Cuphead Boss Tier List [2023]

The Ultimate Cuphead Boss Tier List - Ranking the Villains and Bosses of Inkwell Isle.

Are you in search of some old-time classics with innovative moves? Cuphead is the game for you with its 1930s art style and up-to-date characters and actions. As soon as it was released, it lived up to its hype and gained popularity. The Cuphead boss tier list accurately displays the ranking of bosses of this game. Like Cuphead’s playable characters, its bosses, also known as villains, are worth mentioning.

Key Points

  • There is a total of 19 entries in this article.
  • The ranking is based on the powers and abilities of the bosses.
  • Among the best-ranked bosses are Dr. Kahl Robot, Wally Warbles, and Captain Brineybeard.
  • King Dice, Goopy Le Grande, and Cala Maria are among the worst-ranked bosses.


S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Dr. Kahl RobotChef SaltbakerHilda BergRibby and CroaksKing Dice
Wally WarblesBeppi The ClownCagney CarnationBaroness Von Bon BonGoopy Le Grande
Captain BrineybeardSally StageplayThe Root PackWerner WermanCala Maria
The DevilDjimmi The GreatGrim matchstick
The Phantom Express

Basis of Tiers Ranking

This tier list lists all the antagonists that exhilarate a gaming session. So, considering that we have enlisted all bosses and ranked them based on their difficulty level. We also regarded other things, such as their proficiency and effect on a player’s gameplay. Other than this, to have a great game, a player must await the S-tiered bosses’ arrival.

S Tier

best characters ranked
S Tier

Let’s begin our tour guide through the tier list, with a distinct tier that goes by as S tier. This tier is hard to overlook as it makes a foundation for a game and a tier list. Not just because it has top bosses of this game, but also because these bosses make this game difficult and exhilarating. A player cannot extract a fun experience from this game without their presence.

A game is what its protagonists make it. The harder they are to defeat, the more fun a game becomes. Superb-tier listed bosses require a mastermind’s gameplay. They have higher difficulty ranking and innovative attacks that surprise a player. It is no fun if a gaming match catches prey to the similarity.

Dr. Kahl Robot

Boss Unlock Level
Dr. Kahl Robot Dr. Kahl’s Robot is unlocked after defeating Rumor Honeybottoms.

This doctor is not ordinary; if you require a surgical or general physician, you are at the wrong place. This robot is a unique and adept boss who aims to defeat his enemy. He is a mad scientist combined with his invention in the form of a giant robot-quality automaton. He has bright yellow eyes, an aerobatic figure, and a signaling antenna on his forehead.

Two visible slots are on his torso; this is where he shoots out explosives. The only side of doctor Carl is before the battle when he makes an Appearance taunts his opponent and then hides in his robot. He is included in an S tier because his attacking points rejuvenate new forms of attacks. His vulnerable points are his head, chest, and abdomen.

When struck at these places, Automaton is angered and hits his opponent with twice his effort. His whole battle is in three phases. Once the battle is won, Automaton blows out Dr. Kahl and is left exhausted. He is a great opponent for a player and presents an exhilarating experience.

Wally Warbles

Boss Unlock Level
Wally Warbles Wally Warbles is unlocked after defeating Baroness Von Bon Bon.

A boss of bird nature is a one-of-a-kind creation. Its characteristics allow it to give its player a hard time during his game. He has a red face and purple body and is covered by a house. Wally carries a grim and stern look that intimidates the player. He is usually seen on an airplane level. He seems like a cuckoo coming out of a clock, and his legs resemble a pendulum.

At first glance, a player takes him for granted as two small birds carry him across the arena. But he shoots bullets, and his small bird friends spit out the bad stuff. It’s difficult to dodge his attacks, and he requires a competent player who can take him apart with his gameplay, so he is included in an S tier.

He uses only two different attacks that make a player take him lightly. But after progression, he gets into a zone and strengthens himself. He shoots eggs out of his mouth, and in expert mode, the eggs are broken down into 5 types of fragments, complicating his opponent’s situation.

Captain Brineybeard

Boss Unlock Level
Captain Brineybeard His level is titled Shootin N’ Lootin. He has four phases.

Next in line in our tier list is a captain who is a captain of his boat, which he keeps with him throughout the game. He and his boat both have similar expressions of anger and disgust. He has an eye patch on one of his eyes and a Red Nose accentuating the red bandana that covers his head. He’s also seen having a gold earring in his ear.

He has boat support to move him around his arena. He is seen in the shooting and looting level, which refers to His looting abilities. He is an adroit opponent who gives his opponent a hard time. A player requires great gameplay to overcome this taunting person. In one phase, he pulls out a purple octopus that shoots projectiles. He is included in S Tier into his incompatible abilities, making him super difficult to defeat.

In his second phase, he can pull out squids, sharks, and dark fish that help him defeat his opponent and put out a good label for him. He had four phases; the fourth phase is the most difficult one, and he threw out fireballs in this. A barrel shoots from one side to another and can crush the player underneath it.

The Devil

Boss Unlock Level
The Devil He is unlocked after defeating King Dice.

The Devil is the last character to be defeated to win the Cuphead game; he is one of the most difficult characters, requiring great attention and good gameplay. He’s the main villain antagonist of a match and resides in a massive castle. Once he is defeated, a player is surrounded by victory.

He is a black furry creature who has horns on his head and yellow eyes. He is always supporting a Cheshire cat smile. He can change his size and shape according to his needs and jump out of his skin. He has that rule of 4 phases, each phase getting harder as it progresses. In the first phase, he attacks a player with his Trident and various transformations and includes him in our Cuphead boss tier list.

He can be Morphed into Goat, spider, or serpent. He is included in the S tier due to his attainable standards. A player requires undefeatable gameplay that has loose ends. In the last phase, He starts crying and makes a player dance around an arena to avoid these tears and poker chips thrown at him. He requires a lot of damage to be beaten completely.

The Phantom Express

Boss Unlock Level
The Phantom Express The Phantom Express is unlocked after defeating Sally Stageplay.

A train to carry the debt has arrived, its destination unknown; its conductors are made of skeletons, and the Pistons are lollipop goals. This train is a huge challenge for a player because it requires much brainstorming before creating gameplay. Because you know it is a purple-colored train with a blue face and a vicious look.

Trains symbolize fun, but ironically in this game, he symbolizes death. They taunt Cuphead and mug man by doing trash talk about their death. The phantom express has four phases; each phase has increased difficulty and hardness. A player has to strengthen his gameplay as he moves along.

In the first phase, Specter throws eyeballs at a player; in the second phase, massive skeleton arms are slammed at a player’s head. And in the last phases, the lollipop ghouls spring to life, and they try their best to destroy the enemy. He is included in an S tier of our tier list because he has a lot of new and innovative attacks that confuse a player and aggravate his adrenaline-pumping nature.

A tier

second best tier list
A Tier

In addition to an S tier described previously in the tier list, we have another entry of equally proficient bosses who leave a player dumbfounded; these are included in an A tier. A leveled bosses also contribute to increasing the level of difficulty of Cuphead. The hardness of a specific group is proportional to the attacks that these bosses offer.

These bosses have prompt moves and attacks; they make a player work up his gameplay. These bosses are the reason special strategies are set up in a game. Without them, a game is just a collection of characters who do not get to use their skills.

Chef Saltbaker

Boss Unlock Level
Chef Saltbaker His level is titled A Dish To Die For. He has four phases.

Chef salt Baker is a glass salt shaker with a white chef jacket around him. He has a metal cap with pores on it for the salt, and This metal cap acts as a toque for the chef. The chef seems like a jolly good fellow with 0 ego and gentle nature. But when his intentions are revealed, he looks like a good opponent.

He has four phases through which a player has to defeat him. He throws sugar cubes, desert limes, distillery dough, and gnome berries at a player to defeat him. He is included in the A tier due to his increasing difficulty level. However, he doesn’t give his play as much as the hard bosses of S-tiered characters of our Cuphead boss tier list.

In the proceeding phases, he called out two pepper shakers and salt clones that destroy Cuphead. In the last stage, tornadoes fill an arena, making it difficult for Cuphead to dodge them. As he is dead, all salt tornadoes come to arrest, and salt Baker yells in agony.

Beppi The Clown

Boss Unlock Level
Beppi The Clown His level is titled Carnival Kerfuffle.

He is a scary-looking clown with a preposterous laugh and is always seen laughing his soul-cracking laugh. He has a small hat on his head and is adorned in blue and red clothes. Cuphead encounters him in a carnival kerfuffle. He seems funny and joking, but when introduced to an arena, he becomes psychotic and overconfident.

His battle comprises four phases, and a player has to traverse all these phases to get to the next level. Beppi makes his appearance by driving his bumper car, which reflects his prompt nature. he is included in an A-tier because of the proficient skills that allow him to do his player and make him lose his wits to destroy him.

In the next phases, he is seen sending out dog-headed balloons that harm a player, riding a horse whose capabilities depend upon its color coma, and in a chair swing.

Sally Stageplay

Boss Unlock Level
Sally Stageplay Sally Stageplay is a boss unlocked after defeating either Cala Maria, Dr. Kahl’s Robot, or taking a shortcut.

Sally is the first girl introduced in the compared bosses tier list. She is a dramatic person and is seen on a surprisingly fanatic level. Sally has bushy blonde hair that is tied in three ponytails. She has a puffy blue dress coma and a furious expression on her face and carries around an umbrella through which she strikes her opponent. She presents great opportunities for a player to show off his skills.

She is one of those characters who are solely human and do not carry otherworldly characteristics. Her suppleness and agility are seen in her attacks. She is defeated in 4 phases and an additional secret stage. She is included in an A-tier because her attacks make a player scratch his head to devise plans to destroy her.

Her main feature distinguishes her from other characters is her secret face, where she uses moves that she has never done before. In the background, Sally’s husband and children are also present, and they get disappointed when a player defeats her.

B Tier

average characters
B Tier

Let’s get to the next tier, which contributes to the tier list. We call upon a B tier to present itself so we can rank its bosses. B tier could also be referred to as a mediocre tier because it has bosses amalgam of the worst and best bosses. These bosses don’t allow a player to alter his gameplay. He usually gets bored while playing with these bosses.

With these characters, a player can easily dodge the moves and move on to the next level. These bosses are best for a beginner because a player can practice and strengthen his gameplay with these bosses.

Hilda Berg

Boss Unlock Level
Hilda Berg Hilda Berg is unlocked after defeating Goopy Le Grande.

Hilda is a naughty character who always keeps a player on his toes. She enters an arena sitting on a cloud with their legs crossed and is a part of threatening Zeppelin level. She has a stylish red dress and red pumps coma and a signaling arrow on her head, and she has golden bangles that are bright and glowing and help her during her battle. She has constellation forms that are Gemini, Taurus, and Sagittarius. They all have different and unique characteristics.

She is included in a B tier because a player can easily overcome this boss without paying much heed in an arena. When she attacks, the attacks are streamlined, and a player can easily dodge them with well-made gameplay. She has six phases governing her battle. 1st 2nd and 5th phases are ruled by Hilda moving up and down an arena to scare her opponent.

She throws a physical onomatopoeia of her laughing noise, making a player’s ears bleed. She attacks with a line of UFOs, and these are emitted out of her face. The UFOs have different abilities depending on their colors. When she is defeated, her nose attains a broken shape.

Cagney Carnation

Boss Unlock Level
Cagney Carnation He can be unlocked after defeating Hilda Berg or taking a shortcut.

Cagney carnation is a flower-shaped boss who becomes furious as the phases pass by in a game. It has orange-colored petals and a green Stalk. It seems like it has a sweet, bubbly nature and a loving personality, but as you get to know her, you realize it’s a devil hidden in disguise.

It has three phases, and towards the last stage, it becomes furious and manipulating. In the first phase, Cagney lashes out at a player and has magic hands. It is included in the B tier because a player can dodge her lashing-out attack, and her magic hands can chain 3 episodes simultaneously.

She also has Gatling guns that shoot different colors of seed, blue seed slows down an opponent, purple seed acts like an obstacle, and pink root grows a vine that strangles a player. After being defeated, Cagney’s eyes become void and hollow.

The Root Pack

Boss Unlock Level
The Root Pack The Root Pack are one of the three bosses initially available

The root pack consists of three vegetables, potato, onion, and carrot. Each vegetable has its characteristics. A potato has a jolly face, onion has a big purple nose, and a carrot has a creased forehead that hides his third eye. These vegetables are humongous and shadow the main protagonists. Potato is a gentleman of the group, and others are quite vicious.

They are included in a B tier because they usually show their attack before striking. A player can judge their next move before they even begin it. When a carrot massages his head coma, it creates an illusion in a player’s inner eye that he will use his psychokinesis powers. He can easily plan a game, play around it and dodge him.

The group has 3 phases and different secret degrees, making a player’s gaming session more engaging. The first phase revolved around a potato, the second round around an onion, and the third one around a carrot. All these bosses try their best to defeat a player, but it is all in vain.

Djimmi The Great

Boss Unlock Level
Djimmi The Great Djimmi The Great is one of the three bosses initially available after entering this isle.

It fights alongside Wally warbles and is a client boss. He is a red color genie that is emitted out of a lamp. He resembles the genie of Aladdin, the difference being he is red, and Aladdin’s genie is blue. He is a muscular genie with a turquoise vest and a similar-colored turban. He has a grin that manipulates his opponent.

He is included in a B tier because his puppet bullets are his main feature, and they are slow, and a player can easily dodge them. It may seem intimidating initially, but his danger level decreases when you play with him.

His whole gameplay has five and additional phases, and each step has more intimidating features than the previous one. A treasure chest is brought forward in the first phase, and he tries to kill a player. Secondly, a side-scrolling section of pillars is seen in through here. This boss shoots attacks onto a player.

C Tier

Cuphead boss tier list
C Tier

C Tier is not a part of the top tier list. It is included in those lower tiers with worse types of antagonists, in this case, bosses. You might think how bad can a boss be to be included in a lower level. All of these bosses ruin a player’s gaming session, and they extract the fun from the game. A player can sit around and watch himself easily defeat these bosses.

A C-tiered boss may seem like a pro, but if you can defeat an antagonist like this, where’s the fun?

Ribby and Croaks

Boss Unlock Level
Ribby and Croaks Ribby and Croaks are unlocked after defeating the Root Pack.

Don’t rub your eyes if you are wondering whether you are seeing double. These two bosses have to be conquered at the same level. A player confronts them in Clip Joint Calamity. One is a frog, and the other one is a toad. Both of them wear boxing gloves to intimidate a player. This usually goes the wrong way as they have less potential to cover up their damage.

They also extract health from a single and mutual health pool; this is why they are lodged under a C tier. If they both share a health pool, the chances of defeating become easy. These are looters who try to find shortcuts to loot a player’s success. They fail because they are frauds. Although, they are true friends and would sacrifice their lives for each other.

Their level is subdivided into three phases, making it easier for a player. In their first phase, Croak spits fireflies lit up on fire, while Ribby punches a player with his fist energy bumps. 2nd phase calls out to their slapping and pincer attacks. Lastly, Chip platforms are spawned and try to defeat a player.

Baroness Von Bon Bon

Boss Unlock Level
Baroness Von Bon Bon Baroness Von Bon Bon is one of the three bosses initially available after entering this isle.

Barons and Baronesses are notorious for their egos and dark nature. Just like this, this boss is shallow and has no heart. She is up to damage a player at any level. She is adorned in a pink dress, which may seem pretty, but she is a badass character. She also has an upside-down cone on her head, out of which steam comes out. A player confronts her in Sugarland Shimmy.

One wonders why a feisty boss is a part of a C tier of our Cuphead boss tier list, and its answer lies in the fact that a player doesn’t need to move much in her case. Also, if a player induces mobility inside an arena, he is more prone to defeat. It seems ridiculous, but that’s how her gameplay is constructed. She throws multiple varieties of deserts at a player, who has to dodge them.

A player can defeat her in phase 4, and each stage has multiple aptnesses that confuse a player but only to a small degree. He can easily dodge her moves and move onto the next level that awaits him.

Werner Werman

Boss Unlock Level
Werner Werman Werner Werman is a boss unlocked after defeating Sally Stageplay or completing either of the Run n’ Gun levels Perilous Piers and Rugged Ridge.

This boss’s name is quite of a tongue twister, but his tricks are certainly not minded twisters. He is a rat who has a long-snouted nose. He is seen in a tin can that is labeled as soup. In an arena, a player sees him moving around on a wood slab beneath his tin can. He is arrogantly proud of his success, which is low.

A player guesses his target pretty fight while battling with him. We keep our prized possessions most protected; he has his head covered with a metal headpiece just like that. He is a part of a C tier because he hints at his death, and a player can readily knock him out. A player must only worry about the debris that pollutes the whole scene, which a player can also avoid keenly.

Like many other characters of our ranking, a player must traverse three phases to defeat this rodent. He needs to dodge Werner’s skillful moves that he has prepared to keep his life. His most famous attack is the cherry canon he usually uses on the battlefield.

Grim matchstick

Boss Unlock Level
Grim matchstick Grim Matchstick is unlocked after defeating Beppi The Clown, or by taking a shortcut

Let’s welcome my dear chum, a cute green dragon. I know you must be wondering why he is an antagonist, but he is a dunny creature till he means business. Once he sets his priorities straight, nothing will be able to take him down. He has small green wings and a scaly tail. He could be guarding Fiona in a castle, waiting for her Shrek.

Back to our categorization of the characters, a player catches a glance of this fire-breather in fiery frolic, showing off his moves and trying to make the game difficult for a player. Although is a fun boss to dual within an arena, some of his actions are unnecessary and add him in a C tier. In phase 3, a player’s only motive is to stick to the ground and dodge almost all of the dragon’s skills.

Three short phases govern this boss, a  player needs a steady hand and he can defeat this creature. He shoots fireballs like all sturdy dragons and takes down his enemy. In the finale, he becomes a three-headed creature, and a player needs to avoid him in heavy rainfall.

D Tier

worst characters ranked
D Tier

Finally, we have reached the end of our tier list. We bid farewell to this tier list by discussing and ranking the worst bosses in the history of antagonists. They do not have innovative moves and don’t make a player flap his wings to win. He can destroy them with a flick of a joystick.

The only benefit they have is that, through them, a player can easily win, and they don’t hinder a player’s path toward success

King Dice

Boss Unlock Level
King Dice King Dice is the only initially available boss after entering Hell.

King dice is one climactic antagonist that guards the ending of this game. Though, unlike the devil, he is pretty easy to defeat. His screen time is also low, and a player destroys in a jiffy. He is a voracious creature with a head of dice and mischievous expressions. He has a small army of cards that protect him. He has a difference in his inner personality and exterior appearance.

He is included in a D tier because he hides behind his mini soldiers and doesn’t strain himself much. And when he does come forth in an arena, a player can easily defeat him. He has zero phases as he comes out after a while, which is his main fight. A player can move on to the next level when he defeats him.

Goopy Le Grande

Boss Unlock Level
Goopy Le Grande Goopy Le Grande is one of the three bosses initially available.

Have you seen a blob-like piece of goop? This blue-colored disgusting creature is also revolting inside a battlefield. He is of no use to this game’s creators, and he takes up space in a ruse of ooze level. The creators could have just overlooked him, and the game would have been perfectly fine. Now that he has been added, we can’t do anything but defeating him with our tricks.

Defeating him is also an easy task, as he doesn’t have a lot of abilities, and a player can dodge his skills and use his proficient move to eradicate his existence from the face of Cuphead. He is included D tier due to his useless bouncing in an arena and eating jelly beans. As his phases progress, he starts consuming more time bouncing around. HE is an apparent waste of time.

Cala Maria

Boss Unlock Level
Cala Maria Cala Maria is unlocked after defeating Captain Brineybeard

Don’t recheck your surroundings if you see a mermaid-like creature moving around an arena. It is Carla, with her green mermaid tail and octopus-covered head. The dead octopus on her head also helps her in styling her hair. She is seen in the High seas hi-jinx; this level deals with deep-sea creatures; mermaids are one of them.

She is included in a D tier because a player easily dodges her moves. In phase two, if a player is caught prey to petrification, he can move around and free himself. Seems quite easy, right? In phase three, a player shoots at the escaping head and is off towards success. Also, a player needs to keep his eye open for spiky traps obstructing his way.

Comparison Table

CharactersTierUnlock Level
Dr. Kahl RobotSDr. Kahl’s Robot is unlocked after defeating Rumor Honeybottoms.
Wally WarblesSWally Warbles is unlocked after defeating Baroness Von Bon Bon.
Captain BrineybeardSHis level is titled Shootin N’ Lootin. He has four phases.
The DevilSHe is unlocked after defeating King Dice.
The Phantom ExpressSThe Phantom Express is unlocked after defeating Sally Stageplay.
Chef SaltbakerAHis level is titled A Dish To Die For. He has four phases.
Beppi The ClownAHis level is titled Carnival Kerfuffle.
Sally StageplayASally Stageplay is a boss unlocked after defeating either Cala Maria, Dr. Kahl’s Robot, or taking a shortcut.
Hilda BergBHilda Berg is unlocked after defeating Goopy Le Grande.
Cagney CarnationBHe can be unlocked after defeating Hilda Berg or taking a shortcut.
The Root PackBThe Root Pack are one of the three bosses initially available
Djimmi The GreatBDjimmi The Great is one of the three bosses initially available after entering this isle.
Ribby and CroaksCRibby and Croaks are unlocked after defeating the Root Pack.
Baroness Von Bon BonCBaroness Von Bon Bon is one of the three bosses initially available after entering this isle.
Werner WermanCWerner Werman is a boss unlocked after defeating Sally Stageplay or completing either of the Run n’ Gun levels Perilous Piers and Rugged Ridge.
Grim matchstickCGrim Matchstick is unlocked after defeating Beppi The Clown, or by taking a shortcut
King DiceDKing Dice is the only initially available boss after entering Hell.
Goopy Le GrandeDGoopy Le Grande is one of the three bosses initially available.
Cala MariaDCala Maria is unlocked after defeating Captain Brineybeard

Having Faith in Us

When a new reader arrives at our site, he judges us in every aspect and tries to find validity in our articles by comparing every bit of information. After evaluation, he rarely considers something that is fishy.

Our pieces go through long processes and require hard assessment on each topic. Our gamers play games and analyze the data, which We later compiled. This helps us in ranking.

Once we have ranked every bit of character, an editor rechecks each piece, and it is published. Nothing is done in a day and requires endless hours out of our day. So, a reader needs to trust and have faith in us. We hope we won’t disappoint you and remain true to the facts we put forth for our readers.


Cuphead has become a childhood sensation, especially for the 90s kids who long to find something that could connect them to their past. With its old animation and hand-done creativity, it is a true masterpiece. Its collection of characters and bosses is splendid. Everything fits into another like a missing puzzle. The only thing that seems absent is a Cuphead boss tier list.

A tier list provides a basis for compiling gameplay. If a player knows a boss’s weaknesses beforehand, he can easily defeat and enjoy his gaming session. This tier list is comprised of five tiers. They are S, A, B, C, and D tiers.

They all have unique characteristics that stun a player. S tier has top bosses with high difficulty levels, giving a gamer a chance to scratch his head.

A tier has potentially difficult bosses, but they sometimes give something away that aids a player in seeing clues. Next are lower and mediocre tiers. B tier has mediocre bosses that are good for beginners; c tier resides those antagonists that may or may not help a player. Lastly, this tier list is concluded with a D tier with abysmal bosses.

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