My Hero Ultra Impact Tier List [V2.7.0]

We Will Be Ranking All My Hero Ultra Impact Characters In The Article Below.

In this My Hero Ultra Impact Tier List 2022, we will rank all the game’s characters based on their strengths, weaknesses, agility, and overall performance. The gameplay in the title is fantastic and exciting for both new and experienced players. There are also several characters in the game, and each one is unique.

Some of the units have fantastic skill sets, while others have capabilities that are not that impressive. And since it is a fighting game, you can even build your team and fight with enemies. The game is designed, so players always find something new about a unit during battles, so let’s dive deep and discover all the fantastic game characters.

Key Points

  • The SR units of My Hero Ultra Impact have been ranked according to the current meta.
  • There are a total of 37 entries on our list.
  • Endeavor and Yellow Aizawa are among the top-performing characters
  • Red All Might and Yellow Deku are among the bottom-most heroes.


The table below shows all the game’s characters ranked into five categories based on their performance levels.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Blue Ejiri KirishimaRed BakugoPurple BakugoPurple DekuYellow Deku
Red Ejiri KirishimaDenki KaminariYellow HawksBlue Hawks
EndeavorPurple Tomura ShigarakiFumikage TokoyamiRed Deku
Green Shoto TodorokiRed Tomura ShigarakiPurple AizawaRed All Might
Yellow AizawaPurple All for OneFroppy
NejireBlue TogataGreen Todoroki
Air Force DekuGreen TogataYellow Bakugo
Blue BakugoOverhaulBlue Todoroki
Green Deku
Yellow Mirio
Green Hawks
Yellow Tedoroki
Ochack Uraraka
Momo Yaoyorozu
Red Hawks
Purple Todoroki

For a more detailed description, please read the article to the end.

S Tier

My Hero Ultra Impact Tier List
S Rank.

The S rank of the My Hero Ultra Impact Tier List team consists of all the top-performing units in My Hero Ultra Impact. These units have phenomenal skill sets and impressive abilities. Thus, the reason they are placed in this category is. Let’s find out more about these characters.

Blue Ejiri Kirishima

There are two Kirishima in the game. The Red and the Blue. I think the blue Kirishima is a little bit better, but they both have excellent mechanics built in. I think the blue Kirishima is better because he gains barriers more often than not. Both the Kiroshima’s tank well, but I think blue is a better type than red; unfortunately, at the moment, blue typing has been one of the best typings if you are considering mono teams like ranking each other.

Blue was still the best, and then red was probably second to third best. Of course, in my opinion, Hp is better than power increase, so with his auto skill, blue Kiroshima provides a max Hp of 25% to blue allies, which is very good, while red Kiroshima provides red allies with power by 25%. Thus, as far as battle performance is concerned, the Blue Kirishma has better moves and an excellent skill set. 

Max HP

Max PWR 10831
Max SPD 879

Red Ejiri Kirishima

The red Kirishima gets a barrier from his plus ultra and has damage reduction, making it a tremendous S-tier unit. There is a good reason why Kiroshima buffs power is because he is supposed to support red Deku and red Deku is like a glass cannon and him having the taunts makes it so that red Deku just never gets it. That’s supposed to be the best combination. In theory, it works, but in practice, it does not. But regardless, they are both excellent for the VE tower PVP.

Max HP

Max PWR 10840
Max SPD 879


He is an S-tier unit. He is one of the fastest characters in the game, so PVP is good. He has two to three burn effects. Every skill that he has a fantastic burn effect. He gets stronger as your health goes lower, which is pretty decent, and he can also decrease enemy speed. So PVP, VE tower, dealing solid damage unit, he is good everywhere essentially.

Max HP

Max PWR 12120
Max SPD 848

Green Shoto Todoroki

He is a great unit. He has so many different utilities. He is definitely pretty slow, so that’s unfortunate right there, but he gets the freezers and the burns; in PVP, that’s his weakest link, but regardless, in the story, the Green Tedoroki can help you out just by ailing all those three enemies fights and stuff like that.

Max HP

Max PWR 11628
Max SPD 823

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Yellow Aizawa

He can steal the opponent’s effects, remove the enemy’s buffs, and is a fast unit. Also, he is a pro hero support which means he is one of those long-lasting units. It is because of his ability to survive for an extended period without getting hurt and successfully dealing with enemies a tremendous amount of damage that he is in the S tier.

Max HP

Max PWR 10474
Max SPD 909


Nejire is an S-tier character. She is the best healer in the game and fills up the plus ultra meter insanely fast. Nejire has regenerative healing, which means turn-by-turn healing, and she has instant healing, which makes her “you never die as long as you have somebody to tank for her.”

She doesn’t have the most substantial damage output, but I didn’t expect her to have that kind of damage as a healer. She might be a little lackluster for VE tower because VE tower allows you to get points through plus ultras. I thought that would be a decent amount of points to get for her, and then, of course, USJ healing will be beneficial when you hit those higher difficulty stages.

Max HP

Max PWR 10556
Max SPD 939

Air Force Deku

He is in the S tier because Air Force Deku has the inbuilt dodges. He does a lot of damage and decreases enemy speed which is good for PVP as the crit rate decreases. Besides, he is suitable for VE tower because of those debuffs. So he is outstanding just practically everywhere. His most minor proper spot is veto because there are better debuffs than him. But still very good regardless.

Max HP

Max PWR 10483
Max SPD 909

Blue Bakugo

Blue Bkaugo is the last S-tier unit. He is still one of the fastest and strongest characters in the game. Lowering defense is super good through his action skill. He burns, he provides blindness, and he has a lot of different effects built into him. In the story, he can build up his attack and stuff like that. He is a super solid unit, for sure.

Max HP

Max PWR 12140
Max SPD 844

A Tier

Characters with impressive abilities
A Rank.

The next category is the A rank of our My Hero Ultra Impact Tier List JP, where you will find all those exceptional units with incredible capabilities. However, in comparison to S-tier characters, they are slightly weak. Time to explore which of My Hero Ultra Impact has made it to the current tier.

Red Bakugo

The first character on the A tier is Bakugo. He was used in PVP quite a bit. He is a speedy and robust character so I will place him in the A tier. He deals a great deal of damage to his opponents but has one drawback; it takes him a while to fully function his passive skills. It takes him several turns to do that. 

Max HP

Max PWR 11986
Max SPD 838

Denki Kaminari

He has the most substantial AOE plus ultra in the game, but he also damages his allies. There are ways to take advantage of all that damage, but it is bizarre.

The paralysis is fun to see because if you get the paralysis, one of the more substantial stunning effects in the game other than freeze, and then he has all these different effects where if you are under a certain amount of Hp, you get like this different effect. You get the effect if you are over a certain amount of Hp. So he can be like a fabulous, fun unit. I don’t think he is reliable, though. So he is not placed in the S tier.

Max HP

Max PWR 11562
Max SPD 819

Purple Tomura Shigaraki

The next character on our list is a villain whose moves are very effective against heroes that are hard to defeat. He is a slow character but is very strong versus to heroes. His extraordinary skill set and abilities make him one of the most powerful villains in the game, and thus, we placed him in the A tier.

Max HP

Max PWR 11689
Max SPD 819

Red Tomura Shigaraki

He is perfect for PVP and, like wrong, everywhere else. However, in Usj, he is pretty good. Although the character is a powerful hitter, he has one drawback, which is why he is in the A tier. He needs to pair up with a healer in the game to be fully efficient, and without teaming up with a healer, his moves are not that effective. 

Max HP

Max PWR 12076
Max SPD 834

Purple All for one

The next character on the list is All for one. He has got all those different debuffs and little effects that he has in his kits. He can control the duration of his teammates’ abilities, which is one of his strong moves. However, All for One ability is ineffective against Overhaul, a villain unit in the game, so he has been placed in the A tier instead of the S-tier.

Max HP

Max PWR 9682
Max SPD 783

Blue Togata

Blue Togata is another fantastic character on our list. She has a high chance of bleeding, and she fills her plus ultra meter pretty fast, which is a fantastic ability and is why she has been placed in the A tier. She is, in fact, one of the better villains.

Max HP

Max PWR 10395
Max SPD 704

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Green Togata

The next A-tier unit on the list is Green Togata. She needs charcoal on the team to maximize everything she has because that makes sense based on the story. Besides, she is pretty much like a bleed unit, but the blue toga does it better.

Also, the dodging mechanic is the only thing she gets that’s good, but if you are running the green or charcoal, you don’t need the dodging mechanic.

Max HP

Max PWR 9293
Max SPD 796


Overhaul is another fantastic character. He is a pretty decent unit but can be annoying at times. However, there are ways to counter him. I think the big thing he has is that he can fully heal himself if you are underneath a specific amount of Hp, making him kind of annoying character diverse in PVP. However, as far as his abilities are concerned, he deals tremendous damage to his enemies, thanks to his superb passive skills. 

Max HP

Max PWR 11537
Max SPD 819

Green Deku

The Green Deku is an A-tier character. He is the second-best Deku, I think, in the game. He increases his speed and attack, which is good, and he gains a lot of grit. So he always survives on one Hp. His plus ultra gives him grit twice, meaning he will survive two hits at one Hp, and through his auto skill, he gets grit three times if your Hp is 30% left.

So it would help if you got five grits before he dies, five free hits on him. Because he can survive for a very long time, he surely deserves a spot in the current category. He is not good at VE Tower, though. That’s all I will say about that. But everywhere else, he is terrific.

Max HP

Max PWR 12035
Max SPD 834

Yellow Mirio

Mirio is another A-tier unit on the list. He can sometimes be very annoying, but he has Taunt and dodgers, so that’s pretty much it for him. Good for PVP, essentially. He was introduced when PVP came out, so obviously, he is good for PVP. Besides, his dodging abilities are fantastic, he can draw enemies towards him without getting hit by their attacks, which is his super move. 

Max HP

Max PWR 10390
Max SPD 920

Green Hawks

With a speed of over 600, if you fully max him out, he is the fastest in the game and has more speed increase through his ability. Green Hawks also has an inbuilt dodge which is insane, paired with charcoal.

He is always getting a significant boost in damage because that is one of his auto skills. So just because of that, he is one of the best characters to use in PVP and is suitable for damage dealing in Usj. Besides, his VE tower is not so great, which is his major drawback.

Max HP

Max PWR 10605
Max SPD 965

Yellow Todoroki

The Yellow Tedoroki is an A-tier unit. He is the best burner in the game. He has the highest chance to burn enemies, which can be easy points to rack up in the veto, which is where he is best used, and that is pretty much why he is in the A tier.

Furthermore, he can do some excellent burning on PVP if you want. But in terms of Usj, many of the enemies that you verse can’t be burned, or even the towers that you can’t burn, so you have to consider that.

Max HP

Max PWR 12002
Max SPD 838

Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco can synergize well with other characters because she is also green support. That makes her even more helpful, and her counter mechanic makes her take no damage for regular attacks, which is excellent for PVP.

If you put her in the support slot in PVP, her counters can rack up some tremendous damage, and then all critical rate increases pretty nicely. However, I will say that the VE tower is not that useful and has a pretty colossal cooldown timer. So remember that it takes six turns to get her counters back and seven turns to get her heals back.

Max HP

Max PWR 10314
Max SPD 909

Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo is the next character on the list, and I think she is the worst out of the top three healers, and here is why. If we look at the blue team that she supports, healing doesn’t matter on that team. You already have blue Kirishima, which will tank all the hits, and you have an air force deck that would dodge after hitting under 50% hp. So in terms of healing capabilities, it doesn’t matter if only one person will take damage, and Kirishima has a barrier in-built into him. So he doesn’t even take any hits, which is quite good. Now for the power boost, that’s always handy, of course. 

In PVP, you may think that power is excellent, but in PVP mechanics, your damage increases as the turn count increases. So regardless, your characters are going to do more damage, which is why I think Hp is a little bit better where you can survive a hit rather than being a glass cannon.

Max HP

Max PWR 10489
Max SPD 904

Red Hawks

Red Hawks is an A-tier character. I wouldn’t consider him an S-tier unit because he is just another damage dealer, but I have seen people who enjoy him, and he does a lot of damage. It would be best if you had many characters surrounding him that would debuff the enemy. So he gets a lot of the attack bonuses if the enemy is like attack down, speeds down, skill damage down, so to proc all of those, you need like this perfect two units around him that will do those debuffs, which can hinder him.

But it is bonus damage, so regardless, he still does decent damage, and he is an excellent little skill damage support with his plus ultra. If you are using him as a guest, that skill damage increases nicely.

Max HP

Max PWR 11804
Max SPD 919

Purple Todoroki

The last character who has made it to the A tier is the Purple Todoroki. He is a crit rate machine. He gets a lot of crit rate, meaning he is suitable for VE tower. Crit is the most important stat to increase in VE tower to get the most points.

Besides, the Purple Todoroki has effects like burn and freeze. And that is the reason he has been placed in the A tier. He is one of the few characters who can freeze the enemy, so that’s just value.

Max HP

Max PWR 10905
Max SPD 884

B Tier

My Hero Ultra Impact Tier List
B Rank.

After the A tier, we have the B tier, which consists of units that are good but not as good as those mentioned in the S and A tiers. A number of My Hero Ultra Impact have made it to this category. Let’s take a look at them.

Purple Bakugou

The first character on the B tier is the Purple Bakugo. He is more of the luring defense situation, and I think he has the same problem as purple Deku. Purple is more for villains as there are not many purple heroes, and then you have to run his specific team, which is not that great where you could run like Shigaraki and All for One, which buffs each other up and everything like that.

So in terms of synergy, purple is not the greatest. He is still swift, lowering defense is good for Usj, and that’s where he stands. I wouldn’t run him in PVP because lowering defense is not that crazy important. He is just a B-tier character, nothing too crazy but nothing too good.

Max HP

Max PWR 12706
Max SPD 843

Yellow Hawks

Yellow Hawks is another fantastic character in the B-tier because of his strength. It sucks that he gets debuffed turn by turn, which can be very annoying and is why he is not the most outstanding character of all time.

He is like a one-turn type character, and PVP doesn’t last for one turn. It lasts four, five, or six turns depending on the enemy you are versing. He is only doing much more damage if he is versing villains.

Max HP

Max PWR 10562
Max SPD 787

Fumikage Tokoyami

We have several characters in the B tier, and Fumikage Tokuyami is the next. Unfortunately, as much as I do like his gameplay and I do like his character as well, he is not the greatest.

I think he only works well in the VE tower or the last slot unit of your PVP team. He decreases enemies’ crit rates, and that’s pretty much it. Then he provides a double tap, where the value of the last character in PVP would activate, and then he has the speed buff and attack buff.

Max HP

Max PWR 10814
Max SPD 889

Purple Aizawa

Purple Aizawa is the next unit on our list and is the worst version of the Yellow Aizawa. The reason he is in the B tier is because of his cleanse, which can be good, and then restraint is like a more complicated version of a freeze because a lot of the boss enemies can’t even be restrained, but he is a good crit machine so that dies give him some value for sure.

Max HP

Max PWR 11520
Max SPD 823


Froppy is a barely exciting unit. She has a lot of debuffs, and she provides blue allies with a plus ultra gauge increase, but because you are comparing with other blue characters, she doesn’t fit on a team properly.

The best thing I can think of is the VE tower because she provides different effects to the enemy debuffs and confusions, so she lies in the B tier.

Max HP

Max PWR 11889
Max SPD 838

Green Todoroki

The next character on this My Hero Ultra Impact tier list 2022 is Shoto Todoroko. He has a lot of different effects that he could apply to the enemy, but other than that, again, that’s just a VE tower scenario. Overall, his skill sets and abilities are impressive but not too extraordinary, which is why he lies in the B tier. 

Max HP

Max PWR 11628
Max SPD 823

Yellow Bakugo

Yellow Bakugo is a character that can deal a significant amount of damage to his enemies. He has no effects built into him, so I don’t think he is an S or A-tier character. He is more on the line, the same as the red Bakugo, but I think he is a little bit worse than the red Bakugou.

It is because Red Bakugou has some effects built into him. Besides, he has a low chance of burning, which is not the greatest but still better than the Yellow Bakugou with no effects. He is just a pure damage dealer, and he increases his speed. It is just a PVP unit, so I guess I could put him in the B. You can use him in Usj, and you can counteract the character. I think if you speed-debuff him, he actively does less damage.

Max HP

Max PWR 12121
Max SPD 844

Blue Todoroki

He is a B-tier character. He has good abilities on him, like freeze and burns. The Purple Todoroki buffs the allies’ damage reduction and skill power increase. So it makes him like a good overall unit. One characteristic which is negative about him is that he is not the fastest, but other than that, he is almost a perfect character. Because of his poor agility, he has been placed in the B tier.

Max HP

Max PWR 9470
Max SPD 787

C Tier

Average units
C Rank.

C tier includes characters that are satisfactory and do not possess any extraordinary skill sets or abilities. These units are just average and lie on the borderline of good and evil. Following are some of the game’s average units.

Purple Deku

Starting off the list, Purple Deku is a pretty strong unit, but outside of PVP, I wouldn’t use him anywhere else, and even in Usj, I would run a villain purple team over the Deku on the team.

So with that said, he is placed in the C tier. He is not the worst character, but in terms of usage, I probably won’t ever use him as much because he needs diverse villains. He was good in the story event, which is why he would be ranked higher, but a story event is only temporary.

Max HP

Max PWR 10574
Max SPD 939

Blue Hawks

Blue Hawks is another average character who has not got any impressive abilities. Although he is a damage dealer, his skill damage is based on speed, and he is a worse version of the green hawk, so he lies in the C tier.

Max HP

Max PWR 11794
Max SPD 919

Red Deku

The second last unit on the C tier is the Red Deku. He is a little better than the yellow Deku because he has Kirishima to help support him. I would say he is better than purple Deku because he is also used in Usj to do a lot of damage. This hero can get max damage super quickly. So I will give him the benefit of that. Otherwise, there are better units than him in the game.

Max HP

Max PWR 10467
Max SPD 699

Red All Might

The last character on the C tier is All Might. He is a damage dealer hero, but to reach his full potential, multiple debuffs are needed, which makes him weaker than other units. Moreover, his skills are just okay and nothing extraordinary. 

Max HP

Max PWR 11835
Max SPD 899

D Tier

Useless Characters
D Rank.

The last category is the D tier which includes awful characters. In other words, these characters are useless, and players do not enjoy playing with them. These units are regarded as the worst characters in the game. 

Yellow Deku

We have just one unit in the D-tier, and he is probably the worst. Yellow Deku is a speedy character, but he hurts himself because of the yellow supports around him. He doesn’t have a like taunting unit that will help him stay alive. So when you are trying to get like a three-star completion, it is not that great. You are only practically using him for the speed increase if you are trying to get a beat-the-speed tie or something in PVP; that is the only reason you would use him.

But even then, it is not worth it because he damages himself and only has one damaging action skill, which is terrible for a damage dealer or trying to be a damage dealer.

Max HP

Max PWR 9486
Max SPD 784

Comparison Table

CharactersTiersMax HPMax PWRMax SPD
Blue Ejiri KirishimaS5265610831879
Red Ejiri KirishimaS5261010840879
Green Shoto TodorokiS4974111628823
Yellow AizawaS5409910474909
Air Force DekuS5485010483909
Blue BakugoS4621712140844
Denki KaminariA4965311562819
Purple Tomura ShigarakiA4965311689819
Red Tomura ShigarakiA4682012076834
Purple All for OneA492569682783
Blue TogataA4519210395704
Green TogataA501009293796
Green DekuA4698812035834
Yellow MirioA5546510390920
Green HawksA5244710605965
Yellow TedorokiA4694612002838
Ochack UrarakaA5495010314909
Momo YaoyorozuA5400310489904
Red HawksA4687511804919
Purple TodorokiA5270210905884
Purple BakugoB5433212706843
Yellow HawksB4241510562787
Fumikage TokoyamiB5274810914889
Purple AizawaB4965311520823
Green TodorokiB4974111628823
Yellow BakugoB4630112121844
Blue TodorokiB489439470787
Purple DekuC5320010574939
Blue HawksC4691511794919
Red DekuC4481510467699
Red All MightC4987511835899
Yellow DekuD490199486784

Patch Notes V2.7.0

These patch notes were released on 21st September 2022 and made the following changes to the game. This is also the most recent update that affected character performance.

  • New DX Piece Route in Ability Boards
  • New Unique EX Auto Skills
  • New Advanced Lv Up Limit Break
  • Difficulty Level EXTREME Added to Boss Challenge Events
  • Use of Skip Tickets in Boss Challenge Events


Hopefully, the rankings on our My Hero Ultra Impact Tier List team are agreeable to most of you, but If you have some other opinions on some of the characters, or if you think they rank lower or rank higher, please let us know. Our ranking has been done based on our experience and expertise, and differences of opinion can arise. In that case, we would appreciate your feedback. The current rankings have been made based on our personal experience and expertise, and differences of opinion can arise. In that case, we would appreciate your feedback. 

In the discussion above, we found out about the different characters of My Hero Ultra Impact. Some units are stronger than others, some have unique abilities, and others are just average. If you have read the entire article, it is safe to say that you know all the character’s skill sets and abilities. It is time for you to grab the controller and start playing this fantastic fighting game.