stand in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Starlight Crusaders. It is a tight stand with amazing strength, speed, and accuracy, but its range is only 2 meters. It also has better eyesight, breathing, and strength. Star Platinum woke up the power to stop time at the end of Stardust Crusaders. It can stop time for 5 seconds, just like The World can.

It is a human-looking Stand that looks like a tall, well-built man about the same size as Jotaro, if not bigger. The stand also looks like Jonathan Joestar, which is strange. Its skin often looks like a mix of purple, blue, green, and tiny chunks of gold in colored pictures. Different colors on its face and body help you tell the difference between its hair and head. The space under its eyes, on its cheeks, and chin is darker than the space around its nose and mouth, which is a lighter color. It has a cap on its chin and a three-piece metal headband. The middle piece of the headband is shaped like an ellipse. At first, it had a face that looked much like Jotaro’s.

Here are some important points to be kept in mind about the stand:

  • The old model of Star Platinum came from A Absurd Day, but it was eventually changed.
  • Star Finger sometimes takes a second to show up. This is the same delay that Edgy Star Platinum had before it evolved.
  • Two evolutions of Star Platinum have been taken out.
  • Star Platinum is a valuable and in-demand stand because it can evolve into many different things. Jotaro’s Star Platinum, in particular.
  • Many community members get mixed up between Star Platinum and Star Platinum, Part 3. But the differences between color palettes are easy to see.
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Durability A
HP 200 (Blocks 75%)

Crazy Diamond

Crazy Diamond, often called “CD,” is Josuke Higashikata’s Stand in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Durable. Like Star Platinum, Crazy Diamond is a near Stand with a lot of strength and speed. But it can fix things back to how they were before, which can also cure hurt people. Even though it is shown to be a very powerful Stand, many other stands in Stands Awakening stand out more. But it’s still useful, mostly as a support card on a team, just like in Diamond is unbreakable.

Here are some important points to be kept in mind about the stand:

  • The movie Crazy Diamond was predicated on the Pink Floyd song “Shine On You, Crazy Diamond.”
  • Crazy Diamond is among the few stands that can be used to both heal and attack.
  • In the anime, Crazy Diamond is a very powerful stand, but in the game, it is not as strong.
  • Crazy Diamond was once able to interfere with Dio The World’s constant stream by making a wall while it was bombarding Crazy Diamond’s users.
  • The local name for Crazy Diamond is Shining Diamond.
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Durability B
HP 200 (Blocks 75%)

The World

The World is the main bad guy in both Phantom Blood and Stardust Crusaders. Stone Ocean also had a short scene with The World. The World is a close-ranged Stand that has a lot of power, a lot of speed, and a lot of accuracies, just like Star Platinum. It’s not very good at long-range fights because it’s a close-range Stand. But the fact that it can stop time for 5 seconds makes up for it. In the game, though, it’s not as strong as it is in the show. 

Here are some important points to be kept in mind about the stand:

  • It does a good amount of damage.
  • It has good strength.
  • The stand has a good block (reduces risk by 75%).
  • It has access to a powerful weapon that does 25 damage.
  • Time Smite always does free damage and can’t be stopped.
  • During Time Stop, you can spam Knife Throw to do easy chip damage.
  • Due to the small hitbox, Time Smite can be hard to land sometimes.
  • By blocking, you can reduce time Smite’s damage by a lot.
  • Time Stop is almost useless if an opponent is too far away or in the air.
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Durability A
HP 200 (Blocks 75%)

King Crimson: Alternate Universe

Most people know King Crimson: Alternate Universe, or KC: AU, as the stand that an alternate Diavolo uses in the Jorge Joestar Novel. King Crimson: Alternate Universe is a close-ranged stand like Star Platinum and The World. It is also similar to King Crimson but better for rushdown combat.

Here are some important points to be kept in mind about this stand:

  • It does a high amount of damage.
  • It offers good durability.
  • It has a good block (reduces risk by 75%).
  • It is easy to move around.
  • The stand has good combo potential.
  • It does not offer many options.
  • When you dash or slide, the impacts of the Epitaph are canceled, and the cooldown does not start until you press T again.
Destructive Power S-
Speed A++
Durability A
HP 200 (Blocks 75%)

C Tier

Average stands.
C Tier.

I shall now rate the stands that have been unable to live up to their potential in this section of the Stands Awakening tier list pvp. Their performance falls somewhere in between being exceptional and awful. However, the catch is that it is often impossible to find them suitable since it is impossible for a player to foretell how the gameplay would unfold after selecting them. In that instance, the game’s outcome entirely depends on your level of good fortune.

Hierophant Green

Hierophant Green, also called “HG,” is Noriaki Kakyoin’s Stand in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. It is a Stand with a long-range with multiple abilities that help it fight and scout. As a trade-off for its long-range abilities, however, Hierophant Green isn’t very good up close.

Hierophant Green looks like a humanoid, but its real shape is a long web of tendrils. Its eyes and legs are metal, and its body comprises muscles. It is slightly taller than Kakyoin but can stretch out to a very long length. Hierophant Green has a body with lines that look like veins, and a light-colored armor protects it. Even though its face doesn’t show emotion, its mask covers what looks like a human mouth.

Here are some important points to be kept in mind about the stand:

  • It does good damage.
  • The projectiles are fast and good.
  • If most or all hit, F can quickly destroy health.
  • R can use projectiles to make a combo.
  • Even though the durability is B, the health is low.
  • Emeralds don’t always shoot right.
  • Even though it is a ranged stand, its projectiles have long cooldowns.
  • It can’t move around.
Destructive Power C
Speed B
Durability B
HP 120 (Blocks 50%)

Killer Queen

While Stands like Crazy Diamond and Star Platinum are stronger than Killer Queen, it has a skill that lets it get the upper hand in combat. The ability is called “Bomb Transmutation,” and it lets it turn into a bomb with the edge of its finger.

Killer Queen looks like a humanoid stand but is slightly taller and bigger than the user.  Killer Queen also has a big belt with a gold cat skull on top and small gold symbols on the bottom. At the bottom of the shoulder, it has the same symbol as the belt. And finally, it has black shoes.

Here are some important points to be kept in mind about this stand:

  • The first explosive device can be put down anywhere, so it can be used to attack by surprise.
  • Combos are possible, at least if a bomb is put in.
  • Sheer Heart Attack can put opponents under pressure.
  • It has a short range and relies heavily on bomb fusions at close range.
  • Sheer Heart Attack can be used to attack other players.
  • Its health is about average, and its durability is average.
  • Sheer Heart Attack can get trapped on walls and ledges, but it’s easy to avoid because it’s so small.
  • The explosions do not often stun, and it’s hard to land a Yen Coin Throw.
Destructive Power A
Speed B
Durability B
HP 150 (Blocks 50%)

Gold Experience

Gold Experience is a close-range Stand with a lot of strength and speed but Stands like Crazy Diamond and Star Platinum is still better. Aside from that, it has the power to give life. It can bring life into the world and attack the enemy, among other things. It can also make organs, which are used to heal allies.

Gold Experience is a human-looking Stand with an average height and a slim build. Its head is shaped like a soldier’s helmet, with curved marks like the letter J heading down from its eyes on both sides. It has large ladybugs all over its body and wings that look like they were drawn on. In ancient Egypt, the Scarab Beetle was a sign of creation, and ladybugs were a sign of rebirth. The angel wings on its back are a sign of peace. It also has green knees and wings on its forearms. It wears slings, which are like suspenders, and has straps around its waist.

Here are some important points to be kept in mind:

  • The self-heal timer is the fastest in the game.
  • F has a cooldown of 5 seconds and can stop almost all attacks from doing damage.
  • T follows you automatically and also does good damage.
  • It has low strength.
  • It does not offer much to choose from.
  • Mobility is limited.
  • After a while, it can start to repeat itself.
Destructive Power C
Speed A
Durability D
HP 120 (Blocks 25%)

Star Platinum Stone Ocean

Star Platinum (Stone Ocean) is a close-ranged Stand in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. It is often called SPSO. Jotaro Kujo, a friend in Stone Ocean, is the one who uses it. The Stand works best in close combat, but it doesn’t last very long. Here are some important points to be kept in mind:

  • Star Platinum (Stone Ocean), featured in the Stone Ocean arc, is actually called Star Platinum: The World.
  • Even though it is the most trained Star Platinum variant in canon, it is thought to be the worst.
  • The old model of Star Platinum (Stone Ocean) was the ABD version, but that was changed in Stands Awakening.
  • The script for Star Platinum (Stone OceanTime )’s Smite broke, but it was later fixed by replacing it with Made in Heaven’s donut move, whose damage was changed to 60.
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Durability E
HP 120 (Blocks 25%)

D Tier

worst stands.
D Tier.

The Stands list is complete now that I have arrived at its last category. The last category on the list is the D tier, which contains the stands with the fewest abilities. The actions of these folks will lead you to fail, which is highly frustrating given that you will suffer because of them. They are the worst stands, and I would advise you not to anticipate anything from them.

Star Platinum: The World

Star Platinum: The World, often shortened to “SPTW,” is the Stand of Jotaro Kujo in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Durable. It is similar to Star Platinum, but it does more harm and can stop time for longer. Here are some important points to be kept in mind about this stand:

  • Deals a good amount of damage.
  • It has fine strength with decent combo potential.
  • It can move around at other Time Stops.
  • Y deals tremendous damage and is unavoidable.
  • It is easy to move. V can also be used when your stand-on is not there.
  • Time Stop can be stopped by stands that can move in a way that stops time, like Jotaro’s Star Platinum.
  • Zoners like Dio’s The World/The Dio’s World OVA and Ultimate Life Form are easy ways to beat it.
  • One of the most ineffective blocks in the game, it only reduces damage by 25%.
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Durability A- (Health Points)

E- (Block Strength)

HP 200 (Blocks 25%)

King Crimson Doppio

King Crimson (Doppio) is a near Stand similar to King Crimson but inferior and with fewer abilities. It looks like it is just one part of King Crimson. It is red and has white stripes on it. It also has white hands and white shoulder pads.

Here are some important points to be kept in mind about the stand:

  • For the user, an epitaph is stuck on their head. The user’s current face is used to create the Epitaph face.
  • Even though the move has an unlimited combo, it is hard to land on faster opponents.
  • Blocking is a simple way to stop it.
  • If you don’t block, you’re very susceptible to Timestop because you can’t stand and jump.
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Durability A+
HP 200 (Blocks 75%)

Comparison Table

StandsTierDestructive PowerSpeedDurabilityHP
Whitesnake: Alternate UniverseSAA-A200
The World: Alternative UniverseSAAA200
Dirt Deeds Done Dirt CheapAAAA200
Sticky FingersAAAD-160
Soft And WetACBA200
Star PlatinumBAAA200
Crazy DiamondBAAB200
The WorldBAAA200
King Crimson: Alternate UniverseBS-A++A200
Hierophant GreenCCBB120
Killer QueenCABB150
Gold ExperienceCCAD120
Star Platinum Stone OceanCAAE120
Star Platinum: The WorldDAAA-200
King Crimson DoppioDAAA+200


To sum up, I want to say very clearly that ranking lists are a simple way for players to get ideas on how to play a game and which characters to invest in. I understand that everyone has a different way of thinking and a different way of looking at things, so it’s very common to have different ideas on which stand should be placed in which rank.

I tried to be as objective as possible so that you could trust the information I gave you. My goal was to not only be reliable but also give you all the information you need to succeed in the long term. I did a lot of research to make this Stands Awakening tier list. It is also one of my favorite games, so I play it for hours on end. I looked at each stand very carefully so I could give honest feedback. But I’m also open to hearing the opinions of our readers in the comments section below.