Wild Rift Tier List: Meta Champions Ranked [Feb. 2023]

This is TopTierList's Wild Rift Rankings, Where We Will Rank All Of The Current Meta Champions.

Welcome to our Wild Rift Tier List, where we will go over every champion in the mobile version of the Rift. It will include a brief explanation as well as the ranking of the meta characters based on the most used builds. The ranking criteria are mostly based on two variables, the win rate, and the pick rate.

Champions must balance both of those well enough to be considered the best champions in the game, and since there are a lot of them, we will only look at the most commonly picked ones. The article was made assuming that you know the basics of League of Legends and the role descriptions. Additionally, I will mention some of the popular off-meta builds with some champions to showcase that they can potentially destroy higher-rank champions as well.

Key Points

  • Wild Rift is the mobile version of the popular MOBA game League of Legends.
  • It features some of the champions available on Summoner’s Rift with the same or minimally tweaked abilities.
  • Among the best of these are champions like Caitly and Wukong.
  • Likewise, the worst of these champions are Kayle and Nasus.


Before diving too deep into our rankings, we shall first look at a table that overviews each champion’s skill. The ranking is decided based on the best possible role for the champion according to the meta of this patch.

S Tier• Wukong
• Lee Sin
• Kha Zix
• Olaf
• Karma
• Riven
• Ahri
• Renekton
• Lucian
• Diana
• Yone
• Kassadin
• Nami
• Camille
• Caitlyn
• Ezreal
• Akali
• Gwen
• Jax
• Fiora
• Jayce
• Aatrox
• Tristana
A Tier• Thresh
• Pyke
• Rakan
• Lulu
• Irelia
• Katarina
• Zed
• Ziggs
 • Galio
• Twisted Fate
• Yasuo
• Orianna
• Vi
• Xin Zhao
• Morgana 
• Jinx
• Samira
• Vayne
• Draven
• Alistar
• Nautilus
• Janna
• Shen
• Ekko
• Gragas
• Darius
• Evelyn
• Shyvanna
• Varus
• Jarvan IV
• Sett
• Corki
• Jayce
• Vex
• Ashe
• Lux
• Garen
• Malphite
• Kayn- Rhaast
• Kai' Sa
• Xayah
B Tier• Kennen
• Akshan
• Viegar
• Graves
• Fizz
• Leona
• Barum
• Jhin
• Singed
• Nunu & Willump
• Sion
• Senna
• Yuumi
• Miss Fortune
• Warwick
• Kayn-Shadow Assassin
C Tier• Seraphine
• Soraka
• Rammus
• Pantheon
D Tier• Teemo
• Master Yi
• Amumu
F Tier• Kayle

These champions will be discussed in the same rankings in the sections that follow the table.

S Tier

Best Wild Rift Tier List Champions
S Tier.

The first tier that we are going to discuss in our Wild Rift tier list is the S rank. The champions listed here are the ones that are considered to be the best at their roles in the current meta, with incredible performance throughout the game. In addition, these champions have the least chance of being outplayed compared to any other champions.


The first champion that we are going to look at is Wukong. Many of you may already be familiar with the overpowered Monkey King that is impossible to shut down once fed. In the Wild Rift, Wukong is unanimously considered one of the best champions. He excels in the Jungle and the Baron role convincingly in the current meta. Furthermore, his kit is quite simple to master, making him a viable champion even for beginners. Lastly, his passive combined with his Golden Staff is a lethal combo if the enemy doesn’t build anti-heal.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a seriously strong AD jungler with extremely high mobility and 1v1 potential. His early game stage is one of the best for a Jungle champion because he can easily counter enemy junlgers as well as go for early ganks. The trick with Lee Sin is that you need to have an aggressive early game in order to keep up. If you don’t take advantage of that stage, then you will struggle in the late game. 

Kha Zix

Kha Zix is also a Wild Rift that takes to the Jungle to emerge victorious on the Rift. However, his build is quite different from the junglers we have discussed above. Kha Zix is an assassin jungler that can annihilate squishy champions in a matter of seconds. His early game is quite slow, like all assassins, but his late game is deadly, making him a high-priority target. Furthermore, his passive makes him excel at 1v1 duels which really plays well with his build and other abilities.


Olaf is a monstrous Jungle champion who can do wonders at all game stages. Additionally, he is a viable top laner as well but fails to do as well as he does in the Jungle. He is a well-rounded fighter that can ignore all cc after he reaches level 5. In terms of difficulty, this champion does require a well-versed player. A thing to keep in mind when playing in the Jungle is that you should always start with the Blue Sentinal, as he can struggle a lot when it comes to mana in the early Jungle clears.


Karma is the next S Tier champion that we are going to look at. She excels at two very different and strong roles, the support as well as the mid-lane. Both of these builds focus on different aspects of her build but are both solid S-tier ones. As a support, Karma can constantly shield and protect her allies and allow her duo to farm cs effectively. As for the mid-lane, you focus more on damage and build cc and poke potential. Both of these playstyles differ a lot so be sure to read up on them before diving into the Rift.


Riven is a very strong and technical champion that performs equally well in the Jungle as well as the top lane. Her early game is quite difficult, but once you get all three abilities up, you can start going in for poke and establish a good lane phase. Her real spike comes in with her ultimate at level 5, giving you a lot more burst damage that instantly increases your chances of winning 1v1 fights.


Ahri is one of the most popular champions in the game and performs as an AP assassin mage. She has a slow early game but can be a devastating champion to play against in the late game. Additionally, she is one of the hardest champions to shut down because of how much cc she has paired with her ultimate’s mobility. Patience plays well with her style, so be sure to wait for the perfect moment to burst your enemy. 


Renekton is a lethal top lane champion that is a nightmare for squishy champs and AD carries. He is extremely tanky and unique when it comes to his kit. His most important ability is his passive which replaces his mana bar with a rage bar which empowers his abilities as well as heals him per hit. If you play as an ADC, be sure to avoid 1v1 fights with him because he will win indefinitely. 


Finally, the time is here to discuss a bot lane champion, Lucian. Lucian is among the best ADC champions in the current meta that can convincingly carry your team in the late game. He uses an AD build that deals high amounts of damage while also having an extremely mobile playstyle. Lucian is also a very viable mid-lane champion that performs a little lower than his Duo build but is still nothing to take lightly. 


Going back to our Mid lane champions, it is time to discuss Diana. She is one of the best and most popular mid-lane champs in the current meta and, contradictory to the summoners rift, goes for an AP build. Her early game is not the best, but her late game makes up for it. Once you are level 5, you can roam and try to get free kills by her huge power spike and snowball to victory.


Yone is a spectacular champion for the mid-lane as well as the Jungle. Both of his builds for either role are the same, with the only difference being summoner spells. He is an AD assassin and looks to scale your Mortal Steel. Knowing how his abilities work is the only important thing you need to know to win this champion. Yone’s difficulty, paired with his snowball capacity, makes him one of the best mid-lane champions.


Similar to Yone, Kassadin is also an assassin but an AP one. He does struggle a bit in the early game, but once the lane phase is over, you can easily win 1v5 situations by blinking around in fights. You only need to wait until his level 5 and then look for aggressive or defensive dashes to claim victory.


Moving on to the support champions, we will look at Nami. Nami is one of the best support characters you can have for your team. She is an enchanter with great crowd control. Furthermore, she is excellent at healing as well as buffing her team. The only downside is that she is incredibly squishy and relies on her team to keep her alive. Additionally, Nami never falls off because the longer the game goes, the stronger she gets.


Camille is a top-lane fighter champion that struggles in the early game, but once she gets to level 5, she can lock down enemy champions and quickly execute them. She has great 1v1 capability making her an excellent landing champion. Her best role is quickly taking out high-priority targets to help in team fights.


Caitlyn is one of the strongest ADC champions because, oh, how much of a lane bully she is. With the correct support, Caitlyn can easily snowball and destroy the enemy support and ADC. Sometimes she can get so strong that a jungle champ is no match for her. She scales well into the late and mid game making her a solid champion for an ADC role. Just keep in mind not to waste her headshot on useless shots.


Ezreal is another strong ADC that has a very powerful late game. The trick with Ezreal is that you need to be very good at mechanics as well as landing skill shots because that is his main source of damage. Once you get the core items like the Manamune and the Trinity Force, you should easily take down champs if you know the mechanics well enough.


Akali is one of the most famous mid-lane champions because of how good she is after she hits level 5. If fed enough, she can easily solo-carry the entire game with her insane mobility and constant poke damage. Once fed, not even the turrets can keep you safe from her blades. Additionally, she is also a threat in the top lane with just as much lethal force as she offers in the mid-lane. 


Gwen is an AP assassin that has a slow early game, but once she gets some cs and maybe some kills, she is a force not to be meddled with. Her main ability you need is Ultimate Needlework which allows her to deal increased damage and quickly shred down enemies in a matter of seconds.


Jax is a very popular top-lane champion that can become a huge threat in the late game. He has a pretty weak early game but scales extremely well into the mid and late games. When playing against him, it would be wise not to feed him too much because he can 1v5 your entire team with ease because of his mobility, crowd control, and damage.


Fiora is an S tier top lane fighter champion that performs reasonably well in all stages of the game. She is quite difficult to master, but once you have her kit down properly, you can dominate your games and climb up the elo ladder with ease.


Those of you who have watched Arcane will likely know about Jayce. In addition to being a Hextech pioneer, he is a very strong ranged as well as melee top lane champion. Each form has different abilities that deal different types of damage, making him versatile and quite difficult to master. All in all, if you like the versatility in builds, Jayce is perfect for you.


Up next is Aatrox, who is a very strong top-lane champion. Chances are that you will rarely see him in games because he is a Perma ban because of how overpowered he is. His attacks deal a lot of damage, heal, give him mobility, and cc you for a long time. The trick to play him well is to farm well in the landing phase and then go for kills with your team.


Tristana is one of the most brutal burst ADC champions in the game that is potentially the most dangerous champion to feed. Tristana can one-shot squishy champions if she is far enough ahead. The only way you beat her is you take away her cs or bully her in the laning phase. Lastly, watch out for her Rocket Jump, as she can land on you and annihilate you if you are weak.

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A Tier

Good Wild Rift Champions
A Tier.

The next rank is the A tier. Here, we will go over some extremely good champions that failed to achieve the S rank because of some flaw. They are countered easier than the S tiers or have greater difficulty, but a true master of any of these champions can easily annihilate the enemy troops.


Thresh is the first A-tier champion that we are going to discuss. He is a tanky support that is deadly in the late game if his laning phase goes well. Thresh can take the front line or peel off enemies from the back lines making him a great fit in almost any composition.


Pyke is a deadly assassin support champion that relies on playmaking and his stealth to roam and get kills. He is one of the unique champions in the game when it comes to mechanics. Overall an excellent support for hard engagement and because he shares the gold from his kills with his team.


Rakan is also an excellent hard-engage champion with his great cc abilities. He can help teammates cc locked while also cc lock enemy champions, making him a great defensive and aggressive support champion. Needless to say, he is best paired with Xayah and gains more buffs when they play together in the bot lane.


Lulu is a pretty decent support champion who excels at shielding and protecting her carries. She does not offer the most offensive capability but can be very annoying for the enemy team. However, she is very squishy, so roaming is not really a valid option for her.


Irelia is a very well-rounded champion that ranks as A Tier champion in three different roles, Top, Jungle, and Mid. She is not the best in the early game, but her late game is extremely good, making her a very viable option for you. Her only downside is that she can struggle in team fights sometimes.


Katarina is a mid-lane magic damage assassin champion that relies on melee attacks to deal damage. Farming really isn’t the most important thing because she scales with how long the game is going making her a very powerful late-game champion. Unfortunately, she is quite difficult to master.


Similar to Katarina, Zed is a mid-lane assassin but relies on AD rather than AP. He struggles a lot in the early game, but as soon as he gets his ultimate, he can shred squishy champion and snowball out of control.


Ziggs is a mage champion that uses his abilities to control the fight so that it favors his team. He is excellent at clearing waves and bursting the enemies with a lot of damage. His only downside is that he is poor mobility despite being a yordle champion.


Galio is a powerful mid-lane champion that does not conform to the conventional mid-lane kit. He is primarily a frontline tank but can also shred enemy champions or help his team during fights by tanking a lot of damage. His downside is that his early game is pretty weak.

Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate is also a mid-lane champion that offers great cc, wave clear, and burst damage. His spells are in the form of playing cards and deal significant damage while also providing other debuffs. His scaling is quite slow, which is why he is not the best, but he is still among the great. 


Yasuo is a champion that needs no introduction, as he is one of the most popular mid-lane champions. He will either shred the enemy team or feed them to no end. He is an attack-damage assassin who struggles a lot early but quickly picks it up in the mid-game.


Like Ziggs, Orianna is a control mage champion who uses her abilities to clear waves and keep the fight in a place that favors her team. She has great burst damage that gives her the edge in late-game fights and slowly towards victory.


If you are a fan of Arcane, then this champion is not new to you. Vi is one of the most popular champions that we will discuss in the Wild Rift tier list 2022. She is a deadly jungle champion who is good in every game stage. Her only downside is that she isn’t the tankiest or the easiest jungler to master. Furthermore, she requires you to be very good at landing skill shots. 

Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao is a fighter jungle champion with a clear early game camp. Furthermore, he has very good 1v1 potential, allowing him to go for early ganks and snowball into victory. However, if you don’t take advantage of his early game, then the late game may be extremely hard for you to win.


If you’re a player from the Summoner Rift, you might think that Morgan is a devastating Support champion. That is correct, but not in Wild Rift because she excels at the jungle role convincingly. Her AP build allows her to take camps quickly, and her cc allows her to gank and snowball out of control. She is squishy, but if you power up your shield enough, you will become a force not to be meddled with.


Jinx is quite possibly the most famous champion in the List. She is a great ADC who struggles very little but goes crazy in the late game. Her range and damage, paired with her passive, give her the perfect kit to be the ultimate late-game AD carry that can be extremely annoying to shut down.


Samira is every ADC’s nightmare because of how deadly her scaling and burst damage is. She is not the traditional AD carry and has insane 1v5 potential because of her ultimate. However, she is quite difficult because in order to use her ultimate, you need to have a combat rating of S, which is determined by landing combos and abilities at a certain time.


Like Samira, Vayne is also a unique AD carry that is the tank’s worst nightmare. Her early game is very weak because of her low attack speed and range, but once you build some of her items, she deals a lot of True Damage that can shred enemies quickly.


Draven is the strongest early-game ADC for the bot lane and can win any fight before 10 minutes if used correctly. With Draven, you need to make sure you stack up your passive and get as many kills as possible in the early game because his late game is very weak against other farmed AD carries. 


Alistar is a top-tier support champion that shares the tank role as well. He is one of the most aggressive engage-supports allowing you to create deadly combos with his lethal cc. His most important combo is his Headbutt-Pulverize, a free kill if landed properly. However, he can be cc’d quite heavily, which can destroy his relevancy in the game even at the start.


Similar to Alistar, Nautilus is also a tanky engage-support that can hook and knock up enemies to create optimal team fights in your favor. Nautilus is a heavily cc-oriented champion that isn’t used a lot for AD. Lastly, he is one of the easiest support champions to master as well. 


Janna is an enchanter support champion and one of the most annoying support that we will discuss. Janna possesses a lot of shielding and healing abilities that allow her to help the team a lot in late-game and early team-fights. However, she is relatively squishy, so she has no use for roaming or engage-support. 


Shen is a top lane champion that can be a deadly champion in the laning phase. His kit offers a lot of crowd control as well as damage very early on, giving him the edge in 1v1 fights. In addition to this, his cc and his ult can allow him to split push from anywhere on the map, which is very useful if one of your lanes is performing poorly. 


Ekko is another champion hailing from Arcane fame that is absolutely devastating to play against. He isn’t the easiest champion to master. However, his most used build is an AP assassin build for the jungle role. His kit is quite weak early on, but once he farms up, he can solo carry his team to victory.


Gragas is one of the most diverse champions that we will discuss in our Wild Rift Tier List 2.2. He is equally good when filling the Jungle, mid, or baron role. His build is a magic damage build that offers damage, crowd control, healing, tanking, and a lot of mobility. If not for his weak early game and difficulty, he would be one of the best champions in League of Legends Wild Rift. 


Darius is a very common top-lane champion that is quite deadly to go against in the late game. He is a bruiser champion and relies on his passive stacks to deal a lot of damage with each hit. Furthermore, his kit allows him to mobile and do serious damage in every stage of the game. 


Evelyn is an AP assassin that can be played in the jungle role. Her kit gives her invisibility and mobility that allows her to gank with ease. After clearing the Jungle once, she can easily get to level 5, which gives her invisibility when out of combat. She isn’t the best at team fights but is great at taking out champions 1v1. 


Shyvanna is a very dangerous fighter jungler that is pretty weak early game. If you find yourself playing against her, try to shut down her early on because she can annihilate any champions within her range in the late game. Although she is quite slow, her burn and range make up for it. Shyvanna also relies heavily on dragons which help her enhance her abilities.


Varus is one of the most lethal bot lane champions in the current meta. He uses a mix of auto-attack damage and magic damage and is very good at poking. His early game is quite weak and slow, but he can kite tanks extremely well in the late game and annihilate other AD carries with ease. 

Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV is a fighter jungler that is extremely balanced in all stages of the game. His best role is as the jungler because of his early camp clear. He can also gank pretty early on, allowing him to snowball very early. Similarly, his late game is also quite good because of his combos and crowd control.


Sett is one of the best and one of the most popular top lane champions because of how quickly he can snowball. He is a frontline tank with his cc and insane damage. You can also opt for a slightly more ad build and burst the enemy team with AoE damage from the backlines. He doesn’t use mana but relies on his Grit bar, which is a crucial part of his kit.


Corki is a solid mid-lane champion that is equally good in the ADC lane. He has the same role as Caitlyn as a ranged marksman but has a much weaker early game than her. Once you get his core items, you can quickly start carrying your team with his insane damage. A key thing to remember with Croki is his passive and not to miss his Packages in base. 


Vex is a very hard champion to place because she has seen extremely good as well as extremely bad games. However, they are majorly pretty good, so the A rank is a given for her. She is an AP control mage that can turn into an assassin when you use her ultimate. Furthermore, she can apply Fear, great wave clear, and serious burst damage. Vex is a hard counter to assassins, making her a perfect counter to Zed or Katarina players.


Ashe is played as an ADC and a Support champion, but her Support role fits her kit way better. She can spam her Volley to keep poking enemies and use her bird to grant vision to ensure no one is doing neutral objectives or roaming her Jungle. Her ultimate is also extremely good for her jungler because a skilled can stun enemies from across the map for her team.


Lux is also a support champion that is one of the most hated as well as one of the most loved champions. She is a viable champion for the mid-lane or even as an ADC but requires different builds for each. Lux is an AP mage that can help her bot stay alive and stop the enemy team from farming too much.


Garen is probably one of the most broken and easiest champions in League of Legends. He is a tank champion with very high AD that can ignore cc and go for kills in the middle of team fights. Garen’s early game is a little weaker, but once he gets some of his core items, he can start snowballing.


Malphite is another seriously strong top-lane champion near unstoppable in the late game. You have to play passively with him at the start and farm up. Once you get some of his core items, you can be a frontline tank for your team and allow them to deal all the damage to the enemy team while you tank all the incoming damage. 

Kayn- Rhaast

Kayn is a tricky champion because he has two sub-builds paired with his build. The one that claimed the A tier for the Jungle role is Rhaast or the red Kayn. You obtain this form once you have killed enough melee champions. The form counters melee champions by giving you a lot of health and True Damage.


Kai’Sa is one of my favorite ADC champions, right beside Jinx. She is one of the best ADC champions in the game because of how much mobility, damage, and range her kit has. Her Wild Rift build focuses greatly on damage and slowing the enemy champions. To play her, you need to understand how her ability evolves work and how to use her ultimate and passive to ensure optimal performance effectively.


Xayah is the other piece of Rakkan that is best used in the ADC role. Her feathers can do serious damage while also allowing her to root enemies in their position, which usually results in a kill. She is not the easiest champion to master, but once you grasp her range and her kit, you can quickly start doing a lot of damage and climb the elo ladder.

B Tier

Average League Champions
B Tier.

In the B rank of the Wild Rift Tier List 2.2, we will look at some pretty average champions in the current meta. They are not bad but do require optimal situations to be good and emerge victorious. Furthermore, they are easier to counter than the A and S Tier champions.


The first champion we will discuss in the B tier is Kennen. Kennen is an AP champion that can be played in the mid and top lanes. They both are equally good but have different builds. He does well in the early game, but not against ranged champions. Kennen also does not use mana and instead relies on his energy instead.


Akshan is a mid-lane champion that relies on a lot of ad and attack speed. His playstyle is quite mobile and aggressive, which allows him to kite his opponents quite well in the mid and late-game; you can even swing around the map and deal a lot of damage to enemies from safety.


Viegar is an AP mid-lane champion that uses his abilities for crowd control, wave clear and bursting enemies. He can get so fed that he can one-shot squishy champions. Additionally, his stun ability can stop many ganks and allow him to take the upper hand in most fights.


Graves is an AD jungler that relies a lot on auto attacks. His early game is good because he can easily win 1v1 duels against enemy junglers. Graves’ auto attacks need to be reloaded every two hits, so be careful not to get caught reloading.


Fizz is a mid-lane assassin with a lot of mobility and abilities that allow him to escape any fight easily. Because of that, he is one of the most annoying mid-lane champions; he can’t be locked down for high burst damage.


Leona is a strong support champion who offers her team much crowd control and defense. She can help her bot lane snowball easily and take the frontline for her team. Her major flaw is that she doesn’t have a lot of damage that can allow her to dish out any punishment to the enemy team. 


Barum is a tank support champion that excels at staying back and protecting his team with cc and shields. He is not the most popular support champion in Wild Rift, but with the right team composition, he can be a really good asset. He is good in almost all stages of the game because of his defensive abilities and high base health.


Jhin is a hard ADC champion, one of the unique champions in the game. His auto attacks have a charge of four shots, with the fourth being empowered and giving you bonus move speed. He also has cc and plants that can potentially save you from ganks. He is quite strong in the early game but falls off in the mid-game and picks up again in the late game. 


Singed is commonly played as a top lane champion, but his mid build has a higher rating which is why he is in the B tier. He can be a frontline tank, but only if he survives his weak early game. Once he gets his core items, he can start carrying his team and feed them bu flinging squishy champions to his team.

Nunu & Willump

Nunu & Willump is an AP tank jungler that is especially good in early-game ganks. He has impeccable crowd control and mobility, allowing him to outrun most junglers for defensive and aggressive maneuvers. You can get in the front line using your Snowball Barrage and Absolute Zero to kill enemies effectively.


Sion is a top-lane tank champion with a very versatile play style. You can build him in a number of different ways by either making him a full tank, bruiser, pusher, or an AD assassin. He is a good tank by default and only scales higher as the game progresses, making him a great late-game champion.


Senna is marksman support that excels at healing as well as crowd control. She also has the ability that can save her teammates from being targeted, which can allow for a quick escape. Her early game is quite weak, but she scales well into the late game. The more souls you obtain, the stronger you become over the course of the game.


Yuumi is by far the easiest champion to play in League of Legends. She can attach to allies that make her immune to all sources of damage. Normally Yuumi sticks by the duo until the laning phase is over and then switches to the frontline champion to give them bonus attack speed and damage.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is one of the easiest ADC champions you can start the game with. She is also quite good, thanks to how well she scales. Her abilities allow her to deal a lot of critical damage that is then boosted through her Strut by giving her more attack and move speed.


Warwick is one of the most beginner-friendly jungler that is currently in the game. He is an extremely well-balanced champion who is good in almost all stages of the game. He can hunt low-hp enemies and snowball toward victory.

Kayn (Shadow Assasin)

We have already discussed the Red Kayn, now this is the Blue Kayn. Contrary to the Rhaast build, he is obtained by damaging the ranged champion. The build gives you a lot of burst damage and allows you to annihilate ranged champions easily.

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C Tier

Viable League Champions
C Tier.

In the C rank of our Wild Rift Tier List 2022, we will cover some of the champions that rank below average because of some flaws they possess. They are viable but can be countered fairly easily, and their ideal synergy is hard to match, making them not a good choice for winning.


Seraphine is a support-enchanter champion that excels at healing and shielding her teammates from poke damage. She is normally used as a support, but she can also be used as a duo champion because of her high damage abilities. Both of these builds are quite different, so check on which runes you need for what. She is quite squishy, making her an easy target to take out.


Similar to Seraphine, Soraka is also an enchanter-support champion who excels at healing her team. She lanes okay but is extremely squishy and can be easily deleted if she over-extends in her lane. The later the game goes, the more potent her healing becomes.  


Rammus is among the most annoying jungler champions because of his insane armor, crowd control, and damage. Rammus is useless before level 5 but stopping this spinning ball of death is close to impossible once he hits that. The most major flaw of Rammus is his late power spike and that he is useless in team fights. 


Pantheon is a top and jungle champion that is quite deadly if fed. However, he fails to perform as well as some of the laners we have discussed above. In the Summoner Rift, Pantheon is a lethal killing machine, but unfortunately, because of how different the meta is, he massively underperforms in his roles. A cool thing he can do is the finish of low health champions using his ult from anywhere on the map.

D Tier

Bad Wild Rift Champions
D Tier

In the D tier of we will look at some of the champions that struggle a lot in almost every stage of the game. These champions are rarely picked and rarely ever prove to be useful in the game. But if you want to have fun, these are definitely fun champions.


Teemo is a top lane champion that relies on auto-attacks for most of his damage. You need to be aggressive in the laning phase and poke your opponent as much as possible. Once you hit level 5, you can start using his mushrooms in common places to get sight and poke champions. These same shrooms can kill champions in the late game if used correctly.

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Master Yi

Master Yi is an AD fighter jungler that is quite easy to pick up. He struggles a lot in the early game, which is why he is bad in the Wild Rift. He has no crowd control either which is why it is not the easiest task to gank with him as well.


Amumu is a tank jungler that can cc squishy champions and quickly annihilate them in the early game. However, Amumu starts falling off in the late game if the enemy builds armor penetration or has a lot of healing. He can also be countered in team fights as his cc is restricted to only one target.

F Tier

Worst Wild Rift Champions
F Tier.

The last rank that we will look at is the F tier. Here, we will discuss only one champion that is unanimously considered the worst one in the game. The champion rarely ever finds itself in useful situations and lacks in almost every aspect of its role. 


The first and last champion we will look at is Kayle. Now this may shock you if you are more familiar with the Summoner’s Rift than you know the Wild Rift. On Summoner’s Rift, Kayle is a fairly decent top lane champion that dominates the late game with her lethal damage and insane team-fighting capabilities. Her secondary roles, like the mid-lane, are not the worst either. However, when it comes to the Wild Rift, Kayle is one of the worst champions you can opt for, no matter the role.

Because of how different the mechanics are in this Wild Rift, it’s more of a liability than it is a perk 9 out of 10 times. Summoner Rift focuses a lot on the tank meta, whereas the Wild Rift offers a fast-paced game, making it a horrible environment for tanks to thrive, as we already discussed in the previous tiers.


Finally, the Wild Rift Tier List is complete. Being a massive fan of the League of Legends franchise, it was a fun list to make. I tried to give an overview of each champion and his abilities and rankings to help you secure that high rank at the end of the season. If there is anything you wish to add to the rankings, feel free to leave it in the comments. Lastly, good luck in your queues, summoners.