Dead Cells Weapon Tier List: The DEFINITIVE Ranking

Today I am here with the much-awaited Dead Cells weapon tier list which is a complete ranking of all the armaments available in the amazing roguelike title. This roguelike game was developed by Motion Twin, a French independent developer in 2018, and it features more than 50 different weapons available to choose from and fight with.

From swords to hammers to bows, you can find them all here, and the players are never left wanting when it comes to variety. But if you are feeling a bit confused as to what type of weapon you should personally go for, then look no further than our article.

Key Points

  • The list contains all weapons ranked at the base level.
  • Each entry is ranked according to its performance in the current update.
  • There are 111 entries on the list.
  • The best ones include Vampirism and Giantkiller.
  • Among the worst entries are the Torch and Firebrands.


All the weapons in the game Dead Cells are described in a short table below:

Tier RankWeapon
S Rank• Giantkiller
• Flint
• Scythe Claws (TBS)
• Heavy Crossbow
• Barrel Launcher
• Rampart
• Greed Shield
• Old Wooden Shield
• Bloodthirsty Shield
• Cudgel
• Night Light
• Explosive Decoy
• Wolf Trap
• Cluster Grenade
• Ice Grenade
• Vampirism
• Tonic
• Tornado
• Death Orb
A Rank• Nutcracker
• Rhythm n’ Bouzouki (TBS)
• Spite Sword
• War Spear
• Valmont’s Whip
• Spiked Boots
• Assassin’s Dagger
• Impaler
• Repeater Crossbow
• Blowgun (TBS)
• Lightning Bolt
• Marksman’s Bow
• Assault Shield
• Punishment
• Knockback Shield
• Spiked Shield
• Crusher
• Flamethrower Turret
• Heavy Turret
• Magnetic Grenade
• Root Grenade
• Ice Armor
• Giant Whistle
• Collector’s Syringe
• Knife Dance
• Corrupted Power
B Rank• Vorpan
• Symmetrical Lance
• Frantic Sword
• Crowbar
• Meat Skewer
• Broadsword
• Flawless
• Rapier
• Hayabusa Gauntlets
• Twin Daggers
• Sadist’s Stiletto
• Oiled Sword
• Tentacle
• Flashing Fans(TBS)
• Swift Sword
• Nerves of Steel
• Explosive Crossbow
• Infantry Bow
• The Boy’s Axe
• Quick Bow
• Electric Whip
• Front Line Shield
• Ice Shield
• Emergency Door
• Sinew Slicer
• Double Crossb-o-matic
• Fire Grenade
• Powerful Grenade
• Stun Grenade
• Smoke Bomb(TBS)
• Wings of the Crow
• Lacerating Aura
• Lightspeed
• Great Owl of War
C Rank• Wrenching Whip
• Balanced Blade
• Shrapnel Axes
• Spartan Sandals
• Fire blast
• Hemorrhage
• Pyrotechnics
• Sonic Carbine
• Bow and Endless Quiver
• Ice Shards
• Hokuto’s Bow
• Thunder Shield
• Force Shield
• Barnacle
• Tesla Coil
• Oil Grenade
• Infantry Grenade
• Swarm
• Wave of Denial
• Grappling Hook
• Telluric Shock
D Rank• Torch
• Blood Sword
• Throwing Knife
• Alchemic Carbine
• Firebrands
• Parry Shield
• Cleaver
• Hunter’s Grenade
• Mushroom Boi! (TBS)
• Blueprint Extractor
• Forgotten Map

Read on below to learn more.


As you play Dead Cells, you progress from level to level, defeating bosses and getting stronger. Each of these levels are built procedurally, resulting in dungeons with a wide variety of enemy and object variation as well. The player can also only equip a limited number of weapons and skills on them

Also, the player can discover concealed energies inside the dungeons, which raises their hit points and enhance weapon damage according to the type of weapons. Along with this, the players can also attain an upgrade when they accomplish one level and proceed to the next.

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As the name, Dead Cells refers the player has to explore an area and kill enemies along with some bosses with their weapons. These enemies when die release some dead cells that the player of the game needs to collect to increase his health. However, death is a main and fundamental disciple of the game and the players face it while accomplishing each level if they die all their accomplishments will be lost, and will have to start over again. However, as you play the game over again players become aware of the tactics and ultimately chances of death.

Each of the weapons mentioned in our article can also be split into the following categories.

  • Melee Weapons: These weapons are considered to be very effective as they damage almost all the enemies equally that are in the range of their attack. All melee weapons have their own specific benefits and abilities. Each melee weapon deals with damage differently and has its own move sets. Also, these weapons are unlocked at different levels of the game separately.
  • Ranged Weapons: These weapons mostly operate by firing projectiles within a range by damaging the enemy. Each ranged weapon has its own range of actions and damaging abilities.
  • Shields: These are used as a protective tool against the incoming damage from the opponent. Also, there are a variety of shields available in the game and each has its own ability to take damage and time limit up to which the shield can hold on to the damage. However, these instruments are used to protect the players mostly from melee attacks.
  • Traps & Turrets: These are projectiles that are released when they hit the ground. They may be powered or non-powered depending upon whether the player is in range or not.
  • Grenades: These are explodable weapons that are fired on the enemies within a range and are not effective if the enemy is out of its range.
  • Powers: These send powered attacks to the enemy within a time and range limit.

Now we will dig into our Dead Cells weapons tier list which will list all types of weapons on separate tables.

S Tier

Best weapons of Dead Cells
S Tier.

In this rank, we will include some of the absolute best weapons and abilities in the entire game. Having these on your character is basically guaranteeing victory for yourself with the next boss.

Melee Weapons

NameBase Special DPS
Giantkiller465 critical DPS
Flint400 critical DPS70 shockwave damage
Scythe Claws(TBS)430 critical DPS

Ranged Weapons

NameBase Special DPS
Heavy Crossbow560 critical DPS
Barrel Launcher514 critical DPS


NameAbsorbed Damage
Greed Shield75%
Old Wooden Shield75%
Bloodthirsty Shield75%

Traps and Turrets

NameBase Cooldown Time
Night Light120 seconds
Explosive Decoy20 seconds
Wolf Trap14 seconds


NameBase Cooldown Time
Cluster Grenade20 seconds
Ice Grenade18 seconds


NameBase Cooldown Time
Vampirism30 seconds
Tonic30 seconds
Tornado24 seconds
Death Orb20 seconds

A Tier

Good Weapons of Dead Cells
A Tier.

The weapons and abilities in the A category of our Dead Cells Weapon Tier List are not the best of the best, but they are pretty close. Finding these is also a great way to easily clear levels.

Melee Weapons

NameBase Special DPS
Nutcracker386 critical DPS
Rhythm n’ Bouzouki(TBS)378 critical DPS
Spite Sword347 critical DPS
War Spear306 critical DPS
Valmont’s Whip305 critical DPS
Spiked Boots303 critical DPS
Assassin’s Dagger300 critical DPS
Impaler300 critical DPS

Ranged Weapons

NameBase Special DPS
Repeater Crossbow404 critical DPS
Blowgun(TBS)343 critical DPS
Lightning Bolt331 critical DPS(50 shock DPS)
Marksman’s Bow327 critical DPS


NameAbsorbed Damage
Assault Shield75%
Knockback Shield75%
Spiked Shield75%

Traps and Turrets

NameBase Cooldown Time
Crusher14 seconds
Flamethrower Turret12 seconds
Heavy Turret12 seconds


NameBase Cooldown Time
Magnetic Grenade16 seconds
Root Grenade16 seconds


NameBase Cooldown Time
Ice Armor20 seconds
Giant Whistle20 seconds
Collector’s Syringe20 seconds
Knife Dance16 seconds
Corrupted Power16 seconds

B Tier

Average weapons of the game
B Tier. 

In this section, you will find the most average equipment in the game. It’s not that they are bad, but they are not exceptional in any way either.

Melee Weapons

NameBase Special DPS
Vorpan289 critical DPS
Symmetrical Lance288 critical DPS
Frantic Sword285 critical DPS
Crowbar284 critical DPS
Meat Skewer281 critical DPS
Broadsword273 critical DPS
Flawless270 critical DPS
Rapier268 critical DPS
Hayabusa Gauntlets243 critical DPS
Twin Daggers238 critical DPS
Sadist’s Stiletto235 critical DPS
Oiled Sword224 critical DPS
Tentacle219 critical DPS
Flashing Fans(TBS)217 critical DPS
Swift Sword208 critical DPS

Ranged Weapons

NameBase Special DPS
Nerves of Steel267 critical DPS
Explosive Crossbow243 critical DPS
Infantry Bow217 critical DPS
The Boy’s Axe214 max DPS
Quick Bow203 critical DPS
Electric Whip201 critical DPS(50 shock DPS)


NameAbsorbed Damage
Front Line Shield75%
Ice Shield75%

Traps and Turrets

NameBase Cooldown Time
Emergency Door10 seconds
Sinew Slicer10 seconds
Double Crossb-o-matic10 seconds


NameBase Cooldown Time
Fire Grenade13 seconds
Powerful Grenade13 seconds
Stun Grenade12 seconds


NameBase Cooldown Time
Smoke Bomb(TBS)16 seconds
Wings of the Crow15 seconds
Lacerating Aura12 seconds
Lightspeed7-10 seconds
Great Owl of War10 seconds34 seconds after buff

C Tier

Bad weapons of Dead Cells
C Tier.

Now we’re coming to the portion of the Dead Cells Weapon Tier List that contains the less than desirable weapons and skills. You can still clear levels with these, but you’ll want to find better replacements as soon as possible.

Melee Weapons

NameBase Special DPS
Wrenching Whip187 critical DPS
Balanced Blade185 critical DPS278 max DPS
Shrapnel Axes130 bonus damage
Spartan Sandals90 bonus damage

Ranged Weapons

NameBase Special DPS
Fire blast196 critical DPS
Hemorrhage187 critical DPS(25 bleeding DPS)
Pyrotechnics185 critical DPS
Sonic Carbine167 critical DPS
Bow and Endless Quiver133 critical DPS
Ice Shards87 critical DPS
Hokuto’s Bow75 bonus DPS


NameAbsorbed Damage
Thunder Shield50%
Force Shield15%

Traps and Turrets

NameBase Cooldown Time
Barnacle10 seconds
Tesla Coil10 seconds


NameBase Cooldown Time
Oil Grenade10 seconds
Infantry Grenade4 seconds
Swarm0.8 second


NameBase Cooldown Time
Wave of Denial5 seconds
Grappling Hook3 seconds
Telluric Shock10 seconds

D Tier

Worst Weapons of Dead cell
D Tier.

I’m not gonna lie to you, each entry on the D tier kind of sucks. I would really recommend not even considering picking them up unless you really have no other option.

Melee Weapons

NameBase Special DPS
Torch15 burning DPS
Blood Sword5 bleeding DPS

Ranged Weapons

NameBase Special DPS
Throwing Knife22 bleeding DPS
Alchemic Carbine20 poison DPS
Firebrands19 burning DPS


NameAbsorbed Damage
Parry ShieldNA

Traps and Turrets

NameBase Cooldown Time
Cleaver8 seconds


NameBase Cooldown Time
Hunter’s GrenadeN/A


NameBase Cooldown Time
Mushroom Boi!(TBS)1 second25 seconds after exploding
Blueprint ExtractorN/A
Forgotten MapN/A


So as this Dead Cells weapon tier list come to an end, I hope that my hard work pays off and the article helps you with your runs. Our article provides complete details about each weapon and skill in the game, and the amount of damage they are able to inflict on your foes. Also, the ability of the gear to take damage and their cooldown timings are also mentioned to help you choose the best of the best. By reading the article you will be able to improve your runs by understanding the qualities of each type of item in Dead Cells. And if you are properly informed, then there are fewer chances that you will die frequently and more chances that you manage to succeed with fewer deaths under your belt.

I would also like to mention that some of you may disagree with the rankings on the list because everyone cannot have the same opinion about such a diverse game. Different people resonate differently with each item in the game. And if you have a differing opinion on the article, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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