World Flipper Tier List: Ranking All Heroes [2023]

This World Flipper tier list ranks all the heroes of the game in five tiers ranging from best to worst according to their abilities.

Our World Flipper tier list is about a story-based role-playing game that is very famous amongst players due to its variety of heroes to select from and also for its gameplay. Players need to unlock the various heroes available in the game to progress and build a team to continue the storyline and fight enemies in the game.

Key Points

  • There are total of 54 entries in our article.
  • Each entry is ranked on the basis of damage output, special abilities, and upgrades.
  • You will observe Wagner, Phillia, and Veron in the higher ranks.
  • Among the lowest tiers are Soushiro, Falsche, Hartleif, and Lilial.


Following table shows the rank of all characters.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank

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The World Flipper game offers many characters to its players worldwide, yet it requires a team of 6 to defeat enemies. So, while creating this list, we considered all the aspects involved and their needed compatibility. So if you’re curious about who the best characters are, our article should help you out. We’ve ranked all the units available in the game in the list, so if you’re curious about how your favorite troops rank, consider reading ahead.

By choosing strong characters, players can unleash the force necessary to go through the game gracefully. To assist you in narrowing down your selections as much as possible, we have divided character rankings into several categories. However, most players prefer the greatest units onboard as they are versatile enough to let you create your combinations. Finding 6 good friends was challenging enough, but team formation also comes with the unique duty of choosing a best-fit leader from among them.

S Tier

Best characters of world flippers tier list
S Tier.

According to the general guidelines for in-game element rating, the best of the best are also found in the S-tier of my World Flipper tier list 2022. The characters in this tier are incredibly strong and can hold on their own against any enemy with ease.

Even while they already deal a tonne of damage each second, they can still be upgraded to reach their full power. Players who want to finish all of the World Flipper levels in style and want a perfect gaming experience should focus on only gathering S-tier units in the game.

UnitTypeAbilityStar Level
WagnerFireArcher5 Star
PhilliaWindSupport5 Star
VeronDarkSwordsman5 Star
SiltyWindWarrior5 Star
NephtimLightSpecial5 Star
MiaWindFist4 Star
CagliostroThunderSupport5 Star
ClarisseFireSpecial5 Star
SuizenWaterSupport5 Star
AmeliaWaterSpecial4 Star
AliceWaterFist4 Star

A Tier

Good characters of World Flippers
A Tier.

Here comes the A tier of my tier list. The characters of A-tier may not be as strong as those listed above due to a few minor drawbacks. Still, they are unquestionably among the best heroes in the team as they possess certain special abilities which are very helpful in the fight.

 The heroes listed here are unquestionably worth choosing if you’re a player looking for a reliable ally that can defeat most enemies if not all, and ensure your win in the game.

UnitTypeAbilityStar Level
InahoThunderSpecial5 Star
EcreelLightSword5 Star
InahoThunderSpecial5 Star
CeltieWindWarrior5 Star
LannerWaterSword4 Star
AzelFireSword4 Star
BercetiaDarkArcher5 Star
GlideFireSword4 Star
KannonFireDeadeye5 Star
LunaluThunderSpecial4 Star
SoniaWaterSword5 Star

B Tier

average characters of World Flippers tier list
B Tier.

The heroes listed in the B tier aren’t particularly strong, but they are still reasonably powerful and can be used as a respectable force against adversaries. To unleash more, it would be preferable if you combined the B-tier characters with those of the higher tiers to overcome the weaknesses. However, this is a mediocre tier and consists of characters who are of medium strength and ability in the fight.

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AbilityStar Level
LeonWindSword5 Star
ShiroWindFist4 Star
MurakumoWindSword5 Star
RegisThunderArcher4 Star
MarinaFireSword5 Star
ArisaWindArcher4 Star
LiamDarkArcher4 Star

C Tier

Bad characters of World Flippers
C Tier.

The C-tier units can survive some battles because they are somewhat below average.  The C-tier World Flipper characters are suitable for lighthearted or enjoyable conflicts where victory doesn’t depend on them. Use these friends exclusively in situations where you have no other options.

UnitTypeAbilityStar Level
RazeltLightWarrior5 Star
MarianneDark Archer4 Star
Eliya LightArcher 4 Star
Alm DarkBruiser4 Star
FinnLightSword4 Star
Rams Thunder Special4 Star
Oruru Wind Sword4 Star
AsukirimaruFire Bruiser4 Star

D Tier

worst characters of World Flippers
D Tier.

Here is the last rank of the World Flipper Tier List 2022, and the heroes placed in this tier are the ones who do not possess any special ability or if they do have some skill it is not powerful enough to make them win the fight. So we suggest not selecting these characters for your battle. We advise you to move to it as soon as you discover a better-ranked hero.

However, players who can use D-tier heroes to release more power than usual should keep using them.

UnitsTypeAbilityStar Level
Arc Fire Special4 Star
BiancaFireSword4 Star
Andy Dark Support4 Star
Eleanor ThunderSword4 Star
Dear LightStaff4 Star
Mino Thunder Fist4 Star
Mercel WindArcher 4 Star
Rizelle WaterSupport4 Star
Helga Wind Bruiser4 Star
HanabiFireBruiser4 Star
SharonWaterFist 4 Star
JayThunderStaff 4 Star
KiraLightSword4 Star
JelalLightSword4 Star
Yuel Water Warrior4 Star
Soushiro WindSword4 Star
FalscheDarkWarrior3 star
HartliefWindSupport3 star
LilialFireSpecial3 Star

Comparison Table

UnitTierTypeAbility Star Level
WagnerSFireArcher5 Star
PhilliaSWindSupport5 Star
VeronSDarkSwordsman5 Star
SiltySWindWarrior5 Star
NephtimSLightSpecial5 Star
MiaSWindFist4 Star
CagliostroSThunderSupport5 Star
ClarisseSFireSpecial5 Star
SuizenSWaterSupport5 Star
AmeliaSWaterSpecial4 Star
AliceSWaterFist4 Star
InahoAThunderSpecial5 Star
EcreelALightSword5 Star
InahoAThunderSpecial5 Star
CeltieAWindWarrior5 Star
LannerAWaterSword4 Star
AzelAFireSword4 Star
BercetiaADarkArcher5 Star
GlideAFireSword4 Star
KannonAFireDeadeye5 Star
LunaluAThunderSpecial4 Star
SoniaAWaterSword5 Star
LeonBWindSword5 Star
ShiroBWindFist4 Star
MurakumoBWindSword5 Star
RegisBThunderArcher4 Star
MarinaBFireSword5 Star
ArisaBWindArcher4 Star
LiamBDarkArcher4 Star
RazeltCLightWarrior5 Star
MarianneCDark Archer4 Star
Eliya CLightArcher 4 Star
Alm CDarkBruiser4 Star
FinnCLightSword4 Star
Rams CThunder Special4 Star
Oruru CWind Sword4 Star
AsukirimaruCFire Bruiser4 Star
Arc DFire Special4 Star
BiancaDFireSword4 Star
Andy DDark Support4 Star
Eleanor DThunderSword4 Star
Dear DLightStaff4 Star
Mino DThunder Fist4 Star
Mercel DWindArcher 4 Star
Rizelle DWaterSupport4 Star
Helga DWind Bruiser4 Star
HanabiDFireBruiser4 Star
SharonDWaterFist 4 Star
JayDThunderStaff 4 Star
KiraDLightSword4 Star
JelalDLightSword4 Star
Yuel DWater Warrior4 Star
Soushiro DWindSword4 Star
FalscheDDarkWarrior3 star
HartliefDWindSupport3 star
LilialDFireSpecial3 Star

Patch Notes Version Feb 27, 2023

In the latest patch, the following changes are made.

  • They added new difficulties for the boss Nether Fox.
  • Three new armaments, Sessho-seki Dagger, Watoshi, and Nakigitsune Staff, are added for you to exchange your special event items.


Our ranking list is based on each hero’s abilities in the game, and this is our opinion, which served us well in combat. All the characters in the game are ranked in order of best to worst. Also, our list is open to criticism from our readers because we are fans of the game, and biases will most definitely have made their way into our rankings.

Our World Flipper tier list rates all characters belonging to a certain element in different tiers, so if you need to find a specific one, seek it in the element linked with that hero. That concludes the rankings for the most recent update. Our guide should help you progress through the game. Also, you can share your opinion in the comment section below if our list proves to help you.