Disney Mirrorverse Tier List [2023]

Our Mirrorverse Rankings Will Include All The Disney Characters In The Game.

Disney Mirrorverse is a new trending game that might have passed your eyes during an advertisement or while you were scrolling through your App store or Play store. Many gamers have turned their focus on this game. Disney Mirrorverse tier list is a representation of the ranking of various characters of the game. This recently released game has gained popularity and fame through its awesome skills and personality.

Its characters are one-of-a-kind and depict their characters from their respective movies. It’s a crossover of Pixar and Disney movies, and their symbiosis gave birth to this game. This game became the 3rd most popular role-playing game in 2022.

You will find countless tier lists on the internet; each tier list is right in its way. The difference is based on interest, opinions, and time spent in a gaming session. The gaming experience varies from gamer to gamer; hence, perception is also variable.

Key Points

  • This article has a total of 45 characters.
  • The characters are ranked based on supernatural skills, statistical profile, and fighting style.
  • The top tiers has exceptional characters, including Simvba, Wall-E, Ariel, Mickey Mouse, Mr. Incredible,  and Woody.
  • Among the lower tiers are the abysmal characters, including Eve, Captain hook Merida and Maleficent.

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In this short table we have enlisted the ranking of characters

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
SimbaAnnaTinker BellSulleyEve
Wall-EHiro HamadaBuzz LightyearGenieCaptain Hook
Mickey MouseScarJugy HoppsRapunzel
Mr. IncredibleGastonMauiMerida
Jack SkellingtonAladdinAngerMike Wazowski
Scrooge McDuckSnow WhiteJack Sparrow
ZurgEvil QueenUrsula
Oogie BoogieIan Lightfoot
Frank WolffStitch

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Basis of Tier List

This tier list is based on the attacking abilities of a character and how they defend, offend and support themselves and their allies. Every character has a variable quality that differs from another character. Hence, they are based on their own stats and traits. Also, they are not compared to other characters because each character has his own characteristic.

An S tier lodges the best characters while the quality of characters decreases as you progress Deon this list.

S Tier

best characters ranked in Disney mirrorverse
S Tier

Let’s begin our expedition while moving in our Disney Mirrorverse tier list with a superb tier or an S tier. We can’t overlook this tier because it is an exceptionally important attribute of a level. Not just because it has top characters of this game, but also because they hold a prominent location in it. Devoid of these characters, a player can’t excerpt colossal entertainment inside this game.

A character is differentiated based on stats and skills. Not just one but a huge list of qualities is embedded inside their personas and profiles. The characters have various abilities and a prominent core ability that distinguishes them.


Core Ability: Kingly Command  

Simba is the most anticipated character in our tier list of Disney Mirrorverse For August 2022.  His core ability called the Kingly Command makes him immune to the Stun effect. Furthermore, he can resist around 30% of the basic and heavy attack damages from any of the tanks or melee enemies.

His special ability is called the Enthralling Flair and it allows him to deal 400% damage to enemies. During this duration, he will gain the Indestructible Buff. 

HP 1201-6519


Core Ability: Recycle Cycle 

One of the best newly released Guardians in the Disney  Mirrorverse is the cute robot called Wall-E. His ability allows him to dodge damage from Wounds and Poison status effects. Whenever he is healed he will also gain 5% armor. The special ability of Wall-E is called Full Tank.

When the ability is active he will gain 5% defense buffs that will last for five seconds. The Trickle Charge ability allows him to restore about 25% of his HP. He can be a great support for your team and a great armor as well. 

HP 1105-9268


Core Ability: resilient waves

Ariel may have gained loads of discouraging you to her innocent personality in her movie, but her abilities inside this game make her strong enough to compete with this strongest opponent. She is known to be the biggest damaging character who has a damaging debuff every two seconds inside an arena.

Her 3D outlook presents her as an authoritative Princess who can take down her enemies with her spear. She deserves to be lodged under an S tier due to the 12% attack buff she receives after her damaging debuff is cleansed.

Seafaring and royalty towers demand a player to choose her as her stats indicate her strong skills. Her resilient waves also allow her to take down her enemy.

HP 784-6576

Mickey Mouse

Core Ability: Stellar energy

This Mickey Mouse is an extract from his Fantasia movie that depicts him as a magician. Similarly, this Mickey Mouse is adept in supernatural and magical skills, allowing him to gain a stellar charge.

His dealer charge will enable him to have a 10% attack increase, and his special ability adds to his stellar control. He is one of the best supporter guardians of our tier list, as he reflects damage, buffs, and heals his teammates. He is a part of an S tier due to his spectacular abilities.

His teammates also benefit him through their special abilities coma as he can gain stellar charge from their abilities. Three or more tasks can add up tool activates a mirror shield buff that deviates 20% of the damage directed towards him.

HP 830-6963

Mr. Incredible

Core Ability:  Incredible strength

Mr. Incredible is a man with extraordinary powers. He is also a tank like many others already enlisted in our Disney mirror verse tier list. He has killer moves and is also immune to knockback powers.

HE gains a kinetic charge while exhibiting his heavy attack. This charge allows him to increase damage resistance. This is extremely beneficial inside an arena and adds him to an S tier of our tier list.

He also inflicts a knockback charge on his opponents, making him a definite addition to a player’s gameplay. It lasts only 10 seconds but is enough for an enemy once a hero, always a hero.

HP 864-7253

Jack Skellington

Core Ability: Stocking stuffers

You might have seen Jack on the night before Christmas when he helped others and earned his name. Similarly, he is a helper in this game, and he also supplies buffs to his team and decreases his enemies’ DEF to benefit a player’s gameplay.

His heavy attack extracts an attribute buff from his enemy; this weakens him and grants a player’s team a benefit; these features include him in an S tier of our Disney mirrorverse tier list July 2022, above many weak characters.

He is a supporter who heals his teammates with his abilities and benefits them by providing a 10% attack buff. And the extraction of a buff from his target compiles up to make him a top-tiered character.

HP 892-8494

Scrooge McDuck

Core Ability:  Adventure Capital

Scrooge McDuck is a fortune seeker and collects all sorts of coins inside an arena. He contains a significant amount of buff Focus that helps him coordinate with his teammates. Scrooge is known to be the richest character on Disney mirrorverse tier list.

He can create coins that increase his focus by 10% coma, releasing a heavy attack and hitting his target makes coins. Also, defeating an enemy grants him cash; all these benefits include him in an S tier.

He is a high-technology character who has great advantages. His high attacking quality produces a knockback counter move instead of a pushback move.

HP 853-4631


Core Ability:  reach for the sky

Rudy is a versatile melee character with close-range and long-range attacks, which helps him increase his diversity inside an arena. He can stop his enemies from using their attribute buffs, making him a top team priority.

When he hits an enemy, he grants them a warrant that contains their attribute buffs. He resides under an S tier because he Grants his teammates an ATK buff that yields and supports his mates.

His heavy projectile attack can target only a single enemy, but its counterattack is three times stronger.



Core Ability:  rapid fire disruptors

A character who was an antagonist in Toy Story comes forth as a protagonist in our Disney mirrorverse tier list. He is extracted from Toy Story and is a ranging character who aids a player’s gameplay throughout his game. Zurg has a rapid-fire mode that increases the speed of his basic attacks and makes them more effective.

He is part of an S tier because his extremely swift firing abilities increase his chances of striking the enemy. He also gains a 25% defense buff during his rapid-fire mode.

Every second in his prominent mode allows him to have a 20% focus grant; it makes him more concentrated during the game and health a player Win inside a battlefield.


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A Tier

second best characters ranked in disney mirrorverse
A Tier

In addition to the S tier narrated previously in our Disney mirrorverse, we have another addition to this panorama in the form of a level. These characters contribute big time in forming a team, as they are almost as good as S-tiered characters and help create a player’s gameplay.

They just a few lacking traits and stats; otherwise, they are just as best as the S-tiered guardians. The stats of specific guardians are necessary to provide a guide that leads to this speculation.


Core Ability: Elemental empowerment

Anna is brave in her movie and has great potential in her alternate universe. Her attire differs from the one she adopted in her film, but this was necessary for combating evil forces. Her attacks burn, shock, wound, or freeze her opponent that last six seconds. She also gains an attack buff for each heavy attack.

Although her heavy attack takes a second to build up, which seems powerful, inside an arena is time-consuming, which includes her in an A tier of our Disney mirrorverse tier list July 2022. She also receives a defense buff while she uses her heavy attack; hence, an opponent can’t not her out while she is hoarding her attack.


Hiro hamada

Core Ability: Interconnected relay

Big hero 6 gained a repute for being a beautiful display of friendship and support between mates. Accordingly, this character displays a supporting role inside Disney’s mirror verse and helps his allies as he destroys his opponent. He is included in an A tier because he increases the potential up to 10 times; he also commences to resist 25% off special ability targeted by his enemy.

The player cannot choose the ally and is random; that might be the only drawback to this character. He enhances the healing and armor abilities of his allies. When he connects to a partner that is usually below 50% HP, he Heals 0.75% of that character.



Core Ability:  identity discs

Tron is a definite addition to our Disney mirrorverse tier list, as he has abilities and tactics that stun an opponent. He can hit a great number of enemies with a single attack.

The multiple targeting characteristic is unique and becomes a reason for his inclusion in the A tier. He can attain 20% focus debuff based on his basic attack. Such attributes are hard to come by. A player should never let him go when he achieves him.



Core Ability:  bloodthirsty

The scar was the main antagonist of Lion King and became notorious for killing Mufasa. His selfishness has earned him brutality and made him a melee guardian of Disney Mirrorverse.

His moves make him a great addition for an S tier, but his power decreases when he is struck by an opponent. This downfall drags him down a level into an A tier. Though he defeats his opponents efficiently.



Core Ability: the thrill of the hunt

Our A tier of Disney mirrorverse tier list July 2022 seems to be filled with the villains of a fictional world, but these are facts that these characters may have been defeated in this game but are undefeatable inside the game.

He is part of an A tier because his buffs depend on his wounding capabilities. He is granted attributes if he inflicts wounds on his enemies. In turn, he is awarded critical chances and defense buffs.



Core Ability:  razor wind

A somber thief became a melee guardian, guess he pickpocketed a trick or two while climbing the ladder of royalty. He is a great addition, as he can inflict wounds on his enemies, but his only drawback is that he stabs his enemy in the back.

This attribute includes him in an A tier because he cannot compete with his opponents if they are facing him. That’s a bummer, but he makes his opponent pay when he strikes.


Snow White

Core Ability: rosewood armor

An animal lover and sweet little girl grew up to be a melee warrior in our Disney Mirrorverse tier list. Life becomes hard on all of us, but she survives all struggles, becomes a strong warrior immune to poison, and bears a scythe to kill her enemies. She combines a tank and melee; her small figure doesn’t give her off as a tank. Being a pseudo-tank keeps her in an A tier.



Core Ability:  favored son

A god himself is a great inclusion to a team if he has exceptional skills. Hercules’s capabilities allow him to target an enemy, gain an attack, and focus buff.

He resides under an A tier because if he chooses a new target or stops attacking, he loses his buffs and has to start from level zero. Otherwise, he is a capable melee guardian who rarely disappoints a player.


Evil Queen

Core Ability:  Heartsbane toxin

We all know what an evil queen is hiding to throw at her opponents; yes, it is poison. She inflicts damage utilizing poison that deals with 10% damage. She is a supporter and helps her teammates as she goes on her attacks. Her heartsbane charge increases her poison damage and includes her in an A tier.


Oogie Boogie

Core Ability:  Oogie bugs

He is a tank character, and just like all tank characters, he is gigantic and extracts his powers from his large size. He relies on targeted attacks to release bugs on his enemy. These bugs cause a -10% of attack debuff. But he cannot initiate his attack and has to wait for his enemy to strike first, which includes him in an A tier.



Core Ability:  Dual blades

Mulan is a brutal fighter who is savage and heartless on the battlefield. Her basic attacks are more powerful than many other characters on our Disney Mirrorverse tier list.

They allow her to hit the targets present in a wide arc in front of her. Even defense buffs are granted to her through her heavy attacks. Other things are not worthwhile in her profile and include her in an A tier.


Frank Wolff

Core Ability:  Resilience

Have you watched Dwayne Johnson’s latest successful jungle cruise? If yes, then you must be familiar with Frank. He was the protagonist in it and has become a supporter character in our tier list. His thick bark hide protects him against wounds, shock, and poisons. He is a better opponent against enemies who take critical hits for granted.



Core Ability:  Defense aura

Baymax is perfectly structured to be a tank. With a big body, he can protect his teammates easily. He also gives a defense debuff to his teammates, which makes him a top priority for a team and a part of an A tier of our Disney mirrorverse tier list. He looks adorable in red and white armor.



Core Ability:  Cleansing fireflies

A sweet little girl who was ready to kiss a frog to help him is here as a supporter guardian. She has such abilities that make her a top priority for a player. You might see her cleansing her allies and gaining attack buffs for her core abilities. These aspects make her a top choice for an A tier.



B Tier

Disney Mirrorverse tier list
B Tier

Let’s move on to the next tier which contributes to pros and beginner players. These characters are easy to handle and don’t affect a player’s progress level if he loses. Hence, a player can learn basic gameplay and strategies for an arena. B tier could also be referred to as a mediocre tier because it has common characteristics that a player should have.

These guardians have characteristics that are an amalgam of both extremes of tiers. A pro player prefers top-tiered characters inside a game, while a beginner tries to choose with mediocre guardians to gain an insight into the rules. Through these warriors, he learns the basic gameplay and attains great understanding.

Tinker Bell

Core Ability:  Pixie dust orbs

A small fairy is a fairly good guardian whose abilities range in each category. She has mediocre qualities that allow her to inflict damage on her opponent. Also, she gains pixie dust after every attack she inflicts, whether it is heavy or basic. Without her abilities, she seems useless, making her a part of a B-tier.


Buzz Lightyear

Core Ability:   disruptor pulse

To infinity and beyond, you say? Buzz. He couldn’t even reach the S tier due to his ordinary qualities. These qualities kept him under a B tier along with other simple guardians that didn’t have much to offer. He debuffs his enemies and inflicts them with incredible abilities. His dash grants him a focus buff.



Core Ability:  bombs away

Whenever I see goofy, I get nostalgic due to his goofy laughter that always rings in my ears. On to our guardian, he blocks his enemy’s armor by his basic attacks and gains a critical buff through his heavy attack. These are not exceptional qualities but make him a good character and a part of a B tier.


Judy Hopps

Core Ability:  rooting carrots

A small rabbit from Zootopia is a must in this game due to her aggressive nature and feistiness. She throws grenades at her enemies, which decreases their defense. She can also root then for 5 seconds. B-tiered characters make a good part of a team but are not the first choice. Though her moves are far better than a C-tiered guardian of our Disney mirrorverse tier list July 2022.



Core Ability:  thank you

Did you see how Maui guided Moana through the high waters and helped her save herself? Similarly, he stands tall in front of his team and protects them from his opponent’s attacks. He tries his best to gain a defense buff. This becomes available for him after a buff if the opponent. Though he isn’t offensive, this makes him a part of a B-tier.



Core Ability:  escalating rage

Anger is never a good emotion; a man can kill and murder in rage and fury. A person should not lose their temper, just like this anger is always angry and puts him in a B tier. Also, his powers are not that beneficial, and he gains an attack buff when he glimpses his enemies. And he burns all his enemies, this seems good, but sometimes it backfires.


Jack Sparrow

Core Ability: collectors curse

Who didn’t like Johnny Depp’s acting in Pirates of the Caribbean? It’s a bummer he won’t be returning for another movie, but that granted him a place in our Disney Mirrorverse tier list. Jack is a supporter and helps his teammates by supplying them with various attributes. Mainly he heals himself and his teammates and gains a Curse change that has less effect and includes him in a B tier.



Core Ability: Northwind

The Ice Queen deserved a part in the top tier if she was as effective as her movie’s character. But Alas! She doesn’t have the same effective abilities. Her mediocre qualities include a north wind that debuffs her enemies’ defense. A frostbite debuff is made extreme through her. Other than. This is not much aid to a player’s gameplay.



Core Ability:  disarming presence

Ariel’s biggest enemy is here to curse us with her presence. She inflicts a debuff of attack on all her enemies and gains defense on activating her core capabilities. She is a Tank and should have great defensive abilities but lacks them and hence has become a part of a B tier of our Disney Mirrorverse tier list.


Ian Lightfoot

Core Ability:  lessons of yore

Ian had a prominent role in Onwards and was a role model for his viewers. He searched for something he had never seen before. Then Ian gave it up for his brothers; such selflessness is rarely seen. This quality is also present in his mirrorverse character, where he is a supporter. He gains an attack and defense buff through his charges and abilities, including him in a B tier.



Core Ability: Cargo delivery

Mowgli’s best friend and helper has come forth as a Tank in this game and aims to defend his teammates to aid a player’s gameplay. He has a cargo charge that he achieves through his basic attacks. His heavy attacks extract this charge. This is what includes him in a B tier of our tier list.



Core Ability:  metallic stitch

Stitch was her best friend of Lilo and helped her with many things. He became a Melee in his mirrorverse and follows a storyline and kills his opponents. he ensures that his opponents see his full potential when attacking them. He shows authority by varying between his metallic and original forms. But he is more sustained during metallic structure, including him in a B tier.



Core Ability:  enchanting defense

Belle is the major character advertised by Disney Mirrorverse but didn’t live up to the hype. She is a supporter who tries to fight off her enemies, but her abilities are cut short in many aspects. Her only benefit is that Belle grants a defense buff to her allies. Otherwise, she is useless and has no offensive moves that could aid gameplay. Hence she is added to an A tier of our Disney mirrorverse tier list.



Core Ability:  flames of Tartarus

Blue fire on his head can be seen from afar. The head of hell has good burning abilities that he inflicts on his opponents. These amaze him immune to fire and a good-ranged character. He doesn’t specialize in a single aspect, but his powers vary. Hercules’s enemy has new enemies in this game. He uses his core ability to inflict damage on his foe. Besides, he is of no use and is included in a B tier.


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C Tier

Disney Mirrorverse tier list
C Tier

The C Tier is not a part of the top tiers of a tier list. It is a part of those lower tiers that contain bad and worse types of characters and guardians. You might think how bad can a guardian be to reside under a lower level. All of these guardians aim to ruin the gameplay that aids a player in winning a game. Every player has some codes and plans that he needs to set a path in his sight, so he doesn’t lose.

These characters ensure that the player gets tangled up in these characters.


Core Ability:  armor up

A huge monster armored in heavy metal is a perfect selection for a tank. Tanks are good top-tiered characters because they allow a player to have high protection. This protection is also reflected in his teammates, but that’s it, and it lodges him under a C tier. These characters extract thrill in the game. Sulley gains defensive armor when a battle begins.



Core Ability:  near unlimited power

Genie was seen fulfilling wishes in the movie and kept his role as a helper in this game. He became a tank and earned his name by defending his teammates against a target’s attacks. He is included in a C tier because he is also granted an indestructible buff that helps him get an increase in armor. Otherwise, he would have been in a D-tier. A character also needs an offensive move.



Core Ability:  cruel curses

A true symbol of evil and brutality, evil has stepped into our tier with her horns standing tall. Though in a C tier where she belongs, she has low-quality buffs that do not benefit a player’s gameplay and make him suffer. She has a defense debuff that occurs due to a heavy attack. Although, she is immune to burns.



Core Ability:  solar strength

Rapunzel is here bearing her frying pan in hand and ready to strike her enemies. But his moves don’t allow her to remain adept in her frying pan skills. She is lodged under a C tier because the buffs she gains during her era are lost when she moves on to her core Ability.



Core Ability:  wisp focus

Merida was quite brave in her movie, but she lost her abilities in this game and has been a part of a C tier due to her lacking skills. She lacks basic attacks and aptnesses, such as utility and damage dealing. She can gain a focus buff for a mere 5 seconds.



Mike Wazowski

Core ability:  expert coach

Mike is a supporter guardian whose qualities drag him down to a C tier of our Disney mirrorverse tier list July 2022 that lacks the potential to be a top tier. He has healing powers, but they are directed towards allies who have armor. If a character is without, he is left behind on this buff.


D Tier

Disney Mirrorverse Worst Characters Ranked
D Tier

At last, we have reached a tier that compiles all of our decks. It presents the characters that ruin gameplay and exhibit low-quality moves and skills. Such aptnesses do not help a player to win. He stresses and has to alter his gameplay throughout the game to show his abilities.


Core Ability:  Electrostatic shielding

You might have caught a glimpse of Eve in Wall-E and fallen in love with her just like Wall-E, but you’ll detest her in this game as she offers zero reassurances. She is a ranged character, and all her abilities rely on getting struck by a melee or her opponent. Without it, she doesn’t have debuffs to offer her player, which is why she is under a D tier.


Captain Hook

Core Ability: captain’s mark

Captain Hook’s outlook might seem alluring, but it is just a façade. When a player gets accustomed to this character, he starts banging his head and regretting his choice. You might wonder, he is a melee character who is not durable. He cannot deal with the damage, and his core ability cannot be sustained, making him the worst warrior and a part of a D tier.


Trusting Us

When a reader steps foot in the latest article, he has many trust issues. He requires a great number of facts and opinions to overcome his trust. We ensure that readers can believe and believe in us as we try to supply them with true facts. We have a whole range of teams that coordinate to assemble the factual data for a tier.

 spend countless hours in gaming sessions, judging and evaluating each character. Each character is measured according to its stats and roles. Then they are set down to be arranged and compared.

After an article is completed, our editors recheck every piece of information and match the facts. After a long journey, a tier list is published for readers to view.

Patch Notes Ver 4.1

  • They made the Tower of Tlents more interesting by introducing difficult levels and challenges.
  • The Creators changed the core description word from ‘Miss’ to ‘Evade’.
  • Alladin, Anna, Baymax, and Hades were allotted a range of moves and costumes. 
  • Creators updated the projectile to detect collisions with precision.

Final Verdict

When we cut it short, we summarize our Disney Mirrorverse tier list. It is a tier list that enlisted the trending game that has been surfing the internet. It has become so popular that everyone is familiar with its name, if not the game itself. This tier list has 5 tiers based on a character’s characteristics, tactics, stats, buffing, depuffing qualities, and helping nature.

These 5 tiers are S, A, B, C, and D. Each tier has its own specialized character that has its own prominent quality; some characters are tanks, melees, supporters, and ranged. Other than this S tier lodges the best characters while the A tier has potentially great characters. These guardians can be better.

Next are mediocre guardians who require much work to be the best. C and D-tiered guardians have little potential and are categorized as bad or worse. They are extremely abysmal, and a player tries to avoid them.

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