Artery Gear Tier List: All Characters Ranked

You are not alone in wanting to know which character in Artery Gear: Fusion would be the finest to obtain, so do not worry. With the recent global release of Artery Gear: Fusion, everyone is looking for the correct Artery Gear Tier List to determine what characters they should be getting. Also, if you are one of those people, congratulations, you have come to the right place.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 72 characters ranked in this article.
  • These characters are ranked based on their Artery Gear Talents, Attack Skills, and Visual Appeal.
  • Among the best characters are Sirius, Lila, and Ginga.
  • Joining us in the lowest ranks are characters like Hokutou and Valeria.


In the table below, you will find a quick summary of all the rankings we will be making in this article.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
ShuraKlaudia ValentzMichelleToukaMeko
Enhanced Repairer

In this tier list, we rank every character from each game version into five different tiers. We have explained the methodology of our tier list in much more detail below, so please take a look at that. Our article’s objective is to guide you to get the best characters without wasting any time or money on useless characters.

The turn-based, sci-fi, RPG smartphone game Artery Gear was created by Access and released by Bilibili. Artery Gear, a new smartphone game from Bilibili, is part of the company’s ongoing multimedia empire expansion. Chibi-style graphics, “mech girls” as war troops, and turn-based combat are all features of this Gacha game.

Players in Artery Gear: Fusion interacts with mecha girls with various talents and powers and is captivating to see. Visually, this game is reminiscent of famous smartphone games like Honkai Impact, which explains a part of why it is getting so popular. Additionally, with each new update, Artery Gear continues to gain more significant popularity.

Artery Gear: Fusion Global Debut Update

Before we start with Artery Gear Tier List 2022, let’s read a little about the new global release. Just recently, Artery Gear: Fusion had a successful global premiere on 14 June 2022. Interestingly, pre-registrations had been open from the start of May. Bilibili has successfully created immense hype for the game’s release with its extraordinary trailer containing loads of impressive VFX effects.

If you a weeb, you must have heard about Bilibili at least once because it is a next-level entertainment company for anime fans and gamers. Bilibili started its journey as a video hosting website and later started releasing webcomics, and let me tell you; these comics are just amazing! The point of telling all history of Bilibili is to make sure you understand how and why Artery Gear became so popular in less time.

This entertainment company was already very famous. So, when it took a step forward in the gaming industry, Bilibili fans became even crazier and did not waste any time getting those games. In just a week of Artery Gear’s global release, 500 thousand downloads have already taken place. It will be fascinating to observe how Bilibili develops in the game industry, given how quickly it has grown over the years.

There have been four releases of Artery Gear so far: English, Japan, China, and Taiwan. The English version is the recent global release everyone has been talking about it. Artery Gear: Fusion was first premiered in China, gaining great success and leading Bilibili’s team to prepare for a global release.

Moreover, many features are still available in the Chinese version but not in the global version. Soon enough, Bilibili will be adding many new features to Artery Gear: Fusion, including those already released in other versions. So, let’s see how the characters currently rank in our tier list.

Artery Gear Tier List Methodology

You may choose your most fantastic Mecha girls with the help of Artery Gear Tier List Reroll, improving your chances of succeeding in combat and gaining popularity among your friends and almighty gaming community. Without having to waste time searching for and compiling data from various sources, you may choose one of any characters from our top tiers.

S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, C Tier, and D Tier are the five levels that make up our list. The S Tier, a pinnacle tier that has characters with exceptional Artery Gear talents, comes first. Next, Artery Gear’s A Tier follows, consisting of all the above-average characters with strong VFX effects, attack skills, and visual appeal.

Finally, characters inside this B Tier are those who occupy a medium ground. They are neither extraordinarily excellent nor abhorrently horrible. The C and D levels are the last two. These are our worst Gachas that every gamer should avoid purchasing since their specifications are subpar.

Please note that our judgments and gaming experiences determine the final ranking of this tier list. This ranking list is based on our preferences, professional knowledge, polls, and character evaluations. Additionally, we polled our whole crew to see which characters were the least and most picked before creating this most outstanding tier list for Artery Gear: Fusion. These character ranks may therefore vary from person to person.

S Tier

Best Artery Gear Characters
Best Artery Gear Characters

Our S-tier characters are the most robust Artery Gear: Fusion Mecha girls, as evidenced by their inclusion on this list. Characters who excel in their particular roles are included in the S tier. They excel at their work above what is expected of them. These characters have a massive fan base and are incredibly strong.

Moreover, they all have outstanding VFX effects, making the game even more enjoyable. You will absolutely love S Tier mecha girls if you like to look fantastic and influential in games. Not to forget, the overall aesthetics of these Gachas are also super addictive.

They define the meta-plot as our main character. Therefore, you should make an effort to gather these units whenever you see them. Frequently, an S-tier character in our Artery Gear Fusion Tier List is the one who carries the game by themselves. Despite having absolutely no countermeasures, they are beneficial for your entire team.

Additionally, these individuals are most likely to contribute significantly to a celebration. Furthermore, these characters are incredibly uncommon; getting them through gachas and summons is like winning a lottery. Therefore, it is time to learn everything there is to know about one of them if you have managed to acquire one.


Faction: Dolls Army

Rarity: Five Stars

Class: Assault

Colour: Green

Oh well, who does not know Sirius? The most popular and influential mecha girl in Artery Gear Tier List JP for various reasons. Best attacker? Sirius. Best PVE and PVP character? Sirius. Best buffs? Sirius. Siriusly, there is nothing this girl does not have. She is the ultimate assault unit, and obviously, we can not forget the fact that she is also the fastest base unit in all of Artery Gear: Fusion.

HP 6141
ATK 1300
DEF 557
SPD 127


Faction: Atelier Ryza Team

Rarity: Five Stars

Class: Assault

Colour: Blue

Lila is a member of the Ryza Team Alliance. She is an enigmatic female warrior with exceptional fighting skills and was first perplexed when she arrived on this planet. However, seeing Puppet’s risks, Lila vowed to eliminate them all. She is a beast in both PVE and PVP games, and her gameplay isn’t all that different from either.

Her fundamental attack does 100.7 percent damage to a single enemy target while draining all energy. Lila also possesses excellent buffs that make her dangerous and terrifying for her enemies. She also aids the squad with her active skill, which grants them a Crit Up for three rounds.

HP 5260
ATK 1390
DEF 782
SPD 106


Faction: Seven S

Rarity: Five Stars

Class: Assault

Colour: Blue

There is no better character for PVE than our precious Ginga in this Artery Gear Tier List PVE. She is known as the ultimate PVE Queen globally and locally. She is fantastic in the early to midgame, giving you a great start and boosting your squad’s morale.

Ginga is Centaur’s most extraordinary in-slot unit, one of Artery Gear’s most challenging bosses. She is the goal of the unlimited reroll ticket and delivers one of the most significant single target damage outputs at launch. As a result, Ginga is the one for you if you want to advance in a game more quickly.

However, never try to use Ginga in a PVP arena, thinking she will do good in PVP because she does well in PVE. Ginga might be a PVE Queen, but frankly, she sucks at PVP. So, avoid bringing her to the arena. Also, it would be better to finish a match fast when you play with Ginga because she will bring you down in a late game.

HP 6654
ATK 1305
DEF 635
SPD 115

Other S Tier Characters List

Character NameATKHPDEFSPDFaction
Alice11715580698113Auto Magi
Ryza13806089657114Atelier Ryza's Team
Nina15856372673105Auto Magi
Ruri13755164722102The Seven S
Quinn13406946635112Firestor Miner
Morris6905730760101Dolls Army

A Tier

Good Artery Gear Characters
Good Artery Gear Characters

The characters that deliver standout performances in their roles are the A-listers. These troops do not, however, push their limits of abilities and awakenings as an S Tier character does. A Tier Gachas of this Artery Gear Tier List Cn are outstanding units contributing to a team’s identity and robust build.

They can cause a lot of harm, sometimes even more than the ones in our Supreme Tier. However, an absence of support from other forces could put a barricade on their capabilities. Nevertheless, under the right circumstances, they will still sparkle beautifully.

Unlike S Tier Artery Gear Gachas, A Tier ones are imperfect and flawed in at least one way. There are a few petty drawbacks of these characters. However, players can easily ignore these flaws as they are negligible and minor.

Your performance in a game will improve if your squad has any A Tier player. Even one, A Tier Artery Gear Mecha girl, may support your whole team and become the pillar to lean on for them. For it to perform to its total capacity, you might need some aid from other troops. Nevertheless, an A-tier can still fight well on a battlefield without assistance.


Faction: Academy of Dolls

Rarity: Three Stars

Class: Assault

Colour: Blue

The biggest reason why Grave is in an A Tier is that she is a straightforward character to master and play. She owns an elementary kit, which helps her farm and defeats PVE matches effortlessly. Grace is a 3-star character, making it simple and cheaper to obtain her enhancement nodes. Leveling her up and using her to quicken your early game is highly advised.

In PVP matches, she plays decently and has the potential to defeat some S Tier Gachas. However, she does have an obvious counter, and that is Ruri. Ruri easily eclipses Grace because she is a Blue Assault, just like Grace, but with more stars. Therefore, Ruri’s abilities might force Grace to lose a turn to her. Grace is an outstanding character on Artery Gear Japan Tier List.

HP 6391
ATK 1106
DEF 670
SPD 106


Faction: Academy of Dolls

Rarity: Five Stars

Class: Healer

Colour: Green

One of the best healers in Artery Gear: Fusion is Hearin, second to only Morris from S Tier. She possesses an excellent action bar boost for herself and her teammates, and she heals like there’s no tomorrow. But because she is a Green unit type, she is a top target for the Red unit types.

She has her separate unique equipment, which is the Lattice Riffle. The rifle’s bonus stats are based on a 30 UE level. The gun adds +224 ATK, +10 speed, and +807 HP. In addition, if an ally is under a de-buff after any opponent character’s turn, the bonus skill effect enables you to advance your action bar by 10%.

HP 6784
ATK 710
DEF 894
SPD 91


Faction: Autoluna Airborne Division

Rarity: Five Stars

Class: Assault

Colour: Blue

The deadly five stars assassin is Ghost. She is one of my personal favorites for a lot of reasons. Firstly, her character’s artwork and VFX effects are so aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, her story is also fascinating, which makes people want to make her their ult. People also want to make her their ult because of how fascinating her storyline is.

Furthermore, because her third skill has one of the most incredible multipliers buffs in Artery Gear, she can one-shot-kill most red and blue unit types in PvP. However, she falls behind other blue unit types as she has many counters. Also, she is pretty hard to learn and master. As a result, many avoid her and give up on her quickly because it is challenging to use her kit.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that she is a flawed character just because she is challenging to use. It just takes time to learn and master Ghost. Once you know how to play with Ghost, you can become the undefeatable king of PvP. Ghost has one of the best buffs, de-buffs, and silence. Therefore, she ranks A on our Artery Gear Tier List Cn.

HP 6654
ATK 1305
DEF 635
SPD 115

Klaudia Valentz

Faction: Atelier Ryza’s Team

Rarity: Five Stars

Class: Tactics

Colour: Green

Klaudia Valentz is a bright girl who entered the world with her best friend, Ryza. The girl hopes to encounter different adventures on her journey. She has excellent skills, which quickly makes her an A rank character. Her second skill, Frozen Dance, gives her a 3/4 chance to dispel a single buff from her target and repel 15% of her target’s action bar.

Klaudia also has unique equipment, which increases her stats and gives her a new skill effect that makes the chances of dispelling 100%. Additionally, raises from 2 to 3 the number of times the target’s action bar may be repelled.

HP 5287
ATK 1404
DEF 795
SPD 106

Other A Tier Characters

Character NameATKHPDEFSPDFaction
Della1293704868399Academy of Dolls
Verbana14625998644103L'Ordre De L'Autoluna
Teufel11098507754102Garrison Regiment Atlas
Shinobu14327253541115The Seven S
Nemophila827711990189L'Ordre De L'Autoluna
Kagari15045721613126Garrison Regiment Atlas

B Tier

Average AG Characters
Average Artery Gear Characters

B-tier characters are capable and practical. These are the groups who have regularly carried out their duties admirably. They have helpful talents they can employ for most of a battle. Although they have several limitations, such as skill cooldowns, they are nonetheless highly effective.

They could also contribute significantly to their themed teams. Even though they are not the basis of any squad, these Mecha Girls are helpful, especially if you are not too far up all ranks. B Tier units will shine the greatest in specific party setups. According to our team’s polls, these units are not utilised as frequently as A tier and S tier Gachas.

Without solid support, it will be difficult for the B Tier units to win a combat. Likewise, with only one B-tier unit on your squad, it might be challenging to win a game. At the very least, you will require a capable tank or Gacha guardian for backup. So let’s see what we have in our B Tier of Artery Gear Tier List Jp.

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Faction: Autoluna Airborne Division

Rarity: Five Stars

Class: Assault

Colour: Green

Phantom is a mystery; no one knows her origins, and there is absolutely no data about her history. Her name, title, and records all are a secret. For a lot of people, she does not even exist.

Phantom is a decent character on Artery Gear Japan Tier List. She is strong in PVP but only mediocre at PVE. In any event, it is impossible to say that she is proficient in PVE, given that this is her area of greatest weakness. The PVP arenas and late games are where you should employ Phantom if you have her. You will become a fantastic player if you learn how to play with Phanton at PVP.

She has good skills and attributes. If you are new to this game, getting Phantom will definitely help you progress faster in Artery Gear. Phantom’s second skill, Soul Collector, gives you an attack buff when you defeat an enemy and an additional attack turn. This skill also increases Phantom’s action bar by 20%. Moreover, it inflicts about 65% damage to all the enemy targets.

HP 5910
ATK 1504
DEF 596
SPD 115


Faction: The Academy of Dolls

Rarity: Five Stars

Class: Balanced

Colour: Green

Lydia undoubtedly stands out amongst other members of the Academy of Dolls. Her fighting style is unique to her, so her mech is also modified in a specific way to fit her. Nevertheless, she is an average character, neither too bad nor too good. Hence, we have placed her in the B Tier of Artery Gear Tier List Info. Her second skill is a guaranteed critical strike whose aftereffects allow your regular attacks to damage all the enemies present.

HP 6696
ATK 1192
DEF 850
SPD 98


Faction: The Sevens

Rarity: Four stars

Class: Tank

Colour: Red

Maika, being a tank, is a core member of a team. She fights decently in PVP, but she might suck at PVE. She can defend only for a while and will crumble in the late game. Without a compatible team, it will become hard to win a match. The best thing about her is her extreme defensive kit. Moreover, she can also manipulate the action bar and stun the enemies, making it difficult for her opponents.

HP 7699
ATK 1036
DEF 721
SPD 102

Other B Tier Characters

Character NameATKHPDEFSPDFaction
Michelle13905260782106Team Bobcat
Benny11047071727112 L'Odre De L'Autoluna
0413755164722102Autoluna Airborne Division
Cathy11705861568117Team Bobcat
Kurumi1106630081796The SevenS
Acacia886695182889L'Ordre De L'Autoluna
Rosemary14145228784104L'Ordre De L'Autoluna
Diancht6775778751102Garrison Regiment Atlas
Shinonome11066391670106The Seven S
Winnie1000637270990Autoluna Airborne Division
Nio8656742772102Autoluna Airborne Regiment
Caroline9535396647118Autoluna Airborne Division
Enhanced Repairer334204825799L'Ordre De L'Autoluna

C Tier

Below-Average Gachas
Below-Average Artery Gear Characters

These are the typical Artery Gear Mecha characters that you can select if you are confident in your ability to control them because there is no assurance that they will boost your likelihood of success. However, C Tier units can be quite substantial if appropriately deployed and with the appropriate units.

However, they should never be actively pursued and purchased unless it is the final piece that your team is missing. The C Tier units can suddenly appear on a battlefield and win, but it will require careful planning. Furthermore, the C Tier units of our Artery Gear Fusion Tier List are basically functional characters that players may quickly swap depending on their talents, traits, and other characteristics.

They are less effective than the S, B, and A tier units. They are still preferable to having a D Level character or none, though. Their support for your A and B Tier units might be helpful too. Furthermore, brutal battles are relatively easier to win if you have a C Tier Gacha and a character from a higher tier.


Faction: Spider Service

Rarity: Five Stars

Class: Assault

Colour: Green

Cindy, hands down, has the most unusual kits. The highest single target basic attack in the game is used by her Siege form, which is always dominant. She indeed doesn’t have anything exceptional but that. She is below-average and has the lowest base HP in the entire game. Moreover, she is the worst when it comes to late games. Therefore, she ranks C in Artery Gear Tier List Info.

HP 4884
ATK 1641
DEF 743
SPD 112


Faction:  AutoMagi

Rarity: Four Stars

Class: Tactics

Colour: Red

Erica is, unfortunately, very weak. However, she does play well to an extent if she has a compatible and strong team, which gives her constant aid. In any case, if you have a choice, I would suggest you do not choose to play with Erica as it would be challenging, and the efforts may not even be worth it.

HP 5768
ATK 1096
DEF 738
SPD 114


Faction: Garrison Regiment Atlas

Rarity: Four Stars

Class: Tactics

Colour: Green

Like other C Tier mecha girls, Cerulean is also below-average. There is nothing too special about her. Cerulean may come in handy for a while when you are a beginner at Artery Gear, but as you progress further in the game, you will realize how useless she is. It is better to have her as an alternative to any other unit instead of putting your efforts into her. However, Cerulean is still better than the D Tier characters on our Artery Gear Tier List 2022.

HP 5394
ATK 1391
DEF 592
SPD 121

Other C Tier Characters

Character NameATKHPDEFSPDFaction
Touka13007253723111Team Bobcat
Sylvia9957429745110 L'Odre De L'Autoluna
Feidy10965818682113Spider Service
Angelica10276652698106L'Ordre De L'Autoluna
Tony13375444722102Team Carrot
Blue11066391670106Team Bobcat
Rhoeas865674272295L'Ordre De L'Autoluna
Timy10584931804119Team Bobcat
Margot615568484195Autoluna Airborne Division
Sonya12044515694110Autoluna Airborne Division
Andie785743580592Team Carrot

D Tier

Artery Gear Tier List
Worst Artery Gear Characters

The worst Artery Gear gachas are found on the D-tier list of Artery Gear Fusion Tier List. Low combat utility characters are those in the D-tier. In terms of fighting, they are more suited for exploration. These units have the least attack power of all the troops. They usually aren’t worth pursuing and are not very good at their occupations.

The best uses for D Tier troops are as scapegoats and lures. Remember that just because they are the worst Mecha unit in this tier list does not always mean they are the worst. Time and new updates change everything. Some of the characters on the D Tier list have previously excelled on other servers.

Remember that having even the weakest mecha unit is preferable to having none. Although the D Tier characters might not be of great assistance, these troops will undoubtedly raise the caliber of your team. We also do not want to offend anyone’s sensibilities. Therefore, remember that this tier list is primarily based on views rather than facts if you find your favorite unit in the D Tier.


Faction: The SevenS

Rarity: Five Stars

Class: Assault

Colour: Red

Hokuto is the only five stars character to make it into our D Tier of this Artery Gear Tier List info. She is the most disappointing character in the global version. However, she plays a little better in the CN and JP versions as their meta differs from our global meta.

Moreover, she is useless even if you pair her with one of the best Gachas. The developers nerfed her badly to the point that she has become a considerable meme for all of fandom. Unfortunately, all she does is survive and live alone without helping anyone else. Not to forget, she has a frustratingly long cooldown time for skills, which makes her even worse.

HP 6141
ATK 1300
DEF 557
SPD 127


Faction: Academy of Dolls

Rarity: Four Stars

Class: Tank

Colour: Green

Valeria, being in the D Tier, is also very useless. Everything about her is flawed. You need an HP below 50% to get her most useful defence buff. All her stats are pretty low for a four-star unit. Some three stars unit can play better than Valeria. She has Heal Over Time skill, but this skill contradicts her defence buff, which brings you back to square one. One of the worst characters of Artery Gear: Fusion, if not the worst, is Valeria.

HP 7699
ATK 1036
DEF 721
SPD 102

Other D Tier Characters

Character NameATKHPDEFSPDFaction
Katie13395626625103Team Bobcat
Meko11795396608111 Team Bobcat

How To Reroll In Artery Gear Fusion 

Like any other gacha game, the goal of Artery Gear is to have the strongest possible team with some of the best characters from our tier list to defeat the Puppets in Artery Gear. Since you will have to use summons to collect characters, the characters you will get will always be random. In case, you did not get some of the best characters from our tier list you can always reroll in Artery Gear. 

If you want to reroll in Artery Gear Fusion you will need to play the game with a guest account. When you have completed the tutorial you will have enough in-game currency called the Forging Crystals. Choose the Banners of the characters you want in our Artery Gear.  

We recommend going for the S rank or A rank characters in our tier list as they are the strongest and most powerful characters in Artery Gear. In order to check the drop rates of the character you want, there will be an option available in the menu. After performing your pulls, see if you get your desired character or not. In case you did not get the character you want, you can perform reroll in Artery Gear. 


 In order to perform a reroll in Artery Gear Fusion, you will need to perform the following steps. 

  •  First of all, click on the button located in the top right corner of the screen. 
  •  Now head towards the settings and navigate to the Account Tab. 
  • Navigate to the Player Center option and click Upgrade. 
  • Now you need to upgrade the Platform Account. 
  • In order to save your progress, you can sign up with the e-mail you have. 
  • Log out from the account and log in again as a guest. 
  • Perform that tutorial again and collect enough in-game currency to perform the summons. 

You can repeat this process as much as you want. When you have the characters you want you just need to link your account to a third-party app and you will then have some of the best characters in Artery Gear. 

Comparison Table

SiruisS Tier13006141557127Dolls Army
LilaS Tier13905260782106Five Stars
GingaS Tier13056654635115The Seven S
ShuraS Tier11098507759109AmanoHa
AliceS Tier11715580698113Auto Magi
RyzaS Tier13806089657114Atelier Ryza's Team
NinaS Tier15856372673105Auto Magi
RuriS Tier13755164722102The Seven S
QuinnS Tier13406946635112Firestor Miner
MorrisS Tier6905730760101Dolls Army
RokoS Tier9785813625111Gorgons
MilvusS Tier15855628751111Harpyia
GraceA Tier11066391670106Academy of Dolls
HearinA Tier710678489491Academy of Dolls
GhostA Tier13056654635115Autoluna Airborne Division
Klaudia ValentzA Tier14045287795106Atelier Ryza’s Team
ChihayaA Tier13915580582114AmanoHa
DellaA Tier1293704868399Academy of Dolls
SurielA Tier12666184588140Purifier
VerbanaA Tier14625998644103L'Ordre De L'Autoluna
KannaA Tier9704931570119Dwemear
TeufelA Tier11098507754102Garrison Regiment Atlas
CoraxA Tier13166796530111Harpyia
ShinobuA Tier14327253541115The Seven S
SenhaA Tier13166796530111Harpyia
NemophilaA Tier827711990189L'Ordre De L'Autoluna
KagariA Tier15045721613126Garrison Regiment Atlas
PhantomB Tier15045910596115Autoluna Airborne Division
LydiaB Tier1192669685098The Academy of Dolls
MaikaB Tier10367699721102The Sevens
MichelleB Tier13905260782106Team Bobcat
BennyB Tier11047071727112L'Odre De L'Autoluna
04B Tier13755164722102Autoluna Airborne Division
GoyaB Tier1293704868399Purifier
CathyB Tier11705861568117Team Bobcat
KurumiB Tier1106630081796The SevenS
AcaciaB Tier886695182889L'Ordre De L'Autoluna
RosemaryB Tier14145228784104L'Ordre De L'Autoluna
NeisaB Tier10114790722106Dwemear
DeanB Tier938725180499FirestorMiner
DianchtB Tier6775778751102Garrison Regiment Atlas
GreerB Tier957621568198FirestorMiner
GrayB Tier1179664065394FirestorMiner
ShinonomeB Tier11066391670106The Seven S
KomachiB Tier614620081488AutoMagi
WinnieB Tier1000637270990Autoluna Airborne Division
NioB Tier8656742772102Autoluna Airborne Regiment
CarolineB Tier9535396647118Autoluna Airborne Division
FoxyB Tier9785813625111Dwemear
Enhanced RepairerB Tier334204825799L'Ordre De L'Autoluna
CindyC Tier16414884743112Spider Service
EricaC Tier10965768738114AutoMagi
CeruleanC Tier13915394592121Garrison Regiment Atlas
ToukaC Tier13007253723111Team Bobcat
SylviaC Tier9957429745110L'Odre De L'Autoluna
FeidyC Tier10965818682113Spider Service
ChitoseC Tier12056092537127AmanoHa
AngelicaC Tier10276652698106L'Ordre De L'Autoluna
TonyC Tier13375444722102Team Carrot
IberisC Tier10965768738114Purifier
BlueC Tier11066391670106Team Bobcat
RhoeasC Tier865674272295L'Ordre De L'Autoluna
TimyC Tier10584931804119Team Bobcat
PeleC Tier9364515685104AutoMagi
MargotC Tier615568484195Autoluna Airborne Division
SonyaC Tier12044515694110Autoluna Airborne Division
AndieC Tier785743580592Team Carrot
IveyC Tier1179664065396FirestorMiner
HokutouD Tier13006141557127The SevenS
ValeriaD Tier10367699721102Academy of Dolls
KatieD Tier13395626625103Team Bobcat
MekoD Tier11795396608111Team Bobcat
OneanD Tier11645625594115Dwemear


Even if I disagree with several tier placements, I think it is a fair and unbiased analysis that gives an excellent first impression of the current top units. As I previously stated, there is no space for criticism because the character rankings in this Artery Gear Tier List Reroll are based only on the individual’s experience and perception. Please feel free to remark on any missing units or tiers that you believe should contain certain troops—wishing you luck on your journey!

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