COD Modern Warfare 2 Weapons Tier List [1.015]

A concrete tier list of all the weapons from MWII are ranked with relevant stats provided.

There are a total of 35 weapons ranked in our COD Modern Warfare 2 Weapons tier list. The tier list consists of the best weapons in the game like TAQ-56 and the worst weapons like the SO-14. We have come up with this tier list after many hours spent in the game and have taken into consideration the opinions of some of the best players of the game.

And although it’s a difficult assignment considering everyone’s preferred options differ, we will do our best to construct an accurate list with all of the guns ranked according to their usefulness and practicality from the best to the worst.

Key Points

  • We have a total of 35 weapon entries on this tier list from COD MWII.
  • The adaptability, fire rate, and effectiveness of each weapon in various scenarios have all been taken into consideration while ranking.
  • In the highest ranks, we have the likes of TAQ-56, Kastov 762, VAZNEV-9K, and Lachmann Sub. 
  • As for the lowest ranks, we have the likes of  SO-14, Lockwood MK2, and LM-S

COD MW2 Weapons Tier List

The table below will give a quick summary of all the weapons and their rankings

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
TAQ-56 (SCAR-L)M4STB-556 (AUG)FTAC ReconSO-14
Kastov 762 (AK-47)Kastov 74u (AK-74u)Lachmann-556 (HK33)TAQ-V 9 (SCAR H)Lockwood MK2
VAZNEV-9K (PP-19 Vityaz)VEL 46 (MP7)Lachmann-762 (G3)Bryson 800LM-S (PSG1)
Lachmann Sub (MP5)FSS HurricaneFennec 45 (Vector)SAKIN MG38 (M249)
RPKLockwood 300MINIBAK (PP19 Bizon)RAAL MG
SP-R 208SA-B 50MX9 (AUG Para)EBR-14
Signal 50 (GM6 Lynx)MCPR-300Expedite 12 (Benelli M4)
556 Icarus (the M4 with a belt-fed receiver)
LA-B 330
SP-X 80

We will discuss each entry in detail below.

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S Tier

S Tier
S Tier.

As you may have anticipated, the S Tier of the tier list will hold for the greatest weapons in the game. The easy handling of these weapons, alongside their impact and damage, makes them the most powerful weapons in the game, thus giving us a solid reason to put them in the S rank.


The TAQ is a fantastic Riffle with a good TTK, and what seems to be the lowest recoil in its class. In Modern Warfare 2, Taq-56 has quickly become one of the best ARs for players to utilize online multiplayer. Like previous versions, it has a powerful force at any distance, and unlike other weapons in the game, its fire rate is controllable.

TTK 185ms
DPS 367

Kastov 762 (AK-47)

Kastov is another outstanding Assault Riffle in the game. Compared to the TAQ-56, it has a slightly higher recoil but a little faster TTK (time-to-kill). The AK model has always had high damage output compared to other assault rifles, and it follows the exact same pattern here. The weapon isn’t available right from the start; fortunately, the Kastov 762 is easier to unlock than the other weapons in the game.

TTK 194ms
DPS 432

VAZNEV-9K (PP-19 Vityaz)

So far most Pro COD players prefer using this SMG over all others. And since it requires higher skill to operate than the MP5, it is still the greatest weapon of its type in MW2. Thanks to the large AK platform, it features great mobility, a brilliant close-range TTK, and access to excellent attachments. It’s not unlocked from the start, so you must reach Level 15 with the Kastov-74u to get your hands on Vaznev-9K.

Lachmann Sub (MP5)

Another SMG to follow in the list, Lachmann Sub (MP5), is the second-best SMG in the game. You need to look no further than the Lachmann Sub MP5; as an SMG, it is designed for mobility, stability, and lethality, for an agile weapon to use in close-quarters battle. Players can mow down their enemies with the weapon inside tunnels, chambers, or even hallways of buildings. Furthermore, the MP5 has excellent recoil control and a high rate of fire. However, the range and accuracy of the SMG are poor for medium-to-long-range battles; therefore, players should avoid using it in those situations.

TTK 146ms
DPS 467


The RPK is the only LMG that makes its way into the S Tier. Since the RPK is a component of the Kastovia weapon platform, you must use another weapon to get the LMG. You can use the RPK if you unlock a receiver by using the weapon platform to a certain level.

TTK 198ms
DPS 384

SP-R 208

The SP-R 208 Marksman Rifle from the 2019 game comes back and is stronger than ever. The bullet can one-shot enemies if it strikes their upper body from any range. This makes it a very lethal Rifle in the game. SP-R 208 is quite a strong weapon, even without any attachments installed; finding the appropriate attachments is essential because most parts make guns slower to ADS (Aim Down Sights). With these attachments, it becomes even more lethal and almost feels like a cheat code in the game.

Signal 50 (GM6 Lynx)

Signal 50 (GM6 Lynx), a sniper, is our final weapon in the S Tier. To unlock Signal 50 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, you must reach level 44 in the military ranks. Signal 50’s aim-assist is not the most stable, but it has decent mobility and handling for a sniper. The rate of fire is what truly boosts it and will make it a powerful weapon for Warzone.

TTK 0ms
DPS 361

A Tier

A Tier
A Tier.

The following weapons are strong, but not strong enough to be included in the S Tier. But there are some slight flaws with them that made them slightly weaker than the above weapons in our eyes.


The M4 is the first open Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 2; therefore, you don’t need to unlock it. However, you can unlock custom loadouts, where you can alter every weapon feature. For that, you must first reach the level 25. The M4 is the first weapon in the progression tree for assault rifles; when you level it up, different weapons, such as the M16, can also be unlocked. By attaching these accessories, you can have a reliable weapon on hand and be ready for the majority of events. The Cronen Mini Red Dot is one example of an accessory that can improve the weapon’s accuracy.

TTK 218ms
DPS 385

Kastov 74u (AK-74u)

Known as the AK-74u in earlier Call of Duty games, the Kastov 74u is presently one of the greatest weapons in Modern Warfare 2. Despite being a well-known SMG in the previous games, it’s now classified as an assault rifle in Modern Warfare 2. It is difficult to unlock the Kastov 74u, but it’s worth it as it offers great damage, range, controllable recoil, and good mobility.

TTK 194ms
DPS 432

Kastov 74u

An SMG Kastov 74u is classified as an AR due to its ability to get AR attachments attached to it. That makes it an excellent AR/SMG combination weapon. Unfortunately, it isn’t very reliable because its mobility is inferior to that of the greatest SMGs in the game. Also, its mid-range capabilities are weaker than the best ARs. So that is why we placed it in the A Tier rather than giving it a place in S Tier. 

TTK 178ms
DPS 473

VEL 46 (MP7)

Due to its controllability and access to a longer magazine by default, the MP7 performs better at the medium range than most SMGs. However, due to its somewhat worse TTK, the VEL 46 will fall short of the two S Tier SMGs in close-range combat.

As for unlocking the weapon, VEL 46 in Modern Warfare 2 will be instantly unlocked when the game begins, so you won’t need to do anything. To utilize the Gunsmith, you only need to be Level 3, after which you can unlock every attachment and create the ideal VEL 46 loadout.

TTK 184ms
DPS 408

FSS Hurricane (an M4 with P90-style mags)

This might be our first controversial inclusion in the List so far. The FSS Hurricane is an SMG, and many people will include it in the S rank if they were asked to make a COD Modern Warfare 2 Weapons Tier List. Because it’s a very powerful weapon with great stability, you can upgrade it further with M4 attachments. However, in 1v1 situations and many more circumstances, it will come as second best against the other SMGs discussed above; so far, we believe FSS Hurricane best belongs to the A Tier.

Lockwood 300

Lockwood 300 is a shotgun that is pretty much like the 725 from MW 2019. We haven’t noticed anything eye-catching as far as its capabilities go. But we gave it a place in the A Tier due to how deadly it is in close-range situations where it can one-shot your enemies, but other than that, it’s a pretty average and unsatisfying gun to use.

TTK 0ms
DPS 1263

SA-B 50

It’s another MR in the game, which is a Kar-Like weapon. The SA-B 50 can be converted to ADS quite quickly. It is a powerful weapon that can be unlocked at level 13 with the SP-R 208. Many pro COD players use it quite a lot, and after analyzing it ourselves, we concluded it’s a strong weapon that falls right into the A Tier.

TTK 0ms
DPS 189


MCPR-300 is a sniper which isn’t a stable gun to use in the game. Its aim-assist is very unsteady compared to other snipers; it’s a little tricky to use, but as far as its damage goes, it’s very powerful, which gave us a reasonable justification for not placing it in any lower Tiers.

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B Tier

B Tier
B Tier.

The weapons in the B Tier are not the most powerful, but they remain good picks in the game. These weapons can offer much more than expected with the right customization and attachments.

STB-556 (AUG)

The AUG is a smooth-firing gun with low recoil and good handling speed but has a limited range. Even when you are firing all of your bullets, you will frequently encounter scenarios when someone with a greater TTK can outgun you. With the appropriate attachments, the STB 556 can be one of the strongest guns and weapons in the game as a modular AR.

TTK 162ms
DPS 460

Lachmann-556 (HK33)

An Assault Rifle, the Lachmann-556 (HK33) is a more advanced form of the S.M.G. variation and has various abilities that may be changed to restore Rifles’ dominance. This weapon is great for using Ground War Mode and has a tremendous damage output capability. Even though the weapon is slower, the drawbacks can be eliminated with the right class setup.

Players must first unlock the Lachmann-762 Battle Gun by leveling up to obtain the current rifle. You can then use the Lachmann-762 until you reach Weapon Level 16, after which the Lachmann platform will be unlocked.

TTK 162ms
DPS 444

Lachmann-762 (G3)

The Lachmann-762 Battle Rifle can essentially be converted into a powerful, hefty Assault Rifle. It’ll undoubtedly become a different gun with attachments, but it is nothing without enhancing features. Since the Lachmann is one of the most powerful Rifles, you can choose the X12 to have that backup on the secondary front to offer you an advantage in-game.

Fennec 45 (Vector)

Due to its absurdly fast rate of fire, Fennec 45 Vector has an effective close-range ability. However, because the magazine is consumed quickly and the damage decreases significantly with range, it is more powerful than the other close-range weapons we have discussed. The best application for the Fennec 45 is as a backup to an AR, BR, or DMR.

TTK 160ms
DPS 507

MINIBAK (PP19 Bizon)

MW 2 is not the first time the PP19 Bizon has appeared in the series, and here it gives you the option to carry a lot of extra rounds in the magazine. And while that is a good improvement, in basically every other aspect it is outclassed by other guns. There is nothing special about it but still worthy of B Tier because of its good range and smooth shooting experience.

TTK 182ms
DPS 396

MX9 (AUG Para)

MX9 is a very easy weapon to use in MW2 because of its aim-assist and smooth shooting, much like the AR AUG. However, the gun lacks the TTK and mobility needed to compete with some of the higher-ranked SMGs for high-skilled players. To unlock it, you must level up to level 13.

TTK 156ms
DPS 436

Expedite 12 (Benelli M4)

As expected from a shotgun, expedite 12 (Benelli M4) will one-shot anyone within close range. The gun has nothing more special to offer, but it remains a powerful weapon. You have to reach level 9 in Military Ranks to unlock Expedite 12.

TTK 0ms
DPS 730


RAPP H is an LMG which isn’t an ideal gun in the multiplayer mode of COD. You should avoid using it in online battles, but it’s a solid pick for offline campaigns. While the LMG is rather heavy and slow, it has excellent recoil control, good damage, and a great rate of fire, making it one of the best LMGs.

TTK 148ms
DPS 528


Another LMG to follow HCR 56 is merely a variant of the STB-556. It is, therefore, superior to most other LMGs, but it is not good enough to be rated higher than the B Tier. It’s not even a bad weapon to be placed in lower Tiers, so we best believe the B Tier is perfect for the current LMG.

TTK 159ms
DPS 441

556 Icarus (the M4 with a belt-fed receiver)

The 556 Icarus in MW2 is a Light Machine Gun excellent for shooting while crouching under cover. Although the 556 Icarus, one of the first LMGs in Modern Warfare 2, may not be the most lethal weapon, it may be deadly with the correct loadout. You only need to play around with it and level up the M4 platform to level 18 to unlock the weapon.

TTK 152ms
DPS 552

TAQ-M / Marksman Rifle

After 3 successive LMGs, we have an MR Gun in the B Tier. Not everyone will enjoy using this particular Marksman Rifle because it needs a good trigger finger for follow-up rounds. But for those of you who love using such weapons, it’s an ideal MR to use. As it has access to the incredible SCAR platform attachments, it’s one of the best two-shot semi-autos.

LA-B 330

The LA-B 330 is the fastest Sniper in the game and may earn a better rank in Warzone. However, it creates more hitmakers than you desire in Core Multiplayer, which doesn’t make it an ideal weapon in that scenario. Overall it is the best sniper for those who aren’t that good at handling snipers, as its aim assist and recoil makes it easy to use.

TTK 0ms
DPS 158

SP-X 80

Arguably the least preferable sniper in the game, SP-X occupies an ineffective place between being a one-hit kill guarantee like the heavier alternatives and being incredibly quick to ADS like the lighter options. The game has to offer far better snipers, so we best believe the current position is the most suitable one for the SP-X 80.

TTK 0ms
DPS 166

C Tier

C Tier
C Tier.

The weapons in the C rank of our COD Modern Warfare 2 Weapons Tier List are not the most promising, but at the same time, not bad options if you can use your COD skills rather than depending on the weapon’s abilities. So expect some of the worst weapons in COD MW2 in the article.

FTAC Recon (the M4 in a higher caliber)

The FTAC Recon might seem like a flawed weapon at first, but as you add attachments it improves and becomes one of the best choices for mid to long-range firefights, particularly after you have large enough magazines and adequate recoil control to operate it in full-auto. 


TAQ-V has many faults, giving us a reason to place it as a C Tier weapon. First, the recoil on TAQ-V simply isn’t good enough. Secondly, it’s a very poor gun to use in mid-range, and you will come out as second best in most situations. Finally, you’ll barely notice any changes even after upgrading and adding attachments to this weapon.

TTK 143ms
DPS 398

Bryson 800

It’s not a very good choice of weapon, as many COD players would suggest. Its drawbacks include higher kickbacks and slow reloading time. When the game has to offer far better options, such as the Lockwood or The Expedite, we fail to see why anyone would use Bryson 800.

TTK 0ms
DPS 415

SAKIN MG38 (M249)

SAKIN MG38 is a very slow and heavy LMG, making it the least preferable LMG among the COD community. Despite its drawbacks, it can deal a good amount of damage, but getting the hang of the weapon is really hard, since there are way better weapons of the same class, we would prefer not to pick the SAKIN MG38.

TTK 183ms
DPS 405


Just like SAKIN, The RAAL is also extremely slow. Despite having some of the best stats in the game and being one of the most controllable LMGs, unless you’re pre-aiming, you won’t be able to shoulder the weapon in time to avoid being killed. Unless you are a highly skilled player, we would not prefer using this LMG.

TTK 107ms
DPS 468

EBR-14 / Marksman Rifle

The EBR isn’t as bad as some of the other weapons in the C tank, because it does technically do okay in close combat in certain situations. Still, there aren’t ever going to be many situations where the weapon will be truly effective.

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D Tier

D Tier
D Tier.

The last rank, the D tier, will list some of the worst guns in the game. These MW2 weapons are the least effective ones currently available to the players.


It has to be the slowest weapon in the game, which is far from ideal in any circumstances. Due to the slowness and weakness of the weapon, you will nearly always be shot before you can fire the follow-up bullets. You must reach Level 12 with the EBR-14 to unlock the SO-14.

TTK 143ms
DPS 398

Lockwood MK2

The MK2 deals good damage, but each shot requires rechambering after a round. You are practically dead if you fail to hit the spot with this MR. Overall it’s a bad weapon and is amongst the worst in the COD games.


LM-S is the weakest weapon in our article. The recoil, damage, fire rate, and extremely slow use make you feel like you have never used a weapon of the same class before. There are no desirable conditions to use the LM-S, so it’s better to neglect it and go for other options.

COD MW2 Weapons Comparison Table

TAQ-56 (SCAR-L)S3185367
Kastov 762 (AK-47)S3194432
VAZNEV-9K (PP-19 Vityaz)S3146467
Lachmann Sub (MP5)S3198384
SP-R 208S4218385
Signal 50 (GM6 Lynx)S3194432
Kastov 74u (AK-74u)A4184408
VEL 46 (MP7)A101263
FSS HurricaneA10189
Lockwood 300A3162460
SA-B 50A3162444
STB-556 (AUG)B3182396
Lachmann-556 (HK33)B3156436
Lachmann-762 (G3)B10730
Fennec 45 (Vector)B3148528
MINIBAK (PP19 Bizon)B3159441
MX9 (AUG Para)B3152552
Expedite 12 (Benelli M4)B10158
RAPP HB10166
HCR 56 (AUG H-BAR)B2143398
556 Icarus (the M4 with a belt-fed receiver)B10415
LA-B 330B2107468
SP-X 80B2143398

Patch Note: Update 1.015 

Update 1.015 brings the following changes in the weapons

  • Improve Tuning
  • Weapon Balance
  • Improve Attachments


So here it is, our COD Modern Warfare 2 Weapons Tier List, which is our attempt to rate every weapon in the game’s catalog. Of course, not everyone will agree with out choices, and that’s okay. All differing views are welcome, as everyone has different perspectives when playing the game, and we are more than willing to hear you out in the comments below.

But suppose you want a more thorough understanding of the weapons for yourself? Well, in that case, we advise testing each weapon in various practice arenas and modes, attaching various attachments, and trying different combinations of attachments to see which one best fits your playstyle.