League of Pantheons Tier List

League of Pantheons Tier List: All Characters Ranked

We Will Be Ranking All The Heroes In The Game So Far.

This article is all about The League of Pantheons Tier List, which is the latest in a long line of mobile RPG games that have taken the world by storm. But as the auto-battle system is still in the beginning stage of development so it won’t be surprising to see a slew of new characters and patches added to the game. So if you want to be at the top of the game from the start, you’ll need to assemble a formidable squad.

Each character in the game so far has been classified based on their different strengths and talents. However, as previously mentioned, if you want to keep up with the game, you should seek out all S-tier heroes from the start of your career. Keeping up in that manner will ensure that your campaign is a breeze, and if everything goes well, you may even rank in the PVP scoreboard easily. Not to mention all of the incentives and presents you will be eligible for if you manage to stay at the top of every character or new patch release.

Key Points

  • Our list was created with the current meta in mind.
  • Each entry was place in their accordance with their performance in-game.
  • Among the highest ranks, you will find characters like Thor, Venus, Hel, Nidhogg, Hera, and Zeus.
  • The lowest tiers contain entries like Titan, Pan, Erial, Phoenix, Odin, and Gai’ming. 


The full contents of the article will now be listed in a short table.

Tier RankHeroes
S Rank• Thor
• Nidhogg
• Venus
• Hera
• Zeus
• Darklord
• Hel
• Hades
• Seraph
• Fenrir
A Rank• Apollo
• Wyrmlich
• Magma Fiend
• Ratotski
• Illsya
• Prometheus
B Rank• Athena
• Heimdall
• Synthia
• Wyrmlich
• Dionysus
• Merlin
C Rank• Pan
• Erial
• Phoenix
D Rank• Titan
• Odin
• Gai’ming

Learn more about each entry below.


We’ve listed all of the possible characters in the newest RPG thriller, along with their appropriate tiers, so you know what to shoot for. Also, don’t forget to read the League of Pantheons rerolls instructions that follow the list near the end. The guide will assist you in making the best decision for yourself in the game. So, without further ado, let’s get right to the point.

S Tier

Best heroes of the League of Pantheons
S Tier.

The meta of these characters is the best among them all and improves their fighting performance. You may also combine these characters with other tier heroes since having even a few heroes from this tier on your squad can help you win the battle. The following table lists all of the heroes and their abilities. 


Valkyrie Fire
Divine High PriestLight

A Tier

Good heroes of League of Pantheons
A Tier.

These heroes continue to wow us with their powers, despite the fact that they are not powerful enough as S-tier members. Still, they are not bad in abilities and do possess certain qualities to be helpful in the battle.

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They are exceptional in their own right, but not to the point of domination. Their abilities are versatile and can be employed in almost any fighting environment, which will serve you well in the game.

Magma FiendFire

B Tier

Average heroes of League of Pantheons
B Tier.

These dependable warriors perform well enough to round out your squad. Some of them are also rather helpful and well-balanced, allowing you to assemble a variety of party combinations. Characters on the brank of the League of Pantheons tier list 2023 are typically good, although they do not stand out as much as A and S-tier characters.

They may have certain powers, but they are easily outmatched by the heroes of the higher levels. You can select them, but they may not have the same impact as top-tier characters. They can, however, be quite valuable in some instances and give an acceptable level of difficulty in some confrontations.


C Tier

Bad heroes of League of Pantheons
C Tier.

They have a few distinct characteristics, but not enough to justify using them above other heroes in their tier. Heroes of the C-tier are considered average in the game because of their mediocre abilities. They are not inherently bad, but they are also not exceptionally good. They have strong abilities and contribute significantly when paired with S or A-tier characters. However, if you want to progress in the game using C-tier characters, you must plan ahead of time since each encounter grows tougher.


D Tier

Worst heroes of the game
D Tier.

D-tier heroes in The League of Pantheons are the ones to avoid in the game. The tier contains the game’s weakest characters, who are easily outmatched by the other characters in the game. Furthermore, the rank has the lowest offensive and defensive metrics. Despite their look, D-tier heroes have less effective attacks and suffer more damage. Their abilities are also insignificant and provide little assistance in combat so must be avoided by the players to ensure their win in the game.


League of Pantheons Codes

League of Pantheons codes grant you access to in-game items like money and gems, summon scrolls, treasure tickets, and XP. Check back frequently to ensure you don’t miss any! Some of the codes in the game are mentioned here:

HALLOWEEN131 free reward (new!)
YMFL888 free reward (new!)
Neofans123free reward
Lovepapa777free reward
ornament888 free reward
Welcomeback999free reward
thankyoumomfree reward
GXFC2022200 diamonds, a treasure ticket, and an adv. summon scroll
WELCOMETOLOP adv. summon scroll, a treasure ticket, and 100 diamonds
BLUESTACKS777free reward
LOPTREASURE ten adv. summon scrolls
LOP2022 100k XP, 200 diamonds, and 300k gold
LOP999 200k XP, 200k gold, and a revelation summon scroll


Now our League of Pantheons tier list comes to an end. With its end, we hope that our hard work pays off and this ranking is of good help to you in selecting a good hero for your game. As all the game depends on the characters you choose. Naturally, because each meta has distinct characteristics, their efficiency will vary based on the heroes in your team and the opponent’s team. Remember to choose an elemental party that is most effective against your opponent’s elemental party.

However, choosing two major elements is a sure bet since you can activate two elemental bonuses at the same time. Because Light and Dark Heroes have higher stats than other elemental heroes of the same class, it is preferable to form a team with a combination of these two elements. The best Heroes and codes were the focus of the article, so let us know in the comments who your favorite entry is. 

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