Heroes of Crown Tier List: The Definitive Ranking

The Ultimate Heroes of Crown Tier List - Find Your Next Champion!

Heroes of Crown is a recently launched game. The game surprisingly attained a very good public response. Even though the gaming industry is so saturated, the Heroes of Crown game was released on the 5th of July 2022, the same year. Its release not only ended several myths related to the gaming industry. Its achievements never ended here, and the game received a booming response and high ratings from the players. That is why we needed to make the Heroes of Crown Tier List. Hence, the given tier list will cover all the Important things you need to know about this game.

Hence the publishers of this game are Woobest game developers. Heroes of Crown game is not all and all a fighting sensation. Instead, it has been made interesting by adding a combination of history. Heroes of Crown is an adventurous-themed game in which different ancient heroes are used as crowns. And additionally, it gives the player a chance to learn more about their historical background. Heroes of Crown do not require very tough game statistics. Instead, it has been kept pretty simple and easily playable. Ranking and climbing the top ladder of the game statistics is important to gain unparallel advantages.

Key Points

  • There are 16 entries in this article
  • The ranking in this article is based on capabilities, skills, and stats.
  • The higher tiers are comprised of Viya, Pearl, and Merilyn.
  • The lower tiers are comprised of Avrora, Baldur, and Victor.


The ranked characters are in this short table:

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Viya – Celestial SpearConstantia – Tempest Dragon
Sark – Deep Sea Fury
Lada – Pirate King
Victor - Daughter of Nature
Pearl – Baby SharkSera – Shield of ParthaElvi– HuntressLagina – Elf PrinceBaldur - Blade of Storm
Merilyn – Lord of TimeTang – Master DragonNelly Ishtar – Fire DragonAugustus – ArchivistAvrora - Iron Fist
Seraphine – Sea Guardian

Read the details below:


We have tried to touch even the most delicate information about the game. Since the game is new, our readers demand a tier list to understand the game’s psyche better. We, as usual, delivered them to you on time. With a deep wish, our team hopes that you enjoy reading the tier list. It showcases all the positive and negative attributes of different characters. This ranking has been designed keeping in mind all the pros and cons of these characters.

It should be noted that the tier list is entirely free from any personal liking and favoring. Our writers try their best to keep to make sure that. Only capabilities and usage are the merits to decide this ranking. This Tier List is free from any biased opinion. Moreover, none of the facts mentioned to support their order is false or fabricated. Every single thing has been concluded after detailed research and study. One thing is for sure, all of these facts are analyzed statistically through good sources.

We hope the tier list fulfills your expectations and you enjoy giving it a read. However, the tier list is open to constructive criticism. And it also reserves all sorts of copyrights as it is a carefully and keenly crafted product of Top Tier List. We expect our article to be a source of positive information and a keen interest in the depth and insights of the game. The particular tier list also involved the assistance of regular players in the game. We tried our best to deliver the best unconditional tier list for this game.

S Tier

Best Characters Ranked
S Tier

They were the highest tier which lists down the best characters of Heroes of Crown. The nature of the game tier is the absolute best one. They are second to none, courtesy of their phenomenal game performances. Let’s commence the tier list with the gifted characters of the game. We will break it down to a more narrative and simpler note. Heroes of the crown are one of the best in this game. Their spectacular and beaming abilities make them a top pick on every determined player’s bucket list.

Viya – Celestial Spear

Viya is counted amongst the best and highest-class characters. He belongs to the class of rangers. This Character is used as an element of watering, and the Character has a great amount of damage. The game stats list it high on AoE damage-causing skills. The Character has a special ability to debuff their opponent. And at the same time, it has the unique ability to cause great damage on each of its moves.

Her capacity to undo her enemy via debuffing and deal extra damage on every action. Make Viya a strong contender for the best Character in the game. According to her character outlook, she’s a mature female. Wearing blue clothes and gowns is sort of a thing. That is integrally used as an attack weapon. This is why she is a legendary character in the game.

Class Ranger
Element Water

Pearl – Baby Shark

It belonged to the highest tier of our Tier List. Pearl is s Character that can deal early damage to its opponent. Not only that, it can inflict its enemy and undo it with its unparallel skill sets. Pearl offers the highest ATK compared to other characters. And this is the reason that Pearl is a character to have in your bag. She is one of the best picks against the strongest opponents.

She has got some phenomenal Air to Earth attracting abilities and moves. Pearl has to do a good set of pool moves to undo her opponent. Another hidden knowledge of the pearl is to slow their enemy. She is causing her enemies to debuff, resulting in a slow attack and easy defense against them. She belongs to a class of mages. And additionally, her element of interest is water.

Class Mage
Element Water

Merilyn – Lord of Time

Merilyn is also referred to as Lord of Time because of his relatable skills. Her class of characters is a priest. And otherwise, her element of interest is the forest. Merilyn uses a complex mechanism known as the Intense Gacha mechanism. In this mechanism, nature deeply relies on strong healers as they are done in the battles in heroes of the Crown. She is, in short, the best healer you can go in this game. And that is why we have categorized him in the S Tier.

Many regular players regard him as a perfect healer, and rightly so. Her skill set and battlefield performances make her stand out. She not only herself but also, o surprisingly, the whole team. Not only that, she can bring her killed partners back to life. These abilities make her a very good pick for the S tier of this game.

Class Priest 
Element Forest

A Tier

Second best Tier List
A Tier Characters

Secondly, A Tier of the tier list includes all heroes with all the abilities and potential. So that they can be ranked among the greatest and most powerful characters of the game. But when we noticed flaws in their powers and abilities following our experience with them, we categorized them into the A tier instead of the S Tier. They couldn’t make their way into the given Tier List, so they had to settle for a place in the best amongst the rest. They are still very much a powerful and dependable unit in the game. So if they are put to better use, they have all the potential to give the S Tier List heroes a run for their money.

Constantia – Tempest Dragon

Constantia is A Tier character in the Heroes of Crown game. He is known for his ability to call natural disasters the tempest. In a particular case, the disruption is his dragon. It helps him a lot against his enemies. Not only is the dragon the source of assistance, but it also allows him to kill them in real style. His tempest way of attack was unique. It can attack the last row of the attacking line. In this way, the enemy’s invasion was limited to a great extent.

He is included in a class of mages, and his element of interest is the forest. It slows their capacity to render damage and, secondly, to inject bleed debuff, which helps them slow their attack progress.

Class Mage
Element Forest

Sera – Shield of Partha

According to the Warrior class, Sera is an A-tier player in this game. Her element of interest is in water. She can perform excellent acrobats in water. To undo her enemy. She is very famous for her water-summoning abilities to damage her opponent. Her special ability includes freezing of enemy who attacks her. This will make them unable to make an attacking move. At the same time, she makes an ice shield around her. This saves her from any attack or hits from her opponents.

Her strategy Isn’t the end of her abilities. Instead, she has many other special skills. They include her self-healing abilities. Not only that but also shrinking of offensive attacking spears and other attackable items. She can also sweal her HP to a great extent. As Sera progresses through the Heroes of the Crown, her attacking skills become more effective and impactful. Especially her freezing abilities.

Class Warrior
Element Water

Tang – Master Dragon

Your search is over if you’re seeking a fantastic tank unit on the Heroes of Crown tier list. When arming himself with enough shields to keep the enemy at bay, Tang is an amazing magician. Tang has many advantageous effects that actively lessen the damage his allies take because a superb tank should have not only high defense and HP and be crucial for its comrades.

He is considered one of the best tanks because of his self-buffing abilities as well as his self-shielding abilities and many other beneficial effects. This helps the allies to reduce the incoming damage actively. A better tank isn’t only distinguished by good attacking and defensive strategies. But it needs to be that Character that can protect its other partners and allies from damage and harm.

Class Warrior
Element Forest

Seraphine – Sea Guardian

Another essential tank in a successful Heroes of the Crown team is Seraphine, which can simultaneously deliver massive amounts of damage. However, when inside Seraphine, players won’t be able to provide any shielding abilities for teammates. Instead, she can heal herself while dealing damage and having extremely helpful numerous status effects. As a result, Seraphine is hailed as one of the Heroes of Crow tier list’s most independent Warrior class units.

This Character is also a dominant tank character. Not only that, he can cause massive damage to the enemy. But there’s something that puts her lack behind. The ability to protect her allies. He can inflict multiple debuffs. In addition to that, she can also self-heal himself, at the same time doing damage to the opponent. This makes him one of the most efficient characters in this game.

Class Warrior
Element Water

B Tier

Third best characters
B Tier

Moving further down, we reach the B tier while keeping in mind that this is not a below-average tier. WAt the same time, these characters are just as good at conveying attacks as the A-tier ones. But they have some flaws that make them fall into an average category. B Tier characters are intended for new players of the game who are still learning the basics of the game. You can, however, utilize these characters from this tier to better understand the game’s mechanics and explore powers and abilities. The B-tier is a balanced tier of the Nier Reincarnation tier list, where I place characters with average character arcs and storyline impacts.

Sark – Deep Sea Fury

As you progress further with Sark the Ranger in Heroes of Crown, he will become more powerful. The strong Ranger knows how to boost the damage dealt to adversaries because of his initial skill. The first ability enables Sark to multiply assaults by up to three times, increasing the impact damage by an additional 30%. In short, Sark is a very strong and responsive ranger. His special ability to increase his damage output makes him the first choice of every player.

Class Ranger
Element Water

Sark – Deep Sea Fury

Players in Heroes of Crown have access to Alicia from the start. Although Alicia is the atypical cast of characters, most players will want to use her and her repertoire of moves for longer than one may anticipate. The Character possesses sufficient AoE damage-rendering potential, the ability to boost herself, and the ability to acquire a respectable amount of Rage with each defeated adversary.

Alicia is for you if you are a rookie player who failed to select a strong unit from the upper tiers. At any stage during the game, Alicia can be freely upgraded. Most players use her for long periods because they have set themselves on her. This is one advantage of her being available from the start. She is one of the most upgraded characters on different players’ profiles.

Class Ranger
Element Water

Elvi– Huntress

Elvi proves to be a great nuker since she deals with weak opponents in the manner they ought to be destroyed. Use a character from the S-tier to bring down strong opponents while focusing Elovi’s attack power on the remaining enemies. In addition, Elovi performs well against the game’s tank builds. She employs her first skill to deal sufficient enemy damage, typically equal to their maximum health.

Elvi carries bows and arrows all the time behind her back. She is a good archery unit and does a lot of damage. She can kill her enemy from some distance as she is amongst a few fighting teams who can damage the enemy from a distance.

Class Ranger
Element Forest

Nelly Ishtar – Fire Dragon

This Character has the rare ability to hit her enemies with Burning status effects while simultaneously doing huge damage to them. Nelly Ishtar is the ideal tank buster since she is particularly effective against foes of the Warrior class, who, for some reason, tend to take far more damage from Nelly’s side than the other enemies. She is considered a perfect tank buster in the context of her attacking skills.

Nelly is a flying unit and hence all the time exposed to damage as there is less chance for it to hide near the ground units. So it gets attacked and noticed quickly. He has great harm, and if he gets a few seconds to operate against the enemy, He can kill them in a while.

Class Assassin
Element fire

C Tier

Below average characters
C Tier Characters

Moving on to the fourth tier on the list is the C Tier. C tier is known to be a below-par tier. Characters of this Tier are usually allotted at the start of the game, just to get used to the game’s purpose. At times a C-tier character can prove to be a much better choice. Particularly for players with unique play styles than the one in S-tier. That said, take the ranking with a pinch of salt, and we hope you get to your ideal Heroes of Crown companion as soon as possible.

Lada – Pirate King

Lada is a tanky warrior from the C tier. He is one of his kind characters of the C tier. Belonging to the warrior class, his abilities make him stand out amongst all others. And he was a better pick than the other characters in the same category. He has this remarkable ability to reduce the incoming damage and save himself. It does not end here, he can also hold his life through some shields. Other than that, in simple conditions, his ability to take in damage is very ordinary.

His phenomenal defending skills make him stand out from the ordinary. He’s also famous for his defense skills, And his ability to reduce opponents’ damage. His class is warriors,s and his element of interest is mainly water. Most of his moves are based on water motions.

Class Warrior
Element water

Lagina – Elf Prince

Lagina belongs to the class of Rangers and his element of interest is Forest. He is a good character as he can destroy his enemy by several means. He uses poison and bleeding effects. Some facts make him a weak pick. And this is the reason he ends up in the C tier. He only has a limited chance to inflict the debuffs enemy. All of it happens in every attack, making him less reliable.

It has been reported that t at times, Lagina can attack without much outcome. He can end up completing an attack by inflicting debuff—neither the inflicting of poison nor bleeding, which is needed to kill the opponent.

Class Ranger
Element Forest

Augustus – Archivist

Augustus can consistently give friends a significant DMG buff even though his initial skill is slightly underwhelming. However, since it can harm any ally that hits it, you are limited in your choice of target. The Character’s standard attacks are additionally subdued because they have a 30% chance of reducing the number of strikes your victim makes.

Players are once again constrained by their inability to select a specific target. Consequently, even if the power is strong, it ultimately turns out to be random and ineffective because it may silence the wrong target.

Class Mage
Element Forest

D Tier

Worst characters
D Tier

Last we talk about the worst tier of Heroes of Crown Tier List, the D tier; it comprises some flawed characters of this game who are not good at attacks and using weapons. So selecting them in the game will not be of much help to you. These characters are instead a source of disadvantage and poor gameplay to the players. Most of these players are considered useless upgrading, as it is no advantage.

Victor – Daughter of Nature

The very first Character of the D tier of our Tier List is Victor. Victor is a female character in the game. She has a priest character in this game. She is more known for her healing abilities. But as we move further in the game, her healing skills are never enough to heal her teammates in a war. This is what makes her a D Tier pick. Her element of interest is water.

She has a green outfit and a busy structure, just like she is out of a plant pot. She has multiple attack modes, but all attacks are low on damage. They do not offer a high damage rate. Instead, make a mouth full of hurt. She has used banana peels to defend herself against her enemy. She also uses cacti to damage the enemy. And she is reportedly said to use a creeper plant to pull the opponent close to herself.

Class Priest
Element Forest

Baldur – Blade of Storm

Baldur belongs to a warrior class character. In most conditions, he is considered a soldier just for the chess game. Players mostly use him, so the enemy wastes some time by killing him. He can withstand great damage and personally has very little wear or AoE value. Most of the time, he plays the role of a scarecrow, where he has to give away his life. He has no personal credibility of his own. The element that the game describes is Forest.

He has an interesting bodily figure, With a large body frame. Surprisingly his structure is more like a large Tornado on the move. He has a large, sharp-bladed sword at the back of his body. But surprisingly, he never brings it into use. And the reason behind it is not understandable. Maybe it is to add up to his large bodily structure. His large body sometimes gets difficult to move, hence receiving more damage as he is very immobile and slow to react to any incoming damage.

Class Warrior
Element Forest

Avrora – Iron Fist

Avrora is one of the initial characters of this game. The worst part about him is that even upgrading him to the fullest won’t give you the expected outcomes. Just like Baldur, he also belongs to the warrior class. He ends up in the D tier because of the lack of compatibility and power required at higher levels of the game. His element of use is Fire. He does not have other fancy techniques to tackle the enemy.

He just uses up a simple Iron fist that is used for defense as well as offense purposes. This means he is not a good character again, duo attacking enemies. Because when an enemy’s attack hits him, he moves forward in the defense position, and his attack gets limited, similarly, in an attacking mode. He gets prone to a lot of damage because his defense is not operating at that time. So with Avrora, we conclude our D and the last tier.

Class Warrior
Element Fire

Comparison Table

Viya – Celestial SpearSWaterRanger
Pearl – Baby SharkSWaterMage
Merilyn – Lord of TimeSForestPriest 
Constantia – Tempest DragonAForestMage
Sera – Shield of ParthaAWaterWarrior
Tang – Master DragonAForestWarrior
Seraphine – Sea GuardianAWaterWarrior
Sark – Deep Sea FuryBWaterRanger
Elvi– HuntressBForestRanger
Nelly Ishtar – Fire DragonBfireAssassin
Lada – Pirate KingCwaterWarrior
Lagina – Elf PrinceCForestRanger
Augustus – ArchivistCForestMage
Victor - Daughter of NatureDForestPriest
Baldur - Blade of StormDWarriorWarrior
Avrora - Iron FistDFireWarrior

Final Verdict

Finally, after extensive explanation and research, we conclude the Heroes of Crown Tier List. The tier is about different characters, their abilities, and their powers. We present this tier list with all the necessary information a first-time player should know before playing a particular game. We consulted the players who regularly play this game so that we do not come across skipping any single part and aspect of this game. I hope we have successfully fulfilled your expectation in this regard. We have explained the Cookie Run Ovenbreak most comprehensively, with individual explanations.

We wish our readers to keep trusting Top Tier List to get insights about their favorite games. And we hope that we provide you with all the necessary updates and information about these games. It’s our pleasure serving you and enlightening you with our views on all these games. With the help of this Tier list, we have analyzed the characters of this game about many important factors (speed, stamina, spin, etc.). We also gave an insight into some of the other Ancestral games of this particular game. But not to a great extent as the Heroes of Crown.

The tier list comprises five tiers, S and A being the best. Gradually the quality of characters in each leveler depletes, and finally, we have the last tier, which is the absolute worst, the characters of which are often overlooked. B and C are more mediocre characters. While the worst of levelers is the D tier, in which characters are bad spirits instead. Stay tuned for further research work on other of your favorite games and articles related to lifestyle, movies, news, and entertainment.

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