Sonic Frontiers Tier List: All Abilities RANKED

We Will Be Ranking All Abilities In The Game With This Article.

In this article, we will talk about the most recent game in the massively popular Sonic series and rank all the abilities in it with our Sonic Frontiers Tier List. But first, let’s talk a bit about our blue Hedgehog friend.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a massive franchise and there are a lot of avenues through which different fans were introduced to the character. But if you are an older gamer, then the original 1991 video game is probably where you first met him. As for any readers born after the 90s, they might cite some newer games or types of media like the TV shows or the comics.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 12 entries in our list.
  • Each of them has been ranked according to their effectiveness in combat and traversal.
  • The highest-ranked abilities include Recovery Smash, Spin Slash, Cycloop, and Loop Kick.
  • Among the lower ranks, you will find Wild Rush, Sonic Boom, Air Trick, and Auto Combo.


Check out the table below for a quick overview of the various abilities and their ranks.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Recovery Smash
• Spin Slash
• Cycloop
• Loop Kick
• Homing Shot
• Quick Cycloop
• Stomp Attack
• Wild Rush
• Sonic Boom
• Air Trick
• Auto Combo

You can learn about each entry in more detail further in the article


The story begins as our titular hero and his friends attempt to investigate some mysterious activity that seems to have drawn the Chaos Emeralds to a location known as the Starfall Islands archipelago Upon approaching these islands, their plane is sucked into a wormhole and the group is split up.

Sonic must now collect all of the Chaos Emeralds in an attempt to reunite with his friends and take down the robotic Titans that stand in his way. On his quest, he has access to various different abilities that can aid him throughout the adventure, and the focus of our article is classifying these in the form of a list to help our readers get an idea of what they are getting into.

S Tier

S Tier
S Tier.

The S rank in our Sonic Frontiers Abilities Tier List will be home to the strongest and most outstanding abilities. Players can handle even the toughest enemies with ease while using these powers.

After testing out each of these and analyzing their impact, we made the decision to place them in the highest rank.

Recovery Smash

Arguably the most powerful ability in the game, since Sonic can deal a huge amount of damage with the attack. But, it can only be performed when you are also under attack, as the option to trigger it only appears when you are on the verge of being knocked down. If you are quick enough to press the required buttons before the sign disappears you will activate Recovery Smash and Sonic will be able to strike back at his foe by launching a succession of fierce blows.

Not only does it deal a devastating amount of damage but it also lets your combo bar reset which can give you an upper hand in the fight. And as you might have guessed, the ability won’t come cheap and won’t be accessible early into the game. In order to obtain it, you will need to use 50 skill points on it. But the cost and patience are worth it.

Spin Splash

Spin Splash is the second ability in the S Tier, and it allows you to do an ariel attack. In order to perform it you will have to press the required buttons to send Sonic barreling forward with an ariel jump attack. As seen in classic games, it’s one of his signature moves where he curls himself into a ball and launches himself at his foes.

As for unlocking the spinning attack, players will have to spend 40 skill points. But once you do gain access to it, you will breeze past many of the challenges without breaking a sweat.


When performed, Sonic starts to emit a blue energy trail that follows him everywhere he goes. He can then create a loop around his targets, and the moment the energy trails connect, a strong updraft will launch all foes within the area into the air. When that happens, the affected enemies are temporarily stunned and are open to further attacks by the player.

Additionally, the Cycloop can cause nullify the defenses of targets trapped within its area, as well as reveal hidden rings and items on the ground. It’s a very common ability that can be unlocked very early in the game, and it remains fun to use throughout the entire game.

A Tier

A Tier
A Tier.

The abilities and combos in the B Tier are viewed as some of the strongest in the game. We were a little unsure whether to place them in the S or A rank, but after noticing a few minor issues we deduced that the latter was best suited for them.

Loop Kick

Loop Kick allows Sonic to dash at his enemies with a very powerful kick, which can then be transformed into a series of rapid kicks if the combo bar is full.

Sonic loops around while launching these kicks when in midair, and after the initial phase of the combo he launches into a final electrical kick. In order to get their hands on Loop Kick, players will have to spend 30 skill points. 

Homing Shot

When activated, Sonic will summon 10 shockwaves and launch them at the enemies. The shockwaves are in the shape of spheres, and these energy-charged projectiles are very difficult to avoid and guarantee a 100% strike rate. To unlock the ability you will need to spend 30 skill points.

Quick Cycloop

In order to perform Quick Cycloop Sonic has to be running, so you will have to keep hold of the run button and the option will appear to perform a Quick Cycloop once you press the right buttons with perfect timing. Following the inputs,  Sonic will launch himself at enemies with rapid speed.

The ability best suits combat against shield-carrying enemies who are weak against it, as it can leave them vulnerable to normal attacks. The only downfall of the ability is that it is only restricted to one target, so in order to perform it on another one you will have to wait for a few moments.

B Tier

B Tier
B Tier.

The following abilities on our Sonic Frontiers Abilities List might be best described as average since they are not the strongest or the weakest. In some cases, they will give you an upper hand in battles while in some scenarios they might feel like the most useless abilities.

Stomp Attack

When using the ability Sonic will stomp down on enemies from above, which can then be followed up with further stomping and imposing a significant amount of damage. The Stomp attack needs you to spend 10 skill points in order to be unlocked.

Wild Rush

Wild Rush, also known as Wild Crash in prior games, is a returning ability in Sonic Frontiers. When performing it, the character will go in zigzag patterns to gain some speed and launches himself at the enemies to deal a good amount of damage. It requires 10 skill points to unlock.

C Tier

C Tier
C Tier.

The following moves and abilities are accessible very early into the game so they are only best suited for that phase. Once you have made progress in your journey the impact of these abilities becomes less prominent.

Sonic Boom

Another of Sonic’s shockwave abilities, it allows him to strike down enemies with shockwaves. While in mid-air, Sonic will quickly start swiping his foot in circles, surrounding himself in a blue aura and generating a number of tiny shockwaves that shoot out in a horizontal trajectory in the direction of the foes. As it’s an early-game ability it only requires 5 skill points to be unlocked.

Air Trick

As the name hints, Air Trick can be performed when Sonic is in the air. He will generate sparks that will surround him and unleash them at his enemies. While performing Air Trick you can easily earn skill pieces giving you a boost in the battles. For unlocking this ability you will need to spend only 5 skill points.

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D Tier

D Tier
D Tier.

As there is only one entry left it will get a place in the D rank. And Auto Combo falls into the current tier because it is the weakest among the 12 abilities on our list.

Auto Combo

When Auto Combo is activated, those battle skills that have been unlocked will automatically be available for use. It’s basically a way for players to dish out combos easily without having to execute them manually so that they can focus on other things.

You can toggle it on or off from the options, and it can be performed through passive skills and require you to spend 20 skill points for unlocking.


So that was our take on the 12 abilities in the Sonic Frontiers Tier List. As we have constructed the article solely based on our personal experience with the game, we do expect a few clashes of opinions.

But we respect everyone’s personal opinion and views on the game, and if you would like to give us some feedback we’d be more than willing to hear you out in the comments below. 

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