Roblox YouTuber Tier List [2023]

In this Tier List we will rank popular Roblox content creators on YouTube.

One of the main reasons Roblox continues strong is the large number of well-known content creators that play the game. The likes of GamingwithKev and Flamingo have amused fans for as long as anybody can remember, and their broadcasts and videos have kept them interested for a long time. Since some of the finest Fortnite streamers, such as DanTDM, stopped playing the game, many new players have risen to the top. In 2023, the most popular Roblox YouTuber has about 17 million followers, with others trailing far behind. So let’s rank some Roblox content creators in this Roblox Youtuber Tier List.

Please keep in mind that this tier list is based on our team’s research and opinions. Moreover, it may be perceived as prejudiced by some because views are subjective and differ from the viewpoint and understanding of others.

Therefore, we do not claim any of these rankings to be a fact. The Roblox YouTube Channels Tier List is divided into five categories. The S-Tier includes the greatest Roblox YouTube channels on the site, and the D-Tier contains digital artists recognized for their horrible material and activities.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 19 YouTubers ranked in this article.
  • These Youtubers are ranked based on popularity and the quality of content.
  • Among the best YouTubers are Denis, Poke, Flamingo, and  GamingwithKev.
  • Joining us in the lowest ranks are YouTubers like Lisa Gaming Roblox, RobloxLover69, and Julius Cole.


In the table below, you will find a quick summary of all the rankings we will be making in this article.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
DenisFrostbite GamingKonekoKittenShaneRobloxLisa Gaming Roblox
FlamingoAlexTaniaJulius Cole

S Tier

Best Roblox YouTubers
Best Roblox YouTubers

The S Tier consists of the best Roblox Youtubers of 2023. These well-known Roblox YouTubers provide gaming lessons, comical highlights, and strategy tips and please their viewers with their witty commentary.

The S Tier’s streamers provide entertainment based on some of the most well-considered ideas. Furthermore, they are constantly looking for new methods to engage their audience.


The reason why Denis made our Roblox YouTube tier list, is because he is considered one of the best kid-friendly Content Creator for his YouTube channel. If you want are looking for YouTuber that makes great content while keeping it kid-friendly, then you should consider visiting Denis’s YouTube channel.

Moreover, the channel has over 9 million subscribers and a  total of 3 billion views at the time of writing the article. He is officially considered the best Roblox YouTube Channel as of 2023. Furthermore, if you are looking for someone who posts content on a regular basis then Denis takes the first place.

He publishes about 5 videos every week and he also has a mobile app where you can buy toys and merchandise from his official store. You can get the app on Google Play. 

Number of Subscribers 9.3M
Country Greece


A great YouTube channel that you should consider watching if you want Roblox-related videos and gameplays. Poke is considered one of the best YouTube channels in our tier list because of the unique content it offers. The amazing Roblox YouTube channel is run by Zack.

He posts all kinds of videos that are suitable for children and can be enjoyed by adults as well. Additionally, he makes unique story-based Roblox videos that are very engaging and fun to watch.

Moreover, the channel has over 5,000,000 subscribers and 1 billion views making it one of the best Roblox YouTube channels for 2023. Furthermore, Zack publishes one video per day so you will have a lot of content to follow. 

Number of Subscribers 5.27M
Country American 


This American YouTuber earns the title of most popular Roblox YouTuber of 2023. Flamingo has a whopping 10.5 million subscribers on YouTube, which is truly incredible. He enjoys playing Roblox and creating content for it.

His gaming videos are a lot of fun to watch, and his abilities are impressive. Moreover, he can take a drab and uninteresting Roblox game and transform it into an entertaining experience for the audience. Every Roblox player respects him a lot, even if they are not fans.

Number of Subscribers 11.8M 
Country Haddon Heights, New Jersey


More than 7.75 million people have subscribed to GamingwithKev, and the number is growing every day. Kev is known for experimenting with new Roblox games. Furthermore, his gaming abilities are exceptional. He is not just a great gamer but also a very lovely person.

The best thing about Kev is his ability to engage the audience with his witty humor. GamingwithKev also does a fantastic job of examining all of the many aspects of the Roblox universe. Lastly,  Kev also enjoys sharing personal experiences with his fans, making them feel more connected to him.

Number of Subscribers 8.68M
Country California, USA


Kat and her siblings, who go by the moniker “The Krew,” run the channel. Itsfunneh produces some of the most unique and engaging Roblox content available on YouTube. Kat not only creates interesting and fun films, but she also assists her viewers in improving their Roblox skills. She produces content that is both humorous and joyous, and family-friendly.

Number of Subscribers 9.91M
Country Alberta Canada

A Tier

A Tier Roblox YouTubers
A Tier Roblox YouTubers

The A Tier Roblox Youtubers are well-known for entertaining Roblox game videos on YouTube. These YouTubers invest quite a lot of effort and time into their videos which can be seen easily while watching their videos.

Moreover, it is always fun to watch their content as it is light-hearted and entertaining. However, they still need a little more polishing and time to reach the same level of popularity and appreciation as the Roblox Youtubers in the S Tier.

Frostbite Gaming

Frostbite is one of the most popular Roblox YouTubers who have good gaming skills and are also really entertaining. The competitive nature of Frostbite’s gameplay is what attracts thousands of viewers to their videos. and the American Youtuber has amassed 2.5 million subscribers in doing so.

Honestly, the amount of time and effort Frostbite Gaming put into their YouTube videos is very impressive. One of the best things about this dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something. He always respects the audience and his team. Moreover, Frostbite Gaming is always polite in all of its videos.

Number of Subscribers 8.5M
Country USA


LankyBox is the most subscribed Roblox Youtuber, with 16.5 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel. This Roblox Youtuber creates entertaining videos that never fail to make you laugh or smile. His videos are well-edited and are also appropriate for minors.

However, his fandom is full of young, nine y/o kidmakingkes it hard for teens to get along with. Also, some people find LankyBox’s content to be a little too childish and lame. Nevertheless, Lankybox never fails to shine when ranking Roblox Youtubers.

Number of Subscribers 21M
Country America


One of the most regular Content Creators and Roblox YouTubers is Alex and due to his popularity, he made it to the A rank. Not only his videos are extremely fun to watch, but he also does a great and funny commentary that makes his videos stand out from the rest.

Furthermore, he is also very interactive and is always replying to the comments. His story-based videos and the way he interacts with his fans make him the most loved Roblox YouTuber in our tier list. 

Number of Subscribers 2.09M
Country Texas


One of the top 10 Roblox YouTubers for 2023 is Tofuu in our tier list. The channel is mainly focused on child audiences however, many adults enjoy watching the YouTuber take on the challenges of Roblox. He has by far the highest number of subscribers an hour Roblox YouTubers tier list.

The YouTuber has managed to gather over 4,000,000 subscribers which keeps on increasing day by day. Additionally, he has over 1 billion views and the traffic is fairly high. The best thing about Tofuu is that he covers a lot of Minecraft videos as well. So if you are a Minecraft fan, you will enjoy watching his videos. 

Number of Subscribers 4.07M
Country USA


If you are a Hello Neighbor or a PalsCraft fan, then Sketch is the perfect YouTube channel to watch if you want to enjoy their gameplays. Sketch is known for his funny commentary and is considered one of the top five Roblox YouTubers of 2023 in our tier list.

He has over 4,000,000 subscribers and over 1 billion views. Additionally, he posts about four videos every week and each video is unique and fun to watch. Kids all over the world love watching Sketch playing Roblox. 

Number of Subscribers 4.6M
Country Massachusetts 


Russo has about 2.5 million YouTube subscribers and is still one of the few Roblox YouTubers that upload content regularly with consistency. One of the key reasons for his fame is that this American YouTuber mostly uploads Roblox gameplay and collaboration videos with a comedic spin and great commentary.

It is amazing to watch how much this YouTube channel has progressed. Lastly, Russo makes epic videos that do not get boring in the middle and can make you smile in the end.

Number of Subscribers 2.82M
Country USA

B Tier

Average Roblox Youtubers
Average Roblox Youtubers

The B Tier of the Roblox Youtuber tier list consists of the average Roblox Youtubers, which are not too liked and not too hated. These are among the most underappreciated and underrated Roblox streamers that are often ignored due to not being too popular.

Nevertheless, B Tier Roblox Youtubers are hard-working content creators with a lot of potential. They have what it takes to be popular. Moreover, their content is rather fun to watch. With a little more effort, these Youtube Roblox channels can get as big as the S Tier Roblox Youtubers.


For me, KonekoKitten is the first to report on Roblox news. His thumbnails might sometimes be a little clickbaity, but his substance is always nice, and he tries to be accurate. He also creates good Roblox material, which is exploratory, as he explores ancient Roblox sites or does tiny game playthroughs.

Moreover, he can be critical when rating a game that seems like a copy of another popular game. Nevertheless, it is really interesting to listen to his opinions on different stuff related to Roblox. Additionally, Koneko’s content is good, useful, informative, and consistent, which is why his fanbase is very dedicated to him.

Number of Subscribers 1.36M
Country USA


CoxoSparkle is one of the most underrated and underappreciated Roblox Youtubers. She makes unique Roblox content and uploads it on YouTube. Cox makes Roblox movies and short films. She edits them so well that it looks like 3D animated movies.

Plus, the storyline of her films is always very entertaining. The directing, producing, and editing are all done incredibly well. I respect her and her team for putting so much time and effort into her videos and creating content that deserves to be popular.

Number of Subscribers 620k
Country USA


If you are looking for a Youtuber who loves to play pranks and be a silly troll in Roblox, TanqR is the one for you. TanqR’s content is way too good for a YouTube channel with such a small fanbase. It is hard to believe he has only about 2.8 million subscribers.

Tania always manages to make his fans laugh with his videos. Moreover, it is not impressive how he works to troll everyone wherever he goes. He does have an innate talent for exploring people, which is cool.

Number of Subscribers 4.03M
Country Jamshedpur, India

C Tier

Below Average Roblox YouTubers
Below Average Roblox YouTubers

The C Tier Roblox streamers are some below-average Roblox Youtubers for several reasons. Firstly, the content YouTubers in the S and A tiers of this tier list make such high-quality content that the Youtubers in the lower levels can not compete with.

Moreover, the YouTubing skills of these Roblox channels are really low. The Youtubers in C Tier need to work harder to meet the standards that other great Roblox Youtubers set. Anyways, here are the Youtubers from the C Tier.


Shane Roblox is another Roblox Youtuber who makes short Roblox Movies. Similar to CoxoSparkle, his videos are also well-edited. However, CoxoSparkle greatly overshadows ShaneRoblox and wins the competition of making the best Roblox movies.

The storyline of ShaneRoblox’s movies might get a bit boring and generic for the Roblox community. While the content itself is not that bad, it still needs some polishing to become even better. Nevertheless, Shane treats his fans well, and his fans are also very nice and loyal to him.

Number of Subscribers 1.93M
Country UK


Luca Roblox is a C Tier Roblox Youtuber who makes entertaining content. However, her content may become a bit too controversial sometimes. Supposedly, Luca claims to have hired a hacker to punish her toxic friend.

She also has done many other similar controversial stuff, which makes people avoid her. While her videos are fun, they are inappropriate for the Roblox community, mainly filled with kids from 9 to 12 years old.

Number of Subscribers 6.5M
Country USA

D Tier

Worst Roblox Youtube Channels
Worst Roblox Youtube Channels

Roblox YouTubers are a major target for criticism and a subject for debate in the gaming community. The Youtubers in the D Tier are criticized for several different reasons. These reasons include trolling, click-baiting, scamming, uploading inappropriate content, and attacking other users.

The hate is frequently exaggerated because of these YouTubers’ popularity and their influence on Roblox gamers. Some gamers argue that the rise of well-known but terrible Roblox YouTubers led to the game’s downfall. Listed below are some of the worst Roblox Youtubers ever.

Lisa Gaming Roblox

Lisa Gaming Roblox is one of the most controversial Roblox YouTubers for many obvious reasons. Firstly, Lisa gaming faked her illness to fool her fans and gain sympathy and fame. This unnatural act is also very offensive to people suffering from that illness.

Moreover, she says that Flaming (the one in S Tier) hacked her. However, Flaming didn’t even know that she existed. Flamingo has a history of being a nice guy in Roblox and even in real life.

Unlike Flamingo, Lisa does not care about her fans and enjoys fooling them. Also, She deleted people’s houses in Bloxburg. Even worse, she uses clickbait on Youtube to gain views and fame. Lisa is fed on negative popularity; it is her best way to earn fame. There can hardly be anyone who does not know about Lisa’s atrocities in the Roblox YouTube community.

Number of Subscribers 8.1M
Country USA


RobloxLover69 is another trash Roblox Youtuber who uses click-baiting to get views on his Youtube videos. He claims to have free Robux hacks, just lies, and scams. RobloxLover69 was used first to have a Youtube account named RobuxianYouTube.

However, his first account got banned in 2017 for the same things he did with his second account. Even though RobloxLover69 has supposedly changed and become a good person, his past behavior is not something the Roblox community can easily forgive and forget.

Number of Subscribers 1.52M
Country USA

Julius Cole

Another cringe-worthy Roblox Youtuber is Julius Cole. He is best known for his anti-Roblox YouTube videos and re-uploading exploited Roblox games as his own. In his videos, he both wishes for the deaths of Roblox employees and users and celebrates the deaths of late Roblox employees, such as Roblox founder Erik Cassel.

He started doing these acts after his Roblox accounts were suspended for hacking and re-uploading other people’s games as his own. Julius Cole is one of the worst Roblox Youtubers, and Lisa Gaming and Roblox Lover69.

Number of Subscribers 8.4M
Country USA

Comparison Table

YoutuberTierNumber of SubscribersCountry
FlamingoS11.8M Haddon Heights, New Jersey
GamingwithKevS8.68MCalifornia, USA
ItsFunnehS9.91MAlberta Canada
Frostbite GamingA8.5MUSA
TaniaB4.03MJamshedpur, India
Lisa Gaming RobloxD8.1MUSA
Julius ColeD8.4MUSA


The Roblox YouTuber tier list is divided into five parts, from the S tier to D Tier. The S Tier contains the best Roblox streamers and content creators on Youtuber, while the D Tier contains some of the worst Roblox Youtubers.

The worst Youtubers have done terrible acts that have turned the entire community against them. In any case, I hope you keep in mind that the rankings of all Roblox YouTubers in this list are based on the team’s thorough research on the topic and own experiences. The orders might not be a fact, and people are free to disagree.

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