Bloodborne Tier List: All Weapons Ranked

In Our Bloodborne Tier list, We Will Be Ranking All The Weapons In The Game.

The topic for today’s article is the Bloodborne tier list, where I will rank all of the weapons in the game. Each weapon supports the different gaming styles of the player and the fighting tactics. These weapons have multiple uses that make the fight more efficient, and players must select a combination of gear that matches their playing style and preferences. 

You can carry two weapons in each hand and switch between them with the press of a button. Trick Weapons, which are mostly melee oriented, will be held predominantly in the right hand, while guns will be held in the left. These Trick Weapons also have two modes: normal and altered, which vary widely based on the weapon. Firearms serve different purposes completely. Some launch high-damaging single-target shells, while others launch a swarm of bullets that paralyze foes. If you wish to bypass a few quest lines, you can get about 80% of the weapons early in the game. However, if you choose this route, you may gain access to other helpful things. Let us go through some key points before starting the main article.

Key Points

  • Our article ranks all the weapons of Bloodborne based on their, strength, scaling, reach, and upgradability.
  • There are a total of 34 entries in the article.
  • The best weapons in the game include the Whirligig Saw, Ludwig’s Holy Blade, the Hunter Pistol, the Repeating Pistol, and Evelyn.
  • Among the worst weapons in the game, you will find the Beast Claw, Reiterpallasch, Tonitrus, Simon’s Bowblade, and the Church Cannon.


The table below ranks all melee and ranged weapons in the game.

Tier RankMelee WeaponsGuns
S Tier‹ Whirligig Saw
‹ Saw Cleaver
‹ Holy Moonlight Sword
‹ Ludwig’s Holy Blade
‹ Cannon
‹ Gatling Gun
‹ Hunter Pistol
‹ Repeating Pistol
A Tier‹ Saw Spear
‹ Rakuyo
‹ Hunter Axe
‹ Burial Blade
‹ The Sword of Compassion
‹ Beasthunter Saif
‹ Hunter Blunderbuss
‹ Evelyn
B Tier‹ Chikage
‹ Church Pick
‹ Bloodletter
‹ Amygdalan Arm
‹ Boom Hammer
‹ Ludwig’s Rifle
‹ Piercing Rifle
C Tier‹ Logarius’ Wheel
‹ Kirkhammer
‹ Simon’s Bowblade
‹ Stake Driver
‹ Cane with Threads
‹ Tonitrus
‹ Church Cannon
D Tier‹ Reiterpallasch
‹ Beast Cutter
‹ Beast Claw
‹ Rifle Spear

You can learn about each entry in more detail below.

Melee Weapons

In the current section of the article, we will be listing all of the melee weapons in the game.

S Tier

Bloodborne Melee Weapons tier list S tier
S Tier.

The S rank of the Bloodborne weapon tier list consists of the best arms in the entire game. These weapons have significant importance in the game as they are the strongest.

Whirligig Saw

The Whirligig Saw is a potent trick weapon that, when activated, morphs into a buzzsaw mounted on a stick and does repeated damage. However, the longer you spin the buzzsaw, the more stamina it drains from you. It is the weapon included in the Old Hunter downloadable content pack, including two distinct types of gem sloth.

In addition to the standard version of Whirligig Saw, we also have this game’s Uncanny and Lost versions. Everything about them, except the jewel sloth, works and looks the same. The mace does outstanding damage, but the changed form employs the enormous buzzsaw to cut down foes. You can use the Long-range Mace or attach it to the Buzz saw to do moderate damage more slowly.

Saw Cleaver

The Cleaver is a trick weapon that can convert from a saw into a cleaver with an extended blade. The weapon is classified as a Serrated weapon, which causes an extra twenty percent damage to ferocious bosses, the Watchdog of the Old Lords, and a wide variety of other foes that are vulnerable to Serrated Damage.

Saw Cleaver’s serrated damage can only be activated in its raw form while the player handles it. Saw Cleaver, along with most other weapons, carries three imprints: Normal, Uncanny, and Lost. It has a unique stat which is equal parts Rally and regains. When you quickly attack after taking damage, you might experience a fast and limited recovery of some of your health.

Holy Moonlight Sword

Bloodborne has a unique trick weapon known as the Holy Moonlight Sword, which debuted with the Old Hunter DLC installment and its other two crystal imprints. When players have reached a certain level in Arcane and Strength, it transforms from a one-handed Greatsword into a two-handed Moonlight Greatsword, which can do significant damage. 

Ludwig’s Holy Blade

The weapon has the ability to morph into both a regular sword and a greatsword. The scabbard with Ludwig’s Holy Blade may be used as a greatsword in its own right, however, if the player detaches the sword from the scabbard, they can use it like a regular blade.

Because it provides fifty percent more damage to opponents who are weak to Righteous, Ludwig’s Holy Blade is a very useful weapon to use against these foes. Normal ones can be purchased for 20,000 echoes. At the same time, Uncanny Holy Blades are obtained by crafting components on Cursed and Defiled Root Chalices, and Lost Holy Blades are obtained by crafting components on Sinister Isz Root Chalices. Normal ones can also be obtained by crafting materials on Sinister Isz Root Chalices.

A Tier

Bloodborne Melee Weapons tier list A tier
A Tier.

The A rank of the Bloodborne tier list includes all those melee weapons that are great but somewhat lower in abilities than the ones in the S tier.

Saw Spear 

A gimmick weapon that can switch between a saw and a spear and vice versa. The Saw Spear is a member of the sub-group of jagged weapons, which deliver increased damage to heavy beast foes and bosses.

Once you have obtained the Saw Hunter Badge, the Saw Spear will be available. If you talk to them, you can purchase the Saw Spear from the Bath Messengers for a price of multitudes of Blood Echoes. Attacks with the Saw Spear are more similar to those of a sword since slashing motions are used rather than thrusting. When turned into a spear, the weapons have an extended range of motion.


This one is a fascinating weapon since the sword, which comes in short and long variants, more or less depicts the hands of a clock. Rakuyo can transform into a dual-wielding sword and dagger in addition to its original form as a twin-bladed weapon.

In the dual wield mode, gamers can continually switch between thrusting and swinging until their stamina runs out; however, in the twin blade mode, players have access to a range of strikes that combine light and heavy assaults in combinations.

Hunter Axe 

A standard Hunter Axe has a greater attack range when converted to an extended axe. It can be transformed from a standard-sized axe into a longer version of itself, which is the weapon’s secret ability. You can use the weapon right from the start of the game. If you cannot do so, you will be able to get the axe from the Messengers when you have earned the Saw Hunter Badge.

Burial Blade

The Burial Blade is a convex sword that can be converted into a large scythe with both hands simultaneously. In contrast to the Greatsword, it can be quickly wielded with either one or two hands without sacrificing speed. After obtaining the Old Hunter Badge from Gehrman, you can bypass the merchant and purchase the Burial Blade from him directly for the price of sixty thousand Blood Echoes.

The objective of the Burial Blade is to eradicate a horde of foes, and that is the motivation for the weapon’s trade-off of attack damage for increased speed and area reach. Utilizing the weapon effectively will allow you to put enough distance between yourself and a large group of adversaries.

The Sword of Compassion

The Blade of Mercy is a rapid weapon that deals possible harm if the player performs maneuverability such as a sprint, backstep, or fast and makes a heavy attack while converting the blade. These maneuvers include quick-stepping, sprinting, and backstepping. The sword may be used with one hand or converted into a weapon with two blades so that it can be used with two people.

After receiving the Crow Huter Badge, you can buy the Blade of Mercy for the standard price of forty thousand Blood Echoes, just like any other Bloodborne weapon. Because of the Rally/Restore condition which comes with the weapon, the Blade of Mercy may also be used to recover health while it is being used for its fast assaults.

Beasthunter Saif

The Old Hunters downloadable content expansion pack for Bloodborne includes a new weapon called Beasthunter Saif. Beast hunter Saif can be converted from a long weapon into a long curved sword, much as Saw Cleaver can. However, unlike Saw Cleaver, the item already has a longer range while it is in its normal form. You will need to go to Hunter’s Nightmare and beat the Saif hunter there to get the Beasthuter Saif. 

B Tier

Bloodborne melee weapons B tier
B Tier.

The B tier of the melee weapon rankings contains those arms that have a decent impact in the game but are considered to be absolutely average.


In Bloodborne, the Chikage is a specific sort of katana blade that does significant blood damage when used in its changed state. Chikage inflicts blood loss damage with its frenzies strikes, similar to any other Samurai weapon in the Beings game, although it can only be used in that capacity when held with both hands.

The sword may be obtained from Messenger after entering the Cainhurst Vilebloods agreement for a price of fifty thousand blood echoes. Chikage is only available to those who have joined the covenant.

Church Pick 

The Church Pick is a new weapon in The Old Hunter DLC expansion pack. It is a thrusting blade that does the Righteous damage type. Because of that, the weapon damages the Beast’s foes and other creatures vulnerable to the blood jewels used by the Beasthunter.

Church Pick’s thrust sword strike is the quickest one available and has the potential to do an extra twenty percent damage. Additionally, you have the ability to change your blade into a Pick that has a significant reach.

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Bloodletter is a fancy weapon that can turn from a one-handed mace into a two-handed rising sun filled with blood. However, the transformation will cost you a substantial chunk of your health. Bloodletter was included in Bloodborne as a downloadable content (DLC) pack.

After dispatching Brador within the Underground jail, you can acquire Bloodletter. However, to access the Brador cell, you will need to get the key to the inner chamber of the subterranean cell.

Amygdalan Arm

The Amygdalan Arm is a weapon that requires strong development and has a sluggish yet hefty attack. A trick weapon that functions like a club but can be turned into a scythe-like weapon using elegant maneuvers. The club may be transformed into a scythe-like weapon.

When wielded as a scythe, the blade may be swung like a flail, allowing various attack combinations. This gives the weapon a greater reach. At the very end of the blood river cave next to Hunter’s Nightmare, you’ll locate the Amygdalan Arm.

Boom Hammer

The Boom Hammer is a weapon with a sluggish swing that will do physical damage in addition to fire damage. The weapon has a tiny furnace connected to its rear, and once it is lit, it can do extra fire damage in addition to its normal output. And we must not overlook the fact that it is explosive, which causes further physical harm.

Imprints are variations of the same weapon, and Boom Hammer has three. These imprints are identical except for the gem slots, which may be either weird, missing, or normal. However, after a particular mission has been completed, the Messengers will have all three available for purchase.

C Tier

Bloodborne melee weapons C tier
C Tier.

The C rank of the Bloodborne weapon tier list has melee weapons that are average in their performance. Players mostly ignore them as they have no specific perks to them.

Logarius’ Wheel

The enormous wheel known as Logarius’ Wheel primarily enhances a player’s Strength and Esoteric build. During its transformation, the Logarius Wheel’s strength is altered in such a way as to reduce the compensation for increased arcane damage. You have the ability to have an additional two hundred percent of arcane damage, provided that your arcane base damage is increased by twenty.

After acquiring the Wheel Hunter Badge, you can talk to the Messengers about purchasing Logarius’ Wheel from them for the price of thirteen thousand Blood Echoes.


One of the weapons that healing church hunters typically use, which designates it as a Righteous weapon and grants it the ability to deal fifty percent more damage to foes that are susceptible to damage from Righteous weapons.

The Kirkhammer can transform into a sword or a hefty hammer at will. Its primary form is a hammer. When the hold of the hammer is inserted into the sword’s sheath, the weapon converts into a giant hammer that can be wielded with both hands. The Rally and Regain stats on the Kirkhammer allow players to rapidly heal themselves by delivering a swift invasion after taking damage.

Simon’s Bowblade

The only weapon which can transform from a one-handed dagger into a bow is Simon’s Bowblade, which he uses to fight with. Simon, one of the first Ability to heal Church hunters, decided he didn’t like the idea of using firearms, so the vendor gave him a sword that could transform into a bow and deal damage at a distance when it was in that form. 

You can start charging your bow strike to knock your opponents down and then go in for the kill with a visceral attack. In comparison, the damage dealt by the blade is proportional to its level of physical damage, while the damage dealt by the bow is proportional to the level of venous tinge damage dealt by the weapon.

Stake Driver 

The gloves of the Stake Driver are intended for use as leather gloves, but the weapons also consist of a short spear that protrudes from the front of the gloves. Due to the close quarters of the fight, it can be challenging to use certain weapons effectively.

Even though the transformation of Stake Driver isn’t particularly noticeable with the weapon, it still has one. You will receive a number of different move sets and an increase in damage. The Stake Driver has the capacity to deal an extraordinary amount of damage to adversaries and monsters when it has the fullest charge. The Rally and Regain stats of the weapon can be scaled.

Cane with Threads

There are two different uses for the threaded Cane. The first one is a standard attack that inflicts an additional thirty percent of damage on foes vulnerable to righteous damage. When transformed into a whip, it deals an additional twenty percent of damage to foes vulnerable to weapons with serrated edges.

Threaded Cane is capable of both slashing and thrusting attacks, based on the type of attack you are currently using. The Messengers will give you this weapon at the start of the game as a present. 


The Tonitrus is a one-handed weapon that resembles a mace. The only weapon in Bloodborne that have bolt damage built into it and does not need the usage of Bolt paper to activate it. The weapon does not have the ability to convert into its other form. Instead, it provides a temporary increase to its own damage output in the form of bolt damage. Tonitrus has the ability to Rally and Regain stats as well.

To be able to buy the Tonitrus, you will require the Spark Hunter Badge, which you will get after completing the quest to slay Darkbeast Paarl.

D Tier

Bloodborne weapons tier list D tier of melee weapons
D Tier.

The D tier has the absolutely worst melee weapons in the game. These are really bad, and the players should refrain from selecting them.


The Reiterpallash is a unique and exciting weapon, but mastering its usage may be challenging. It has a quick and light strike as well as a strong, powerful sweeping assault that is useful when confronted by a large number of foes. Players have the ability to both slash and fire with the weapon due to the fact that it is a mix of a rapier and a bayonet rifle.

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Beast Cutter

The Beast Cutter is a one-handed tool that has the ability to convert from a sword with an intricate design to a long-range whip. The scaling of Beast Cutter is D on strength, and it is even a Serrated weapon and increases damage to foes classified as beasts.

Beast Claw

The Beast Claw is a long weapon held in the dominant hand while being used. When a changed mode is activated, it causes your other arm to take on the appearance of a werewolf and takes the shape of a massive claw. If you have the Beast’s Embrace rune equipped, you can execute an attack variant that does greater damage.

Rifle Spear

To mimic the Reiterpallasch, this weapon has a bayonet affixed to its spear in the same manner as the Cainhurst weapon. The silver bullets are fired while it is in its changed phase. After receiving the Powder Keg Hunter Badge, the Messengers will sell the Rifle Spear for 4,000 blood echoes. 


Now in the next section of the article, we will exclusively be ranking all of the firearms in the game.

S Tier

S Tier Bloodborne guns tier list
S Tier.

The S rank of the Bloodborne tier list contains the best guns in the entire game. These weapons have significant importance as they are the strongest.


The Cannon is the most powerful weapon in the game, and most enemies can be killed with just one shot. As of patch v1.03, each use will use up to 12 Quicksilver Bullets. That is to make up for the fact that it does so much damage. Bone Marrow Ash can do more damage and make it more likely to kill the target in one hit. The weapon shines in PVP, where players can kill other hunters as easily as any other monster. It will be much harder because people tend to avoid and attack players who use the gun in PVP.

Gatling Gun

To use the Gatling Gun, you need a lot of Strength and a modest amount of Skill, but many players who focus on Strength builds think it’s worth it. It will, unfortunately, use up a huge number of Quicksilver Bullets. If you hold down the trigger, the gun will fire about four times with each quicksilver bullet. The rate at which the Gatling Gun uses bullets is similar to that of the Flamesprayer and the Rosmarinus, which also uses a steady stream of bullets.

It does a significant amount of damage and is best used against NPC hunters, whose AI won’t be able to stop them from falling over and dying. The Bloody Crow of Cainhurst is the same way.

Hunter Pistol

The Hunter Pistol is a gun often employed by hunters because of its versatility, and because of its high rate of fire, it is more suited than shotguns for engaging adversaries that move quickly. It may not have nearly the same firepower or the ability to stun the Hunter Blunderbuss, but it makes up for that shortcoming by having a greater firing rate and a longer range.

Repeating Pistol

Each shot from the Repeating Pistol takes two Quicksilver Bullets. Even though the weapon’s Bloodtinge scaling isn’t as good as the Evelyn’s, it does more destruction, making it the strong pistol in the game, but it uses twice as much ammo. It still fires as quickly and far as other pistols.

The gun is less effective for staggering and better at doing straight damage. It is already dangerous for players with low Bloodtinge, but it gets even more dangerous as Bloodtinge goes up.

A Tier

A Tier Bloodborne weapons tier list
A Tier.

The A rank of the Bloodborne weapon tier list includes all those guns that are great but somewhat lower in abilities than the ones in the S tier.

Hunter Blunderbuss

The Hunter Blunderbuss uses 1 Quicksilver Bullet per shot. But it spreads the shot out in a way that looks like a shotgun. The weapon can stun and knock back multiple enemies at once because of how far it can reach.

Most of the time, the blunderbuss does less damage per shot than the pistol because many of the shots will miss. However, the blunderbuss can do more harm when upgraded to a higher level. It doesn’t shoot as fast as the Hunter Pistol.


The best way to describe Evelyn is to compare it to the Hunter Pistol you start with. It’s the very same gun with identical overall stats. The only differences are that this pistol’s base damage is much lower, and its scaling is much greater.

That means it is a pistol for players who want to concentrate on Bloodtinge. And sure enough, the Evelyn will do more damage than the Hunter Pistol after you reach level 20 in Bloodtinge. But no matter what build you use, the Repeating Pistol always does the most damage and costs the most per trigger pull.

B Tier

B Tier bloodborne tier list.
B Tier

The B tier of guns contains the firearms that have a decent impact in the game, they are also pretty average.

Ludwig’s Rifle

The range of Ludwig’s Rifle is equivalent to that of the Hunter Pistol, and its spread is equivalent to that of the Hunter Blunderbuss. However, the rate of firing is much reduced with this one. However, for it to do its maximum amount of damage, it must be used up close. And until you reach level 30 of Bloodtinge, it is the most powerful weapon of the Blunderbuss variety. After reaching that stage, the Hunter Blunderbuss will be your most effective weapon. So as a result, builds with a low Bloodtinge should prioritize using Ludwig’s Rifle.

Piercing Rifle

The Piercing Rifle is a larger version of the Hunter Pistol, with the added bonus of having exceptional penetration. As was already said, it has almost the same stats and scaling as the Hunter Pistol, but it shoots and reloads faster than Ludwig’s Rifle.

That makes it ideal for high Bloodtinge builds when fighting weak enemies, like in Old Yharnam or Chalice Dungeons, where it will save a lot of bullets. To get the most out of the rifle, the player must try to gather enemies in a small, narrow area so that they can hit as many of them as possible with a single shot. It can also help in PvP if a co-operator tries to prevent shots with its body, so the host doesn’t get hurt.

C Tier

C Tier of guns from the game.
C Tier.

The C tier of the Bloodborne tier list has guns that are average in their performance. The players mostly ignore them as they have no specific goodness in them.

Church Cannon

It has a lower QS Bullet consumption and lowers base output than the Cannon (480 base power when completely upgraded, compared to 600 base damage for the Cannon), although it has lower basic damage of 600. (only 10 instead of 12). It also has a somewhat reduced demand for strength, but instead of a requirement for Skill, it includes a prerequisite for Bloodtinge.

It fires in an arc, and the explosive charge does not detonate until it hits its target; it does not detonate in flight. Additionally, the Church Cannon reloads far quicker than the standard Cannon does.

Tips For Weapon Selection

There are a few considerations you should keep in mind while selecting the weapon you want to use:

The Level Of Damage Is Essential

As with the vast majority of video games, the most effective strategy for winning a battle is to inflict more damage on your opponent than they can sustain. If you are going up against a powerful foe or boss and your damage output is barely half of theirs, you will have a hard time winning the fight. The good news is that there are many different ways for us to boost our attack power while playing Bloodborne. These include leveling up your characters and improving your stats, finding stronger blood gems, equipping stronger weapons, and even upgrading those weapons further at the workshop. 

It’s All About The Reach

Many enemies in Bloodborne have devastating attacks that can easily kill if you’re not careful, so reach is absolutely essential when deciding on the kind of weapon that you should choose. Reach refers to how far away you can be from an opponent, while still managing to hit them. And a proper build takes that into account at all times, so you can always focus on your placement and positioning in a fight.


This article will help you better understand Bloodborne by ranking all the weapons in the game, including firearms and swords. They are ordered according to the quality of the products, and I arrived at their places by doing in-depth study and drawing on my own experiences with the respective titles.

Our primary objective has always been to provide you with the most accurate information possible so that you may make the most of the options available and, ultimately, get a competitive edge in the video games you like playing the most. The purpose of the rankings was to provide the readers with some suggestions and options which will allow them to enjoy the game without being hampered.

But before you judge our Bloodborne Weapons tier list too harshly, remember that it was compiled by normal folks like you and me, each of whom has their own beliefs and preferences. All individuals will not accept our choices, and that is OK. We are always willing to listen to constructive criticism, and we would be grateful for any advice you may provide in the comments section below.