CRK Tier List: All Cookies Ranked

Are you unable to build a legendary cookie squad for PvP and PvE game modes? No need to worry because this CRK tier list has got you covered. So, do you remember those machines which give you a toy upon inserting coins? Likewise, CookieRun Kingdom has mechanics and is a gacha game.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 51 entries in the article.
  • We will rank all the cookies according to their skills and qualities.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find cookies like Pure Vanilla Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, and Sorbet Shark Cookie.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe cookies like Sparkle Cookie, Angel Cookie, and Purple Yam Cookie.


We will rank all the cookies in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Pure Vanilla CookiePumpkin Pie CookieFinancier CookieChilli Pepper CookieSparkle Cookie
Cotton CookieOyster CookieCherry Blossom CookieDevil CookieAngel Cookie
Sea Fairy CookieFrost Queen CookiePastry CookieLilac CookiePurple Yam Cookie
Sorbet Shark CookieHolly Berry CookieAffogato CookiePoison Mushroom Cookie
Dark Cacao CookieParfait CookieBlack Raisin CookieWerewolf Cookie
Eclair CookieStrawberry Crepe CookieCream Puff Cookie
Clotted Cream CookieCaramel Arrow CookieCocoa Cookie
WildBerry CookieCrunchy Chip CookieKumiho Cookie
Mint Choco Cookie
Vampire Cookie
Latte Cookie
Herb Cookie
Licorice Cookie
Dark Choco Cookie
Mala Sauce Cookie
Milk Cookie
Tiger Lily Cookie
Twizzly Gummy Cookie
Mango Cookie
Almond Cookie
Squid Ink Cookie
Rye Cookie
Madeleine Cookie
Espresso Cookie
Moon Rabbit Cookie
Snow Sugar Cookie
Pomegranate Cookie

Learn more about each by reading on.

Moreover, the players are responsible for selecting the best cookie characters to enhance performance in the game. Yet, you will be able to do so only if you thoroughly review this tier list. And, in case you are a beginner, this piece of writing will still help you as I will also provide a CookieRun Kingdom beginner’s guide.

With this in mind, it is a role-playing and combat simulator game. So, the player must build a cookie kingdom and obtain the best cookies. By and large, you can do it with the help of the game’s gacha to fight in different game modes.

Furthermore, in this CRK tier list, I will focus mainly on a game mode called World Exploration. It is a story mode consisting of a great many levels. Likewise other games, these levels must be completed in order. For every level, you must have a team of solid cookie characters who will assist you in fighting against your foes. And, earning coins is a cherry on top.

Guide to Reroll in CRK

If you fail to obtain cookies with the best performance, you do not need to worry much. Because you have an option to reroll in this game, whenever you come across this kind of situation, then CookieRun’s Kingdom gacha system will assist you in obtaining the best characters for PvP and PvE modes.

How to Reroll for Android and iOS Devices

So, android users must follow the following steps to reroll:

  • Log in as a guest rather than any other third-party account.
  • Crystals in the Cookie Run Kingdom are used to obtain some of the best characters. Hence, you must be aware of the process to get these. For this reason, watch the tutorial and claim crystals from your mailbox. The more crystals you have, your chance of having the best characters increases. And you can also use cookie cutters at some places.
  • Players can obtain cookies by rolling on their favorite banner on the gacha system. Henceforth, if you get your desired cookies, then all you have to do is to bind your account. But, if one did not succeed in getting the cookies he wished for, then resetting the account is a good option.
  • So, to reset an account, go to the options menu and select the “info tab.” Here, you can find an option to log out. But remember, as you have logged in from the guest account, all your data will be erased.

How to Reroll on Emulator

A player must follow the following steps to reroll on an emulator:

  • Firstly download Cookie Run Kingdom (64-bit) on your PC. I am not recommending 32-bit because, comparatively, the performance in that will be low, whereas if you download the recommended one, you will experience enhanced stability and performance.
  • Moreover, never open the game right after downloading it. But, make clones of the instances instead. Also, leaving the base instance, you can reroll every other one. The chance of obtaining superb characters increases if you make 3-4 instances approximately. So, who will leave an opportunity to get the S-tier characters present in the CRK tier list?
  • If you want to take a chance to reroll again, then for that, you have to reset your account. This can happen by resetting your account in the same procedure in the article. However, if you still do not get the cookies you want and can no longer reroll on all accounts, then there is an alternative. So, you can again clone them by deleting the previous ones.
  • Now take a fresh start and bind your account with any third-party application.

CRK Ranking Criteria

crk tier list
Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List Ranking Criteria

The professional writers of the top-tier list always go the extra mile to provide relevant and valid information to their leaders. Similarly, I have curated this CRK tier list after much effort and hard work. So, I closely analyzed the skillset and abilities of every cookie character to find out in which way it can be helpful for the player.

Hence, after proper research, I have divided them into five tiers; S, A, B, C, and D. Moreover, rankings will move from best to worst. Under those circumstances, you can find superb cookies on the S tier. Keeping the ranking criteria in mind, as we move towards another tier, the skills and quality of cookies will be reduced. It means that the worst characters are in the last; D tier.

Below is a snippet of what I told you above:

  • S tier: Superb cookies
  • A tier: Best cookies
  • B tier: Likable cookies
  • C tier: Below-average cookies
  • D tier: Worst cookies

Now, You will find an in-depth description under every tier. This way, it will be easier for you to understand the meaning of each tier. Henceforth, without wasting more time, just look at the rankings.


crk tier list
Top-tier CRK Cookies Ranked

This tier of the CRK tier list contains superb cookies with no single issue or flaw. So, in this category, you can find the overpowered cookies that are best in every way. To summarize, every player wants to get their hands on these cookie characters. Now, I am going to unveil them.

Pure Vanilla Cookie

Pure Vanilla is an S-tier cookie in both PvE and PvE game modes. Moreover, he is considered a fantastic healer in the game. Because he can heal almost half the health of his team member, isn’t it great? Not only this, but she also can spawn shield along with healing so that this cookie can do good to other group mates.

CD is the most appropriate topping a player can use on her for quick healing, and if the purpose is to heal more, then you can go for ATK.

HP 3,410
ATK 527
DEF 960

Cotton Cookie

Cotton Cookie is one of the great characters you can find on the CRK tier list. Her rank is S on both PvE and PvP game modes. This great character also possesses the ability to heal her partners. And this sweet cookie can also raise the total amount of summoned creatures ATK’. Additionally, she belongs to the support class.

HP 2,816
ATK 473
DEF 766

Sea Fairy Cookie

This amazing bomber also has the S tier ranking in both game modes. However, while being in the middle position, she performs so well. Sea Fairy Cookie shocks the closest opponents five times with a water stream. As a result, a pool of water generates under the target, which is full moon-shaped. And this pool of water causes immense damage to the enemies.

HP 2,204
ATK 1,350
DEF 1,187

Sorbet Shark Cookie

This great character in the Ambus class has top ranking (S) in PvE and PvP game modes. Furthermore, I am placing Sorbet Shark Cookie in his category of the CRK tier list because it is a robust middle-line unit. I am impressed by its area damage skill, and surely you will be likewise.

HP 2151
ATK 1028
DEF 1,137

Dark Cacao Cookie

Dark Cacao, the charge class, has a breathtaking skill called Solemn Judgement and while being in the front position, he also ranks S in both game modes. He can swing Grapejam chocolate firmly, and as a result, lightning and thunder strike the nearest opponents causing severe damage to them. In return, it reduces attacks by the opponent delivering Zap.

HP 4,299
ATK 375
DEF 1,583

Eclair Cookie

Eclair Cookie is the one who has complete information regarding her foes. So, it will not be wrong to say that she has performed proper research on the opponents and knows their weaknesses. She holds the S rank in both game modes and is known to be an epic-grade cookie. Eclair can discharge a weakening effect on three opponents having the highest attacks.

As a result, it imposes damage on her foes. If this character succeeds in conquering the enemy while in the effect of weakening debuff, then all teammates will receive an HP shield. If you want to increase the duration of weakness debuff, then add more stacks. The time limit for one stack is 10 seconds, and if two more stacks are added, it will increase by 8 seconds.

HP 2,396
ATK 955
DEF 683

For these reasons, I am placing her on this category of the CRK tier list.

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Clotted Cream Cookie

Clotted Cream Cookie is one of the best performers in the middle of the battlefield. She ranks S in both game modes and belongs to the magic class. This amazing character is of a super epic rarity.

WildBerry Cookie

The last S-tier character belonging to the defense class is of Epic rarity and known as “WildBerry Cookie.” It also ranks S on both PvE and PvP game modes. Moreover, it is an exceptional performer in front of the battlefield.


best cookies
Best CRK Cookies Ranked.

Now, I will talk about those cookies that are considered best to opt for. However, there are minor issues that do not count as one.

Pumpkin Pie Cookie

Firstly, if I look at this character’s overall performance, then it is an A-tier cookie. However, its rankings are different in both game modes. If we talk about PvP mode, then it falls in the category of A tier. In contrast, it holds S rank in the PvE mode. Pumpkin Pie Cookie belongs to the magic class, and its performance is unbelievable in the middle of the battlefield.

As it deals with great melee area damage, the attack speed increases for every allied summoned creature. Now, tell me can you find any reason to rank this amazing character lower? If yes, then do let me know in the comment section below.

HP 1,269
ATK 1179
DEF 796

Oyster Cookie

Oyster is one of the best cookie characters on the CRK tier list, holding up the rear position. Not only this, but she is an awesome support character whose signature skill, “Might of House Oyster,” is awe-inspiring for the players. This skill is very appreciable and effective; with the help, she can summon House Oyster soldiers.

Hence, these soldiers can deal with immense damage by having extra DEF. In addition, you can defeat your foes very quickly with only a few hits because the charge damage is 94%.

Frost Queen Cookie

The name Frost Queen gives us some hints related to her powers. So, she can amazingly freeze the opponents and provide a great damage to them. Moreover, she holds up an A rank in PvE mode while S is in PvP mode. However, if I look at this cookie, on the whole, she deserves to be in the A tier. Additionally, Frost belongs to the magic class.

Holly Berry Cookie

Holly Berry Cookie is a superb cookie in PvE mode (S), but it ranks A in this CRK tier list and PvP mode. One of the amazing skills of its cookie is to absorb the damage from all her fellow cookies, making her a strong and effective member of the cookie squad. For this reason, I am placing her in this category.

HP 6,349
ATK 537
DEF 2,692

Parfait Cookie

Parfait cookie belongs to the support class and possesses amazing healing and defense powers. It proves to be a very potential cookie and a strong pillar of the cookie squad. Moreover, Parfait is a rear-positioned cookie.

Strawberry Crepe Cookie

Strawberry Crepe has a different ranking in both game modes. Firstly, it holds the position of A tier in this tier list and PvE game mode, while it has a ranking of B in PvP mode. She has the ability of damage reduction if two cookies receive it. Not only this, but she can also cause immense damage to the surrounding area. The best topping for this cookie is the damage resist topping.

HP 4,796
ATK 431
DEF 1,644

Caramel Arrow Cookie

Caramel Arrow is an outstanding performer in the front position of the battlefield. She is an S tier cookie in PvP game mode while it holds an A rank on the CRK tier list and PvE mode. Her long-range attacks are pretty good, so whenever Caramel hits the enemies, this shot leaves an arrow mark on them.

Whenever an arrow is shot and leaves to attack the opponent, then before reaching the target, firstly, the arrow mark bursts. As a result, the foe receives immense damage according to his maximum HP.

Crunchy Chip Cookie

This cookie performs very well in the front position of the battlefield. Furthermore, he belongs to the charge class and is of super epic rarity. Crunchy chip is among the best-performing cookies ranked on the CRK tier list.

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good cookies
The B-tier cookies of crk.

In this tier of the CRK tier list, I will discuss those likable cookies that perform well on the battlefield. But there are some issues with them. Therefore, they could not make it to the above tiers.

Financier Cookie

You can find this cookie in the updated version of Cookie Run Kingdom. Financier is a front-positioned cookie with an epic rarity who can defend his teammates from enemy attacks. However, if there is Clotted Cream on the battlefield, she will first want to protect the Cream. However, if she is not a team member, this cookie will help another partner with the highest attack power.

Financier cookie is well known for defending herself and raising the attack, CRIT resistance, and damage to her partners. She can summon a shield to block as many attacks as possible, and this attack of hers is called a Light shield attack. Further, another skill of hers gives damage of 50% to this cookie’s partners, and this skill is called Light judgment.

HP 5,638
ATK 540
DEF 1,657

Cherry Blossom Cookie

Cherry blossom belongs to the Ambus class and is a good performer at a rear position on the battlefield. It possesses an amazing ability to shower cherry blossoms on its opponents, causing severe damage to them in the surroundings. The enemies that are not particularly cookies can receive extra damage; hence the attack of friends increases. The more opponents got hit by the cherries, the more it was good for her team.

Pastry Cookie

It is a rear-positioned cookie on the battlefield known for its amazing long-ranged attacks. Furthermore, he usually attacks his opponents with a bow. Undoubtedly, Pastry is one of the best PvP characters, and he is ranked in this category of this CRK tier list. It is strange that despite being a new cookie, it still manages to make it to the B tier.

Hence, the reason behind this is one of his amazing skills called “Battle Prayer.” He is an ideal DPS unit, as her usual damage in a single hit is 75%.

HP 1,729
ATK 1,037
DEF 1,045

Affogato Cookie

This bomber shows a very good performance in the middle position of the battlefield. She can easily curse her opponents without letting others know about it. And this is possible because of a powerful skill, “Sweet Scheme.” As a result, the target, which becomes a victim of her curse, will not be able to make it to any buff effects.

Black Raisin Cookie

Black Raisin Cookie is known for her special strength, i.e., Area Damage. If you want to make the most out of it, I suggest you use the Searing Raspberry/Full attack topping on her. Moreover, She performs well in the middle of the battlefield and belongs to the Ambush class. For these reasons, I am ranking Raisins in this category of the CRK tier list.

Cream Puff Cookie

Cream Puff performs very well at the back of the battlefield. Moreover, he belongs to the support class and can easily refill the HP of his teammates. Furthermore, he can summon a jelly tornado that causes damage to a huge area. It happens because of Cream’s special ability known as Jellius Extremus.

Cocoa Cookie

Cocoa Cookie belongs to the defense class and performs well in the front position of the battlefield. With the help of its skills, it dives into a huge cocoa cup and keeps spinning till the time is over. While doing this, it successfully hits the rivals. As Cocoa belongs to the defense class, so it can replenish the HP of the fellow cookies except for the summoned ones.

Kumiho Cookie

So, this is the cookie with two different types; marshmallow fox and cookie. It is good for dealing with damage, and you can see him performing in a good way in the front position of the battlefield. The fox variant is used to form flames on rivals. In contrast, cookie deals with area damage and stuns enemies close to him. Moreover, the opponents under the charm effect will not be able to attack or do anything else.

Mint Choco Cookie

Mint choco cookie belongs to the support class and has a rear position on the battlefield. This cookie also possesses healing qualities and can increase ATK speed.

Vampire Cookie

Vampire cookie is very well known for its “life steal” ability. It not only deals with damage but also replenishes HP. In both game modes, it is considered a fantastic cookie. Moreover, Vampire has a rear position on the battlefield and is of epic rarity.

HP 1,966
ATK 989
DEF 1,049

Latte Cookie

Latte cookie usually performs in the middle position of the battlefield. Latte glyph is given to the players with the help of her abilities. Crowd control is Latte’s main ability, dragging rivals to the battlefield’s center. As a result, they have to deal with damage and will not be able to do anything offensively.

Herb Cookie

This is also one of the healers ranked on the CRK tier list. Herb cookie is of epic rarity and replenishes the HP of its allies. If you are a beginner, then at that point, Herb cookie will be a stepping stone for you.

Licorice Cookie

Licorice is one of the best characters performing effectively in the middle position of the battle arena. Players know and praise it for its amazing magical abilities, with the help of which it can summon minions to help him in the battle.

Dark Choco Cookie

Dark Choco belongs to the tank class, and its damage-dealing ability is incredible. Not only this, but he can assist in reducing the rival’s defense. For these reasons, I believe that Choco is a really good character.

Mala Sauce Cookie

Mala Sauce belongs to the charge class and performs in the front position of the battle arena. Her special skill Spicy Mala Strike allows her to hit the ground and break it. Also, in the meantime, it imposes AoE damage. If I look at the overall performance of this cookie, then Mala is a likable character.

Milk Cookie

Milk cookie is a front-standing character delivering a good enough performance in both game modes. Undoubtedly it is a likable character but not a perfect one. It does not mean that you can not go for it, I suggest you try its performance it will be worth it in many places.

HP 5,365
ATK 492
DEF 1,754

Tiger Lily Cookie

Tiger Lily Cookie is of epic rarity, and its skills allow him to stop cookies from attacking and imposing damage. Not only this, but it actively attacks the opponents and tries to become a strong team member. Hence, including a tiger in your squad will not go in vain. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and try this cookie out.

Twizzly Gummy Cookie

This is a rear-positioned cookie. She releases an extremely harmful laser from her overloaded electrojelly gun. When Twizzly’s CRIT damage increases, then at this point, the opponents are hit by a laser beam, so as a result, they wipe out. This is not a perfect character, but it will positively help you.

Mango Cookie

Mango cookie usually performs in the middle position of the battle arena. The teammates use her ability to increase ATK speed and deal with the damage. So, if you use Mango at the right time, it will do good for you. Good luck with the right choice at the right time.

Almond Cookie

Almond cookie belongs to the support class and is a rear-positioned cookie. With the help of a magical handcuff, this B-tier cookie ranked on the CRK tier list arrests those rivals who have the lowest HP and then imposes a damage link debuff. However, I always remain doubtful about this cookie because this skill will not apply to the summoned opponents. But, still, it is a likable character.

Squid Ink Cookie

The key skill of this cookie is to impose damage on the opponents. Squid Ink belongs to the Magic class. Moreover, he is a good performer in the middle position of the battle arena.

Rye Cookie

Rye is a front-positioned cookie and is of epic rarity. It damages and wipes out the rivals with maximum health power. I suggest you properly analyze this cookie before starting to use it regularly.

Madeleine Cookie

Madeleine is a defensive who performs in the front position of the battlefield. I prefer him because of his good HP and defense role. Not only are Madeleine’s long-range attacks good, but he also replenishes her health, which is a plus point. And this is all possible because of the great “commander skill.”

HP 4,968
ATK 371
DEF 1,590

Espresso Cookie

Espresso cookie has a fantastic AoE, and his ability to deal damage is commendable. None of you may know how espresso is prepared after a proper grinding process. Yes, I know it is not the normal eatable espresso in the game, but here is a similarity.

This cookie also has a grinding ability that helps him to generate a whirlwind that brings opponents into the center, providing them with a good amount of damage. So, overall he is a likable character, so I am placing him on the B tier of the CRK tier list.

Moon Rabbit Cookie

Moon Rabbit cookie belongs to the defense class and is of epic rarity. She is a master of AoE damage and is also able to heal herself. Not only this, but with the help of her skills, she can also heal the allies by conquering the enemies.

Snow Sugar Cookie

Snow sugar cookie belongs to the magic class and is a middle-positioned cookie. She deals with AoE damage in a very good way, and along with this, Snow can also reduce the ATK speed of the foes. In some places, this cookie can perform very well.

Pomegranate Cookie

This cookie is of epic rarity and is likable in many scenarios. It performs at the back position of the battle arena and proves to be a very good teammate. So, you can freely opt for this cookie so that it can be a part of your strong squad.


below average cookies
Below-Average CRK Cookies Ranked.

Now, in the C tier of the CRK tier list, I am including those cookies that are below average. Henceforth, these are neither considered too good nor too bad.

Chilli Pepper Cookie

This is not the cookie somebody will wish for. Sometimes it performs well, but the other time you can not expect anything good from it. So, it depends on your luck. It also damages the rear line of the foes.

Devil Cookie

Devil Cookie belongs to the mage class. It is middle-positioned in the battle arena. He is known for his special skill called “Devil Rune.” With the help of these skills, he can deal immense damage and reduce the attacks and speed of the enemy.

Lilac Cookie

Lilac is a middle-positioned cookie belonging to the support class of Cookie Run Kingdom. It assists

Poison Mushroom Cookie

Poison performs in the middle of the battle arena and is known for his poison damage. He is a below-average character, so as a result, you cannot expect too much from him, but there are some chances of him giving you an advantage in a few places. Henceforth, there is no harm in trying him out.

HP 2,082
ATK 1,072
DEF 1,050

Werewolf Cookie

I do not think spending your time and effort on this cookie will be worth it. Because there are far better ones in this tier list, it performs in the middle position of the battle arena. In addition, it can transform itself into a wolf, so the DMG power increases in this form.


worst cookies
Worst CRK Cookies Ranked

Finally, this is the category from which I will not recommend you choose any cookie. The characters in this tier are the worst cookies with low performance.

Sparkle Cookie

Sparkle cookie is among the least demanded cookies in the CRK tier list. It only has the healing ability, which is not enough to survive in the battle. Due to this reason, many players do not prefer this cookie character at all, and I will also not recommend you to opt for this. 

HP 2,292
ATK 402
DEF 641

Angel Cookie

Angel is a rear-positioned cookie with a special ability called Celestial light skill. This ability allows replenishing the health of all partners, providing them with 50% of the attack. Additionally, this cookie is the opposite of the Devil cookie. It is better to go for S and A tier cookies to enhance your performance in the game and as they have the upper hand on this one.

HP 1,538
ATK 245
DEF 382

Purple Yam Cookie

This is a front-positioned cookie known for its damage-over-time ability. It is of epic rarity. Purple Yam has a pathetic performance; stay away from it for your good.

HP 4841
ATK 568
DEF 1,675

Comparison Table

Pure Vanilla CookieS Tier3410527960
Cotton CookieS Tier2816473766
Sea Fairy CookieS Tier220413501187
Sorbet Shark CookieS Tier215110281137
Dark Cacao CookieS Tier42993751583
Eclair CookieS Tier2396955683
Pumpkin Pie CookieA Tier12691179796
Holly Berry CookieA Tier63495372692
Strawberry Crepe CookieA Tier47964311644
Financier CookieB Tier56385401657
Pastry CookieB Tier172910371045
Vampire CookieB Tier19669891049
Milk CookieB Tier53654921754
Madeleine CookieB Tier49683711590
Poison Mushroom CookieC Tier208210721050
Sparkle CookieD Tier2292402641
Angel CookieD Tier1538245382
Purple Yam CookieD Tier48415681675

Patch Notes Version 4.2

In the latest update, the following changes were made to the game.

  • Stardust Cookie (Super Epic, Ambush)
  • Wrath of the Stars – Stardust Cookie soars in the sky and marks the enemy with the highest ATK (targets Cookies first) with the Sign of the Stars.
  • Then he will descend to deal area damage to the enemies, amplifying debuffs they receive.
  • Targets will receive additional damage depending on the number of buffs they currently have.
  • The Sign of the Stars prevents the target from gaining buffs, decreases their ATK and Healing, and increases the DMG received.
  •  Space Doughnut (Epic, Charge)
  • Doughnut Beam – Fires the Doughnut Beam, dealing damage, reducing the targets’ DEF, and amplifying debuffs they receive.
  • Hit targets will turn into donuts (excluding bosses and Cookies). The target will receive extra damage if they are already afflicted with a DEF-reducing debuff.
  • When the targets turned to donuts reach a certain number, Space Doughnut will use Super Doughnut Blast, rolling over the enemies, dealing damage, and Stunning them. Space Doughnuts does not take damage while using their skill.


If you have recently started playing this game, this list is very informative for you as now you know the basics of the game and the superb cookie characters. One of my visions for preparing this tier list was to stay unbiased. Even though I have played this game by myself, I still researched it.

So, the reason for extensive research was to know others’ opinions. Surprisingly, there were a lot of places where I found the same opinion as mine. However, you don’t need to think in the same way as ours. If you usually play this game, then it might be possible that you do not agree with some of the rankings.

But, please, it is a humble request to stay kind in the comment box. You are free to leave your suggestions and tell me how we can improve this CRK tier list together. Now, I hope you are well aware of the best cookies and will choose wisely. Good luck, buddy! Click here to download this game.

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