Ultra League Tier List [Feb. 2023]

We Are Going To Rank All Pokémon Relevant To The Current Meta In This Article.

Let me start by saying hello to everyone. Here we shall explore my top Ultra League tier list. I know that ranking charts like these are popular amongst you, so we thought that why not consolidate all the different Ultra League rankings into one? You’ll get a sense of which Pokemon are now popular among players and which are causing the most havoc in the game’s meta.

By checking out my tier list, you can get a feel for my opinion on where the bulk of the Pokemon in the Ultra League meta sit in the different tiers. You may also use this tier list to choose the best Pokemon for the Ultra League. If you want to compete in the Ultra League, these are some of the top Pokémon to utilize. This article focuses on the finest Pokémon in the classic Ultra League and covers their respective levels. It should be noted that not every Pokémon playable in the Ultra League will be covered here.

So, you may still be surprised when squaring off against other Trainers, but at least you’ll know who to watch out for. These are the best Pokémon based on rankings from study and analysis. It is up to you to decide which team to employ. However, I created this tier list to assist you in making the best possible decisions based on your play style. You’re free to shuffle the teams around whatever you want, but remember that any of these elite Pokémon will significantly improve your results.

Ultra League Tier List Methodology

Ultra League Tier List Ranking Procedure
Ultra League Tier List Methodology

Based on the current meta and the premise that all players are of similar skill levels, the following tier list may be summarised: Pokemons are ranked in competitive situations depending on how well their movesets, traits, and strategies compare to those of all other Pokemons. There are, as you would expect, various options. Given the many factors at play, this is not an easy task.

We can do our best to evaluate all of this information, no matter how difficult it is. The stronger Pokemons will ultimately defeat the weaker ones. It’s not the end of the world if your Pokemons are lousy. It’s challenging to keep track of an infinite number of levels. People will keep playing the game as long as they develop. Weaker Pokemons may now be able to overcome stronger ones thanks to new ways and ideas.

Players devoted to the game may find previously unknown possibilities in the Pokemon meta ahead of them. Based on their playstyle and my gaming experiences with them, Pokemon will be placed on my Pokemon GO Master League tier list builder. In contrast, the overall ranking of Pokemons on this tier list represents my opinion. I understand that Pokemon’s tier lists are arbitrary, and their hierarchical structure may not meet your expectations.

Ranking Procedure

This tier list and overall Pokemon rating are up for debate. As a consequence, they cannot be criticized. The Pokemon in Pokemon GO Ultra League is divided into five tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. Before we begin, I’d want to clarify a few points: From top to bottom, I enjoy every Pokemon in this category. To put it another way, the top Pokemons significantly impact this game. As a consequence, it is far more enticing than the lower-tier Pokemons. To be clear, this does not mean I despise lower-level Pokemon.

All of my favorite Pokemon may be found on this tier list. Let’s look at the Pokemons to see who the best and worst are in the game. Make some popcorn since this will be a long ride, but it will be well worth it. When I disagree with someone’s point of view and think I have a solid case to make, I use this tier list as a trump card. Even though my point of view triumphed, this tier classification was mainly agreed upon.

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S Tier

Broken Pokemons in the Game's Current Meta
The Broken Pokemons in the Game’s Current Meta

At the very top, we have the S tier. These are the best of the best in the Ultra League. The Pokemon stand apart from the rest and are fantastic to use in the Ultra League. No Pokemon can compete with those in the S tier regarding the metagame. The highest S grade is sometimes described as “super” or “outstanding.”

Familiar favorites in this category are powerful Pokémon with extensive movepools, valuable abilities, high damage output, and superb tankiness. According to the current metagame, we’ve had to make room for four Pokemon. S Tier has unfettered access to the best in light of its mission. It would be best if you gave them a go since the results will be well worth the effort.

The latest update has vastly bolstered this Pokemon’s stats. You might perhaps use these Pokemon to assist you in winning league matches. Skills may be honed via repeated use. Everything at the bottom is conditional on several factors. To reach the top of the future Ultra League, you’ll need to deploy Pokemon of the S-tier, which is particularly effective in one-on-one battles.


The legendary Steel Pokémon Registeel. Attacks from Fighting, Ground, and Fire may easily damage it. Metal Claw and Hyper Beam make up Registeel’s most decisive moveset, and its Max CP is 2,447. “A Registeel body is far more robust than any conventional metal. It seems to have a void where its body should be. Nobody knows what kind of food these Pokémon like.” Registeel’s most potent attacks against other Pokémon in Gyms are Metal Claw and Hyper Beam.

This is the greatest moveset for player-versus-player engagements and offers the most overall DPS. Due to its Steel type, Registeel is vulnerable to attacks that target the Fighting, Ground, or Fire elements. Reshiram, Pheromosa, Lucario, Chandelure, and Darmanitan are the five strongest Pokémon capable of defeating Registeel. Lock-On is a considerable upgrade for Registeel, who already had the game’s most remarkable energy generation 5 EPT.

However, Registeel’s pricey charge techniques require enormous energy, and its meager damage output of 1 DPT is frequently insufficient to farm down an opponent. Registeel’s absolute maximum CP is 2447, which is just under the Ultra League limit and makes it both difficult and costly to prepare for Ultra League. Lock-significant On’s energy gains enable Registeel to severely push shields, much as they did in Great League, requiring fast responses.

Although the Origin Forme loses against the Giratina-Altered Forme by a razor-thin margin, it can prevent Registeel from establishing complete dominance because of its ability to Shadow Ball. Registeel still has a hard time against Fighting-types, but that’s to be expected given that the Dark-types in this league are there to counter Giratina. As a result, it will be placed at the top of the S tier of the Ultra League tier list in September 2022.


Swampert, having evolved from Marshtomp, is a Water and Ground-type Pokémon. A Grass attack might easily take it down. With a maximum possible combat power of 2,974, Swampert’s best techniques are Mud Shot and Hydro Cannon. “Swampert is very powerful. Its pulling force is sufficient to move a rock weighing over a tonne with no difficulty. The Pokémon’s keen eyesight allows it to see well even in the darkest waters.”

Swampert’s most potent attacks against Pokémon in Gyms are Mud Shot and Hydro Cannon. This is the greatest moveset for player-versus-player engagements and offers the most overall DPS. If you’re looking for the most energy generation at the expense of low damage, Mud Shot is your best bet. This is a recommended move due to the high strength of Swampert’s charge attacks. Water and ground types like Swampert are vulnerable to Grass attacks.

Swampert may be defeated using the following five Pokémon: Zarude, Roserade, Rillaboom, Tsareena, or Tapu Bulu. Swampert does very well in Ultra League since there are so many Steel-types and so few Grass-types compared to Great League. Many of the “anti-Giratina” choices, especially Dark-types and Snorlax, have a hard time beating Swampert, and it also has a lot of success against the counters to those choices, which are Fighting-types.

Depending on movesets and shielding conditions, Swampert can tie or even barely win Giratina Altered Forme, which would give this Pokemon a 5/5 if only the matchup were more consistent. In Open Ultra, Earthquake is better than Sludge Wave for doing neutral damage to Giratina. However, in Ultra League, both moves are viable. Consequently, it will be placed in the S tier of the Ultra League tier 2022.


Walrein is the last form that Sealeo takes when it develops into an Ice/Water type. Its defenses crumble when hit with Fighting, Rock, Grass, or Electric attacks. Maximum CP for Walrein is 2,726, and its best moveset is Waterfall and Blizzard. “With a single stroke, Walrein’s two enormous tusks can shatter slabs of ice weighing 10 tonnes. This Pokémon is protected from the extreme cold by its thick layer of blubber.”

Walrein can best fight Pokémon in Gyms with Waterfall and Blizzard. This is the greatest moveset for player-versus-player engagements and offers the most overall DPS. Although Waterfall is the better choice for dealing with consistent Water-type damage, Powder Snow is the more popular option because of its high energy output. The ability known as “Frost Breath” has been surpassed.

When utilizing Walrein, you must have the Community Day-specific move Icicle Spear because of its cheap cost and high damage output. Since Ice + Ground is a relatively unresisted type combination, Earthquake is the go-to second charge move. Unfortunately, Water Pulse fails to impress. Walrein is an Ice/Water type, making it vulnerable to techniques that rely on either of those elements and fighting, Rock, Grass, and Electric. Walrein may be defeated with the following five Pokémon: Xurkitree, Pheromosa, Lucario, Thundurus (Therian), or Zekrom.

The devastation caused by Walrein in the Ultra League continues, and now it has a new food in Giratina. More mass in this league increases Walrein’s chances of surviving a Focus Blast from Registeel and giving it a run for its money. Those are only a few examples; Walrein’s tremendous skills and stats make it a constant danger regardless. Therefore, it will be positioned in the S tier of the Ultra League tier list.


The Pokémon Trevenant develops from Phantump and shares the Ghost and Grass types with its predecessor. It is weak to attacks of the flying, ghost, fire, ice, and dark types. With a maximum possible CP of 2,559, Trevenant’s best moves are Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball. “It has complete mastery of the forest and can manipulate trees at will. Those who do damage to the forest will be trapped there forever.”

When facing off against Pokémon in a Gym, Trevenant is best served by using Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball. This is the greatest moveset for player-versus-player engagements and offers the most overall DPS. When comparing the two, Shadow Claw is superior because of its higher damage output, quicker energy production, and STAB advantage over Sucker Punch. Shadow Ball is a devastating attack that does double damage with STAB and sees little resistance in competitive play.

As a Ghost/Grass type, Trevenant is susceptible to attacks from the Flying, Ghost, Fire, Ice, and Dark types. Darmanitan (Galarian Zen), Reshiram, Calyrex (Shadow Rider), Chandelure, and Darmanitan are the five strongest Pokémon capable of defeating Trevenant. At level 40, Trevenant’s maximum CP is 2559. Therefore, getting him up to the league’s CP limit takes a lot of work.

Trevenant’s substantial success against several meta rivals in this league suggests it may be worth the investment, even without a large quantity of XL Candy to maximize IVs. It deserves praise for its ability to triumph in specific battles while at a typing disadvantage. In light of the rising prevalence of XL Pokemon, Trevenant would be wise to keep the prevalence of Umbreon and other Dark and Normal-type Pokemon as viable opponents in the Ultra League. As a result, this Pokemon will be assigned to the S tier of the Ultra League tier list team.

A Tier

Prominent Pokemons in the Game's Current Meta
The Prominent Pokemons in the Game’s Current Meta

Right below the S tier, we have the A tier. This tier includes those Pokemons that are still very good, relevant, and impressive, just not entirely up to the level of Pokemons in the S tier level. Order of Merit for the Professional League’s Ultra Division. The A-tier is reserved for the most popular Pokemon in PvP and represents a cut above the average amount of devotion for a Pokemon. Due to the subjective nature of this ranking, some fans may consider some of these Pokemon to be of the S-tier.

A demonstration of authenticity is possible. There isn’t a single Pokemon on this list I don’t like. For this rating system, they were separated into many subcategories. Lower than that. If you’re looking for dependable Pokemon, go no further. The Pokemon in this category have not only high quality but also possess some of the game’s most impressive arsenals of special moves. They’re fantastic at doing damage and functioning as a sturdy defensive stronghold. After I describe these Pokemon, you’ll have a clearer picture of their function.

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The Meganium is a member of the Grass kind. Flying, poison, bug, fire, and ice attacks will damage. Max CP 2,410, Meganium’s best moveset is Vine Whip and Frenzy Plant. “The aroma of a Meganium flower is known to have a calming effect. In combat, this Pokémon releases a stronger version of its relaxing aroma to demoralize its opponent.” When facing off against Pokémon in a Gym, Meganium excels with Vine Whip and Frenzy Plant.

This is the greatest moveset for player-versus-player engagements and offers the most overall DPS. This is essentially all there is to Meganium’s arsenal. Compared to Razor Leaf, Vine Whip is superior since it can more efficiently generate energy using its robust charged techniques. There is no such thing as a Meganium without Frenzy Plant. This very effective and inexpensive Grass-type attack significantly contributes to Meganium’s strength.

Earthquake is the other possible explanation. Because of its immunity to Ground-type attacks, Meganium can deal with Steel-types that would typically wall other Grasses. As a result of Frenzy Plant’s STAB, its adequate base power is identical to Earthquakes. Since there is no bad situation in which to use Frenzy Plant, it is always the optimal choice. It would be best if you didn’t utilize Earthquake until the gap between its regular and super efficacy is at least one level.

Meganium is now substantially more potent in the Ultra League because the Level 50 upgrade allowed it to achieve 2500 CP. It is still beneficial if you gather all the XL sweets it will take, but its dual Grass/Ground coverage is less proper than in Great League. Meganium is vulnerable to Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, and Ice attacks since it is a Grass-type Pokémon. So, I will place it in the A tier of the Ultra League tier list.


From Scraggy, the Dark and Fierce Pokémon Scrafty develops. Its defenses crumble in the face of Flying, Fighting, and Fairy attacks. Max CP 2,283; Counter & Foul Play are Scrafty’s strongest movesets. “It spits at its foes as a kind of taunt. All its existence, it has remained inside a certain region.” In a Gym battle, Scrafty should prioritize using Counter and Foul Play to defeat opposing Pokémon.

These techniques have the most extraordinary combined DPS and are the best for use in PVP. It is advised to use a counter due to its extensive coverage and much higher damage output. Snarl has a faster rate of energy production but less overall strength. Foul play is the only charge move with considerable damage and STAB. Although it doesn’t cause much damage, Power-Up Punch is the most energy-efficient charge move and may be used to enhance ATK while perhaps baiting shields.

An intriguing utility charge strategy, the acid spray is less practical owing to its relatively high energy cost. Since it is a Dark/Fighting type, Scrafty is vulnerable to Fairy techniques and has average defenses against Fighting and Flying types. Zacian, Hatterene, Gardevoir, Xurkitree, and Togekiss are the five strongest Pokémon you may employ to defeat Scrafty.

Scrafty fits in nicely with Ultra League’s overarching theme because of its good typing and coverage versus common Steel-types like Giratina. However, the high cost of maxing out Scrafty’s CP to 2283 is not a viable option for most players. Even though it’s a Dark type, Scrafty may have trouble with more extensive Psychic types in this league. Hence, I will position it in the A tier of the Ultra League tier list 2022.


Regirock is a legendary Rock Pokémon. It is susceptible to Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, and Grass moves. Rock Throw and Stone Edge are Regirock’s best techniques, and together they give it 3,122 Max CP.” Regirock was shut away by humanity long ago. If this Pokémon’s body gets wounded in combat, it is believed to search out appropriate rocks to mend itself.” Regirock’s most special attacks against other Pokémon in Gyms are Rock Throw and Stone Edge.

This is the greatest moveset for player-versus-player engagements and offers the most overall DPS. With Lock-On, Regirock now has the most energy generation of any Pokémon (5 EPT), a substantial upgrade. While its meager 1 DPT damage isn’t enough to “farm down” an opponent, the enormous energy gains are necessary for Regirock’s costly charge attacks. Stone Edge is the most accessible and effective alternative for everyday situations.

Earthquake’s heritage move offers Regirock exceptional coverage with Stone Edge and is more dependable than Focus Blast. Regirock is a Rock-type Pokémon, which weakens it to Fighting Ground, Steel, Water, and Grass attacks. You can deploy the five strongest Pokémon to battle Regirock: Zacian, Pheromosa, Metagross, Lucario, and Urshifu. Due to its high CP that tops out just over the Ultra League limit, Regirock is a highly sturdy tier presence.

It can function quite effectively as a Rock-type attacker and fits the niche that this presents very well, with added coverage on ubiquitous Steel owing to Focus Blast or Earthquake. It has numerous intense matchups in the tier, but it’s also dead weight against many essential threats. As a result, this Pokemon will be assigned to the A tier of the Ultra League tier list.


The legendary Psychic Pokémon Cresselia has a long and storied history. The Bug, Ghost, and Dark types can easily defeat it. Having a maximum of 2,857 CP, Cresselia’s best moveset combines Confusion and Future Sight. “People who clutch Cresselia’s feather as they sleep will have pleasant dreams. Some say it symbolizes the crescent moon.” Cresselia’s most extraordinary attacks against Pokémon in Gyms are Confusion and Future Sight.

Because of Psycho Cut, Cress may unleash charged attacks at a considerably quicker rate, but at the expense of being much less effective while the opponent still has shields up. Cresselia’s STAB damage is significantly increased, and its emphasis is shifted away from spamming its expensive charged attacks in favor of using Confusion. Future Sight significantly damages using STAB, but demanding 65 energy from your target is a lot.

The changes to Cresselia’s movepool have rendered Aurora Beam obsolete. Cresselia’s Grass Knot is the only inexpensive attack that can be used several times in a row, and its accessibility is its single weakness. It protects Cresselia against Water types and stops Galarian Stunfisk from outright walling her. Cresselia is vulnerable to Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type attacks as a Psychic type. In Ultra League. Cresselia’s enormous mass offers it a significant advantage, while the ability to use Moonblast gives it some protection against the ubiquitous Giratina.

When it has access to Grass Knot, it may quickly destroy the ever-present Swampert. Cresselia’s weakness against Steel types, especially Registeel, means it’s best used in tandem with a Water- or Fire-type Pokémon like Swampert, Obstagoon, or Talonflame. It may also face the problem of whether to use Future Sight or Grass Knot as a complement to Moonblast. Thus, it will be assigned to the A tier of the Ultra League tier list in September 2022.

B Tier

Balanced Pokemons in the Game's Current Meta
The Balanced Pokemons in the Game’s Current Meta

Then so on and forth, we have the B tier. Even if they aren’t as strong as A-tier Pokemon, B-tier Pokemon still have their charm. This is the “B Rank,” the middle tier in the Pokemon Go Ultra League. There are advantages to using these Pokemon but also significant cons. They seem like half-baked Pokemon since they have no compelling special moves or anything else. Soon enough, the whole image will become clear. Every Pokemon tier below these is inferior to the others. You may thus argue that the B-tier is just somewhat less critical than the A-tier.

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Tapu Fini

The Pokémon Tapu Fini has both Water and Fairy types. Poison, Grass, and Electric attacks will do significant damage to it. Tapu Fini’s Max CP is 2,857, and its best moveset is Water Gun and Surf. Tapu Fini is a protective god, yet those who disrespect it risk catastrophic disasters. Surf and Water Gun are Tapu Fini’s most acceptable attacks against Pokémon inside Gyms. This is the greatest moveset for player-versus-player combat and offers the most overall DPS.

Water Gun is a moderately quick move compared to Hidden Power, but it possesses STAB and a higher energy gain. Due to its low price and high DPE, the surf is essential. Moonblast is a tremendous secondary STAB nuke that annihilates opponent Dragon, Dark, and Water types but comes at a high price. Coverage against Grass-type Pokemon may be had with Ice Beam, although it is often surpassed by Moonblast owing to Moonblast’s higher base STAB damage.

The activity of Surfing already fulfills the purpose of a Hydro Pump. As a Water/Fairy type, Tapu Fini is vulnerable to Grass/Electric attacks and Poison/Fairy techniques. Tapu Fini may be defeated with any of the five strongest Pokémon: Deoxys (Attack), Xurkitree, Thundurus (Therian), Zekrom, or Deoxys. Lacking Azumarill to compete with, Tapu Fini’s superior typing skills are more noticeable.

Since it has good stats against Talonflame, Dark-type Pokemon, Giratina, Swampert, and Galarian Stunfisk, it may be a formidable core-breaker. Tapu Fini is a versatile addition to teams because of his high base stats and outstanding resistance combinations. Playable versus most foes despite being vulnerable to Cresselia, Registeel, and Trevenant. In conclusion, Tapu Fini is an excellent addition to the Ultra League. So, it will be placed in the B tier of the Ultra League tier list.


Talonflame evolves from Fletchinder and is a dual-type Fire/Flying Pokémon. It may be easily defeated by Rock, Water, and Electric attacks. With a maximum possible combat power of 2,205, Talonflame’s best set consists of Fire Spin and Brave Bird. It spreads embers from the crevices in its feathers and takes to the skies amid a fierce conflict. Talonflame should use Fire Spin and Brave Bird against Pokémon using such moves in Gym battles.

This is the greatest moveset for player-versus-player combat and offers the most overall DPS. Even while Incinerate’s energy generation is better than Fire Spin’s, the move’s incredibly lengthy animation might make it tough to employ in battle. Peck and Steel Wing is not preferable due to their identical damage output and weak energy production. Brave Bird is a hazardous move to engage in owing to the self-debuff it provides.

As a Fire/Flying type, Talonflame is vulnerable to Rock-type techniques and takes damage from Water and Electric-type attacks. At level 40, Talonflame’s maximum CP is 2205, but at level 50, it jumps to 2493, making this Bird rather pricey to utilize in the Ultra League. Due to its sluggish moveset, Talonflame is best used against an opponent who doesn’t have both shields ready, allowing it a better chance of landing its devastating Brave Bird.

Though having a distaste for Electric-type Pokemon and a susceptibility to Rock-type strikes might make it challenging to use coverage moves, it can be helpful against Pokemon that are vulnerable to those kinds. Although Talonflame performs well in tests, actual matches may be unpredictable due to the difficulties of Incinerate’s idle animation and the necessity of effective baiting to land a +1 or +2 Brave Bird. Therefore, it will be assigned to the B tier.


Among the legendary Pokémon, Regice is the most well-known because of its icy kind. Moves that rely on Fighting, Rock, Steel, or Fire may damage it. With a maximum possible combat power of 3,122, Regice’s best moveset consists of Lock-On and Blizzard. “The body of Regice dates back to the last ice age. The body is so frozen that not even fire will be able to thaw it.” In a Gym battle, Regice should focus on using Lock-On and Blizzard to defeat the opposing Pokémon.

This is the greatest moveset for competitive play and offers the most overall DPS of any possible combination. Thanks to the ability, lock-On is a considerable upgrade for Regice, who already has the most potent energy generation in the game (5 EPT). However, its light 1 DPT damage output is usually insufficient for farming down an opponent. Regice’s STAB attack is Blizzard, but its high SP cost makes it impractical to utilize often.

When combined with Blizzard, Earthquake and Thunder provide nigh unstoppable coverage choices. Regice’s vulnerabilities to Rock, Fire, and Steel may be mitigated with the aid of Earthquake, which has a lower energy cost than Blizzard. Regice is an Ice type, making it vulnerable to techniques that rely on other elements, such as Fighting, Rock, Steel, and Fire. Regice’s massive defense becomes helpful in the Ultra League, allowing it to function as a wall of a Pokemon that provides solid coverage of essential core choices.

As its energy level rises dramatically thanks to Lock-On, Regice may use its powerful charged strikes to do immense damage and wipe out the enemy team without fainting. Be wary that it has just one resistance and many glaring vulnerabilities. Thus, I will place it in the B tier of the Ultra League tier list.

Stunfisk (Galarian)

Stunfisk (Galarian) is a Ground & Steel Pokémon. It is susceptible to Fighting, Ground, Fire, and Water moves. Stunfisk’s most decisive moveset is Metal Claw & Earthquake, which has a Max CP of 2,162. “Its natural habitat is the sand and muck along the beach. Then it sits and waits. Prey that touches it receives an electric shock.” Attacking Pokémon in Gyms with Stunfisk (Galarian) is best done using Metal Claw and Earthquake.

This is the greatest moveset for player-versus-player combat and offers the most overall DPS. Mud Shot is suggested for its excellent energy production, essential for Galarian Stunfisk’s pricey charge maneuvers. Coverage provided by Rock Slide is quite proper, especially as it is only a fraction of the energy to bait shields while protecting against the most prevalent types. Earthquake benefits from STAB to deliver massive damage, yet it requires a lot of energy to use.

While STAB is helpful for Flash Cannon, its coverage is often irrelevant. Stunfisk (Galarian) is a Ground/Steel type Pokémon, which makes it weak to Fighting, Ground, Fire, and Water attacks. The five strongest Pokémon you may employ to battle Stunfisk (Galarian) are Reshiram, Pheromosa, Lucario, Darmanitan (Galarian Zen), and Chandelure. With the level 50 update, Galarian Stunfisk may reach a maximum of 2445 CP.

So, I am putting it slightly under the CP ceiling of Ultra League when it is promoted to Best Friend. Against the Ultra League meta, Galarian Stunfisk now has access to all its advantages in Great League. This Pokemon dominates the metagame because of its rapid energy increases, excellent coverage, various resistances, and enormous mass. All for the price of a tonne of XL candy. Therefore, it will be placed in the B tier of the Ultra League tier list premier.

C Tier

Notable Pokemons in the Ultra League Tier List
The Notable Pokemons in the Game’s Current Meta

Although it is ranked lower than the B tier, the C tier is practically given the same importance. These three Pokemon are almost indistinguishable, making up a single tier. These Pokemon are among the game’s least important. Since the Pokemon featured in this tier are much weaker than those in previous tiers, I wouldn’t advocate capturing any of them if you already have Pokemon from higher tiers. Due to their weakened stats, Pokemon of this tier aren’t ideal for competitive play and aren’t advised for the Ultra League. This group consists mainly of anti-meta Pokemon, with a type or move pool that makes them well-suited to going up against the ultra-competitive metagame of the Ultra League.


The evolution of Snover into Abomasnow creates a Grass and Ice-type Pokémon. It is weak to attacks of Fire, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Rock, Bug, and Steel types. To maximize its Max CP of 2,362, Abomasnow relies on a moveset that consists of Razor Leaf and Weather Ball. “On snow-capped slopes, it leads a solitary existence. The storms it creates serve as a cover for its existence.” While battling in a Gym, Abomasnow is most effective with Razor Leaf and Weather Ball.

This is the greatest moveset for competitive play and offers the most overall DPS of any possible combination. Due to its rapid energy production, powder snow is now widely advocated. With STAB, Razor Leaf has the highest damage output but the weakest energy gains in PvP. Weather Ball is a considerable upgrade since it can now be repeated often without using too much energy while still doing much damage.

As a Grass/Ice type, Abomasnow is vulnerable to Fire-type attacks and also takes damage from Fighting, Flying, Poison, Rock, Bug, and Steel. Reshiram, Chandelure, Darmanitan, Volcarona, and Blaziken are the five strongest Pokémon capable of defeating Abomasnow. The level 50 upgrade has vastly improved Abomasnow’s performance in Ultra League since it now has access to the extra stats required to achieve the CP cap of Ultra League.

Abomasnow’s coverage is essential in a meta where Dragon and Water-types are often used due to its access to a highly rapid moveset that can be spammed with ease. Abomasnow has a substantial edge over the few other Grass-types in the Ultra League because of its easy access to STAB Weather Ball. As a result, this Pokemon will be placed in the C tier of the Ultra League tier list.


Escavalier is the last form of Karrablast in the Bug/Steel evolutionary chain. The Fire element may easily defeat it. Escavalier’s Max CP is 2,889, and its best moves are Bug Bite and Megahorn. “By donning a Shelmet, these Pokémon may undergo an evolutionary change. Their whole body is shielded from harm by the metal armor.” When facing off against Pokémon in a Gym, Escavalier is at its strongest when using Bug Bite or Megahorn.

This is the greatest moveset for competitive play and offers the most overall DPS of any possible combination. The counter is preferable to Bug Bite because it provides more excellent coverage, more damage, and more energy production. The least expensive way for Escavalier to wall Grass and Bug-type opponents is with Aerial Ace (45 energy), but it’s still not inexpensive.

Escavalier’s sole known vulnerability is against Fire Pokemon, but Drill Run protects you from everything else. Though its coverage may be limited, Megahorn’s damage output is significantly increased by STAB. The Bug/Steel type Escavalier is vulnerable to Fire-type attacks. To defeat Escavalier, you’ll need one of the five strongest Pokémon: Reshiram, Chandelure, Darmanitan, Volcarona, or Blaziken.

Escavalier has a place in the Ultra League metagame because of its resistance to popular Dark and Steel Pokemon and Psychics (thanks to Megahorn). Its coverage against several types of Pokemon helps make up for its lackluster size. It has a hard time keeping up with Giratina, unfortunately. Therefore, this Pokemon will be assigned to the C tier.


The Pokémon Venusaur develops from Ivysaur and specializes in Grass and Poison. Its defenses crumble in the face of Flying, Fire, Psychic, and Ice attacks. Vine Whip and Frenzy Plant are Venusaur’s best attacks, and their combined maximum CP is 2,720. “There is a big bloom on Venusaur’s back. The flower is reported to take on bright hues if it receives lots of nourishment and sunshine. The scent of the blossom has a calming effect.”

The most extraordinary moves for Venusaur are Vine Whip and Frenzy Plant while assaulting Pokémon in Gyms. When it comes to competitive play, this collection of techniques is unrivalled in terms of overall DPS and effectiveness. Venusaur prefers Vine Whip over other rapid techniques since it generates more energy and sets it up better for its devastating charge attacks. Venusaur loses several neutral matches because of its poor energy production.

Still, its razor leaf quick move is more divisive since it concentrates on inflicting damage without needing energy or being denied by shields. Venusaur’s primary selling point is its Frenzy Plant, which has an incredible 2.22 DPE at a low energy cost. If you can’t get your hands on a Frenzy Plant, Ivysaur equipped with a Power Whip is a solid alternative. This Pokemon’s STAB coverage move, Sludge Bomb, helps it out against other Grass-types.

A Grass/Poison type, Venusaur is vulnerable to attacks of the Flying, Fire, Psychic, and Ice types. Venusaur loses to Giratina in a straight battle. However, it can defeat several of Giratina’s traditional counters, including Umbreon, Snorlax, Lapras, and Fairy-type “Charmers.” Its biggest drawback compared to Meganium is the fact that it doesn’t have any impact on Registeel. So, I will place it in the C tier of the Ultra League tier list team.

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D Tier

Flawed Pokemons in the Ultra League Tier List
The Flawed Pokemons in the Game’s Current Meta

D-tier in Pokemon GO Ultra League is notable without being as crucial as the other tiers. It’s safe to say that these Pokemon are the least important ones. The current metagame states that D-Level Pokemon is the game’s weakest. Now that I’ve shown the very top layer, a couple of things have occurred to me.

In the Pokemon world, having a weak team doesn’t spell doom. Due to my familiarity with the hierarchical nature of comments, please take this not as a personal assault. A successful low-tier Pokemon reveals something about your playing style, in my opinion. In this game, you may put your confidence in any Pokemon. It takes a lot of hard effort to rise to this level.


Lickilicky is a Normal-type Pokémon that develops from Lickitung. It may be easily defeated with Fighting techniques. Lickilicky’s Max CP is 2,467, and its best moves are Lick and Hyper Beam. “Its tongue is far more adept than its hands or feet in accomplishing tasks. A single little bean may be picked up expertly on its tongue.” When facing off against Pokémon in a Gym, Lick and Hyper Beam are Lickilicky’s most potent attacks.

When it comes to competitive play, this collection of techniques is unrivalled in terms of overall DPS and effectiveness. With 3 DPT and 3 EPT and a barely avoided typing, Lick is the clear winner when speed is of the essence. Lickitung has kept the raid-day staple Body Slam around because of its low energy cost, decent potency with STAB, and usefulness as a shield bait.

Lickilicky’s Normal typing and the strength of Shadow Ball make it almost impossible for any Ghost-type to win against it in any of the three leagues. To a greater extent, an Earthquake will protect you from damage, especially if you’re using a Steel-type. Being a Normal type, Lickilicky is vulnerable to Fighting-type attacks. You may defeat Lickilicky with the following five Pokémon: Pheromosa, Lucario, Urshifu, Urshifu, and Conkeldurr. When it comes to Giratina, Lickilicky can handle any taste.

Despite its origins in Lickitung’s raid event, Body Slam now provides Lickilicky with increased shield pressure and damage output thanks to its cheap energy cost and STAB-neutral damage. Its maximum CP of 2467 makes it an extremely pricey investment, making Snorlax seem like a better option. As a result, it will be placed in the D tier of the Ultra League tier list September 2022.


Steelix, which develops from Onix, is a Steel and Ground type of Pokémon. It is weak against attacks that rely on fighting, the ground, fire, or water. Steelix’s Max CP is 2,414, and its best moves are Iron Tail and Earthquake.” Steelix burrows considerably more profound into the earth than Onix does. It is well-documented that this Pokémon excavates deep underground.”

Steelix’s most potent attacks against other Pokémon in Gyms are Iron Tail and Earthquake. When it comes to competitive play, this collection of techniques is unrivaled in terms of overall DPS and effectiveness. Earthquake’s high utility stems from its enormous reach and the ability to hit several targets simultaneously (STAB). Even though Heavy Slam has STAB, a Steel type doesn’t provide much offensive utility.

In addition to its neutral defenses and average energy gains, Dragon Tail is favored. Though its energy output is lower, Thunder Fang offers a unique coverage choice. As a Steel/Ground type, Steelix is vulnerable to moves targeting the Fighting, Ground, Fire, and Water types. By choosing fewer ATK IVs and instead using XL sweets, Steelix may get greater bulk thanks to the level 50 upgrade. Because of the rise of more powerful Pokemon like Galarian Stunfisk.

Steelix has fallen out of favor in competitive battles in recent years. That’s not to suggest Steelix is useless; it’s excellent versus Giratina and other bulky Psychic-types like Cresselia and Armored Mewtwo because of its enormous size and access to Crunch. Steelix, on the other hand, is usually rarely used at this stage of the game owing to its poor access to charging moves and inability to beat Galarian Stunfisk, Registeel, and Empoleon. Hence, I will place it in the D tier of the Ultra League tier list 2022.

Team Building Tips

Assemble a squad with a good mix of strengths and weaknesses to compensate for your own. You may choose outside of the lead, switch, and closed positions, but doing so would go against the current meta and gameplay. If you want to compete well in the Ultra League, you need a solid team, and this tier list will provide you with the information you need to put together that squad.

This Tier List is meant to make your selections a bit simpler, but ultimately it is up to you to choose the teams you want to play on and to construct the teams themselves. Since possible movesets are reasonably subjective, they are not included in this tier list. Attempt to form a group that will have fun and performs well. Let us know which team you’ve found particularly effective for you!

Why Trust Our Tier List?

Our main objective is to compile a tier list devoid of prejudice and disinformation. Tier lists are often recommendations, and we instruct the reader on how to interpret them. We guarantee readers that we will explain why various items are put in their respective levels earlier so that no one finds our material unpleasant or irritating to their preferences.

The writers cannot incorporate personal bias into the tier rankings. Before we publish anything on the internet, we ensure that it is factual and well researched. If the writer makes a mistake, we guarantee that a team of professional writers will double-check the tier lists before they are posted. It may be difficult for novices to follow a tier list if they lack critical information.

We prevent this risk by including critical information in each header and subheading. Because no piece of information is ever transmitted unfiltered, context is always included when delivering news that not everyone is aware of. TopTierList’s writers have years of expertise aiding with excellent writing.

Other tier lists will always exist. We will demonstrate why we are the greatest by providing high-quality items. The writer does extensive study before writing a single word and does not stop until they are satisfied that the material is accurate. Some authors may be turned off by their uniqueness. Nonetheless, our authors are encouraged to keep their professional opinions to themselves and only mention them in passing outside the original text.

To Finalize This

This is the Ultra League Tier List, which will be in force until the next update and season. You are welcome to disagree with my tier list whether or not you agree with it. Assume you’re a low-level Pokemon player with some success. That is fantastic news for you, and I am overjoyed. The fact that you’re a skilled player with a promising future speaks volumes.

Your Pokemon is either more or less powerful than I think. Why? Please use the comments section below to let me know what you think. However, this tier list shows that every 17 Pokemons gets my complete attention. We can all agree that the Ultra League Pokemon order that I slightly modified is accurate. Those who disagree with me are welcome to express their displeasure in the comments section.

One of my strong skills is spending time understanding what makes a Pokemon unique. Using this capacity, I’ve opted to develop what I believe to be the most comprehensive Ultra League tier list on the internet. Based on my tastes in various game playstyles, I chose 17 Pokemons from a pool of prospective candidates to help me reach my life objective. I painstakingly examined the levels of this tier list.

If you’ve read the whole tier list, it’s reasonable to assume you’re the most knowledgeable Pokemon GO fan on the planet. I hope you liked it and agree with my appraisal of Pokemon’s proportional worth. It’s OK if you don’t want to. Despite our shared passion for Pokemon, we each have our strategy for getting to know them. This tier ranking is solely based on my assessment of the overall strength of these Pokemons. Thank you to everyone who took the time to review the tier list.

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