Naraka Bladepoint Tier List: All Characters Ranked

All the 12 characters are ranked from Yoto Hime till Kurumi in this latest Top Tier List's ranking.

Hello, Gamers! I am excited about the topic discussed today because Naraka Bladepoint is now available on Xbox. Everyone is talking about it and enjoying battles with their friends. But I know you might be bothered by so many characters and might know which one to choose. For this, our Naraka Bladepoint tier list is here.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 12 characters ranked in this article.
  • These characters are ranked based on professional player rankings.
  • Among the best characters are Yoto Hime, Matari, and Yueshan.
  • Joining us in the lowest ranks are characters like Justina Gu and Kurumi. 


In the table below, you will find a quick summary of all the rankings we will be making in this article.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Yoto HimeViper NingWuchenTakeda NobutadaJustina Gu
YueshanTarka JiValda Cui

S Tier

Naraka Bladepoint tier list
The strongest Naraka Bladepoint characters ranked.

The characters ranked in this tier have the upper hand on the heroes in all the other categories. These are very strong and immensely powerful characters. If you ask which are the best characters, you can find an answer to this in the S tier.

Yoto Hime

The character who remained over the top from the beginning of Naraka Bladepoint is Yoto Hime. It is the most prominent character ranked on the Naraka Bladepoint character tier list 2022. I love it when Yoto Hime twirls his nefarious blade that gives damage to the enemies from a very long range.

He uses this extremely large sword to execute Spirit Splash. This is Yoto Hime’s special move, with the help of which he can release the spinning blade that not only acts as a projectile but also deteriorates the foes close to it. Yoto Hime can be teleported in the direction of the reeling edge with the help of Spirit Splash.

Spirit Splash is a commendable Naraka Bladepoint weapon or tool that is considered extremely destructive as it helps escape and close the gap.

When you are stuck in a fight with an overly powerful enemy, it isn’t easy to maintain your balance. But, with the help of Yoko Hime’s menacing blade, you can do it too. There are 100 on 100 chances for you to conquer your enemy if you choose this character.

Stat Value
Health 100
Attack Power 60
Defense 25
Agility 75
Stamina 100


No matter how hard or worse the situation is, Matari will get through it smoothly. No other character can compete with her mobility. Most players choose her from the Naraka Bladepoint character tier list.

She has a unique ability known as Silent Flutter, with the help of which Matari can unknowingly slip in and out of the battle. These skills make it nearly impossible for the foes to conquer her.

If you are one of those players for whom it is a big deal to win any battle because they have never won any of it, without bringing a second thought to your mind, go for Matari! Matari also can attack her enemies secretly when her foes can not see her. It is possible because of their unseen wings, which make it difficult for the enemies to look for her.

The player badly wants to hide from the eyes of the opponents in the last circle. At this point, unseen wings are a lifesaver and a commendable ability of Matari.

Stat Value
Health 160
Stamina 100
Agility 110
Attack Power 105
Defense 105


Yueshan is a remarkable character ranked on the Naraka Bladepoint character tier list. He can turn the tables even at the very last moments of the battle. Yueshan can not only attack the enemies uniquely and appreciably, but he can defend himself like no other Naraka Bladepoint hero.

Linebreaker is a fundamental and useful skill of Yueshan. It acts as a very valuable weapon for imposing damage. This damage can also create an opening based on the situation, which you can use to escape or for a combo.

Yueshan can also transform himself into Almighty General by using one of his skills Yueshan’s Ultimate. By doing so, he gains full health and a brand new moveset.

Two newly discovered attacks of Yueshan are known as Dragontail and Leap Slash. Some players do not understand the real value and importance of this character and underestimate him. But they are wrong about that.

Stat Value
Health 110
Armour 18
Speed 1.15
Attack 26
Critical 30

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A Tier

best characters
The best Naraka Bladepoint characters ranked

In this category of the Naraka Bladepoint tier list 2022, you can find the best characters with minor issues that can be ignored completely.

Viper Ning

Viper Ning is ranked on the A tier of the Naraka Bladepoint hero tier 2022 because of her tremendous abilities. She can not only give severe damage to the foes but also startles them for a good amount of time. Yushan Enigma is one of her skills that allows her to deal with the damage and to stop or cater with a special kind of attack known as a blue-charged attack.

Another blue-charged attack can only stop this type of attack, but Viper Ning’s skills allow her to get through this situation where there are chances to deal great damage.

Twilight Crimson is another ability of this Naraka Bladepoint character which is a little tricky and confusing to understand. But the moment you comprehend this ability, it is a piece of cake for you to win fights. When twilight crimson is activated, it will leave a sign on the heads of all close enemies that stuns them for 5 seconds.

But during this charge, neither you nor your enemies can attack each other. At times enemies use grappling hooks to escape from your attacks, but this charge stops them from doing this. This all stuff takes 50% health of the enemy, which means that you are now winning it.

Stat Value
Health 110
Stamina 100
Sprint Speed 7.2
Melee Attack 8.8
Ranged Attack 7.2


Do not ever underestimate this character ranked on the Naraka Bladepoint character tier list because some dumb players do this. Tianhai may not look like a strong character at first sight. Screw your sight and believe what I tell you as I have closely analyzed him on the battlefield.

The Dive Bell is the skill that temporarily protects him from enemy attacks by creating a shield. By temporary, it means that it will last for a short period of time. This is not it; He can transform himself into a massive Varja, which is possible because of Tianhai’s ultimate skills known as Titan’s Call.

After this massive and dangerous transformation, the opponents know that their time is over, and now they can do nothing more than wait for destruction.

Stat Value
Health Points 150
Stamina 100
Attack Power 55
Defense 10
Critical Rate 10%

Tarka Ji

Tarka Ji is also known as the Loyal Drunk. By using his inner fire skills, he can resist physical attacks for approximately three seconds and can attack in response upon hitting. In the end, the enemy will be set on fire. Isn’t it amazing?

Another advantage of this skill is that it must be used timely to increase its efficiency and effectiveness. With the help of this skill, Tarka Ji can shoot a huge fireball at his enemy, and boom, the battlefield is yours.

One of the main reasons for ranking Tarka Ji on the A tier of our Naraka Blade hero tier list is his meritorious ability known as Blackout. This ability sets Tarka Ji on fire, but it does not cause any damage to himself. He can now spread the flames of this fire to the enemies, and while doing so, he is moving at high speed.

As Tarka Ji will be moving faster after Backout so he will be able to defend himself and dodge the enemy attacks. It is nearly impossible to defeat Tarka when he is using Blackout.

Stat Value
Health 160
Armor 12
Stamina 120
Movement Speed 5.8

B Tier

good characters
Good Naraka Bladepoint characters ranked

The B-tier characters ranked on the Naraka Bladepoint tier list 2022 are considered very good characters. It is just that these are not flawless or the best ones, but still, some of the strengths of these heroes are commendable.


Wuchen can damage the foes extremely highly by using his base move known as spirit blades. This allows him to throw 5 knives toward the enemies simultaneously or individually, whatever you prefer. By doing so, the enemies will deal with a lot of damage.

He can also protect himself from enemy attacks by using the defensive variant of his skills known as Spirit Blade Shield, which will build a solid wall in front of him. So, if any projectile is coming toward Wuchen, it will be destroyed because of this wall.

The Wuchen’s Tai Chi Rift Ultimate can transport himself and his teammates up to 120 meters. Depending on your and team mate’s health, it will either reduce the damage or provide you a damage buff.

Stat Value
Health 120
Armor 18
Stamina 120
Movement Speed 5.8


Using his sandstorm abilities, he can slow down the enemies, making it easier for Temluch to attack them. But he can not deal with lots of damage like the S and A tier characters. For this reason. I have ranked Temulch on the Naraka Bladepoint hero tier’s B tier.

Temluch’s Zephyr Wisp skills allow him to bring on three wards around him. These wards protect him from the long-ranged enemy attacks individually.

Another skill Zephyr’s prison allows him to create a sandstorm on whatever place he is going to land. This storm will not affect himself and his teammates; only his enemies are victims of this storm who will be slowed down when stuck in this storm.

The Zephyr Prison is good for decreasing the speed of the enemies, but this alone can not help you increase your chances of winning. Along with this, you should focus on the attacks as well to deal with the damage inflicted on your character.

Stat Value
Health 140
Armor 18
Stamina 120
Movement Speed 5.8

Valda Cui

The Queen of Oceans Valda Sui is ranked on the Naraka Bladepoint character tier list because of her water-based abilities. A big water bubble is sent down with the help of one of his skills, Haze. This water bubble is called a Tide trap.

If any of the enemies are hit by the tide trap or run towards it, they will be trapped in it for approximately two seconds. The cooldown time is much less, so you can easily use it twice.

Valda Cui’s other water-based skill is known as Nether Nightmare. It sends a huge wave in one direction. If the foes are hit by it, they will be automatically sent into the water tornadoes until this ultimate ends.

You can deal with a lot of damage at this point because when you hit the enemy, you can ascend in the air and through a water spear to the enemy you want to.

Stat Value
Health 120
Armor 18
Stamina 120
Movement Speed 5.8 

C Tier

average characters
The average Naraka Bladepoint characters ranked.

The C tier of the Naraka Bladepoint hero tier list consists of those characters that neither perform above the line, nor their performance is pathetic. These are the average Naraka Bladepoint characters that you can choose if you are sure you can handle them properly because there is no guarantee that they can increase your chances of winning.

Takeda Nobutada

Takeda Nobutada is a character who possesses great skills and abilities, but these are very confusing to understand and handle. If you are a professional player, you will have an idea of what to do with this character. Otherwise, it is not guaranteed that this character can increase your victory chances.

His one skill is the advanced version of parry. This skill is called Mythic Grab. If a blue counters Takeda charged attack, then by using this skill, he can grab the weapon of the person who has attacked and pound in response.

If you are one of those players who use blue-charged attacks more often, it will be okay for you to use it. Otherwise, it is not recommended because you need to have a proper game sense to use at the right time as it is very hard to counter.

Using Takeda’s ultimate Demonic Acid, you are being helped by the spirit named Furen, who will assist you in killing your foes. When this top is activated, then Furen not only kills the enemy, but this spirit also chases the opponents to make it easier for you to handle the hassle.

You can also take an alternative to it, that is to teleport. By teleporting, you can even deal with great damage relatively.

Stat Value
Health 130
Armor 18
Stamina 120
Movement Speed 5.8 

D Tier

weakest characters
The weakest Naraka Bladepoint characters ranked.

The weakest or worst characters are ranked on the D tier of the Naraka Bladepoint tier list 2022. It will be no more than an achievement if you win on the battlefield with these characters equipped. If you are a beginner and on the verge of understanding this game, then it is fine, but try to swap these characters asap as you move ahead.

Justina Gu

The abilities of Justina Gu are based on ice. She uses these abilities to protect her and as well as the teammates. It also included freezing the enemies to death. She is placed on the D tier because her skills and abilities are completely useless in most situations.

By using ice-based skills, Justina Gu can also freeze her teammates and herself to get protection against enemy attacks. But do you think it is useful? Not at all! It gives an advantage to your foes to charge an attack until the time you are again unfreezing.

She brings the hidden ice energies into the Arctic Wraith phase, which progresses close to your enemies.

Stat Value
Health 110
Armor 12
Stamina 120
Movement Speed 5.8 


Kurumi is the healer ranked on the D tier of the Naraka Baldepoint tier list 2022. She is the ultimate lifesaver for her team members. You must wonder, why has she considered the weakest Naraka bladepoint character if she is a lifesaver? The simple answer is that if you are playing in duos or trios, she can only be helpful; otherwise, her skills are useless as a single player.

She requires a lot of teammate support on the battlefield. You should support your team members while playing a game because “together we grow,” but you can not rely on each other completely as your efforts also count. So these are the reasons that Kurumi is considered the weakest Naraka Bladepoint character.

Stat Value
Health 120
Armor 18
Stamina 120
Movement Speed 5.8 

Best Characters For Beginners In Naraka Blade Point 

Many players will find the S-rank characters in our tier list fairly hard to master at the beginning of the game but the most powerful characters in Naraka Bladepoint have the hardest attacks that will require a lot of practice to master. So, we have compiled a list of characters below that are best for beginners in Naraka Bladepoint and have the easiest attacks in our tier list. 


She is known for being the best character in our tier list that has the easiest attacks that deal significant damage to the enemies in Naraka Bladepoint. Yotohime is a great character if you’re interested in playing the PvP battles first.

Furthermore, her abilities like the Spirit Slash can help you deal damage to enemies by throwing her blade in their direction. So, she can be used as a close range as well as a ranged character. 


When it comes to new Naraka Bladepoint players, Yueshan is definitely one of the best characters that stand out in our tier list thanks to his ultimate abilities. The reason why many players find him the easiest to play is due to the fact that you would not need to smash a number of buttons for a single attack.

He uses his Spear to deal damage to the enemies. Additionally, his abilities like Ambition allow him to launch himself into the air and land down immediately causing a knockback to enemies. 


If you are looking for one of the best monks in Naraka Bladepoint that are fairly easy to master as compared to the other S-rank characters in our tier list, then Tianhai will be the best option for you. His ultimate abilities like the Titan’s Call allow him to turn into a Vajra immediately. When he is in this form, he can deal damage by grabbing the enemies and smashing them back into the ground.

Furthermore, his Heal ability allows him to heal all his nearby allies and restore their HP. So, Tianhai is also one of the best healers in our tier list for new Naraka Bladepoint players. 

All these characters are easy to obtain and have attacks that you can master in no time. The best part about these characters is that you do not have to compromise on damage dealt to enemies while using them.

Comparison Table

CharactersTierHealthAttack PowerDefenseAgilityStamina
Yoto HimeS100602575100
Viper NingA1101007.28.87.2
Tarka JiA16012105.8120
Valda CuiB120181105.8120
Takeda NobutadaC130187.25.8120
Justina GuD11012105.8120

Patch Notes October 17th

The following changes were made in the most recent patch.

  • Kurumi’s healing increased to 750, and overflowing health now gives armor.
  • Yoto Hime’s ultimate now uses 40% of rage, gives 20% range for each slash.
  • Takeda Nobuta’s ultimate cooldown increased to 4 seconds.
  • Ziping Yin abilities were reworked to give her more sustain in fights.

End Note

I prepared this Naraka Bladepoint tier list after analyzing each character closely. Believe me; it is not an easy task to give your unbiased opinion when you know that there is a large audience you are going to cater to. Because at this point, you know that some people will be judging you and questioning your likes and dislikes.

As told above, this list is not entirely based on my opinion or experience, but other professionals at have contributed to it. Not only this, but proper research also played a vital role in curating the Naraka Bladepoint hero tier list.

If you want to test my opinion, you are free to check and try the performance of every character individually by playing Naraka Bladepoijt. If you feel like debating on any rankings or disagree with them, then feel free to open your heart in the comment box below.

Make sure to select those character that also suits your playing style; it is a pro tip. You can download this game from here. I hope this tier list was helpful for you. By going through this tier list.

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