Chaos Chronicle Tier List: All Characters Ranked [2023]

If you are a fan of mobile RPG games and you’re searching for something new to invest all your gaming hours and energy into, then you have come to the right place. The game we have in mind for you is Chaos Chronicle, developed by WING Studio, a Korean game development company founded in 2013 and published by NEXON. In this article, we will present our readers with the core rankings, a few tips and tricks about which characters to play, alongside a proper Chaos Chronicle Tier List to rank all the playable characters in the game.

We hope that you give the article a shot, keeping in mind that we are ranking each and every hero according to the current meta. The ranking may not be relevant in the future, but we will make sure to update the article as future updates keep rolling out. So with that all said, let’s get into it.

Key Points

  • We have compiled our list based on the powers the characters possess.
  • There are a total of 39 heroes in the game so far.
  • Some of the best characters include Ethion and Canaria.
  • Among the worst characters are Gloin and Cion.


We will now briefly rank each character in the game in the table below.

Tier RankCharacters
S Rank• Julian
• Ethion
• Lutiano
• Canaria
A Rank• Elisa
• Dagon
• Ash
• Ceris
• Aeris
• Alma
• Karfel
B Rank• Theodrin
• Agnes
• Skato
• Damon
• Harak Sharam
C Rank• Masha
• Amely
• Demonca
• Yuri
• Arvento
• Lone
• Kretas
• Orleans
• Gollineium
• Gallard
• Karin
D Rank• Gloin
• Verid
• Violet
• Baham
• Selfina
• Canna
• Sera
• Muyoun
• Limu
• Cion
• Romi
• Isiidri

You can learn more in the article below.


The characters in our article will be divided into 5 Tiers (S, A, B, C, and D), with each character being ranked based on their abilities, powers, and overall rank. All this will be based solely on our own opinion, which we concluded after trying the game ourselves. We have tried to keep the article as unbiased as possible, but of course, everyone has their favorites.

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We would also like to give a little disclaimer that the following list will give rise to different views, some controversial and some not so much, which is fine as we all have our thoughts and opinions on everything. So with that out of the way, let’s explore the List.

S Tier

S Tier
Strongest Characters of Chaos Chronicle.

The strongest characters in the game will be ranked in the S Tier of our Chaos Chronicle Tier List.

These characters have a great advantage over the rest of the game’s units in terms of attack, defense, and special abilities. Players that use them will ease past everything if they have these on their team.

TierCharacterClass HP ATK/PDEF MDEF Combat Power Stage/ArenaDungeonRaid

A Tier

A Tier
Strong Characters of Chaos Chronicle.

Next in line is the A Tier of the Chaos Chronicle ranking, which will be home to some strongest characters of the game, but not the best.

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They all have the potential and competence to be considered the strongest characters in the game, but unfortunately, after trying out these characters we have concluded that they lacked some key elements which robbed them of a place in S Tier. So with all that, the A Tier is best suited for them.

TierCharacterClass HP ATK/PDEF MDEF Combat Power Stage/ArenaDungeonRaid

B Tier

B Tier
Average Characters of Chaos Chronicle.

The B Tier will have all those characters with pretty average base stats and rank in the game.

The following characters can be good units, but they struggle the further we go into the game. So our advice is to use them only when you are up at the midpoint of your adventure, as they will have a hard time battling against the heroes in prior Tiers.

TierCharacterClass HP ATK/PDEF MDEF Combat Power Stage/ArenaDungeonRaid
BHarak Sharam

C Tier

Chaos Chronicle Tier List
Below Average Characters of Chaos Chronicle.

Those characters who are helpful in the early adventure of the game will have a place in the C Tier of our Chaos Chronicle Tier List.

These characters are very handy initially as their abilities, offense, and defense are best suited for that stage. But they will not have the same impact in the latter part of the game, so we believe this justifies the conclusion of these characters in the C Tier.

TierCharacterClass HP ATK/PDEF MDEF Combat Power Stage/ArenaDungeonRaid

D Tier

Chaos Chronicle Tier List
Weakest Average Characters of Chaos Chronicle.

We will wrap up our list with the D Tier. The characters in our final Tier are considered the weakest among the roster of heroes available in the game.

They are best suited only for the start of the game, but as you go further into your journey, using these characters will have very little contribution in battles, so it’s best to replace them with better units.

TierCharacterClass HPATK/PDEF MDEF Combat Power Stage/ArenaDungeonRaid


So this concludes our Chaos Chronicle Tier List. We hope the conclusions of some of the Heroes from the game will be fair, but there will still be slight disagreements about some of them.

While writing and ranking, we provide our readers with as unbiased an opinion as possible about any given article. Our writers do thorough research and try out these games for themselves, and then offer you the data from their own point of view, and that will of course have some biases. But we hope that it gives our readers a better understanding of their favorite games. We would also like to hear your own observations about it down in the comments.

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