Pokemon Go Ultra League Tier List [Ver. 0.257]

Master the Ultra League - Plan Your Winning Season with the Ultimate Ranking of Pokemon for Ultra League Battles.

With our Pokemon Go Ultra League tier list, I will be going through most of the meta picks and strategies you need to know if you plan on rolling through this season with nothing but wins and wins.

Pokemon Go can be played in many ways. You can either catch ’em all or battle it out with the strongest of the Pokemon you have. It is all about what suits you more. However, this article will focus more on the battling side of the leagues, to be exact. 

Key Points

  • This article ranks a total of 28 Pokemon.
  • Each Pokemon has been ranked based on its capabilities, and PvP ranking in different leagues.
  • Among the top ranks, you will find the likes of Registeel, Walrein, Regirock, and Trevanent.
  • In the bottom ranks, you will find Pokemon like Lopunny, Hoopa, and Audino.


Here is a table ranking the numerous Pokemon in order:

S RankA RankB RankC RankD RankF Rank
RegisteelSwampertTalonflameGyarados (Shadow)Genessect (Douse)Lopunny
WalreinCresseliaCharizardAlolan Sandslash (Shadow)LucarioHoopa (Both Types)
RegirockTapu FiniSteelixAlolan MukHeracrossAudino
TrevanentMeganium (Shadow)LaprasSamurottSylveon
Raikou (Shadow)Giratina (Shadow)Snorlax (Shadow)CofagriusHariyama

S Tier

Pokemon Go Ultra League Best pokemon
S Tier.

Firstly, we will discuss our S tier. If you don’t know, S tiers usually contain the best of the best characters or units of a certain category.


The first Pokemon we will be discussing in our S-Tier is Registeel. Registeel is a steel-type pokemon with Pokedex entry 379. For some of the collectors this name is quite shocking because normally, Registeel holds no significant value.

Despite having a horrible PVE ranking, Registeel is the best Pokemon in this list. Additionally, it is the only Pokemon that ranks 5/5 in the PVP rankings in the Ultra League.

It is not just important to know the Pokemon but its build as well. For quick moves, you need to have Metal Claw or Lock on and for charged attacks Flash Cannon or Focus Blast. Registeel heavily pressures shields because of his extremely quick charges. All in all, if you have Registeel or can get it, do so because this Pokemon is an absolute beast in the meta right now.

Great League Score 76.4
Ultra League Score 97.8
Master League Score 97.3
Role Lead, Switch, Closer


The next Pokemon on our list is Walrein. Walrein is an Ice and Water-type pokemon user Pokedex entry 365. Normally, you wouldn’t prefer to have Walrein in your team for a long while but that is not the case in Pokemon GO.

This Pokemon is one of the strongest leads in this game right now with a score of 95.6 (3rd in the overall rankings). If you have this Pokemon in your collection, be prepared to demolish the Ultra League trainers.

When it comes to Walrein’s build, you’re going to want to use the following. Powder Snow and Frost Breath as quick moves and Icicle Spear or Earthquake as your charged attacks. Furthermore, keep in mind that Registeel and Scrafty heavily counter Walrein.

Great League Score 88.5
Ultra League Score 89.8
Master League Score 78.1
Role Lead, Switch


Halfway through our S tier already, this next Pokemon in the spotlight is Regirock. Regirock is also a Regi pokemon like Registeel mentioned above. Regirock is a rock-type pokemon which makes him a very good counter to Registeel. Despite having a lot of weaknesses, Registeel’s health stat and resistance count pull it through most battles with an overall score of 91.5.

If you do own Regirock, your best bet is playing him as a closer pokemon. Additionally, build it with the following moves; Rock Throw and Lock-on as quick attacks and Stone Edge and Zap Cannon as its charged attacks. 

Great League Score 90.1
Ultra League Score 93.2
Master League Score 82.1
Role Switch, Closer


Trevanent is a ghost and grass-type pokemon with an uncanny set of resistances which is why it is an S-tier pokemon. Additionally, it is a strong counter to Swampert and Cresselia, some of the most used Pokemon in this meta.

So, for Trevanent your best play would be to have it in the Lead or the Switch role. Furthermore, for quick moves, build Shadow Claw; for charged attacks, build Shadow Ball or Seed Bomb. In conclusion, Trevanent is one of the deadliest Pokemon if played properly so keep an eye out for it!

Great League Score 93.8
Ultra League Score 93.4
Master League Score 70.6
Role Lead, Switch,

Raikou (Shadow)

The last Pokemon we will discuss in this S Tier is Raikou. Raikou is one of my favorites because I am Team Instinct.

Raikou is an electric-type pokemon with only weakness to ground-type but a plethora of resistances. Its overall rating is quite low at 81.1, but it is one of the best in a closer role, scoring 93.8.

If you do happen to catch this legendary and magnificent beast, play it as a closer. Additionally, its build will be Volt Switch for quick attack and Wild Charge or Shadow Ball for its charged attack. It is a good idea to play Raikou in some teams because it can easily counter a lot of these S-tier pokemon.

Great League Score 85
Ultra League Score 81.4
Master League Score 79.5
Role Closer

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A Tier

Pokemon Go Ultra League Good Pokemon
A Tier.

Usually, A tier contains the great but not the best. However, in our specific case, it will contain some of the Pokemon viable in this Ultra League Tier List who are great but not the best like our S-tier Pokemon. Most of the Pokemon in this tier are obtained via high-difficulty raids or in some events. Without further ado, let’s get started.


It should come as no surprise to seasoned trainers that the first Pokemon in the A tier is none other than Swampert. Swampert is the final evolution of Mudkip. This evolution chain is extremely common as Mudkip has been an event pokemon many times since this game’s release.

Swampert is one of the few Pokemon who are universally great no matter what. Swampert is a water and ground-type pokemon that brings forth its peculiar set of resistance.

Regarding overall rankings, Swampert is number with a rating of 94.6; however, when evaluating each role, it is bested by 3-4 pokemon in each category which is why it is not an S Tier pokemon.

Consequently, Swampert is one of the rare Pokemon that can fill any role in the team with the same move sets. Finally, onto the build; for quick attacks, build Mud Shot or Water Gun, and for charged attacks, you should opt for Hydro Cannon, Earthquake, or Surf.

Great League Score 94.8
Ultra League Score 93.1
Master League Score 86.7
Role Lead, Switch, Closer


Next up is Cresselia. Cresselia is purely a Psychic-type pokemon with a very interesting stat set. Additionally, Cresselia is quite an interesting pokemon because it ranks as the #8 pokemon in every category. It is mostly considered a collectors pokemon in most titles, but in this game, it is among the big hitters. Cresselia has an average score of 85 and, like Swampert, fills every role available.

You might wonder why you would go for a #8 pokemon when so many other Pokemon outrank it. Simply put, it is because Cresseilia is a strong counter pokemon. One of its key traits is countering most meta picks like Swampert, Walrein, and even Scrafty. Lastly, when it comes to its build, for quick attacks, build Psycho Cut and Grass Knot or Moonblast for its charged attack.

Great League Score 88.9
Ultra League Score 93.3
Master League Score 73.1
Role Lead, Switch, Closer

Tapu Fini

Moving on from Cresselia, Tapu Fini is the next Pokemon up for discussion. Tapu Fini is one of the 4 island guardians from the Pokemon Sun and Moon generation.

It is a water and fairy-type pokemon and quite hard to find in the game. One of the key reasons Tapu Fini is in this tier is its huge list of resistances. Despite being one of the rarest Pokemon, it still finds its way among the top Pokemon.

Tapu Fini ranks at #11 overall among all Pokemon but is better used as either a lead pokemon or a closer. These two roles depend on your strategy, but as far as the build is concerned, it’s discussed as follows. For quick attacks, build Water Gun; for the charged attacks, you should opt for either Surf or Moonblast.

Great League Score 85.4
Ultra League Score 90.3
Master League Score 80.5
Role Lead, Closer

Meganium (Shadow)

The next Pokemon we will discuss is Meganium. Well, Shadow Meganium, to be exact. Like Swampert, this pokemon chain is also quite common but the shadow version is quite hard to find.

If you plan on using Meganium in your party, place it in either a lead or a closer role for maximum effect. It ranks as the eighth-best Pokemon in those roles. Additionally, for the moves, you should follow the following sets; for quick attacks, build Vine Whip, and for charged attacks, build Frenzy Plant or Earthquake.

Great League Score 84.7
Ultra League Score 86.5
Master League Score 59.6
Role Lead, Closer

Giratina (Altered)

The last Pokemon we will be discussing in the A-Tier is none other than Giratina. In pokemon go, Giratina has a lot of different forms but the form we will discuss in this is the altered form. I am sure most of you know what Giratina is but for those who don’t remember, Giratina is a legendary Pokemon of Ghost and Dragon-Type.

The fun thing about Giratina is that it is weak to 5 types of moves but, consequently, is strong against 8 types of pokemon types. If you do plan on using Giratina, keep in mind that it is strictly a pokemon for the Switch role. When it comes to its build, for quick attacks use Shadow Claw and for charged attacks build Dragon Claw and Shadow Sneak. All in all, if you have Giratina, try using it because it is very hard to counter in the current meta.

Great League Score Not in Great League
Ultra League Score 93.8
Master League Score 94.8
Role Switch

B Tier

Pokemon Go Ultra League pokemon
B Tier.

The Pokemon that are decent but not the best with an overall score that’s above average is discussed in this tier. Finally, let’s get started with our B tier.


When a player hears the name “Talonflame” the best they would put it is probably around the C or D-tier Pokemon. However, this Pokemon is an excellent B Tier entry and narrowly escapes the A-tier pokemon. Talonflame is a Fire and Flying-type pokemon with an overall rating of 89.

Now, why the B tier? Simply put, Talon flame is a pokemon resistant to 7 types and quite powerful in PVE fights. The only problem with Talonflame is that it can easily be countered by almost every Pokemon listed above it. It is a risky pick but one that can pay off quite decently. As for the build, Incinerate as quick attacks and Brave Bird or Flame Charge as charged attacks.

Great League Score 79.6
Ultra League Score 88.4
Master League Score 51.3
Role Lead, Closer


The next Pokemon we will discuss is quite possibly the most popular in this Pokemon Go Ultra League Tier List 2023, Charizard. This is a fire and flying-type pokemon dear to many trainers’ hearts. It is only weak to rock, electric and water-type moves but is strong against 7 types of moves. Additionally, Chairzard’s overall score is 88.8 when played as a lead pokemon.

I do play a lot of Charizard in my battles because it can easily counter annoying opponents like Trevanent and Venasaur. As far as the build goes, for quick attacks, you should build Fire Spin, and for charged attacks, make Blast Burn or Dragon Claw for optimal results. If you’re a gen 1 fanboy like I am, playing Charizard as a lead will often help you.

Great League Score 85.8
Ultra League Score 91.2
Master League Score 71
Role Lead, Switch


In most games, Steelix is one of the hardest Pokemon to acquire, but in Pokemon go, it’s quite easy. Because of the frequent events in Pokemon Go, your chances of getting a perfect IV Onix are high. It isn’t used a lot in Ultra League, but in my opinion, it should be. Steelix is weak to 4 types of moves but is resistant to 11 types of moves which makes it an absolute unit in battle. It is mostly used as a Closer or a Lead pokemon.

For its build, use the following, for charged attacks, build Dragon Tail, and for charged attacks, you should opt for Crunch or Earthquake. All in all, Steelix is a good pokemon to have in your party, but it can be countered by many of the meta picks, which is why it is in the B Tier.

Great League Score 87.7
Ultra League Score 92.1
Master League Score 64.5
Role Lead, Closer


Lapras is usually known to be a strong pokemon but is also one of the rarer Pokemon to obtain. Because of this, it has a very little play rate but this magnificent beast still makes it into the B Tier pokemon.

It is mostly used as a Switch pokemon and is #13 in that list. Lapras is weak to a lot of types but can counter most of the current meta picks. Finally, for its build use the following; Ice Shard for a quick attack and Surf or Ice Beam for a charged attack.

Great League Score 82.3
Ultra League Score 86.4
Master League Score 68.5
Role Switch

Snorlax (Shadow)

Finally, the last Pokemon we will discuss in the B Tier is the shadow version of Snorlax. The creatures is one of the most popular Pokemon in the franchise because of its cute and bubbly appearance. Additionally, it is a normal-type pokemon that is only resistant to ghost-type moves and is weak to fighting-type Pokemon.

Using Snorlax as a switch pokemon is a viable option which is also why it is in the B tier. For the build, use the following; for quick attacks, build Lick, and for charged attacks, build Body Slam or Superpower.

Great League Score 85.5
Ultra League Score 84.2
Master League Score 87.4
Role Switch

C Tier

Pokemon Go Ultra League Average Pokemon
C Tier.

This tier will contain the Pokemon someone should never opt for if they want to win convincingly. However, one may use them if any of these Pokemon are their favorites. 

Gyarados (Shadow)

The first Pokemon we will discuss in our C Tier is the gigantic flying dragon fish, Gyarados. One of the most sought shiny Pokemon, Gyarados is an excellent and rare pokemon to collect in Pokemon Go; however, lacks ability in the battling front.

Regarding PVP, Gyarados simply fails to bring a lot to the table. Despite being one of the strongest Pokemon in the anime and other games, it fails in this league. All in all, building it is not that complicated of a process. For its quick attacks, you should build Dragon Breath, and for its charged attacks, either go for Aqua Tail or Crunch.

Great League Score 80.7
Ultra League Score 84.7
Master League Score 91.2
Role Lead

Alolan Sandslash (Shadow)

Many people choose Sandslash because it is one of the stronger Pokemon the game presents to most trainers. It is a decent pokemon in PVE, but for our Ultra League tier list, it doesn’t do well enough to be any higher than this C tier.

Alolan Sandlash is resistant to 9 types of moves which is why it is so good in PVE. However, it can be countered by almost every meta Pokemon, which is also why it isn’t good in the ultra league. If you do plan on using Sandslash then build it as discussed here; Powder Snow for its Quick Attacks and Ice Punch or Blizzard for its charged attacks.

Great League Score 87.2
Ultra League Score 84.5
Master League Score 68.1
Role Lead

Alolan Muk

Halfway through this C tier, the next Pokemon that we will discuss is the rainbow sludge named Alolan Muk. For how melted sludge goes, Alolan Muk does have a very pleasant appearance. It is a poison and dark-type pokemon that is weak to ground-type moves.

Like Sandslash, this is also one of the few stronger Pokemon trainers can obtain very early in the game. It is also good in PVE matches but fails at performing well in the Ultra League which is why it’s in the C Tier.

Alolan Muk is quite a simple pokemon, like most poison-type Pokemon are. It is resistant to 5 types of Pokemon but can be countered by Pokemon like Stunfisk or Obstagoon which are some of the meta picks.

Finally, for building Muk, just do the following. For its quick attacks, build Poison Jab, as it is a good charger pokemon, and for its charged attacks, either go for Dark Pulse or a simple Sludge Wave.

Great League Score 79.7
Ultra League Score 80.7
Master League Score 66.1
Role Closer


Samurott is a water-type pokemon resistant to 5 types of moves but only weak to two, grass and electric. Samurott defines average in Ultra League as an overall score of 80 when played as a Lead or a Closer pokemon.

Before I talk about how to build Samurott, it is important to note that Samurott is rarely not countered no matter what the meta of that time is. You will only win if your opponent is running a grass/steel team or a rock/fire team. Lastly, for its build, just follow the following. Fury Cutter for its fast and charged attacks; build Hydro Cannon or Razor Shell.

Great League Score 83.7
Ultra League Score 86.2
Master League Score 71.2
Role Lead, Closer


Cofagrius is a great PVP pokemon but is skill capped in the Ultra League, which is why it falls among the average Pokemon. Additionally, it is one of the most versatile Pokemon on this entire list as well.

Corfagius is a menacing ghost-type pokemon that is weak to Dark and Ghost-type moves. Furthermore, it has one of the highest defense stats out of any pokemon on this list. Because of this, it is quite deadly in the Master League. But we are discussing the Ultra League, so build it according to the following. For Fast moves, build Shadow Claw, and for charged attacks, you should target Shadow Ball or Dark Pulse for optimal use.

Great League Score 86.6
Ultra League Score 86.1
Master League Score 57.2
Role Lead, Switch, Closer

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D Tier

Pokemon Go Ultra League bad pokemon
D Tier.

The D-Tier normally contains entities that are slightly to moderately below the normal average performance score. This is the case for our category as well.

Genessect (Douse)

Genessect is a bug and steel-type legendary Pokemon, so it is hard to obtain. The fun thing about it is that it is resistant to 9 types of moves but is weak only to fire. This would be great for a PVP pokemon, but Genessect is massively skill-capped in the Ultra League. Because of that reason, Genessect can be placed no further than the D tier.

Aside from being skill-capped, Genessect is almost always left behind in terms of damage because all its good moves are bug-type which barely does any harm. However, if you still want to play Genessect, remember it has to be the Douse version, and its build as a Lead or a Closer should be as follows. 

Great League Score Not on Great League
Ultra League Score 85.2
Master League Score 83
Role Lead, Closer


Next up in our D Tier is Lucario. Lucario is one of the strongest Pokemon in some other pokemon games because it is a pseudo-legendary pokemon. Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon are high-stat Pokemon that are close to legendary Pokemon’s stats.

Lucario is a Fighting and Steel-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Lucario is one of the rarest Pokemon but can be easily countered by the current meta. Fitting Lucario in a team made for the current meta is very hard, so Lucario is a D-tier pokemon; it has no use.

Additionally, Lucario has no decent-charged attacks in this game, making it a liability rather than a priority. Finally, for its build, follow the instructions listed as follows. For Fast Attack moves, you should build Counter and for the Charged Attack moves, you can either for Close Combat or Shadow Ball.

Great League Score 86.7
Ultra League Score 85.6
Master League Score 68.5
Role Lead, Switch


Our third Pokemon in this D-tier of this Pokemon Go Ultra League Tier List is Heracross.  It has an overall score of 85 and is ranked at number 51 so it is quite evidently a D Tier pokemon. The only time you would play Heracross is if you want to counter Swampert, and that’s it. That’s the only time this Pokemon is good because it counters both Swampers’s types.

Additionally, it is weak to 4 of the most commonly used types, which drops it further down the usability scale. But if you are a die-hard fan of Heracross, you should follow the build discussed. For its fast attacks, build Counter, and for the charged attacks, you should either go for Close Combat or Megahorn. 

Great League Score 80.3
Ultra League Score 84.1
Master League Score 73.4
Role Lead, Closer


Sylveon is the fairy-type evolution and one of my personal favorites pokemon. It hurts me to put it this far down, but that’s what the stats say. It has an overall score of 84 and is ranked at position 61. Sylveon is in this D tier because despite having great attack stats and moves, it counters none of the meta pokemon.

It is weak to poison and steel types but resistant to 4 types of moves but still is weak to Pokemon like Swampert or Walrein. You should build Sylveon for PVE fights, but don’t use this Pokemon for the ultra league. However, if you still want to use it as I do, just build it as follows. Charm should be Sylveon’s fast attack, and its charged attack should be Moonblast or Psyshock.

Great League Score 79.5
Ultra League Score 79.2
Master League Score 77.7
Role Lead, Closer

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Hariyama is not a commonly found Pokemon Go and not a fan favorite. It is a fighting-type pokemon that lies right below Sylveon in the charts at position #62. It is strong and weak to 3 types of moves and is in the D tier because it has a very bad defense stat and can be easily countered.

However, if you still want to use this Pokemon, build it with the following moves. Counter for the fast attack and Close Combat or Superpower for the charged attacks.

Great League Score 82.8
Ultra League Score 83.5
Master League Score 67.7
Role Closer

F Tier

Pokemon Go Ultra League Worst Pokemon
F Tier.

The F tier contains the worst of the worst entities that no one should ever use, not even for fun because you will get steamrolled by your foes.


The first Pokemon we will discuss in this F tier is Lopunny. Lopunny is a very common pokemon right now because of the new event. It is the final evolution of Bunneary, which makes it fairly easy to level up. Normally, Lopunny is a very strong pokemon, but because of the fight mechanics, it does not translate to Pokemon Go. Additionally, it is one of the worst-rated notable Pokemon at #562.

Because of its bad rating and no good moves, it is in the F tier. However, if you’re a stubborn trainer like me, build it as follows and only use it in the Great League and for fun. 

Great League Score 74.8
Ultra League Score 67.4
Master League Score 38.9
Role Closer

Hoopa (Both Types)

Hoopa is one of the few legendary Pokemon this game gave away for free. It has two forms, its normal one is Psychic-Ghost, and its Unbound form is Psychic-Dark. Unfortunately, both forms are not good in the competitive scene because they lack team synergy and good moves.

If you plan on using psychic-type Pokemon, there are much better Pokemon, so you should opt for those. In conclusion, if you still want to play Hoopa, use the following build. Confusion should be its fast attack, and either Shadow Ball or Psychic should be used as its charged attack.

Great League Score 55.6
Ultra League Score 52.1/48.8
Master League Score 54.3/65.2
Role Lead, Closer


Audino is rarely played by any competitive player because there are much better Pokemon. However, Audino is usually found with very high CP so some trainers are tempted to play it. This is more of a warning for them.

Audino is a Normal-Type pokemon and the worst-rated Pokemon in the Ultra League. It ranks at a low number of 567 and scores 34. But if you still want to play it, go for the next moves. Zen Headbutt for its fast attack and Disarming Voice as its charged attack.

Great League Score 50.4
Ultra League Score 34
Master League Score Not on Master
Role Lead, Switch, Closer

Comparison Table


Patch Notes Ver. 0.257 

The most recent patch notes introduced the following changes to the game.

  • Fixed bug causing Alolan Diglett’s placement to be too high on its Pokédex detail page.
  • Mega Icon now appears for costumed Mega Evolved Pokémon.
  • Fixed bug causing Zorua’s arms to clip into the ground when appearing as Mega Gengar.


Well, the time has come to conclude this Pokemon Go Ultra League tier list. I play this game a lot, even though it does not have a huge following anymore. In my opinion, it is a great mobile game and I did justice to the Pokemon I thought were well-suited to the Ultra League.

If you do have any criticism about my placings, then be sure to let me know down below in the comments. Do check back for more pokemon and gaming articles!