Callisto Protocol Tier List: All Weapons Ranked

One of the most anticipated games of this year, Callisto Protocol, is finally here. Within its release, the fans will be demanding a guide to weapons, different areas of the map, difficulties of every boss battle, etc. So our Callisto Protocol Tier List will focus on analyzing and ranking all the available weapons in the game.

If you are a fan of the Dead Space series, then you’ll be highly interested in Callisto Protocol. It is a survival horror game directed by Glen Schofield and developed by Striking Distance Studios, which is released across all gaming platforms. It follows the story of the game’s main protagonist Jacob Lee who is sent to a prison complex on the Jovian Moon Callisto, where he battles the infected inmates while discovering the facility’s dark secrets.

On his quest, Jacob has access to various weapons, each with its special features and capabilities to help him combat different enemies and overcome some extremely challenging boss encounters. The article aims to analyze and break down these weapons.

Key Points

  • You have access to a total of 9 different weapons.
  • All these 9 weapons will be ranked in a ranking list.
  • The list will have 5 different tiers (S, A, B, C, and D).
  • A brief explanation has been provided for each entry.


You can use the table below to quickly glance at the Skills rankings before reading further in our article.

S• Assault Rifle
• Skunk Gun
A• Tactical Pistol
• Riot Gun
B• Stun Baton
• Hand Cannon
C• Melee Axe
D• Shiv

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S Tier

S Tier
S Tier.

The strongest weapons in Callisto Protocol will be placed in the S Tier. The following weapons have earned the top spot on our list after testing them all out and evaluating their effectiveness and ease of use for the players.

Skunk Gun

Skunk Gun is one of those weapons not accessed from the start of the game, so players will have to complete the quest in the habitat area to obtain it. This shotgun is a fantastic close-range weapon that can one-hit almost anything in front of it. Not only does it have a great damage impact, but also the recoil is quite good, allowing you to have a steady aim. However, Skunk Gun has a low magazine capacity, which requires you to reload from time to time and can be incredibly challenging if you come across a crowd of enemies.

Riot Gun

Another shotgun on the list, Riot Gun, has an insane damage-dealing ability that can tear any enemy into pieces. It has a good recoil, and the magazine allows you to hold multiple ammo, which doesn’t need you to reload frequently. After comparing it to Skunk Gun, the abilities are almost the same. Still, despite getting an edge in the magazine holding department, Riot Gun fails to get the top place ahead of it because it requires updates to be the most prominent weapon.

A Tier

A Tier
A Tier.

The following entries in the A rank of the Callisto Protocol Weapon Tier List are among the strongest in the game. However, they were denied a spot in the S Tier due to minor defects and drawbacks in particular situations.

Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle is the last weapon the players can obtain in the game. At the end game, players get access to it, proving to be a vital asset in your arsenal. It offers you great stability with fantastic high damage dealing ability which can take down some of the strongest enemies you’ll face at this stage of the game. The Rifle’s enormous capacity for holding a ton of bullets ensures that you don’t run out of ammo anytime soon.

Tactical Pistol

Another weapon acquired towards the end game; the Tactical Pistol, can be accessed during chapter 6. It has a good high rate, but the real drawback of the weapon is its damage. It’s not worth dropping items from the inventory to carry its ammo. This and the hand cannon are in strong rivalry for space in your inventory, but the tactical pistol prevails because of its quick-fire capability.

B Tier

B Tier
B Tier.

The following weapons are best described as average. They are not the best or worst weapons to have in your armory, so all things considered, they are a decent selection of weapons that fall under the B Tier.


GRP is a glove found in the game’s Aftermath chapter. You can remove the glove from a dead prisoner’s body when entering the prison. With GRP, you can control gravity, raising objects and enemies without touching them. It can also be used in melee attacks which don’t damage much but provide a good change of pace in your combat strategy.

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Stun Baton

Stun Baton can be automatically obtained in the Outbreak chapter and is one of the 2 melee weapons in the game. It’s a good weapon for scenarios where you are trying to save ammo or run out of it. Its damage-dealing ability is outstanding, allowing you to kill enemies with a few strikes. However, don’t entirely depend on it as it has limitations: trying to fight off bulky and a group of enemies can prove difficult.

Hand Cannon

Another automatically obtained weapon that can be accessed after the Outbreak chapter, the Hand Cannon, is an excellent ranged weapon. You can easily kill early to mid-game enemies using its alt-fire feature. But if you’re not careful, you may use up every bullet and have nothing left. To avoid running out of bullets, use the Stun Baton when necessary.

C Tier

C Tier
C Tier.

The C Tier will hold the place of the Melee Axe in our Callisto Protocol Tier List 2022.

Melee Axe

Melee Axe is among the first weapons you are assigned within the game. The initial melee weapon in your inventory can deal great damage. Switching between Melee Axe and your primary weapons can be a great tactic to kill off enemies. As it has no more impactful use, ranking it in the C Tier is a good inclusion.

D Tier

D Tier
D Tier.

Shiv, our final weapon remaining on the list, will be classified in the D Tier, the weakest among all the tiers.


One of the first weapons you can get in the prison is the shiv, which you’ll grab immediately. It is your primary stealth weapon and enables you to sneak up on and kill enemies. Besides this, it is not particularly useful, so it’s placed in the D Tier.


So there you have it, the Callisto Protocol Weapons Tier List, where we ranked all the available weapons in the game. We tried to stay as unbiased as we could, but despite all that, constructing a perfect list is challenging as there will be a few clashes of opinions among our readers. But as we all have different experiences while playing video games, our thoughts can’t be similar every time, so we are welcome to hear about yours in the comments.