COD Zombies Tier List: All Maps Ranked

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In the COD Zombies tier list, we are going to be ranking Call of Duty Zombie games from best to worst. Let’s start with the ranking of all COD zombie games! Also, the ranking criteria in this tier list are a little different as we will not be ranking the maps by difficulty. Instead, we will be evaluating the games by how fun, exciting, and good they are.

Please keep in mind that this tier list is based on the findings and views of our team. Because perspectives are subjective and differ from the standpoint and understanding of others, they may be seen as biased by some. It’s also crucial to note that each of these rankings is based on our personal preferences.

As a result, we make no claim to the accuracy of any of these ranks to be a fact. There are five tiers in the COD Zombie Tier List; the S tier, A-Tier, B Tier, C Tier, and D Tier. The S Tier consists of the best COD zombie modes, while the D tier contains the worst ones.

Key Points

  • We have ranked a total of 10 Zombie Maps from Call of Duty on our Tier List.
  • They have been ranked according to how fun and exciting they felt to us instead of considering their difficulty.
  • You will find maps from the likes of Black Ops 4 and Black Ops 3 in the highest ranks.
  • We have maps from Vanguard and Advanced Warfare EXO Zombie in the lowest ranks.


We have provided the table below for a glance at our rankings.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Black Ops 4Black Ops 2Black Ops 1World at WarAdvanced Warfare EXO Zombie
Black Ops 3Cold WarWorld War IIInfinite Warfare ZombiesVanguard

S Tier

best COD zombie games
best COD zombie games

Okay, so the S Tier, as you may know, is the most superior tier in every tier list. Therefore, this tier is going to contain the best COD zombies games ever. The S Tier games are the best of them all for a multitude of reasons, including gameplay, plot, aesthetics, and game mechanics. Moreover, these games have the best additional content too. For instance, the Easter Eggs are really fun and the Pack-a-Punch feature is good in these modes too.

You can play these games over and over again but never get bored of them. This proves how good these games are. While many games get boring when you play them for a certain amount of time, S Tier zombie games never get boring. With that said, the games in the series are featured in the S Tier.

Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a fantastic game. The gameplay is enjoyable, the animation cutscenes and style are stunning, and the maps are enormous and captivating. Chaos Story was the coolest thing that ever happened in the world of Zombies. Classified has a retro feel about it, with an aether-like appearance that we all enjoy. Dead of the Night’s gameplay is challenging yet rewarding once you’ve figured everything out.

The gauntlets are among the best weapons we’ve ever seen on a zombie map, and Ancient Evil is brilliantly balanced. Yes, BO4 is complicated, and you will need to watch tutorials to complete basic tasks, but that is what adds to the game’s appeal. Also, once you’ve mastered the maps, they’re a lot of fun. Because of the predominance of variant zombies, the more intriguing rounds arrive faster and are more intense.

BO4 Zombies is a fast romp through a challenge room where you don’t start out as powerful, but neither do you start out as weak; there’s a sweet spot in mid-rounds where you’ll constantly reach but struggle beyond.

Release Date
October 12, 2018

Black Ops 3

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is the COD zombie mode, second to BO4, which Treyarch has ever made. With that said, Treyarch has put their heart and soul into Zombies for Hardcore & Causal players who have been sticking with the mode for years. I would easily say Black Ops III had a perfect run of zombie maps for me. I never go back to Zetsubou but I find it such a fun map even with the apparent faults.

Also, the story is more gripping and captivating than ever. You are going to love every second of it. Plus, the nostalgia you might have for BO2 and all the memories you have for it will be completely thrown away with how good COD Black Ops 3 is. Overall, Bo3 is an excellent game that you can play over and over again. However, you may start feeling like there is not much to do even with all the Easter Eggs. Personally, I would rank the COD Black OPS 3 system higher than Black OPS 4 but the problem is that it lacks variety.

Release Date
November 5, 2015

A Tier

Good COD zombie games
Good COD zombie games

The A Tier has a pretty decent set of COD Zombie modes. The games are ranked A for their good graphics, gameplay, and system. Also, the storyline of all the Call of Duty Zombie games in the A Tier has a very good plot that keeps you interested in the game. The game mechanisms are also very attractive and exciting. In addition to that, the aesthetics and vibes of these games are incomparable. These zombie game modes of COD are on par with the zombie modes in S Tier. Enough talk, now let’s see what Zombie modes the A Tier has.

Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 was a cool game. It gave me just the perfect adrenaline rush that I wish to get while playing zombie games. However, I am mostly saying this because of the graphics, the system, and the Origins map. With that said, there are certain maps that are very boring.

For example, Die Rise from Black Ops is a pretty overrated map. The biggest problem in Die Rise is waiting for the elevators when you are building something like the flinger or having to risk jumping down. Problems and faults like these really make the game hard to play. Nevertheless, the graphics, gamble, and storyline make up for its flaws.

Also, the pap on Tranzit literally sucked, especially the solo one. In case you do not know, PAP is the short form for Pack-a-Punch machine. What is sad is that not a single easter egg makes sense in Black Ops 2. What is worse is that you have to do them in a coop match, which sucks for me except for the Origins. The only maps I really said wow to was the Origins and MOTD a little bit. In MOTD, I really hate to collect all fuels for the plane to open pap every round. However, it is still one of the best COD Zombie games to exist.

Release Date
November 12, 2012

Cold War

Call of Duty Cold War has one of the best zombie modes because of various clear reasons. Therefore, it easily earns an A rank in the COD zombies tier list. First of all, Cold War has excellent movement mechanisms and astounding gunplay. It is just so much fun to play that it is very easy to lose track of time. However, it may get a little too easy for some people.

Nevertheless, you can always play and have fun with friends or randoms who are not zombie players. A criticism I have for the Cold War is that there is no difficulty in lower rounds for hardcore players. While not having this feature is not particularly a bad thing, I would still say bringing in a difficulty-choosing system like bo4’s would make it so much better.

I have no problem with weapon rarity, though I still think the box should have an extra use besides getting the raygun. This is because the trials already give you any other wonder weapon way quicker. The box should get its own “thing” you get from there, whatever it is it should be worthwhile hitting the box for. Moreover, there are also a few host problems and system faults that need to be fixed. Other than that, the game is extremely fun to play. I find myself coming back to it every once in a while.

Release Date
November 13, 2020

B Tier

Average COD zombies mode
Average COD zombies mode

The B Tier of our Tier list consists of Call Of Duty zombie games that are quite underrated yet amazing. These are some hidden gems in the COD zombie series. The vibes and aesthetics of the games in B Tier are fabulous. Moreover, the zombies actually give you the scare that you might be searching for in a zombie game. In many zombie modes of COD, the developers mainly focus on the storyline and FPS system of the game instead of the game’s aesthetics.

In my opinion, the vibes of the game matter a lot. For example, a kid’s game should feel light and happy while a horror game needs to have creepy feels. Similarly, a zombie without any eeriness would be nothing but just another shooting game. Anyways, here are the B Tier COD zombie games.

Black Ops 1

Black operations 1 had an incredible tale with fantastic characters that were both amusing and mysterious. We moved from one location to the next, curious as to what Richthofen was up to. The gameplay was both challenging and enjoyable. The wonder weapons weren’t ridiculously powerful. It was a fun story with zombies and horrible nazi experimentation. It was plausible according to its own principles. The game’s atmosphere is terrifying, and you will be terrified while playing it.

The game puts you on edge at all times, especially in maps like Kino and Ascension. But, to be honest, I enjoy the sensations of vulnerability and anxiety. That’s how zombies should be: spooky and terrifying.

However, Call of Duty Black Ops 1 does have its own flaws. BO1 has my least favorite weapon pool in Treyarch Zombies that just is not fun to use past rounds 25-30. Nevertheless, Black Ops 1 is definitely a good cod zombies game to play. Also, it is one of those games that Call of Duty fans just can not forget. The nostalgia always hits hard when you hear the name Call of Duty Black Ops 1.

Release Date
November 9, 2010

World War II

World War 2 differs from the original Treyarch mode in terms of gameplay. It is superior in terms of the quality of the zombies. They run in a clumsy manner, yet the noises they produce are more realistic than the Treyarch zombies’ demonic voices. Furthermore, getting headshots is extremely satisfying because you not only watch the heads explode, but will also witness and listen to the blood splashing on the ground.

Honestly, the Easter Eggs in Call of Duty World War II are some of the nicest I have ever seen. The casual path on the release map, as well as the tasks in DLC 2, stand out. They make quite a lot of sense, and your progress is clearly labeled at the start. Additionally, as you continue through the game, you will hear some wonderful musical stingers, which makes your achievement feel quite satisfying.

The zombie mode in World War 2 is the most powerful and versatile. All of the weapons are useful and have a substantial amount of weight to them. They’re also a lot of fun to use, especially the semi-automatic rifles. The load-outs are great; you get to choose your specialty ability as well as three permanent enhancements known as ‘mods.’ For instance, greater ammo, a second weapon slot, and increased headshot damage. This system has a lot of diversity and depth, which you could appreciate.

However, there are some visible downsides of the game which get it to the B Tier. Firstly, not only is the game agonizing but it is also physically and spiritually torturous. I never thought it was possible to feel physical pain while playing a video game, but World War II proved me wrong. The game gets very boring as you are super OP even from the very beginning.

Release Date
November 3, 2017

C Tier

below-average COD zombies game
below-average COD zombies game

The C tier consists of the below-average Call Of Duty zombie game modes. These games are good but have a decent number of flaws that makes these games unplayable. Moreover, the games below get very boring as the game progresses.

There are too many glitches, bugs, and issues that are still not fixed. Plus, the moderators do not seem to give any attention to games or introduce new updates. There are way better alternatives to these games in the S and A Tier of COD zombies tier list. Anyways, here are the C-rank COD zombies games.

World at War

In terms of gameplay, World at War is a dud. High rounds are largely broken in the first three maps. The flamethrower is used by Nacht and Verruckt, and it has infinite ammo but only kills 24 zombies per round. Shi No Numa possesses an infinite damage wonder weapon, as well as several infinite damage traps and 24 zombies per round. The lone exception is the Reise map, which has certain flaws of its own.

There are several glitches on all of the maps that cause high-rounds to fail. The game is a broken mess sometimes. However, many COD players do enjoy playing COD WAW and so might you. Surprisingly, the bugs and glitches are the reason why many people actually come back to it. In their opinion, the bugs are what make the game more challenging and entertaining. On the other hand, many people can not stand playing the game because of the same bugs that some find entertaining.

Release Date
November 11, 2008

Infinite Warfare Zombies

There are way too many issues in Infinite warfare to count. While Infinite Warfare is one of the best non-Treyarch COD zombies game, there are just too many flaws in the game to rank it higher. The ammunition system is one of the map’s main problems; it runs out far too rapidly.

There are two reasons why you can run out of ammo. To begin with, the fact that you can’t use double pack a punch until after the major Easter egg makes getting any ammo from it almost impossible. This is a significant issue on the map, but let’s move on to the power-up system, which is one of the worst in COD history.

Secondly, the power-up system is a complete mess. In Infinite Warfare zombies, there are nine different power-ups to choose from. The spawn rate of the power-ups is a big flaw in this system. During many rounds, no power-ups appear. And if they do, you would better hope it is not a bomb, endless grenades, or carpentry. Double points, weapon upgrades, or unlimited ammo, on the other hand, might be game changers. Particularly in the later rounds, when ammo is very limited.

Release Date
November 4, 2016

D Tier

COD zombies tier list
Worst cod zombies

Finally, we have come to the D Tier, which is technically the worst tier. Even though I am ranking these games this low, I surely do understand that some people might like these games even more than the ones in S Tier. Everyone has different tastes and preferences, and I totally understand that. The reason I have put these game into D Tier is that the overall aesthetic, gameplay, and system of this game is either unattractive, unentertaining or too broken.

For example, a system is broken when there are too many glitches and bugs. Plus, in all these games in the D Tier, there has not been anything done much to fix the issues. Enough talking, and let’s see what we have in the D Tier.

Advanced Warfare EXO Zombie

One of the worst Call of Duty zombie games ever made has got to be Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare EXO Zombie. Even though there is a very dedicated fanbase for Advanced Warfare, I am sure a lot of COD fans will agree with me on this. Firstly, the map layout and design are downright awful, not even just bad.

It’s as though they tried to rip off previous Treyarch Zombies, with the exception that Advanced Warfare zombies wear an EXO suit. The Exos, on the other hand, never felt like actual zombies. In comparison to other games’ zombie modes, the zombie mode lacks substance and feels more like a casual option.

Unlike World War II, when all of the weapons were overpowered, in World War III, all of the weaponry was underpowered. The weapons are underpowered, and there isn’t enough variation in them. Even with the use of the upgrade station, which was a letdown in and of itself, the wonder weapons were weak. Far too many EMZs running around from round 15 onwards, extremely strong mini-bosses, the remaining zombie(s) dying off far too rapidly at the conclusion of the round, dull perks, imbalanced objectives, and irritating side quests are just a few of the many flaws in the game mode.

Release Date
November 3, 2014


Hands down the worst COD zombies game ever in the Call of duty zombies tier list is Vanguard. An utter disappointment is what the zombie mode of Call of Duty Vanguard is. It is a shame that it was created by Treyarch, the only one that is actually supposed to know how the zombie modes work. The Vanguard Zombie game is extremely boring to play, and the tasks are all too simple and repetitive.

Your game could finish as early as round 3 if someone online proceeds to the Exodus mission. Also, Pack A Punch is one of the most useless features in the game as it barely does anything. The mystery box does not move at all, and the perks system is a shambles. Plus, there are no wonder weapons.

Release Date
November 5, 2021

Comparison Table

MapTierRelease Date
Black Ops 4SOctober 12, 2018
Black Ops 3SNovember 5, 2015
Black Ops 2ANovember 12, 2012
Cold WarANovember 13, 2020
Black Ops 1BNovember 9, 2010
World War IIBNovember 3, 2017
World at WarCNovember 11, 2008
Infinite Warfare ZombiesCNovember 4, 2016
Advanced Warfare EXO ZombieDNovember 3, 2014
VanguardDNovember 5, 2021


The COD Zombies tier ranking is separated into five sections, with the S tier being the lowest and the D tier being the highest. The S Tier includes some of the best Call of Duty Zombie modes ever created, while the D Tier consists of some of the worst. The worst zombie modes are simply unplayable and extremely tedious. As a result, these modes are not well received by the COD community. On the other hand, S Tier has the most enjoyable COD zombie games in this COD zombies tier list.

The best COD Zombie game right now is Black Ops 4 for many reasons especially due to the consistent changes and updates made to it. Please remember that the rankings of all Call Of Duty Zombies on this list are based on the team’s extensive research and personal experiences. People are free to disagree with the orders, which may or may not be true for them.

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