THE Definitive Lord Of Heroes Tier List

If you are a fan of Strategy or Gacha RPG games, then you are no stranger to the infamous Lord of Heroes mobile game. This game took over the spotlight in advertisements of all Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact enthusiasts and quite favorably! However, in this Lord of Heroes tier list, we will dig down into this work of priceless art (it is free, by the way) and categorize its characters in the form of a tier list. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

Key Points

  • There is a total of 20 entries in this article.
  • The ranking is based on the skills and abilities of the characters.
  • Among the best-ranked characters are Joshua, Lairei, Lumie, and Mei Lung.
  • Among the worst-ranked characters are Dhurahan, Lucilicca, and Schneider.


S RankA RankB RankC Rank
Mei LungOlivia


Before we dive into the meat of this Lord of Heroes tier list 2022, we must first pour the gravy. This “gravy” course is the newest update introduced into this game in July.

It was also quite hyped up because it finally introduces the second chapter of one of the best storylines in the game. Additionally, like most Gacha games, the new character, Brandon, captured some eyes as well. These updates are discussed briefly in the points listed as follows.

War of Tyrants II

The War of Tyrants finally has another quest line for all of us Lord of heroes enthusiasts to explore. This new chapter, named War of Tyrants II <book of strife> is the newest edition when it comes to in-game stories.

However, if you haven’t heard of this quest line or simply never bothered to check it out, you would be justified as unlocking this series is not the easiest of tasks. Some of its major requirements are listed if you plan on playing through this specific quest line.

  • Clear stages 8-16 of the Gallus Empire on Hard Mode
  • Clear all “Records of History” of the prerequisite of this quest under the Book of Prophecy

Dark Brandon

Gacha players rejoice as this new update also released a new character in the gacha roll, which is named the Dark Brandon. He is rated as a 5-star character with the primary role of a sniper.

Furthermore, you can try to pull for him under the new featured banner named “Cursed Immortal” if this particular character is one you fancy. I believe him to be a significant part of any team once some interesting builds come online, but for now, I will just stick to my OG team.

Avillon Knight Edition

The last thing we will discuss in the updates section of our Lord of heroes tier list is the cosmetics part of this game. A new skin has been introduced for the characters named “Fram” and “Johan,” which are quite the fan favorites if you did not already know.

These purchases will cost you 50 outfit tickets which is expensive for cosmetics. However, these limited edition skins are available until the 31st of August. So you do have some time to mull it over.


Now that we are done with the quick significant updates of this new patch, time to warn you all about the contents of this Lord of heroes tier list.

The characters I will categorize have been carefully researched through various means, and their placement is done accordingly. There is a possibility of some of you not agreeing with the placements below, in which case I implore you to keep an open mind. Finally, without further delay, let us start our tier list.

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S Tier

Lord of Heroes best characters
S Tier

The time is here to officially start this Lord of heroes tier list with the first tier, the S tier. I am sure you already know what the S tier is but in case you don’t, this S tier is the tier that usually contains the best entities of a specific category among all and every candidate.

In our case, this tier list will contain the character that I have deduced as some of the best characters in the game as of July 2020. Let’s get started with this tier.


The first character we are going to discuss in the S tier of this Lord of heroes tier list is Joshua. Joshua is officially considered a striker-type hero. However, that is insufficient when it comes to unlocking his true potential.

The reason why Joshua is present among the S-tier champions is because of his style as Sniper. In addition to being an excellent Sniper hero, Joshua also serves as a solid A-tier Striker champion as well which makes him a pretty diverse character.

If you happen to unlock Joshua, which I am guessing you already have as he is a major fan favorite champion, try to build your party around him as he is quite a deadly champion built to his ultimate potential. Lastly, It is a waste not to use him as he is the second highest rarity champion in the entire game which is quite easy to obtain.


The second character we are going to go through in this S tier of our tier list is none other than Lairei Yen. Lairei Yen is quite possibly the best character in the game, in my opinion.

However, the specific version of her that we are going to discuss is her Warrior variant. In addition to being one of the best gals in the game, she is also the Grand Chief of  Varhya which gives her importance in lore as well.

However, she is a 5-star rarity character which does make her quite hard to obtain. What makes her warrior variant truly S tier is her abilities. All of her abilities are based around debuffs with a lot of damage as well, which makes her deadly to go against in most PVE battles.


Continuing this S tier of our Lord of heroes tier list 2022, next up on the chopping block is Lumie. Lumie is one of the most diverse characters in this game, with water, earth, fire, and even a dark type variant her.

The variant worthy of our S tier is the Warrior (water) version which is quite deadly in most situations. Furthermore, her lore and stories do nothing but contribute to her status as a true S-tier champion in the game.

Lumie is also a five-star rarity champion which means she is one of the rarest characters in the game. In addition to that, she has one of the best kits in the game and one of the best passive skills in the game, which makes her tanker as the game progresses. All in all, if you do manage to obtain Lumie, definitely try to fit her into your composition as she is quite a great champion.

Mei Lung

Mei is the next character we will discuss among our S-tier champions in this tier list. Furthermore, she is the only character in this entire tier list that has two S-tier variants. She can be obtained as a Sniper, Striker, and a Guardian but her roles as a Sniper and a Striker deserve the most recognition.

In addition to being a very diverse spectacular character, she is also one of the most fan-favorite entities of this entire franchise. A key thing to note with Mei is that her Striker Variant has the highest attack speed in this list.

Additionally, she is also relatively easy to obtain as she is only a 3-star rarity champion which makes her an extremely viable option for your party if you do not feel like grinding the game day and night.

Her abilities are quite scary to go against as well because of the lethal threat she poses to her enemies when played as a striker or a sniper. All in all, if you are looking to get some easy wins, it would be dumb to not have Mei in your composition.


Moving along this wonderful Lord of heroes tier list, the next character we are going to discuss on this S tier is Nine. Nine is a Homunculus that is also a recruitable character in this game under the Normal and Hard modes Involvement. Additionally, Nine also has 4 different variants, but the only variant worthy of being called an S-tier character is his Striker Variant.

Nine is only available in the Cash shop, which makes him quite annoying to unlock. However, if you do unlock this specific variant of this character, it is important to note that he is quite a heavy hitter. Because of his passive skill, Euphoria, he gains a critical hit rate gradually which only makes him a bigger threat the longer he is in the game.


It would not be an exaggeration to call this next champion in this tier the lord of heroes adaptation of a Giga chad. Aslan Valkarios is that said champion who is also one of the 12 major heroes in lore who rose to power in the period of the Second War of the Tyrants.

In addition to that, he has one of the most interesting kits in this entire list as he is a strong counter to champions of the water element or ones with heavy defense.

But like all great things, Aslan is not void of any faults. He is only available through the Cash Shop and is a 4-star rarity character as well. In addition to being strong against water elementals, he scales his attack damage with levels which makes him an enormous late-game threat for enemies to deal with. All in all, if you do want to buy some character, I would recommend you try to obtain Aslan as he is quite deadly in theory and practice.


The second last character on this Lord of heroes tier list is the knight in shining armor (quite literally) Krom Ledios. Krom is not only a respected knight in the Kingdom of Rhodon but is also the only Guardian Variant we will be discussing in this S tier of our tier list. He is the average prince charming of every cinderella story when it comes to his character description, and that really is all he is.

On the more fun side, he is quite easy to obtain as far as 5-star characters go because all you have to do is complete his contract. In fact, in a lord of heroes contract tier list, he would probably rank as the best character as to how simple it is to obtain him (at the cost of your time). Personally, I don’t like to play him myself that much because of my super aggressive style but if you like strategic gameplay, then definitely try using him to his full potential.


Finally, the last character of our S tier in this Lord of heroes tier list jp is Johan. He, too, is quite a unique character much like Kron, as he is the only Cleric worthy of the S tier, according to my research.

Strictly following in the steps of the previously discussed Guardian Knight, Krom, he is also a knight fighting for justice. The main difference between these two is that Johan is quite annoying to obtain as he is only available in the Cash Shop.

As far as his usability goes, he is quite a hard character to fit into a team and consequently quite a useless character to build a team around. So why the S tier? Well, The S tier is there because of the few teams he does manage to fit into; he absolutely dominates them with no mercy at all. Lastly, his basic skill gives him Fortitude, which protects him in battle, which is all the more reason to use him as a backup DPS character.

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A Tier

Lord of Heroes tier List Good characters
A Tier

Like most tier lists, in our Lord of heroes tier list, the tier we are going to discuss after this S tier is the A tier. Normally, this A tier is known to contain the great among the good but not the best. This is also the case in this tier list as well. I would recommend that you should try to use these characters over the S-tier characters as they are easier to obtain and have a plethora of better artifacts when speaking generally. (not 100% of the time)


Picking up directly from where we left our S tier, the first character we are going to discuss in this A tier is also a knight. The wiki does not have a lot of information on this particular, but she does have quite a reputation as a knight.

She is one of the original knights of Avillon, which definitely means she is A-tier material. But we are not here to discuss lore but her in-game mechanics, which are not that bad either.

She is a 3-star character that the player is automatically given at the early stages of the game, which usually means that the character is useless, but not in the case of Lord of heroes.

In addition to all that, her A-tier variant as a Guardian is a strong counter to Fire-type characters, thanks to one of her passives. All in all, if you are a master strategist, then you are definitely going to love her in some of her cheeky and annoying cheese builds that have been published by various sources.


Next up on this Lord of heroes tier list 2022 is another support character who I absolutely adore but haven’t played yet, Vanessa Therese Alderune. In my opinion and experience as a player, Vanessa is one of the best, if not the best, Clerics in this game because of her ridiculous utility and kit. One of her most important features is her passives which annihilate dark-type characters along with gaining resistance from all sources of damage.

She is a 4-star character that is, unfortunately, only available in the Cash Shop. This does introduce a bit of a pay-to-win element in the game, but that has always been the case in Gacha games. Her basic ability is quite overpowered as well because it heals all allies based on the damage she does through using that ability of hers.

Additionally, her active skills grant all allies invincibility, and her burst is just broken as it heals, gives an extra turn, and gives a regeneration buff. She is absolutely bonkers.


Next up on this magnificent tier list is another one of our extraordinary snipers in the game, Laphlaes Selkana. Laphlaes is a non-binary Elder Elf in the game, but the wiki refers that he leans to male pronouns, so ill be using those in this tier list.

This elf got a serious upgrade from a bow to a sniper and immediately became a high-ranking character in Lord of the heroes. All in all, he is shown as a transcendental being which adds to his mystery and personality charm throughout his lore.

Laphlaes is a very decent and viable option for a sniper but fails to be good enough for the S tier. He is a 4-star character but is only available for recruitment through the Cash shop, which means you do have to pay to obtain him to play him.

In addition to this variant, he is also seen as a 5-star character with the warrior role, which is one of the most challenging champion variants to obtain in the entire game.


The time is here, folks, to discuss the best Sniper in this game (purely my opinion with no facts to back it up), Olivia Pavlichenko. Olivia might not be the best Sniper in this Lord of heroes tier list, but she is not quite far from the role.

She is also an elf, much like Laphlaes, with a gift of marksmanship. Her most notable trait aside from being an elf is the artifact she uses named “Cyclops,” which in the lore can do devastating harm if it is in the wrong hands.

Olivia has 3 variants, all of which are Sniper but are very different from each other. You can opt for any of the variants you like, but her strongest one is the 5 Star one that can be obtained using 5 million renown which makes her one of the most tedious variants to unlock in this game (unless you buy them with money). All in all, her lower variant, which is 6000 crystals, is the one I currently use, and my personal experience with her has been nothing but absolutely fantastic.


We are almost done with this A tier of our Lord of the heroes tier list, but before we go, it is time for the second last character of our A tier, which is none other than Astrid Remond. A retro enthusiast, Astrid is all for her retro theme, along with being one of the eight fangs of the empire in this game’s lore. I personally have never played her myself, but the people I have seen play her annihilate their opponents with seemingly ease.

It is important to note that in addition to her unique look, she does have 4 different variants, but the variants that earn her a spot in this A tier are the Striker Variants (Fire and Dark type). Both of these variants are quite hard to obtain and ridiculously time-consuming, which is the main reason she is only an A-tier champion.

In addition to all of that, her utility gives her a speed increase with each level which is why it is so easy to dominate games with her unique kit (if you manage to get her, that is).


The last character we are going to discuss in this A tier of this Lord of heroes tier list pve champions is the President of Isola herself, Rosanna Devicci. Rosanna is one of the most meta picks when it comes to those who can afford to buy her Guardian version.

Her scaling is unparalleled among guardian characters which is why she is in the A tier. She does have the potential for the S tier, but unfortunately, no one has unlocked that part of her playstyle yet.

Like many of the other champions in this tier list, Rosanna is only available in the Cash Shop (at least her Guardian Version is). Her kit is heavily based around being the meatshield for her team, with quite a massive success rate as well.

Her passives increase her damage output and, at the same time, increase her health. If that was not enough, all her abilities give her a chance to counterattack, which is quite deadly for someone with low defense or hp in general.

B Tier

lord of heroes Decent champions
B Tier

We are almost halfway through our Lord of heroes tier list and are moving onto the B tier. Normally, the B tier is known to contain the entities of a category that are ranked as slightly above average at best. In more polite words, it contains the decent entities of the worst and abysmal. This rule does not vary in this tier list, so let’s get into this juice of this tier, shall we?


The first character we are going to discuss in our B tier of this Lord of heroes tier list rerolls is the bubbly and sweet healer, Charlotte Grace. She is one of the youngest characters in this game, with the main role of a cleric.

She has three variants in this game, but the ones worth noting are her two cleric variants. The first variant is one that is given to the player immediately at the start of the game.

In addition to that variant, another variation of her as a cleric exists, which is quite expensive compared to the other free variant. Her kit and utility are purely for support as they all either heal or increase the defense of her teammates.

Among those skills, her passives are purely defense based to fortify her presence in the team. All in all, there are better options for support in the game, so I would recommend playing them over Charlotte.


The second champion who we are going to discuss here is Helga Schmitt. Helga is one of the twelve heroes that rose to power after the second Tyrant War, according to lore.

Helga has three separate variants, but the ones worthy of the B tier are her Warrior variants. Her kit is designed for a lot of high DPS capability, but because of this game’s diverse character list, Helga fails to do as well as the others.

Unfortunately, the time required to unlock her variants would be better spent on champions from the A or S tier, as she can’t reciprocate their power. However, when it comes to style, I will admit that Helga is one of the best-designed characters in the game when it comes to appearance, but that is pretty much it.


The last character in the B tier of this Lord of heroes tier list is Mikhail. Mikhail is one of the many elven snipers in the game. However, this particular Sniper is not good enough for the preceding Elven snipers.

However, this Sniper is pretty easy to obtain, which is why it is not as good as the other ones. Like most snipers, his passives are great for building up attack damage. Unfortunately enough, he just isn’t good enough to be placed any higher than this particular tier.

C Tier

Lord Of Heroes tier list Worst Characters
C Tier

Finally, the time is here to finish this Lord of heroes tier list with the C tier. I am sure you know what the C tier normally has, but in this particular case, it is a bit different.

In this tier list’s C tier, we are going to be discussing the champions that are ranked average as best but mostly a lot below average. With that in mind, let’s not waste any more time and finish this tier list of ours.


The first character we are going to discuss in our C tier of this Lord of heroes tier list 2022 is Dhurahan Atirkan. That is quite the name to pronounce, but once you overcome that difficulty, you should know that he is the only birdkin we are going to be listing in this tier list of ours. He has three different variants that you can potentially obtain, but the only ones worth noting are his Warrior variants.

There are two Warrior variants, and one is the 3-star one which is relatively easy to obtain in this game. However, obtaining the 4-star variant is quite an expensive feat which is all the more reason that drops him down to this C tier.

As warriors go, there are a plethora of better options that are easier and better to obtain, so if you do want to win, never try to play Dhurahan as a warrior in your team.


The second character of our C tier and the second last character of this tier list is none other than Lucilicca La’elaya. When it comes to lore, Lucilicca is one of the best-designed characters in this entire game.

She has been under the mentorship of Laphlaes, who we discussed earlier in this tier list. The role that put her on this tier list is her variants as a Striker. She has two 5-star variants, which are both immensely hard to obtain.

These two variants are quite great in theory, but Lucilicca has no synergy with many of her potential teammates in this game. The interesting thing about this particular character is that both of her variants counter each other well, which is a cool little thing to note. All in all, there are so many better Strikers in the game, so I would suggest you opt for them rather than her.


Finally, the last character of this C tier and this Lord of heroes tier list 2022 is Schneider. Schneider has two sides when it comes to him. His role as a Striker is quite spectacular, which is why he is an A-tier character in that regard.

However, when it comes to him as a Warrior, he falls short of his reputation. His two variants as a Warrior are nowhere close to being playable in that role which is why he can not be placed any higher than this specific C tier.

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Later Alligator

Well, guys, that does it for today’s tier list. This is one of the best mobile games that has been released in a while strictly because of how great the lore of this game is. In addition to all of this, if you guys did find this tier list helpful, do let me know in the comments below. This tier list was amusing to make as well, and I hope it helped you somehow. That is it for now, guys. Have a great day!