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Welcome back to Toptierlist. All right, here we go with the July ranking. I can’t wait to see what this has in store. Because one of my favorite new champions was released in July, I’m incredibly excited about this new game. Because of this, I’ve put up the most accurate tier list on the internet based on my extensive knowledge of the game and the volume of requests we’ve received. On our website since the beginning of July, we’ve had several submissions for a MCOC tier list.

In a departure from the ordinary, we’re going to get started. The person who has been playing this game for a long time is a huge Marvel fan and has mastered almost every Champion provided you with this tier list.

When evaluating champions, though, I’ll be looking at content rather than appearance. I’ll donate a little sum and consider the champions’ quality. Come on, let’s get this party started.

As a Marvel fan, I realize that many of you are already familiar with the Marvel Contest of Champions. Even if new Marvel Champions and new players are welcomed into the game, I wish to address the question. Is Marvel Contest of Champions a specific kind of Marvel game?

You may have heard of the game but haven’t taken the time to try it out. This game may be a favorite topic of conversation among your buddies.

They also want you to join in, or maybe you’ve been trying to get your buddies to play your favorite game series for a long time. Anyone who wants a concise overview of what this game offers and, more importantly, why it is so fantastic, and its champions should check out this post. Regardless of your motivation, this article is for you.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Mobile fighting game Marvel Contest of Champions has RPG features tucked inside the Marvel world. There is a wide range of Marvel characters that you may use. Iron Man and Thor, two members of the Avengers, make an appearance. Wolverine, Storm, the rest of the X-Men, and galactic guardians like Starlord round out the cast.

Defeat the wicked Kang, who has sent his summoners to bring about the end of the world, by gathering an elite battle squad. The smooth visuals were the first thing I noticed, which is unusual for a smartphone game.

The environments you struggle through are gorgeous, and the environmental damage is top-notch. The characters look great, and the hair has some interesting mechanics, but let’s focus on the game’s most exciting feature: combat.

This game’s interface is user-friendly. Tapping for rapid strikes and swiping for dash attacks are two different methods of attacking. You may also use swiping left and holding down for a block motion, as well as swiping right.

Champions List

Champions are summoned characters used by Summoners to overcome their enemies. It is possible to get them through Crystals and the Multiverse Arenas, and their rarity and power may vary significantly.

Increases in level, rank, and Mastery points, as well as Synergy Bonuses in Arenas and quests, may all be applied to a champion’s Hero Rating. They may also use animations from other Champions’ Basic Attacks for their own.

It is possible to unlock a Champion’s Signature Ability and three Special Attacks by obtaining a copy of that Champion from a Crystal. Items may also be gifted to champions, which can be used for several purposes.

A variety of Boosts may improve a player’s stats, such as Attack, Health, and XP; specific Boosts are only available during particular events, such as Pandemonium Rising.

There are now 226 playable characters in the Marvel Contest of Champions, one temporary playable character, 71 non-playable characters, and two forthcoming champions, with more confirmed to be introduced in the future.

Pros and Cons of Different Classes

A Class Bonus is awarded when a Champion of one Class faces off against a Champion of another Class. Hero Rating and Attack strength may be increased and decreased by Class Bonuses. There is a bonus for every class. Class Bonuses now operate: Tech Champions’ resistance is overcome by Cosmic Champions’ status effects.

Armor and Power Drain may counter the high Special Damage of Mutant Champions. To counter the Bleeding caused by Skill Champions, Mutant Champions’ regenerative powers come in handy.

The solid essential characteristics of Science Champions make frequent Bleed damage from skill Champions effective. Mystic Champions can’t negate or remove the Science Champions’ vital basic stats. Several Mystic Champions may remove cosmic Champions’ status effects. Combined Champions are powerful against all six known classes and weak against none.

MCOC Tier List Methodology

Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List Criteria
MCOC Tier List Methodology

Based on current metadata, if all players have comparable skill levels in a game, this tier list suggests that all champions are expected to perform well in-game.

According to an accurate ranking system, each Champion’s move set, traits, and strategies are evaluated based on their performance in a competitive context. As you may expect, there are a plethora of options. This is not an easy task, given the numerous factors involved. Humans can do their best, despite the difficulty of assessing all this data.

Those champions who use more aggressive tactics and moves will prevail over those who use less effective ones. If your champions aren’t of a high tier, it’s not the end of the world. Lists of tiers are never static.

As long as people keep evolving, they’ll keep playing the game. Champions previously thought inferior may now overcome more vigorous opponents thanks to discovering and developing new tactics and counterstrategies.

Players dedicated to their champions will eventually find the potential ahead of their chosen class’s current meta. In Marvel Contest of Champions, I’ll rate characters based on their play style and how I engage with them in the game. My opinion is expressed in this tier ranking.

However, it does not represent a universally agreed-upon standard. I understand that the number of champions on tier lists is arbitrary and may not meet your expectations. This champion rating and tier list are herein for debate, not criticism.

The Marvel Contest of Champion’s heroes is divided into five tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. Before I begin, I’d want to clarify the following points: Every one of the champions on this list, from top to bottom, has my vote.

There’s nothing wrong with the game’s attraction, even if a few high-ranking champions dominate it. Marvel Contest of Champions winners that didn’t even make this tier list are nevertheless champions I adore.

Let’s list the best and worst champions in the game and choose them based on merit alone. Take a break and eat some popcorn while you’re at it. Whenever I disagree with someone’s point of view, I use this tier list to back up my argument. However, this tier list was largely realistic, notwithstanding my triumph.

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S Tier

Greatest Champions of the Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List
The Greatest Champions of the MCOC Tier List

The first tier of this tier list is referred to as “superb” or “super,” and the S ranking is considered the most prestigious. In terms of importance, this is the highest-ranking position.

Several amazing champions in the MCOC tier list 2022 have excellent abilities, skill sets, and Over Powered fundamental qualities and are beloved by fans of multiple fighting styles. Folks, we’re about to introduce some of the best champions in the game. Who are they, and where are they concerning one other? In the current meta, four characters on this list are utterly broken.


William Billy Kaplan otherwise known as Wiccan is the son of the Scarlet Witch who was reincarnated and was created through the Chaos Magic. He was recruited as one of the New Avengers and he is one of the strongest characters in our Marvels Contest Of Champions tier list for August 2022.

His mechanics are fairly easy to master so he’s also considered one of the best characters for beginners in our tier list as compared to other S tier characters in Marvel Contest Of Champions. 

His abilities involve launching Special 2 by using several spells at once. He also has a Power Efficiency buff that lasts for a long time. Furthermore, his abilities cause high damage to the enemy especially his signature ability called the Spell Mastery.

For his special attack, he can create a teleportation hole and then fire through it which will deal damage to any enemy facing the other end of the teleportation hole.

Furthermore, The best synergy for him would be with Scarlet Witch and Vision. If you’re looking for dealing damage by using spells and magic then Wiccan is the character to go for. 


He is one of the Cosmic Champions and has a Class Bonus that can work great against Tech Champions. ever since his debut, he has proven to be one of the best Cosmic Champions in our tier list of Marvel Contest Of Champions for August 2022.

Originally known as Theodore, he became a Mutant with super strength and shape-shifting ability. His strength is second to none and he can deal damage even if the opponent is blocking the attacks.  

Furthermore, he can also penetrate their armor and has a lot of buffs thanks to his Shapeshifting ability. These buffs allow him to become unblockable and his abilities grant him immunity to status effects such as Shock Of The Battle Realm and Poison. 

Moreover, his signature ability is called the King Of Space and it grants him a Personal Bulwark Buff. He will also get a Personal Furry Buff and increased Armor Penetration. His special attacks include the Oblivion Wings and the Sky Drop. He can also use his powerful weapon called Excelsior to deal solid damage to his enemies. 


He is one of the Mystic Champions and is a fairly balanced character in Marvel Contest Of Champions. Rintrah is from another dimension and he is a highly trained individual that can use magic to protect himself from the enemies of his planet.

He was the student of Doctor Strange himself so you can expect some deadly attacks from him. Rintrah punishes his enemies by using magical attacks and is more of a defensive than offensive character.  

Furthermore, he has amazing Regenerating abilities and his signature ability called the Never Back Down allows him to gain a Power Buff. Also, his special attack called the Blessing Of The Horns allows him to deal damage by charging toward the enemy and giving them knockback damage. 

The Keepers Banishment attack can teleport him into the sky and he can then charge towards his enemy on the ground dealing significant damage. While performing his Circle Of Swords attack, Rintrah can summon several swords that can deal damage to his enemy. His synergy works great with Dormammu and Vision. 


Another great Mystic Champion in our tier list for August 22 is Wong who has a Class Bonus against the Cosmic Champions in the Marvel Contest Of Champions.  He has mastered the Mystic Arts and is currently the Sorcerer Supreme.

Furthermore, his Eldritch spell allows him to collect the Eldritch energy that can be then converted into Power to deal heavy damage to enemies. Thus he can obtain a huge amount of power in a very short time. 

Moreover, his basic attacks allow him to deal damage using his Mystic Art Mandalas. Wong’s signature ability is called the Mastery Of Mystic Arts and while using it he can cast a powerful spell that can nullify buffs like Immortality and Indestructible on his non-science enemies. Also, his special attack is called the Portal Punch which allows him to attack his enemy through a Dimensional Portal.

So your enemy will never know where the attack came from. Another great attack of his is called the Dimensional Portal World Tour in which he will focus all his Eldritch Energy to force launch his enemy into a portal of frozen wasteland. 


Cosmic champions such as Hercules are rare. Despite being a Cosmic Champion with a Class Bonus versus Tech Champions, he has an inherent disadvantage when it comes to Mystic Champions.

Hercules is a damage-dealing machine that uses Feats of Strength and Special Attack Interception to put the squeeze on his foes. After completing Feats of Strength, Hercules’ primary damage output rises dramatically, as well as his ability to lengthen the duration of all Buffs.

Fails are great since they may be used repeatedly in the quest, making Hercules stronger and stronger! He is a Champion who will showcase and reward your abilities considerably.

Blessings from the goddess Hera reduce the power of incoming Bleed effects by half, protecting the bearer from physical harm. Poison effects are reduced by 15%, and recovery from Poison is reduced by 20% less potent when a person has a high resistance to conventional medications and toxins.

Using Hercules’s Cruelty and Precision Buffs, Hercules can deal a lot of damage with bursts of Physical Damage and big Critical Hits. In high-stress scenarios like Alliance War, when a single mistake might cost you dearly, Hercules’ Signature Ability allows him to evade death once in each battle. Consequently, I will place him at the top of the MCOC tier list.

Doctor Doom

As a Mystic Champion, Doctor Doom is one to be reckoned with. He enjoys a Class Bonus against Cosmic Champions since he is a Mystic Champion but is vulnerable to Science Champions. Dr. Doom utilizes technology and magic to keep the fight to his advantage at all times.

As a result, Doom’s sorcery skills are focused on dominating the battle and nullifying buffs. Raw damage and debuffs are Doom’s technical strengths. Combining the two enables Doom to annihilate his foe with no danger of consequences.

Doom is protected by the Armor Break, Armor Shatter, and Shock effects of his tough armor. A Shock Debuff is imposed on the target if the opponent isn’t already Shocked, causing direct energy damage for two seconds.

Slow or Petrify Debuffs prevent the Aura of Haazareth from activating, and Doom’s Special Attacks are also halted while it is active. This makes Doom an excellent choice in any matchup where Shock is a certainty.

He is also protected against Armor Shatter and Armor Break effects by his titanium body armor. Using Doom’s Heavy Attack to inflict stagger effects is an excellent way to keep an opponent’s buffs cleansed at all times, and his Special one is even better. Doom can amass enormous power by gaining more than he takes away from the opponent.

Especially when facing powerful champions like Hyperion. Doom thrives in high-power scenarios because he can take more power from his opponents. Staggering the opponent for 10 seconds is guaranteed if you land a Heavy Attack. The next Buff of a Staggered adversary is nullified. So, I will place him in the S tier of the MCOC tier list July 2022.

Cosmic Ghost Rider

One of the Cosmic Champions, the Cosmic Ghost Rider, is a superhero. Despite being a Cosmic Champion with a Class Bonus versus Tech Champions, he has an inherent disadvantage when it comes to Mystic Champions.

Cosmic Ghost Rider is like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” for buffs. Various activities trigger buffs and judgments are started by Buffs. Until he eats all his Judgments, Cosmic Ghost Rider’s Buffs will keep increasing in duration until he runs out of Judgments.

To maximize the effect of Cosmic Ghost Rider’s high-impact buffs and combine them with Armor Breaks to maximize their potential, it is essential to control the sequence in which they are triggered.

Cosmic Ghost Rider is a threat because of his Buffs and their related Judgments, which you must avoid. In addition to the Fate Seal, his Special 1’s Unblockable Buff should be respected if the Judgment has not yet been activated.

A far more devastating Damnation Debuff will be activated after he has reached his 5th Judgment, making him considerably more dangerous on the defensive side. A lack of blood provides complete Immunity to Bleed.

Full Immunity to Incinerate is provided by being engulfed in hellfire. It is pretty easy to handle Cosmic Ghost Rider’s powerful Buffs, enabling him to stack them and unleash some powerful combos and DPS spike moments.

He has several excellent matchups versus Champions and Quest Buffs that depend on complete Immunity to Bleed and Incinerate. You have a lot of influence over the timing of when Cosmic Ghost Rider will unleash his wrath once he has 5 Judgments, which makes him surprisingly useful even in more difficult battles. So, I will place him in the S tier of the MCOC tier list.


The Ghost is a Tech Champion. Despite having an advantage against Mutant Champions because of her Tech Champion status, she falls short versus cosmic champions. For the first two seconds of Phasing, hold your breath.

If Ghost has an Armor Break Debuff or a Precision Passive, Phasing will not be activated. Each Damage Over Time Debuff on Ghost is converted into an increase in Attack Rating for 5 seconds while in Phasing, and incoming strikes are guaranteed to miss.

All Coldsnap Debuffs become Fury Passives when Ghost Phases. In addition, Ghost will suffer no damage when Phasing, thanks to The Hood Synergy. When Frostbite’s timer expires, the Phasing may be used to prevent suffering damage.

The Precision Passive that Ghost earns if the opponent Evades ensures that her next Critical Hit will also be Critical. Precision Passives may be maintained by cycling Special 1.

To combat Bleed and Poison Nodes in Quests, Ghost’s Phasing ability turns Damage Over Time Debuffs into Fury Passives. Boosting Cruelty isn’t necessary for Ghost, who has excellent control over her Critical Hits, but it will assist her damage output. Ghost can turn Liquid Courage and Double Edge’s Bleed and Poison buffs into Fury Passives while in Phasing.

These two Masteries’ shortcomings become assets as a result. When combined with Cruelty Buffs and Fury Buffs, Ghost’s Heavy Attack is a powerful technique to increase her damage output. Increasing the duration of Fury will enable her to do more damage over a more extended period. Hence, I will place her in the S tier of the MCOC tier list.

A Tier

Prominent Champions of the Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List
The Prominent Champions of the MCOC Tier List

Marvel Contest of Champions, champions are put in the A-tier, which has the same amount of love as the other champions in the above tier. Many fans may consider the champions on this list to be S-tier because of the wide range of opinions. This tier list includes all my favorite characters, which all hold a special place in my heart.

I’ve broken them down into various tiers only to make this ranking list. Now we’re down in the A tier. There aren’t many weaknesses in these champions, who are rock-solid and well-rounded. Only one or two at a time. They excel in one or the other of these two aspects.


He is one of the Science Champions in the Marvel Contest Of Champions and he is definitely one of the best offensive Champions in our tier list. Scorpion was a private investigator who became a test subject of a brutal science experiment that gave him the abilities of a scorpion.

He uses heavy charge attacks that can inflict a Sting Debuff and cause massive damage. One of his abilities called a Scorpion Sense allows him to evade the special attacks of his enemies.

He can also inflict the Torment Debuff on his enemies and land Heavy Attacks that can deal massive damage. Moreover, his signature ability called the Cybernetically Enhanced Armor will allow him to block most of the special attacks that come his way. He can then Petrify his enemies and take off their health for himself. 

Also, he can perform a Tail Spin attack that can deal damage from his Tail Sting. In his Scorpion Ambush Attack, he will spray poison at his enemy. Furthermore, he can also spray acid on his enemy using his Tail Stinger. 

His synergy is great with Iceman and Spiderman. Scorpion will work great in teams with Kraven, Green Goblin, and Doctor Octopus. 

Black Cat 

She is one of the Skill Champions in our tier list who has a class bonus against the Science Champions in the Marvel Contest Of Champions. Felicia Hardy who is notoriously known as the Black Cat is a master thief with amazing gymnastic abilities. She mostly deals damage from Bleed.

Her gameplay style is very unique as she sends a Calling Card before attacking her enemy. So she gives her enemies a warning that she is coming. During the battle, she will steal the Calling Card from her enemy when they are recovering from a Special Attack or a Heavy Attack.  

She will then plant the Calling Card back on her enemy and gain a Cruelty Passive. Doing so will increase her critical damage rate giving her a massive advantage from the start of the battle.

Her signature ability called the Nine Lives will allow her to deal with combos of attacks on her enemies. Furthermore, her High-Velocity Impact attack allows her to slam her enemies down and deal damage to them. 

Omega Sentinel 

She is one of the Tech Champions And belongs to the class of the Omega Prime Sentinels. They are basically humans that have been augmented to become Cyborgs. They turn into mutant killing machines when they face a mutant.

Karima Shapandar is one of these Sentinels who have made it their mission to kill every mutant on earth. She carries a lot of weapons that help her in the hefty battles of the Marvel Contest Of Champions.  

Also, the weapons she carries can inflict a lot of status buffs like Heal Block, Cowardice, Or Tracking. The status effects will depend on the weapon she is maneuvering during the battle. When cowardice is active, she can reduce damage from incoming special attacks.

The Heal Block status effect will help her shut down the Regeneration abilities of her opponents. Furthermore, any Incinerate damage she does against the mutants will turn into Plasma.  

Also, her abilities like the Cybernetic Nanotech protect her against incoming damage from Bleed and Poison effects. So she will have immunity against these status buffs. Her signature ability is called Prime Technology and when it is active she will gain Passive Energy Resistance.

Moreover, her Nano Shift Air Raid allows her to deal damage from an Electrostatic Uppercut. In her Anti Mutant Routine Omega, she will deal damage using plasma coils. Her synergy is great with Sentinel and Professor X. 

Captain Britain 

One of the best Mutant Champions in our tier list is Captain Britain who possesses a class bonus against the Skill characters in the Marvel Contest Of Champions. Elizabeth Braddock famous as the great Captain Britain is a mutant that fought alongside X-Men.  

She took the title of captain Britain from her brother Brian Braddock and her abilities like telekinesis and telepathy make her extremely powerful. She uses potent Psionic Weapons to deal damage to her enemies. 

Her Psionic Mode can inflict debuffs on her enemies and she can gain buffs herself. So any enemy that uses Purify debuffs is weak against her. Her signature ability called the Pure Soul allows her to gain a Bulwark Passive. Additionally, her Block Proficiency also increases during this duration. 

Her special attacks like the Psyblast can deal great damage to her enemies using Psionic Energy. Also, her synergy is great with Psylocke and Black Cat 

Misty Knight 

A great skill champion with abilities like Precision, Unblockable, and Armor Break, Misty knight is a great support champion in the Marvel Contest Of Champions. She worked in the NYPD bomb squad before she lost her arm.

However, she was given a cybernetic replacement from Tony Stark that allows her to control Cryogenic Energy and liquefy strong metals. Her two unique charges called Cryogenic and Anti Metal make her combos fairly deadly. She can also Parry and Dodge enemy attacks.  

Furthermore, her Background Investigation signature ability allows her to gain a unique effect to counter enemies by analyzing the opponent’s class.  

Based on the class of enemy she can then inflict debuffs on them. Her Metal Arm Of The Law attack allows her to perform a combo of gunshots and kicks. She can also inflict Frozen and Frostbitten status effects by using her special attack called freeze! Misty Knight has a great synergy with Black Panther, Iron Man, and War Machine. 

Captain America (Sam Wilson) 

Formerly known as the Falcon, Sam Wilson took the title of Captain America when Steve Rogers went into retirement. His major ability includes being locked on the enemy as long as possible. When he is hit by any of the basic attacks of the enemy there will be a 30% chance to gain an Armor Up Buff.  

His signature ability called the Vibranium Enhanced Exo 8 Falcon allows him to deal damage to his enemies by inflicting Ruptures. The Flyby attack of Captain America can inflict a Physical Vulnerability debuff. Thus, the Physical Resistance of the enemy will decrease.

Additionally, his Air Strike attack can take out the opponent with highly Damaging firepower. His synergy works great with Ant-Man, Darkhawk, Falcon, and Captain America. 


The Mutant Champion has a class bonus against Skill Champions. He was once a hypnotherapist called Karl Lykos. When he turned into a mutant he needed to absorb an individual’s life force in order to survive.  

The play style of this mutant is mainly dependent upon sucking the life force out of his enemies. He can ramp up Prowess when he is making special attacks. When buffing up his special attacks he can become Unblockable and can inflict Bleed status on enemies. The Regeneration ability of Sauron makes him very strong.  

Additionally, he can also use Degeneration on his enemies when he is in Extinction Mode. Sauron is immune to Poison and Power Steal. His signature ability called the Doctor’s Gift allows him to deal damage to his enemies by inflicting Bleed status on them.  

He can also inflict Incinerate when the Degeneration Passive is active. Also, his synergy is great with Vulture, Beast, Sasquatch, Havok, and Mr. Sinister. 


Nimrod is a champion of the technology. He has a class advantage over Mutant Champions but a disadvantage over Cosmic Champions since he is a Tech Champion. Tanky Mutant Hunting Champion Nimrod can do incredible bursts of damage with his powerful spurts of energy. Nimrod may be set to rotate between attacking and defensive modes automatically or manually. To activate both modes concurrently, he must use both modes appropriately. Instead of physical damage, all attacks deliver energy damage. It is in TITAN Protocol that Nimrod begins.

After hitting the fourth light strike in a basic combo, switch protocols every 11 seconds. Playing Nimrod is all on acquiring ten protocol charges as rapidly as possible. Power Drain occurs when the opponent fires a Special Attack and drains a bar of power in 15 seconds. Extra damage from Special Attacks may be gained by entering this mode. Ideally, it would be best to spend most of your time in Titan Protocol and then use this mode when Eradicate is in effect.

Armor Ups, critical hit damage resistance, and Cowardice effects on opponents who use Special Attacks are all provided by Titan Protocol. A tremendous, long-lasting Energy Vulnerability inflicted on the Opponent by Nimrod’s Special 1 increases all outgoing damage.

Nimrod will be able to rip apart opponents that use standard Mutant Abilities like Prowess or Regeneration, thanks to the Blitz Protocol. If Nimrod is protecting a Quest Node, any team with Mutants faces a significant danger. As a result, I will place him in the A tier of the MCOC tier list july 2022.


Magneto is a Mutant Champion. If you’re looking for a class advantage versus Skill Champions, you’ll want to look elsewhere. Magneto has risen to the top of The Contest’s Prowess and Bleed rankings. Metal opponents will be nothing more than a minor irritation in his hands, thanks to his mastery of the material.

After collecting a tonne of Prowess buffs, unleash a slew of devastating Special Attacks. When Magneto fights with a Class Disadvantage, his opponent loses their Attack Bonus, and his attack penalty is removed.

Indefinite Prowess Buff: 100% chance to earn +20% bonus to damage from special attacks, eliminated after Magneto’s next one. During the strike, Magneto’s force field offers him an Unstoppable Buff.

This effect is put on a 14-second cooldown if it is used during a Heavy Attack. Each Prowess Buff has a 100% chance of granting another Prowess Buff, lasting for 10 seconds and increasing Special Attack damage by 5% if maintained for 0.7 seconds.

Bleed and Shock Potency has been slashed by 90% in the new and improved Magneto. To get the most out of his Special Attacks, Magneto’s kit is packed with Prowess, allowing you to do tremendous damage. Mastery of the Metal Champions enables Magneto to disregard and undo any healing quickly they may get from him. Thus I will place him in the A tier of the MCOC tier list.


Mutant Champion: Archangel has a Class Bonus against Skill Champions, but he is vulnerable to Tech Champions. The skills of his opponent can’t lower Archangel’s Accuracy.

An active Poison effect that Archangel has generated is paired with a Bleed effect that he has activated to create a Neurotoxin charge lasting 15 seconds. Bleeding damage is inflicted for 15 seconds after a critical hit, with a 40% chance of inflicting it.

At first, dealing with Agent Venom might seem like a power struggle. Agent Venom tries to Tenacity them away as Archangel tries to stockpile Bleeds.

Agent Venom’s Tenacity probability is virtually halved simply by landing the first Bleed, and things only get worse from there. It’s nice to use a Parry on this guy, finally. As soon as Archangel is Awakened, he may begin disabling the friendly neighborhood Evade machine.

It will be much simpler to land a second and third Neurotoxin after the first one is in position. The Hood is a formidable opponent. Despite his invisibility, he may be wounded and poisoned just like any other individual.

Neurotoxins may easily target him, and it’s a thrill to see him unleash his second Special Attack while remaining completely visible. As a result, I will place him in the A tier of the MCOC tier list.

Human Torch

Science Champion Human Torch. He possesses a Class Bonus against Mystic Champions but is vulnerable to Skill Champions since he is a Science Champion. All of Human Torch’s primary and special strikes have the potential to incinerate the opponent, delivering a large number of hits over time.

He may also reach Nova Form by increasing his temperature, allowing him to overcome Incinerate immunity and enhance his Incinerates. The Smoulder Passive is used by Human Torch whenever he is incinerated.

Using a long-range flame blast, Human Torch Hot Head scorches his opponent with a barrage of flaming balls. Smoulder Passives do no damage, and they will endure eternally. Instead of doing physical damage, basic strikes inflict energy damage.

With his Temperature and Smoulder abilities, Human Torch is a natural opponent for Mystic champions. Because of this, when he transforms into Nova Flame, Mephisto’s heightened Power Gain will be countered by Johnny’s Power Stinging.

As a result of Mephisto’s Aura of Incineration, Human Torch will also be covered in Smolders. Getting damage from Energy attacks benefits Human Torch in the same way as taking damage from Mystic.

Since touch strikes against Human Torch have the potential to Incinerate the Opponent, these attacks may even send him into Nova Form without him needing to deliver a punch. This will naturally raise his temperature. Hence, I will place him in the A tier of the MCOC tier list 2022.

B Tier

Average Champions of the Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List
The Average Champions of the MCOC Tier List

The B tier does not extend down to this level. Compared to the A-tier heroes, these characters have a slight disadvantage. B Tier is the balance tier in the Marvel Contest of Champions. Despite their many strengths, each of these champions has a few significant weaknesses. They feel incomplete champions, either because they do a lot of damage but lack a variety of movesets or due to some other factor, yet their overall gameplay is above average.


Cosmic champions like Hela are rare, yet they do exist. Cosmic Champions have an advantage over Tech Champions but are vulnerable to Mystic Champions because of their Class Bonus.

As long as Hela possesses Spirits of the Dead, she may use them to fuel her Fury Buffs, which have an indefinite life. Each hit of her summoned swords energizes her summoned swords while draining her Spirits. Hela unleashes the Fury of the dead as she slashes her opponent to the heart.

A fury buff with a 100% activation probability, awarding +596.5 Attack, will be triggered. This technique uses two blades, followed by an axe flung with great power. As the Asgardian Goddess of Death, Hela can take power from her slain friends, all but unstoppable. For 10 seconds, this strike causes the target’s armor to be reduced by 857.14 points for each active Fury.

Star-day Lord’s will be ruined by Hela, who has a Class Advantage regarding the offense. Her Physical Resist will be triggered repeatedly as Star-damage Lord’s mounts.

If you find yourself up against the dreaded Stun reflector, Hela’s Special 2 Attack’s almost certain Armor Break may be a lifesaver. Hela can take out Stark Spidey’s AI with a single shot since she is a Cosmic Champion.

With his Poise charges, she will begin to activate Physical Resistance Buffs against him, and he will have no choice but to use his Heavy attack to eliminate them all. As a result, I will place her in the B tier of the MCOC tier list.

Professor X

He is a champion of the Mutant race. Mutant Champions have the edge over Skill Champions because of their class, whereas Tech Champions have an advantage. Mind control allows Professor X to prevent his opponents from employing Special Attacks or increasing strength by using his psychic abilities.

Professor X gets Cerebro Charges as he wins battles, enhancing the synergy of his strong powers. It is just Professor X’s initial Medium Attack that makes contact with his opponent throughout the whole game.

His strikes all inflict Energy Damage. Due to his skill in Telepathy, he is immune to Reversed Controls. To avoid being hit, Professor X activates the Falter Passive. This causes all of his opponent’s assaults to miss for two seconds.

The cooldown for this ability is 20 seconds, although it only lasts 10 seconds when it first activates. Channeling Charges are gained after Professor X’s Special 1 and 2 attacks and while he is preparing for his Heavy Attack.

With enough Channeling Charges, Professor X can successfully avoid Miss and Evade effects. Opponents will be forced to play by Professor X’s rules in every combat, as he employs his Falter, Unblockable, and Mind Control skills in combination.

To get the most out of Professor X, team him up with other mutants and X-Men. Professor X gets Cerebro Charges as he wins battles, which increases his synergy effects and helps his team. Thus, I will place him in the B tier of the MCOC tier list.

Corvus Glaive

The Cosmic Champion is Corvus Glaive. Class Bonus against Tech Champions, but Mystic Champions are weak to him since he’s a Cosmic Champion. Cruelty Buffs, equivalent to Corvus Glaive’s Persistent Charge, begin the battle.

While Glaive’s Immunity is still active, he will not perish in battle. Four charges of Glaive are depleted instead of dying. There are no longer any charges on Corvus Glaive because of a Well-Timed Block he made against that attack.

Corvus’ Glaive unleashes an explosion of cosmic energy. If you complete a combination with this Special Attack, you’ll be able to force your opponent up to a Special three and then back down to a Special 2.

For Corvus to use his Special 2 Attack, he needs 20 Glaive charges. Corvus utilizes his Glaive to slash through the opponent’s defenses at an incredible rate. When used in conjunction with Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive can defeat an opponent with a 100 percent True Strike uptime.

Corvus Glaive’s True Strike may be activated by waiting for an opponent to use Evade or Auto-Block once, then knocking them down. As long as Corvus Glaive has Glaive’s Immunity, he is immune to Iceman’s Coldsnap and Morningstar’s Bleed, giving him an excellent first-round answer to both. Hence, I will place him in the B tier of the MCOC tier list july 2022.

Kitty Pryde

The Mutant Champion is Kitty Pryde. She receives a Class Bonus versus Skill Champions but a disadvantage against Tech Champions since she is a Mutant Champion. Kitty’s kit deflects attacks from the adversary, which lets her scurry back and forth between Phases to cause damage to the enemy. Kitty Pryde’s ultimate goal is to stay Phased as much as possible, and players who can do so successfully will be able to maximize the potential of their kit.

If Kitty wants to maximize her damage potential, she must balance her Prowlery with her Incineration, increasing her Prowlery potency. Kitty’s Prowess potency may be increased over time by stacking many Incinerates. This enables her to build up her Prowess and unleash devastating Special Attacks, particularly at full power.

To avoid being struck by unpleasant special attacks like Winter Soldier’s Special 2, such as Phase’s sprint toward an opponent during their Special Attack, it’s a good idea to use Phase.

If you reduce the chip’s size, you can get away with practically anything. Kitty’s Phase ability allows her to sprint forward to dodge incoming damage at almost any moment, making her an excellent choice for encounters when avoiding damage is demanding. As a result, I will place her in the B tier of the MCOC tier list.

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C Tier

Below-Average Champions
The Below-Average Champions of the MCOC Tier List

Although the C tier isn’t as important as the other tiers on this tier list, it’s still essential. Three champions make up this tier, and they are all very similar. These are the champions who are the lowest on the priority list.

Picking them up unless you already have the others and have sufficient resources is not recommended. Researching on the internet may also lead to an intelligent method of avoiding them that you would otherwise miss.


He is one of the Mutant Champions who is weak against Tech Champions. Toad specializes in inflicting damage by using Poisons. When he uses his Paralytic Poison attack he can inflict Stun status on his enemies. In case he manages to stack up the attack, he can finish his enemy immediately.  

The Paralytic Secretion ability of Todd allows him to use Paralytic Poisons secreted by his skin to give knockback to enemies. So you can use the ability when you are backed into a corner. 

 Furthermore, the signature ability of Toad called the Paralytic Resins allows him to gain Passive Prowess. He can Parry his enemies and inflict a Stun effect. Todd has a great synergy with Sauron, Storm, King Groot, Magneto, Scarlet Witch, and Scorpion.

Nick Fury

The Skill Champion is none other than Nick Fury. He possesses a Class Bonus against Science Champions but is vulnerable to Mutant Champions since he is a Skill Champion. Nick Fury is a well-known battle veteran and a superb strategist in the Battlerealm, and he has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. The SHIELD-developed armory of deadly weaponry is also at Nick’s disposal, as is his expertise in espionage, ensuring that he is always ready to battle if the need arises.

A champion that can escape or force attacks to miss will find it challenging to deal with Nick, who possesses five or more tactical charges and can’t miss or be dodged. Combine Nick’s active Fury with his signature ability’s infinite duration Fury. You’ll have a window when Nick may do significant damage, making him an excellent choice for taking on bosses or other challenging opponents. He may inflict heavy damage on his opponent when Nick has up to 15 tactical charges. So, I will place him in the C tier of the MCOC tier list.

Captain America (Infinity War)

When it comes to science, Captain America (Avengers: Infinity War) is an expert. He possesses a Class Bonus against Mystic Champions but is vulnerable to Skill Champions since he is a Science Champion. 5 Kinetic Potentials may be stored in Cap’s vibranium vambraces. With his Signature Ability, Captain America receives the Kinetic Potential when stunned after the Stun is applied. As a result, he no longer automatically shrugs off all Stuns.

With at least one Kinetic Potential, Captain America is considered Kinetically Charged. It obtains the Passive advantages to his attack (physical and energy) and his defense (physical and energy).

The kinetic potential is depleted after every Special Attack by Captain America. Captain America has a unique benefit for each class represented on his squad (except himself) when Kinetically Charged. During his time here, he will not be able to produce any new Kinetic Potential charges.

Cap’s Science Experiment Synergy will lessen the damage he suffers from Dormammu’s Degeneration if it happens, making this an intense matchup. Mystic Dispersion may be countered with the Petrify Debuff from Cap.

You may use this with his Special 1 Attack’s Accuracy Reduction Ability to prevent Limbo from occurring. The only way to stop Juggernaut is to attack him when Cap is Kinetically Charged. Hence I will place him in the C tier of the MCOC tier list 2022.


Falcon is an expert in his field. He possesses a Class Bonus against Science Champions but is vulnerable to Mutant Champions since he is a Skill Champion. To keep an eye out for his comrades, Falcon has Redwing go out and survey the area.

As a result of Falcon’s synergy, Physical Resistance penetration and Critical Damage are increased by an extra 9 percent. While Redwing is Locked On, Falcon has an increased Critical Chance thanks to his improved pack.

Falcon kicks his adversary with a rapid jet blast, then unleashes a torrent of bullets from his dual SMGs. Falcon’s Recon Scan completely disables a Champion’s Passive Evasion. Recalibrating Falcon’s Recalibration while Redwing is on cooldown can also assist him to stay up in terms of damage every time a Champion Passively Evades.

Redwing’s synergy enhancements allow Falcon to disregard some of the Physical Resistance during his regular attacks and his second Special Attack.

Captain America and the Daredevils are beaten by Falcon’s Incinerate ability to remove their Block Proficiency and Perfect Block Chance. Falcon may avoid Iron Man’s Overload, Iron Patriot’s Empty the Clip, and Superior Iron Man’s Overload totally by timing his Redwing Scan correctly. So, I will place him in the C tier of the MCOC tier list.

D Tier

Flawed Champions
The Flawed Champions of the MCOC Tier List

As a result, the D Tier Champions are the weakest in the game in the lower tiers. Now that I’ve shown the bottom tier, I’ll mention a few things. No matter what kind of Champion you play, it doesn’t imply you’re garbage.

It’s not a personal attack; I know how these tier rankings work. I consider you a better player if you can play a bottom-tier champion well. It is possible to rely on any champion in this game. These lower tiers need a lot of work.


Diablo is a Mystic Champion. He possesses a Class Bonus against Cosmic Champions since he is a Mystic Champion, but he is vulnerable to Science Champions. Diablo is an excellent choice for Quests because of two fundamental mechanics.

His unique 1 has frequent, dependable regeneration, and his specific concoctions enable him to adapt ly any situation. In addition, the effects of Poison serve to strengthen him more.

Diablo’s Poison damage is decreased by 35%, and he gets 20% more Power and Attacks when poisoned. Damage is dealt over 10 seconds, and healing is reduced by 30% when Diablo uses his Brewed Concoction to inflict Poison.

Diablo is capable of dealing with a broad range of enemies. Diablo can take down almost any foe with the skillful use of his potions. Diablo’s usefulness and steady, dependable regeneration skills make him a good choice for Quest grinding.

Diablo can cope with various nodes other Champions would have difficulty dealing with since he has quick access to Stun Immunity, Regeneration, Nullify, and Poison Resistance. Whenever the node tries to use Stun effects at inconvenient times, Ironskin can take care of it. Diablo’s continual regeneration from Special 1 might assist reduce the damage you’re suffering from effects like Starburst. As a result, I will place him in the D tier of the MCOC tier list.

Black Widow (Claire Voyant)

One of Claire Voyant’s Mystic Champion characters is the Black Widow (Claire Voyant). For example, she enjoys a Class Bonus against Cosmic Champions, yet she is vulnerable to science champions because of her status as a Mystic Champion. When Claire Voyant died, she was a spirit medium who could speak with the dead through magical methods. After Voyant’s death, Satan grants her the power to murder with a single touch, and she returns home to seek revenge on the client who killed her during her work.

When Voyant returns to Satan, he tells her he’s fed up with waiting for evil souls to die naturally, so he wants her to bring him more. To avoid being knocked unconscious, Death Touch is eaten instead, and Claire obtains a Death Immunity Buff, which prevents death and restores 18.83 percent of maximum health over four seconds.

Although her lore is one of the best in the game, the abilities, passive, and advantages of other characters mentioned in this tier list prevail over her, making her the one you should not choose in the current meta of the game. So, I will place her in the D tier of the MCOC tier list july 2022.

In a Nutshell

This is Marvel Contest of Champions’ current tier list until there is an update or the players get the hang of the new champions, whichever comes first. If you disagree with me, that’s your prerogative. What if you’re doing well with a low-tier champion? It brings me great joy to hear that everything is going well for you.

Because of this, you are a talented and promising player. If you disagree with my selection of champions, I’d love to hear from you. In your opinion, why do you think your Champion is better or worse than mine? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

However, as you can see from this champion tier list, I cannot stop talking about all 17 of my favorite champions. Since we’re all familiar with who the most notable Marvel Contest of Champions champions is, I decided to shuffle things about a little.

Those who don’t, feel free to rant about it in the comments section. This tier list may now come to an end. Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of champions is an area of expertise of mine.

As a result, I’ve chosen to compile what I consider the complete MCOC tier list available anywhere on the internet. To accomplish this aim, I selected 17 champions from various playstyles and ranked them in order of preference.

Your favorite characters didn’t cut this tier list, and I’m sorry about that. Since some of my favorite champions are absent, I’m not entirely happy with the list even after writing this much. According to the tier list’s regulations, any champion in the same tier may defeat another champion at the same level.

However, it’s more probable that whoever’s on the left would prevail. It’s uncommon, but not impossible, for a champion in a lower tier to win the championship. It does not suggest that a champion is weaker than the others; instead, it means that they have not shown that they are superior to the others. I took this tier list exceptionally seriously with each tier.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. If you’ve made it this far, you’re a die-hard Marvel Contest of Champions enthusiast who enjoys compiling lists like these.

Thank you for reading. I hope you found my ranking of the Marvel Contest of Champions champions to be informative or intriguing. If you don’t, that’s OK too.

Despite belonging to the same fanbase, we each have our unique connection to the team’s champions. I want to remind you that this tier ranking reflects my opinion of these champions and their overall power level. Thank you.

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