Blitz Rise of Heroes Tier List: Characters Ranked

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Today I am most excited to share with you all about Blitz rise of heroes tier list, in which I will share all the facts and figures about this game and its characters. I welcome you all to this tier list in which I will rank and discuss the game’s characters from best to worst in detail. This tier list will guide to constitute an ultimate and unbeatable battle squad while playing. In this article, I am going to share an insight into the heroes of Blitz rise of heroes. I will also discuss who is good or bad in offense and defense consequently helping you to make a good team and win the game.

If you are new to this game you don’t have to worry as I have done all the hard work for you in compiling this tier list for your better understanding of the game and its characters. I have arranged this game’s characters in tiers according to their offensive and defensive powers in the game as well as their impact and sustainability in the game.

I have tried my level best to provide all the insight about this game and its characters in this tier list which is not only theory-based but based on personal experience and on the reality of battles as well and hope that it will be of some help to all the gaming mates out there. So if you have started playing this game and want to know more about the facts and characters or have a problem understanding the gameplay or want some key points to tune your battle squad this article is for you and hope it will be of some help to you.

We have constructed this tier list with a lot of research and experience so we are open to discussions but this tier list is not liable to any criticism. Hope you will respect our policy.

Blitz rise of heroes

This Blitz of heroes tier list is based upon the game Blitz rise of heroes and its characters so let’s go find out more about the game itself. Blitz rise of heroes is an idle combat game. You will be given a mission to cleanse territory after territory for which you will have to build a strong army with a band of powerful heroes as you will face continuous offense.

Although you have an auto fight mode in which the heroes fight for you while you can do other activities. Selecting a proper team of heroes against the opponent’s team makes the real difference in the game and is the key to winning. The game has some exciting 3D graphics but the actions are a bit clunky and there is too much happening on the screen.

Characters of Blitz rise of heroes

There are all 41 heroes in Blitz rise of heroes of which some are of extraordinary strength and skill while some lack in certain areas. The main role of the player in this game is to constitute a team of heroes who are good in skills and are of good damage to the opponent also heroes who can stand damage and have a good lifeline are also needed in the team to stay in the game till the end.

A Perfect Team of Heroes

From the above discussion, it is clear that the whole game depends on the team of heroes and their layout. The layout means the position your heroes will hold on the battlefield. For instance, a hero with a good lifeline should be kept at the back for the support of the team, and heroes whose skills are needed in the fight should be kept at the front. You can also remove a hero from the field by tapping on it and selecting another hero instead.

Some Exciting Facts

This game is extraordinarily handy as the players can put the combat on auto mode. Another exciting plus funny feature is that the players can put the game on a faster speed mode which is quite hilarious to watch. The game also has different exciting arenas thus giving it a distinguishing look. The graphics and dynamics are also quite interesting for the players.

Another laudable feature of the game is that you can earn coins by beating an opponent on the field and as you advance through the levels of the game you can get advanced battle equipment, acquire free services or recure a lost fighter in return. If a team loses a hero in one battle that hero will not be available for the next so the recurring option is of much importance.

Bitz Rise of Heroes Tier List Methodology

In Blitz: Rise of Heroes tier list I have tried to keep things brief and simple for your better understanding. Here I will be ranking all the characters of this game according to their abilities, performance, and skills in five tiers that are S, A, B, C, and D tiers. All the characters are placed in their respective tiers and described in detail. Additionally, I have made two to three paragraphs for each hero.

In the first two paragraphs, I have explained all about the characteristics and skills of the character and their mode of play that is they are good at defense or offense. In the third paragraph, I have described the effectiveness of their mode of action. My ranking is purely based on my research but it is not 100% theoretical in fact is also based on my personal experience which I have gained by playing a hero again and again so as to provide you with accurate information.

S Tier

Best heroes of Blitz rise of heroes
S Tier

In the S tier, I have placed heroes of Blitz rise of heroes which are excellent in performance. I have constructed this tier of the Blitz rise of heroes tier list to consist of the top-performing characters in the game. S tier is the first tier of our ranking system which refers to the super or superb tier. The characters you choose in the game definitely have a great impact on your progression in the game so in the S tier, I have placed characters with which you can never go wrong.

In this tier, you will find different characters who have different abilities and respond differently in the game but still are the best in terms of gameplay as they can greatly affect the mode of the battle with their skills and energies.


Ilar is known as the Goddess of Earth who was descended from her throne after her temple was destroyed to find those who harmed her.

This warrior is a superb offensive hero of this game with a good life she is able to survive in the battle for a longer time and also able to take damage. This fabulous has the ability to offer good constant damage to the opponent throughout the game till the end. She is an awesome backline and a support system on the battlefield. So having her on your side in the team is a great win for you. This is also the main reason for placing her in the S tier of our tier list.

It is clear from the above discussion that Ilar is an offensive player and can give a 20% damage boost if placed with a hero who can boost energy gain in multi-target damage.


Umeda is yet another fabulous hero of the game so is placed in the S tier of our Blitz rise of heroes tier list. She is a full package with her top-level skills are of great benefit to a team. Her major skill is a Shrill Scream which lasts up to 4.5 minutes and is of total profit to her team. This solid tactile maximum skill level allows the team to attack with a much faster speed thus benefiting the team.

Umida is also blessed with an aura that can enhance her skill and enable quicker combat. Umeda is also known as the queen of disables in the game due to her Dance of the wings aura because which makes her fully resistant to all controlled effects. Her aura 2 is extremely special which is known as lightweight feathers that function to speed up the energy gain of allies that have just used skill and need it. This feature is of immense importance to the team.

I have placed Umeda in the S tier of this Blitz rise of heroes tier list due to all these above-mentioned super skills which are greatly beneficial to a team in the battle and ensure a complete win game.

Having said all this it is very important to mention here that Umenda is an offensive player and will perform her best in a team that has strong support from defense attackers. She can enhance the potency of her team squad as Her energy bar also fills up quickly but will perform to her best only if the team has some heroes who are defense monsters.


Hideon is known as the true damager in the game making it to the S tier of our Blitz rise of heroes tier list. His Griffin Grip skill makes him attack and defeat even the strongest enemy in the game, making him a very important hero of the game. He has an aura 1 which is the blinding aura that improves the team’s survivability in a battle by lowering the enemy’s power.

His aura 2 is the Council Defense aura which functions to reduce the enemy’s health and can occur multiple times if the enemy’s health increases in order to drop it back thus ensuring the win of his own team.

Hideon has a special and high-risk skill, his Griffin’s Grip acts as a sword with double edges so due to this skill, it is preferable to keep him with players who have high damage sustainability to keep the battle alive. Otherwise, Hiden’s position in the game will be compromised.


This legendary warrior is one of the best keepers in the Blitz rise of heroes. He owns the title of the best tank in the Blitz rise of heroes. Rodkhan has a special skill to hold immense damage. With special ability, he can last longer in the battle acting as a key to outcast the enemy. Another special skill that Rodkhan possesses is the burst of energy he has which acts as a source of strength and energy for the team.

Rodkhan uses the ultimate hammer of justice for his offensive attack. His aura 1, dislike of strangers, enables him to attack and target the weakest enemy of the opponent in the battle. With aura 2 Impressive Agility, provides him to protect himself and his team from auto-attacks.

It is best to pair him up with a team that has some defensive heroes and shouldn’t be placed in the front slots. He should be placed in a slot where you can utilize his skill at least once in the battle. By doing this you can overcome the enemy as they will take enough time in getting their health back and attack.


Alder is a legendary divine hero of the game who plays his best role as a support healer. He has many damaging skills of which the living fog skill has all my heart. It acts by protecting his fellow teammates by covering them with a protective shield. While in the cover his teammates are protected from the attacks of their enemies and gain health on the other hand the enemy suffers a loss of his attacks.

Alden does not only have this single skill but many damaging skills and health restoration abilities. On casting his aura 1 Unearthly comes in with which he can control the effects of damage caused by the enemy. Aura 2 is Immortality, which allows him to heal his teammates from damage caused by the enemy thus making them immortal and surviving the battle till the end.

This divine hero provides intimate sustainability to the teammates on the battlefield and his presence on the team gives all the teammates protection and ensures the win of the team with his superb skills. It is not suitable to place him in a team with heroes who prioritize the backline.

A Tier

Average heroes of Blitz rise of heroes
A Tier

Now this one was hard to compile as some of the characters were to be placed in the S tier but some conditions make them not as good as the characters of the S tier. However, if you are awarded by the members of this tier in the game you don’t have to worry a lot as they have good strength and can fight efficiently.

In this tier, we will also guide you on how to make the best out of these above-average heroes of the game. This tier consists of sixteen heroes of the game who lacked in certain areas and could not be placed with the members of the S tier.


As I said earlier that there are characters placed in the A tier that should be in the S tier but due to some passive abilities made there placed here in the A tier of our Blitz rise of heroes tier list. Tezeus is still a strong support healer. His skills comprise healing, protection, and summoning all in one hero. He may be your favorite hero and you would have expected to see him in the S tier but in this topic, we will discuss in detail all his skills which are counterbalanced by his passive abilities. Despite all this, he is still a competent hero of this game.

His main skill is Blood transfusion, with this skill he has the ability to heal his injured teammates, and also he has the ability to protect his teammates suffering from damage. Talking about his auras, his aura 1 is Book of Damned he can counter buffs and heal his teammates. With aura 2 Necromancer’s Elixir, he takes up a tanky version of Niss on his death.

Tezeus is considered to be the best healer in the game and having only him as a healer in the game can be enough for you to win. The only concern in this respect is that he is a back liner and will be difficult for him to heal an ally of the frontline. To overcome this he should be placed with heroes who can help him in this respect who according to my experience are Umida and Maira.


In my opinion, Ashmira is the most promising damager in the game and should be placed in the S tier of Blitz rise of heroes tier list in terms of her damaging skills but I had to put her in the A tier because a single weakness is her range of attack.

Due to this weakness, she has to come forward and attack the enemies which means that she could be attacked and be dead before even putting up her skill. However, she has a very promising hellacious damage skill that is Call of the Deep, by which she can destroy multiple enemies at one time. She also has the ability to hit multiple targets at one time with her serpentine power. This is of immense benefit to the team.

Talking about aura 1, immersion hits the enemy with the lowest remaining damage. Aura 2 boosts her damage for 8 seconds. This will kill at least one enemy for sure. with these two auras, she can be of immense damage to the enemy and play a vital role in the team’s win. She is designed with a damage-intensive kit and is a cherry on the top for the team if you want immense damage to the enemy.

Ashmira needs a defense buffer along with her due to her short-range and high risk of getting killed before even attacking.  So should be deployed with high defense skill heroes.


Melgor is armed with devastating nukes and is a true image of a traditional wizard by appearance and ability. This is a true damager in the game with his high-range magical skills and devastating nukes. His first skill is Meteorite which is the most intimidating one in the game. in this skill, a huge meteor comes down and damages the opponent team and weakens the defense skills of all the heroes in the team for 10 seconds. this skill can weaken the team a lot by its action and reduce the health line of the members ensuring their defeat.

Aura 1, Help of Earth, boosts up his energy gain which is of great importance to overcome his flaws. His aura 2 Seasoned in Battle, makes him tough against damage. Melgor is in need of these two auras in order to overcome his slow attack and backline-dwelling nature.

Having him in the team you have to build a steady and strong frontline with defense heroes to protect him from attack and make full use of his outstanding magical skills as he has the power to end the battle using his magical skills. Taking about offense strategies he should be placed with heroes who enhance his auras to effect efficiently.


Aarox is a true supporter if grouped in a team. He will never disappoint you if you rely on him for risks and comebacks. He owns a Zackraf’s Will skill to blind the enemy for 3 seconds. Thus the enemy cannot put forward good attacks as they are blind for 3 seconds which in turn is beneficial for the team in terms of damage to the enemies and getting time for healing.

He also owns the skill of Fiery Mark, which protects the injured teammates with a protective spell and saves them from damage for 7 seconds. This skill is of great value to the team as it will stop the damage to an injured teammate and save him from getting killed.

Aura 1, The Last Spark, makes him a sacrificial hero because by his death all the teammates get a burst of healing. This means that he ensures the team’s success even at the expense of his own life. His ultimate, aura 2 Last Frontier, is a team buff by which all the teammates get an attack power boost and is activated as soon as a teammate reaches low health. Thus this hero is the most supportive and a true asset to the team.

He can perform to his best when teamed up with Alzekir and Hideon who support him to deal damage and survive in the game for longer. She has some very good health and energy gain skills with which she can help her team to win the battle.


Securing his place in the A tier of Blitz rise of heroes Yagolor is a legendary team-oriented tank in the game. He is pilled up with both offensive and defensive skills. His Stealing Life skill blesses his teammate with a good percentage of life by taking it from the enemy. This skill is of immense benefit for the team as it weakens the enemy and strengthens his own team.

Another skill Phantom Form makes him invincible for 8 seconds. In this form, he will behave like a vampire and suck the life out of the enemy. With this skill, he can render a good amount of damage to the enemy while being active in the game. He has two auras, aura 1 is a deadly trap that damages the enemy by making him disabled for 4 seconds. His aura 2 The Vampire’s Grin can steal life from the enemy and use his health to heal the most injured member of his own team.

Yaglor when placed in the backline position comes to the front by himself so it is better to be placed in the frontline for better performance. He makes a fantastic team with Alden and Tezeus who themselves are healers.


Larana is a defensive supporter of the Blitz rise of heroes. With all her skills she helps to bind the team together and helps all the allies to stay in the battle till the end. She has some very unique skills of which World of Nightmares is one damaging skill with which she can target the furthest enemy and also restore good health percentage. Her ultimate fearlessness is a very valuable and unique skill as it provides immunity control for 5 to 6 seconds.

Talking about her aura1 that is the Last Will gives all the teammates an energy boost with each defeated ally. Aura 2 Plague Bearer boosts her normal attack damage output for 6 seconds.

Larana is a good addition to the game and is best to be placed with heroes who can poise a comeback. She is best to b placed in the backline team.


Solei is a dedicated support warrior of the game and functions as the safeguard of her teammates. Coming to her basic skills her skill Sunshine, puts a temporary buff on the teammates whose function is to reduce the damage of enemies attack. it is usually put up on the frontline fighters who face damage a lot.

Binding Beam will blind the enemy and help make attack easy. Her aura 1 Deceived Death saves her teammates from dying by adding to their health percentage thus keeping them alive in the game for longer. Aura 2 is the Grace of the Sun which is a self-healing aura.

I have noticed one thing in Solie that whether I deploy her with the backline warriors it comes marching to the front to fight I am not sure if it happened just in my case or if you also have a similar experience with her do let me know in the comments section. Solie has a major flaw in not having any damaging skills which make her hard to survive for long in the battle although her auras and skills do help her still the lack of offense strategies makes her potential very weak.


Gordan is yet another damager in the game, with his skills that help him achieve his damaging objective. The skill of Incineration is a fire jet nuke that finishes the enemy or damages him greatly. Steel Whirlwind is another damaging skill that enables him to do multiple damages in the battle. Talking about aura 1 which is the Combustion of Soul allows him to deal with the damage. His aura 2 Steadfastness provides him immunity. All these skills and auras have a combined effect in the battle and help him win.

Grodan is best placed in the backline for utilizing all his golden skills, ensuring the win of the team.


Zera is a good threat to the enemy. She is a true attacker of the battle and range is also not a problem for her. She can give a tough time to all the heroes even the furthest ones. Her Flamming Stars skill enables her to attack two enemies who are far away from her and also render a good amount of damage to them. Her Sizzling Dance skill renders lesser damage and has a short cooldown time.

Aura 1 Wandering Flames allows her to damage and execute far-ranged enemies by blasting them with a damaging pulse rate. Aura 2 Burning Armour reduces the defense of her enemy thus making attack easy and more effective. this lasts for about 7 seconds.

Talking about her placements, it is best and most effective to place her in the back line with other heroes who have the skill to attack the furthest enemy. By placing her with Larana and Delayra you can achieve your objective and ensure your win.


Maira is a legendary support hero in the game. With her fabulous skill, she can keep the morale of the team high and make out the best of their skills to win the battle. She has some very good health and energy gain skills with which she can help her team to win the battle. Her skill is Flower Meadows creates an aura around her that functions in healing and energy gain for her and her teammates.

She also owns a Cat like Charm skill by which any attack from the enemy will harm their own teammates. This skill can bend the head of the battle in your favor. This is an outclass skill that does good damage to the teammates. I have personally been a fan of this skill as it saved me many times and turned the game in my favor.

With her aura 1 which is the Beam of Hope, a healing effect occurs upon the most injured member of the team every time Maira attacks. Aura 2 is Vicious Hiss, lasts for 2 seconds, and locks the attack of the enemy. Maira is a hero in the game who can sustain damage to a large extent and continuously, thus proving herself to be a perfect warrior in the game. Also, the duration and range of her attacks also give a sure kill in the battle.

She is one hero who does not need to be paired up with certain heroes to perform well in the game in fact other heroes need her for their support. Having said that it will be a good game strategy to keep her with heavy damage or healer to bring out the best outcomes.


Istra is well known for her ultimate fire attacks, heavy damage to the enemy, and the highest range of attack. One ferocious raging fire damaging warrior. Sphere of Defeat is a powerful skill that she owns with which she can do high damage to the enemy with the lowest health range. Also her Greedy Flame skill she attacks the enemy with full force fire burst thus giving 100% damage.

Aura 1 which is battle ignition gives a damage buff to all the members of the opposing team for 10 to 25 seconds according to the skill of the enemy. This skill gives a major shock to the enemy at the very start of the battle and is beneficial for her own team. Aura 2 is Will to Live is a self-healing skill and occurs after every 10 seconds, providing to heal her health if lost during attacks.

Istra is a perfect backline fighter who specializes in single target damages. Her skills of eliminating the weaker enemy quickly can be more enhanced if placed with warriors having high ATK factoring.


Alzekir is a legendary tiger-like supportive damager hero of Blitz rise of heroes. She is built like a tiger and can fight with her outclass skills. With her skill of Flame Claws, she can kill multiple enemies with a swipe and can also retain her health. With this, she is able to do intense damage to the enemy and also stay in the battle for long.

This skill is very important to the team. Another Burning Magic skill can clear all buffs applied to them and helps them deal with curses. Talking about her auras she has an aura 1 Taking Pleasure in Pain, this aura supports her attacking skills and makes its impact stronger when she is in low health. Aura 2 Sharing Time, she gains an increase in ATK with every dead hero.

She can perform best on the battlefield alongside two healers which she needs for protection and healing.


Meya is a supportive healer in the game. While in a team her presence is of great support with her ultimate healing skills. She has some laudable skills which make him an ultimate hero of the game. Her skill of Nature’s blessing forms a healing shield around the injured members of the team thus allowing them to heal their selves while being protected from damage.

Nature’s Wrath is another important skill giving her some great offensive damaging abilities to render good damage to the enemy. Getting into her auras, her aura 1 is of Born Mentor increases the healing powers of her teammates increasing their health by a good percentage and increasing their survivability in the battle. Her aura 2 increases her team’s sustainability to damage thus providing them immunity against the effect of the enemy’s attack.

With her ultimate synergic application, high survivability potential, and blocking attack skills Meya does not need any supported player in the game she is good to go on her own. Meya sinks in well with supportive healers in the team.


Gvin is a fabulous damager in the game. This epic damager of the game is placed in the A tier of Blitz rise of heroes tier list. With her skill, Winds of Neflheim she has the ultimate power to disable all the enemies on the opposite team. She can not only disable but also cancel the effect of their skill if cast at the right time so with this skill, she can completely nullify the attack of the enemy.

She also has ice abilities in her skills she can completely freeze the attack of the enemy and disable them about 90% and for 8 seconds. Her aura 1 Fireproof Ice, make her protected from fire damage and enables her to stand the damage caused by fire attacks. Aura 2 Frosty aura, increases her potential to disable the attack of the enemy thus making it impossible for the enemy to come back into the fight and gain stability on the battlefield.

Maira and Umeda make a good pair with Gvin as they are good for quick energy refills. A strong frontline is also icing on the cake for her mode of action. However, I personally teamed her up with Roderick and found it to be a very effective combo as they complement each other’s effect.


Aurelia is an epic damager and summoner in the game. taking about her skills, she has Multiple piercing skills she can attack a single target with high and continuous damage ability. Piercing Blow skill she renders the enemy not able to regain his health for 10 seconds after the attack.

Aurelia in the team is a true asset to the team as along with her highly damaging skills she has a special ability to summon a skeleton in place of a dead enemy. This summons lasted for about 20 seconds. These summoners have their own specific skills and energy bars and help Aurelia survive in the battle for longer.

According to my opinion as she can render good single targeted damage to the opponent’s team functions really well when placed in a position to attack the frontline of the enemy.


Karn is a legendary hero in the game who renders overall support to the team. A very special skill of power of nature allows him to heal protect and attack thus making him multi-talented support to the team. Coming to the skills his poisonous cloud skill reduces the power of restoration of the enemy and increases the effectiveness of damage done to the enemy.

Another Strengthening recovery is a healing skill by the help of which he can heal an injured ally. His aura 1 Unity with Nature can help him resist natural damage and increase his survival ability thus allowing him to survive in the game longer. Aura 2 Natural healing is a healing aura for the teammates if any of them is injured he can heal them.

Karn can lead a healer dependant team to win the battle. Aurelia is best to be paired up with Karn as both are healers and can enhance each other’s abilities.

B Tier

Below average heroes.
B Tier

The B tier is an average tier that consists of some decent heroes of this game. You can not call them very good but it will be an injustice to call them bad. They can give a good competition in a battle as most of them have good damaging skills but still will eventually fade if in competition with the heroes of S or A tiers. They are not good enough as the above tiers but still give good damage to the opponent in the battle.


Gal-Dzuk is a fierce damager in the game making his place in the B tier of Blitz rise of heroes tier list. He is in great danger when placed against warriors who have magical skills. He has an aura that breaks the protection of the enemy and is of great damage to them. With his skill that is the mighty hit, he can render great damage to the enemy by having a single target burst attack. Another skill of Severe Magic is for all the enemies who have a magical spell skill it is used as a counter for that.

Gal-Dzuk is best to be placed as a frontline warrior with his special aura of Hatred of Magicians.


Sigurd like other damaging heroes of the game has some special skills that also give him the advantage to become the poster boy of the game. He also has a special effect of flashy attacks. With his skill Blade Storm is an AoE with a cone shape. Another skill of Tactile advantage is also an AoE skill.

This gives him a minor damage ability and also the ability to regain his lost health. Coming to his aura, with aura 1 Guardian’s Loyalty comes into action when he does and gives all the teammates an increase in the attacking power. It is a much-needed aura as the main goal is not on losing members but to win the battle.

He is best to be placed with other keepers on the team.


Dormin is an epic ranged damager of the game. Sit in can get rid of the enemies with great ease. Ensuring a perfect damaged enemy team. His first skill is Arrow of Oblivion is a single target skill targets the enemy with the highest health and also stops him from using his attacking skills for 12 seconds. This renders great damage to the enemy gradually destroying his team.

This blocking effect of 12 seconds is the longest among all other heroes. Another skill known as Little Trick holds the ability of very high damage on a single target. This damage-increasing buff lasts for more than 7 sec destroying the enemy’s health bar.

This deadly hero has his perfect position in the backline. With his ultimate damaging abilities, he can render huge damage to his enemies and result in destroying the opposing team. Having Dormin in the team is a great threat to the enemy and of not being attacked at the start of the game with his skill one that is Arrow of Oblivian he is simply the pain in the ass with his No Mercy skill. So he can make an unbeatable team with other strong disablers in the game like Gvin and Umeda.


Gok is another damager in the game whose presence in the game is of great benefit and importance for all the teammates in Blitz rise of heroes. He is an excellent finisher with his crushing skills. His main interest in attack is the injured member the one he attacks and with his well-polished finishing moves finishes the enemy. Coming to his skills Fight of Gok is a skill with which he can dive into an enemy with the lowest health and finish his game.

Another important skill is the battle roar, which allows him to weaken the defense of the enemy for 10 seconds. This allows him to attack the enemy and destroy him. His aura is the Lucky Amulet makes him immune to the effect of enemies attack which has harmed him in the past.

With all these skills and aura Gok is best to be placed with heroes who have defense reduction skills. So that their combined effect can further weaken the defense system of the enemy and dive into their home. Another thing to be kept in mind is that Gok has a strong single target skill. So should be placed with heroes like Gal-Dzuk, Dormin, and Larna who also have the same skill and can kill the enemy with a combined effect.


Dalia is a good keeper and formidable tank whose function is to provide protection to the team against the enemy and also to heal the injured teammates. This securing position in the B tier of our Blitz rise of heroes tier list. She is one true tough hero in the game and her outstanding skills polish her abilities. With her skill of Barbed barrier, she can harm the nearest two enemies with the same injury level they did to her and also get an increased defense for 12 seconds.

Nature’s Mercy is another buff that heals the injured teammate and provides him protection. Her aura 1 Steady Tree makes her one outclass tanky heroes in the game by increasing her health percentage and allowing her to sustain in the game.

Her damage distribution potential makes her a good frontline hero. Not only her potential but also her healing abilities and overall stats make her a good frontline fighter on the team.


Elentine is also a rouge damager of the game and is placed in the B tier of our Blitz rise of heroes tier list. She excels in single or multiple target games and can support her teammates in fire attacks. Skills that she posses are Massive Strike and Heart Shot which deals with a massive amount of damage and auto attacks respectively.

Her aura 1 is Intoxicated Arrow is a specialized shot that she can do on the enemy after every 11 seconds in the battle and does huge damage to the enemy. Aura 2 Bull’s eye gives her a self-buff. She targets and attacks the enemy with low health like any other heroes of Blitz rise of heroes. The main reason for not placing Elentine with the heroes of the upper tiers is that she is a weak option to select from other heroes. Her overall stats mode of action and attacking factors, even her skills and defense don’t recommend her to be the first choice of the player to be selected for the team.


Rodrick is an epic supporter and damager of Blitz rise of heroes. With his ultimate offense skills and boosting powers, he can be a good support to the team. With his skill Accumulate Rage, he can transfer a good portion of his energy to his allies. His Necrotic blade petrifies those enemies who are harmed by him. He is quite unfortunate for not being able to use this effect mostly in the battle and not being tanky enough to survive in the game. His Deadly Inspiration aura increases the power of his attack on the enemy thus ensuring good harm.

It is in Rodrick’s nature to advance to the frontline for attacking the enemy. So another frontline hero will be the recipient of his skills this frontline hero should be a single attacker in order to ensure an instant kill of the enemy in the battle.


Mireyn has good leadership qualities which have quite a positive impact on the teammates and is also true damage to the enemy and made her place in the B tier of our Blitz rise of heroes tier list. Her qualities and skills resemble a lot of Sigurd however her skills mainly focus on single-target nukes. These skills include Implailing which is a strong single target nuke that weakens the defense of the enemy for 8 seconds.

Mireyn’s Poisoned Dart skill finds an enemy with low health and attacks them with all her stats She can also increase her teammate’s health ensuring their sustainability in the battle. The main reason for placing her in this tier is that it is not that hard to kill her in a battle although her health-increasing skills do help her still she cannot survive long in the game. Mireyn is not a very good option to choose instead of choosing other heroes with a good health pool present in the game.

This is the main reason for placing her in the backline for battle so increase her survival in the game and make full use of her skills if she is in your team.


Niss being a damaged and a good debuffer in the game is overall a decent hero to have on the team. She can perform in deadly fights with all her special skills including fire support. Talking about her skills Plague Ray and Piercing of the Soul can attack and damage the enemy to a good extent. Her aura 1 Fear of Death will mild down the effect of attack of the most dangerous enemy. Aura 2 Dead man’s Flesh gives her reasonable survivability and increases her resistance against damage.

Despite all the above-mentioned auras and skills, she is still placed in the B tier due to some problems which are discussed here. She has good control of all the skills she is hardly a threat to the enemy and is not efficient enough in battle. She is better placed with backline support but still has not impressed the gamers with her skills and comebacks.


Rog-Drog has the main role of a damaged in the game and is much better than the top damaging heroes in the game. His skill Concussion deals with a huge amount of damage to the enemy. The receiver of this damage will suffer a great health loss. Another skill which is the Toothy Club gives an enormous amount of pain to the receiver and weakens his defense.

Rog-Drog can perform well with a good combination of teammates in the early game.


Tromgar is a damaging warrior in the Blitz rise of heroes and is placed in our B tier. He is a simple and good warrior with his damaging skills also his self-preserving skills also allow him to withstand damage and hold a good position in the battle. His first skill is Inferno which enables him to knock down all the enemies who surround him. His skill cuts off a major portion of the health of his enemies in the battle.

He has a very special skill that is Ashen Pheonix makes him steady and able to sustain damage to a great extent. This special skill makes him stand out amongst the other warriors in the game.

Tromgar is a straightforward and good warrior who has special abilities related to his damage and sustainability but lacks some special ability to fight and has not proven effective in single-player fights.


Arzan is also an epic, rouge damager of Blitz rise of heroes. Having a special skill of fighting that is fire strike. His first skill Explosive Arrow yields two times attack damage to the enemy. Another skill of Burning a target sets the enemy on fire for more than 6sec thus affecting his health bar to a good extent.

However, Arzan lacks in certain areas be it low skill level or weak passive skill still is one promising warrior when grouped properly.

All these factors make him a good frontline warrior and can render good damage to the opposition. He is best paired up with Solie and enhances each other’s abilities. He is also good to pair up in an offense-oriented team.


Being the toughest epic big rouge guy in the game, Blitz rise of heroes. Mom-Ghor aims at the entire opposition and levels them up with his epic damaging skills. His skill of Hot Spices allows him to offer good damage to the opposite team and blind the enemy for 3 seconds although the time limits according to the skill of the enemy as well bus still the damage done by this huge guy in the game is enormous enough ensuring his victory in the game.

His Pork Chop is a single target nuke that is strong enough to knock him down. Even applying his first skill he does half the work of the team by doing enough damage to the enemy. With his skill 2, he can stop the enemy from auto-attack thus benefitting the team for a good win.

He is good to be placed as the frontline fighter and make full use of his skills and rendering good damage to the enemy and surviving for a longer period in the game.


A damaged with firepower, Delayra with all her strengths and weaknesses makes it to the B tier of our Blitz rise of heroes tier list. Her skill of Shocking Blow gives good damage to the enemy for 3 seconds and her triple shot bangs him with fire attacks putting him in great health danger. With his Triple Shot, she can bang off the farthest enemy which is a great skill to win the battle.

Also, her passive attack of Allied support, gives her the highest default crit at the very start of the game. There is also a great drawback with this skill that it does not synchronize well with the reality of the battle and requires ideal situations to perform her best. This fact contradicts the reality of a battle.

She can perform very well as a frontier and can render good damage to the opposition. She is also of good support to a keeper-oriented team.

C Tier

bad heroes of the game.
C Tier

The C tier of Blitz rise of heroes tier list consists of some below-average heroes of this game. You can not depend on these heroes if you are playing a single-player game as they are not efficient enough to win a battle. Having said this does not mean that they are completely useless as they do have some interesting skills that can be used as tactics to win a team battle.


A tough epic tank-type warrior in the Blitz rise of heroes. She is one tough hero in the game allowing him to toughen her teammates as well. With her skill of Thunderous Shield, she can give an increase in the defense for 10 seconds to the whole team. All the damage done in this period will be returned to those who dealt with it so is of great benefit to the team.

Her Electric Shock gives good damage focusing single enemy. Her passive ability makes her resistant to damage. She lacks a lot with the tempo of her skills of action, also she is not able to sustain much damage and gets knocked off very early in the game without even getting a chance to cast her full skills.

As discussed above her tempo and ability to perform are very slow conditions so she contributes very less in the win of the battle but still if you have no other options she can take the place of a shock absorber in the field.


Valante can render good damage to the enemy with his sword of undead soldiers and fire attack. She can kill the enemy with her deadly cycle and minion skills but it also depends on the skill of the enemy. With her skill of summoning a Yorton who can fight for a good 20 to 35 seconds. If all the heroes of the enemy are alive Valente can cast her minion to spawn on the enemy she is attacking.

Necrotic touch skill is a hard-hitting skill on a single target which gives him a good amount of damage. Along with all this, she has a passive ability to absorb all the power from her enemy who is dead. Despite these skills, she lacks in the defense area a lot, and somewhere fades out in the run. Her skills are also very time-oriented and depend on the skill of the enemy.

Valante, as mentioned above, is not the first choice for the team but still if you want her in the team you will have to pair her up with Aurelia for better summoning results.


Diamond is an epic supporter in the game and increases the attack potential of the team with his toughness. He lacks in many areas including damaging powers. By using his Retaining skill he can support his teammates by increasing their critical chance. With his Strong shield, he can protect his damaged fellows from further attacks.

By using his passive skill Stronger than Steel he can increase his health by a decent percentage. However, his position in the tier list indicates he lacks in many areas, especially in terms of doing damage to the enemy.

As I said earlier that Durmond has failed to impress with his lack of damaging and offensive skills, he is not considered to be a threat to the enemy and is not taken seriously by the enemy as he is very easy to defeat.


He is damager in the game and burns his enemy into ashes with his burning desire skill. He has a good range of attack and is able to do a good amount of damage to the enemies in the backline. His Ashen Sun skill deals with damaging the enemy to a good extent and by his skill Heat of Terror he can attack the furthest enemy. He is still not good enough with his viability.

Fterag is a hero who can easily be defeated in the game and is not the first choice of the player. It is better to be placed in the backline with Tromgar if you have no other option to choose.

D Tier

Useless heroes of Blitz rise of heroes
D Tier

In this tier of Blitz rise of heroes tier list, I have placed only two characters who according to my research and experience have failed to impress. This tier consists of heroes of the game who are poor in skills and abilities. They also have low health and are not capable of surviving in a multi-target battle. These heroes along with their features are discussed below.


Siana is basically a supporting hero in Blitz rise of heroes. Her main skills function to strengthen the team and heal the wounded members of the team. Her Star map skill helps her to create a buffing zone around his wounded mates helping them to improve their health. With all these skills still, she does not have enough power to survive in the game for long herself as she has no proper offense qualities.

Still, if no other option is available you can keep her as a healer in the backline.


He is a damage-dealing hero of the Blitz rise of heroes. His skill Flood of attack deals with three attacks on one enemy ensuring great damage to the opposing team. His Liquid Plague skill also renders good damage to the already damaged enemy.

If you choose him for any reason in the game you will get to know that he is the one to be knocked out of the game the most easily so is not the best choice for a team.

 How To Use Factions While Choosing Heroes 

Even though, when forming a team in Blitz Rise Of Heroes You might have chosen the best characters from our tier list for 2022 but it would be of no use until you specify their position. Team building in Blitz Rise Of Heroes does not mean going with the most powerful characters like the S-rank heroes in our 2022 tier list. 

For instance, we know that the most powerful heroes are melee fighters. But you cannot build a team of only melee characters.  In other words, you need to consider Elements and the positions of the heroes to make the perfect team. 

Filtering System

Every character has an element and according to that element they can inflict damage to certain factions of the enemy team.  They have different colors. The blue color will deal damage to green, green will damage purple, purple damages red, red will damage blue and yellow damage all of them. 

So you need to build a team with heroes of each element that can fight and match the abilities of the enemy team. Thus if you choose any of the heroes in our tier list, make sure that the hero you choose for that certain element has the best abilities in Blitz Rise Of Heroes to counter the enemy. 

Many players don’t know how to spot factions when choosing Heroes in our tier list for Blitz Rise Of Heroes. For instance, you might have a hero with a red element but you cannot seem to find one.

In that case, you can use the filter where you can select any of the elements and it will filter out all the heroes belonging to that element. An ideal team will have three melee heroes in the front and three ranged heroes in the back of your team. 

To Summarize It All

There you have it! all the 41 heroes of Blitz rise of heroes are ranked in order along with the details about their respective skills and mode of attack in our Blitz rise of heroes tier list. Hope that you are satisfied with our research and ranking as we have done good research in this respect before constructing this tier list for you.

I have managed to rank all the heroes of the game in accordance with their skills and abilities in the five tiers, hope that it is of good help to you. With my intense research on every hero individually by playing them again and again and teaming them up with different heroes who take out the best in them and polish their skills and also good research about all the heroes on the internet to search out their abilities, skills, and auras I came up with this tier list.

Hope my hard work pays off and this tier list is of good help to you in understanding the characters of the game in a better way and teaming them up wisely throughout the complexities of this game. Do let me know in the comment section if this Blitz rise of heroes tier list was of some help to you.

Why Trust Our Ranking?

The main objective of constructing these tier lists is to provide you with accurate information and guideline for making good choices about your favorite category. we have a whole good team of competent writers who are experts in the field they write.

I would like to mention here that our writers despite their expertise do good research for the topics they write on, all these writings are in turn checked and cross-checked by our senior writers to eliminate all chances of errors or flaws. It requires a good deal of time, research, and energy to compile a tier list, we hope that our hard work pays off and this tier list is of some help to you.

I would like to mention here that I and my team have done the ranking after a good amount of research and practice however, it can contradict your opinion about something. This difference in opinion must be due to the fact that we all resonate with things differently, we respect your opinion but I would again like to mention here that our tier lists are not welcome to any kind of criticism.

Blitz rise of heroes tier list
Blitz rise of heroes tier list

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