Blue Archive Tier List: All Characters Ranked [2023]

We Are Going To Rank All Characters In The Game With Our Blue Archive Tier List.

Our Blue Archive Tier List will bring you in-depth details about all the playable characters in the game. With the January update, there have been quite a few noticeable changes, so we felt it necessary to bring an up-to-date list for our readers.

We have made the following rankings while keeping in mind the attributes, qualities, strengths, and how well each character performs under every situation the game will put you in. Based on it, each character has earned a place in different ranks. As expected, the strongest among them will be placed in the S Tier, followed by the best among them in the A Tier, and so on, down to the D Tier.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 82 entries on our list.
  • Each character was ranked based on their individual strengths and abilities.
  • Among the highest-ranked characters are Hoshino, Cherino, Iori, Tsubaki, Koharu, and Atsuko.
  • In the lowest tiers, you will find Tsurugi, Neru, Hasumi, Pina, Miyu. and Kirino.


Please refer to the table below to see a summary of the entire rankings.

S RankA RankB RankC TierD Tier
• Hoshino
• Cherino
• Iori
• Tsubaki
• Atsuko
• Mutsuki (New Year)
• Iori (Swimsuit)
• Asuza (Swimsuit)
• Koharu
• Asuza
• Akane
• Aru
• Shiroko
• Shun
• Haruna
• Hoshino
• Mutsuki
• Yuuka
• Shigure
• Yuuka (Sports FES)
• Hasumi (Sports FES)
• Hibki (Cheer)
• Noa
• Kokona
• Kazusa
• Saori
• Izuna (Swimsuit)
• Nonomi (Swimsuit)
• Marina
• Ui
• Wakamo
• Aru (New Year)
• Natsu
• Asuna (Bunny)
• Neru (Bunny)
• Izumi (Swimsuit)
• Hina (Swimsuit)
• Shiroko (Cycling)
• Tsurugi (Swimsuit)
• Aris
• Momoi
• Midori
• Izuna
• Akari
• Eimi
• Junko
• Serika
• Chise
• Nonomi
• Haruka
• Hina
• Hifumi
• Maki
• Serina (Christmas)
• Marie (Sports FES)
• Utaha (Cheer)
• Chise (Swimsuit)
• Wakamo (Swimsuit)
• Misaki
• Tsukuyo
• Michiru
• Miyako
• Hinata
• Mimori
• Tomoe
• Fubuki
• Chinatsu (Hot Spring)
• Karin (Bunny)
• Shun (Small)
• Yuzu
• Asuna
• Izumi
• Kayoko
• Kotori
• Suzumi
• Sumire
• Tsurugi
• Neru
• Hasumi
• Pina
• Miyu
• Kirino

Read more on each entry further in the article.


We want to be clear that our personal experience with these characters served as the sole basis for the ranking. Yes, we expect a few clashes of opinions due to different experiences and observations, but a handful of readers will agree with most, if not all, of the rankings. Regarding the list, it can be very challenging to construct a perfect presentation of the given article. Still, we maintained our objectivity to bring you the Blue Archive character rankings.

S Tier

S Tier.

We will place the strongest characters in the S Tier. With them on your side, you’ll breeze past many challenging obstacles.


Hoshino, a supporter class, can sub-tank and increase damage by up to 1.5 times. A DPS-focused unit will still deal damage.


Cherino has a DPS role and has access to heavy attacks. Her aim and precision make her a very handy character in the game. Players fairly new to the game will find it very easy to handle her due to that.

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Iori has a very strong attack and defense base, making her one of the strongest DPS classes in the game.


Ok, Tsubaki might not appear very strong at first glance. But once she has access to T4 equipment, she can be a terror to go against. She is a tank class.

A Tier

A Tier
A Tier.

The A rank of our Blue Archive Tier List 2023 will hold the place of some of the strongest characters of Blue Archive. However, we believe they can’t be placed in the S Tier due to a slight flaw in their game.


Atsuko will serve as the A Tier’s opening act. She is a tank class with healing abilities. She may heal herself while doing significant harm to her enemies. She has exceptional evasion and is incredibly agile for a tank class.

Mutsuki (New Year)

Mutsuki (New Year) can buff herself, boosting her defense. Overall, she is an excellent DPS class in the game.

Iori (Swimsuit)

Iori (Swimsuit) has a great damage output that can knock out the toughest enemies. However, the range of her attacks lets her down, which gives us a justifying reason for not placing her in S Tier.

Asuza (Swimsuit)

Asuza (Swimsuit) has access to high buff and mystic powers, making her a unique DPS class.


Our first healer class on the list so far is Koharu. She can be a fantastic option for a defensive battle.


Asuza is another DPS class that gets more powerful with her buffing abilities. She can take down many of the strongest bosses with her powers.


A supporter class who proves herself as one of the strongest defensive units in the game.


Aru, a DPS class, has a good range of attacks with extremely good aim.


Shiroko is not your ordinary DPS; once the battle reaches its climax, she can become an absolute beast with her enhanced abilities.


Shun excels in PvP scenarios and can develop her abilities throughout the battle.


Haruna seems to be a great PvE unit, a DPS class with access to mystic powers.

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Hoshino is a wonderful tank class with excellent defensive skills.


In addition to having a lot of firepower, Mutsuki can also lay mines randomly.


Throughout many instances in the game, Yuuka, a Tank class with strong defensive characteristics, proves to be an excellent unit.

B Tier

B Tier
B Tier.

In our B Tier, those characters whose performance is best viewed as average will be placed. Their abilities and powers aren’t exceptionally of that high level; neither are they extremely weak. So being placed in the B Tier does justice to their traits.


Shigure is a DPS class who can buff herself after successful attacks, enhancing her defense and slightly adding up to her attacking powers. She is capable of becoming even more powerful with an improved subskill.

Yuuka (Sports FES)

Yuuka (Sports FES) has exceptionally powerful attacking moves despite being a Tank Unit. High speed and evasion add up to her impressive abilities; to top it all off, she has access to a shield that provides great protection.

Hasumi (Sports FES)

A DPS unit that has fairly good attacking powers. She is not the best class in the game, but a highly skilled player can get the most out of her abilities.

Hibki (Cheer)

She can shoot at a high rate of fire with a wide range.


Noa is a strong support class but falls short in the offensive department.


Kokona is a healer class that serves as a healer. Her abilities don’t provide much more; therefore, the B Tier is a decent spot for her.


A DPS class that’s a good terrain attacker.


Saori has a decent skill set but falls short in many aspects compared to the other units. Therefore a very average DPS class.


Another DPS class that doesn’t have particularly strong skill sets but that can be used effectively by experienced players.

Nonomi (Swimsuit)

Nononmi can boost allies by increasing their assault speed, although the reload time may be unpredictable.


Marina is a Tank class that is best suited for PvP battles.


A supporter class with a decent EX Skill. She is one of the few units adopted well for both PvP and PvE battles.


Wakamo’s full potential is achieved in PvE battles. However, her DPS potential isn’t ideal, and we might recommend using the better options the game offers.

Aru (New Year)

Aru is a DPS class that can reduce CD after taking down the enemies.


Natsu is a reasonable choice in the game because she has access to self-healing and buffing.

Asuna (Bunny)

A supporter class that brings a defense-damaging AOE effect.

Neru (Bunny)

The extremely low HP of Neru (Bunny) can be very annoying. Although her move sets are fairly strong, her one flaw keeps her in the B Tier.

Izumi (Swimsuit)

Izumi (Swimsuit) is a supporter class that offers nothing exceptional but can be very handy in defensive tactics.

Hina (Swimsuit)

This version of Hina has low attack skills and buffing abilities.

Shiroko (Cycling)

Shiroko (Cycling) is a DPS unit with mystic powers.

Tsurugi (Swimsuit)

A DPS class that can also perform as Tank and attacking unit.


She is a DPS class with access to mystic powers and takes time to build up her powers.


Momoi has powerful capabilities and the capacity for self-buffing.


Midori is a DPS class with self-healing abilities and access to AOE damage.


Izuna is a Mystic attacker with a lot of damage potential. Outside of dodging, her durability is a little lacking.


DPS unit that is best against weaker enemies. However, she will struggle against more challenging enemies. 


Eimi is a Tank unit with good defense and the ability to heal. She’s the perfect placement for the B rank of the Blue Archive Tier List jp.


Another DPS unit with average attacking strength is present in the game.


A DPS class with self-buff and healing abilities.


Chise is a DPS class with mystic powers.


Her attack spread makes her excellent in base defense commissions.


For Haruka to reach her greatest potential, she needs a T4 attachment. She is a pretty standard unit despite this. Despite that, she is a very average unit.


PvP combat is where Hina excels.


A very skillful unit that performs well in both PvP and PvE battles.


Maki is a DPS unit that has access to buffing abilities.

Serina (Christmas)

Serina (Christmas) has a unique perk, can enhance critical rate, and benefits several allies. However, it’s challenging to obtain stacks of her special bonus.

C Tier

C Tier
C Tier.

We will place some weaker characters from Blue Archive in the C Tier. They may excel in the game’s early stages, where their abilities and skills can flourish, but they aren’t the most brilliant group of characters overall.

Marie (Sports FES)

She is a healer class whose healing abilities are very sluggish.

Utaha (Cheer)

Utaha’s long self-buff can offer constant firepower, but activating her skills is essentially the only factor in determining firepower. Despite her high level of evasion, a Frontline unit cannot use her.

Chise (Swimsuit)

Chise is a supporter unit whose AOE damage increases by 2 times after every kill.

Wakamo (Swimsuit)

Wakamo (Swimsuit) isn’t the most powerful DPS class in the game and is only effective against weaker enemies.


Another DPS unit whose attacking moves and AOE damage are sluggish and weak.


A Tank class that has weak defensive stats.


Michiru is a DPS class whose critical damage increases with Hyakkiyako members.


Miyako is a tank unit with a high damage tolerance and the power to stun enemies.


A DPS class with a good attack range but a very weak base power.


Mimori can move and evade quite quickly, but her attacking abilities fall short.


A supporter uni that can heal and provide cover to the allies.


Fubuki is an attacker unit with EX abilities to have more firepower and stun enemies.

Chinatsu (Hot Spring)

Chinatsu is a DPS unit that moves and attacks slowly, and the buffing process is slower.

Karin (Bunny)

A DPS class with a decent damage-to-attack ratio.

Shun (Small)

Shun (Small) has a high defense but, at the same time, can be a little annoying to use due to her slow buffing time.


Yuzu is a DPS unit that is best suited for PvP battles, but is significantly weaker than most other characters in this rank of the Blue Archive Tier List 2023.


Asuna doesn’t seem like a good character at first; however, her powers are improved with the 3 stars upgrade.


Izumi is a DPS class with average skills, placing her in the lower ranks.


Kayoko is a supportive unit that serves well in PvE situations.


Kotori is a supporter class that provides cover to her teammates.


Suzumi is a supporter class that is a solid choice for a more defensive strategy despite having very poor base stats.


DPS class is only effective against weaker enemies and the initial stages of the game.


A good pick for situations where there are loads of enemies, as Tsurugi can blow them all up in one quick blow.


Neru is a DPS class that is effective against single targets.


DPS unit with very weak skills.


Pina can kill a lot of enemies in a short amount of time by firing quick rounds in succession.

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D Tier

D Tier
D Tier.

The list of all the characters will conclude with our D Tier. The weakest of the units will be put in this tier.


A supporter unit that can pierce attack. She is the weakest supporter class in the game.


Kirino is a relatively underwhelming supportive unit. Possesses rather limited skills and speed.


That was our attempt at ranking all the characters in Blue Archive. Yes, ours might not be the ideal rankings you might be looking for, but still, in the end, we aim to provide our readers with all the information about a given article constructed with our opinion. And we stand by each of our placements unless something changes in the game.

If you disagree with some of our placements, please feel free to let us know your reasonings in the comments section below. We are always receptive to constructive criticism, and make sure to take your arguments into consideration when updating the article.