Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List [2023]

We Will Be Ranking All Of The Weapon Classes In Our Tier List.

In this article, I am back to sharing the most factual Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List on the internet with you guys. The list will mainly focus on the game’s weapon types, a topic with a lot of different opinions.

I appreciate that many of you on this website and reading this article already know what this game is about. However, with Monster Hunter Rise welcoming tons of new hunters into the fray, I want to take the time to answer the question What is Monster Hunter? Perhaps you are someone that has heard of the series but has never taken the time to dive in.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 14 weapon rankings in this article.
  • They are ranked based on the move sets, performance, and usability on the rise.
  • Among the best weapons are the Bow, Great Sword, and Hunting Horn.
  • Joining us in the lower ranks are the Switch Axe, Heavy Bowgun, and Light Bowgun.


Before we officially start the tiers, the table below will give you a quick summary of all the placements.

S RankA RankB RankC Rank
BowGunlanceCharge BladeSwitch Axe
Great SwordSword & ShieldLanceHeavy Bowgun
Hunting HornDual BladesHammerLight Bowgun
Insect Glaive
Long Sword

Read on to learn more.

S Tier

Greatest Weapons of Monster Hunter Rise
S Tier.

S ranking is the first tier of this list and is usually interpreted as “superb” or “super,” It is the highest ranking. This tier of the Monster Hunter Rise weapon tier list consists of great weapons with excellent mobility and incredibly impressive Silkbind attacks and are also favorites among all fandom fans. 


best weapon for beginners
Monster Hunter Rise Bow

Starting, one of my favorite weapons to have in my arsenal and is, of course, the Bow. This is considered to be Monster Hunter Rise’s best weapon for beginners. What I love about the Bow is its incredible mobility which is a natural part of the combat where you level up through dodging to do more damage, or maybe you just parried a blow because you evaded.

In Monster Hunter Rise, the Bow has some incredible new effects and benefits to use and abuse, like the new arc shots that can buff or heal your allies and the Silkbind attacks. The aerial aim is this new tremendous leap straight up into the air, which lets you lose three bursts of arrows, extending your air time on each shot and ending in an arrow plunge attack. The focus shot is the less exciting but still useful leap backward Silkbind land in a crouch and then recover stamina quickly.

The backward leap also provides temporary immunity, so it’s good in a pinch. Lastly, the herculean draw is the all-important damage buff, an attack boost for 30 seconds after using it. Ultimately, a great Bow player manages their stamina well, plays with fire up and close, and makes the most out of their various immunities and evasions naturally tied to the Bow. 

Great Sword

Great Sword
Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword

Moving on to one of the favorite Monter Hunter Rise best solo weapons is the iconic Great Sword. This heavy slab of weapon will sap your mobility in exchange for some of the hardest-hitting attacks found in all of the Monster Hunter Rise.

Now, with the Silkbind attacks and, of course, the Wirebugs in general. The slower movement of the Great Sword and lacking mobility are addressed pretty well in Monster Hunter Rise, giving you the option to fly through the air and position quickly at a moment’s notice. The Silkbind attacks are as follows. Power Sheathe a quick dash forward before an attack buff on all of your following attacks during super important before you do your main hits.

Hunting edge will help the slow movement by leaping forward and choosing between a powerful charge slash or a plunging thrust from a pie. Lastly, the adamant charge slash is a Great Sword user’s dream, lending you a dash forward before doing a charged slash. Still, your body hardens to ignore any incredibly awesome knockdowns during this. In conclusion, the Great Sword makes for a Monster Hunter Rise best weapon for beginners because it is pretty easy to pick up and play with. Still, a master Great Sword player makes the fight look like art and takes a lot less time unleashing hell from carefully positioned spots bashing through damage, and landing the biggest single hits in the Monster Hunter Rise.

Hunting Horn

Hunting Horn buff machine
Monster Hunter Rise Hunting Horn

Speaking of blunt weapons, now let’s talk about the Hunting Horn, which grew massively in Monster Hunter Rise weapon popularity. The Hunting Horn is a buff machine, a weapon combined with an instrument. You play out different notes to various combinations to let your songs ring out, and these can be beneficial damage buffs, defense buffs, health recovery, and more for you and your time while bonking like crazy.

In Monster Hunter Rise, the Hunting Horn became more aggressive and easier to use alongside extra flashy attacks with the new Silkbind stuff. The slide beat spins you forward, ignoring any knockback swinging and slamming attacks while ending in a performance for a status boost which is super strong.

Earthshaker is the most astonishing Silkbind attack, in my opinion, in all of Monster Hunter Rise, attaching a stake to the monster and then blasting a sonic wave through that Wirebug to blow it away and break its eardrums. Lastly, the awkward bead of resonance places a wire bug cocoon that plays out melodies your hunter is playing and does a bit of sonic wave damage to the enemy nearby. In conclusion, the Hunting horn in Monster Hunter Rise is exceptionally favorable. Not only does it look so more remarkable now. It also made the weapon more approachable for new users. 

A Tier

Prominent Weapons of Monster Hunter Rise
A Tier.

A-tier is an above-average tier where I placed the Monster Hunter Rise weapons, which are the best but lack some qualities and impact the game regarding their output damage compared to the above weapons in the Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List. Some of the weapons in this list could be an S-tier for many fans as it is subjective. 


Monster Hunter Rise Gunlance

Now let’s talk about Gunlance. The ridiculous combination of cannon and Lance to blast monsters between its Lance and Shield. You can block most incoming blows safely and retaliate with swing combos while continuously shelling out explosions to blow the monster away with much lower mobility than the Lance. However, the Gunlance boasts a wide selection of point-blank blasts with a considerable impact, one of the most astonishing attacks in the game, and the Wyvern fire shot.

The Silkbind attacks in Rise are as follows. The guard edge that guards you against all attacks. You would generate some weapon sharpness if it is during though and can follow up with specific attacks. Hail cutter is the more flashy leap up with a rising strike and come back down with the overhead slam and even end it with a blast which reduces the cooldown of wyvern’s fire which is very important. Lastly, a ground splitter has you dash forward and jump up into an attack. You heat the barrel during this, which buffs the damage of your shells and shots and wyvern fire.

In conclusion, Gunlance is much like the Lance and provides a different play style in Monster Hunter Rise to try. It helps you not worry about evading and going toe-to-toe, but you have a vast cannon this time. Gun Lance is considered the most skilled weapon in the Monster Hunter Rise weapon skills category. So, I will put Gunlance in the A-tier.

Sword & Shield

 Sword & Shield
Monster Hunter Rise Sword & Shield

Sword and Shield are extraordinarily versatile and forgiving. Sword and Shield is a good option for a new player for many reasons, but they also have in-depth options that a great player can use as an easy-to-understand weapon.

It has the following skills in Monster Hunter Rise. Falling shadow is a leaping attack that one hit can lead to an extra leap up and then a shield bash from up high, which is excellent for evasion or even gap closing. Windmill, one of the first Silkbind we ever saw in the series, swings the blade around at the end of the Silk for a wide range multi-attack here. You are even ignoring monster attacks at the start of this cast. Metsu Shoryugeki is the leaping attack using your Shield to uppercut the monster. You can also perform a perfect guard if timed well, which will counter the attack and increase the damage you do.

As I said, though, this is an easy weapon to pick up and understand with great options for a new player like healing without putting your weapon away and masterful options like the perfect guard to make the weapon sick. Swords and Shields have some of the lowest average damage values, but they excel in other areas, such as inducing status ailments. So, I had to place Sword and Shield in the A-Tier of the Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List for these reasons.

Dual Blades

Dual Blades best Monster Hunter Rise weapon
Monster Hunter Dual Blades

Dual Blades has the best Monster Hunter Rise weapon combos, and this is the first weapon that I main on PC. This duo of blades provides the hunter with some of the best mobility in the game alongside some of the fastest attacks and massive combos. It is a stamina goblin, though extremely powerful in the right hands. Accompanied with Dual blades, you enter the demon mode and watch as your stamina begins to drain while you are also powered up with better evasion and bigger combos. If you attack during this, you will power up the blades and be able to enter arch demon mode.

The Piercing Bind skillbind attack that sticks a kunai into the monster, which will blow up for some damage after a period, but if you attack while it is attached, you will increase the damage that explosion will do. Tower Vault provides the extra aerial movement launching up into the air after landing a blow, and then we can do all our different aerial attack options from up here. A shrouded vault is the absolute dream of a counterattack for Dual Blades. It launches forward and triggers your retaliation if hit during, and you will spin an attack simultaneously. It is super cool to have that as a Dual Blades user.

My conclusion on Dual Blades is that they are easy to pick up and use, but a master Dual Blades player will show you this onslaught of never-ending blows while flowing around the monster. So, for all these good Silkbind attacks and pretty exciting combos, I have to place Dual Blades in the A-Tier.

Insect Glaive

Insect Glaive
Monster Hunter Rise Insect Glaive

Moving on, let’s talk about the Insect Glaive, which is the aerial hunter’s dream, especially in Monster Hunter Rise. At face value, the Insect Glaive is quite complicated. You have your Kinsect to manage and then ground or aerial combat mix. Using the Kinsect, you just aim for specific parts of monsters to get different benefits.

The Kinsect will return with a different color based on where you hit, giving you a buff. Red increases the attack power, white increases movement speed, and orange even provides knockback protection during specific attacks. These buffs also enhance your move set, so you must manage and maintain them at all times.

It’s Silkbind attacks are incredibly cool. Silkbind vault has you leap forward with a jumping slash, an advancing slash, or mid-air evade, providing excellent fight mobility. Recall Kinsect calls your Kinsect back while also having you dodge that Kinsect then provides healing on its way back and recovers its stamina entirely upon its return. Finally, the diving wyvern is the combat Silkbind drawn down into a dive by pulling a Wirebug from the air. You plunge at tremendous speed like a dragoon for significant damage to a specific impact area.

Overall, the Insect Glaive remains one of the most remarkable and freest feeling weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. The ability to fly and fight targets any body party. Evade in unique ways to this weapon is fantastic. It may be intimidating at first with its different aspects, but it is pretty smooth once you understand it, so I will put Inspect Glaive in the A-Tier.

Long Sword

Long Sword Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword

In Monster Hunter Rise, the Long Sword has become more effective and way more straightforward than the classic parry style play using iframes to avoid attacks as they are about to land and then return with your powerful strikes level any beast. Long Sword comes with the simple system of leveling up your Sword to increase its damage through various combos or various parries.

Then you spend it all with either a powerful Silkbind counter or, more likely, the iconic helm splitter attack where you leap up into the air and slam down with a world-splitting slice. Even more decisive in Monster Hunter Rise, though, because the mobility of helm splitters leap and then how you go up in the air and come back down even faster now makes you less vulnerable for less time, not to mention with the parrying we now have better quick sheath so we can parry even more accessible too.

The long Sword has been one of the most popular weapons for a long time, perhaps due to how flashy and easy it is to pick up. However, masterful players like I have the record speed running times with perfect parries back to back for insane control of the monster. In addition to that, with the Monster Hunter Rise changes, it is even more potent and easier to use with more options where you might need them, so even the devs have started to say new players should try the Long Sword.

I consider Long Sword an effective weapon in Monster Hunter Rise that you can enjoy if you have enjoyed any version of Long Sword from a previous game, even if the helm breaker is not your style, so I will put it in the A-Tier of the Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List.

B Tier

Average Weapons of Monster Hunter Rise
B Tier.

The B-tier is an average tier where I placed those weapons with decent output damage and some improvements in the weapon’s mechanics compared to previous installments. This tier includes three weapons from the Monster Hunter Rise franchise, mainly those with decent Silkbind, and are extremely useful in traveling around the Monster Hunter world.

Charge Blade

Charge Blade
Monster Hunter Rise Charge Blade

Moving on to our next weapon is the Charge Blade, often referred to as the swiss army knife weapon. Charge Blade is considered a Monster Hunter Rise weapon combo. It is a morphing Sword and Shield that turns into a two-handed Axe. Charge Blade is very easy to overcomplicate an explanation so I will keep this simple.

The weapon is a flashy and satisfying powerhouse when played right but intimidating to a newer user because it’s a bit complicated. Considerably, the Silkbind attacks, though, are as follows. Morphing advance pulls you forward while transforming to Axe mode, during which you are entirely immune to knockback and stuns. Counter peak performance is a beneficial guard and protects you from any attack.

In conclusion, the charge blade suits a jack of all trades player who likes to have it all with multiple weapons in one, like the ability to guard and parry while also being able to deal powerful flashy attacks when the time is right. Henceforth, Charge Blade is the most versatile weapon in the game, and because of its extraordinary Silkbind attacks, I have to place it in the B-Tier.


Hunter Rise Lance
Monster Hunter Rise Lance

Speaking of heavier weapons, it is time to talk about the Lance, which is considered the highest Monster Hunter Rise weapon skill and boasts a powerful shield. The Lance can easily take on incoming blows, never really backing down or worrying about evading. This is the ultimate charging weapon, though, where you can sprint around and plunge your Lance deep into the monster. It has solid reach, meaning you can easily poke and stab any monster part you are aiming for, and it is surprisingly mobile thanks to the Wirebug movement and the new Silkbind options.

The Lance is quite simple in a concept that is easy to pick up and play. Simple combos with tremendous reach and angles of attack. The better Lance players will use their attacks to correctly position during combos maintaining their uptime despite any onslaught being thrown at them. In Monster Hunter Rise, it sorts of feels like some of the changes are contradictory to the base concept of Lance me.

It is all about constant onslaught, and a lot of new Switch skills and modifications to the weapon seem to benefit a much slower and more methodical playstyle that, while enjoyable, does not quite match with how I view Lance, so for that, I will put Lance in the B-Tier.


The KO-inducing Hammer
Monster Hunter Rise Hammer

Continuing with our big weapons, it is time to talk about the Hammer. The KO-inducing Hammer loves to bonk heads for some big numbers, just like the Greatsword. It is sort of the ultimate blunt weapon.

You will charge up the attacks to unleash various blows based on your movement and charge level. Still, you can charge while moving, which is fantastic, so careful positioning and maybe hit and run tactics are great for Hammer users who must commit to long combos or slow swings, leaving them vulnerable during but since you are bonking heads. The monster will often be stunned or even knocked down, which gives you free rein to bonk to your heart’s content.

The new Silkbind attacks are incredible. The impact crater is a satisfying leap up to where you hit multiple times and then drop with a crater creating a smash. Spinning bludgeon has you charge up while pulling on a Wirebug before letting it launch you forward, spinning like a human Beyblade.

Lastly, the dash breaker has you attack while dashing forward, ignoring any damage so that a well-timed dash breaker can be pretty clutch. In conclusion, the Hammer is easy to pick up and play and suitable for a new player who is learning the game and wants to use a hit-and-run style. A master, though, knows the ins and outs of every monster to be abusing continuously. Consequently, I will put Hammer in the B-Tier of the Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List.

C Tier

Below-Average Weapons of Monster Hunter Rise
C Tier.

The C-tier is a below-average tier where I placed most of those Monster Hunter Rise weapons that are not somewhat stronger and relatively not easy to pick up.

Switch Axe

Hunter Rise Switch Axe
Monster Hunter Rise Switch Axe

Let’s move on to the Switch Axe, another transforming weapon in the set where you swap from a huge Axe to a giant Sword. The Switch Axe combines two heavy weapons into one. The Axe is the more mobile option of the two, with wide swings to make use of, while the Sword, on the other hand, is much more static but with big heavy hits and big combos.

You build up your gauge in Axe mode to swap to the Sword to unleash attacks and build up the awakening gauge. When that is full starts to discharge the file effects and leads to the iconic zero-sum discharge. Latching onto our monster when that sword gauge is full before blasting the face to bits.

The weapon’s actual value lies in its diversity with two diverse forms and combinations that bind the two kinds together. Instead of rolling to avoid danger, the Switch Axe includes a short stride to the side that allows the user to stay concentrated on his assault while staying out of harm’s way. This is a builder spender at its core, and the Silkbind attacks provide some utility to help with the longer animations of the weapon. I find the Switch Axe easy to pick up and play in theory but quite hard to use in the reality of combat without getting struck in those long animations so I will place it in the C-Tier.

Heavy Bowgun

Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun

Let’s start talking about guns at first, especially Heavy Bowgun. How I would describe this strange weapon like a machine gunner or a hand cannon is up to you. The slow-moving powerhouse that fights at the range has a long list of ammo types, having you drop cluster bombs on a target. Shoot shotgun-like shells or ps damage to get straight for a long enemy. Maybe you want to use status elements depending on the weakness of that monster.

In Monster Hunter Rise, you can charge up your shots for an even more significant effect, so you got lots of options. Unlike the light version, it trades mobility for defense, so it can guard or unleash one of two super moves when you have built up enough that is wyvern heart or wyvern sniper depending on what you choose to bring. The Silkbind attacks give it some options to help with that, so bind glide lets you dash in a direction to do a quick attack or a tight sheath to get out of there. The counter shot is the counterattack giving you immunity to any attack and then retaliate with a powerful shot upon success. 

The Heavy Bowgun is the heavy-hitting slow-moving beefcake of the Bowguns and is relatively easy to use but certainly takes skill to avoid hits in combat. I run into the same problem as I did with Light Bowgun. For whatever reasons, I find these weapons inherently less satisfying to play. That said, given that I still recognize all of the strong points of those weapons and how you can use them. So, I will place Heavy Bowgun along with its counterpart in the C-Tier.

Light Bowgun

Light Bowgun
Monster Hunter Rise Light Bowgun

The Light Bowgun is a bow that allows you to run at a standard speed. It does not have as much firepower as its bigger counterpart and small stature. Because of its quick mobility and reloading speed, most hunters favor light Bowguns. Light Bowguns are often simple to construct and master. There are a few monsters that are easier to kill using the Bowgun. The Light Bowgun can be simple while allowing the user to maneuver freely during combat. Bowguns, on the other hand, are limited in the rounds they may use. It’s ideal to choose a Bowgun that fires the type of bullet that will substantially damage your adversary.

The Silkbind attacks help even more. The Silkbind glide has you gliding forward before doing a close shot. The fanning vault is incredibly cool. You vault up into the air and then fire from above or reload while moving or drop wyvern blast like you are a human Bazel Bomber. Lastly, the fanning maneuver lets you swing and slide wide life or suitable for tremendous mobility, all while firing, letting you evade and attack simultaneously. It even buffs your attack power, so it is so strong.

Coupled with I would suggest this as an excellent option for a new player with its many options, excellent mobility, and consistent DPS, and it is hugely meta in the end game, so you cannot hate that. Under those circumstances, I have to place Light Bowgun in the C-Tier. I am not a ranged player as much as a melee player, with the Bow being my primary weapon even then.

Patch Notes Ver.14.0.0

The following changes have been made in the latest patch Ver.14.0.0.

  • New Monsters, Weapons, Skills, and Armor have been added to the game.
  • The level cap for armor upgrades has been increased.
  • The prize pool in the Market’s Lottery has been increased.
  • The level cap for Anomaly Investigations has also been increased.


Monster Hunter Rise weapon tier lsit

One of my abilities is to waste a significant amount of time analyzing how great certain weapons are. I have decided to use this ability to create what I believe may be the most definitive Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List on the entire internet. 

Obviously, I took this list exceptionally seriously, with every tier. Let me know what you guys thought in the comments down below. If you have read through the entire list, you are undoubtedly the biggest Monster Hunter fan. I hope that was useful or interesting, and that you agree with my rankings. If you do not, it’s okay. We are all part of the same fandom, and we all resonate with the weapons differently. Thank you!

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Monster Hunter World: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tree?

By speaking with the blacksmith in Kamura Village, you may see if you’ve unlocked the next-tier weapon in your weapon tree. Select the option to Forge/Upgrade your weapon. Here you’ll discover a list of all the weapons that can be crafted. When you examine the weapon trees, you’ll see that the weapons are arranged in ascending order to the right. You will be given the most basic weaponry when you first start playing the game. As you go through the game, you will access different weaponry. As you progress, these weapons get more powerful and expensive.

How to unlock Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tree?

At the start of monster hunter games, there are various undiscovered weapons. It would be best if you got the item’s core material to unlock them. When you hear the phrase “core material,” it implies you must get the item associated with that weapon category. For example, to access Magnamalo weaponry, you must first collect a Magnamalo substance.

How to Sheate weapon fast in Monster Hunter Rise?

In Monster Hunter Rise, you will be forced to sheath your weapon for various purposes. Unless the weapon is sheathed, several things in the game will not work. As a result, you should be aware of it as soon as you begin the game. In Monster Hunter Rise, there isn’t much you need to do to put your weapon away, but there is a catch. It’s the same from bottom to sheath weapon and equips the item. The distinction is that you must hit Y once to sheath a weapon but to consume or equip items, you must hold the Y. There are a couple of additional options for sheathing the weapon. One of them is to run. The firearm is immediately placed away in the holster when you run into the game while holding the R button. Certain armors in the game have the Quick Sheath Skill, which further speeds up the procedure. In addition, as compared to lighter weapons like the Bow or Dual Blades, larger weapons like the Great Sword and Hammer have a slower sheathing speed.

How many weapons types are in Monster Hunter Rise?

Speaking of weapons, there are 14 different weapons types for you to choose from. Sword and Shield, Dual Blades, Long Sword, Great Sword, Hammer, Hunting Horn, Lance, Gunlance, Switch Axe, Charge Blade, Insect Glaive, Bow, Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun. Each Monster you hunt, there are typically variations of most if not all of these weapons. So, within your favorite weapon type, there will be tons of opinions for you to choose from tons of weapons to craft, and what is more, you are not bound by your weapon choice.