Epic Seven Tier List [2023]

This tier list is based upon the meta characters in the Epic Seven video game.

Epic Seven is an RPG mobile game developed by Smilegate. The game allows players to use over 100 playable characters divided into 5 classes. These characters will help you in your adventure and progress in the story. In our Epic Seven Tier List 2023, we will rank all the characters and their respective classes to help you better understand them.

Before we start, we’d like to clarify that all of the inclusions in our post were made with the game’s current meta in mind. Most of the inclusions may not be to everyone’s liking, but that’s entirely acceptable because we are all entitled to our opinions. So with that being said, let’s hop into our article.

Key Points

  • There are a total o37 notable and playable characters ranked in this tier list.
  • Our rankings are based on each character’s strength and relevance in the current meta.
  • You will find the likes of Charles, Hwayoung, Straze, and Choux in the highest ranks.
  • As for the lowest ranks, we have characters like Haste, Cidd, and Vildred.


The table below will give you a quick overview of all the characters and their classes.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Adventurer RasSpecter TenebriaMercedesRuele of LightHaste
Crimson ArminVivianSilver BladeRoanaVildred
Fallen CeciliaKawerikAramintha
Blaze DingoCidd
CharlesChallenger DominielLandyDieneAssassin Cidd
CharlotteResearcher CarrotSeaside BellonaMaid Chloe
Apocalypse RaviLulucaIseria Operator SigretKise

S Tier

S Tier
S Tier.

The S Tier will include the powerful units of the game. They are just a class above the rest of the characters due to their impressive stats and unique abilities.

Adventurer Ras

Adventurer Ras is a strong defensive unit in the game. He is an absolute tank with excellent defensive stats alongside his impressive DPS in team-up battles, where he can assist his allies with shielding. Overall he is the best option for players looking for defensive tactics.

Attack 5826
Defense 758
Speed 672

Crimson Armin

She is incredibly powerful in both PvP and PvE combat. Her defensive capabilities, rapid speed, and four-star powers make her one of the best units in the game.

Attack 6266
Defense 821
Speed 703

Fallen Cecilia

Fallen Cecilia has a good balance of attack and defense where she can aid her teammates and thrives due to her excellent ability to prevent the opponent team from damaging the DPS.

Attack 6840
Defense 894
Speed 694


Charles is most well-known for his ability to buff, which increases his defensive attributes. Once he achieves that, he could develop into an extremely difficult unit to bring down.

Attack 6148
Defense 957
Speed 634


Charlotte is a fantastic offensive fighter in the game and a 5-star unit. Thanks to her skills, speed, and agility, she is one of the most comfortable fighters to use in the game. On top of that, she increases her battle readiness, allowing you to take down many tough enemies.

Attack 5825
Defense 1134
Speed 662


Hwayoung excels in PvE battles where she can make the most of her skills. She is excellent at attacking but could somewhat work on her defensive game.

Attack 6226
Defense 1510
Speed 627

Apocalypse Ravi

Apocalypse Ravi is a challenging PvP opponent. Depending on how she is built, her primary role is to take damage and deal the fatal blow to an opponent to revive the situation if she eliminates any of them.

Attack 7054
Defense 975
Speed 652


A strong, buffed, powerful unit, Straze can take down any enemy with ease. He has impressive attacking moves and stats that allow him to crush down anyone. Due to these attributes, players will enjoy using him in PvP battles more than PvE.

Attack 5784
Defense 1228
Speed 553


When Sigret enhances an enemy, the damage is increased. Her third skill provides much more damage when more debuffs are collected because of defensive penetration. This is useful in PvP when facing opponents with strong defense.

Attack 5784
Defense 1228
Speed 553


Choux is most well-known for her Ice skills, in which she can use her Ice powers defensively and offensively. That, alongside a good balance of speed and agility, makes her a powerful unit in the game.

Attack 7323
Defense 966
Speed 657


Due to her strong offensive stats, Luna excels in PvP battles. She also has great health and quick cooldowns for her defensive stats, making her an all-around unit.

Attack 6266
Defense 1119
Speed 627

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A Tier

A Tier
A Tier.

Various of the strongest Epic Seven characters will be in the A Tier units, but we think they don’t quite have what it takes to reach S Tier rank due to some weaknesses in their skills.

Specter Tenebria

She gains an up to 50% increase in attack damage when an enemy is defeated. This works in Raid due to the bonus continuing over and not resetting. She also increases the damage of her third ability based on the number of debuffs the enemy has.

Attack 4572
Defense 1197
Speed 683


Vivian is best suited in long-lasting combats where her attacking sets and long health bar make her stand on the battleground for longer.

Attack 4378
Defense 1228
Speed 662


Despite being a mage, he has a significantly good speed. This greatly aids him in battles giving him an upper hand over other mage classes in the game.

Attack 4248
Defense 1306
Speed 652

Challenger Dominiel

She is one of the best single-target damage dealers in the game because of her impressive stats. She has a built-in crit rate enhancer that enables her to look for metrics that increase the crit damage %, boosting the damage she deals.

Attack 4491
Defense 1187
Speed 627

Researcher Carrot

Researcher Carrot is a strong attacking unit that should ideally be in the front line of attack to benefit from her passive’s additional burn stacks.

Attack 3925
Defense 1039
Speed 606


Aria is incredibly adaptable and excels at both offense and defense. Due to her defensive skills and unique capabilities, she is an absolute tank and one of the game’s strongest mage classes.

Attack 5299
Defense 1039
Speed 673


She’s an excellent PvE unit. Luluca, who has a defensive break and defense buff, can play both offense and defense, unlike most mages, who are offensively focused. If you build her with a focus on attack and critical rate/damage in addition to her strong base attack, she can perform exceptionally well offensively.

Attack 4777
Defense 1316
Speed 715

B Tier

B Tier
B Tier.

The word “average” best describes the units in the B rank of our Epic Seven Tier List PvE. Although they are the game’s most powerful characters, they only rank as average fighters compared to characters higher in our list.


Mercedes uses her defense-enhancing powers. She is a strong defensive unit since she can withstand significant damage and stand her ground.

Attack 4491
Defense 1187
Speed 627

Silver Blade

Silver Blade can easily defeat opponents thanks to her incredible speed and attack. Her ability to land 100% stun attacks is her most outstanding quality.

Attack 4572
Defense 1197
Speed 683


Aramintha thrives in PvE, using her buff stripper and attack buffer, and deals damage.

Attack 4572
Defense 1197
Speed 683


Landy specializes in bonus attacks which can be performed once she is buffed up. This bonus attack not only deals damage but also enhances her stats and powers.

Attack 6002
Defense 1158
Speed 553

Seaside Bellona

Seaside Bellona best performs when partnered with an ally with a good tank or healing abilities. She can take heavy damage and helps her teammates due to her great healing abilities and long health bar.

Attack 5299
Defense 1182
Speed 571


Flan excels in arena teams since she doesn’t take damage from elemental powers, giving her a significant advantage over other fighters.

Attack 5704
Defense 1003
Speed 585

Iseria Operator Sigret

She is a powerful PvE unit that excels in team fights and can support her allies in attack and defense because of her incredible combined skills.

Attack 6002
Defense 1158
Speed 553

C Tier

C Tier
C Tier.

As we descend the ranks, the troops also become fairly weak. Despite being inferior to the characters stated above, the following characters are nevertheless ranked in the C Tier because of their strong skills, which kept them from being ranked in the D Tier.

Ruele of Light

Ruele of Light is one of the few characters that can revive dead allies. She thrives in both PvE and PvP battles. She has a decent set of attacking moves, and her special ability of full healing health gives her an edge over other characters.

Attack 5474
Defense 621
Speed 802


Since Roana’s S2 passive heals depending on dual attacks and counter-attacks, she has proven to be the greatest unit versus counter units. Additionally, it improves her and her allies’ battle preparedness when that occurs.

Attack 5474
Defense 621
Speed 802

Blaze Dingo

With his offensive and healing skills, Blaze Dingo is best suited for PvP combat. As a soul weaver class, his attacking stats are surprisingly quite good.

Attack 4167
Defense 885
Speed 627


She specializes in reducing damage taken on your team with her anti-crit buff, cleansing, and barrier-building abilities.

Attack 5254
Defense 649
Speed 694

Maid Chloe

The offensive kit Maid Chloe possesses, Revive + Attack, enables your attackers to launch attacks without worrying about running out of health, making her a helpful unit in team-up battles.

Attack 5340
Defense 640
Speed 720


Violet is unique in that he may deal and receive less damage when you wear the moonlight dream blade on him. When paired with Assassin Cartuja for improved evasion, he will engage in more counterattacks and do more damage. Due to his thief class, he has a very strong base of health. He can have a bruiser build because of this, making him durable and able to damage throughout protracted conflicts.

Attack 6266
Defense 1228
Speed 473


Kise proves herself in both PvP and PvE battles. If players are looking for the right balance of defense and attack, Kise is your ideal unit.

Attack 5138
Defense 1283
Speed 522


When a debuff is removed by her passive, a random opponent is attacked. She feels surprised, and given the right tools, she might do serious damage.

Attack 6267
Defense 1228
Speed 473

D Tier

D Tier
D Tier.

As expected, the D Tier will be home to the weakest units on our Epic Seven Tier List PvP. None of these are worth investing time into.


With the new update, Haste’s kit has seen a massive improvement. Along with his great speed, which aids in escaping any approaching strikes, he can now breach foes’ powerful fortifications. Haste is an excellent PvE and PvP unit overall.

Attack 5380
Defense 1089
Speed 511


Vildred demonstrates his strength in PvP by cleaving teams thanks to his kit’s focus on kill resets.

Attack 5138
Defense 1283
Speed 522


Cidd’s abilities are used up to the best potential when paired up with a mage class where he can use his speed, buffing abilities, and other special skills.

Attack 5097
Defense 1029
Speed 473

Assassin Cidd

One of the fastest units in the game is Assassin Cidd, who has one of the best speed stats available. When another unit dies (whether an ally or an enemy), he gains an attack buff, combat readiness increases, and his basic attack suffers a defense break.

Attack 4774
Defense 930
Speed 497

Comparison Table

Adventurer RasS5826758672
Crimson ArminS6266821703
Fallen CeciliaS6840894694
Apocalypse RaviS7054975652
Specter TenebriaA45721197683
Challenger DominielA44911187627
Researcher CarrotA39251039606
Silver BladeB45721197683
Seaside BellonaB52991182571
Iseria Operator SigretB60021158553
Ruele of LightC5474621802
Blaze DingoC4167885627
Maid ChloeC5340640720
Assassin Cidd


And that about does it for our Epic Seven Tier List 2023. We put a lot of work into ranking all of the characters in the article, but we are keenly aware that not all of our placements will be liked by our readers. Different people play games differently, and what works for you may not work for me.

That being said, we are nothing if not open to constructive criticism, and if you disagree with anything we said in the article, please let us know about it in the comments below. We promise to learn from your pointers, and incorporate the information into the article when updating it in the future.