Valorant Tier List: All Agents Ranked [V.6.04]

A Valorant Tier List Ranked by Performance - Strategize and Dominate the Tactical Shooter.

Valorant has abilities, it has different agents, and it has precise tactical gunplay which made the initial players wonder that Valorant was a mix of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch Ultimate. And our Valorant Tier List covers all the different bases to make the game a more familiar entity.

Our article is based on a total of four tiers ranging from S Tier to C Tier, in descending order of great value to complete misfires. Before proceeding with the list, please consider that articles like these are only a matter of opinion, therefore, please read them with an open mind. 

Key Points 

  • There are a total of 19 entries on our list.
  • Our rankings are based on the agents’ roles, playstyle, and abilities.
  • In the highest ranks, you can find agents like Chamber, Viper, Reyna, and Jett.
  • The lower tiers contain characters like Yoru, Skye, and Kill Joy.


The following is a summarized ranking of the different agents of Valorant. 

S RankA RankB Rank
C Rank
ChamberFadeBrimstone Skye
Viper Cypher AstraKill Joy
Reyna Omen Breach
Jett Sova Yoru

The details of each agent are presented below.  

S Tier 

The best top-notch agents in Valorant Tier List.
S Tier.

The S rank is the highest ranking tier where all the top-notch agents from Valorant’s current meta are ranked. They are highly rated throughout the community because of the great value they bring to the team. 


In Valorant, agents are ranked across different classes, based on their tactical abilities and utility. Since the inception of Project A Sentinels have cemented their place at top of the chain, and it is no wonder that our first agent in the S Tier of Valorant Agent List is also a Sentinel, but unlike any other Sentinel Agent, Chamber has a lot of game debt, his in team comp far outperforms any other agent in the ranks. With most traditional Sentinal Plays, players expect to lay low and clean up after the team, on the contrary, in the case of Chamber, it is a given that players try to make risky plays and pick sweep multiple kills per round. 

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic 1 Trademark
Basic 2 Headhunter
Ultimate Tour De Force


Viper is a hard-to-beat controller agent that covers peaks and hard angles to take control of sites and key territories on the map. She is a great asset to have in any team composition, due to her lineups and smoke screens. She is most useful on large maps like Icebox and Breeze, where sites are far apart. The crucial thing with Viper is to effectively manage her fuel points which are essential to perform her abilities. Her terminal ability, Poison Cloud, is a good crowd control tactic, that covers peaks and disrupts defender positioning when taking control of a site, while causing health damage to any opponent that goes through these chemical clouds, decaying over a period of time. Poison Cloud uses 5 fuel points per second.

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic 1 Snake Bite
Basic 2 Poison Cloud
Toxic Screen
Ultimate Viper’s Pit


Reyna is a complete nightmare when it comes to a head-on duel with other agents, she balances out that sweet spot of Defensive and Offensive excellence that most characters only dream to exist. Both lead game designers and senior map analyst, Volcano and Classick wanted Valorant to be a slow-paced game, relying mostly on the tactical aptitude of teams as a whole, but also wanted those hyped moments, where a player can pull out a 1v4 or ace they are aiming well, for which Reyna is the agent to go for.    

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic  Leer
Signature 1 Devour
Signature 2
Ultimate Empress


Jett is a fearless Duelist, more commonly known as the clutch master across the community. Jett is a lethal kill machine, an instant fan favorite, and completely unstoppable in the early met of the game. At times she can prove to be so overpowered and deadly that it sometimes feels like she is abusing the opposition. Her abilities have had a major impact on her top-tier run since the inception of Valorant. Jett’s terminal is Cloudburst, a smoke screen tactic that primarily helps her to cover hard peaks when taking control of the site or to evade incoming enemy attacks, at mid or open spaces in most cases.

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic 1 Cloudburst
Basic 2 Updraft
Ultimate Blade Storm

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A Tier 

Second Best Agents
A Tier.

Next is the A Tier of the Valorant Tier List, which is ranked a step lower than the mighty S Tier. A Tier consists of relatively good agents with some great potential and overall utility that help them to make an impact on the ongoing match. 


Fade is more of a Sova Omen mix initiator, who trembles fear into the heart of her opponent. Since the inception of Valorant back in 2020, the quantity of its agent roster has increased but the top-notch quality and buildup behind each agent remains untouched. Fade is a great option to have any team composition, though her abilities have a remanence of what both Sova and Omen bring to the table, she is still a strong and very fun agent to play. Fade’s role in that of a team may not be confined to a certain dynamic, rather she takes on a more active role to clear short corners or a passive one to gather tactical information to set her team up for an easy wipeout.

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic 1 Prowler
Basic 2 Seize
Ultimate Nightfall


Cypher captures the essence of being a Sentinal by true means. He is an all-out defensive agent and is significantly one of the most requesting and hardest agents of Project A to main. Also to note that Cypher is most suited for Competitive play with familiar teammates, to capitalize on his complete utility. On the defending side, Cypher’s setups are enough to lock up a complete site, to stop the attacking team in their sites. While attacking his primary role is to cover flanks and blind spots. While playing Cypher a player’s primary role should be to communicate tactical information to teammates, about the enemy movements and positions rather than to score kills.  

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic 1 Trapwire
Basic 2 Cyber Cage
Ultimate Neural Theft


Omen has been a part of the agent roster since the Beta meta of Valorant, and for most players has been their first unlockable character. He is a Controller, meaning Omen is designed to hold short corners and hard peaks no matter what happens, gaining control of crucial territory for the entire team to follow up. He controls darkness and shadows, hence his abilities see no bounds and travel through walls, but to fully capitalize on this feat, a player must have an excellent map and game knowledge from his positioning. 

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic 1 Shrouded Step
Basic 2 Paranoia
Dark Cover
Ultimate From The Shadows


Sova is a great agent for beginner players, as he packs the perfect balance of both passive and offensive abilities, to make them aware of the surroundings while also aiding them when engaging with an opponent. However, initiating role is based more heavily on gathering information rather than engaging with opponents. The most preferred mindset for a player, playing Sova should be to focus more on gathering information and bagging kills if it goes south. 

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic 1 Owl Drone
Basic 2 Shock Bolt
Recon Bolt
Ultimate Hunter’s Fury


Neon has a rather unique style of play, she introduced a completely different of set movement mechanics to the game, and has played an influential role in how Valorant has evolved in recent times. As a duelist Neon brought a lot of freshness and much-needed diversity to an over-tapped niche. Neon’s rather absurd movement speed became a popular tactic among players on large maps like Haven and Icebox, where sites drifted far apart, and it takes almost an eternity to rotate. Neon’s fast-paced antics also help teams to gain momentum to draw first blood, setting the tone for the rest of the round. 

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic 1 Fast Lane
Basic 2 Relay Bolt
High Gear
Ultimate Overdrive


Raze is an agent that pops up in almost every competitive match and to be honest, she is arguably the best agent option to rise through the ranks in your specific region. She is a heavy hitter and by far has the most influence over the result of a round in any team composition, unless the other teammates are playing with absolute god-like skills. She is an all-out war machine because her abilities rather than any other ulterior motive focus only on damaging the opponent. 

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic 1 Boom Bot
Basic 2 Blast Pack
Paint Shells
Ultimate Showstopper


Sage is a Sentinel having defensive expertise to lock key area areas of the map and abilities claiming her to have a supportive role in a team comp to heal and revive teammates. The key to maximizing Sage’s potential to the extreme is to play passively. In any team comp, she should be utilized as a support pillar to aid hurt teammates and secure difficult corners. 

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic 1 Barrier Orb
Basic 2 Slow Orb
Healing Orb
Ultimate Ressurection


Up till now in our Valorant Agents Tier List 2023, instead of Neon’s Movement Mechanic and Sentinels Recon Tactics, all agents seem to have abilities that replace utility like smokes or flashes. But that all changed when Riot decided to add KAY/O to the game in Episode 3: Reflection. The agent was just built differently and added a lot of debt to the game with his new Suppression mechanic. To explain, KAY/O’s suppression mechanic refrains the opponent team from using their respective abilities. Just like Viper KAY/O plays the role of initiator in a team composition aiding the team with his crowd control utility. Overall KAY/O is a great value agent at least the pros think so, as KAY/O had a 44% pick rate, throughout Valorant Champions 2022 Istanbul. 

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic 1 Frag/Ment
Basic 2 Flash/Drive
Ultimate Null/Cmd


For the most part of the game’s meta, Duelists have run Riot throughout the scene, whether it be the Five Stack formations or the hype moments that come with playing a Duelist agent. Though Phoenix has been a part of Valorant since the Beta days, his credibility can not be undermined, and also an absolutely fun agent to play with and one that also holds a lot of firepower. At the time of the game’s release, Phoenix was the most hyped agent of them all, because of his self-heal antics from which Valorant truly benefited.  Phoenix has a complete kit for playing it risky on the front lines of combat. He has a flash, molotov attack, that can be used for both attacking and healing purposes, and also a divider to create a safe passage into the site. 

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic 1 Blaze
Basic 2 Curveball
Hot Hands
Ultimate Run It Back

B Tier 

The averagely ranked agents in Valorant Tier List 2022
B Tier.

The B Tier is the mediocre category, where all the averagely rated agents are ranked. Their abilities and overall playstyle lack certain characteristics which prevent these agents from achieving excellence. 


Our first agent in the mediocre tier is Brimstone. After being on the sidelines for almost more than a year, Brim got some much-needed buffs in the new game meta and is ready to shine as the best version of himself. He is a Controller and lays the foundations for teammates to access tight angles and key strategic chock points. 

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic 1 Stim Beacon
Basic 2 Incendiary
Sky Smoke
Ultimate Orbital Strike


Astra is by far the most complex agent to understand in the game. She has a different set of currency only specific to her, an astral form to place abilities, and requires a great command over button mashing to execute plays.  Astra can enter into astral form multiple times in a round to place stars, the currency through which she buys her abilities rather than using in-game credits. But, please beware when entering astral form as she remains a sitting duck, unconscious of her surrounding environment. Astra plays the role of Controller in team composition. 

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic 1 Gravity Well
Basic 2 Nova Pulse
Ultimate Cosmic Divide


Moving on next in the mediocre tier of the Valorant Tier List 2023, we have Breach. The Swedish giant has a very distinct fan base, but for some reason, the agent chokes in crunch moments. He has a very large hitbox, one that many players would like to avoid. His movement speed is also not that great either and the agent feels extremely sluggish in crucial last-moment rotations. But one fact that every gamer would comply with is that Breach has some pretty notable abilities to his name. 

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic 1 Aftershock
Basic 2 Flashpoint
Fault Line
Ultimate Rolling Thunder


Moving on to Yoru, the character had a complete revamp and made a stunning comeback with a set of brand-new abilities. Yoru complies with the role of Duelist in team compositions. But, unlike your other Duelist agents such as Phoenix or Jett who take on battles to draw first blood, Yoru thrives in an environment of pure mayhem and carnage. Yoru is an agent that would appeal most to players with a creative mindset who try to bag cheeky kills. Yoru’s entire playstyle focuses on securing the most unlikely of peaking angles to hit enemies with surprise attacks.   

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic 1 Fakeout
Basic 2 Blindside
Ultimate Dimensional Drift


C Tier 

Weak Valorant Tier List Agents
C Tier.

C Tier is the lowest-ranked tier in our article. Riot has made great efforts to keep the agent roster as balanced and competitive as possible, but there have been some failed experiments. All agents ranked in C Tier are the weakest agents of the entire roster and ones that can be easily undermined. 


Skye is a rather underwhelming Initiator, one with some pretty absurd abilities. She was the first agent added to the game post-launch. Though she was added post-launch her character design showed flaws and her kit consisted of abilities that were specialized by other agents solely, which made Skye more of a B-tech option to consider, in my opinion. In Riot’s perspective, Skye’s development was a complete rollercoaster from being extremely overpowered to becoming an underwhelming Initiator pick Skye has witnessed it all. 

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic 1 Regrowth
Basic 2 Trailblazer
Guiding Light
Ultimate Seekers

Kill Joy 

 Just Cypher or Chamber Kill Joy plays the role of a Sentinel in team composition. KJ has gone through a series of nerfs in recent updates that have caused players to question her credibility, not to mention this year’s Valorant Champions fiasco, where a turret glitch in a match between FPX and XSET caused a great deal of unrest and controversy. 

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic 1 Nanoswarm
Basic 2 Alarmbot
Ultimate Lockdown


Harbor is a brand-new character added to the game after the most recent update. He is a Controller and requires a unique sense of play to extract maximum value. From his initial looks, just like other Controller agents, he will be a great asset on maps like Breeze, Haven, and Icebox, with multiple choke points per site. His additions to team comps will likely bring out a completely different set of plays that were never seen before. He is a new character whose value depends on how the community experiments with him in in-game plays. 

Ability Type Ability Name
Basic 1 Cascade
Basic 2 Cove
High Tide
Ultimate Reckoning

Comparison Table

EntriesTierBasic 1Basic 2Signature
UltimateSignature 2
ChamberSTrademarkHeadhunterRendezvousTour De Force
ViperSSnake BitePoison CloudToxic ScreenViper’s Pit
JettSCloudburstUpdraftTailwindBlade Storm
CypherATrapwireCyber CageSpycamNeural Theft
OmenAShrouded StepParanoiaDark CoverFrom The Shadow
SovaAOwl DroneShock BoltRecon BoltHunter’s Fury
NeonAFast LaneRelay BoltHigh GearOverdrive
RazeABoom BotBlast PackPaint ShellsShowstopper
SageABarrier OrbSlow OrbHealing OrbRessurection
PhoenixABlazeCurveballHot HandsRun It Back
BrimstoneBStim BeaconIncendiarySky SmokeOrbital Strik
AstraBGravity WellNova PulseStarsCosmic Divide
BreachBAftershockFlashpointFault LineRolling Thunder
YoruBFakeoutBlindsideGatecrashDimensional Drift
SkyeCRegrowthTrailblazerGuiding LightSeekers
Kill JoyCNanoswarmAlarmbotTurretLockdown

Patch Notes Ver. 6.04

Following are the key updates for the version 6.04 patch notes.

  • Fixed bug where if Sage’s Barrier Orb was damaged while fortifying, it would fortify to full health instead of going to max health minus the damage that was dealt during fortification

Our Valorant Tier List is based on the game’s current meta and has ranked all the 20 agents from the game in descending order from S Tier to C Tier.

The List has distinguishedly ranked all these agents based on their in-game performances and abilities across all maps. Once again, a humble request on my part is to ask you to read this article with an open mind as the tiers are only a matter of an individual’s perspective and opinion. But we welcome constructive criticism and look forward to hearing your views and thoughts on the matter at hand.