Overwatch Map Tier List: Best To Worst [2023]

All of the maps from the first Overwatch game have been ranked in this tier list.

The categories in which the Overwatch maps are divided include Assault Maps which are five in which players have to capture two areas, six Escort Maps in which players have to escort along three checkpoints and five Hybrid maps which are a combo of both Assault and Escort Maps and finally five Control Maps which involve three small areas existing in them. So let’s get started with our Overwatch Map Tier List.

The main purpose of the article is to rank all the maps in Overwatch for the players so they can easily choose the best maps for themselves. The rankings are totally based on our perspective, research, and experience. 

Key Points

  • There are a total of 21 entries in the article.
  • Each map has been ranked on visuals, size, openness, and choke points.
  • Among the highest ranks, you will find King’s Row, Hollywood, Route 66, Eichenwalde, and Oasis.
  • The lowest ranks contain maps like Ilios, Numbani, Horizon Lunar Colony, Blizzard World, and Paris.


We will list all entries in a short table.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
King’s RowVolskaya IndustriesDoradoTemple of AnubisHorizon Lunar Colony
HollywoodHanamuraLijiang TowerRialtoBlizzard World
Route 66NepalWatchpoint: GibraltarBusanHavanaParis

Learn more about each by reading on.

S Tier

The best tier
S Tier.

The S Tier of our article includes those Overwatch Maps that are considered to be the best in the game. These maps are most liked by the players based on certain factors which include the type of the map, known locations, and the attacking and defending strategies of maps that can be used by the players. The best maps among all maps are all included in the current portion of our article.

King’s Row

It is one of the first maps ever created in the game. The inspiration for the map was taken from London and it is a Hybrid Map because it involves a combination of Assault and Escort Maps. Omnics which are intelligent robots produced by Omnimus have been denied the same rights as humans on the map.

Nowhere in the world, are the human and omnic tensions high as King’s Row region. The current map is ranked at the top because of the strategy which can be used while playing the map and the different locations within King’s Row for the players. Mei can be the best character used on the map because of her special attack known as the Ice Wall to block the gateway and snipers like Hanzo can take advantage by helping their team to guard and inform their teammates if anyone tries to sneak up.

Type Payload
Location England


The map is only playable during a special event known as the Halloween Terror event. Hollywood is also a Hybrid Map and is located in a real-life location in Los Angeles. Unlike every other map, Hollywood has a unique theme for the player’s victory over the normal one.

The unique theme has its sound effect and is played in a movie reel to make it look retro. But the map is more of a fictional representation of Hollywood as compared to the real-life location. The reason why it is placed in the S Tier is that the attacking strategies are used to draw the enemy’s attention off snipers and healers on the side by placing them at the side exit which can be helpful for an easy win.

Type Hybrid
Location Hollywood

Route 66

Here is Router 66, where travelers and road-trippers who used the road for traveling have vanished and the gas stations, shops, and cafes have not been used for a long time. All the real-time monuments of Route 66 have disappeared due to the crisis and rising tensions between humans and Omnics. Speaking from the defensive point of view players should be focused on defending the rooftop of the building near the first checkpoint.

But what places the map in the top tier is the strong attacking strategy that can be used by the players. There are many vantage points on the map and if you are a sniper it is the best one in Overwatch for you because it would be easy for players to target enemies from a long range.

Type Escort
Location Albuquerque, New Mexico, US


Eichenwalde in German means oak forest but in Overwatch, it only has pine trees. The map is a themed version of the original Halloween Terror and was launched in Overwatch during the Halloween Terror event back in 2017. Eichenwalde is of the Hybrid type which means it involves two types of maps. The town was evacuated based on the story of Overwatch following the Omnic Crisis by its ruler leaving behind scars of war.

Forests have now started taking over villages in Eichenwalde today. The reason why we have placed it in the S Tier is because of its versatile locations which include Brauerei Mittagskrug, Gütebäckerei, Die Zaubertröte, etc. These known locations on the map provide the best battle experience to the players which is why most players love this map.

Type Hybrid
Location Germany


Oasis is the only control map in the S Tier, and every control map in Overwatch Oasis has three sections in which every turn is played. The three map sections include City Center, University, and Gardens.  Located in Iraq, the city represents the world’s most advanced city in Overwatch being a model for inventions with researchers and intelligent people.

The most notable known location on the map is an enigmatic tower that remains to be under construction for an indefinite period. We have placed it in the S Tier because of the futuristic design with the historical touch of culture and technology which attracts the players to Oasis.

Type Control
Location Arabian Desert of Iraq

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A Tier

Overall great maps in tier list of Overwatch
A Tier.

All the maps included in the A Tier of the article are considered to be as good as the S ranks maps and are similar but still a second choice for the players because they are a little complex and difficult to understand with a slight low chance of a win as compared to the S Tier maps included in the list.

Volskaya Industries

Volskaya Industries is a Russian company located in St. Petersburg and is an Assault type map in Overwatch. It is involved in Svyatogor production and is the Russian premier anti omnic security force. The corporation raised production in recent years in response to growing Siberian omnium hostility. Volskaya had a security compromise in its network shortly after Guillermo Portero stepped down as CEO of LumériCo.

The spawn room for the attacking side on Point A has a church that resembles a real-life church in St. Petersburg. The reason why we consider it an overall good map in Overwatch Map Tier List is that players can use the map for good defense due to the reason that Volskaya Industries’ first gate is the hardest to pass for the attacking side. After the first checkpoint, an open area comes which can be hard for the attacking side to pass which makes another positive point for the defensive side.

Type Assault
Location Russia


The English translation of the name of the map is Hanamura means flower village. Here, the attackers must enter Shimada Castle and capture both points while the focus of the defenders is to stop them.

Hanamura is an Assault Type map based on a real-life place in Tokyo, Japan. It features temple grounds spread over a large area. The map seems to be influenced by a temple in Kyoto which is known as Kiyomizudera. We have ranked Hanamura in A Tier because there are many flanks to help players attack and defend faster too.

Type Assault
Location Castle Grounds


A Control map in Overwatch in which Omnic robots started to experience spiritual awakening for which they left their programmed lives and set up a monastery high in the Himalayas. Being a Control map there are three sections of Nepal which include Village, Shrine, and Sanctum. We have ranked Nepal in the A Tier of the tier because defensive characters like Mei can perform excellently in the Village and Sanctum maps of Nepal.

She can use her Ice wall ability to block the entrance of these sections while other characters with special abilities like Soundwave (which creates a short wave blast knocking the enemy away from you) could push enemies to death. But some characters need to use their ultimate ability to give enemies a hard time.

Type Control
Location Nepal

B Tier

Above average maps in overwatch
B Tier.

Overwatch Maps ranked in B Tier are considered to be above-average maps. These maps are not as great as the S and A Tier maps due to some flaws which make B Tier maps a good choice for the new players if they want to win. The above-average B Tier maps are included in the current rank.


This map revolves around an annual festival that marks the end of the Omnic Crisis and the end of the darkness period which destroyed Mexico when Omnics destroyed much of the power grid of the country. Dorado is an Escort Map that starts with the attacking team being at the historical location of Missión Dorado which is famous for its sound of ornamental bells.

These bells when shot by players produce different sounds which can be used to produce fun melodies by pro players. The reason for placing the map in B Tier is its fun and challenging objective which the players enjoy. The objective is to transport a truck through Dorado’s streets to restore the power of the region.

Type Escort
Location Mexico

Lijiang Tower

Lijiang Tower is located in the middle of a modern Chinese metropolis, with lively streets having many stores, gardens, restaurants, and well-known night markets offering foods from all over the region at all hours. The tower itself is home to Lucheng Interstellar which is one of China’s leading enterprises in the art space sector, which has a long history of being a pioneer and is currently pushing the boundaries of space research.

Lijiang Tower is placed in B Tier because the windows in the map can be used for surprise attacks another advantage is that Lijiang Tower has many holes to fall into which is a threat at the same time.

Type Control
Location China

Watchpoint: Gibraltar

The map is of Escort Type and the history of it based on the game is that Watchpoint might have been an outpost of Overwatch that used to guard the Mediterranean. The Overwatch base was shut down but recent activity was being shown at Watchpoint. The main purpose of the story-telling was to let the audience know how Overwatch’s communication was brought back online by Winston (a character in-game).

Watchpoint also has the largest indoor area known as Hangar 18 which can store OSS-7 Aurora Crafts. These crafts used in the game are much smaller than the Ocra crafts that are used to teleport agents. The reason for Watchpoint: Gibraltar being placed in the B Tier of our ranking is its third checkpoint. It is considered the most difficult point among all the Escort Maps. The main challenge of the map is moving out of the doorway as there are fewer exits to escape.

Type Payload
Location British Oversees territory

C Tier

Average maps of overwatch
C Tier.

Overwatch Maps included in C Tier are considered to be average due to various reasons including known locations and strategies which could be used to conquer them. C Tier maps are also a good choice for new players while they are in the process of becoming a pro with the game. 

Temple of Anubis

The Temple of Anubis, also known as the Anubis facility was the first map of Assault Type created for Overwatch. It is located among the ruins of the Giza Plateau on the boundary of Cairo and is one of the numerous fresh excavations in the area. While most people think the site is interesting because of its archaeology, it also has a secret entrance of a research facility that is located far down but even the guards protecting the site do not have a clue about what they are protecting.

The reason for it being placed in the C Tier is its defense range because playing as a defender on the map can be very boring because there is only one entrance on point A and you have to wait for enemies at point B of Anubis Facility.

Type Assault
Location Giza Plateau


The map is based on the center of Venice with many gondolas with great historical heritage and canals. Not long ago humans and Omnics lived here peacefully. It is an Escort Type map in Overwatch for which the Italian government has taken significant steps to preserve Venice, with impacting results. Visitors to the charming town can try regional food, take a relaxing gondola ride, visit Galleria D’arte Omnica (the local art gallery), or simply stroll along the canal to take in the scenery.

Rialto is ranked in the average tier of the Overwatch Map Tier List because it is nothing like the high-tiered Overwatch maps and the only notable characteristics of this map are a restaurant that plays music players move closer to it and gondola rides to which the players can jump.

Type Escort
Location Italy


Busan was unveiled in 2018 at the Overwatch fan festival. The map’s back story is that it got attacked by Omnics but D.Va a tank hero of Overwatch was able to defeat them and save the city. Being a Control map in Overwatch there are three sections in which the players can play which include Downtown, Sanctuary, and MEKA Base. Busan is placed in the C Tier because it has nothing special except the two interactive objects which are a Dance Floor in which players can use the dancing pad to hop on the correct directional arrow that corresponds to what is on screen. Alternatively, a dancing emote can be used to obtain all moves perfectly.

Type Control
Location South Korea


Havana started to develop in 2018. The map has references to Shakespeare’s works. Local Alicia Diaz that is a local rum maker and a member of the Diaz family was concerned that Havana was changing and losing its cultural heritage. Inside the Adawe International Terminal in Numbani (Map) is a travel poster promoting tourism to Havana. It is placed in the average C tier because the only notable feature of the map are its known locations, which are quite a few.

The known location of Havana in Overwatch include Café del Sol, La Cocina de Miranda, Gran Teatro de La Habana, Don Rumbotico Distillery, Havana Sea Fort, Taller de Sebastián and Viola y Orsino other than the map is nothing like any S or A tier maps.

Type Escort
Location Cuba


Located in the outback of Australia Junkertown is an Escort map in Overwatch. It is known to be the hometown of Junkers which is a cutthroat society led by their Queen. The only normal things in the town are repair shops, bars, and tattoo shops. The Queen of Junkertown collects taxes from the people living in the chaotic town too, and if someone does not pay them The Queen sends her guards to collect what is due.

We have ranked Junkertown in the C Tier because if either team has Roadhog or Junkrat, there will be audio cues from the Queen at the first escort point expressing her displeasure with their return. The Roadhog’s chopper in the attacking spawn room is the game’s first destructible prop with hit markings. It has a health rating of around 2500 and if Wrecking Ball is on either team, the intercom will announce, “Wrecking Ball has returned to claim his title” which is a notable feature of the map.

Type Escort
Location Australian Outback


Ilios is located in the Aegean Sea of Greece which is part of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the perfect holiday spot for individuals looking for a relaxing getaway or those interested in visiting the ruins spread around the island’s top, where many ancient artifacts and treasures have lately been discovered. The ruins have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Talon, on the other hand, attempted to take the relics. Being a Control Map it has three sections which include Lighthouse, Ruins, and a Well. The Well section of Ilios has a bog hole in the middle which could be useful to eliminate enemies. However, some characters of Overwatch can still escape which is the reason Ilios is ranked in the C Tier.

Type Control
Location Greece


Omnic-human equality is the core of Numbani and Omnics are fully accepted by humans in Numbani performing various roles and have their best work. It is a Hybrid type of map in Overwatch involving Assault and Escort modes. The capture point outside Aetria needs to be captured by the attacking team and then escort the payload to the Numbani Heritage museum.

The reason for Numbani being placed in the C Tier is that there are various high areas in various places of the map which can be used by both the attacking and the defending team but the limitation of which is only those characters that have movement abilities are only perfect for and beneficial for capturing such areas.

Type Payload Hybrid
Location Nigeria

D Tier

Least liked maps of overwatch
D Tier.

D Tier Overwatch Maps are considered to be the least liked by the audience as they do not have any sort of special locations and features and being basic are not much liked by the players. They can be used as a challenge by some players while others should only play D Tier maps if they love challenges. The least-liked maps in Overwatch include the following.

Horizon Lunar Colony

The horizon of the Lunar Colony is the only map that does not take place on Earth. The map is a moonbase established as humans wanted to explore space. The scientists which developed Horizon of Lunar Colony were genetically gorillas who wanted to test the effects of space on life for long periods. During the last days of the colony, some gorillas were having adverse effects on them scientist that wanted to test them were killed by the gorillas and claimed the base themselves.

The horizon of Lunar Colony is an Assault type map of Overwatch. The map was made to add a new Assault map to the game. Initially, the entire map was set in a low-gravity environment. However, it felt gimmicky, and in some respects, it destroyed the game, at least in terms of competitive balance which is the reason the map is placed in the D rank of the Overwatch Map Tier List 2023.

Type Assault
Location Earth’s Moon

Blizzard World

Blizzard World is a Hybrid type map in Overwatch and has different sections which include Diablo, Heroes of the storm, The Lost Vikings, Starcraft, and Warcraft.  In the Warcraft staging area, the map begins with a payload. The attackers begin in the Hearthstone Tavern, while the defenders begin in the Heroes Arcade. The attackers must transport the cargo into the StarCraft portion of the theme park, which consists of a circular plaza with a higher level of bridges and walkways.

Taking the high ground is the key to winning here, as it is in the Warcraft portion. The payload is the last to enter the Diablo area, which has multiple smashable barrels. There should only be three people while attacking as the payload moves very fast which is why Blizzard World has been placed in the weakest tier of our list.

Type Hybrid
Location California


Finally, the last Overwatch Map on the list is Paris which is of Assault type. It is a site of civil unrest during Omnic Crisis. The attack in Paris shocked the world, and many people wondered whether it was a one-time occurrence or the start of a new battle.

It was rapidly confirmed to be the end because similar attacks on targets all around the world followed the Paris incident. The map does not have any special features like the S and A Tier maps and just has a few known locations which include La Bonne Affaire, Cabaret Luna, Les Deux Escargots, Hôtel Beau Ciel, Maison Marat, Paris Police Station, Pâtisserie Galand and Quartier Omnic.

Type Assault
Location Paris

Comparison Table

King’s RowSPayloadEngland
Route 66SEscortAlbuquerque, New Mexico, US
OasisSControlArabian Desert of Iraq
Volskaya IndustriesAAssaultRussia
HanamuraAAssaultCastle Grounds
Lijiang TowerBControlChina
Watchpoint: GibraltarBPayloadBritish Oversees territory
Temple of AnubisCAssaultGiza Plateau
BusanCControlSouth Korea
Havana CEscortCuba
Junkertown CEscortAustralian Outback
NumbaniCPayload HybridNigeria
Horizon Lunar ColonyDAssaultEarth’s Moon
Blizzard WorldDHybridCalifornia


In this article, all the necessary information about the maps of Overwatch has been mentioned also all their features and known locations. All the maps as per their design, strategies, and unique features are allocated into different tiers. Their allocation is based on research, observation, and experience of different players. By looking at our list based on Overwatch maps a beginner or even an old player of the game can be benefited from it. Because it will help the player to choose wisely while playing the game.

Also, the additional information about the background of Overwatch Maps available in the game is mentioned and their details are also written with them. Which are of no less importance for a player to choose efficiently while choosing a map. All the above details of the Overwatch tier list are based on research and observations but these can vary for others because everyone has their own preferences.