Warzone Weapon Tier List: Weapons Breakdown

Ladies and gentlemen, hello, hi, how are you doing? Welcome back to ToptierList, your daily dose of entertainment and knowledge. The Warzone meta is more open than it has been for quite some time now, and if you’re searching for the most definitive Warzone Weapon tier list, you’re at the right spot. Thank you so much for dropping by with the Season 4 reloaded update. Of course, we received a slew of weapon tweaks and a slew of pleasant surprises. Yeah, we saw various vanguard weaponry being nerfed.

As a result of these changes, we’re taking a closer look at the new meta in Season 4: Reloaded of a War Zone, which includes benefits to a wide range of current and even some cold war weaponry. If you appreciate the article at any time, let me know by putting a note in the comments area below. If you’re a new visitor, please bookmark this site so you can return to learn about upcoming Call of Duty upgrades, news, updates, load-outs, and tips. You are going to find it all right here. So, don’t let that opportunity pass you by.

We will have every broken weapon on the tier list that is creating havoc in the game’s current meta. There is no need to include melee weapons in this tier list since they are redundant and have been graded based on how players in the present scenario are currently using them to advance their ladder. As a result, I’ve compiled a comprehensive breakdown of what’s new in the most recent patch, and we’ll amend this tier list to reflect that.

You may have already dived in and are now going through and checking out that new stuff. This is your Warzone weapon tier list if you’re still unclear about what you should be using. It would be fantastic if you appreciated it and offered valuable comments below. Many of you on this website and reading this essay already know about this game. However, with Call of Duty: Warzone inviting hundreds of new players onto the battlefield, I want to take the time to address the topic What is Call of Duty: Warzone?

Perhaps you are someone who has heard of the game but has never taken the time to delve in. Maybe you have got pals who are beginning to pay attention to this series and want you to join in, or perhaps you are someone that has for a long time attempted to get your buddies to play the game. Whatever your motivation, if you are anybody you know who wants a brief overview of precisely everything this series has to offer and, more importantly, why it is so unique, this tier list is for you.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone has been available for almost two years now, gaining a plethora of feature updates, patches, and balancing charges, and is drawing in gamers every day but will Warzone be worth playing in 2022? Begin with the stuff as it is right now. I am sure many of you have noticed the new Godzilla and Kong upgrade, which is fantastic. I do not believe I have seen a live service game other than Fortnite do anything of that magnitude, and it’s great, but it’s more flair and less substance.

I do not believe it’s the right moment to go into Warzone because of it. They’re all around looking for a rock to aim their laser beams at, and they’re all screaming. Only that and their ability to soak up bullets is all they have going for them. A gimmick, maybe, but cool nonetheless. I believe the Caldera was introduced to the game around November of 2021. For a while, I felt the map was a refreshing change from Verdansk. When it was grey, this was the Warzone original map.

Playing on it was enjoyable, and most players could be seen, which was an improvement over Caldera. Since there are so many trees and wide open spaces, this place seems noisier than anywhere else. This is just my own opinion, but I don’t like the new map at all. With so many players gravitating to the apex, the remainder of the map has become a wasteland owing to the lack of attractive tactical options.

You will more than likely have sniped, so have that in mind. Warzone offers the battle pass, which receives an upgrade every couple of months, with which you may buy several skins and weaponry. The battle pass system irritates me, mainly when releasing new content. It’s simply lazy most of the time. Even if they only release a few skins and weapons every few months, the stuff they add is better than something like Halo endless, and you aren’t required to purchase the battle pass to get the best of it.

Weapons and levels still give you experience points and levels, respectively. As a result, upgrading your weapons and equipment is completely free. This is a big step forward, but it’s still far from complete. Every update has occasional performance difficulties, including frame dips, visual glitches, and unexpected bugs. When Warzone is updated, you’ll know. Because I’m used to it, I scuff. I am headed into a minefield that might blow me up and all my foes.

Hackers are still a huge problem, so if you want to play Warzone, go in seeking enjoyment and not with a competitive attitude since a lot of your games will be spoiled by hackers. Warzone is a free-to-play game, so this was inevitable. However, the number of hackers is out of control. You may rest easy knowing that, despite their little minds, these hackers are probably better at the game than you are.

Warzone Weapon Tier List Methodology

Warzone Weapon Tier List Ranking Procedure
Warzone Weapon Tier List Methodology

Based on the current meta, this Warzone weapon tier list evaluates all the weapons based on their expected competitive performance in-game. It assumes that all players have equivalent skill levels within the limitations of a set of restrictions. An appropriate tier list examines the weapons based on how effectively each weapon’s move set, attributes, and tactics function in a competitive situation compared to all other weapons. There is a lot of weaponry, as you could anticipate. This is not a simple undertaking since there are so many variables.

Humans find assessing this data hard, but we can attempt our best. Weapons with particular load-outs and talents will win over those less powerful ones. If your weapon is not of a high level, it is not the end of the world. Tier lists are never static. As long as humans continue to evolve, the game will have participants. Weapons formerly regarded as inferior may overcome those more significant due to the discovery and development of new tactics and counterstrategies.

Players devoted to their weapons will ultimately unearth the potential outside their weapons meta. Based on their playstyle and my interactions with them in the game, I will grade the weapons in the Warzone weapon tier list in decreasing order. However, the general rating of the weapons in this tier list reflects my perspective. Because tier lists are subjective, I understand if the weapon’s placement does not meet your expectations.

I’ll rate the game’s weapons in this tier list based on their playstyle and my experience utilizing them. However, I consider this tier list’s overall evaluation of the weaponry. Tier lists are subject to change. Therefore the sequence in which the weapons appear may differ from your expectations. This weapon rating and tier list are for debate but not criticism. There are five tiers of Warzone weaponry: S, A, B, C, and D.

In this section, I’ll go over each weapon class in Call of Duty: Warzone to see which ones have the best and worst movesets, how they’ve changed in the most recent update, and how I rate their overall performance. Have some popcorn as the voyage will be long yet incredible. Whenever I have a reasonable cause to disagree with someone’s point of view, I turn to this tier list. This tier list felt acceptable overall, albeit my viewpoint triumphed.

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S Tier

Broken Weapons in the Warzone Weapon Tier List
The Broken Weapons in the Warzone Weapon Tier List

The S tier is at the top of this list and is known as the “superb” or “super” tier. It’s the best of the best. It covers some of the most popular characters in Call of Duty: Warzone, with outstanding movesets, damage output, and more. In this section, you’ll encounter some of the most faulty weaponry in the series. All four weapons on this tier are rendered useless in the current meta. The most recent patch has dramatically improved these weapons.

These weapons are beneficial to utilize in your games. It’s a skill that gets better with practice. The factors drive everything at the lower echelons. Broken weapons are included in the S Tier of this Warzone weapon tier list. These are the best weapons to use in your games, and you should keep an eye on them. Since the latest updates, adding these weapons has dramatically altered the game’s meta. Despite this, these weapons have dominated the meta for a long time but have reached new heights. To rise in this game’s ranks, players worldwide use these weapons, and professional players propose employing them to get an edge over their opponents.


Call of Duty Warzone is still going strong and has released the Vargo S to attempt to spice up the assault rifle game. Focused on long-range assaults, the Vargo S will undoubtedly mix things up from the previous meta, whether you are gunning for victories or simply playing with your buddies. First, we saw the Vargo-S drop yesterday as a new weapon, and honestly, this item, I feel like, is a reasonably prominent placement. It’s all about winning, in my opinion. I’d love to have this as a top meta weapon to give players more options, but it’s essentially nothing at long range.

It is a mid-range beast. Aside from a few unusual horizontal bounces, the recoil is acceptable. Its mobility is good, as well as its damage. Still, nothing is going to, you know, shatter the game unbelievably well, so to me, and it is simply another competitive alternative primarily for mid-range and sniper support but outdoors. Hence, I will place it in the S tier of the Warzone weapon tier list.


Although it fires slowly and steadily, the BAR is a dangerous long-range assault weapon that you’ll want to have on hand due to its uniqueness and severe damage output. The Bar ended up receiving a nerf to recoil. Before, bar recoils were simple and straight up and down. It simply has an extra bounce in between each shot. This pattern is a little more challenging to manage because of how much more vertical movement there is. It’s still a top-tier weapon because of its serious damage output, especially in the first 35 meters or so. It’s suitable for Rebirth, and fortunes may hold their own on the Caldera. So, the Bar remains at the S tier of the Warzone weapon tier list.

Cooper Carbine

Warzone’s newest battle pass weapon is often a monster and entirely takes over the meta in Call of Duty: World WarZone. As with the Cooper Carbine in Warzone Pacific’s first season, it seems to have lingered around and is now a favorite of many gamers. The Cooper Carbine was hit with some nerfs, but it remains one of the greatest Warzone weapons available, and if you’re searching for a solid AR, you should keep your eyes on the best Cooper Carbine.

The Cooper Carbine also got a slight nerf to its horizontal control, but for the most part, it’s still a top-tier mid-range rifle fantastic for sniper support. For me, a top sniper support option in the game. Depending on who you ask, the top one or two remain top-tier meta. So, I will place it in the S tier of the Warzone weapon tier list.

Nikita AVT

The Nikita AVT has been introduced in Season 3 of Warzone, and it’s a monster. If you’re looking for a fast-firing Vanguard assault rifle, go no further than this weapon. SMG fanatics who desire extra protection in their primary weapon might choose this weapon. Nikita, this is what I’m looking forward to the most. In the past, we’ve discussed this topic. Because of its amazing TTK and mobility and control buffs from certain magazines, this weapon is arguably one of the best in the metagame.

It is primarily designed for use in close-quarters combat. As a sniper supporter, it might be employed as a mid-range main. It’s possible to use it at greater distances, but it’s much more difficult due to the similarity between these rifles and the AS44. Because they are more challenging to utilize but also more rewarding, they have become my favorite in the game. You can manage the recoil effectively if you’re a good player. It would be best if you relied on the AS44 and the Nikita in the current situation. As a result, it will be on the S tier of the Warzone weapon tier list.

A Tier

Prominent Weapons in the Warzone Weapon Tier List
The Prominent Weapons in the Warzone Weapon Tier List

To place my favorite Warzone weapon tier list weaponry in the same category as the best ones, I created an “A-tier” tier. Sure the weapons on this list may be considered S-tiers by some fans. However, this is a personal preference. It’s hard for me to choose a favorite among the weapons in this category. Classification has been done at various levels for this list. To put it another way, I’m downsizing to Tier A. It is safe to say that there are no flaws in these firearms.

Only one or two at a time, please. Mobility or damage is ideal for them. You’ll see why the rest of the weapons are here when I go through them individually. Due to fierce competition in this tier, the power differences between the weapons aren’t significant. As a result, in this particular flow, it makes no difference in terms of social rank. Your advantage over your opponents will undoubtedly be limited when using these weapons of mass destruction.


The KG M40 is a fully-automatic behemoth of a weapon, and this Scandinavian assault rifle isn’t anything to be sneered at. It’s one of the deadliest assault weapons in Warzone Pacific, delivering the second-highest damage per shot in its category, and can be built to have minimal recoil. It punches hard and can quickly eliminate opponents, so what’s not to love? Unmodified KG M40 assault rifles aren’t the most accurate on the market, despite their considerable damage output.

It has an irregular recoil pattern that might take some getting accustomed to. Conversely, the correct attachments make it deadly at medium and long ranges. With a damage range equivalent to the NZ-41, the KG M40 matches the finest Warzone weapons straight from the outset. After the NZ nerf, many of us anticipated the KGM-40 to climb up to this meta region.

After more testing with the KGM-40, I was going to say it did not move out of competitive, but I believe this one boosts up the top meta. Fry it up! Despite the nerf, it’s still a laser beam. It simply seems very powerful in this meta. In other words, it’s on the verge of becoming a top-tier meta-competitive good pick. Therefore, I will place it in the A tier of the Warzone weapon tier list.


This assault rifle has received a few tweaks in the previous handful of main weapon balance revisions, and it’s slowly sneaking back into the Warzone meta. If you can’t fight them, join them – right? After the most recent title update threw off the ranking of the top Warzone firearms, players are scrambling to get their hands on this quick-firing AR. Guns these days have a lot more complexity, even if you think you know exactly what makes an AMAX Warzone load-out tick.

With this one, you’re limited to five further extensions, so use them wisely. Its damage was increased. I believe it will shine on fortune’s keeping Rebirth on the Caldera, maybe not as much. With its improved long-range capabilities, the AMAX has reached the status of a top-tier meta weapon and is eerily similar to what Dansk had in the game’s early days. As a result, AMAX is now a very competitive rifle. Hence, I will place it in the A tier of the Warzone weapon tier list.

Krig 6

The Krig 6 is the most popular assault rifle in Call of Duty: Warzone right now, and for a good reason. Any player worth his salt needs to have a strong AR in their load-out, although there are plenty of such in Warzone. Load-outs for the Krig Warzone are pretty popular right now. The Krig 6 was slept on for the first several seasons of the Black Ops Cold War period. In Warzone, it is currently the most widely utilized and best-performing assault weapon.

Thanks to a little boost during Season 4, when several other top-tier ARs were nerfed, the Krig is now one of Warzone’s hardest-hitting ARs. Plus, with a 60-round ammunition mag accessible to you, its damage per magazine number is one of the finest in class. A favorite among controller gamers, it’s also far more straightforward to operate than weapons like the AMAX or the AK-47 of the Cold War.

The Krig also received some exciting upgrades and a damage increase, which leaps up. In your opinion, Fara, the Vargo should be ripped top meta with the Vargo. It’s right up there with the best of them: a solid feel and ease of use. We’re moving away from the vanguard meta we’ve been chasing for a long time. Consequently, it will go on the Warzone weapon tier list at the A tier.


Call of Duty Warzone gamers has much awesome assault weaponry at their disposal. The STG44 is one of a select few weapons that consistently ranks towards the top of the Warzone meta. The STG44 suffered another nerf to its control, and I will be honest. This one seems to be relegation to the realm of the fiercely competitive. Its TTK has always been mid-tier since the past several nerfs on it, and now just this type of insult to injury, if you will, with the control nerf that I do not believe it deserved, but they got it anyhow. Although it’s now a competitive rifle, it’s still not the most important choice. So, I will place it in the A tier of the Warzone weapon tier list.

Itra Burst

Taking down an opponent in a single burst of fire in Call of Duty or any other shooter is very rewarding. Only the one-shot kill from a well-placed sniper bullet can compare to the sensation of lining up your target’s bonce and firing three or four rounds into their skull with a single pull of the trigger. Single targets at the medium-to-long range will not match this Vanguard ITRA Burst class’s single burst destruction.

To avoid being mowed down by your prey before your next shot, you’ll need to be precise with this gun, as you would with any burst rifle. Surprisingly enough, the Itra Burst gets a minor velocity bump. However, it is still somewhat of an ungainly weapon suited for close range. Since I don’t expect it to improve beyond the competitive levels barring some crazy damage boost, that weapon will remain on the A tier of the Warzone weapon tier list for the time being.

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B Tier

Average Weapons in the Warzone Weapon Tier List
The Average Weapons in the Warzone Weapon Tier List

This is the lowest point in the B tier. These weapons have a slight disadvantage when compared to A-tier weaponry. The Warzone weapon tier list‘s B Tier serves as a balancing act. Despite their many benefits, each of these weapons has a few critical flaws. They seem to be unfinished weapons, either because they are powerful but lack a variety of techniques or because of some other problem. Their total performance, on the other hand, is above average.

You’ve got the gist of it. Every weapon after these two has either a lower damage output or lower mobility. Additionally, you may argue that the B-tier is a matter of context. You should only use these weapons if you have no other options available to you at the time. Also, swap out your lower-level weaponry with the higher-level ones. Please don’t put too much stock in them.


Playing Warzone for a long time, gamers are spoiled for options when placing a superb assault weapon into their greatest Warzone load-outs. However, as usual, there’s one assault rifle dominating the Warzone meta right now, and that’s the NZ-41. It doesn’t matter whether you’re out to make a killing or a profit. The similarities between the NZ-41 and some of the finest Warzone weapons in the past are not unjustified since the magazine capacity, damage profile, and firing rate are all comparable.

This weapon is a beast in Vanguard’s multiplayer, and in Call of Duty’s battle royale, it’s even more so. Here’s a crucial one: the NZ-41’s control was weakened, and its damage was reduced. Even though it underwent significant improvements, it still possesses a relatively low recoil. Before it’s knocked out of the top-tier meta, I believe it requires an extra nerve to accomplish so.

Exactly how bad of a mess do you think it is? As a top-tier weapon, it isn’t the most balanced, but I still believe it is captivating and amazingly consistent, making it an excellent pick. There are many alternative reasons to be made presently for a wide variety of various weapons. We’re making progress, but there’s still room for improvement. That is why in the Warzone weapon tier list, it will be put in the B tier.


Call of Duty: Warzone’s Kilo 141 remained a viable choice for players’ load-outs despite its inclusion in the game’s initial weapon arsenal when it premiered in 2019. Despite being in the Vanguard period of Warzone, the Kilo still gets considerable use. The Kilo is still a viable option, even though you’re more likely to encounter someone with an STG44 Warzone load-out the load-out

Even before you add any accessories, this simple-to-manage AR has exceptional bullet velocity and damage range, making it an ideal long-range beamer. Once a fixture of the Warzone meta, the Kilo can still hold its own in today’s competitive market of long-range ARs. In the end, the damage and the range of the Kilo were improved. They minimized its midrange drop-off, which is excellent. You will have to view it so this previously viable firearm.

Truthfully, I believe it has re-entered the upper echelon of the metaverse. It’s pretty close on this boundary between competitive and top meta. It’s restricted to just five attachments. However, it is incredibly simple to fire and now has an incredible range. So, for the time being, it deserves a seat amongst the meta weapons in the game since it’s practically back to where it was back on Verdansk, where it’s frying. As a result, it will be placed in the B tier of the Warzone weapon tier list.


Call of Duty: Warzone offers a variety of ways to equip yourself with the greatest Warzone weapons in the most current season. The Warzone meta is in a terrific spot right now — so kudos, Raven Software! If you’re searching for something unusual, this Fara 83 Warzone load-out may be your new favorite. A lot has changed in the previous several months, but it’s still far from a lethal weapon to drop into Caldera – or Rebirth Island, depending on your preference. It’s not the most well-known song, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good.

A long-range assault rifle that began as a close-range weapon is now among the finest. So, if you’re searching for it, you’re at the correct spot. Everything you need to know is right here. The FARA is next. I’ve already made it to the pinnacle of the meta. It is one of the best non-vanguard weapons in the game, plus it received a range bump, so of course, it will continue in the top meta. Quite a little slower than some of the vanguard guns, but just as reliable. Hence, I will put it in the B tier of the Warzone Weapon tier list.


There are several fantastic assault rifles in Call of Duty: Warzone, but if you’re seeking something that doesn’t slow you down and shoots rapidly, the M13 may be the AR for you. It may be an ancient cannon by Warzone standards, but a recent boost means it’s one of the greatest Warzone firearms to employ right now. Why? Because it’s more accurate than the greatest NZ-41 Warzone load-out, the assault rifle has terrorized Season 4’s participants.

The NZ-41 has been under growing criticism recently, forcing it to be nerfed not once but twice. Several additional weapons, including the M13, have begun to climb in the Warzone meta. The M13 is a highly flexible rifle that has a fantastic range with the right accessories. M13, which might have been competitive before this upgrade, finds its way into the top-tier meta region.

It gets a neck damage multiplier, making it more dominating and consistent over a long range. Surprisingly, we know it has minimal recoil, comparable to TTK to the NZ. So, the M13 and the Kilo. If you are seeking MW firearms, you have several fantastic alternatives. Hence, I will place it in the B tier of the Warzone weapon tier list.


You’re surely not alone if you get your kicks in the greatest competitive FPS games by pinging heads with a well-placed snipe. Sniping is one of the most enjoyable gameplay mechanics in a giant, open battle royale like Call of Duty: Warzone. Now that you’ve decided to become a deadly sniper, which weapon should be included in your Warzone arsenal to ensure that your precise shots result in a victory? The opinion is that you can’t go wrong running this Kar98k.

The Kar98k – while technically a marksman rifle – is commonly deemed the best sniper Warzone has to offer since it has excellent mobility, a reasonably rapid firing rate for a bolt-action rifle, and can handily one-tap adversaries with a well-placed headshot. It’s the whole deal. Now the Vanguard KAR has an ADS bonus, which is a little quicker. Unfortunately, it’s still not the strongest in the world. So, it will be put in the B tier of the Warzone weapon tier list.

C Tier

Notable Weapons
The Notable Weapons in the Warzone Weapon Tier List

As important as the other levels on our tier list are, the C tier isn’t as important. This tier has five weapons, all of which are pretty similar. These are the least essential weapons in the game. Consequently, the worst weapons in this game’s current meta may be found in the C Tier. Even though the weapons in this tier are subpar and not part of the current meta, they provide a representative sample of what may have been. These are still better than them. Therefore they’re still worth mentioning.

Armaguerra 43

One of the quickest Vanguard SMGs to fire without attachments, the Armaguerra 43 has a startling damage output range for a weapon of its caliber. However, players hoping to take Caldera by the storm will need to cope with a high recoil kick that may make battling at a distance a bit more challenging with the Armaguerra 43 than it would be with other SMGs. On many occasions, Warzone’s newest weapon is an overpowering monster — something that utterly controlled the Warzone meta.

The Armaguerra received a headshot, nerf, and I will not lie. As a result, I believe its competitiveness has suffered, which is too bad since it had been doing well. However, it is being restricted a little vs. stuff like the Blixen and the Marco, which are still pretty powerful, so I would not necessarily select it over those guns. Despite how much I like it, these nerf have stopped it for the time being. Therefore, I will put it in the C tier of the Warzone weapon tier list.


The sheer quantity of weaponry in Call of Duty Warzone makes your head spin. But, if you’re searching for something that will make your adversaries’ heads spin, we got you covered. The Black Ops Cold War MP5 was, and is, one of the greatest Warzone firearms available. Sure, it has had its’ ups and downs in the Warzone meta, but it doesn’t stop it from shredding at close ranges. As a result, let’s get started now. Cold War Mp5 also received a damage boost.

That does not, in my opinion, elevate it to the status of a top meta. Although I still like the MP40, blix, and PPS, the new version will have a more significant punch, which you all love to see. For a non-vanguard sub, being able to move about quickly has grown significantly. Consequently, it will go on the Warzone weapon tier list at the C tier.


Close-range and long-range choices are essential in Call of Duty Warzone, particularly if you want the finest Warzone load-outs. As a result, we’ll look at a tried-and-true sniper rifle and a war-ready HDR Warzone load-out. The HDR sniper rifle has been around for a while, but that hasn’t prevented it from being one of the most devastating weapons in Warzone’s most recent season. This weapon’s place in the Warzone meta is hazy, but don’t let that deter you from picking it up and using it. You’ll get the job done if you have the greatest HDR Warzone load-out.

However, I don’t believe it’s meta to use HDR. But it’s also very near. Even if its damaging range was increased, I don’t think it’s enough to make up for the clumsy nature of the weapon. It’s becoming better, in my view. It’s now unquestionably one of the best snipers in the game. For Rebirth and Fortune’s keep, it’s perfect, but not so much for Caldera. With ZRG and 3-line, you may play on Caldera. Keep it Swiss, KAR, and Pellington if you want to play on Rebirth and fortune. Therefore, I will place it in the C tier of the Warzone weapon tier list.


Despite its weight, the Whitley LMG from Vanguard is a respectable weapon in Warzone. Its high damage output more than compensates for its low mobility. This LMG packs a punch and is well-suited to rule the Warzone metagame with the appropriate attachments. Its design may seem older than other LMGs on the market due to its design. When it comes to Vanguard’s LMGs, Whitley’s damage per shot is unmatched.

It is possible to increase this damage output with the correct attachments, and the Whitley will be able to break through shields and kill adversaries in short order. Its inability to move is a constant problem, yet it can still be addressed. As tedious as it may be, it’s doable and an excellent deal. You must choose the correct load-out for the Whitley if you want it to be an option. Weapons like these are influential in the hands of the right players and are one of Warzone’s most effective alternatives.

The Whitley has also received a few damage increases to some of its magazine choices, but I still find it to be a little too sluggish to compete with some of these top meta weapons. Because of its mobility, it is unlikely to win many bouts in that area. The damage it does is good, but certain flaws stand out. Hence it’s stuck in the C tier of the Warzone Weapon tier list.


For anyone wondering whether or not they should check out the new UGM 8 LMG in Call of Duty Warzone Season 4, we’ve got some good news for you: you should. Even though it’s a bit shaky, the ideal UGM 8 Warzone load-out is still worth checking up on. It has a higher rate of fire and more maneuverability than the typical light machine gun. To sum it up, what’s not to enjoy? If you don’t have the correct UGM 8 Warzone load-out, there’s a lot to dislike.

Attachments, as usual, are critical; they may transform a mediocre weapon into a formidable one, and this LMG is no exception. In the wake of Raven Software’s Season 4 weapon balancing sweep, UGM 8 is slowly finding its place in and amongst the top Warzone weapons available. As a “high firing rate, transportable LMG that excels at generating suppression fire and pressuring enemy positions,” it was described in the Call of Duty Blog.

Keep reading if it sounds appealing to you. This one’s a bit of a mind-boggling surprise. But I don’t believe the UGM-8 is much more of a meta weapon than it used to be. We haven’t upgraded since the initial burst barrel was nerfed, which was meta at the time. As a result, it will no longer be a top LMG, although it remains one of the best options. It’s not as bad as it previously was. However, as a result, I will place it in the C tier of the Warzone weapon tier list.

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D Tier

Flawed Weapons
The Flawed Weapons in the Warzone Weapon Tier List

Now that I’ve shown the bottom tier, I’d want to point out a few points. No, just because you’re using a low-level weapon doesn’t imply you’re a loser. It’s not meant as a jab at you; I know how these tier rankings operate. To me, mastery of a low-tier weapon demonstrates your skill as a player. You may rely on any weapon in this game’s arsenal. These lower levels need a lot of work. Because they aren’t currently in the game, the weapons listed in this tier of the tier list aren’t being used by gamers throughout the globe. So, if you choose to do so, you may be putting yourself at a disadvantage.

H4 Blixen

It’s safe to say that Call of Duty Warzone players is spoilt for choice regarding the best Warzone guns and the best Warzone load-outs on offer. There are so many options to choose from now. It is becoming a challenge in and of itself. The H4 Blixen may look like the Sten or the PPSh 41, but don’t let that fool you. This weapon is a monster compared to them. The Warzone meta is constantly changing, but we’re confident that this SMG will feature in the upper echelons for some time.

The Blixen did receive some nerfs. It got damage and a movement nerfs, but it’s still top tier. They didn’t nerf the F3 barrel, which is the best barrel, so it’s still a laser beam. It’s going to hit slightly less complicated than before, but it is still powerful and very consistent, and it’s easily still a top meta s SMG, let alone an ultimate meta weapon in the game. So, I will place it in the D tier of the Warzone weapon tier list.


There’s a new SMG in Call of Duty Warzone, and it’s’ ready to make your life a living hell. Why? Well, to put it bluntly, the Marco 5 is a beast. It’s one of the finest Warzone weapons for close-range fighting right now, and its inherently high mobility is likely to make this weapon a solid favorite of fans trying to shore up their best Warzone load-outs with something fast. Described as a high mobility submachine gun, accurate from the hip with good close-range stopping power on the Call of Duty Blog.

The Marco 5 will be the ideal weapon for gamers adopting a run-and-gun approach and for the cramped passages on Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep. First, Vanguard SMG to include Akimbo proficiency as a standard feature. Same thing with Marco. Despite the nerfs, its mobility and near-zero recoil remain unaffected, allowing you to fry and soar with this beast. It will not have a ludicrous TTK as it had previously.

Still, only just now, something like the PPSSH-41. Type 100 is much better than anything else, but its control is much poorer. Therefore if you are landing more Macro shots vs. the type 100, it will still have a superior TTK. Hence, I will place it in the D tier of the Warzone weapon tier list.


It’s hard to choose the finest Warzone weaponry for your load-outs in Call of Duty Warzone because of the abundance of options – and the UGR just made it more difficult. This Submachine Gun in Warzone provides players with lethal precision and a respectable rate of fire, allowing them to wreak havoc at long range and close quarters when the situation calls for it. It’s a hybrid weapon of sorts, and you should find a lot of satisfaction in having a UGR Warzone load-out close to hand.

Unexpectedly, UGR received a damaged boost, although the magazine capacity of UGR’s weapon makes it somewhat limited. Because of its cumbersome design, I don’t see this weapon significantly transitioning away from competitive play. It is a good and amusing choice, but nothing that is going to disrupt the meta. The Warzone weapon tier list has it at D, the lowest tier.


Warzone players constantly look for a breakthrough weapon to compete in the current meta. It’s also one of the most recent weapons that can hold its own in a battle. With so many options, settling on a set-up and class structure that works best for you might be challenging. In Warzone, the sniper may be one of your most effective weapons, especially if you follow some online advice. The AX-50’s damaging range was extended as a result. Of course, it was destroyed by its one-shot capabilities previously.

This is a good thing. Now everything will look up a notch. Even though fortune’s keeping Rebirth is a better option than Caldera, this is a decent option. Is it, therefore, meta? Honestly, I don’t believe so. All of these snipers are still excellent. We don’t have as many snipers as we used to, and even then, the broken meta only had a handful. It’s possible to predict the current meta trend. As a result, I will place it in the D tier of the Warzone weapon tier list.

Why Trust Our Ranking

Our primary objective is to produce a tier list devoid of prejudice and misrepresentation. Tier lists are typically guidelines, and we advise the reader on how to interpret our tier lists. We guarantee readers that we will explain why certain goods are put in their respective tiers earlier for no one to find our stuff disagreeable or irritating to their preferences.

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The Culmination

Until a new update, or until players get used to the new weapons included, here is the Call of Duty: Warzone tier list. This is my position, and you are free to disagree. Let’s say you’re comfortable with low-level weaponry and are getting good results with them. I’m happy for you. That suggests that you are a talented player with a potential future. I will love to hear from you if you disagree with my weapon placements. Why do you feel your favorite weapons are more or less effective than mine? Let me know in the comments section below.

As you can see in this ranking, I am firmly affectionate for all 13 of these weapons. I did a minor rearranging, and I am sure we would all agree that is the appropriate order for the most potent Warzone weaponry in the game’s current meta. Those who do not may tell me fiercely here in the comments. Well, it is time for this tier list to complete.

One of my abilities is to spend a great lot of time analyzing heroes on how certain excellent weapons are. I’ve decided to use this ability to compile what I believe to be the most comprehensive Warzone weapon tier list available online. To achieve this life goal, I created a tier list of 13 weapons from different playstyles in the game that I like using.

I studied this list of tiers very carefully, one tier at a time. Please share your thoughts in the space provided. If you have read through the complete tier list, you are the best Call of Duty: Warzone enthusiast and undoubtedly adore producing tier lists. I hope it was instructive or fascinating, and you agree with my ranks of the weapons in this tier list.

Even if you don’t, there isn’t anything wrong. We are part of the same fandom and relate to the weapons differently. To finish this tier list, I want to remind you that it is based on my opinions about these weapons and their power level. I appreciate it, and I thank you!

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